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Elly rolled over in bed and woke at the emptiness next to her. She opened her eyes to find she was in Marks bed alone. ‘He must’ve gone to work early. Guess I’ll get myself ready for the day.’ Elly checked her phone and opened a message from Mark that read “Got called into work, didn’t want to wake you. I’ll let you know when I finish. Have a good day. I love you.” Elly smiled at the I love you but felt sad she wouldn’t see him all day. She crept into the kitchen/living room area of the Brennan house. “Hello... anyone home?” She said quite loudly. There was no response, not unusual for a Saturday morning. She assumed everyone was at work. ‘Guess I’ll help myself to some breakfast!’ Elly used the last avocado on some toast with Vegemite. She sat on the sofa and flicked through her phone, feeling very at ease at a place that wasnt her own home. She typed a reminder on her phone to buy more avocados so not to leave the Brennan’s short. After breakfast Elly decided to hit the shower, and turned on the hot water hoping there was enough left. “Shit! No towels! Damn Mark and his laundry schedule.” Elly hadn’t realised till she was almost done that Mark had taken all the towels out the bathroom to be washed. ‘Never mind, since no ones home at-least I can make a naked dash to the utility cupboard.’ “ARGHH WHY DO PEOPLE NEVER REPLACE THE AVOCADOS AROUND HERE?! ASSHOLES!” Elly froze at the shouting coming from the living room. It was Marks younger sister Chloe. ‘God why did it have to be Chloe to catch me like this?! I’ll never live this down!’ Elly thought to herself. Chloe always jokingly flirted with her and seeing Elly naked would be something she would drag on forever. Elly stepped out the shower now shivering and opened the bathroom door just a crack so she could shout out of it. “Chlo... is that you?” Chloe jumped at the noise also thinking she was the only one at home. “Oh my god? Elly?” Chloe walked towards the bathroom “You scared the crap out of me!” She said as she looked at Elly poking just her head out, hiding behind the door. “Sorry, Chlo listen I need a towel can you grab one for me please?” “Hahaha! You’ve been caught out by Marks laundry day. Been there my friend!” Chloe laughed and turned to walk to the cupboard where they kept the clean towels. “Wait a minute...” Chloe stopped in her tracks and turned back. “What? Come on I’m freezing here!” “You ate my avocado didn’t you?!” She said with an inquisitive look on her face pointing a finger at the brown haired girl. “Maybe... ok, I did! I’m going to replace it I promise. I’ll buy you 100 avocados please just get me a towel!” Elly pleaded “Nobody needs 100 avocados Elly.” Chloe smirked. She was enjoying winding her up. “CHLOEEE! TOWEL! PLEASE!” Elly said using her stern voice. “Ooo Miss Conway. Using the teacher voice on me? You know I won’t be able to resist.” Chloe winked unable to help herself flirting with her brothers girlfriend. Elly felt the heat rising to her face. Chloe eventually gave in.

About an hour later both girls were dressed and sitting in the living room wondering how to spend their day. “So are you like moving in or...” the blonde asked raising an eyebrow. “No, I’m still living at Karl and Susan’s for now. Why do you have a problem with me being here?” Elly asked slightly concerned she’d always thought they got on after their slightly rocky first encounter. “No not at all, I you being here, nice to have another woman around the place. And a good view.” Chloe gave her a cheesy smile as she finished her sentence. Elly rolled her eyes “Chlo, this flirting has got to stop.” “Aww come on it’s only me joking about. You know me I was put on this Earth to flirt.” “Maybe not with your brothers girlfriend.” Elly said a serious look on her face. “Do I make you uncomfortable? I wouldn’t want to do that. It just comes naturally to me when someone’s hot. Oops sorry. See I can’t help it!” Elly laughed and blushed at the ‘Hot’ comment “No you don’t make me uncomfortable I can take a joke, I just wouldn’t want anyone thinking anything.” “You worry too much. Anyway enough of this ‘I can’t flirt with you nonsense.’ What are you doing today? Wanna hang out?” Chloe asked hoping Elly wanted to spend the day with her. Elly swallowed, there was something about the blondes cheeky charm that made her stomach go in knots. ‘A whole day with Chloe... I’m going to need a drink for this.’ Elly thought to herself.

