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Puck Will Make It All Better

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Puck will make it all better

There was a knock at the loft door and Kurt seemed to be the only person who could hear it. He walked over and pushed the door open, ignoring the other three people who were there who were screaming at him. “Don’t walk away from us Kurt!” Blaine yelled after him. The door slid open and a very confused looking Noah Puckerman revealed himself. Kurt felt himself smile at the familiar face.

“Noah!” Kurt practically squealed and jumped on Noah, hugging him tightly. Noah caught him and pulled him in tight, chuckling.

“I missed you too Kurt,” he murmured in his ear.

“Kurt, you have to stop throwing yourself at straight guys,” Blaine complained. “This is exactly how you were with those guys in stage combat class before I joined. Then they could finally relax because your attention was focused on me.”

“Kurt, what the hell is going on here?” Noah asked, lowering Kurt to the ground. Kurt just sighed and shook his head. All three other occupants were still yelling at him. Kurt grabbed Noah’s hand and led him over to the couch and sat down with him.

“Excuse me,” Kurt said firmly. “But we have a guest.”

“It’s just Puck,” Santana scoffed. “He can listen in and tell us that we’re right and you can just get on with your life.”

“And I repeat, what the hell is going on here?” Noah said loudly, his deep voice seeming to reverberate across the loft. Rachel, Santana, and Blaine all began talking at once. Noah put his hand up and they fell silent. “One at a time. Rachel?”

“Kurt doesn’t appreciate anything we do for him,” she began. “He is always selfish and won’t cook anything that I can eat when he cooks dinner. But that’s when he is even here. He’s never here anymore. I’m not sure where he goes for all these hours, but Blaine and I sit here and are with each other more than they are.”

“Kurt, you still working those three jobs?” Noah asked, turning to the man next to him on the couch. “And going to school full time?”

“Yes,” Kurt replied. “I work at, the diner with Rachel and Santana, and at the garage down the street. Someone here needs to pay rent.”

“That’s solved then,” Noah said. “This place is huge, it makes sense that it costs a decent amount in rent. How much is it?”

“The rent is $1800 a month, and then we have internet, and I am paying off a small loan I had to take so we could get all the furniture – except Rachel’s bed,” Kurt replied. “We had nothing, not even any appliances or kitchen counters or anything.”

“How much of that do you pay?” Noah asked. He held up his hand to silence the trio who were chomping at the bit to speak up.

“I pay $1000,” Kurt admitted, looking down at his hands. “And then I probably put out $400 for food.”

“You pay $1400?” Noah asked, astonished.

“Yes,” Kurt confirmed.

“And how much do you all pay?” Noah asked, turning back to the trio. “Rachel?”

“My Dad’s pay $800 for rent,” she sniffed.

“I pay the internet,” Santana admitted.

“I don’t see how this is relevant,” Blaine complained.

“I’m trying to figure some things out,” Noah explained, feeling suddenly angry. “Rachel, how much do you pay for food?”

“Um, Kurt gets the food,” she replied.

“So he pays for the food that you all eat here, and you have the gall to complain that he won’t get the crazy expensive vegan products that you seem to seen to have?” Noah asked. “Now I’ve seen you eat a cheeseburger, so you need to rethink this little plan of yours.”

“What?” she exclaimed, but was silenced by the angry look on Noah’s face.

“Santana, you work full time right?” She nodded. “Then you should be paying more that’s for sure, no reason your ass can’t survive after paying a quarter of the rent.”

“That still doesn’t explain Lady Hummel being a bitch most of the time,” Santana groused.

“Okay, Kurt, how many hours are you at this fancy school of yours?” Noah asked.

“I have 6 classes, so I’m on campus at least 5 hours a day for classes, and maybe a few more during the week to study or work on a project in the library or dance studio,” Kurt explained.

“So we’ll say thirty hours,” Noah said, rounding. “And how many hours are you at each job?”

“I work Saturdays and Sundays at, ten hour days,” Kurt began. “I work at the spotlight diner three late night shifts a week, 10 to 6, so 24 hours, and I work at the garage 5 days a week from 2 to 8, so thirty hours.”

“So Kurt does thirty hours of school a week, and that’s probably not counting time for actual homework, but that much time on campus,” Noah began. “He works seventy four hours a week on top of that. This man is working and learning for over one hundred hours a week. Bear in mind, a week only has 168 hours in it to begin with, and he tries to cook, socialize, do homework, and sleep in the 64 hours left over. So I can imagine if he is feeling particularly bitchy – especially if his three roommates are constantly yelling at him – and doesn’t feel like dealing with you lot.”

“He never has time for us,” Blaine whined. “He just cares about his work and school. It’s like he doesn’t want to get married.”

“Well, I think that you two getting married so young is a mistake,” Noah said bluntly. “Because with your attitude right now, you aren’t nearly mature enough to be married in the first place.”

“How would you know?” Blaine shot back.

“How about you explain your comment to Kurt when he first opened the door?” Noah countered.

“He goes after straight guys,” Blaine said. “He’s been this way since high school, and now people in our classes are realizing it as well, and were too nice to say anything before I came to NYADA.”

“How does he go after straight guys? He didn’t do that in high school,” Noah said, shaking his head.

“Finn told me how Kurt had a huge crush on him,” Blaine began, but Noah stopped him.

“First off, I don’t want to hear anything about Finn,” Noah said firmly. “Kurt had a crush on him sophomore year, but you know what he did? He maybe stared at him across the classroom, he helped Finn with his classes, he helped him deal with his girl issues. Finn allowed him to do all this, and then complained to his mom and Burt about it. Kurt did absolutely nothing wrong. Any girl doing that would have been absolutely fine, but since Finn was homophobic, it was a much bigger deal than it really was.”

“What about Sam?”

“Sam and Kurt are friends,” Noah pointed out. “Sam is like the most accepting straight guy that you’ll ever meet. Kurt backed away from being his friend because people ganged up on him and made him feel like a predator. Kurt just wanted to be friends with him.”

“How the hell do you know all this?” Rachel asked.

“Kurt was the only one to visit me in Juvie, and all this while his dad was recovering from the heart attack and dealing with Karofsky,” Noah said. “I’ve never had a problem with how Kurt behaves, around men or women. He acts like a normal human being. Which class does this seem to be a problem with?”

“Stage combat,” Blaine supplied.

“Oh is that the video you sent me?” Noah asked Kurt.

“Yeah,” Kurt confirmed, still staring down at his hands.

“I know what the problem is,” Noah said, a smirk on his face. “Kurt got hot.”

“What?” Santana scoffed. “Lady Hummel, hot?”

