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It starts off as genuine curiosity, when they’re in bed. Kojiro is stroking his fingers through Kaoru’s hair as they fall asleep, purely for the way Kaoru shuts his eyes with contentment. He’s tucking some of Kaoru’s hair behind his ear when the holes in his earlobe catch Kojiro’s eye.

“Hey,” he says softly, rubbing the pad of his thumb against Kaoru’s earlobe. “Did these just never close up?”

“Hm?” Kaoru blinks his eyes open. He hums, leaning into Kojiro’s touch to encourage him to keep going. “No. I’ve had them too long for them to close all the way up. I didn’t entirely stop wearing them until I took over the studio anyway.”

“Could you still fit your earrings through?” Kojiro wonders. “Imagine Cherry Blossom showing up to Crazy Rock sporting his old piercings. Your fans would go wild.”

“My fans, huh?” Kaoru raises an eyebrow at Kojiro. “Just them?”

“Well, I get to enjoy your piercings anyway.” Kojiro smiles, running his hand down Kaoru’s chest and thumbing at the barbell he has through his nipple. His smile grows as Kaoru bites his lip and presses closer. “Don’t I, Kaoru?”

“I thought we were going to sleep,” Kaoru mutters, even as he tilts his head up to allow Kojiro to kiss down his neck.

“Do you want me to stop?” Kojiro asks, punctuating his question with a gentle bite to the junction of Kaoru’s neck and shoulder.

“Don’t you dare.”

Kojiro counts down to S that weekend by spending his idle moments thinking about challenging Kaoru to a beef, purely so he can ask Kaoru to put his earrings back in when he wins.

Kaoru would probably kick his ass for suggesting it. He’s been going by Cherry Blossom in the skating scene since they were teenagers but Kojiro has watched the way Kaoru has carefully constructed the persona to suit a specific image. He’s elegant with every movement. Breathtakingly beautiful in everything he does. Worlds away from the delinquent with ears full of metal that Kojiro first fell in love with, even if he’s still as rude as he always was.

Not that it’s going to stop Kojiro from asking anyway. If he avoided doing things just because they came with the risk of Kaoru kicking his ass, life would be incredibly boring.

Except it turns out that Kaoru is one step ahead of him.

When Kojiro shows up to Crazy Rock, there are people whispering to each other in awe, all of them along the lines of, did you see Cherry? and, holy shit I can’t believe my eyes. Kojiro’s heartbeat quickens as he skates to the main entrance.

Kaoru is standing there, dressed as usual, with his mask up and his hair back into a flowing ponytail. Kojiro’s breath catches as the light shines off the silver along Kaoru’s ears. He’s wearing earrings in his two lobe piercings, and one cuff on each ear, just as he used to when they were younger.

“Holy shit,” Kojiro breathes, skating over to him.

“You look surprised,” Kaoru says, and he’s smiling behind his mask. “Like this wasn’t your idea in the first place.”

“Didn’t expect you to actually do it.” Kojiro’s fingers twitch, desperate to touch. He’ll save it for later. “I was right though. Your fans are going wild.”

“Mhmm.” Kaoru leans in a little, dangerously close for somewhere so public, when he looks like this. “I’m looking forward to seeing how wild, Kojiro.”

“Un-fucking-fair,” Kojiro mutters, resigned to spend the rest of the night ridiculously horny until Kaoru’s done teasing him.

Kaoru skates off, looking at Kojiro over his shoulder. “Coming?”

He’s doing this on purpose. The entire way down the hill, Kaoru maintains just enough distance that Kojiro has a clear view of his earrings. It’s calculated and mean, in a way that Kojiro knows and loves.

“You’re asking for trouble, you know that?” Kojiro asks. He wants to grab hold of Kaoru’s ponytail and tug. Wants to drag Kaoru off somewhere private and give him trouble.

He wants to touch so badly he can’t even stand it. Every second he has to wait feels like torture. It’s unfair that here, with so many people paying attention to both of them, he can’t even get a minute alone with Kaoru. It’s probably for the best. He knows that once he gets his hands on Kaoru tonight, he won’t want to stop.

Kaoru drags it out for an entire hour. By the time he finally gets ready to leave, Kojiro doesn’t even care to be subtle about the fact that he’s leaving too.

When they get home, Kojiro doesn’t give Kaoru the time to unlock the door before crowding him against it and pulling his mask down. Kaoru isn’t wearing his lip ring and even if Kojiro wasn’t expecting it, knowing that the hole for it closed up years ago, he can’t resist the urge to bite that exact part of his mouth.

Kaoru makes a soft noise at the back of his throat, his gloved hands sliding under Kojiro’s open jacket to rest on his bare shoulders. “Wait—”

“Don’t you think I’ve waited long enough?” Kojiro asks against Kaoru’s mouth, biting harder this time and tugging on his lower lip between his teeth.

“Let’s just get—” Kaoru gasps as Kojiro pushes a knee between his legs, “—inside. One second.”

Kojiro lets him turn around, resting a proprietary hand on Kaoru’s waist until they’re inside. They leave their boards at the door, kicking their shoes off, and that’s where Kojiro finds the end of his patience, lifting Kaoru into his arms and carrying him to bed.

“You enjoyed torturing me all night, didn’t you?” Kojiro asks him, kneeling over Kaoru to undress him.

Kaoru only smiles at him, tilting his head so the light from the bedside lamp catches on his earrings.

Kojiro starts with the tie at the front of Kaoru’s hakama, pulling it undone. Kaoru reaches down to help, lifting his hips to get his obi off. Kojiro is good at this now, pulling all the layers of fabric away until Kaoru is naked in their bed.

“Look at you,” he breathes, like he’s been able to do anything else all night.

He lowers his mouth to one of Kaoru’s nipples, tonguing at the barbell through it before moving to the other one. Kaoru bites back his whimper, arching into the contact. When Kojiro pulls back, both of Kaoru’s nipples are shining with spit in the dim light and his face is flushed a beautiful pink.

Kojiro kneels there for a moment, just taking the sight in. Kaoru blushes deeper, bringing his knees together. “Do you have to stare?”

“How can I not?” Kojiro gently pulls Kaoru’s knees apart again, kissing the inside of his thigh. “You’re beautiful. You know you are. Don’t get shy on me now.”

“Kojiro,” Kaoru says on a sigh, his hand going to his shoulder. “You’re still dressed.”

That’s easy enough to fix. Kojiro stands at the foot of the bed and shrugs out of his jacket. He reaches down to undo his belt but Kaoru beats him to it, sitting at the edge of the bed with Kojiro standing between his knees.

Kaoru unfastens Kojiro’s belt and lets it fall to the floor, then undoes his pants. He pulls them down in a smooth movement along with Kojiro’s underwear, and wraps his fingers around Kojiro’s cock.

“Hey,” Kojiro scolds lightly. He touches his fingers to Kaoru’s chin, making him look up. “I’m not done with you yet.”

“I would hope not,” Kaoru replies, maintaining eye contact as he dips his head, catching Kojiro’s thumb between his lips and sucking.

“Fuck, you tease.” Kojiro groans, pulling his hand away.

He bends, lifting Kaoru into his arms. Kaoru holds onto Kojiro’s shoulders, legs wrapping around his waist.

“There is absolutely no need for you to be this ridiculously strong,” Kaoru mutters.

“I don’t recall you complaining last time I fucked you against a wall.” Kojiro turns them around, so he’s sitting at the edge of the bed with Kaoru in his lap. “Or did you forget about that?”

Kaoru doesn’t dignify him with an answer, curling his fingers into Kojiro’s hair and pulling him into a kiss instead. Kojiro chuckles against Kaoru’s mouth, kissing along his jaw and to his ear.

The metal of Kaoru’s earrings clink quietly against Kojiro’s teeth as he bites down and tugs. Kaoru exhales shakily, his breath hitching as Kojiro’s hands go to his chest, thumbs rubbing gentle circles over his nipples.

“Too much?” Kojiro asks, pressing a kiss to Kaoru’s neck.

“Keep going,” Kaoru urges, grinding down against Kojiro. They both moan and Kaoru doesn’t stop rocking his hips back and forth, panting softly as he lets Kojiro do as he pleases.

It doesn’t take long for Kaoru to start getting impatient. “Kojiro, touch me.”

“I’m touching you, sweetheart.” Kojiro pinches one of Kaoru’s nipples, earning him a soft yelp and a smack to the shoulder.

“Not what I meant and you know it, you bastard.”

Laughing, Kojiro moves further up the bed until he’s sitting back against the headboard. He pulls Kaoru into his lap again, stroking him slowly this time. “You just deserve to have your piercings appreciated.”

“You know what else I deserve?” Kaoru asks, reaching for the lube on the bedside table. “To ride you nice and hard until I get to come.”

“Well,” Kojiro grins. “I’m not going to say no to that.”

Kaoru kneels over Kojiro to finger himself open. Kojiro leans forward, alternating between sucking on one of Kaoru’s nipples as he pinches at the other. By the time Kaoru is ready, he’s already flushed and trembling and his cock is a dripping mess.

Kojiro slicks himself, guiding Kaoru down onto his cock. Kaoru whines softly at the back of his throat, head tipping back with pleasure as Kojiro keeps rubbing steady circles over his nipples.

True to his word, Kaoru rides him hard. Kojiro holds on, keeping pace with him, hands sliding around to Kaoru’s back to hold him close as they move against each other.

“So worked up, Kaoru,” Kojiro murmurs, wrapping a hand around Kaoru’s cock and pumping.

“You were looking at me all night,” Kaoru pants, riding him harder. “Like you wanted to devour me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Wanting it.”

“You’re the one who showed up tonight looking the way you did.” Kojiro holds Kaoru by the hips, pulling him down to meet his thrust. “I’m just amazed I managed to keep my hands to myself until we got home.”

Kaoru moans loudly then and Kojiro grins slowly.

“What’s that? Are you thinking about what would have happened if I couldn’t wait? If I dragged you off to a quiet corner of the abandoned factory and fucked you there?”

Kojiro,” Kaoru cries out, his movements growing erratic as he gets closer to the edge.

“Come on baby,” Kojiro whispers, biting down on Kaoru’s pierced earlobe. It’s all the push Kaoru needs before he’s coming against Kojiro’s stomach in hot, white streaks.

Kojiro can’t help but follow behind as Kaoru tightens around him. They hold onto each other tightly through the aftershocks, until Kaoru finally climbs off Kojiro’s lap and collapses onto the bed beside him.

“So fucking beautiful,” Kojiro murmurs, lying down beside Kaoru and pulling him close, pressing a kiss into his hair. “And all mine.”

Kaoru smiles tiredly, pressing his face into the curve of Kojiro’s neck and settling against him. “You like it, don’t you? Watching other people want me, knowing that you’re the one who gets me at the end of the day.”

With a laugh, Kojiro strokes his fingers through Kaoru’s hair. “I don’t think anyone else would know how to handle you. It’s been too long, Kaoru.”

“That’s your fault for spoiling me,” Kaoru replies. “I’m too used to it to settle for anything less now. You better not stop.”

“I don’t think I’d know how to,” Kojiro confesses. “I’m all yours too, in the end.”

“Good. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”