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no meaning, whatsoever

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A loud monotonous beeping noise along with a red flashing light interrupted Catra and Entrapta's discussion. Catra groaned, and got She-Ra's sword at the ready, "I'll go. It's probably just more Rebel idiots."

Before she could step foot out of the doorway Scorpia stopped her, landing one of her claws in her front of Catra, "No, no stay! I'll go. It's way too cold out there." Scorpia interjected to which Catra merely shrugged at, "Suit yourself."

Scorpia left in a hurry, not wanting to disappoint or annoy her anymore, leaving Catra along with Entrapta and Adora.

Catra propped the sword back onto her shoulder and with a huff, she turns around, expecting an unconscious Adora, waiting and lying on the ground but she was instead greeted by the cold hard empty floors. Her hands curled into fists and she took a deep breath before glancing over at Entrapta who's eyes were glued onto the computer screen, typing away.

Her purple hair pointed to the left side of the room, near a decently sized doorway leading into a different part of the building. "She went that way."

Catra huffed once more before she started walking in that direction.

She stuffed one of her hands in her pocket while the other held up the sword. Her ears perked up, as she warily walked into the room carefully taking in her surroundings. She prepared herself for any surprise tackles or attacks from Adora.

Upon hearing something rummaging around near the corner, her lips curved into her signature smirk of confidence, "Did you really think it was going to be that easy to get away from me?" the question echoed through the empty room, and yet no answer remained.

She stealthfully crept towards the noise, bracing for herself for when Adora pounces. And when it came, it wasn't the type of pounce she had expected.

"Catra, hey!" said Adora, her voice swirly and her face looking, well, different. It wasn't the look Catra had imagined her to greet her with. Catra furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Adora clung onto her neck making Catra lose her crip on She-Ra's sword, it dropped on the ground with a loud crashing noise.

She looked at Adora's face confused. Rather than an irritated, stressed, and tense-filled Adora, she was met with a silly, happy-go-lucky, and definitely out of it version of her.

Adora continued engulfing her in an air-draining hug, going on and on about different things the feline girl couldn't even fathom.

"What are you-?" she huffed, trying in vain to pry away Adora's arms from her neck, "Let go of me!" she yelled this time to which Adora sheepishly smiled, untangling her arms from her.

"Sorry," she was put in a fit of giggles.

"What is wrong with you?!" Catra crossed her arms, looking at her with a perplexed expression.

"The real question is, what's wrong with you," Adora slurred, inching closer to her face. She pointed a finger at her nose, booping it.

"Get off!"

"Jeez, okay, okay," Adora pouts and outs both her arms up.

Catra glares at her, "Let's just get back to the lab." she grabs one of Adora's wrists and drags her towards the doorway she entered through, only to groan upon realizing she had completely forgotten the entry code.

While Catra was lost in thought, trying to recall the code, the tail of a certain cat caught Adora's attention. The way it swayed from left to right, from front to back mesmerized her. She giggled as she started playing around with it, she was having the time of her life, "Your tail is pretty." she snickered, interlacing her fingers with it.

"Would you quit it?!" she sent her a piercing glare.

That shut her up. Not for long though, not even a minute later Adora was back up on her feet, playing with the keypad used to open the door. Adora giggled and proceeded to press several buttons, in different orders. The door making a beeping sound every time, "Boop, boop, boop!" she giggled like a child.

"Stop it!"

"You're no fun." Adora pouted once more, her arms crossed like a toddler.

Catra internally decided that its best to not waste her energy arguing with her. She was obviously immensely out of it. Trying to reason with her would be like trying to reason with a rock. Or Entrapta.

She groaned in frustration, "What is the damn code?!"

Adora was silent for a second before she quickly interrupted Catra's train of thought to resume pressing random buttons, playing with the keypad as if it were some sort of phone.

Catra let her run her course. She was bound to tire herself out eventually and it wasn't like she had any idea what the passcode was.

It was when the door miraculously opened, after another one of Adora's attempts, when Catra sent her a shook expression.

"How did you..." Catra's jaw was slightly agape, eyeing down the blondie.

"I put in your favorite number." she shrugged nonchalantly, sitting on the ground with her legs crisscrossed.

Catra laughed, "Out of all the things you remember about me, that's one of them?" she continued to cackle and crossed her arms, "Not complaining though, you got the door open. You aren't completely useless,"

"I am not useless!" Adora retorted, picking up a nearby mop and pointing it at Catra's face as she would with her sword, "And FYI, I remember a lot of things about you."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" she snatched the nasty smelling mop away from Adora and used it stick-end to rest her chin on. The soaked end of it landed on the ground with a plop sound.

"Well," Adora smiled. She started blabbering on and on about a variety of things about Catra. Ranging from her favorite things, to what she likes to do in her past times, the people she likes and dislikes in the Horde and random memories from their shared childhood. Counting on her fingers of every sentence she spoke of.

To say Catra was astound would be an understatement. Though she tried to hide her shocked expression, her face betrayed her.

Adora's silly little smile wiped her surprised expression clean off her face.

Catra rolled her eyes and came closer to her face, "Okay, big deal. You remember a few things about me, nothing special there."

"I also remember that you," Adora pointed her index finger at her again, "Gave me back my sword that one time when you could have gotten away and stolen it." she looked proud when she said that. Smug smile, crossed arms, and raised eyebrows.

"And? That was recent."

"Andddd," she continued to carry out the letter D, "I think you did it because you like me,"

Oh, how Catra wanted to slap that look on her face right off.

"It is not because I like you!" she yelled, nearly slipping off her mop, "Stop being weird about it," she demanded.

Adora ignored her little fit, continuing her little ted talk, "And since you like me soooo much, I think you're starting to miss me."

Okay, this was it. Catra cackled upon hearing those words from her, causing the mop to slip, sending her to topple over Adora. Catra landed on top of her, her arms being the only thing keeping their faces from crashing against each other. Adora giggled from underneath her, she could feel every breath she let out, just as Adora could feel hers. "I like your hair," she giggled as she started playing with tiny strands of it.

Catra merely groaned. She flicked Adora's forehead before getting back up on her feet, sending her into a fit of giggles once more.

"I do not miss you! How many times do I have to explain myself?!" she said with her arms crossed.

"Aw, it's okay to miss me Catra. Hell, I miss you too!"

"You what—"

The obnoxious roaring of the snow monsters, followed by the entirety of the hallway getting eaten off interrupted them. Catra took a peek outside only to see dozens of those snow monsters running around. That look alone helped her to decide that staying indoors would be best. It was freezing cold out there anyways.

She pressed a button to close the door shut but not before a cold gust of wind made its way in.

Adora shivered from the cold and pulled Catra down to the ground, pressing her body against hers, their backs resting against the keypad's stand, "I'm cold," she stated, nuzzling herself towards the girl. Catra felt butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. Like a whole meadow of them were flying around in there. Ugh, she both hated and loved that feeling all at the same time. She tried her best to keep a straight face, fighting off the smile and the blush she could feel coming. 

"You're warm," Adora murmured, "I miss you, Catra."

"You don't have to tell me twice," was Catra's reply. She stated it plainly, keeping her focus on different things, trying to pry away the thought of Adora cuddling with her.

She definitely wasn't thinking of the way their bodies pressed together, leaving no room in between. Or the way Adora's head rested on her shoulder. The way Adora's arms were wrapped around her waist didn't even cross her mind. Not one bit.

"So, so much," she continued, "Sometimes when I really miss you, I just think of the time we spent with each other in the Horde."

"It makes me feel fuzzy on the inside."

Catra's face softened at that, "You- uh- you think of me?" she accidentally blurted out.

"Of course."

Catra's ears flopped to the sides of her head. As she opened her mouth to speak, yet another obnoxious voice interrupted their discussion- or cuddle session. Whichever works best. It was Sea Hawk, declaring proudly how he was here to 'save Adora'.

"If anything, I'm here to save you," Adora murmured. Catra quickly pushed Adora off of her and picked up the sword from behind them. It was fun while it lasted, I guess.

Catra merely smirked at the man, this is going to be easy.

And easy it truly was.

After their little showdown, Glimmer and Bow got their precious Adora back while Scorpia annoyingly destroyed the Data Disk. Luckily, Entrapta got a massive piece of first one's tech so it wasn't a complete failure.

The boat ride home was silent, she didn't even bother yelling at Scorpia for her incompetencies. Instead, she occupied one side of the boat, hugging he knees to her chest replaying her and Adora's conversation.

She missed me? She even thinks about me?

Can't be right? She was the one that left her! Adora was completely out of it, anyways. She probably wasn't even aware of the things that were coming out of her mouth.

Yeah, exactly.

But on the contrary, the various things she blabbered on and on about that she claimed to know about Catra were in fact correct. They were spot on.

Ok no- what was wrong with her, God. She took a deep breath and reverted her attention to their mission which was successful. She exhaled and decided then and there to stop and never think about it again. It was meaningless anyways, she was out of. It meant nothing at all.

No meaning, whatsoever,