“Well since you’re a carpet muncher now, you have lost your appreciation for the male form,” Noah taunted. “Kurt is hot, and those guys in the video that you think are uncomfortable around him are checking him out – and he is absolutely oblivious to it.”

“They weren’t,” Blaine insisted.

“No, they were turned on,” Noah assured him. “And believe me, they had reason to be.”

“Noah,” Kurt groaned. “Don’t make this worse.”

“And as oblivious as ever,” Noah said, almost fondly. “What the hell do you three even do around here? Rachel, your Dad’s did everything for you. Santana, you are just super lazy, and Anderson, I don’t even know hardly anything about you.”

“They don’t do hardly anything around here,” Kurt said quietly. The trio began to loudly protest, but Noah quelled them. “I cook, do dishes, take out the trash, clean the bathroom – which is super gross thanks to the rest of you and your hair – and I clean the rest of the apartment.”

“Looks quite good around here,” Noah agreed with him. “And I assume you decorated as well?”

“Except that area over there,” Kurt said, motioning to Blaine’s ugly desk area. “They girls did their own places.”

“Then I don’t know what you three are bitching about,” Noah said. “I’d quit before you really step your foot in it.”

“Noah, what are you doing in New York?” Kurt asked.

“I just graduated culinary school and wanted to check out the food scene,” Noah explained. “I figured I would stop in to see my friends, but after this little display, I’m only happy to see one.”

“I’m happy you were able to stop out,” Kurt said genuinely. “And I thought you were graduating in the summer?”

“Nah, I consolidated a few classes, and get to graduate a semester early,” Noah explained. “Kurt, why didn’t you tell me it was getting this bad?”

“I didn’t want you to worry,” Kurt sighed.

“You’ve been cheating on me?!” Blaine yelled.

“No Blaine, I haven’t been cheating on you,” Kurt sighed tiredly. “I have never cheated on you.”

“You’ve been talking to Puck behind my back, and you call him Noah? No one calls him that,” Blaine yelled.

“Kurt is allowed to call me that, he always has been. He’s allowed to have friends,” Noah pointed out.

“Not guys!”

“Excuse me?” Kurt said, looking up finally at his fiancé. “There was nowhere in any talk about our relationship that I am not able to have friends with guys.”

“Well, after that whole fiasco with Elliot, I figured I’d nip it in the bud,” Blaine explained smugly. Kurt whipped his phone out and checked a few things and realized that there were a few numbers blocked on the phone – Adam, Elliot, Dani, Greg from stage combat, and Brody.

“Son of a bitch,” Kurt said. He put his phone down and wrenched the engagement ring off his finger and threw it at Blaine. “I’m done with this. I put up with so much shit from you over the years, but this is absolutely ridiculous.”

“You don’t get to break up with me,” Blaine said menacingly. Noah stood up and stood in between Kurt and Blaine.

“I think you’ll find that he does have that right,” Noah said firmly.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Kurt sighed. “You need to go sleep at Sam and Mercedes tonight. You can get your stuff tomorrow and figure out where you can move. But I can’t have you here anymore.”

“You can’t just kick him out,” Rachel tried to protest.

“My name is the sole name on the lease,” Kurt said, looking her in the eye. Noah was impressed. “I choose who can live here and who can’t.”

“You can’t kick me out!” Rachel yelled.

“Your father’s names aren’t on the lease, it’s me and my father as my co-signer,” Kurt said. “You’ll find, legally, that I can do this.”

“God you’re such a bitch!” she screamed.

“Rachel, I’ve put up with a lot from you as well,” Kurt said, feeling strengthened from having an ally near him. “Don’t think I don’t have receipts for everything in this apartment. Your dad’s bought your bed, but other than that, you haven’t paid for anything.”

“You can’t be serious,” Rachel said, worry in her eyes.

“Rachel, I just can’t do this anymore,” Kurt sighed, rubbing his hands over his face. “You need to find somewhere to sleep tonight. I just can’t keep getting piled on by all of you. Santana, just go sleep at Dani’s apartment or something. I will work out the internet bill with you this week. You shouldn’t have much, since you only came with one suitcase.”

“Whatever,” Santana scoffed. She went over the corner of the apartment where she housed her meager belongings and threw it in the suitcase before pulling out her cellphone and calling Dani and saying that she had an overnight guest coming. Kurt unblocked the numbers on his phone. He sent a quick text to Dani letting her know that Blaine had blocked her number and whatever the last few things he texted were probably not him, but Blaine and that Santana was being kicked out of the apartment, they would talk later. He sent a text to Sam as well, warning him of the impending Blaine tornado and the basics of why, and that they could talk tomorrow. Sam gave him thumbs up and told him to call Mercedes as well tomorrow.

Blaine put up a fuss about leaving, but he gathered a weeks’ worth of clothes and stormed out in a huff. Rachel was on the phone with Brody as she left and sweet talked him into letting her crash at his apartment. Kurt texted him as well, since he had actually gotten along with Brody once they talked out the whole naked thing. Once all three of them were gone, Kurt turned to Noah and hugged him tightly. Noah pulled him close, minutely rocking him back and forth.

“There there,” Noah murmured. “I’ve got you, just let it all out.”

Kurt cried and curled into Noah’s warm embrace. It felt good to be the one to be held for once. This went on for a few minutes before Kurt pulled back and wiped the tears from his face. “Sorry.”

“Don’t you dare apologize,” Noah warned.

Kurt chuckled. “I need to make a phone call or two, do you mind just hanging out for a bit, and then the rest of the night is all yours?”

“Do what you gotta do,” Noah acknowledged. Kurt pulled away reluctantly and got his phone out.

“Hi Mr. Berry,” Kurt said. “Alright, Leroy. I just wanted to let you know that due to circumstances, I have asked Rachel, Santana, and Blaine move out of the loft. Yes I know. They were screaming at me for a good hour tonight about so many things before Noah showed up, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. It happens quite often actually. I am just warning you when you get the crying phone call. I’ve just had it. She does nothing but complain that I won’t cook her vegan foods, she doesn’t even buy any of the food. She complains that all the stuff in the apartment is old, but she hasn’t contributed to anything here. I’ve paid for everything except her bed, which you two have graciously paid for. Yes. I even broke up with Blaine. He accused me of cheating again, and I’m done with it. He’s been trying to control more and more of my life, and I don’t want to be married to that. I’m sorry it went down this way, but I’ve had no other recourse. She can come collect the rest of her stuff when she lets me know when she can be here with some movers or something, but she only has her personal possessions and the bed, so it shouldn’t be much. Tell Hiram hi for me. Thanks for being so understanding Leroy. I will speak to you sometime this week to finalize things. Bye.”

