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people come and they go

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Akari Aika, was now Akari Sakamoto. She had married Daku Sakamoto at age 19. Barely out of highschool, and she was already a housewife. She had met Daku in her first year, and they hit it off. He was always a bit gloomy, or a hot head, and Akari found it adorable! That was back when they were 16, but now she ended up getting pregnant, and Daku’s family made him take responsibility. She felt bad since this basically ruined his chances at his dream job, but at the same time it’s his fault for being irresponsible. Akari was lucky enough her mother held some sympathy for them and gave her the money to buy a marriage license and some baby supplies.

So this brought her to today. She’s at a mega Junes and wondering what the fuck she needs to buy for this kid. She’s at 5 months, and needs to start buying more supplies in case her little ball of sunshine comes early! So what detergent out of these 50 baby detergents does she need to stock up on? And why are they so expensive?!

“E-excuse me? I noticed that you’re having trouble picking a detergent, would you like some help?” Akari whips her head around after being shocked out of her thoughts and sees... the prettiest woman on the planet.

Akari wasn’t sure which way she leaned, but it sure as hell wasn’t straight, she could say that for sure after seeing her. Waist length chestnut hair, stunning blue eyes, deeper than the farthest crevices of the ocean, a long beige dress that reached her mid shin, and… a kid. A small little baby, probably less than two years old clinging onto his mother. Akari realized she was staring and snapped out of her mini daze.

“A-ah, yes I am. I’m only at 5 months, and there’s so much stuff, and I’m just kinda lost. I’ll take you up on your offer to help.” Akari let out a small exasperated sigh, when brought back to the current task at hand. Finding baby detergent.

“Well, when I was big on buying it for my little Goro over here, I used Arm & Hammer, but that was because it was cheap. If you want the better brand, I’d recommend Dreft. By the way, I’m Mizuki Akechi! It’s nice to meet you.” Akechi-san smiled at her with a soft radiant smile, and Akari flustered a bit before responding to the question.

“I’m Akari Sakamoto, it’s nice to meet you. Thank you for the advice, I’m on a bit of a tight budget, don’t have enough to buy the fancy shit ya’ know?” Akari said casually and Akechi-san gave her a look of sympathy.

“I get that, I know it's a bit taboo, but I’m a single mom. I always hope that Maso-chan will come back to me, help me take care of Goro, but he doesn’t even pay child support.” Akechi dims a bit, while Akari picks up some detergent from the lower shelves.

“God, I hate bastards like that, they’re just the worst. I actually just got married to Daku, and we had to do a shotgun wedding since he got me pregnant.” Akari and Mizuki hold a look of solidarity for a moment, and then Mizuki goes a little red and asks Akari something.

“Can I have your landline? It’d be nice to have a mom friend, and it'd be nice if our friends were kids… You also seem very kind.” Akechi beams at Akari and Akari swiftly responds.

“Yeah sure! Here it is, also you can call me Akari! I’m not used to being called Sakamoto yet.” Akari joked and passed Akechi a little note with her number.

“Call me Mizuki as well, I need to get going now, but if you need any advice, let me know!” Mizuki passed Akari a small note then swiftly walked away, still holding Goro, who was still clinging onto his mother’s shoulder. Akari watched as she walked away, and that was the first time she had talked to Mizuki Akechi.

The second time was a few days later. Daku had gone out to another job interview, and Akari was home alone. For the beginning of the 21st century there was like nothing to do! There was the internet, but that was just a weird place that was barely developed, and it’s not like she could afford a computer to use it or anything. In that boredom she decided to suck it up and call Mizuki. After 3 rings she picked up.

“..hello? This is Mizuki Akechi speaking.” Mizuki said over the line.

“It’s Akari, from Junes!” Akari said with a bit too much enthusiasm.

“Ah! Akari, it’s nice to talk to you again! Goro don’t bite that! How have you been?” Mizuki says, exhaustion overlaid in her voice.

“I’m doing fine, Daku’s at an interview, and I’m at home alone! What did Goro-chan try to eat?” Akari chuckles a bit and hears Mizuki sigh.

“He tried to eat a battery. I’ve told him so many times not to stick them in his mouth but he never listens, it’s better than him being one of those demon children who are constantly crying, but it’s kind of worrying how little he cries...” Mizuki dotes on Goro a lot from what Akari has seen and heard. She can only hope to be that close with her baby, its quite cute how the little boy does such stupid things and ends up being the most worrisome thing in his mom’s eyes, by being completely passive yet chaotic at the same time. 

“He sounds like a smart cookie.” Akari comments, and she feels like she can see Mizuki’s eyes vividly light up from her lonely living room.

“He is! He’s only around 18 months, but he’s always on top of things! He’s already almost able to walk on his own, he can say basic words like ‘mama’ and he knows his colors already!  He always comments when I’m picking an outfit, saying stuff like ‘you should wear the purple one mama!’ and it’s adorable! Regardless of why I had him, I love him with all my heart. Sorry I’m rambling aren’t I?” Mizuki says with such tenderness in her voice Akari thinks she might cry.

“You’re fine, it was kinda cute to hear how much you love him. I can only hope that I’ll love my kid when I have them.” Akari says, and she really feels like that. She doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl, but she does know that her baby is a feisty one. Always kicking her and moving around, a ball of energy.

“You’re very kind Akari, I have no doubt that you’ll be a great mother, you’re very empathetic. One of the few who didn’t instantly despise me for being a single mom.” Mizuki gets a bit somber at the end, clearly still not over her partner abandoning her.

“I don’t like to judge people over what isn’t their fault, I could tell if someone is a shitty person. If you really wanted, you could’ve ditched Goro-chan and left him for dead. But you didn’t, you went out of your way to pick up jobs to care for him.” Akari had only known Mizuki for a few days, but she was already a big role model to her. It was admirable to her, to raise a child on your own, she was lucky to have Daku, without him she couldn’t support herself like this.

“Thank you Akari, it means a lot to me.” Mizuki says softly over the phone.

“It’s no problem Mizuki.” Akari responds in a gentle tone she didn’t even know her voice could hold. With that their conversation goes back to more menial, domestic topics. Housework, baby supplies, sales at the nearby grocery stores, normal things. And so time went on.

 A few months too long, because ow. Childbirth was a bitch, and after 5 hours later she now had a kid! A beautiful baby boy with Daku’s black hair, but he had her eyes. Her little Ryuji, her little dragon. July 3rd, 2000, the day her life was changed forever. She had a family, a best friend (maybe more), and everything she ever needed. She was content.