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Chloe and Elly went over to the Waterhole to grab some lunch. “Hiya ladies, what can I get cha?” Sheila asked standing over the two girls at their table. “I’ll just have the Caesar salad with some fries on the side.” Chloe said smiling up at Sheila and handing the menu back. “And for you?” Sheila asked Elly. “I’ll have a cheese burger and fries please.” “Anything to drink?” “Just a water for me please.” Chloe added “Oh Chlo don’t be boring. Sheila we’ll have a bottle of white wine please, two glasses.” “Good choice Elly, start early. I’ll bring that over to you now.” Sheila walked over to the bar and put the food orders over to the kitchen. “So wine already? It’s only 12!” Chloe asked “It’s never too early for wine Chlo” “Elly’s right! Enjoy girls.” Sheila said as she put down the bottle with a couple of glasses. “Shall I do the honours?” Elly asked as she opened the wine and poured out two equal glasses. “Such a gentleman.” Chloe winked. “Cheers!” The girls shouted as they clinked glasses. The wine was flowing, as was the conversation. The blonde and brunette were a few bottles in. “So Elly how’s the job going since Janes in charge?” Chloe asked. As the girls were tipsy the girls were accidentally shouting. “Oh don’t talk to me about Jane. I’ve never met anyone more annoying in my entire life! It’s all rules this, rules that... Chlo what are you doing?” Chloe was staring at Elly with her eyes wide open slightly shaking her head. Ellys heart sank and turned around... “Jane.. hi! Are you enjoying your weekend?” Elly smiled hoping Jane hadn’t heard what she said. “Miss Conway. Do you really think it is appropriate to be drinking so much and having this kind of conversation with your little friend especially when a few of our students could walk in at any time!” “Woah woah woah.” - Chloe interrupted “First of all Elly can do what she likes on the weekend. and what do you mean ‘little friend?’” “Chloe I think it’s best we end this conversation there and I won’t need to speak to Paul about your conduct. And Miss Conway I’ll see you in my office first thing Monday morning.” Jane left the Waterhole leaving the two girl mortified. Ellys head sunk into her hands. “Oh my god I’m going to lose my job.” “Don’t worry about that party pooper! Who does she think she is? What a grumpy guts! Elly don’t worry, she can’t fire you for what you did on the weekend in your own time.” Chloe reassured. “Urgh, thanks for sticking up for me anyway.” Elly placed her hand on top of Chloe’s and stroked it. The blonde jumped slightly and cleared her throat. “Anyway... since you’re already in trouble how about we take this to the back lane bar and keep it going.” “Oh fuck it lets do it!” Elly agreed! “Excellent! SHEILAAAAA, Two tequilas pleaseee!” Chloe shouted. The girls drank their shots and headed outside to the Back Lane bar. As Chloe stepped outside the alcohol really hit her and she stumbled. Elly caught her so she didn’t fall. “Woah there little one! You ok there?” Elly asked keeping her upright. “Why is everyone calling me little today?” Chloe asked laughing as she stood up and linked arms with Elly. “Probably because you’re so cute. Like a little puppy.” Elly said smiling squeezing her arm. “Elly Conway. Did you just call me cute? Careful. Someone might think you’re flirting.” “I said like a puppy.” Elly said feeling a little awkward. “You love puppies...” Chloe winked. “Whateverrrr let’s get a cab.” The brunette shrugged off her comment.

A little while later the girls were at the back lane bar. “Hey ladies what can I get you we have a deal on cocktails?” The barman asked. “I’ll have a margarita please.” Elly responded. “No problem, and for you gorgeous?” He asked Chloe with a smirk. “Umm sex on the beach for me please.” Chloe responded with a smile. “How about next weekend?” The barman asked. “Excuse me?” Elly questioned. “Your friend... she wants sex on the beach. I’m free next weekend.” He replied with a glint in his eye. Elly felt herself getting annoyed. “She’s not interested. And when you’ve done your actual job and made our drinks, we’ll be on that table over there.” Elly said fiercely. “Woah sorry. Didn’t realise she was your girlfriend.” The barman sniggered. “She’s not my...” Chloe started before Elly had dragged her away. “Come on Chlo!” The two girls sat down at the table. “Elly what was that about? You seemed kind of jealous.” Chloe questioned. Elly stared at Chloe, the alcohol taking over Elly leaned in over the table and pushed her lips onto the blondes.