“You are friends with the Berry parentals?” Noah asked, leaning back against the couch, texting rapidly on the phone.

“Yeah, they were able to reign her in in the beginning, but it was hard for all of us,” Kurt confided. “Ever since she got Funny Girl, she’s been nearly impossible to live with.”

“Leroy and Hiram are pretty kick ass,” Noah agreed. “I used to hang around them at Temple while Rachel tried to wow everyone else. They used to bring me food sometimes, or let me take the left overs they made for Temple since Ma had money problems when I was younger.”

“They really are good people,” Kurt agreed. “Now I have to call my Dad, and I’ve hid so much from him that I have a feeling that he won’t take this well.”

“I’ve been texting Carol about everything,” Noah admitted. “That should smooth things over a bit. She’s feeling quite protective of you lately.”

“I can hardly get her to answer me when I text, even if it is seeing if it’s a good time to call,” Kurt said.

“She’s trying,” Noah assured him. “She and I text all the time, but I’ve been around since Finn was little, and she was like my second mom. She still is your step mom, and she has been learning how to do that, especially since her own son isn’t around anymore.”

“I get it,” Kurt sighed. “My Dad, the last time I really spoke to him was so angry with me.”

“What happened?”

“I got bashed,” Kurt said.

“What?” Noah sat up and looked at him with mixed emotions.

“Yeah, I saw this kid being attacked in an alley way and I went to help him,” Kurt explained. “But they just turned on me. They left me in the alley and someone found me not too long after, but I don’t remember too much else. Dad was the next person to see me.”

“How the hell did I not know about this?” Noah questioned.

“I wasn’t going to brag about being bashed,” Kurt panned.

“I mean, from the rest,” Noah insisted. “You probably saved that kid.”

“No one else thought I was brave or helped anyone,” Kurt sighed.

“They really did a number on you,” Noah realized.

“That’s really when things started going downhill with Blaine,” Kurt continued. “I really started working out, and making sure I was eating better – not that I was eating bad – and he wasn’t the hero anymore. I didn’t need him to save me anymore, he didn’t like that.”

“What happened?”

“I really do try to not acknowledge that people find me attractive,” Kurt said. “It made Blaine mad anyway that they were attracted. But I couldn’t help their reactions. But one day in stage combat we did shirts versus skins fights. They begged me to be skins. And whether he likes it or not, I am far better than Blaine in all our classes – I don’t even know how much his parents paid for him to be in my classes, but he is flunking out.”

“Dude, I haven’t seen you without a shirt on in years,” Noah said. “I think I might need to see proof.”

“Noah,” Kurt laughed. He shook his head in a self-deprecating way, but acquiesced by pulling his shirt over his head.

“No shit,” Noah nodded, smiling. “You might be giving Trouty a run for his money.”

“No, that man has washboard abs,” Kurt commented, laughing. He pulled the shirt back on. “Do you mind if I call my Dad and put it on speaker? That way if he starts yelling or not believe me, you can tell him otherwise?”

“Of course,” Noah agreed readily. He sank back onto the couch, leaning up against the arm, beckoning Kurt to snuggle up to him for support. Kurt dialed the phone and waited for Burt to answer the phone.

“Hey Buddy, what’s going on?” Burt answered seemingly in a good mood.

“I’m alright Dad, I just wanted to let you know that I had to change a few things here at the loft,” Kurt began. “I got a visitor today, Noah came by.”

“That’s good,” Burt agreed. “I know you missed seeing him. Hi Puck!”

“Hey Burt,” Noah returned.

“So what is the change you need to tell me about?” Burt prompted.

“I kicked them out,” Kurt said quickly.

“Okay, kicked out?” Burt asked in clarification. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that things have just been going downhill here, for months really, but it all finally came to a head tonight and Noah helped me get a few things straight around here. I kicked them all out, they need to move out fully by the end of the week.”

“What the hell happened?”

“I texted Carol the whole story,” Noah said. “But Burt, they were practically screaming at him when I got here. He looked like a kicked puppy.”

“They scream at you?”

“Yes Dad, daily. And I’m sick of it,” Kurt sighed.

“You were supposed to be taking it easy since you got out of the hospital,” Burt admonished.

“You’re funny,” Kurt panned. “I can’t relax here, ever. Noah helped me figure it out. Between all my jobs and my time on campus – excluding homework, cooking, cleaning, and sleep – I work 104 hours a week to barely make ends meet here. Rachel didn’t pay anything, her Dad’s did, and I already called to let them know what happened. Santana only paid the internet bill. Blaine never paid for anything.”

“How the hell did I not know this?”

“Because I didn’t want to tell you bad things all the time and stress you out,” Kurt reasoned. “You have had a heart attack and cancer in the past few years. I didn’t want to worry you. And I already did enough to worry you when I got bashed.”

“Kurt,” Burt admonished.

“No Dad, you raised me to be independent,” Kurt reasoned. “I wanted to come to New York, and I needed to do this on my own. I sold my Navigator to help me pay for things in the beginning, but I have worked my ass off to have what I have here. I just couldn’t take them trying to drag me down anymore.”

“Oh Kurt,” Burt sighed. “So what does this mean?”

“It means that I now live here by myself and I am looking for a roommate,” Kurt sighed, rubbing his face. “And that I no longer have a fiancé.”

“He was yelling at you?”

“Yeah, and he was worse than the girls, Burt,” Noah chimed in.

“I’m done. He has done a lot of things that I haven’t told many people about,” Kurt explained. “I just can’t take it anymore. He accused me of cheating on him – accused me again! He was the one that cheated in the first place, but he thinks he can block any male friends on my phone and scare people away. He thought I was cheating on him because I have been texting Noah.”

“He cheated on you? And you still agreed to marry him?”

“Yes Dad, he cheated on me before you brought him here last Christmas,” Kurt groaned. “I can’t imagine what he told you, but he cheated on me after I’d been here two weeks.”

“That little rat bastard,” Burt growled. “Kurt, I am so sorry.”

“Dad, don’t worry about all that,” Kurt assured him. “It’s all water under the bridge. Believe me, I hate rehashing all of this. It’s done and over now. They are all fully moving out by the end of the week, so I can move on with my life.”

“And I’m looking for a place to live, so I think I might apply for the roommate position,” Noah put forth.

“Sold,” Kurt said.

“Kurt, you and I are not done talking about all of this,” Burt warned. “But you sound exhausted. So I’m going to let you go and get some sleep, but you and I need to speak about this. Take the week off from work if you can, and I will wire you some money so you don’t need to worry about that.”

