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*cough cough* The two girls sprung apart from each other and looked up at the bartender holding the drinks. “One sex on the beach and one Margarita... sorry for interrupting.” He walked back to the bar and Chloe quickly pulled her drink closer and stared at Elly who had her hand over her face slowly shaking her head. “Chlo... I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. It’s the wine.” “Oh don’t worry, I’m always kissing my friends when I go out.” Chloe joked trying to lighten the mood, although she was blushing and the knot in her stomach tightened. She’d dreamed about this for months. Since their friendship had grown after the past few months Chloe had developed a mild to serious, but definitely inappropriate crush on her brothers girlfriend. “It’s not something I ever do! Please can we keep this between us? I know Marks your brother but...” “Elly, it’s ok. It will be our little secret.” Chloe interrupted. “Hey you two!” They both spun their head round to see Mark and Aaron standing in front of them. “What are you two doing here?” Chloe asked completely shocked. “Wow... nice to see you too. Elly texted me earlier and told me you were heading here for more drinks.” Mark started “So we thought we’d join you and make a night of it.” Aaron finished Marks sentence with a big smile on his face. Mark leaned over to kiss a surprised Elly. “Careful mate. Her girlfriend won’t like that.” The barman said as he brought over more drinks Aaron ordered. “What’s he talking about?” Mark looked puzzled between the two girls who tried to put on a confused face also. The barman turned to Elly “One minute you’re kissing her. Now him. Can’t keep up with you darlin’.” He then picked up the empty glasses and walked off casually. “You kissed my sister?” Mark furiously asked Elly. “I... erm...” “It wasn’t like that” Chloe nonchalantly took over the conversation. “He’s just getting aggy because I turned him down. Elly just kissed me on the cheek. We were posing for a picture.” Chloe kept her tone neutral to avoid suspicion. “Let’s see it then.” Mark said suspiciously. “I made her delete it. Wasn’t a flattering angle.” Elly added laughing a little. “So you didn’t kiss my sister?” “No don’t be stupid. I’m not into girls! Why would I kiss Chloe! I love you. You idiot.” Elly smiled and kissed Mark. Chloe sipped her drink and looked down at the floor feeling disheartened. Aaron who was sitting quietly had noticed his sisters disappointment.

They all arrived back at the Brennan house around 9pm after a few drinks, chatting and laughing together. “Shall I open another bottle of wine or is everyone heading off to bed?” Aaron asked wanting to keep the party going. Chloe and Elly were sitting on the couch together significantly more drunk than the boys since they’d been drinking since noon. They were giggling and talking nonsense. “I think they need some water. Not more wine.” Mark added. “Boo! Don’t be such a bore.” Elly laughed and threw a cushion at Mark. “Yeah don’t be such a bore. We don’t want water! HELL NO H2O. HELL NO H2O” Chloe chanted and Elly joined in. Aaron laughed and poured them each a glass of wine. “Whatever, I might head off to bed I’m quite tired I had an early start today.” Mark said goodnight to everyone and slumped off to his room. Aaron went over to the couch and sat next to Chloe. “So... pretty wild day you two huh?” He asked raising an eyebrow as he noticed Elly had her arm round the blonde. “Well you have to let loose once in while.” Chloe responded. “Not too loose though aye Chlo.” Aaron was trying to get information out of the girls. Elly was in her own little drunk world. Sipping on her wine just smiling. “Look Aarram. If I want to kiss your sister. I’ll kiss her.” Elly drunkenly smiled and kissed Chloe on the top of her head. Chloe froze and cringed after the Brunettes comment. “Chlo! What have you done!” Aaron demanded. “Shh... keep your voice down you’ll wake Mark up. Don’t listen to her she just called you ‘Aarram’! She doesn’t know what she’s saying.” Chloe said trying to rescue the situation. Elly got up to fill her wine glass. On her way to the kitchen she stumbled but kept herself up by grabbing onto the counter. “Hey Chlo! Look, I’m falling for you!” Elly giggled to herself and happily filled her glass up. Chloe tried to suppress her laugh and turned back to an angry Aaron. “Will you lighten up. She’s just drunk having a laugh.” Chloe said. “If there is anything going on between you two! It stops now! I’m going to bed.” Aaron stormed off to his room trying to make sense of it. Maybe Elly was just being drunk and stupid? Or maybe her truth was coming out.

“Looks like it’s just you and me!” Chloe said as Elly rejoined her on the sofa. “Finally! I thought he was meant to be the fun brother!” Elly said. Chloe laughed “He’s just concerned because of what you was saying.” “He should be.” Elly said as she leaned in closer to Chloe, the same way she had done earlier. “Woahhh. What is going on.” Chloe backed away this time super confused. “Chlo you’re just so cool, and fun! You have everything figured out. I don’t want to be with Mr. clean freak!” Elly blurted out. Chloe was speechless. “I thought you wanted me to! You’re always flirting with me.” Elly added. Chloe sighed. “I do it for a joke. I never thought you’d like me back.” “AH HAA!! YOU DO LIKE ME!!” Elly shouted. “SHHhhhh... you’ll wake them up!” Chloe pleaded. “I knew it! You cheeky little thing.” Elly drunkenly pointing her finger in Chloes face with a grin. “Look we are way too intoxicated to be having this conversation.” Chloe said trying to be the sensible one for a change knowing Elly wouldn’t remember this in the morning. “Chlo! I really like you, I’m just too scared to say it. Trust me I’m being serious. I’m not just drunk.” Elly said taking another sip of her wine. As much as Chloe wanted to believe her she knew it was the alcohol talking. She’d been with straight girls before who never felt the same way the next morning. “I can’t do this right now Elly. I’m going to bed.” Chloe went to her room to process everything Elly said.

Elly was left sitting on the sofa alone. Telling herself she knew she loved Chloe she just needed the alcohol to help with her confidence. Maybe just a little too much alcohol. ‘Chloe has flirted with me for months! This is all her fault and she’s the one who just gets to walk away.’ Elly thought to herself. After sitting alone for a while thinking about the events of the night and a smile on her face she decided it was time to go to bed. She headed to Marks room. Her hand was gripped around the handle ready to open the door when she turned around to see Chloe’s door directly opposite.