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Dreams in Summer Night

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Lonely, useless, and undesirable. 


Those were the three words Na Jaemin has always labeled himself. As an omega, you’re supposed to be attractive, captivating, and desired by many alphas, but unfortunately, ever since Jaemin presented as an omega, he was never what an omega was expected to be.


Jaemin lived his teen years hiding away from the attention most omegas sought, purposely wearing his baggy clothes to school, walking around the halls with his shoulders dropped low, and only speaking when spoken to. 


There have been times where Jaemin wished he had the confidence to wear clothes that were in style, wear pretty makeup like all the other omegas, and go to house parties to mingle with the hottest alphas in his high school, but his self-conscious and low self-esteem prohibited him from being the omega he wanted to be. 


Therefore, he studied his ass off. 


To conceal his hurt feelings, he took extra college credits, joined after-school activities that helped with his scholarships, and studied every single night to ace all his exams to be able to achieve the one thing he wanted more than a mating bond. 


An acceptance letter to his dream school, Bridgeland University. 


The school in which it could make Jaemin feel proud and confident about himself despite not being the desired omega he was cruelly destined to be.



After graduation, Jaemin was quick to pack all his belongings, bidding his farewells to his two loving parents and the only friend he managed to keep, Donghyuck. They all shed tears for their dear omega, showering him with hugs and kisses before they sent him off with gifts that would be useful for his dorm room. 


“Don’t you dare forget about me” Donghyuck said with a pout, crossing his arms across his chest. 


“I won’t, you’re my only friend,” Jaemin said sullenly, unlocking his car to jump inside. 


Donghyuck whined, clinging on to his best friend who was already starting the car. “You’re going to call me every single day!” 


“Hyuck, I promise I’ll call or text if I’m not busy,” Jaemin said as he adjusted his seat. “I have the scholarship to sustain.” 


His friend only whined, it was going to be the first time since they’ve met in middle school that they were going to be apart. Jaemin was going to miss Donghyuck, he was the only friend that stuck with Jaemin and understood the younger. 


“Fine, but make sure you wear the outfits I bought for you,” Donghyuck backed away, rubbing his tears away. “I saw that Bridgeland has one of the best parties, so you, my friend, you will go to those parties and find yourself a nice alpha.” He winked playfully. 


Jaemin rolled his eyes cheekily, “I’m not there to find myself an alpha, Hyuck, I’m there to-” 


“Become a pediatrician, I know.” 


“Exactly,” Patting his friend’s cheeks. “But, I’ll make sure to go to a few just for you.” He smiled sweetly. 


Jaemin was aware that Donghyuck was only getting clingy because he was worried for him, his friend was always there for Jaemin and now that they won’t be together, Donghyuck was having trouble saying goodbye. 


“Let me know if anyone causes you trouble because I’ll steal my dad’s car and drive up there and beat their asses, I promise you that.” 


“I don’t doubt it.” 




“Jeno, now that you are here,” His father started, walking around the apartment complex. “You need to make sure that you comply with what I’ve asked you to do.” He stood still, facing his son, Jeno. 


Jeno nodded, “Of course father, it’s the least I could do for allowing me to study at Bridgeland.” 


“Great,” Jeno’s father smiled, patting his shoulder. “Now hurry and unpack before you’re late for your orientation.” 




“No, no, no, I’m so late!” 


Jaemin ran through the school’s garden interrupting the couples that walked alongside the significant statue that held Bridgeland’s pride, he was late for freshman orientation since his roommate Jungwoo was up all night talking on the phone. 


Really Na Jaemin? Is this who we are?  Jaemin thought, beating himself up as he sprinted down the green grass along with the campus. I can’t even get myself together on the first day…


The big buildings and center fountain that decorated the campus were only admired for a second through Jaemin’s peripheral vision, What a bummer, I can’t even enjoy the scenery, he whined. 


That wasn’t his greatest concern that morning, since he’s thinking about the stealthiest ways he can slip into orientation without drawing attention to himself. 