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*cough cough* The two girls sprung apart from each other and looked up at the bartender holding the drinks. “One sex on the beach and one Margarita... sorry for interrupting.” He walked back to the bar and Chloe quickly pulled her drink closer and stared at Elly who had her hand over her face slowly shaking her head. “Chlo... I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. It’s the wine.” “Oh don’t worry, I’m always kissing my friends when I go out.” Chloe joked trying to lighten the mood, although she was blushing and the knot in her stomach tightened. She’d dreamed about this for months. Since their friendship had grown after the past few months Chloe had developed a mild to serious, but definitely inappropriate crush on her brothers girlfriend. “It’s not something I ever do! Please can we keep this between us? I know Marks your brother but...” “Elly, it’s ok. It will be our little secret.” Chloe interrupted. “Hey you two!” They both spun their head round to see Mark and Aaron standing in front of them. “What are you two doing here?” Chloe asked completely shocked. “Wow... nice to see you too. Elly texted me earlier and told me you were heading here for more drinks.” Mark started “So we thought we’d join you and make a night of it.” Aaron finished Marks sentence with a big smile on his face. Mark leaned over to kiss a surprised Elly. “Careful mate. Her girlfriend won’t like that.” The barman said as he brought over more drinks Aaron ordered. “What’s he talking about?” Mark looked puzzled between the two girls who tried to put on a confused face also. The barman turned to Elly “One minute you’re kissing her. Now him. Can’t keep up with you darlin’.” He then picked up the empty glasses and walked off casually. “You kissed my sister?” Mark furiously asked Elly. “I... erm...” “It wasn’t like that” Chloe nonchalantly took over the conversation. “He’s just getting aggy because I turned him down. Elly just kissed me on the cheek. We were posing for a picture.” Chloe kept her tone neutral to avoid suspicion. “Let’s see it then.” Mark said suspiciously. “I made her delete it. Wasn’t a flattering angle.” Elly added laughing a little. “So you didn’t kiss my sister?” “No don’t be stupid. I’m not into girls! Why would I kiss Chloe! I love you. You idiot.” Elly smiled and kissed Mark. Chloe sipped her drink and looked down at the floor feeling disheartened. Aaron who was sitting quietly had noticed his sisters disappointment.

They all arrived back at the Brennan house around 9pm after a few drinks, chatting and laughing together. “Shall I open another bottle of wine or is everyone heading off to bed?” Aaron asked wanting to keep the party going. Chloe and Elly were sitting on the couch together significantly more drunk than the boys since they’d been drinking since noon. They were giggling and talking nonsense. “I think they need some water. Not more wine.” Mark added. “Boo! Don’t be such a bore.” Elly laughed and threw a cushion at Mark. “Yeah don’t be such a bore. We don’t want water! HELL NO H2O. HELL NO H2O” Chloe chanted and Elly joined in. Aaron laughed and poured them each a glass of wine. “Whatever, I might head off to bed I’m quite tired I had an early start today.” Mark said goodnight to everyone and slumped off to his room. Aaron went over to the couch and sat next to Chloe. “So... pretty wild day you two huh?” He asked raising an eyebrow as he noticed Elly had her arm round the blonde. “Well you have to let loose once in while.” Chloe responded. “Not too loose though aye Chlo.” Aaron was trying to get information out of the girls. Elly was in her own little drunk world. Sipping on her wine just smiling. “Look Aarram. If I want to kiss your sister. I’ll kiss her.” Elly drunkenly smiled and kissed Chloe on the top of her head. Chloe froze and cringed after the Brunettes comment. “Chlo! What have you done!” Aaron demanded. “Shh... keep your voice down you’ll wake Mark up. Don’t listen to her she just called you ‘Aarram’! She doesn’t know what she’s saying.” Chloe said trying to rescue the situation. Elly got up to fill her wine glass. On her way to the kitchen she stumbled but kept herself up by grabbing onto the counter. “Hey Chlo! Look, I’m falling for you!” Elly giggled to herself and happily filled her glass up. Chloe tried to suppress her laugh and turned back to an angry Aaron. “Will you lighten up. She’s just drunk having a laugh.” Chloe said. “If there is anything going on between you two! It stops now! I’m going to bed.” Aaron stormed off to his room trying to make sense of it. Maybe Elly was just being drunk and stupid? Or maybe her truth was coming out.

