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Take Me With You

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The door to Johnny’s bedroom creaks open, and when he looks up from his barely packed suitcase, he finds Taeyong gliding into the room. Taeyong’s pointy ears at the top of his head twitches at the sight of him, and his long, lean black tail swishes slowly from side to side, knocking against the door.

“Johnny, what’re you doing?” he asks innocently, cocking his head to the side. His eyes trail from Johnny, to his clothes stacked on the bed, and then to the suitcase open at the foot of Johnny’s bed.

“I’m packing for the trip I told you about,” Johnny says with a chuckle. He watches Taeyong eye his suitcase curiously before going back to rolling his clothes, so he can fit everything he needs.

Taeyong quietly approaches the suitcase. Something about its boxed appearance calls to him. His nose twitches as he catches Johnny’s lingering scent from it. His freshly laundered clothes barely conceal the natural musk that Taeyong’s grown to love. Soon, Taeyong finds himself tucked inside the suitcase, sitting up and staring at Johnny, making sure there’s still space for Johnny’s clothes.

“Aren’t you packing me too?”

When Johnny turns to look, Taeyong is staring up at him with his big, dark eyes, so wide and dark that he can almost see his reflection. There’s a tiny pout playing at his lips, the pout that Taeyong unconsciously gives Johnny whenever he wants something he thinks Johnny won’t give him. Johnny, although he tries not, melts at the sight. His hand finds purchase on Taeyong’s soft, black hair, running his blunt nails through his scalp. Taeyong purrs and nuzzles into Johnny’s touch.

“I thought we talked about this, Taeyongie. I can’t bring you.” Johnny frowns for added measure, to let Taeyong know it's not his choice that he can’t bring Taeyong with him to his business trip.

Taeyong’s pout turns into a full frown, and he pulls himself away from Johnny’s touch to squeeze himself further inside Johnny’s suitcase. He curls into himself and lays down flat, his ears pressed closed to his head and his tail tucked in between his hands. Johnny would laugh at the adorable sight, but Taeyong looks desperate and sad as he says, “I promise to be good.”

“Oh babe.” Johnny pulls Taeyong out of the suitcase and onto his lap, Taeyong immediately molding himself into Johnny’s hold. “You’re already a good boy.” Johnny smiles as he scratches Taeyong’s scalp, ears and then the underside of his chin. “And remember, you promised to be an extra good boy when I said that Jaehyun was going to watch over you with his rabbit, Doyoung. You liked that, right? Getting to spend time with Doyoung?”

Taeyong hums, thoughts a little dazed with the way Johnny’s petting him. The next thing he knows is he’s got his head right by Johnny’s neck, scenting and marking Johnny right where his natural musk is the strongest. “Without you?” Taeyong manages to utter when Johnny’s words start connecting in his pleasure-addled brain.


Taeyong pulls away and glares at Johnny. “No.” He slithers from Johnny’s lap and back into the suitcase. He resumes his earlier position, flattening himself so that there’s nearly no more space on his side of the suitcase, but Johnny surmises he can still close the suitcase. (Not that he would.)


Taeyong ignores Johnny, closes his eyes and pretends to fall asleep. Johnny sighs heavily and resigns himself to his fate. Quietly, he takes his phone, snaps a few pictures, smiles a little to himself and then resumes his packing. Maybe he’ll just have to find another way to bring Taeyong with him.



Taeyong spends two days ignoring Johnny, but whenever he sees Johnny open his suitcase, he runs right into it and rests his entire body on one side. Johnny’s convinced he’s never going to be able to use half of his suitcase. Despite all the silent treatment, Taeyong will still sit by Johnny’s side when he watches TV on the living room sofa. He’ll curl up on top of Johnny when it's time to sleep, and he’ll still give Johnny pecks and licks when thinks Johnny’s sleeping.

Johnny wouldn’t mind their situation if he didn’t have to leave so soon. He doesn’t want them to still be on bad terms when he leaves for his business trip.

On the morning of the third day since Taeyong started sulking, Johnny decides he needs to end this. It’s a Monday, so he goes to work as usual, leaving Taeyong alone for the rest of the day. Taeyong doesn’t give him his goodbye kiss, but he does wrap his tail around Johnny’s ankle just before he leaves. Johnny smiles to himself as he remembers the feeling.

Johnny walks into his office with a mission. He heads straight to his boss’s office, gathers the materials he’ll need for his business trip and then pleads with his boss to allow him to take his catboy along.

Kim Joonmyun eyes him skeptically at first, and then as Johnny drones on, he begins to understand. Before Johnny can detail just how dependent he is on Taeyong and vice versa, Joonmyun puts a hand up to stop Johnny’s tirade.

“Johnny, I get it,” he says with a chuckle. “I have a catboy myself.” Johnny watches as Joonmyun glances at the framed photo on his desk. Johnny has never seen the photo’s contents, but he guesses it has a picture of Joonmyun’s catboy. “You can take him along, but his expenses have to be covered by you." Johnny nods, and before he can even say his thanks, Joonmyun adds. "But if you were to take the rest of the week off after completing your work, then I wouldn't mind."

"Thank you so much, sir. I really appreciate it." Johnny bows and leaves his boss' office with the widest smile on his face. He can't wait to get home and surprise Taeyong.



Taeyong is still ignoring him when he gets back from work. He pokes his head out to look at him come inside of their apartment, and then he disappears in the kitchen where the scent of freshly cooked dinner lingers in the air.

Johnny debates on whether he should tell Taeyong now or eat dinner first. Taeyong cooked all his favorites, and his stomach grumbles at the smell. When he walks into the kitchen however, Taeyong has his back to him, seemingly watching something at the stove. And that's when Johnny decides that his stomach can wait.

"Taeyong-ah," Johnny calls. Taeyong's ear twitches, but he doesn't move. Johnny sighs and trudges to his room instead, dragging his feet hard enough that he knows Taeyong will hear and complain about the possible marks on the floor. Occasionally, he'll glance behind him to see if Taeyong's following him.

Once he's inside his room, and Taeyong's a few feet away, Johnny grabs Taeyong's suitcase and throws it on the ground. The sound rattles Taeyong so much that he barges into the room with his black tail all puffed up.

"What's that? What're you doing?" he says in a rush.

Johnny ignores him in favor of grabbing Taeyong's clothes from the closet.

"Johnny?" Taeyong asks with a voice laced with fear. "What's going on?"

"Well, I figured since you're coming along with me to my trip that I should pack your things too."


Johnny turns to Taeyong with a smile on his face. "I asked my boss if you could come along, and he said yes. If I finish my business early, he says I can get the rest of the week off too, so it's like a mini-vacation!"

"I'm going?" Taeyong asks, eyes wide and hopeful.

Johnny wraps his arms around Taeyong's waist. "You are."

Taeyong squeals as he jumps onto Johnny, legs wrapped around his waist. Johnny shares Taeyong's happiness and laughs along.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you," Taeyong whispers once the excitement dies down.

"It's okay. You know I like it when you're a little sulky," Johnny admits with a shy laugh. "I just didn't want to leave on my trip without us making up."

Taeyong chuckles. "You're the best, Johnny. I love you."

"I love you too, Taeyongie."

Johnny leans in, and Taeyong meets him halfway. Just as Johnny deepens the kiss, his stomach growls. Taeyong's laugh echoes in the room, but it's a wonderful sound. As much as Johnny loves a sulky Taeyong, a smiling and happy Taeyong is still the best.