“Dad,” Kurt complained.

“Kurt Eli Hummel, you will let me do this,” Burt ordered. “I am coming out this week as well, so be ready for me.”

“Alright Dad,” Kurt sighed. It would be good to see his Dad, and he really needed a hug from him as well.

“Goodnight Kurt, and thanks for stopping by and being there for him Puck,” Burt said.

“I’m glad I got here in time to help,” Noah agreed. “Goodnight Burt.”

“Night Dad,” Kurt said before hanging up the phone.

“Wow,” Noah said.

“Yeah,” Kurt agreed. “Did you eat anything for dinner? I can make you something now that things are a bit settled.”

“Kurt, you absolutely don’t need to wait on me,” Noah admonished. Kurt blushed a bit. “I can fix something if I’m hungry, but I’m not, I grabbed some pizza before coming over. I didn’t want to put you out.”

“Sorry, habit,” Kurt shrugged.

“Just let me know where it’s easiest for me to crash and I will get out of your hair,” Noah said.

“Well, Rachel has her own bed, and as much as I am pissed at her, I don’t think you should sleep there,” Kurt started. “Santana sleeps on this couch and it’s not all that comfortable from what I’m told. I only fell asleep here once and that I was practically sleeping on Adam, so I don’t really know. But if you don’t care, you can sleep on my side. I have a king sized bed now.”


“This British guy I was dating after Blaine cheated on me before,” Kurt replied. “But that didn’t last long because I was so messed up – still messed up. I have a lot of damage control to do this week. I need to call my jobs this week and tell them that I’m not able to come in, family emergency. Thank goodness it’s fall break, so no school either.”

“I certainly don’t mind sharing a bed with you,” Noah assured him. “I used to share with Finn for years before the floor was better – he was so freaking tall that he took up the whole bed, and he snored.”

“Yes he did,” Kurt chuckled. “God I miss him.”

“Me too man,” Noah assured him. “I’m sure he would have something good to say about all this and help them get their shit out.”

“I’m sure he would throw Blaine out the window for some of the things that he’s done.”

“I can totally picture that,” Noah chuckled.

“Look, I’m going to be a terrible host, but I need to go change the sheets on the bed and get rid of his pillow,” Kurt said. “I had school today, and worked at the garage. I’m tired as hell. I need to text Isabelle that I won’t be in this weekend, and hopefully she understands.”

“The Vogue lady? I’m sure she’ll understand,” Noah assured him. Kurt smiled that Noah remembered that Isabelle was his boss at “I’ll help you with the bedding, the least that I could do.”

“Thanks Noah,” Kurt sighed. They both traipsed over to Kurt’s area of the loft and Noah dropped his large duffle bag at the foot of the bed. They stripped the sheets and Kurt threw Blaine’s pillow out into the living area before digging out Bruce and allowing Noah to have his pillow. Kurt quickly explained the story behind Bruce and Noah chuckled, but found it rather endearing.

“I’d have killed for one of them growing up,” Noah said.

“Bruce has gotten me through some tough times,” Kurt acknowledged. “I’m sorry you had to get involved in all of this.”

“Don’t be,” Noah said. “I actually like helping my friends, and at this point, I don’t have many left, and you’re like my best friend. I’d do just about anything to help you out.”

“Noah,” Kurt sighed. He walked over and hugged the man.

“I know, I’m just awesome like that,” Noah joked. Kurt pushed back and playfully punched him in the arm.

“Alright, the bathroom is just past the kitchen, and you can go first,” Kurt offered. “I need to shower and get the rest of the grime off me from the garage.”

“Thanks,” Noah said. He wandered off after grabbing some sleeping clothes and his toiletry bag from his duffle. Kurt gathered some clothes to sleep in – not feeling the old fashioned pajamas tonight – some athletic shorts and an old McKinley t-shirt of Finn’s would be his comfort clothing for the night. Noah returned shortly, dressed similarly to how Kurt would be. Kurt hurried into the bathroom and got a quick shower and did an abbreviated skin care routine before returning to his room. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you dressed down this much, ever.”

“They are some of Finn’s old clothes,” Kurt murmured. “I never get to wear them or have them out because it makes Blaine and Rachel sad and they don’t want to deal with it.”

“You never really got to mourn did you?”

“Not really,” Kurt shrugged. “I had to take care of everything here and no one here even asked how I was doing, they all were focused on Rachel.”

“That’s bullshit dude,” Noah said. “You were his brother, you should have come first.”

“That’s my lot in life,” Kurt sighed. “I never come in first for anyone, barely even my own Dad sometimes.”

“Dude, that blows,” Noah said. “But come on, you look dead on your feet. Get in bed and I’ll even let you snuggle me.”

“You miss getting your snuggles,” Kurt teased. Noah used to come over and snuggle Kurt and have the smaller teen play with his hair.

“Hell yes I do,” Noah acknowledged proudly. “But I promise, things will get better in the morning. We can text all those blocked people and get things straightened out tomorrow. After a good night’s sleep.”

“You’re the best Noah,” Kurt sighed. They pulled back the covers and Kurt allowed Noah to curl up behind him, wrapping strong arms around him. Kurt finally felt safe in his own apartment.


Kurt felt quite rested when he woke up the next morning, and felt quite cozy wrapped in Noah’s arms. He mentally sorted through things that needed to get done and who all he needed to talk to. “Stop thinking so hard, it’s too early in the morning,” Noah grumbled.

“Sorry,” Kurt laughed. “But it’s 8 o’clock, and I need to get some things sorted today, like calling my boss before she expects me in at 10 am.”

“Fine, fine,” Noah groaned. “Go do what you have to do.” Kurt got up from bed and went to do his morning ablutions before calling Isabelle. She was all too happy to accept that he would be in next weekend, and maybe one day during the week depending on how this situation worked out. She was happy that he finally was dropping his dead weight, and promised to keep Chase on a short leash – knowing that the older man was always eyeing Kurt up. Next, he called Gunther at the diner, and was able to offload his shifts to a new person who wanted to get their feet wet. Gunther was happy that he wouldn’t have the little hobbit creature around to be messing with things. Finally Kurt called his boss at the garage, Jeff, and explained what happened and that unless they absolutely needed him in for something, he needed to sort this situation out. Kurt offered to work all kinds of extra hours over the summer for people who wanted to take vacations to make up for this week. Jeff assured him that since he was such a good and reliable worker, that this was no problem, and he gave two days advanced warning instead of calling out right before a shift. They left it with, if the situation resolved itself, then he could call and come in later in the week. By the time Kurt made his first round of phone calls, he could smell breakfast cooking in the background.