This is so embarrassing, I’m going to walk in breathing hard, they are going to look at me crazy, Jaemin pondered, unaware that he was already getting stared at as he sped inside the building with his hands all over his hair. 



What if I get kicked out for being a minute late? What if I’m stuck at the back of the classroom and can’t hear? What if there’s a stain on my t-shirt? What if---



His train of what if’s get interrupted by something which feels like a wall that knocked him out to the ground.


Upon further observation, it was definitely not a wall, but someone .


And suddenly, Jaemin is even more humiliated after realizing who he just bumped into. 




The rays from the sun were blocking Jaemin’s clear vision of the person who stood tall right above him, but Jaemin knew exactly the owner of that sweet and honey-like voice. 


A hand stretched out for Jaemin to hold on to, taking it reluctantly. 




Jeno? Why is he here?


“Wow, it’s great to know someone from high school is here!” The handsome male said, smiling ever so sweetly. 


Who knew a smile would bring back old feelings.


“I guess that happens when one applies…” Jaemin tried to jest, chuckling at his lame attempt of a joke, only resulting in an awkward silence between the two males.


“Were you heading to orientation?” Jeno said, clearing his throat as he changed the subject. 


“Um, yeah..” Jaemin fiddled with his fingers as he looked around nervously. “I’m sorry for bumping into you, I was rushing to get there…” He bit his bottom lip, a gesture he does when he’s anxious. 


The blonde male covered his mouth in an effort to hide his smile but failed miserably considering that his eyes gave it away. 


“What?” Jaemin pouted, another gesture he does when upset. 


“Have you heard of daylight savings?” 


Of course, daylight savings was out here saving everything but him and this situation.


Jaemin closed his eyes in annoyance and sighed deeply, the weight on his shoulders was lifted but now he had a different issue to bear. 


“My crappy alarm and I didn’t get the memo.”


“Looks like you need a cup of coffee,” Jeno suggested with a smile. “Would you like to come with me?” 


With you?


Jaemin hesitated at first, he couldn’t endure being with this beautiful human being for another hour. “I didn’t really bring cash with me…” He said, holding up his pen and notebook as evidence. 


“No worries,” Jeno dismissed. “It’s on me.” 


You’re only asking me because you haven’t met anyone else. 


“I suppose an iced coffee would be nice this morning.” 




The walk to the campus’ coffee shop was short and quiet, Jaemin’s heartbeat was seconds away from exploding, and his fist clenched by his side as he watched the man he yearned for years was ordering his coffee. 


Lee Jeno, the most desirable alpha in town. 


Perfect in many ways, delivering confidence everywhere he went and showing kindness to his peers no matter who they were. 


Not to mention his extremely good looks were greatly appreciated. 


Although Jeno and he were never close during his years of high school, the male was always so thoughtful and wholesome whenever they interacted. Jaemin admired that about him, he wasn’t like the rest of the teenage alphas that were heavily driven by their crazed hormones. 


“Alright, he’s your vanilla iced coffee with almond milk and a chocolate chip muffin.” Jeno reached out the items to the young male. 


Jaemin blinked in surprise, carefully grabbing his food. “How do you…” 


“You told me during our sophomore year that you can’t drink milk and that you like your coffee iced and sweet,” Jeno said nonchalantly, sipping on his hot coffee. “ And , you came in with a chocolate chip muffin to first period every Friday.” Jeno smiled, “That’s why you were always late on those days.” He raised his brow teasingly. 


He remembers.


“I wasn’t always late,” Jaemin mumbled under his breath, taking tiny sips of his favorite flavored coffee. 


“So when did you arrive?” Jeno asked, watching Jaemin carefully as they walked together to their orientation classroom. 


“Mmm maybe about two months ago? I left town the day after graduation.” 


Jeno looked at Jaemin in disbelief, choking on his coffee in the process. “Two months ago? Why so early?” 


The young male shrugged, he honestly didn’t know why he arrived so early. “I got bored.” He said kicking the pebbles on the way. “What about you?” 


