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a lazy morning.

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It wasn’t often that Andrew would allow physical contact while sleeping. He would often sleep in a different bed, or stay as farther away as he could when he slept with Neil. But sometimes, very rarely, he would wrap his limbs around Neil and bury his face in his neck. Neil would stay quiet, acting like he didn’t notice it in the fear of Andrew would pull himself back.


When Neil woke up that day, exactly at 5 am, his lungs filled with the faint cigarette smell mixed with the body lotion Andrew always uses. He smiled at the comforting weight around his body and decided that maybe he didn’t need to go out to run today. 


So he relaxed, turning off his alarm before it could snooze so it wouldn’t wake up Andrew. He could hear Kevin getting up from his bed and struggle to keep it quiet when he tried opening the dresser. He knew Kevin would be confused to not see Neil already out of the bed but he hoped he wouldn’t try to wake him. Thankfully, Kevin left the room without saying a word.


After a minute, he heard Andrew’s raspy morning voice.


“Running?” Andrew asked.


“Not today.”


“Mhmm.” Andrew mumbled in approval. His arms around Neil grabbed him a little harder to place him closer to his chest. 


“I don’t have any morning classes today.” Andrew continued, his voice somehow still sounding very sleepy.


Neil knew it was an invitation to stay in bed longer than usual and he was not going to refuse it. 


“I saw you in my dream.” Neil started, he knew Andrew liked to listen more than talking. “You had a buzzcut -no, it didn’t look good- and you were holding kittens in your arms.”


“How many?” Andrew asked, Neil noticed the slight amusement in his voice.


“5. 4 of them were black. One white. You named them after your favorite snacks.”




“Twix. And Cheeto. White one is named Oreo. There was also one named M&M’s. You called him Emmet for short. Which is not short at all.”


“What about the last one?”


“That is ‘Kevin the second’ because he cries a lot.” Neil could feel that Andrew was smiling. 


“What else?”


“I also saw Aaron -fuck him, by the way. He was still annoying as fuck in my dream too-  and Nicky, he was knitting the ugliest sweater I’ve ever saw in my life.”


“What happened to the kittens?” Andrew didn’t seem to care about Nicky’s sweater more than he cared about his dream kittens. 


“You refused to put them to the floor. So you had to carry them around all day.”


Andrew pressed his lips to Neil’s neck for a quick kiss.


“What about you?” Neil asked, he wanted to turn around so he could see his face but he didn’t want to lose his current position under Andrew’s arms either.


“I didn’t see anything.” Andrew started before going quiet. 


Neil waited patiently as he knew Andrew wasn’t done talking.


“I don’t want to talk about it.” He continued after a minute. “It wasn’t a nightmare.” 



Neil didn’t know when he fell asleep again but when he woke up the second time that day, Andrew was gone. 


“Finally, you are awake.” Kevin called out the second Neil opened his eyes. 


He was standing a feet away from his bed with a huge frown on his face. 


“You missed the practice.” 


“What time is it?” 


“Late enough to miss the practice.” Kevin grabbed his sweater before moving to leave the room. “Andrew is on the rooftop.”


When Neil checked the time from his phone, he realized it was only 10 am. Still early in the morning even though he missed the practice. He wondered if Andrew missed the practice too. Probably , he thought. Andrew would take any chance to skip it.


He got off the bed, not bothering to change his clothes since he decided to skip the whole day today. He was going to stay at the dorm and study. 


He went to the kitchen to grab coffee. One for himself and one for Andrew. He prepared a mug full of sugar and cream with a drop of coffee (literally)  just the way Andrew likes it. He also grabbed two protein bars from Andrew stock. He wasn’t going to drink black coffee in an empty stomach.


He left the dorm in a hurry, not wanting to miss Andrew on the rooftop. Even though he knew Andrew would be back for a while, he didn’t want to miss the chance to spend more time with him. 


He found Andrew in his usual spot, legs hanging outside the ledge. He was holding a pack of cigarettes but he didn’t seem to start smoking yet.


“Did you skip the practice too?” Neil asked the obvious. Andrew was still in his pajamas. 


Andrew raised an eyebrow instead of answering. He grabbed his coffee and ignored the protein bar Neil tried to offer.


“You snored a lot.” He said instead. “Couldn’t bear it longer.”


Neil snorted. 


“When did you wake up?”


“An hour ago.”


“Hmm.” Neil took a sip from his coffee. He didn’t mind Andrew’s short answers like most of the people would. Him answering in the first place was more than enough for him anyway.


They sat there for an hour. Neil ate his protein bar and shared the second one with Andrew. 


It was the middle of April, the weather was warm and the sky was as clear as it could get. Neil closed his eyes to listen to the birds, but he could only hear the students yelling at each other across the campus. 


He sighed in disappointment.


“Do you want to go on a trip?” He suddenly asked, barely hiding his excitement. 


Andrew’s hand froze for a split second before he continued to take a drag from his cigarette. “Where?”


“I don’t know. Camping?”


“I hate camping.” Andrew threw the cigarette bud. He turned to look at Neil for a minute before answering the question. “Okay.”






“Right now?” Neil asked again to confirm. 


“Yes, junkie.” Andrew got up slowly. “ Lets go.