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Dreams in Summer Night

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Lonely, useless, and undesirable. 


Those were the three words Na Jaemin has always labeled himself. As an omega, you’re supposed to be attractive, captivating, and desired by many alphas, but unfortunately, ever since Jaemin presented as an omega, he was never what an omega was expected to be.


Jaemin lived his teen years hiding away from the attention most omegas sought, purposely wearing his baggy clothes to school, walking around the halls with his shoulders dropped low, and only speaking when spoken to. 


There have been times where Jaemin wished he had the confidence to wear clothes that were in style, wear pretty makeup like all the other omegas, and go to house parties to mingle with the hottest alphas in his high school, but his self-conscious and low self-esteem prohibited him from being the omega he wanted to be. 


Therefore, he studied his ass off. 


To conceal his hurt feelings, he took extra college credits, joined after-school activities that helped with his scholarships, and studied every single night to ace all his exams to be able to achieve the one thing he wanted more than a mating bond. 


An acceptance letter to his dream school, Bridgeland University. 


The school in which it could make Jaemin feel proud and confident about himself despite not being the desired omega he was cruelly destined to be.



After graduation, Jaemin was quick to pack all his belongings, bidding his farewells to his two loving parents and the only friend he managed to keep, Donghyuck. They all shed tears for their dear omega, showering him with hugs and kisses before they sent him off with gifts that would be useful for his dorm room. 


“Don’t you dare forget about me” Donghyuck said with a pout, crossing his arms across his chest. 


“I won’t, you’re my only friend,” Jaemin said sullenly, unlocking his car to jump inside. 


Donghyuck whined, clinging on to his best friend who was already starting the car. “You’re going to call me every single day!” 


“Hyuck, I promise I’ll call or text if I’m not busy,” Jaemin said as he adjusted his seat. “I have the scholarship to sustain.” 


His friend only whined, it was going to be the first time since they’ve met in middle school that they were going to be apart. Jaemin was going to miss Donghyuck, he was the only friend that stuck with Jaemin and understood the younger. 


“Fine, but make sure you wear the outfits I bought for you,” Donghyuck backed away, rubbing his tears away. “I saw that Bridgeland has one of the best parties, so you, my friend, you will go to those parties and find yourself a nice alpha.” He winked playfully. 


Jaemin rolled his eyes cheekily, “I’m not there to find myself an alpha, Hyuck, I’m there to-” 


“Become a pediatrician, I know.” 


“Exactly,” Patting his friend’s cheeks. “But, I’ll make sure to go to a few just for you.” He smiled sweetly. 


Jaemin was aware that Donghyuck was only getting clingy because he was worried for him, his friend was always there for Jaemin and now that they won’t be together, Donghyuck was having trouble saying goodbye. 


“Let me know if anyone causes you trouble because I’ll steal my dad’s car and drive up there and beat their asses, I promise you that.” 


“I don’t doubt it.” 




“Jeno, now that you are here,” His father started, walking around the apartment complex. “You need to make sure that you comply with what I’ve asked you to do.” He stood still, facing his son, Jeno. 


Jeno nodded, “Of course father, it’s the least I could do for allowing me to study at Bridgeland.” 


“Great,” Jeno’s father smiled, patting his shoulder. “Now hurry and unpack before you’re late for your orientation.” 




“No, no, no, I’m so late!” 


Jaemin ran through the school’s garden interrupting the couples that walked alongside the significant statue that held Bridgeland’s pride, he was late for freshman orientation since his roommate Jungwoo was up all night talking on the phone. 


Really Na Jaemin? Is this who we are?  Jaemin thought, beating himself up as he sprinted down the green grass along with the campus. I can’t even get myself together on the first day…


The big buildings and center fountain that decorated the campus were only admired for a second through Jaemin’s peripheral vision, What a bummer, I can’t even enjoy the scenery, he whined. 