“Around 7 am this morning.” He laughed, opening the door to the building for the both of them. “I’m guessing you know about the party that’s going on tonight since you’ve been here for a while now.” 


Are you trying to mock me?


Jaemin frowned, why would Jeno think he knows anything about a party if he never attended a single one when he was in high school. “No, not really.” 


It’s no surprise that Mr.Popular Lee has been invited to a party already.


“You should come,” 


“I’m okay, I’m having my own party in my room, eating leftover pizza.” Jaemin turned to face Jeno, flashing his pretty gummy smile at him. 


Jeno’s breath hitched, seeing that smile from up close was doing something to him. “You sure? It’ll be a lot of funnnn ” He elbowed the omega playfully. 


“I’ll see…” Jaemin whispered. 


Both males stood in line where the rest of the incoming freshmen stood, standing next to each other as they finished their small breakfast. 




“Hyuck, I can’t wear this.” Jaemin expressed, having his best friend on speaker. 


“Listen to me,” Donghyuck said. “You’re going to this party and you’re going to meet up with Jeno!” If his friend was there Jaemin would’ve been pushed out the door by now.  




“No! First, does your ass look nice?” His friend asked. 


Jaemin walked up to Jungwoo’s full-length mirror, turning to his side to check out his bum. Hm, it does look nice, like a peach. 


“Yes, I guess it does.” 


“Great! What about your waist? I got that outfit solely because I know it’ll accentuate your tiny waist.” 


The young male ran his palms to his chest and stomach until he reached his sides, feeling the curvature of his small waist that fit nicely with the lilac silk button-up he had on. I never knew I had such a body.  


“It fits perfectly.” 


“Then why are you fussing? You’re not in high school anymore! And Jeno, aka the guy you have liked since we were fifteen, had asked you to come!” 


Jaemin sighed, holding up the phone to his ear. “I’m just nervous,” 


“I promise you’ll be fine, even if nothing happens with Jeno, there’s plenty of other people you can mingle with or befriend!” His friend exclaimed. “I’m sad I won’t be there, but I know you will have a good time, just be careful.” 


“Of course I will, Hyuck.” Jaemin looked at the clock above the mirror, realizing it was time for him to make his way out. 


“I’ll get going, Hyuck.” He gave himself one last look before getting his matching bag. “I’ll call you when I can.” 




The sun was now setting, the waves were hitting the sand ever so softly, and the cool air from the beach was very much welcomed by everyone who attended the party. 


Jaemin sat far from the scene of all the alphas, omegas, and betas mingling with each other, he observed everyone from afar as he sipped on the delicate red wine admiring the vicinity.


“So you came after all,” The incoming stranger said from behind. “Was the leftover pizza not enough?” 




The older male settled on the empty beach chair next to Jaemin, facing the crashing waves. 


“The party was getting too much for me to handle.” He replied with a smile. “Wine?” Jaemin offered, holding up the bottle. 


Jeno held up the empty wine glass that was sitting next to Jaemin’s half-empty glass. “You knew I was going to drink wine with you, didn’t you?” The male teased, watching the omega pour the red drink. 


“No, not really. I just didn’t want others to think I came alone.” 


“If anything, they’d wish you came here alone,” Jeno said, taking a few sips of his wine as he looked out to the scenery in front. 


Jaemin stayed quiet, studying the older male’s features. His chiseled jawline, defined nose, and toned chest that’s slightly exposed from the shirt being unbuttoned at the top. 


“What do you mean?”


“A pretty omega walking into a party looking this lovely, everyone is going to wish they were single.” 


The omega looked at the alpha in shock, was he calling me pretty? 


“Why do you look so surprised?” Jeno tilted his head.


“Because you called me…” 




Jaemin nodded shyly, looking down at his glass, swirling the remaining delicacy around. 


“Are you only talking to me because you don’t know anyone?” The young one asked, averting Jeno’s strong gaze on him. 


“Partially,” Jeno started. “But I genuinely like talking to you, Jaemin.” 


