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Elly rolled over in bed and woke at the emptiness next to her. She opened her eyes to find she was in Marks bed alone. ‘He must’ve gone to work early. Guess I’ll get myself ready for the day.’ Elly checked her phone and opened a message from Mark that read “Got called into work, didn’t want to wake you. I’ll let you know when I finish. Have a good day. I love you.” Elly smiled at the I love you but felt sad she wouldn’t see him all day. She crept into the kitchen/living room area of the Brennan house. “Hello... anyone home?” She said quite loudly. There was no response, not unusual for a Saturday morning. She assumed everyone was at work. ‘Guess I’ll help myself to some breakfast!’ Elly used the last avocado on some toast with Vegemite. She sat on the sofa and flicked through her phone, feeling very at ease at a place that wasnt her own home. She typed a reminder on her phone to buy more avocados so not to leave the Brennan’s short. After breakfast Elly decided to hit the shower, and turned on the hot water hoping there was enough left. “Shit! No towels! Damn Mark and his laundry schedule.” Elly hadn’t realised till she was almost done that Mark had taken all the towels out the bathroom to be washed. ‘Never mind, since no ones home at-least I can make a naked dash to the utility cupboard.’ “ARGHH WHY DO PEOPLE NEVER REPLACE THE AVOCADOS AROUND HERE?! ASSHOLES!” Elly froze at the shouting coming from the living room. It was Marks younger sister Chloe. ‘God why did it have to be Chloe to catch me like this?! I’ll never live this down!’ Elly thought to herself. Chloe always jokingly flirted with her and seeing Elly naked would be something she would drag on forever. Elly stepped out the shower now shivering and opened the bathroom door just a crack so she could shout out of it. “Chlo... is that you?” Chloe jumped at the noise also thinking she was the only one at home. “Oh my god? Elly?” Chloe walked towards the bathroom “You scared the crap out of me!” She said as she looked at Elly poking just her head out, hiding behind the door. “Sorry, Chlo listen I need a towel can you grab one for me please?” “Hahaha! You’ve been caught out by Marks laundry day. Been there my friend!” Chloe laughed and turned to walk to the cupboard where they kept the clean towels. “Wait a minute...” Chloe stopped in her tracks and turned back. “What? Come on I’m freezing here!” “You ate my avocado didn’t you?!” She said with an inquisitive look on her face pointing a finger at the brown haired girl. “Maybe... ok, I did! I’m going to replace it I promise. I’ll buy you 100 avocados please just get me a towel!” Elly pleaded “Nobody needs 100 avocados Elly.” Chloe smirked. She was enjoying winding her up. “CHLOEEE! TOWEL! PLEASE!” Elly said using her stern voice. “Ooo Miss Conway. Using the teacher voice on me? You know I won’t be able to resist.” Chloe winked unable to help herself flirting with her brothers girlfriend. Elly felt the heat rising to her face. Chloe eventually gave in.

About an hour later both girls were dressed and sitting in the living room wondering how to spend their day. “So are you like moving in or...” the blonde asked raising an eyebrow. “No, I’m still living at Karl and Susan’s for now. Why do you have a problem with me being here?” Elly asked slightly concerned she’d always thought they got on after their slightly rocky first encounter. “No not at all, I you being here, nice to have another woman around the place. And a good view.” Chloe gave her a cheesy smile as she finished her sentence. Elly rolled her eyes “Chlo, this flirting has got to stop.” “Aww come on it’s only me joking about. You know me I was put on this Earth to flirt.” “Maybe not with your brothers girlfriend.” Elly said a serious look on her face. “Do I make you uncomfortable? I wouldn’t want to do that. It just comes naturally to me when someone’s hot. Oops sorry. See I can’t help it!” Elly laughed and blushed at the ‘Hot’ comment “No you don’t make me uncomfortable I can take a joke, I just wouldn’t want anyone thinking anything.” “You worry too much. Anyway enough of this ‘I can’t flirt with you nonsense.’ What are you doing today? Wanna hang out?” Chloe asked hoping Elly wanted to spend the day with her. Elly swallowed, there was something about the blondes cheeky charm that made her stomach go in knots. ‘A whole day with Chloe... I’m going to need a drink for this.’ Elly thought to herself.