That wasn’t his greatest concern that morning, since he’s thinking about the stealthiest ways he can slip into orientation without drawing attention to himself. 



This is so embarrassing, I’m going to walk in breathing hard, they are going to look at me crazy, Jaemin pondered, unaware that he was already getting stared at as he sped inside the building with his hands all over his hair. 



What if I get kicked out for being a minute late? What if I’m stuck at the back of the classroom and can’t hear? What if there’s a stain on my t-shirt? What if---



His train of what if’s get interrupted by something which feels like a wall that knocked him out to the ground.


Upon further observation, it was definitely not a wall, but someone .


And suddenly, Jaemin is even more humiliated after realizing who he just bumped into. 




The rays from the sun were blocking Jaemin’s clear vision of the person who stood tall right above him, but Jaemin knew exactly the owner of that sweet and honey-like voice. 


A hand stretched out for Jaemin to hold on to, taking it reluctantly. 




Jeno? Why is he here?


“Wow, it’s great to know someone from high school is here!” The handsome male said, smiling ever so sweetly. 


Who knew a smile would bring back old feelings.


“I guess that happens when one applies…” Jaemin tried to jest, chuckling at his lame attempt of a joke, only resulting in an awkward silence between the two males.


“Were you heading to orientation?” Jeno said, clearing his throat as he changed the subject. 


“Um, yeah..” Jaemin fiddled with his fingers as he looked around nervously. “I’m sorry for bumping into you, I was rushing to get there…” He bit his bottom lip, a gesture he does when he’s anxious. 


The blonde male covered his mouth in an effort to hide his smile but failed miserably considering that his eyes gave it away. 


“What?” Jaemin pouted, another gesture he does when upset. 


“Have you heard of daylight savings?” 


Of course, daylight savings was out here saving everything but him and this situation.


Jaemin closed his eyes in annoyance and sighed deeply, the weight on his shoulders was lifted but now he had a different issue to bear. 


“My crappy alarm and I didn’t get the memo.”


“Looks like you need a cup of coffee,” Jeno suggested with a smile. “Would you like to come with me?” 


With you?


Jaemin hesitated at first, he couldn’t endure being with this beautiful human being for another hour. “I didn’t really bring cash with me…” He said, holding up his pen and notebook as evidence. 


“No worries,” Jeno dismissed. “It’s on me.” 


You’re only asking me because you haven’t met anyone else. 


“I suppose an iced coffee would be nice this morning.” 




The walk to the campus’ coffee shop was short and quiet, Jaemin’s heartbeat was seconds away from exploding, and his fist clenched by his side as he watched the man he yearned for years was ordering his coffee. 


Lee Jeno, the most desirable alpha in town. 


Perfect in many ways, delivering confidence everywhere he went and showing kindness to his peers no matter who they were. 


Not to mention his extremely good looks were greatly appreciated. 


Although Jeno and he were never close during his years of high school, the male was always so thoughtful and wholesome whenever they interacted. Jaemin admired that about him, he wasn’t like the rest of the teenage alphas that were heavily driven by their crazed hormones. 


“Alright, he’s your vanilla iced coffee with almond milk and a chocolate chip muffin.” Jeno reached out the items to the young male. 


Jaemin blinked in surprise, carefully grabbing his food. “How do you…” 


“You told me during our sophomore year that you can’t drink milk and that you like your coffee iced and sweet,” Jeno said nonchalantly, sipping on his hot coffee. “ And , you came in with a chocolate chip muffin to first period every Friday.” Jeno smiled, “That’s why you were always late on those days.” He raised his brow teasingly. 


He remembers.


“I wasn’t always late,” Jaemin mumbled under his breath, taking tiny sips of his favorite flavored coffee. 


“So when did you arrive?” Jeno asked, watching Jaemin carefully as they walked together to their orientation classroom. 


“Mmm maybe about two months ago? I left town the day after graduation.” 


Jeno looked at Jaemin in disbelief, choking on his coffee in the process. “Two months ago? Why so early?” 


The young male shrugged, he honestly didn’t know why he arrived so early. “I got bored.” He said kicking the pebbles on the way. “What about you?” 


“Around 7 am this morning.” He laughed, opening the door to the building for the both of them. “I’m guessing you know about the party that’s going on tonight since you’ve been here for a while now.” 


Are you trying to mock me?


Jaemin frowned, why would Jeno think he knows anything about a party if he never attended a single one when he was in high school. “No, not really.” 


It’s no surprise that Mr.Popular Lee has been invited to a party already.


“You should come,” 


“I’m okay, I’m having my own party in my room, eating leftover pizza.” Jaemin turned to face Jeno, flashing his pretty gummy smile at him. 


Jeno’s breath hitched, seeing that smile from up close was doing something to him. “You sure? It’ll be a lot of funnnn ” He elbowed the omega playfully. 


“I’ll see…” Jaemin whispered. 


Both males stood in line where the rest of the incoming freshmen stood, standing next to each other as they finished their small breakfast. 




“Hyuck, I can’t wear this.” Jaemin expressed, having his best friend on speaker. 


“Listen to me,” Donghyuck said. “You’re going to this party and you’re going to meet up with Jeno!” If his friend was there Jaemin would’ve been pushed out the door by now.  




“No! First, does your ass look nice?” His friend asked. 


Jaemin walked up to Jungwoo’s full-length mirror, turning to his side to check out his bum. Hm, it does look nice, like a peach. 


“Yes, I guess it does.” 


“Great! What about your waist? I got that outfit solely because I know it’ll accentuate your tiny waist.” 


The young male ran his palms to his chest and stomach until he reached his sides, feeling the curvature of his small waist that fit nicely with the lilac silk button-up he had on. I never knew I had such a body.  


“It fits perfectly.” 


“Then why are you fussing? You’re not in high school anymore! And Jeno, aka the guy you have liked since we were fifteen, had asked you to come!” 


Jaemin sighed, holding up the phone to his ear. “I’m just nervous,” 


“I promise you’ll be fine, even if nothing happens with Jeno, there’s plenty of other people you can mingle with or befriend!” His friend exclaimed. “I’m sad I won’t be there, but I know you will have a good time, just be careful.” 


“Of course I will, Hyuck.” Jaemin looked at the clock above the mirror, realizing it was time for him to make his way out. 


“I’ll get going, Hyuck.” He gave himself one last look before getting his matching bag. “I’ll call you when I can.” 




The sun was now setting, the waves were hitting the sand ever so softly, and the cool air from the beach was very much welcomed by everyone who attended the party. 


Jaemin sat far from the scene of all the alphas, omegas, and betas mingling with each other, he observed everyone from afar as he sipped on the delicate red wine admiring the vicinity.


“So you came after all,” The incoming stranger said from behind. “Was the leftover pizza not enough?” 




The older male settled on the empty beach chair next to Jaemin, facing the crashing waves. 


“The party was getting too much for me to handle.” He replied with a smile. “Wine?” Jaemin offered, holding up the bottle. 


Jeno held up the empty wine glass that was sitting next to Jaemin’s half-empty glass. “You knew I was going to drink wine with you, didn’t you?” The male teased, watching the omega pour the red drink. 


“No, not really. I just didn’t want others to think I came alone.” 


“If anything, they’d wish you came here alone,” Jeno said, taking a few sips of his wine as he looked out to the scenery in front. 


Jaemin stayed quiet, studying the older male’s features. His chiseled jawline, defined nose, and toned chest that’s slightly exposed from the shirt being unbuttoned at the top. 


“What do you mean?”


“A pretty omega walking into a party looking this lovely, everyone is going to wish they were single.” 


The omega looked at the alpha in shock, was he calling me pretty? 


“Why do you look so surprised?” Jeno tilted his head.


“Because you called me…” 




Jaemin nodded shyly, looking down at his glass, swirling the remaining delicacy around. 


“Are you only talking to me because you don’t know anyone?” The young one asked, averting Jeno’s strong gaze on him. 


“Partially,” Jeno started. “But I genuinely like talking to you, Jaemin.” 


Jaemin finally returned Jeno’s stare. Looking for any uncertainty from the older. 


“But I’m nothing special, you’re Lee Jeno, the most perfect guy in our town, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re considered perfect around here too.”


“And you’re Na Jaemin, the prettiest and smartest guy I have ever met.” He placed his hand on top of the omega’s hand, holding it tightly. “And I mean it, Jaemin.” 


Jaemin looked down on his lap where both of their hands were touching, a blush crept on his face as Jeno’s sweet voice echoed in his head. 


“Thank you.” He softly thanked him. 


“Now,” Jeno said, clasping his hands together. “What’s a party if we don’t dance?” He stood up, extending out his hand. 


Jaemin smiled, taking Jeno’s hand. “You’re totally right.” 




Jaemin had his long legs wrapped around Jeno’s waist, kissing the older male’s lips messily, being carried all the way to Jeno’s apartment complex. Luckily, the apartment was right across the beach. 


Jeno successfully unlocked his door and stumbled inside with the younger, giggling as they wobbled their way through the dim hallway.  


The alcohol in their system caused the two to be filled with lust and desire, their hands and lips feeling every inch of skin, and sinful moans that escaped. 


By the time they reached the spacious room, Jaemin wasted no time and tugged on the hem of Jeno’s shirt until it was off, the older male continued to spread wet kisses on his jawline as he pressed their groins together. 


With lips still intact, Jeno pulled Jaemin by the waist, walking backward until they both collapsed on the bed. Jaemin straddled the older male’s lap, both legs on each side of Jeno’s hips rubbing his hard-on slow and steady.


Jeno sat up and hugged the younger by the waist, holding him close to his chest whilst leaving soft pecks all over the omega’s face. Jaemin held Jeno’s face with both hands to admire the alpha’s appearance up close, caressing his pink dusted cheeks. 


“You have always been so beautiful to me, Na Jaemin,” Jeno said gently, looking up at the younger with such adoration in his eyes. The older male grazed his slim fingers to the hem of the button-up, slightly hovering over it, kissing Jaemin’s palms as a way to ask for permission.  


Once granted, Jeno slowly unbuttoned the shirt making sure he took note of Jaemin’s flawless skin. Jaemin wrapped his arms around Jeno’s neck, hiding his face in the crook of the alpha’s neck. 


Mahogany Wood. 


His silky shirt was halfway undone, landing delicately on his lap before Jeno dove in and savored his perked nipples. Jaemin threw his head back eliciting a loud moan, hugging the alpha’s head closer to his chest while his tongue worked wonders around his sensitive buds, flicking them back and forth before sucking them dry. 


At last, Jeno finally had the omega of his dreams wrapped around his sturdy arms, devouring the unblemished chest, and being able to kiss the omega he’s been eyeing these past few years. It was a wish come true kind of moment for him, never would he expected to be this close to Na Jaemin. 


The pretty, smart, and independent, Na Jaemin.




“J-jeno… J-jeno…” The younger chanted, his body shivering upon feeling Jeno’s nose rubbing against his neck. 


“Cotton candy?” Jeno asked, spooning Jaemin’s body as they were both turned sideways facing the vast window. 


“Bubble-gum…” He muttered out. 


Jeno continued to thrust inside the younger, his mind clouded from the delicious aroma the omega was emitting. His hands fondling Jaemin’s chest while he licked a long stripe along his neckline, “Jaemin, oh Jaemin” Jeno moaned, balls deep inside Jaemin’s warm hole. 


The omega held Jeno’s hands, interlacing them together as he arched his back to feel more of the alpha, resting his head on his chest. 


Their minds hazed from their intoxication and strong aroma around the apartment, wet sounds being heard through walls, and high pitch moans and low grunts indicating their release. 


Jaemin twisted his head, pulling Jeno in for a passionate kiss. Jeno holds Jaemin closer, pounding the younger continuously as he feels it coming. 

With hearts beating for each other, sharing a long and hot kiss. 


And with one last thrust, Jeno comes inside. 

Chapter Text

Jeno woke up early the next morning due to his blaring alarm, reminding him of the busy day he will be having. 


6:00 A.M


His massive headache from the long night of drinking was catching up to him, he sat up and rubbed his temples to ease the excruciating ache. Right as he was about to hop out of bed to jump in the shower, a soft giggle from underneath his white sheets was perceived. 


Ah, Jaemin…


The alpha smiled fondly, removing the sheets further down to his waist as he observed the omega sleeping soundly, looking serene in his slumber with a slight smile on his face, Jeno wanted to hold the young one in his arms for a few more hours, but the irritating voice of his father echoed in his head. 


So he decided to plant a soft peck on Jaemin’s close eyelid instead. 


After his quick shower, Jeno walked in on the omega still sleeping, but this time his petite body was sprawled out in his bed, drool spilling from the corners of his mouth and hair fanned out on his pillows. Jeno wanted to take a picture and have it saved in his phone forever since the young male looked so adorable just sleeping comfortably as if he was in his own bed. 


Jeno grabbed his belongings right after he rummaged through his desk to find a piece of paper and pen to write Jaemin a short letter. 


After finding the right words, he left the folded letter right by Jaemin’s phone so he could see it the moment he wakes up. 


Good morning Jaemin! Sorry I had to leave without saying goodbye, I would have loved to stay in with you especially since you look so funny drooling all over my pillows. Here’s my number, please call or text if you’d like to meet again for some brunch someday. Bye, have a great day. 






It had been exactly three weeks since Jaemin’s escapade with Jeno and one week since Jaemin had been feeling a little under the weather. 


Ever since his classes started, Jaemin would wake up feeling nauseous and lightheaded, body too weak to even walk to his classes that were nearby, it was impossible to show a nice first impression to his professors and classmates that awful week. Jaemin found it odd, he was usually a morning person, but lately, he just wanted to stay in. 


And it was beginning to concern him. 


After finishing the last class of the week, Jaemin ran to the residence hall, pushing people out of the way to get to his room. The moment he stepped inside he threw his book bag on the floor and dashed to the toilet, ignoring his roommate’s greet. 


The omega puked his breakfast in the toilet, his eyes filled with tears as he heaved, clinging on to the toilet bowl. 


“Are you okay?” His roommate Jungwoo asked worriedly. 


Jaemin was too busy spewing the last bit of his stomach bowl to answer the tall male. 


“Here, take some water.” Jungwoo offered, crouching down next to Jaemin’s weak body. The young male took the water bottle, taking tiny sips of the cold liquid with a shaky hand. 


“I think I caught some sort of stomach bug.” Jaemin smiled faintly. 


Jungwoo tilted his head and furrowed his eyebrows at the young roommate, soothing his back in the process. “Are you sure? You’ve been looking a little sick for a week now.” He said softly, not wanting to offend the young one. 


Jaemin didn’t question nor disagree with his statement, he had been feeling weird and he’s sure that it had nothing to do with food since he was the one that’s been cooking. 


“I don’t know, I just feel weak and I’m not usually like this at all.” He pouted. Jaemin got up and sat on the edge of the bathtub. 


“Jaemin…” The older omega spoke. 




“I don’t mean to be intrusive or anything, but were you practicing safe sex with your partner?” 


The young omega looked stunned, how does he know? He was speechless, did Jeno tell someone? So many thoughts were running through his mind. 


“You’re not that quiet when you’re on the phone Jaemin,” Jungwoo clarified. “You told your friend I’m guessing.” 


Right, I called Donghyuck the day after it happened. 


“Oh… Well... ” Jaemin was fidgeting with his fingers, looking down at his lap. “We were both drunk and things just escalated, I wanted to have sex, I know I did but I guess we were both too drunk to realize- ” He began to choke on his own words, panic rising. 


“Hey, it’s okay, everything will be okay Jaemin…” Jungwoo hugged the sobbing male, he felt helpless seeing Jaemin in that state.


After a few minutes of his sobbing session, Jaemin looked up at his roommate with red eyes and quivering lips. “How do I know it’s certain? Is there a test I can take right now?” Jaemin asked desperately. 


Jungwoo nodded with a soft smile, “There is, actually.” He stood up, holding Jaemin up. “I have a pregnancy test in my drawer, it’s usually for emergencies.” He says, “And this seems to be the right time to use it.” 






“So what now…” Jaemin’s voice was shaky, everything seemed to be crumbling down little by little. 


“I mean, there’s always a second option-” 


“No!” Jaemin shouted at his roommate.


  How could he suggest that? 


“I’m sorry, I just don’t think that option is right for me…” Jaemin shook his head, wiping his teary eyes. 


“To each their own,” Jungwoo said. “But, I do think your partner has the right to know at least.” 


There’s no way.


“I can’t…” 


“Yes you can,” The older male stood tall, hovering over the young male who was sitting in the couch. “Call him.” He said, handing Jaemin’s phone out to him. 






Jaemin woke up late the next morning, anxiousness building up as soon as he got up, replaying the conversation he had with Jeno the night before. The deep yet gentle voice still lingering in his head as he softly explained why he needed to meet with Jeno as soon as possible. 


The omega was thankful that Jeno was understanding for interrupting his Friday night, he patiently waited for Jaemin to speak letting him know that it was okay and to take his time there was no rush. 


After explaining to the alpha it was best to speak in person, they ended their call with a time and place. 


Now, it was time for Jaemin to get himself dressed and meet with the older male. Worry and fear took over his body as he looked for a decent outfit to wear, after all, it was the first time seeing Jeno after their special night together.  


By the time Jaemin was done, he sent Jeno a quick text to remind him of their meeting and went off to the cafe shop near the school’s main building. 


Jaemin walked to the shop with slow steps, he was tired, sick, and ultimately he was nervous. Thinking of ways on how to break the news to the alpha that they had made a mistake the night they got together. 


A mistake that’s going to carry them for the rest of their life. 


The young male was minutes away from the cafe, he was so close that he could smell the fresh muffins and cookies being baked and the strong scent of coffee being brewed. Students walking past Jaemin with books and notebooks in their hands, couples strolling hand in hand, and a group of friends sharing their enjoyments together. 


Right when Jaemin was about to take a step inside the busy shop, a familiar head caught his attention immediately. 




Jaemin spotted the older male in the back of the shop, his back facing away from the omega. 


Who is that?


Jeno had his arms wrapped around someone’s waist, an omega it seemed by the look of their pretty physique. The beautiful lady has her arms locked around the alpha’s neck, pulling him closer to her until their noses meet, giving each other butterfly kisses. 


He’s seeing someone?


Jaemin’s eyes started to prickle, an intense flood of emotions running through his body and mind. He hated this feeling, his gut-churning in discomfort, and his heart accelerating from the immense hurt he was feeling. 


He kissed her. 


He stumbled back. 


He’s caressed her cheeks.


He feels dizzy. 


He lied to me.


He ran out. 


He must be in love.






It was a hard decision to make. 


To block Jeno’s number, to transfer back to a community college back home, and to change his whole life plan in order to accommodate his new journey. 


Despite the disappointment in his parent's faces when they saw their son with a tiny bulge in his stomach and swollen eyes, they still welcomed him into their home with open arms. 


“Mistakes happen, baby, we just have to learn from it and work harder now.” 


“Life is unexpected, but I know my son is strong and smart, you will get through this with our support.”


Jaemin’s parents were very supportive and kind throughout the course of his pregnancy, they loved and cherished their son, so seeing their only child go through pain emotionally and physically pained them.


Although Jaemin was being supported by his family and friends, it still wasn’t easy for him. He wasn’t sure if it was the typical omega instinct, but he missed Jeno so much that it pained him.


He wanted to be held and taken care of by the alpha, to cuddle with him as they plan their life together with their child, but he knew it was impossible. 


Jeno was blocked from everything, he refused to let the older male know about the situation that he even begged and pleaded Jungwoo that if anyone asked for him, to let them know he transferred to a different school for no reason. 


He was positive that Jeno wouldn’t care. 


As time went by, Jaemin continued his education at the local community college that Donghyuck was also attending. Deciding to change his major and become a teacher which Jaemin didn’t mind since he would still be working with kids. 


There he met Renjun, a friend that Donghyuck had met in one of his college classes and was also majoring in education. Both friends helped Jaemin in his worst months of pain, school work that he missed, and during his week of labor. 


In spite of all, a beautiful baby boy was born. 


“His name will be Jisung.” Jaemin said weakly, smiling prettily at his newborn. 


The omega held his baby close to his chest, playing with his little fingers as the baby slept peacefully. Jaemin admired his baby from up close, tracing his slender finger across his face carefully. 


He has Jeno’s nose…


Jisung started to open his eyes slowly, blinking multiple times to get used to the environment and it warmed everyone’s hearts as they all cooed. 


Everyone rushing to get a glimpse of the baby, but Jisung’s focus seemed to only be on the one that’s holding him sweetly. 


“Hi baby, it’s me love.” Jaemin whispered. 


The baby looked at Jaemin with fond eyes before puffing his cheeks which made everybody laugh. He then started to smile, causing his eyes turn into half moons. 


His eyesmile…


Jaemin then began to cry, how he wished to share this moment with Jeno.

Chapter Text

October 3rd, 2002.


Jisung was only eight months old when he learned how to walk, and it was a memory Jaemin would cherish forever. 


It was a stressful morning for Jaemin that day, he had just taken an exam in one of his hardest classes, biology, and the omega was just ready to go home and cuddle with his baby. Usually, Jaemin would take his son to his classes since he wasn’t much of a distraction and his professors loved his baby, but that morning he had asked his parents to take care of Jisung while he took his exam. 


Walking out the college building, he saw both his parents crouched down with his son as they danced with him, Jaemin’s headache seemed to fade away at the lovely sight of his baby shaking his little bum with his grandparents. 




Jaemin shouted, despite being tired from the long exam he had taken. He walked towards them but stopped in his tracks when he noticed Jisung tugging his hand away from his mom to be let go. 


Within seconds, Jisung was free. 


All three adults ran to catch Jisung from falling, but when they saw the little boy walk to his daddy with a huge smile and wobbly steps their hearts melted. 


“He’s walking!” His mom shouted happily.


“Jisung, look at you go!” His dad cheered Jisung on.


Jaemin kneeled down with tears in his eyes, arms outstretched to embrace his baby who was eagerly walking to get to his favorite person in the world. 


“You got this baby, three more steps!”


At last, Jisung was at arm's length and the omega quickly scooped him up in a hug to give him kisses all over his face. 


“You’re the best baby in the world! My smart and handsome baby!” 






December 20th, 2002. 


“I’m never going on dates ever again!” 


Donghyuck sighed dramatically as he flopped himself on the couch with a bottle of cheap beer. 


It was Saturday night, and those nights were reserved only for the trio to have for themselves as they wallowed in their own sadness with romance movies and big tubs of ice cream. 


“Hey! Don’t get my couch dirty with your beer!” Jaemin nagged, it was his Saturday to host their fun event at his small apartment. 


“Geez, sorry I can’t be sad with my beer!” 


Jaemin rolled his eyes, listening to his best friend complain about the shitty alpha he went on a date with again as he prepared Jisung’s warm milk before he could put him to sleep. 


“Nana! What’s the channel A Walk To Remember will be playing on?” Renjun shouted from the living room.


“Na… Na…” 


Jaemin had stopped pouring the warm milk into the bottle, turning his head slowly towards where he left Jisung in his chair. 


“Hello??? Nana!!! It’s almost seven!!!” Donghyuck yelled. 


“Nana…” Jisung repeated, smiling innocently at his daddy. 


“Guys… I think Sungie just said his first word…” Jaemin said loudly, causing both boys to run to the kitchen. 




Jaemin pointed at his baby, frozen in his spot as he was too shocked. 


“Nana!” Jisung clapped excitedly, giggling as he pointed back to Jaemin. 


Both Renjun and Donghyuck jumped happily, hugging Jisung and shaking Jaemin back to reality. “Nana! He said your nickname!” Renjun said, ruffling his hair to bring him back. 


Jaemin then joined his friends in a big group hug as they all cried happily, listening to baby Jisung chant his name happily in the background.


“Nana! Nana!” 






February 5th 2003.


“Happy birthday, Jisung!” 


The little birthday boy was surrounded with gifts, cake, and family that were all there to celebrate his first birthday. Jaemin’s parents went all out for the event as they volunteered to host the party at their house, decorating the place to fit the theme of Jisung’s favorite cartoon, Rugrats


Jaemin held his baby from behind, smiling at everyone who took out their camcorders to record the baby’s first bite from his cake. 


“Okay Sungie, just blow out the candle like this,” Jaemin blew air at his face to demonstrate. “Your turn baby!” He said, leaning closely to the cake where the candle was lit.


Everybody cooed at the birthday boy who struggled to blow out the candle, even with the help of his daddy. After multiple tries, Jisung cried from frustration and turned to Jaemin to cling on. 


“Sungie, don’t cry baby! Look, daddy will help.” 


Jisung climbed on Jaemin, wrapping his tiny arms around his neck to cry on his shoulders. The omega propped his baby and began to rock him as he blew out the candle for him, his family clapping and cheering baby Jisung up despite him continuing to cry. 


“Oh dear! My big boy needs his grandpa!” Jaemin’s dad pouted, stretching his arms out to reach for his grandson. 


“I got it from here, son.” Jaemin’s dad reassured, carrying Jisung in his arms. “You go ahead and talk with your friends and family.” He smiled kindly. 


Jaemin kissed his dad’s cheek and Jisung, nodding in agreement. “Thank you daddy, I love you.” 


It was little moments like this where Jaemin thought he couldn’t handle being a single parent, seeing his dad take a giggling Jisung away from him made Jaemin feel like he was doing something wrong.


I couldn’t make him stop crying, but my dad could in an instant...


When Jaemin is lost in his thoughts, he starts wondering how things would’ve been different if only Jisung’s father was there to help him out rather than Jaemin’s dad. 






May 9th, 2005.


Jisung woke up in the middle of the night due to the sound of his dad crying in the kitchen. Their one bedroom apartment was small, so the kitchen was close enough for Jisung to hear from the bedroom. 


It wasn’t foreign for Jisung to hear his dad cry in the middle of the night, and even though he was too young to understand why, he was able to know that those tears weren’t happy tears. 


He took his soft scooby-doo blanket and wrapped it around his tiny body as he got off the bed, he walked towards the kitchen quietly. Jisung watched his dad cry on the kitchen table with his arms covering his face, books and papers scattered all over the table. 




Jaemin quickly perked up and wiped his tears away, smiling weakly at his baby. “Sungie? