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worse fates

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Clarke knew it was a bad idea to wear leggings out of the house today. She usually makes sure to wear a dress or a skirt, so it’s easy to slip off her panties and put them in the basket by the door when she gets home.


Her step-father has made it clear she’s not to wear panties past the entryway—and since her mom married Bellamy Blake a few months ago, it’s whatever he says, goes. He says that while she’s at home it’s really not necessary to wear them, since there isn’t anyone around to see, and the less she wears them, the longer it will take for them to wear out and need new ones. Bellamy is all about cutting costs, despite the fact that her mom is rich and she could afford to buy a new pair of panties everyday if she wants.


Now, though, the leggings put her in a dilemma. She knows she has to take her panties off before she goes upstairs to her room, but it will mean she has to take her leggings off first, and she’ll be in the entryway completely exposed, until she can put them back on.


There’s no chance of her mom catching her half naked, seeing as Abby only has two modes—working or passed out. Clarke barely ever even sees her mother. But Bellamy will be home somewhere, and he probably heard her get home, and he might come to greet her while she’s trying to get her panties off. She really doesn’t want her step-dad to see her pussy.


But if she tries to make a run for it to her room, and he realises she didn’t take them off first, she’ll be punished. She hasn’t received a punishment from him yet, but she knows she’ll get a spanking if she’s caught.


She listens for a moment, and hearing a silent house, she decides she can risk pulling her leggings off now. She slips off her shoes then takes a deep breath before tugging her leggings off. They’re tight, and it takes some effort. She lays them flat beside her so she can quickly grab them again to pull on once she’s taken her panties off.


She hesitates a moment, then scolds herself for wasting time. She bites the bullet and pulls her panties down, almost tripping over them as she tries to get them over her ankles. She tosses them in the basket—Bellamy will check later, she knows, to make sure they’re there.


Before she can reach for her leggings, she hears footsteps heading towards her, and she only has time to put her hands over her crotch before her step-father steps into the entryway.


“Daddy!” she cries. God, it’s humiliating that he makes her call him that. She’s cupping her pussy desperately, her face flushed.


“I thought I heard you get home,” he says. He’s completely composed, as if his step-daughter isn’t half-naked in front of him, desperately trying to cover herself.


“Daddy, please,” Clarke whines. “Let me put my leggings back on.”


He glances at her leggings on the floor, frowning. Clarke’s heart beats rapidly, and she can feel a shameful wetness leak from her pussy onto her hands. Bellamy looks back at her, and she squirms under his gaze.


“I don’t like you wearing those,” he decides. “They aren’t flattering. Go upstairs and put on a pretty dress, then meet me in the living room. I’ve got something I need to talk to you about.”


Clarke wants to protest, but she knows it’s no use. What her Daddy says, goes. She waddles towards the stairs, still cupping her pussy, feeling absolutely mortified.


She passes him, then quickly moves her hands from her pussy to her ass, not wanting her step-father to see her bare bottom as she walks away.


She hops up the stairs as quickly as she can, hands covering her ass until she’s safely locked in her room, the humiliating experience over.


It probably wouldn’t be so bad, Clarke thinks, if she didn’t have a crush on him. If it didn’t make her feel all funny inside every time he looks at her, every time he asks her if she’s being a good girl and not wearing panties. She gets all wet at the thought of him pulling her dirty panties from the basket, at the thought of him knowing she’s walking around the house not wearing any underwear.


She wants to die every time she has to call him Daddy—she’s not so naïve that she doesn’t know what it means. He seems unaffected—either he doesn’t share her particular kink, or he doesn’t realise what he’s making her say. She’s sure he has no idea of the effect he has on her. And he can never find out. He’s her mother’s husband for crying out loud.


Clarke does as he asks and puts on a pretty dress, a blue one with white polka dots on it. It has a bow on the front, emphasising her cleavage. She’s not allowed to wear bras at all—Bellamy thinks they’re a pointless expense.


She gives herself a little longer upstairs, trying to calm herself down before she has to see him again. She has no idea what he wants to talk to her about. Perhaps he wants to tell her he’s banning her from wearing clothes altogether. The thought makes her stomach lurch—and not altogether unpleasantly.


He’s sitting on the couch in front of the TV when Clarke enters the living room. She hovers in the doorway as he looks up at her. He beckons her over, then pats his lap, motioning for her to sit on it.


Heat blooms in her cheeks at the thought of sitting on her Daddy’s lap. Sometimes she’s sure he has no concept of how old she is. Does he know seventeen is far too old to be calling her father Daddy, to be sitting on his lap?


Still, she settles into his lap anyway, blushing as he hooks his arm around her, holding her tightly against him. Her legs are separated over his thigh, her skirt bunched right up. She can only hope she doesn’t leak all over his grey pants—she knows the wet spot would be noticeable.


“Now,” Bellamy says, his voice placating, soft. “There’s something we need to talk about.”


“Okay,” Clarke says, butterflies swarming in her stomach.


“I’ve been inspecting your panties when you put them in the basket,” he tells her, and Clarke has to force herself to hold still, not press herself down onto his thigh as wetness drips from her. “I’ve noticed recently that most of the time they’re wet.”


Clarke’s face burns. She absolutely wants to die of shame.


“So I think it’s time we talked about what that means. It means your body is ready to have sex. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Daddy,” Clarke says meekly. She can only be glad they’re not having this conversation face to face.


“When you get turned on, your pussy gets all wet, readying itself to take a cock inside you. I couldn’t think of a good way to explain how sex works to you, so I thought we’d watch a video instead. Is that okay?”


Clarke nods, though watching an educational video on sex with her step-father is not high on her list of things to do for enjoyment.


“Good,” he says. He picks up the remote from beside him on the couch and presses play. With his other hand, he strokes her hair soothingly.


Clarke immediately realises that this is far from an educational video.


She’s left breathless at the image of a big-busted blonde on her hands and knees, naked, everything on display.


“I’ve skipped to the part where the intercourse takes place,” Bellamy tells her. “For educational purposes.”


Clarke can’t move, can hardly breathe. She’s sitting her on her step-father’s lap, not wearing panties, while he makes her watch porn with him.


A man with a big cock comes into frame then, stepping up behind the woman on the bed.


Please, Daddy,” the woman cries. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard with your big cock.”


Clarke burns all over, both from embarrassment and desire. Bellamy’s lips brush her ear. “This is one of my favourites,” he tells her, and her heart almost leaps out of her chest. Her pussy is aching to be touched, and it only grows worse as the scene in front of her plays out.


She stares at the screen, transfixed, while the man shoves his humongous cock into the woman’s pussy. It’s so big Clarke isn’t even sure how her body takes it. She’s sure if she had to take something that big inside her she’d break. Cocks aren’t really that big in real life, are they?


She feels Bellamy shift beneath her, adjusting himself. Is he hard? If she moved slightly she’d be sitting right on his crotch, maybe she’d feel his cock throbbing beneath her.


Too afraid of being caught out, she stays where she is. She doesn’t want him to know how much she craves his cock.


“Do you understand?” he asks her, as the man finally blows his load into the woman’s pussy. Come drips from her cunt and onto the bed as he pulls out. “Do you understand what your pussy is made for? Why you get all wet?”


“Yes,” Clarke says hoarsely, amazed she can even speak.


“Tell me,” he says. “I want to hear what you’ve learned.”


“My—my pussy is meant for taking cock. That’s why I get wet, because I need cock inside me.”


“Good girl,” Bellamy says, and Clarke flushes with his praise.


“Now, shall we see if you’re wet right now?”


“Daddy?” Clarke squeaks.


“Let’s see if your pussy needs cock right now.”


Clarke holds perfectly still, barely breathing as Bellamy pulls her dress up. It only takes an inch before her bare pussy comes into view. She knows her step-father is looking, knows he can see her swollen, aching pussy lips.


“Daddy you shouldn’t look,” she whispers. “You’re not supposed to see my pussy.”


“Are you embarrassed, baby?” he coos. “Embarrassed to show your Daddy how you’ve shaved your pussy?”


Clarke nods. She feels like she’s on the verge of tears, but she can’t tell if it’s because this is utterly humiliating, or because she’s so horny she could cry.


“I’ve already seen your pussy, sweetheart,” he says. “You think I can’t see up those tiny skirts you wear around the house? You know, I only told you no panties, I didn’t tell you to show off your pussy like a little slut. But you couldn’t help yourself.”


Clarke whines, wondering how many times she’s unknowingly flashed her pussy and ass to her step-father.


“It’s okay,” he says. “Let me see if you’re wet.”


His fingers dip between her legs, and she whimpers when he makes contact. His fingertips slip between her folds easily, her soaking pussy making it easy for him.


“Oh, sweetheart,” he groans. “You are wet. You’re wetter than I even thought possible. You must need cock so badly. Do you feel empty, baby?”


“Yes,” Clarke says.


“Now, you know I can’t give you my cock, don’t you? I’m your step-father, it would be wrong. But I don’t want you taking anyone else’s cock inside you. I need you to promise you won’t give in to your urges. I need you to promise you’ll keep your virginity intact for Daddy.”


“Okay, Daddy,” Clarke agrees. She doesn’t know how she’s going to keep that promise.


“But you need something, don’t you, sweetheart? You’re so horny you’re going to burst. I’ve never seen someone get so wet,” he marvels. Clarke whines, flushing in humiliation. He’s making her feel like she’s dirty, fucked up, a slut. She realises she probably is all those things—good, normal girls don’t crave their step-father’s cock inside them.


“Let’s make a compromise,” Bellamy says. “You can use my thigh to get off, how’s that? And if your mom finds out we’ll have to tell her you were just too horny to stop yourself. We can’t let her know I encouraged you, okay? We’ll have to let her know you’re just a little slut who can’t control herself.”


“Daddy, please,” she whines.


“Come on, sweetheart, rub your wet little pussy on my thigh, just like you want.”


With his encouragement, Clarke stops trying to restrain herself. She presses her cunt down hard on his thigh, grinding herself on it, mortified, but too desperate to care. She needs to come—and her Daddy told her to do it, so she has to.


She soon abandons composure completely, thrusting against his thigh, desperately, panting, rubbing her clit against the material of his pants, chasing something that feels just a little too far out of reach.


Her cunt is convulsing around nothing, yearning for something inside it. She lets out a strangled sob, humping his thigh vigorously, his arm still around her. She can’t get there—not without something inside her pussy.


“Daddy,” she cries. Tears form in her eyes. “Daddy, I can’t come.”


“What’s wrong, baby? Why can’t you come?”


“I’m empty,” she whines. “I need to be full. Please, Daddy. Put something inside me.”


“Hmm,” he muses. “I suppose I could let you use my fingers. But we can’t let your mom know. If she finds out, you’ll have to tell her you were so horny you grabbed my fingers and put them inside you before I could stop you.”


“Okay,” Clarke agrees. She’s fairly confident it will never come to that.


Bellamy moves his hand from around her waist, back between her legs. He spreads her folds and works two fingers into her aching cunt. The first time anyone’s ever put their fingers inside her, and it’s her step-father. The thought of it is mortifying, yet it makes her even more desperate. She’s tight, but he enters her easily, her pussy is so wet and needy.


She waits for a moment, for him to start fucking her with his fingers. It takes a beat before she realises he’s not going to do anything—she’s going to have to hump his fingers the way she humped his thigh.


Crying, she starts thrusting her hips again, feeling his fingers move inside her, in and out and in and out, her cunt clinging to them, aching for release. She’s grinding on him frantically, so close, and yet so far.


“Are you nearly there, sweetheart?”


“No, Daddy,” she whines. “I can’t. It’s not enough.”


“What do you mean it’s not enough?” he asks. “Are my fingers not big enough for you? You need something massive inside you to be able to come?”


“I don’t know,” she sobs. “Please, Daddy. I want to come so bad.”


“Clarke, you know I can’t put my cock in you. We can’t have your step-father taking your virginity. It’s wrong.”


“I know, Daddy,” she says, and she does know, but she’s only saying what she’s expected to say, because she doesn’t care, because she wants her Daddy’s cock too badly to worry about how wrong it is.


“You need big cock, though, don’t you sweetheart?” he coos gently. He strokes her hair with his free hand. “I hate to see you suffer.”


Clarke gives another sob. She’s not entirely sure that’s true—she thinks he’s enjoying watching her suffer a little too much. It’s obvious now—making her not wear panties, making her call him Daddy. He knows it humiliates her, has always known exactly what it does to her.


“Do you need cock?” he asks her.


“Yes, Daddy.”


“Whose cock do you need? How bad do you need it?”


“Yours, Daddy. I need it so bad. Please. Mom won’t find out—please. I need your cock inside me.”


“What if she finds out, hm? What will we tell her?”


“That I’m a horny slut,” Clarke moans. “That I made you put your cock in me because I can’t control myself.”


“Okay,” Bellamy agrees, and she knows he’s just pretending to be reluctant.


He removes his fingers from her pussy, leaving her feeling emptier than before. He shifts her off his lap onto the couch beside him. Her eyes fall on the thigh she’s just vacated, and she knows he’s looking too. Her arousal has left a massive wet stain on his pant leg.


“Incredible,” he murmurs. “You’re the neediest little thing I’ve ever met. Still can’t believe how easy it was to get you to call me Daddy. To get you to stop wearing panties.”


Clarke blushes at that, the confirmation that he’s been manipulating her all along. She watches as he undoes his belt, and then his fly. Her heartrate increases rapidly with his slow movements.


He reaches into his boxers and pulls out his cock, his big hand curled around the massive thing. Clarke isn’t sure if his cock is as big as the guy on the screen, but he definitely comes close. Suddenly she has no trouble believing she can take something that big inside her. He’s hard—from the porn or from her, Clarke doesn’t know, but it makes her ache all the same.


“Show me your pussy,” he growls, and Clarke hastily pulls her dress up to reveal her swollen, throbbing cunt to him. She’s leaking all over the couch now—she only hopes it dries up before her mom appears.


“I’m going to fuck that virgin cunt of yours,” he says. “Just like you’ve been wanting me to.”


“Yes, Daddy,” Clarke whines. “My pussy needs your cock.”


He grabs her by the knee, pulling her into a lying down position, her legs spread open, her dress bunched around her waist. He reaches over to pull the top of her dress down, exposing her tits, her nipples hard and pointed.


“Look at those big tits,” he says. “Of course big tits like that need a bra, but you didn’t question me. You like letting them jiggle around for men to stare at, for me to stare at. You like having your nipples poke out through your clothes, let everyone know how turned on you are.”


Clarke doesn’t know if he’s right or not, but she’s too turned on to disagree. She just nods, hoping it will get him to fuck her sooner.


His hands grab at her tits and he climbs on top of her, his massive cock hanging out, the rest of his clothes still on. Somehow it makes it dirtier, the fact that he’s still almost totally dressed, meanwhile her one piece of clothing is currently gathered at her waist, covering absolutely nothing.


He kisses her—not on the lips, but he presses his mouth to her forehead, and it’s almost tender, the way he does it.


He doesn’t put a condom on, doesn’t ask her if she wants him to wear one, and Clarke can’t even begin to care. If she gets pregnant to her step-father, so be it. She can think of worse fates, and right now not being fucked by him seems like one of them.


“Are you ready, sweetheart?” he asks. “Ready to lose your virginity to your step-father like a dirty whore?”


“Yes,” Clarke sobs. He positions his cock between her thighs, and then she can feel him pushing into her, and her cunt gives another surge of arousal and the feeling.


He bottoms out inside her, so she can feel his pants scratching at her skin where he hasn’t pulled them down. She finally feels full, her cunt finally getting what its craved for so long.


She spasms around him, and he gives her no time to adjust before he’s thrusting, fucking her like she’s a doll for him to use. Her tits bounce with every thrust, and her back chafes against the leather couch.


That feeling builds inside her again, faster this time, coiling in her belly, tighter and tighter, until she’s on the verge of breaking. She can hear herself moaning, urging him on, though she feels she has no control of what’s actually coming out of her mouth.


“You like that, don’t you, baby?” he grunts. “Like being filled up with Daddy’s big cock? How are you gonna go without it now?”


She whines at the thought at never getting to experience this again. Surely he wouldn’t put her through it, not now.


“You’re lucky Daddy likes your pussy so much,” he continues. “Daddy’s gonna play with your pussy all the time now. Give you my fingers to clench around while your mother’s in the room. Give you my cock before you go to sleep each night. Gonna make you suck my cock too, take it in all your holes.”


“Yes,” Clarke gasps. “I’m gonna come, Daddy. Your cock—oh my god, oh my god, Daddy—”


Her moan as she comes is more like a squeal, echoing through the room, then petering out as she loses her voice, her body shuddering, writhing underneath him, sparks of pleasure shooting through her body, making her toes curl and her cunt tighten.


“Look at that,” Bellamy grunts. “You came all over my big cock. Such a good girl, coming for Daddy. I’m gonna come inside you. Fill you up with Daddy’s come.”


“Please,” Clarke pants.


He makes good on his promise moments later, and Clarke feels it spurting inside her, coating her insides in his come. His orgasm only lasts a few seconds, and then he’s breathing heavy on top of her, his cock still inside her, holding his come in her pussy.


Eventually he sits up, pulling her dress down and wrapping it between her legs, protecting the couch from come stains. He tucks his cock away, and Clarke sits up, her tits still on display. She’s flushed, feeling satisfied but unsure, and a little embarrassed at her behaviour.


“Daddy?” she squeaks nervously.


He reaches for her, stroking her thigh. “Well done, sweetheart,” he says. “You took Daddy’s cock so well. I can’t wait to have you again and again and again. I need to you to only wear skirts and dresses at home, okay? Daddy needs to be able to access your pussy at all times.”


“Yes, Daddy,” Clarke agrees.


“Good girl,” he says with a smile. “In fact—when your mom isn’t home, I don’t think you need to wear clothes at all, do you?”