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Kids will be kids

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Aizawa missed yesterday's dorm check-in. It was a Friday, the patrol from the night before had wrecked him, and he'd not had a full night’s sleep in days. Just the occasional ten-minute nap whenever he could. When he saw the chance to get at least six hours of healthy sleep, he figured the weekly dorm-check in could wait one more day.

He told himself he would deal with it tomorrow, and now it’s tomorrow. A Saturday, to be specific, and he would much rather do something else than making sure his students didn’t break anything in their school-paid dorm on a weekend. Maybe he should have just sucked it up and done the check-in when he was supposed to. He’d rather be sleeping, or literally anything else.

When he walked into the dorms it was 3:00 pm. He knew some students were visiting home this weekend, others were probably out. Weekends were out of his jurisdiction. Whatever his students did when they didn’t have classes didn’t matter to him. They could get arrested for all he cared as long as it wasn’t on school property.

Okay, that wasn’t completely true, but the on-school-property bit still stood.

“Mr. Aizawa?”

The sound came from the kitchen after Aizawa first entered the dorm. He didn’t notice the floating hoodie, floating sweatpants, along with a bright, fluffy pair of socks when he first stepped into the dorm room.

“Just doing my check-ins, Hagakure. Ignore me.”

“Oh.” The girl paused, water pitcher pausing in mid-air as the girl poured it in a glass. “Are...are you checking all of our rooms?”

Aizawa paused. “You know we don’t go in your rooms. That’s a huge invasion of privacy.”

“Oh, yeah...of course!” Hagakure, or at least her clothes, shifted in the air. Aizawa lifted an eyebrow.

“Go back to doing what you were doing. I’ll be out of here in five minutes.”

Aizawa left towards where the boy’s dorms were, fully aware that the girl was acting weird. Aizawa was technically not supposed to check their rooms. It was an invasion, and he had absolutely no desire to see what teenagers kept secret in their rooms. He figured as long as it wasn’t a bomb or some dangerous weapon, they should be good. Then again, the school had allowed Tokoyami to keep a sword.

Either way, it didn’t hurt to just walk past their doors and make sure no smoke from a fire is seeping through the cracks.

He didn’t even make it past the second floor when the smell hit him. An all too familiar stench he could identify with ease after years of being friends with Present Mic. It hit him at lightning speed, causing him to wave a hand in front of his nose he knew wouldn't help at all. He pulled his shirt up to his nose as he tried to block out the scent, walking forward to see what room it was coming from. It’s not that the smell annoyed him, more so by the intensity. Even he’s never smelled it that strongly before, at least not since his high school days.

He reached the door where it seemed the strongest. The name read Hanta Sero.

Inside, he heard laughing and the unmistakable sounds of teenagers currently baked out of their minds.

Aizawa sighed.

He couldn’t very well ignore what was going on inside the room, no matter how much he wanted to. He had boundaries to set, and he could care less about what they were doing and more so about where they were doing it. The smell might reach the rest of the dorm, and then that’s a whole other issue he didn’t have the time or energy to deal with.

He placed his hand on the doorknob and prepared himself before he opened the door.

The students inside were slow to react when the smell hit Aizawa like a truck. Inside smoke was everywhere. Sero was sitting against his bed, head looking up at the ceiling and a droopy expression on his face. Kaminari was leaning his whole body weight against him, giggling like a little kid.

Mina was also there, sitting across the pair against the wall with her legs crossed, currently examining the mouth of Kirishima, who had his head stationed in her lap as she poked at his teeth.

The most shocking thing of them all, however, was the fact that Bokugo was there as well. Aizawa could only see his back and spikey head of blonde hair. He was laying on the floor near the open window, completely passed out and snoring, hugging and using what looked like a Crimson Riot hoodie as a pillow. Sleeping between the dip of his waist was Socks the cat.

“You’re like a baby shark,” giggled Mina as she opened and stared at Kirishima’s teeth. Kaminari laughed even harder as his hard lolled forward and almost smacked the floor, but Sero caught it before he made contact.

“Or a crocodile,” added Sero, eyes red and half-closed. They all looked like they were two seconds away from passing out.

“Awww, a baby crocodile!,” Mina exclaimed, squishing Krishima’s face together. He took it, not seeming to care about her manhandling his face.

None of them has yet to notice Aizawa standing in the doorway.

“Ahem,” he said. Immediately, two faces looked towards him, previous grin’s immediately subsiding.

The fear in their eyes brought a little happiness to Aizawa.

“Mr. Aizawa!” Sero stood quickly, making it so Kaminari’s support system was gone, causing him to fall onto the ground with a comedic thud. The blond didn’t acknowledge Aizawa at all.

Sero stood very ungracefully, almost knocking himself over more than once in what felt like twenty seconds it took for him to stand. Kirishima had sat up off Mina’s lap very quickly but didn’t get up. His eyes were wide, like a deer caught in the headlights.

Kaminari and Mina however were beyond functioning. Kaminari stayed on the ground, waving lazily at Aizawa. Mina was smiling.

“Heeeeeey Mr. Aizawa,’ she stretched out. Her eyes were half-closed but not red, just their normal pitch black. “Wanna get zooted?”

