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Accident or Blessing

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It had been a long and hard day for the blond. His team had brought him design after design to be approved or critiqued, in between trying to do his own work and to make matters worse, all day he had felt the impending doom of his heat pressing down on him. He just hoped the blockers were doing their job and covering up his scent. 

It was tough being an Omega, even in this day and age Omega’s were still looked down on and even looked over for most jobs, that's why most tried to pass as Beta’s. In doing so they could blend in but they had to constantly pretend to either be sick or that something family related had come up, just to cover up their heats, overall it was exhausting.

Heat prickled at the back of Naruto’s neck as he rubbed it, exhaling deeply. It was late, everyone else in the office had already gone home hours ago and he was still here trying to finish the last of his work, knowing he would likely be taking the next couple of days off. His only saving grace was it was Friday, so he could at least use the weekend as an excuse for coming down with a cold or something. 

Hitting send on his final email the blond lent back in his chair heavily, breathing hard as he clutched his chest. Would he be able to make it home before the delirium set in? 

Running a hand through his hair and down around the back of his neck, he sighed. “May as well try to make it home before this shit gets worse.”

Hauling himself up and out of his chair he turned off his computer and gathered up his things before making his way to the elevator. Sweat was starting to gather around his collar and he could feel slick beginning to breech his slick sponge. The doors slid open after a moment revealing another occupant, but the blond barely registered them as he stepped in, leaning heavily on the far side of the metal box. 

“Are you in heat?” hissed a smooth voice from beside him. 

Looking over he saw the last person he ever wanted to see in this state. Beside him stood his boss, none other than the most sought after Alpha - since his older brother apparently mated last year - Sasuke Uchiha. He had a look of sheer disgust on his face as he tried to cover his nose and mouth with his hand. 

“Sorry.” was all Naruto could whisper. 

“I thought you were a Beta!” the raven growled. 

“Surprise.” the blond grunted, not caring at the moment as he doubled over from a cramp caused by the scent of such a strong Alpha being so close. It made his body crave to be touched. 

“Are you o…..” Sasuke started before taking a deep breath. A growl slipping from his lips moments later. 

“Don’t,” was all Naruto was able to get out before he was unceremoniously slammed against the side of the elevator hard. His hands were suddenly pinned beside him and a leg was forcing itself between his own, pushing them apart. 

The ravens nose was against his neck, inhaling deeply. “Shit, you smell so good.” he whispered.

“Don’t,” Naruto whimpered as he weakly tried to push the other away, “You don’t really want this.” the scent of the Alpha finally hit him, and it was strong….. Almost like he himself was going into Rut. “Shit…. Have you gone into Rut?”

Sasuke growled at him as he began to rub himself against the blond, coating him in the Alpha’s scent. 

As the raven Alpha’s intoxicating scent began to fill the small box the blond’s inner Omega forcefully gave himself over to the Alpha, baring his neck. The sight of that submission obviously pleased the Alpha as a low satisfied rumbling growl vibrated from deep within his chest as he lent down and licked the blond’s exposed neck. 

The next couple of days were a blur for the blond so when his heat finally broke and he woke up in a bedroom he didn’t know fear gripped him. Quickly Naruto sat up, his hands going straight to his neck, feeling for a mating mark. After finding none he sighed with relief.

“Finally awake dobe?” Came Sasuke’s bored voice. Looking over towards the door he saw the raven leaning against its frame. “Good, get up, get dressed and get out.” he growled.  

“What?!” Naruto all but growled back. 

“Sorry, you must still be being affected by your heat.” The raven said calmly as he walked into the room, “I’ll make it simpler for you.” he bent over and picked up some of the blonds clothes. “Get your shit and get the fuck out of my apartment!” he yelled, throwing Naruto’s clothes at him.

“Fuck, what the hell is your problem teme!?” Naruto huffed as he quickly got dressed. 

“You got what you wanted, now get out.” The raven whispered.  

“What is your problem?” Naruto stood, retrieving the last of his personal effects.

“Just get out!” Sasuke roared. “And don’t bother coming into work today, you still smell like heat!” he growled before walking out of the room. 

After storming out Naruto made it back to his apartment and decided to actually listen to the bastard and took the next couple of days off, spending the time sleeping his exhaustion away and catching up on eating. 

It was Wednesday before the blond finally made it back into the office, noting that nothing seemed amiss as he walked through greeting his colleagues as he went. 

“Hey Naru, you good now?” his friend Kiba asked as he sat down at his desk.

“Ah, yeah.” Naruto replied, turning on his computer. 

“Dude you were only away for two days and shit hit the fan.” Kiba laughed.


Kiba rolled over to Naruto’s cubicle and began to whisper. “Apparently on Monday Chief Uchiha made a huge mistake in the directors meeting and a guy from finance said he saw him in the bathroom growling at some love bites on his neck. Of course the stiff covered them up and walked out, but not before someone saw.” The brunette laughed.