“Noah, you didn’t have to cook,” Kurt said earnestly.

“I just graduated culinary school,” Noah reminded him. “Let me do this for you. I just made egg omelets.”

“Whole eggs?”

“Of course, you need your protein for that rocking bod you have,” Noah answered, a cocky smile on his face.

“The harpies always were on my case saying that egg whites were the only way to eat eggs,” Kurt groaned, coming to sit at the kitchen table. Noah sat a hot cup of coffee in front of him and a plate of eggs, with a side bottle of hot sauce.

“Well, no wonder they are unhappy,” Noah teased. “They don’t know how to eat correctly.”

“I know,” Kurt sighed. “This tastes delicious Noah.”

“I’m glad you like it,” he replied. They ate and chatted about a few things – mainly where some good restaurants are in the area. Noah got all the stuff together to wash up and he told Kurt to go do his texting and calls that he needed to make. “I’m on your turf and you have a hell of a situation to work out. The least I can do is clean up after breakfast.”

“Thank you,” Kurt said, hugging the man once more. He returned to the couch and sent out a few text messages to some people from stage combat, Elliot, Brody, Dani, and Adam. It wasn’t like he wanted to get back together with the British man, but he felt like he still owed him an apology. He texted Sam and Mercedes as well. Things would be tense in that household for a little bit unless Mercedes got royally pissed and threw him out as well. Mercedes called him right away and they chatted about everything that had been happening. She understood why he kept things to himself and agreed to come hang out with him and Puck when the gremlins came over to get their stuff, for moral support. Sam woke up and took Mercedes phone and spoke to Kurt as well. They hashed out things in the past – like it seemingly like Sam chose Blaine over him; but in reality he was just trying to keep Blaine busy so he wouldn’t bug Kurt. Kurt accepted this, knowing that Sam was such a good person that he thought this was the best recourse. But he wasn’t going to do that this time. He was done with Blaine. He kept hurting Kurt, and Sam didn’t like that.

Elliot texted back that he had time to call if Kurt was available. “Hey Ell,” Kurt greeted softly.

“Kurt,” Elliot replied. “You have no idea how good it was to finally hear from you. I mean, I couldn’t understand why you didn’t want to continue with the band, but then I realized Blaine was around and that was probably something.”

“He blocked people he was nervous of on my phone and social media, without me knowing,” Kurt said. “I’ve been so stupid Ell.”

“No, he manipulated you,” Elliot insisted. “I’ve been in one of those relationships. Unfortunately you don’t realize it until it’s almost too late, but it seems like you have a knight in shining armor.”

“Noah has been a Godsend,” Kurt agreed. “Maybe we can get some time later this week or next and catch up in person. I’ve missed having you around so much.”

“I’ve missed you too,” Elliot agreed. “Look, I’ve got to head out for brunch with my parents in Jersey, but you better stay in touch this time.”

“I absolutely will,” Kurt promised. They ended their conversation and Kurt went back to his various texting conversations. Santana texted him that she forgot a few things, if she could come pick them up today. Dani would be coming with her. Kurt agreed, and let Noah know what was going on.

“That’s fine dude,” Noah said. “It’s your place, you can do whatever.”

“Well, if you were serious, you are going to be my roommate and that means you get a say in things too,” Kurt pointed out. “I had rather hoped to have a roommate that treated me like an equal.”

“You are far above most people Kurt,” Noah said. “Not many people can be your equal.”

“You know what I mean,” Kurt shrugged. “I don’t want to make all the decisions, and I want someone reasonable around to help me make them.”

“I appreciate your vote of confidence,” Noah said, smiling at him. “What time is she coming?”

“Half hour?”

“Okay, maybe after she leaves, you want to take me around the neighborhood, show me some places around,” Noah suggested.

“Absolutely,” Kurt agreed. “I wonder. I saw a restaurant that had a cook wanted sign on it last week, maybe the still have an opening.”

“That’d be cool,” Noah said. “I need to get my feet wet around here.”

Kurt nodded and sat back on the couch, turning on the television to see if he could catch a weather forecast. It wasn’t too much longer until Santana and Dani were knocking on the door. Noah opened the giant door and Dani was running across the floor only to pounce on Kurt. Luckily he was used to catching women in his dance classes and caught and spun her around.

“Don’t you ever disappear from me again,” she scolded as he put her down.

“I didn’t realize he blocked your number,” Kurt explained, his head down and shame causing his cheeks to flush.

“It’s not just his fault,” Dani said, pointedly looking at Santana. She now had the good grace to look ashamed of her actions. “I found out that she was keeping me from you as well, saying that you didn’t want to be friends with me anymore now that the band is done.”

“You had a band?” Noah asked.

“Yes,” Kurt answered. “Dani, this is Noah, Noah this is Dani, she played whatever instrument we needed her to, and has a killer voice.”

“Nice to meet ya,” Noah replied, coming over toward the pair, leaving Santana to struggle with the door.

“I called Ell this morning and we’re going to try to get together this week while I’m home and dealing with all of this,” Kurt said. Dani smiled. “Maybe we can put some things together and have a show before the holidays?”

“I am so down for that,” Dani said happily. “Noah, you play any instruments?”

“Bass, guitar, piano, drums,” Noah listed. “I’m pretty good picking up things by ear, can’t read a lick of music.”

“I’m impressed,” Dani replied. Santana stood off to the side, at a loss of what to do. “Go ahead and get your things dear.” Santana blushed and looked rather scolded before she went off to the far side of the loft and gathered a few things in a bag she had brought.

“I’m glad she came by now,” Kurt said. “I don’t think I could deal with all three of them at once again.”

“I can’t believe all this happened,” Dani revealed. “I mean, I knew they were crazy, but this is some next level shit.”

“I agree, and I’ve known all but Blaine my whole life,” Noah interjected. “I hate to think what would have happened if I didn’t show up out of the blue last night.”

“I’m glad you did,” Dani said.

“Me too,” Santana said softly. All three of them turned to look at her. “Look, you can choose to believe me or not, but I am sorry. I have been a bitch, and I know that, but I don’t think I would have gotten that bad without those two egging things on.”

Kurt just quirked an eyebrow at her.

“If I ever get to that point again, you have my full permission to call Coach Sylvester,” Santana said, looking him in the eye. Kurt’s eyes widened but nodded in acceptance. Dani looked confused. Noah looked impressed.

“I’mma make a suggestion,” Noah chimed in. “Stop calling him girly nicknames. That shit is so high school, and rather insulting to this pretty lady here.”

“Puck, I am really glad you’re here,” Santana said. “It is good to see you.”