“Looks like it’s just you and me!” Chloe said as Elly rejoined her on the sofa. “Finally! I thought he was meant to be the fun brother!” Elly said. Chloe laughed “He’s just concerned because of what you was saying.” “He should be.” Elly said as she leaned in closer to Chloe, the same way she had done earlier. “Woahhh. What is going on.” Chloe backed away this time super confused. “Chlo you’re just so cool, and fun! You have everything figured out. I don’t want to be with Mr. clean freak!” Elly blurted out. Chloe was speechless. “I thought you wanted me to! You’re always flirting with me.” Elly added. Chloe sighed. “I do it for a joke. I never thought you’d like me back.” “AH HAA!! YOU DO LIKE ME!!” Elly shouted. “SHHhhhh... you’ll wake them up!” Chloe pleaded. “I knew it! You cheeky little thing.” Elly drunkenly pointing her finger in Chloes face with a grin. “Look we are way too intoxicated to be having this conversation.” Chloe said trying to be the sensible one for a change knowing Elly wouldn’t remember this in the morning. “Chlo! I really like you, I’m just too scared to say it. Trust me I’m being serious. I’m not just drunk.” Elly said taking another sip of her wine. As much as Chloe wanted to believe her she knew it was the alcohol talking. She’d been with straight girls before who never felt the same way the next morning. “I can’t do this right now Elly. I’m going to bed.” Chloe went to her room to process everything Elly said.

Elly was left sitting on the sofa alone. Telling herself she knew she loved Chloe she just needed the alcohol to help with her confidence. Maybe just a little too much alcohol. ‘Chloe has flirted with me for months! This is all her fault and she’s the one who just gets to walk away.’ Elly thought to herself. After sitting alone for a while thinking about the events of the night and a smile on her face she decided it was time to go to bed. She headed to Marks room. Her hand was gripped around the handle ready to open the door when she turned around to see Chloe’s door directly opposite.

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“Painkillers stat!” Chloe said walking into the kitchen rubbing her head the following morning. Mark and Aaron were up drinking coffee and chatting. “Oh here it is!” Aaron laughed. Mark threw the blonde a pack of paracetamol. Chloe opened the fridge took out a bottle of water and downed the tablets. “I am never drinking with Elly again! She is a wine machine.” Chloe grumbled. “Ugh don’t say the ‘W’ word!” Elly whined as she joined the others in the kitchen and put her arm around Chloes shoulder to keep herself upright. The blonde shifted awkwardly and avoided eye contact with Aaron who was giving her the death stare. “Don’t fancy a morning mimosa then my love.” Mark laughed. Elly went a slightly green colour and made a dash to the bathroom. “How much did you two have to drink yesterday?” Mark asked. “Just a few...” Chloe added “I better go check she’s ok.” Mark said heading towards the bathroom. “No it’s ok, I’ll go. She won’t want her boyfriend seeing her like that.” Chloe said. Anything to not be alone in the room with Aaron. Even if it did mean watching Elly throw up. “Hey how you feeling.” Chloe snuck through the bathroom door as she saw Elly on her knees hugging the toilet. “Never better...” Elly added sarcastically. The blonde bent down next to her, swept back Ellys hair and rubbed her back to soothe the nauseous feeling. “You’re a good friend.” Elly said as she stood up, flushed the toilet and started brushing her teeth. ‘Friend’ that word stung Chloe. “Do you remember what you was saying last night!” Chloe asked, needing to know if Elly truly did feel the same way. Elly froze, turned the tap off and put her tooth brush back. “Chlo I can’t think straight right now.” “Well you weren’t acting straight last night.” Chloe added sarcastically. Elly sighed and turned to the blonde “Do we really have to have this conversation right now, I feel like crap. I just need some space.” Chloe couldn’t hide her disappointment and walked out the room. Elly looked at herself in the mirror and slowly shook her head.