“I don’t see what’s so funny.” Naruto deadpanned him, knowing he was likely the cause of the raven’s discomfort. 

“Mr perfect made a mistake AND got laid?” Kiba looked at him oddly. 

“So? We all make mistakes and people do have sex lives outside this place.” Naruto rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, you’re not curious about who it is he’s bangin?” Kiba looked at him horrified.

“Not in the slightest.” Naruto quipped back as he turned back to his computer and began looking through his emails. “So unless you have something constructive to talk about I have work to catch up on.” 

“You’re no fun.” Kiba huffed as he rolled away. 

The blond made quick work of his massive pile of emails and flew around the office catching up with his team and looking over his subordinates work. It wasn’t till after lunch that he got the phone call he had been dreading. 

“In my office now.” was all Sasuke said when Naruto picked up the phone. The blond didn’t even have time to reply before the line went dead.  

Sighing, the blond made his way up several floors to the ravens office. He didn’t even bother knocking before walking in, shutting the door behind him and presumptuously taking a seat. 

“You didn’t tell anyone?” Sasuke asked seriously after a few minutes of silence. 

“Do you think I want to lose my job?” the blond droned. After receiving a questioning look from the raven he answered the unasked question. “My entry forms say I’m a Beta , but I’m not…. What do you think will happen when everyone finds out an Omega is incharge of a department?”

“We don’t discriminate here.” Sasuke replied.

“Don’t give me that bullshit.” Naruto spluttered as he stood, face red with anger. “The fact that I’m an Omega will ruffle feathers, the fact that I’m in charge of an entire department will ruffle even more feathers. Then I will eventually either be fired for something stupid or forced to quit from the pressure from others that don’t like Omega’s will put me under. Don’t worry, your scandalous sex secret’s safe thanks to my secondary gender. So if you have nothing further to add, I have work to do.” The blond growled before storming out, making a point of slamming the door behind him. 

After making a quick stop at the bathroom to apply more scent blocker and take an extra dose of suppressant he made his way back to his desk and dove head first into his work. 

Hours later he was interrupted by Kiba rolling over, “Shika, Choji and I are going for a drink after work, wanna come?” Kiba asked. 

“Nah, I wanna get ahead on my work. Can I take a rain check?” Naruto asked with a grin.



The weeks went by like this as Naruto all but threw himself as hard as he could into his work in an effort to forget about what he had dubbed as ‘The Regretful Incident’. 

It was about a month later when the blond first noticed something was wrong. After having spent a couple of days with extreme nausea he contacted his mother for advice, after being asked a series of questions he came to a conclusion that he would never have even considered. The final question rang through his mind and a cold feeling washed over him. He hung up the phone without another thought and ran straight to the bathroom rummaging through the draws till he found what he was looking for. 

An Omega pregnancy test.

He had already done his morning pee so he would have to wait till tomorrow if he wanted to get an accurate result. So with that in mind he left his apartment and threw himself even harder into his work, ignoring the thought of the little white stick waiting for him at home on the bathroom sink, silently mocking him. 

“Hey Naru, you okay?” Kiba asked as he rolled over. 

“Ha? Oh, yeah I’m good. Why?” Naruto replied as he broke away from his work.  

“You sure? You look really pale.” Kiba said with a look of concern on his face.

“Is there a problem?” came the last voice the blond wanted to hear, yet again….. 

“No Chief Uchiha.” Naruto droned as he went back to work. “Inuzaka was just asking for my approval on a design.” 

“If that’s all then I suggest the pair of you get back to work.” Sasuke growled as he walked away. 

“Jeeze, he seriously has it out for you. I mean he’s been personally dropping by more and more often to check our ‘progress’ and no matter how hard you work it’s still never good enough for him, that’s like…. bullying.” Kiba growled. 

“Eh, doesn’t matter.” Naruto breathed out heavily. “I’m sorry Kiba, but I really do need to get this done before I leave today.” 

With that Naruto went back to work, ignoring everything and everyone around him till his day came to an end. After finishing up he trudged home, ate, showered and went to bed - like a robot - , trying desperately to forget about his possible impending doom. 

With the morning came the test. Naruto sat on the floor of his bathroom after taking it, waiting the three agonizing minutes for the test to tell him his fate. 

His phone timer finally went off signalling it was time and with a shaky hand he stretched up and grabbed the little white strip, clutching it near bruisingly tight in his hand as he brought it towards himself. Opening his eyes he hadn’t realized he closed he gazed down at the stick. 

His breath hitched and his free hand shot up to cover his mouth, stopping the sob that threatened to escape as his eyes began to water. 

Two obnoxious pink lines stared back at him.