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see you noddin' and you know

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Yangyang stares at his phone screen. The preview in his gallery shows just a blurry shot, he can see his sweater sleeve, and white that he guesses is tiles and porcelain, but it’s inconspicuous enough. Yangyang knows what he just filmed, though. He knows what he’ll see if he opens the video, his phone shaky in one hand, angled down, his other hand around his dick.

He took a video of himself pissing. And now he’s going to send it to a stranger.

Well, maybe him and teewhy aren’t exactly strangers anymore. They’ve been chatting for a bit. Skipping small talk and getting straight into a lot more explicit territory. Kink exploration, teewhy called it. Yangyang has done plenty of exploration in his own time, by himself, or so he thought. But looking at the thumbnail on his screen, thinking back to what he just did in the bathroom—it affects him way more than he thought. A flurry of excitement makes his stomach twist and his skin heat up.

He pulls up his message window with teewhy. So you know, what we talked about earlier, he sends. His nerves show through the typed text, he thinks, but that doesn’t matter much. They have been straightforward and honest this entire time. Yangyang is not one to play coy, and he wouldn’t have been able to take it seriously if anyone tried to play games with him, either. Or else he could’ve just continued talking to the first person that chatted him up, instead of ghosting everyone until he found someone that he felt like he vibed with. I have something for you.

He doesn’t send the video just yet, he’ll wait for teewhy’s reply first. Who knows, maybe teewhy doesn’t even want it. Maybe all he wanted was to talk about it in detail. Yangyang giggles at the idea. That might be even weirder to him, than this kink he’s found himself getting way too deep into.

It is kind of gross, maybe, a little bit. Yangyang thought it was kind of gross at first, he felt embarrassed about it. About how hot it got him, how fast, regretting it afterwards every time. But it doesn’t bother him anymore. It’s no one else's business, just his, and whoever agrees to join. The only thing he’s a little worried about now is not being able to get off without it.

Because that’s what had him end up making a profile for himself, explicitly stating his interest in the description and hoping to find like-minded individuals. Just thinking about it, watching videos, it wasn't doing it for him anymore.

This, though—even just the idea, the knowledge that the video is in his gallery, that teewhy is going to read his message and know what he did—it’s making his dick start to fill out again. His bladder still kind of hurts, he’s still feeling a little jittery, some sort of restless energy coursing through his veins, all reminding him, and he fucking loves it.

But he’s not gonna do anything just yet. He ignores the feeling of want throbbing low in his belly, resists the urge to get his hand down his pants, and turns his computer on to find some distraction as he waits for teewhy’s reply.

He doesn’t need to wait long. It’s the weekend, Saturday evening, and he was hoping teewhy would be available to chat with him. They usually do during the weekend, when Yangyang has no classes the next morning, and no roommate to catch him, just time and freedom to lie naked in his bed and sext a not-quite-stranger.

And teewhy has time for him, too. Yangyang's phone chimes when his game is still loading, and Yangyang abandons it right away, getting his headphones off and rolling his chair away from his desk, and unlocking his phone to read what teewhy sent him.

oh my god
for real?

Yangyang can see teewhy is still typing, and waits for him to finish.

i've been thinking about it… how good i think you'd look, so desperate
squirming and squeezing your cock

It might be a lie, but Yangyang feels flattered anyway.

you wanna see?

Yangyang only starts feeling nerves when he selects the video from his gallery. He's really about to send someone a video of himself pissing. And they don't really know each other at all.

But that means teewhy doesn't know him either. His face is not in the video, his voice not recognizable. What's the big deal, really. He’s thought about it when he was not horny, too, and deemed it safe enough. And he wants teewhy to see, and see his reaction.

He presses send, and when it’s done loading he opens the video, to see in real time what teewhy is seeing too. Maybe, he realizes now, it would’ve been a good idea to check the video beforehand, but that’s too late now. And he was there, he knows what he filmed.

Just the first shot takes him right back to that moment, now almost half an hour ago. He waited with filming until his belly was obviously swollen and taut, clearly noticeable even with the awkward camera angle, and he felt seconds away from bursting, already in the bathroom but unable to move.

He’s dancing on the spot, or something akin to dancing, his phone close enough to his face to pick up sharp breaths through his nose. Yangyang quickly puts his headphones back on, and plugs them into his phone. Even though he’s home alone, the walls are thin and it feels too dangerous.

The Yangyang in the video rubs his thighs together in skinny, ripped jeans, moving erratically, his phone shaking in his hand. Yangyang didn’t remember moving around that much, but while he was there he had more pressing issues to deal with, unable to think about much more than how badly he needed to pee. Right now, with no real pressure from his bladder, he just remembers how good it felt, instinctively clenching and twitching along with his video image.

