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Accident or Blessing

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It had taken him months, months of being around the other blond Omega to finally get invited to meet the little bundle of joy. So here he was, a small gift in hand - one he had brought the day he found out about his nephew - and a grin on his face as he took the elevator down to Naruto’s office. 

Deidara greeted people as he walked, only stopping when he was finally out the front of the other blonds office. 

Before he even got the chance, the door opened revealing a smirking Konan. “Mr. Uzumaki, Deidara is here.” 

“Okay! I’m just finishing up now.” Naruto called back. 

After Konan stepped aside facing into the office - her face going carefully neutral as she did - Deidara stepped in. “We’re still on right?” he questioned nervously, placing the small gift on Naruto’s desk.

“Of course, just let me finish this one thiiiiiing…… and done.” the other Omega grinned, standing up and logging off his computer. “Shall we?” he smiled, before looking down at his desk. “Oh you shouldn’t have!” he gushed, spotting the gift.

“It’s nothing big, but I wanted to give you a little something, you know…..” Deidara trailed off. 

Beaming up at him, Naruto took the small gift and unwrapped it. Inside the box was a small fox plushie. Looking up at Deidara, tears sprang to the younger blond’s eyes. “Thank you.” he mumbled, taking the soft toy out, clutching it in his hands. With a warm grin and a determined look he walked towards the door, plushie still in hand. 

They made their way to the elevator and up to the top floor where Menma was enrolled. Walking in Deidara followed Naruto through to the nursery. 

Now for the record, Deidara has been a good boy, he should get a medal for having the patience of a freaking saint at this point! Not once did he sneak up to the childcare or even abuse his boss privileges to use the cameras surveillance system to spy on the little bundle. No, the only wrong doing he’s done is steal the frame from Naruto’s desk a couple of times to gaze at it, he always puts it back though, against his not so better judgment that says to steal it…...

He had respected the other blond Omega’s boundaries and waited - like a saint -, so when Iruka - Menma’s private carer appointed by Itachi - came out holding the tiny raven, he soooo didn’t almost pass out from excitement. 

“Deidara, this is Menma.” Naruto beamed, turning to face Deidara while holding the tiny bundle. 

Biting his lip, his hands began to twitch, “Can I….. Can I hold him?” he whispered after swallowing hard. 

“Of course.” Naruto smiled gently, passing the baby to him. 

Deidara couldn’t believe it! He was finally holding his nephew, and it was almost too much for him. Tears began to spring to his eyes as he gazed down at the most perfect little face he’d ever seen. 

“Mr. U…. Deidara, are you okay?” Iruka asked. 

“Yes,” he answered in an almost sob, “Kami yes.” 

“Dei, are you sure you’re okay?” Naruto asked, his voice laced with concern as he hovered in front of him. 

As quickly as any perfect Uchiha, Deidara composed himself. “Yes,” and came up with something that was at least partial truth, “My mate isn’t ready for kids, so being this close to such a perfect bundle of joy, it’s stirred my inner Omega.” 

Naruto began to smile softly again as he touched Deidara’s shoulder, “Would you like to carry him for a while?”

“Could I?” Deidara asked in awe, hugging the tiny bundle closer to his chest. 

“Of course.” he petted Deidara, “Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.” Naruto grinned.


It was early evening, and Itachi had been lucky enough to leave the office early. So here he sat, alone in his study, a tantalizing glass of Shiraz in one hand and a book he’d been meaning to read for ages in the other. His peace barely lasted a single chapter before he heard his front door open and slam shut. 

Sighing he placed the book down and waited patiently for his brother to enter. 

The door to his study burst open revealing his brother more disheveled than he had ever seen him, his hair in a complete disarray, his suit shirt unevenly buttoned up and barely tucked into his pants, but worst of all was his eyes, they were Alpha red.

“You….” he panted heavily. 

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Itachi asked calmly, taking a sip of his wine. 

“You’re trying to push me out of the company, aren’t you?!” Sasuke roared as he took a shaky step forward, his body twitching with barely contained rage.

“Now Sasuke,” Itachi started, sensing the danger emitting off his brother. “You know I would never do that.” 

“Bullshit.” Sasuke cursed, continuing his slow advancement into the room. “You were always fathers favourite,” he spat, “He never wanted me to inherit anything, let alone work for the company he built. I was always a disgrace to him no matter what I did, no matter how hard I worked!” 

“Sasuke, I think,” the older raven suddenly stopped, sniffing the air, slowly taking in the scent that was starting to permeate it. ‘Fuck’ he cursed under his breath eyeing his brother. “Why don’t you sit down Sasuke and we can talk this out.”

“I’m done talking.” the younger raven Alpha growled his clawed hands twitching.  

“Sasuke,” he whispered, talking slowly, “You’re not yourself at the moment. Why don’t you...”

“Shut up!” Sasuke roared as he stopped in front of Itachi. “You did this to me! You took everything away from me! You made him leave me!” 

Sasuke raised his clawed hand and brought it down, shredding the sleeve of Itachi’s dressing gown as he blocked the attack, pushing the other away. With a roar Sasuke launched himself at Itachi, narrowly missing as the older Alpha made a run for the door. Out in the hallway he made for his bedroom where he had Rut suppressant. He was barely able to shut and locked the door behind him before Sasuke was slamming himself hard up against it. 

Quickly he made his way over to his bedside table and grabbed out his Rut case. Opening it he pulled out one of the capped, fluid filled syringes, just as the door to the room cracked and splintered apart revealing his enraged brother.

Just as Sasuke took a step forward the front door opened and the singsong voice of his mate echoed throughout the house. “Itachi! You’ll never guess who I got to meet today? I just couldn’t wait! I had to fly right over and tell you!” 

“Deidara get out of here!” Itachi screamed as he watched Sasuke turn and disappear down the hall. “Fuck.” he yelled as he ran out of the room and towards the stairs. When Itachi got to the top he watched with unimaginable horror as his world slowed down so he could see it all in intricate detail. His brother had reached the bottom of the steps and was launching himself at Deidara, knocking them both into the next room. “Deidara!” he screamed, his heart stopping as he flew down the stairs. 

When he entered the lounge room he saw his brother on top of Deidara, snuggling into him, burrowing under his suit jacket. 

“What’s going on?” Deidara whispered, spotting Itachi carefully, almost silently entering the room. 

Hearing this, Sasuke sat up glaring and growling at Itachi, hovering over the Omega below in a protective but dominant stance. “Mine.” he growled.

“Sasuke,” Itachi said calmly as he edged closer, needle in hand hidden behind his back, “That is my Omega.” 

“Mine!” the younger raven hissed again, standing up to face the older raven.

As if sensing the rising tension in the room, Itachi watched as Deidara grabbed Sasuke’s wrist, drawing his attention back on him. “You’re a good Alpha aren’t you?” he asked his brother. 

Sasuke nodded absentmindedly as he leaned back in seeming to calm down almost instantly.

With Sasuke’s attention on Deidara, Itachi tried to approach him to give him the suppressant, but each time he did, Sasuke would start to growl and the closer he got to the younger raven Alpha the more defensive he became over Itachi’s mate. 

Feeling helpless Itachi watched on as his mate was wrapped up protectively by another Alpha, worse, one in Rut, making him feel both enraged with anger that another Alpha would touch his mate and abandonment that - although slim to non-existent - Deidara would choose another. 

Sighing, he showed Deidara the Rut suppressant needle in his hand and tried to signal that Sasuke was in Rut - since being mated to him meant the blond no longer reacted to other Alpha’s scent and wouldn’t have known. It was then that he saw realization dawn on his mate and he watched on in further horror as his blond began to undress.

“What are you doing?” he hissed, making Sasuke growl at him, only to be brought back to the Omega in front of him when Deidara threw his button up shirt over his head.

With Sasuke sufficiently distracted, Deidara walked over - bare chested - and took the needle from his hand, before walking back and administering it to Sasuke. Instantly Sasuke dropped to the floor. 

“Well that was interesting.” Deidara hummed as he looked down at the now unconscious raven. 

“What was?” Itachi asked, wrapping himself around his mate in an attempt to rub off his brother’s scent. 

“He could smell Naruto and another on me.” 

At the mention of the other blond Omega’s name Sasuke stirred. 

“Did you hug him today?” 

“I did one better.” Deidara grinned, turning in Itachi’s arms so they were face to face with each other. Standing up on his tippy toes he whispered right into the raven’s ear. “I got to meet and hold Menma.” 

Itachi drew away from his blond before delving down and taking in his bare skins scent. It took him a moment but sure enough, he could distinguish another scent on his Omega. Instantly his eyes blew out and his inner Alpha took over, a soft vibrating growl rumbling in his chest. It wasn’t one of aggression, no, it was more of approval. 

“Just a little bit more and I think even you can meet him.” Deidara whispered as he petted the Alpha’s head. 

“Mmmm….” Itachi hummed, snuggling into the new scent. 

The pair were so lost in their moment that the sudden sound of banging startled them. When they looked over at Sasuke they were horrified to see him foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled back and convulsing.