Jaemin finally returned Jeno’s stare. Looking for any uncertainty from the older. 


“But I’m nothing special, you’re Lee Jeno, the most perfect guy in our town, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re considered perfect around here too.”


“And you’re Na Jaemin, the prettiest and smartest guy I have ever met.” He placed his hand on top of the omega’s hand, holding it tightly. “And I mean it, Jaemin.” 


Jaemin looked down on his lap where both of their hands were touching, a blush crept on his face as Jeno’s sweet voice echoed in his head. 


“Thank you.” He softly thanked him. 


“Now,” Jeno said, clasping his hands together. “What’s a party if we don’t dance?” He stood up, extending out his hand. 


Jaemin smiled, taking Jeno’s hand. “You’re totally right.” 




Jaemin had his long legs wrapped around Jeno’s waist, kissing the older male’s lips messily, being carried all the way to Jeno’s apartment complex. Luckily, the apartment was right across the beach. 


Jeno successfully unlocked his door and stumbled inside with the younger, giggling as they wobbled their way through the dim hallway.  


The alcohol in their system caused the two to be filled with lust and desire, their hands and lips feeling every inch of skin, and sinful moans that escaped. 


By the time they reached the spacious room, Jaemin wasted no time and tugged on the hem of Jeno’s shirt until it was off, the older male continued to spread wet kisses on his jawline as he pressed their groins together. 


With lips still intact, Jeno pulled Jaemin by the waist, walking backward until they both collapsed on the bed. Jaemin straddled the older male’s lap, both legs on each side of Jeno’s hips rubbing his hard-on slow and steady.


Jeno sat up and hugged the younger by the waist, holding him close to his chest whilst leaving soft pecks all over the omega’s face. Jaemin held Jeno’s face with both hands to admire the alpha’s appearance up close, caressing his pink dusted cheeks. 


“You have always been so beautiful to me, Na Jaemin,” Jeno said gently, looking up at the younger with such adoration in his eyes. The older male grazed his slim fingers to the hem of the button-up, slightly hovering over it, kissing Jaemin’s palms as a way to ask for permission.  


Once granted, Jeno slowly unbuttoned the shirt making sure he took note of Jaemin’s flawless skin. Jaemin wrapped his arms around Jeno’s neck, hiding his face in the crook of the alpha’s neck. 


Mahogany Wood. 


His silky shirt was halfway undone, landing delicately on his lap before Jeno dove in and savored his perked nipples. Jaemin threw his head back eliciting a loud moan, hugging the alpha’s head closer to his chest while his tongue worked wonders around his sensitive buds, flicking them back and forth before sucking them dry. 


At last, Jeno finally had the omega of his dreams wrapped around his sturdy arms, devouring the unblemished chest, and being able to kiss the omega he’s been eyeing these past few years. It was a wish come true kind of moment for him, never would he expected to be this close to Na Jaemin. 


The pretty, smart, and independent, Na Jaemin.




“J-jeno… J-jeno…” The younger chanted, his body shivering upon feeling Jeno’s nose rubbing against his neck. 


“Cotton candy?” Jeno asked, spooning Jaemin’s body as they were both turned sideways facing the vast window. 


“Bubble-gum…” He muttered out. 


Jeno continued to thrust inside the younger, his mind clouded from the delicious aroma the omega was emitting. His hands fondling Jaemin’s chest while he licked a long stripe along his neckline, “Jaemin, oh Jaemin” Jeno moaned, balls deep inside Jaemin’s warm hole. 


The omega held Jeno’s hands, interlacing them together as he arched his back to feel more of the alpha, resting his head on his chest. 


Their minds hazed from their intoxication and strong aroma around the apartment, wet sounds being heard through walls, and high pitch moans and low grunts indicating their release. 


Jaemin twisted his head, pulling Jeno in for a passionate kiss. Jeno holds Jaemin closer, pounding the younger continuously as he feels it coming. 

With hearts beating for each other, sharing a long and hot kiss. 


And with one last thrust, Jeno comes inside.