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Robots Don’t Have Soulmates (Or Do They)

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MePad was quite fascinated by them. The idea that there’s someone out there who’s perfect for you, that to someone out there, you’re perfect. And that person will feel any psychical pain that you feel.

He didn’t always care about them. He was too focused on the show to even think about any of that, but then he started seeing people on the show find their soulmates. Who would have thought so many soulmates would be gathered together in this one place, though he supposed it must be fate. That is what soulmates were all about, isn’t it?

Then he started thinking about his own soulmate. Did he even have one? MePad knew he wasn’t exactly like everyone else. He wasn’t sure how, but he knew he was created artificially. So was MePhone, but he didn’t seem to know anything about how or why either.

The two of them are robots, and MePad wasn't sure if robots could have soulmates.

One day, he decided to ask MePhone about it.

“Sir, could I ask you about something?”

“Yeah sure,” MePhone responded, a lot more focused on the white board in front of him than MePad or his question. The white board simply said “Halloween special?” on it. If he wanted to have a Halloween special he’d have to do it soon, it was already well into October.

“Do we have soulmates?”

MePhone briefly stopped tapping the marker he was holding against his screen. He looked over at MePad and raised an eyebrow
“Why do you ask?”

“I’m just curious.”

“Uh,” MePhone thought about it for a few seconds, “I’m no soulmate expert, honestly I’ve never really thought about it before. I haven’t felt anything that would make me think I have one so I guess not?”

“Interesting, thank you sir.” MePad said before teleporting away to leave MePhone to his brainstorming.

“Yeah no problem,” MePhone replied, beginning to chew on the bottom of one of his markers.

Honestly, MePhone’s answer didn’t bother MePad at the time. He was fine not having a soulmate, he didn’t really want one. Really, this just saved him from some unnecessary pain.

That was, until things changed between him and Toilet.

At first, if he’s being honest, MePad didn’t like Toilet. Toilet was unprofessional, annoying and rude, specifically to him and for seemingly no reason!

But then he watched him try to defend MePhone in court and how bad he felt afterwards when he failed. Toilet put his heart and soul into helping MePhone, he really cared. He came off as unprofessional because he wasn’t afraid to show how much things meant to him or when he didn’t like someone. MePad tended to stick with passive aggressive or sarcastic comments when he didn’t like someone, but that didn’t make him or his way of doing things better than Toilet and his way of doing things.

And really, he wasn’t that annoying. At least MePad didn’t think so after actually spending some time with him. They weren’t exactly hanging out, but they were both staying around the eliminated contestants while OJ ran the show, so MePad got to see what Toilet was actually like, not just how he acted around him.

MePad still wasn’t sure why Toilet hated him so much, but the feeling was suddenly a lot less mutual.

And then there was the fall from MeCloud, when MePad finally learned why Toilet treated him the way that he did. He just wanted MePhone to see him as a good assistant, to have his approval, and he felt like he couldn’t have that since MePad was already filling the role of “the good assistant.”

MePad respected Toilet, and he felt like MePhone should too.

After that, MePad made sure to include Toilet in whatever hosting duties he could. As MePhone tried to push Toilet away, MePad simply pulled him closer.

Then, even when they weren’t working, MePad found himself spending more and more time with Toilet. He felt like he had been missing out before, being around Toilet made him… happy.

After a while he realized he was in love with Toilet.

That was the moment when soulmates became a problem. Toilet wasn’t a robot, he must have a soulmate. Toilet had a soulmate, and MePad didn’t.

Suddenly, MePad did want a soulmate, and he wanted it to be Toilet.

He wondered if Toilet knew his soulmate or if he was still looking for them.

Sometimes he considered asking but every time he’d decide against it. He was too scared of Toilet’s answer to even ask the question. He knew it wouldn’t be good. He was just delaying the inevitable heartbreak, he knew that.

MePad stared at the drawing of Marshmallow and Bow again. He wasn’t exactly keeping it, but he didn’t get rid of it either. He didn’t even notice Toilet coming up behind him until he started speaking. Can you really blame him? It’s not like Toilet touches the ground when he moves.

“Hey MePad! What are ya doing over here?”

“Hello Toilet! I’m just... thinking.”

“Well about what?”

MePad paused for a moment, “you saw season one, right?” Toilet nodded, so MePad continued, “I have a question. Were Marshmallow and Bow soulmates?”