Later that evening Aaron knocked on Chloes bedroom door and was welcomed in. “Hey how comes you’ve been hiding in here all day?” Aaron asked as he sat on the edge of his sisters bed. “Just had a hangover and thought I’d chill in bed so I could nap.” She responded, continuing to watch the tv and not making eye contact. “Are you sure you’re not keeping away from Elly and Mark?” He said raising an eyebrow last nights antics still on his mind. “ Why would you think that? Of course not.” Chloe responded. “I think you’ve got a little crush on her and her behaviour last night was really weird. Is there something going on between you two?” Aaron asked. “Did you just come in here to give me the third degree?” Chloe asked as she rolled her eyes. “No I was going to say we’re going to order from the waterhole for dinner do you want anything?” He said. “Finally you’re talking sense. Cheese burger and chips! Hot chips!” Chloe perked up. “No worries. On one condition.” He said “Anything?! Seriously. I’m starving!” Chloe said. “You have to eat with the rest of us. Come on, prove to me you’re not hiding.” Aaron was trying to catch his sister out. “Ugh fine.” Chloe got up and headed to the living room to see Mark and Elly cuddled up on the sofa and David sitting on the chair next to them. “Look who finally emerged from her cave.” Aaron said putting his hands on Chloes shoulders and leading her to the sofa. Chloe looked at Mark and Elly which left a sour taste in her mouth. “Az, why don’t you write down what everyone wants and I will go and collect it.” Chloe said smiling. Anything to get away from the love birds. “I’ll come with you. I could do with the fresh air.” Elly jumped in. “Oh no that’s ok you don’t have to.” Chloe responded. Hoping she wouldn’t come. She wanted the walk and fresh air to clear her head. “I want to. I’m just going to throw some shoes on. “ Elly got of the couch and headed to Marks room to collect her shoes. By the time she came out Chloe was by the door waiting. “Be safe.” Mark said as they started to open the front door. “And don’t forget the onion rings!” David shouted.

“Onion rings! Should a doctor be eating greasy fried food like that?” Chloe tutted. “Classic Chloe.” Elly said. “What?” “You making a joke in every situation.” Elly responded “Well one of us had to say something! If we had it your way this we’d be walking in silence. Why did you even come I thought you wanted space?!” Chloe was getting annoyed. Elly sighed, stopped and turned to Chloe. “I wanted to talk to you, I couldn’t do it earlier I was really unwell and needed to get out the house.” “Look you don’t have to explain yourself, what you were saying last night, I know they were just drunk words. Trust me, I’ve been around enough straight drunk girls in my time. I just need to hear you say that’s all it was. Just drunken talk. It’s absolutely fine If it was.” Chloe was desperately looking into Ellys eyes. She just needed clarification. Elly looked down, took both Chloes hands in hers and looked back up at the blonde. “Chlo... I can’t tell you it was just drunken words. I really meant it. I’ve fallen for you.” “Elly do you even know what you’re saying right now?” Chloe was so confused. “I know exactly what I’m saying. Everything is so much simpler when I’m around you. You make me laugh like no one else can, you’re beautiful and smart. I know this must be a lot for you to take in but I would really like to see if we could lead somewhere.” Elly gripped Chloes hands tighter. “Wow, I.. umm... errr... what about Mark?” Chloe was absolutely stunned. She couldn’t believe it. How often does the person you have a major crush on actually end up liking you back? “I know this isn’t ideal right now but he is going through a lot since Sonia’s diagnosis and I know it doesn’t make it right but I think to break up with him right now could tip him over the edge. I do still care about him.” Elly knew it wasn’t fair to break things off with Mark whilst going through such a hard time but she didn’t want to wait for things to start with Chloe. “Ok let me just get this straight. You, Elly Conway. Have feelings for me? You want to date me. Whilst still being my brothers girlfriend?” Chloe had her eyebrow raised and slowly started to continue her walk to the Waterhole. “Look I know it sounds crazy but we can make it work. Chlo. Give me a chance. I know you have feelings for me to.” Elly had caught up and was now walking alongside the blonde. Chloes mind was running a million miles an hour. She was pretty sure she was in love with Elly and although she knew it was wrong she couldn’t turn her down. “So you’ll break things of with Mark as soon as you know he’ll be ok?” Chloe questioned. “Yes! I promise!” Elly said excitedly. Chloe stopped once more. She turned to Elly and smiled. “Let’s do this, you’re right. I do have feelings for you to.” Chloe leaned down slightly and kissed Elly. “Come on, or we’ll never get dinner.” Elly laughed as she pulled away.