He knows exactly what happened, but his body feels tense and desperate again as he looks at himself, shuffling with crossed legs towards the toilet bowl, painstakingly slowly, the hand not holding his phone grabbing tightly onto his half-hard dick. Yangyang lets his own free hand go down to his dick as well, palming it through his sweatpants as it throbs and fills out.

The last part was the hardest. He was so close to giving in, but the toilet was right there, and he really didn’t want to mop the floor, or have his jeans get completely soaked. But seeing the toilet right at his feet worked against him, his sore and exhausted muscles knowing they were about to get relief. Yangyang hears his own whimpers as he looks at his own hand, trembling and struggling to undo the button, and squeezing his dick again as his voice gets more frenzied.

A stream of piss spurted out right there, and Yangyang shudders at the memory, his dick twitching. It’s not visible on his phone screen, not darkening the outside of his jeans yet, but Yangyang remembers how it felt, hot through the length of his dick and soaking the front of his underwear. He almost didn’t make it, his jeans so difficult to open with one hand, the waistband stretched tight around his swollen bladder. He sees himself wriggle once more on camera, taking a short break and a deep breath to collect himself, and finally gets the button open.

From there on, it was over. He couldn’t hold back anymore, bladder already releasing as he reached in his underwear and got his dick out, pissing everywhere before he’s able to aim, and only then he could relax. Yangyang hears his quiet moan of relief through his headphones until the sound of his piss gushing from his dick and hitting the bowl drowns it out, and he feels the second-hand pleasure of finally being able to let go.

He slides down a bit in his chair, and pulls his sweatpants down past his balls, rubbing his cock to the steady stream of piss. It’s nearly clear, from all the water he drank, and Yangyang likes that. He might have weird kinks, but at least he’s hydrated.

The video ends with him stroking his cock while a small trickle still comes out, and shaking off the last drop. It felt so good, he really wanted to continue jerking himself off until he came, but he had to wait. He needed to show teewhy first, and hopefully, teewhy would like it, and they could finish together.

He closes the video, and stares at their chat, waiting for teewhy to say something.

that’s so fucking hot

Next comes a picture, one that Yangyang was kind of hoping to get. A hard dick, flushed, held at the base by slim fingers. A dick Yangyang can recognize by now, this time with a backdrop of pink patterned pajama pants.

look at how hard you got me

i tried to hold it for you, but i couldnt
leaked a bit in my underwear

that must’ve felt so good
finally letting go
i could hear you moaning fuck htat was so hot

Yangyang sits back and opens his camera app, snapping a picture of his own cock for teewhy. It’s a bit blurry and dark, but it gets the point across.

ive been so horny
wanted to wait for you

Teewhy showers him in compliments, telling him how hot he sounded, how good he looked, how cute his cock is and how much he loves it. From anyone else, Yangyang would’ve thought they were making fun of him, but he knows teewhy is absolutely genuine with it.

Wish i was there, teewhy tells him, wish you could piss on me next time, and Yangyang has never before wanted to piss on a faceless stranger, or anyone for that matter, but tonight he really fucking wants to.

Yangyang leans into his backrest, hand on his cock speeding up as he feels the heat coil tightly in his stomach, and allows himself to give in a second time. He imagining he empties his full and straining bladder over teewhy, over his hard dick, all over his pajama pants, and he comes hard, finally, pumps of cum shooting from his cock as he finally gets relief in all ways he wants.

He snaps a pic of it, of course, spunk running over his fingers, one ribbon vertically on his sweater, and sends it to teewhy, getting one in return of teewhy’s spent cock, cum on his naked stomach. Fuck, Yangyang sends him, that was good.

As his sweater is already messy, Yangyang uses it to wipe his hand clean. He stretches, and can’t help but laugh, the events of this evening sinking in. It’s really kind of gross, he thinks now, pissing on camera, and his soiled boxers are still on his bathroom floor, and his toilet is covered in piss, too. He’ll have to clean that up before Dejun gets back.

But he did not forget how fucking good it felt. And teewhy clearly liked it as well, he got off to a video of Yangyang. It makes Yangyang feel better, that it’s not just him. And honestly, the idea of a video of him being that hot to someone else is just really flattering.

i would love to piss on you

i really liked this

i liked it too

We should do this again, teewhy sends, right when Yangyang is typing the same thing. He grins at his phone screen.


can save your video?

yeah sure

Yangyang tries to go for casual and nonchalant, but he’s feeling real fucking giddy for some reason.

am i allowed to jerk off to it again?

ill make more for you