“Oh yeah! They never really said anything about it but Marshmallow seemed to feel it when Bow… you know, oh I hope that wasn’t when she realized, that’d be terrible.”

“Interesting, from what I’ve observed it would appear as though Marshmallow is now Apple’s soulmate.” MePad wondered if that was because of Bow’s death, if someone’s soulmate died could they just get a new one? He’d been unable to find any actual evidence of that happening, besides maybe this.

“Well maybe all three of them are soulmates!” Toilet suggested. This was possible, much more likely than the idea that someone could get a new soulmate. Perhaps the one you have really is the one you always will.

“Do you… know where Marshmallow went?” Toilet asked, and it sounded so genuine, not like he was accusing MePad of something. He actually felt like he could tell Toilet what happened, maybe.

“Can you promise me that you won’t tell MePhone what I’m about to tell you?”

“Normally I wouldn’t do this but… just for you MePad, I promise.”

“Marshmallow went to purgatory mansion. I heard some mentions from the contestants that they saw Bow’s ghost in the mansion, I presume that’s why she went.”

“Ohh so she left to be with her soulmate, or at least one of her soulmates. That’s sweet! I hope they’re doing well.”

MePad was once again hit with the all too familiar fear that one day Toilet would leave the show, leave MePad, for his soulmate. He could never ask him not to of course, he wouldn’t do that to Toilet, if that’s what he wanted MePad would support him the best he could. That didn’t make the thought any less painful.

“Would you do the same?” MePad didn’t know why he was suddenly able to ask the question that has plagued his mind for so long, but he did. “If you found your soulmate, would you leave m- the show?”

“Of course not!” Toilet answered, so quickly and sincerely MePad didn’t even consider doubting him, “I love it here! And I love you, and Mr Phone, and the contestants! And if meeting my soulmate means I’d have to leave you all, then I don’t want to meet them!”

MePad looked at Toilet, he wanted to tell him how much that meant to him and that he loved him too, though he was sure it wasn’t in the same way that Toilet loved him. He had someone out there he was meant to love that way, and that someone wasn’t MePad. As much as he wished he was.

“Thank you, that’s… very nice to hear.”

Sometimes MePad would dream that he was Toilet’s soulmate. That when Toilet would run into something he would feel it too, that they would have that special connection that all soulmates have.

Technically, he never actually saw Toilet get hurt physically. He never wanted Toilet to get hurt, no one wants those they care about to be hurt, but sometimes he wished he could see it happen. Just to stop the ‘what if’ thoughts that entered his mind. The occasional ‘well I don’t know for certain’ that came to give him false hope.

Eventually, he did see Toilet get hurt.

MePad watched Toilet throw himself into the wall of the cave to dislodge the gem they had come to retrieve for MePhone. He hit it so hard it clearly hurt, and MePad could’ve sworn he felt it too.

MePad teleported himself and Toilet back to where MePhone laid as he was processing what just happened.

If what just happened is what MePad thinks just happened, it would mean he did have a soulmate, and that it was Toilet!

Of course, then was not the time to get excited or tell Toilet. MePhone was still unconscious, but once they gathered all the gems and returned them to him, MePad could finally tell Toilet what he wished he could for so long. That he loved him back, that he wanted to be his soulmate more than anything, that he wants to spend his life with him, even when the show is behind them.

Unfortunately. That didn’t happen.

MePhone woke up, and then everything fell apart.

Something set MePhone off, something about Adam, but MePad had no idea what. He didn’t even know who Adam was! But apparently bringing him up was enough to make MePhone snap and send Toilet away.

MePad tried to stop him, he really did. It was just no use, he wouldn’t listen, but this was different from his normal not listening. Something was wrong. MePad had to stay with him to find out what, and hopefully help. It hurt him immensely but would go back and find Toilet again once MePhone had calmed down. He just wished he could tell him that.

MePad did find out what happened to MePhone. And he tried to help him, but apparently MePhone didn’t even trust him enough to listen to him. So he left.

He wasn’t going to leave forever. But if MePhone didn’t trust him anyway then why should he wait to bring his soulmate back?

He just had to find him, apologize and hope Toilet didn’t hate him.

Just as he was about to call Toilet, MePad heard a click behind him. Before he even had the chance to turn around, everything went black.