“You too Lopez,” Noah nodded.


After the girls left, Kurt and Noah went out to roam the neighborhood. They walked a few blocks in one direction and made their way in a zigzag through the neighborhood. Kurt showed him the garage that he worked at, and stopped in to chat with his boss and give him a better explanation. Jeff was pretty cool about things, but he appreciated that Kurt came already trained and was an exceptional worker. They walked around and Kurt found the restaurant that had the help wanted sign in the window. Turned out to be a kosher family restaurant. Noah went in and spoke to the owner. He had a formal interview in two days, when things got settled a bit more, but things looked good – especially since Noah was Jewish and tried his best to keep kosher as of late.

They grabbed some lunch at a Turkish place that had just opened up and basically caught up on things that didn’t involve the evicted trio. By the time they finished their meals, Kurt’s phone got a few text messages. Burt’s had said he got a flight out for Tuesday, and that Blaine could come get his stuff on that day. Blaine’s asking what day he could come. Kurt told him late Tuesday or Wednesday. The next one was from Elliot, asking for brunch plans Friday. Brody also texted saying that he accepted Kurt’s apology – although one wasn’t needed, and that Rachels producer was putting her up in a hotel room for the time being. He wouldn’t put up with her another night.

“I feel bad for him,” Kurt explained. He had told Noah the history with Brody and all that unfortunate-ness with Finn, and NYADA. “He tried in the beginning, but she just used him and didn’t really care about the fall out.”

“Well, I can see how Rachel could sucker him in,” Noah acknowledged. “You have a thinking look on your face.”

“I’m curious about a few things, involving NYADA, and was wondering if you might go with me one day and check a few things out with me,” Kurt explained.

“Sure, about time I get to check out this fancy school,” Noah agreed.


Noah went back to the restaurant Monday morning for his interview and he was offered the job. They gave him a week to get his feet under him and start the following Monday for the afternoon shifts.

When they returned from the interview, Noah heard a knock on the door. Kurt looked at him with a bit of confusion but ultimately got over and answered the door. The door slid open to reveal Adam standing in front of him. “Adam,” Kurt murmured, tears coming unbidden to his eyes.

“Oh Kurt,” Adam sighed, pulling Kurt into a comforting hug. Noah looked on and figured this was the ex-boyfriend person that he had been told about, the one that Blaine had brainwashed him into breaking up with.

“I am so sorry,” Kurt told the man as they pulled apart.

“Kurt, after that novel you texted me, you owe me nothing,” Adam replied. “I am terribly sorry that you had to go through all that.”

“I didn’t mean to put you through all of it either,” Kurt insisted. “Come in, I can put on a pot of tea. Oh, my good friend Noah is still here – going to be my new roommate.”

“You must be Adam,” Noah greeted. He reached out to shake the older man’s hand.

“Ahh, what gave it away?” Adam laughed. “I am ever so glad you were here to help kick those wankers out.”

“And that’s what gave it away,” Noah laughed.

“I could barely survive a snow storm with the girls, and I didn’t really have the good fortune to meet your ex-fiance,” Adam regaled Noah.

“I grew up with the girls, I have the ability to tell them to shut the hell up when the time comes,” Noah assured him. Kurt went over to put the tea kettle on and dig out the bags of earl grey tea that he had secreted away from the grabby hands of his former roommates.

“That must be a sight,” Adam commented.

“All he had to do was as a question and all three of them shut up the other night,” Kurt chimed in. “I don’t think I could have done all that without Noah there for back up.”

“I’m glad you were able to do what’s right for you, love,” Adam said. “And I’m quite miffed with Blaine for blocking my number. I thought you were seriously trying to distance yourself after the break up.”

“I know that it would have been awkward, and Blaine was super possessive,” Kurt explained. “He blocked you, Elliot, Dani, some of the guys from stage combat, and even Brody.”

“Why would be block Brody?” Adam puzzled.

“He used to walk around here naked, so Blaine thought I might have enjoyed that too much,” Kurt shrugged.

“I’m sure I would have,” Adam said. “Despite our wildly different personalities, the man is quite fit.”

“Okay, now I need to see a picture, because Kurt tried to explain, but I’m coming up with nothing,” Noah said. Kurt pulled his phone over and went to Brody’s Instagram – which he unblocked, along with the rest of them. There was an old picture of him and Cassie after an intense dance class that showed off the majority of his assets. “Okay, I get it.”

Adam cocked his head when looking at Noah, but he just shrugged back at the Englishman. “Now, I believe I came here with an apology as well. I am sorry for ignoring things for this long. I should have found you in person to ask you about it instead of being in a snit about you ending things so abruptly.”

“Adam,” Kurt sighed. “There’s nothing to apologize for, I promise.”

“There is, but I will keep at it until you accept it,” Adam said lightly, smiling at their little joke.

“Getting him to accept any kind of compliment is like pulling teeth,” Noah acknowledged.

“Thank you,” Adam said emphatically. “I noticed that when we first met.”

Noah looked at Kurt fondly. “He is so accepting of everyone else, but himself,” he said. Kurt blushed and turned to deal with the whistling kettle. “We were sophomores when we actually became friends. Before that I used to bully him, and his friends.”


“Well, some crazy shit went down, and I had a kid, but not one person asked me how I felt about the whole thing, except Kurt. The only one on my side,” Noah explained, ushering the older man over to the kitchen table. “I used to throw him in dumpsters, but he was the person on my side. He became my best friend, and if I could do something as little as I did the other night, then so be it.”

“It wasn’t little Noah,” Kurt reminded him. “They were screaming at me for a good hour before you knocked on the door.”

Adam’s jaw dropped. “I knew they were bad, but that’s just bollocks,” he exclaimed. Kurt fixed all three cups of tea to each person’s preference and joined the men at the table. Adam filled Kurt in on a few things he had been up to since graduation. They all chimed in on some funnier and lighter stories. Adam noticed that Noah more often than not watched Kurt, and he could see the genuine love in his eyes. He knew that Kurt was now in good hands and hopefully get back to being friends like they were before. Noah liked Adam, he was a good man who had Kurt’s best interests at heart, and it didn’t seem like he wanted to be romantic with him again.

Once Adam was gone for the afternoon, Kurt spoke to the super and got the locks changed on the loft. Kurt also found out that there were noise complaints against the loft with all the loud screeching that was going on – aka Rachel doing vocal warm ups. When Kurt explained what happened, the man offered a discount on his rent, as a thank you of ridding the building of Rachel Berry. Kurt accepted and signed the new contract, and put Noah on the lease as well. Burt was surprised when he got there Tuesday and Kurt told him of the new changes.