“Mina!” Sero said, kicking her foot. She giggled in her hand.

If Aizawa wasn’t their teacher, and they weren't his students currently on school property, he might have laughed. Might have.

To be honest, at the moment he did not have the energy to act mad, especially when three out of the five people in the room were nowhere near sober enough to even comprehend what was going on.

“One-week detention, for each of you,” he said bluntly. “Plus I'll be emailing your parents tonight.” Sero’s face fell and Kirishima cringed.

“Fine by me Mr. Eraser-Aizawa-Head man,” Kamainari mumbled from the ground. His face was squished into the carpeted floor of Sero’s room. Aizawa raised an eyebrow.

“And you’ll be responsible for cleaning up this smell by tomorrow. I don’t care how, but it better be gone by then or more detention.”

Sero hung his head at his feet, scratching the back of his head with his hand. He seemed the soberest out of the bunch.

“Am I understood?”

“Yes sir,” said both Kirishima and Sero immediately.

“Yes sirrrr,” Ashido whined. Kaminari may have said it, but Aizawa couldn't hear correctly from his face being pushed into the ground.

“And hand it over.” Aizawa held out his hand towards Sero. Sero sighed.

He walked over to his drawer and dug out a box, embarrassingly handing it over to Aizawa. He opened it and inside were small bags, plus two lighters.

“This all?”

Sero nodded.

Aizawa eyed him but saw he wasn’t lying. His student’s never looked them in the eyes when they were lying. He turned his attention to Kirishima, who visibly recoiled.

Kirishima sighed and reached over for Bakugo, pulling the hoodie out from under his head. Bakugou didn’t stir at all as Kirishima lifted his head and placed it down carefully as not to wake him.

As Kirishima unwrapped the hoodie, Aizawa saw what was wrapped inside. He pulled out a batch of cookies in a large plastic bag. The thing was practically full. He handed them to Sero who handed them to Aizawa.

“This better be all.”

The currently sober-ish students nodded their heads, Kaminari and Ashido looked like they were currently having a staring contest, and Bokugou was still snoring right near the open window.

Aizawa held the goodies in his hand and contemplated asking who gave them to them, or if they made them himself.

Aizawa knew for a fact his students could and would get more later on. Aizawa was a teenager once himself, this sort of thing doesn’t just stop itself overnight. Aizawa still had to punish them of course, the teacher part of him would make sure of it. The part of himself who was once a teenager is laughing at his students though.

He figured he’d done his part as his teacher. He wouldn't pry when clearly this wasn’t the first, or probably last time his students would get high with their friends.

“If I catch you again the punishment will be much worse.” Sero nodded. Aizawa took a look around the room. Kaminari and Bokugou were still laying on the floor, practically oblivious to everything, Kirishima looked nervous sitting on the floor while at the same time pulling Mina’s hand’s down every time she tried to open his mouth to look at his teeth. “Get them back to their dorms and fix the smell.”

Sero looked at his teacher.

“Don’t let me catch you again, or I’ll bring your parents here next time.”

Aizawa began walking out of the room, pausing abruptly when he heard the sound of someone attempting to hold their breath.

“And detention on Monday for you, Hakagure, for trying to warn your friends.”

The invisible girl squeaked to the right of Aizawa. He didn’t pay her much attention and continued to walk down the hall, bags of enough weed to knock him out for a week in his hands. Before he turned the corner, he looked to see his sober-ish students attempt to urge not so sober students to bed. It was a funny sight. Kaminari was being held up by practically all of Sero’s body weight, Mina was being ushered by her invisible friend, and Bakugo, completely passed out, was getting a piggyback ride from Kirishima. Mina was taking photos. Behind them stalked Socks, seemingly fine. She meowed at Aizawa as they walked away.

“Ugh, he’s so heavy.”

“You weren’t lying when you said weed knocks him out.”

“Sero, you’re my best friend, dude. Like, the best. Don’t ever leave me for a girl.”


“Shut up, guys! Bakugo’s trying to sleep.”

The chattering dispersed as his student’s disappeared beyond the hallway. Aizawa grinned ever so slightly.

He made his way as inconspicuous as possible back to his office, having removed his scarf and doing his best to nonchalantly wrap it around the bag of “treats” he’d confiscated from his students.

His morals were fighting right now. He was a teacher and reporting to principal Nezu was the right thing to do. He would, of course, but tomorrow was still a viable option. Aizawa was a teacher, but above that, he was a stressed pro-hero who deserved to relax every once in a while.

Once in his office he picked up his phone and dialed the first number in his recents.

“Hey, Eraser! What can I do for yah?!” came Mic’s booming voice through the phone, and he wasn’t even using his quirk.

“You at your place right now?”


“Call Midnight, I’m heading over. I confiscated some of my student’s edibles.”

Aizawa pulled the phone away from his ear before Mic’s happy yelling could deafen him.

“Shouta! I see nothing has changed since our high school days!”

“Shut up.”

Aizawa hit end, cutting off Mic mid-laugh. It seriously would be such a waste to just throw it all away, especially when some poor student probably worked hard on it.

He’d turn it into principle Nezu tomorrow. Then again, knowing him, who’s to say he wouldn't have the same idea.