“I trust Noah way more than I trusted any of them,” Kurt said simply before turning to get a pot of hot water for green tea going. Burt smiled at his son, seeing a far more confident man than he had left several weeks ago.

“Puck, why did you come to New York – not that I’m not grateful for it,” Burt asked. Noah chuckled.

“I finished culinary school early and decided to head to food mecca,” Noah explained. “I also happen to know a few people around here, so I thought I could get a decent job and have a good support system.”

“I know that you and Kurt have been close for years,” Burt acknowledged. “I’m glad you came here. I’ve been blind to a lot of what’s going on. But I know that he is resilient and will get over all this.”

“I hope so,” Noah replied. “I hate to see him down like he was that night.”

“How bad was it?”

“It was bad,” Noah confirmed. “All three of them were pretty much screaming at him. Santana actually apologized, but the other two haven’t said much other than set a date and time to get their stuff.”

“Hobbit coming over tomorrow?”


“And Rachel?”

“Not sure,” Noah said. “Kurt, did you hear from Rachel about getting her stuff?”

“No,” Kurt replied.

“I’ve got this,” Burt said, a smile on his face. He pulled his phone out and called Hiram Berry. “Hiram, hey, it’s Burt. Yeah. All this business isn’t quite what I thought I’d be doing this week. No. Yeah, we haven’t heard from her. Anderson is coming tomorrow. Santana already got all her stuff and apologized. Something about a hotel. I’m not sure. Yeah, just let me know how that goes. Thanks.”

“Dad, what did you do?”

“Hiram is going to call Rachel and see what’s going on,” Burt said. “I know you called Leroy and told him what was going on. But I have a feeling that she was just going to try to wait you out and see if she could move back in.”

“Well, joke’s on her,” Kurt snorted. “I added Noah to the lease and there is no way in hell he would let me allow her to move back in. We agreed to make decisions like that mutually, and I think this is the way it should have been all along.”

“I’m proud of you Kurt,” Burt said. “I need you to know that. I know that while we haven’t been as open with each other as we should have been, but I am so proud of the man you’ve become. You worked your ass off to get this loft and get it looking like a home. You have good grades, work three jobs, and still manage to help everyone else out in your life. I don’t know how you do it.”

“Sometimes I don’t either,” Kurt admitted. He grabbed two of the mugs from the kitchen and brought them over for Burt and Puck, each with their preferred amount of honey. Kurt finally brought back his mug and sat on the couch with Noah, the larger man with his arm around the back of the couch behind his shoulders. Burt took notice of the little things and realized that something might happen here, and he found that it didn’t bother him at all. “Oh, I didn’t tell you, Noah got a job.”

“Really? That was fast,” Burt commented.

“Yeah, a little kosher Jewish restaurant two blocks away,” Noah said, smiling. “Kurt remembered they had a help wanted sign out last week and it was still there when we explored the neighborhood on Saturday. They said I can start on Monday.”

Burt’s phone started to ring. He answered it and was smiling. “Hiram, what’s the news. Oh really. I thought something like that might happen. Is she coming by or do we expect a moving company? Oh. Alright then. We will donate it then. She is coming tomorrow? Alright, so is Anderson so that way we can be done with things. I’m sorry all this went down this way, but I think that this will be healthier for Kurt. He will agree with you on that. I’m sure that he would like to hear from you two as well, he doesn’t hold it against you. Yeah. No worries, I will be here for a few days, so we can make sure everything goes smoothly. I will absolutely call you if something doesn’t go that way with her. No worries. I will talk to you at some point tomorrow. Talk to you then.”

“Just like you thought?” Kurt asked.

“Absolutely,” Burt confirmed. “And since they are putting her up in a hotel room, she doesn’t want the bed, so we can get rid of it or let Puck keep it. She is just going to get her personal belongings.”

“Well, she has no claim to anything else in here,” Kurt said. “I bought all the furniture, all the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and she did nothing but complain – and not get anything for herself. She needed to safe her money for more important things.”


“She has like 6 of nearly the same dress, a black mini,” Kurt scoffed. “It’s not even a good fit for her, but she was trying to look sophisticated or more New York or something.”

“Like that will ever happen,” Noah laughed. “She wore reindeer sweaters and plaid skirts with knee high socks and kitten heels in high school – she dressed like a grandmother toddler.”

“That’s what I used to think!” Kurt exclaimed, smiling over at Noah.

Burt just sat back and sipped his green tea, smiling at the pair of them.


Burt highly enjoyed the looks on Blaine and Rachel’s faces when he opened the loft door. They had realized their keys didn’t work and had to resort to knocking on the door to be let in. “Why don’t the keys work? Did you change the locks on us?” Blaine accused.

“Of course I did,” Kurt scoffed. “I asked you all to move out. That means I don’t want you in this loft when I am not home – and I honestly don’t even want you here if I am here. So yes, I changed the locks.”

“I can’t believe this is even happening,” Blaine grumbled. He had a few professional movers come in and get the large desk from the area that Kurt hadn’t even wanted and put it in the small U-Haul he had rented for the day. Blaine got his suitcase and one that he bought for today to pack all of his clothes. All of the curtains were pulled back so Kurt could observe everything that they were taking. Rachel tried to take a few things from the kitchen but Kurt put the kibosh on that real quick.

“But Kurt, I need this,” she whined. It was an antique tea strainer that Kurt fell in love with.

“Did you buy it?” Kurt asked.

“Well, no, but....”

“Then no,” Kurt said with finality.

“But...” she tried again.

“I have Hiram on speed dial,” Kurt informed her, pulling his phone out. She dropped the strainer and went back to her bedroom area to gather the rest of her clothing and toiletries.

“You won’t find anyone as good as me,” Blaine said angrily as Kurt refused to let him take several things from their shared space.

“No, he’ll find someone way better,” Noah chimed in. He came up behind Kurt and wrapped his arms around the top of Kurt’s torso. Blaine looked at them with fire in his eyes.

“You’ll regret this,” he seethed.

“You might if you continue down this line of thinking,” Burt mentioned casually. “I believe I have a meeting with your father set up for next week regarding a benefit. It would be a shame to mention certain actions his son has been taking while we discuss fundraising.”

Blaine’s face drained of all color. He quietly packed the final few items in his suitcase and hurried out of the loft. Rachel followed soon after. Burt closed the door and locked it. When he turned back to the pair left in the apartment, he saw Kurt turn into Noah’s chest and hug him tightly. Noah was murmuring in his ear and rubbing his back as Kurt let a few tears fall. Burt knew his son was in good hands.


Kurt and Noah sat down Thursday when Burt left to hash out, for all intents and purposes, a roommate agreement. The rent had been lowered to $1400 a month, which significantly lowered Kurt’s financial burden. They split the cable bill and the rent evenly. Noah would go shopping for food and Kurt would give him money every month. They needed to see what it would cost for a month to see what they both should be contributing. Noah was certain that he would be taking meals home from the restaurant – especially if he were trying new recipes and needed a broader test audience. They agreed that major decisions needed to be talked over. There had to be warning for overnight guests – the discussion was a bit stilted, but Noah assured him that he wouldn’t stand in his way if he wanted to bring a guy back to the loft. They were looking for a bed for Noah, but in the meantime he was perfectly fine sharing the bed with Kurt. They had a section of the loft set aside for a work out area, and another for band practice. Noah wasn’t a huge fan of the curtains around the bed and they took them down to see how things would work without them.

Elliot had come by and met Noah before they went for brunch. Elliot had all kinds of fun making Kurt blush in regards to Noah. Kurt insisted that Noah was straight and had no interest in him at all. Elliot told him straight up that there was no way that Noah was completely straight and he was totally into Kurt. They agreed to have a band schedule, and it was made possible by Kurt quitting the diner. His tips weren’t really enough to warrant working there and with his new financial situation, he didn’t need the third job. He added a 6th day at the garage and continued at

Elliot and Noah got on like a house on fire. They actually went out on Saturday for a bite while Kurt went into the office. “So,” Elliot began. “You really love him don’t you.”

“Of course I do,” Noah said easily.

“You tell him?”

“Not like I want to,” he admitted.

“Why not?”

“We have a history,” Noah explained. “I used to throw him in dumpsters, and throw slushies on him, and I locked him in a port-a-potty once.”

“But he lets you sleep in his bed now?” Elliot asked, confused.

“I, uh, I screwed up sophomore year of high school,” Noah said. “I had a kid, Beth, and we gave her up for adoption. I slept with Finn’s girlfriend and she got pregnant – it was a whole big deal. But I was a screw up. Kurt was the only one who was on my side. It was my kid and she kept denying it, and everyone was mad at me, but he helped me work through the anger of giving her up.”

Elliot felt tears come to his eyes. Noah brought his phone up and flicked through a few screens. He showed him a picture of Beth that Shelby sent last week. “She’s beautiful,” Elliot coo’d.

“I know who adopted her, she lives in Manhattan now,” Noah explained. “She is Rachel’s birth mother actually.”

“Ohio is nuts,” Elliot said emphatically.

“Yeah, and I agree with you,” Noah nodded. “She lets me see her. I have a relationship with my daughter, and Kurt fully supports me in this. He is like the coolest Uncle.”

“So this means you won’t tell him that you’re in love with him?”

“He wouldn’t believe me,” Noah sighed. “He is like the best person I know, and I am trying to be the person he believes that I can be. He deserves so much more than me.”

“I happen to think you’re a pretty awesome person,” Elliot said. “You need to tell him, especially that you aren’t straight.”

“This whole thing is weird too,” Noah said, rubbing the back of his head. “I haven’t been attracted to men before. I mean, you’re hot, but I don’t think I’d want to have sex with you. But Kurt I do.”

“You’re probably pansexual,” Elliot offered. “And thanks for the ego boost.”

“Though I’ve never turned down a threesome,” Noah joked.

“Don’t tempt me,” Elliot teased in return. “You’re arms are totally fantasy fodder.” Noah flexed and Elliot pretended to swoon.


Noah had gone to NYADA with him and they spoke to the scheduling office. Turns out Blaine’s parents paid quite a bit of money to have him in these classes. Kurt informed the scheduler that he was lose to getting a restraining order against Blaine and would appreciate any help from the school in regards to next semester’s scheduling. They were very accommodating. Noah was there to help him look intimidating. They strolled around the school and actually ran into Cassie.

“China Doll, where did you dig up this beef cake?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow at Noah.

“This is my good friend Noah Puckerman,” Kurt introduced. “Noah, this is Cassandra July, my dance instructor – and a much more sane Sue Sylvester type.”

“Nice to meet ya,” Noah said, reaching out to shake her hand. “Nice to see you keep to similar nicknames.”

“True,” Kurt agreed. Cassie looked at him questioningly. “My former cheerleading Coach called me Porcelain.”

“I’ve heard of Sue Sylvester,” Cassie commented. “You two survived her?”

“Yeah,” Noah said. “I knocked up one of her cheerleaders sophomore year; and she let me live.”

“I’m impressed,” Cassie replied. “How about the other two that came to your school?”

“Rachel wouldn’t know what to do when truly confronted by Coach Sylvester,” Kurt said. “And Blaine only ever got to see the nice version of her. But I wish I could sic her on him now.”

“Trouble in paradise?”

“Freedom,” Kurt replied, flashing his left hand. “Noah helped me get my life back.”

“So you against those two?” Cassie asked. “No question you will now be flourishing again. You didn’t want to show how good you really are around either one of them, didn’t want to make them feel bad.”

“Sounds like something Kurt would do,” Noah said.

“No holding back anymore,” Cassie warned him. “I will let the rest of the staff know.”

“You gonna flunk him?” Kurt asked, curiosity peaked.

“If he keeps doing what he is doing,” Cassie confirmed. “And Schwimmer isn’t far behind.”

“She never could dance,” Noah snorted. “Always tried, but definitely too wooden to be considered good.”

“I like him,” Cassie said.

“Me too,” Kurt agreed. “I’ll see you in class next week.” Noah offered his arm and Kurt took it as they marched off through the school before heading home.


Life was turning up roses for Kurt Hummel now. He kicked ass in all his classes, blowing Rachel and Blaine out of the water. Rachel ended up dropping out to do Fanny, but ultimately left that production and Kurt honestly lost track of where she ended up. Blaine washed out of NYADA after the spring semester. Kurt went on to be the top of his class and was now auditioning for roles, and got several different callbacks as he ended his senior year. Noah had moved in and never moved out. He also never got out of Kurt’s bed.

It took a bit of talking and some tentativeness, but Noah got Kurt to realize that he was a viable partner and they never looked back. They were so sickeningly in love that sometimes their friends were jealous. Burt was the first person to know about the change, and Carol was next – they were both so happy about it. Noah did really well at his restaurant and was promoted to the night shift. When he gained some experience, he started to look at some higher end restaurants, and see what he could get his hands on. He ended up getting a sous chef job at a one Michelin star restaurant in Manhattan.

Life was good, and it all started with a surprise visit from Noah Puckerman to kick start Kurt Hummel’s life.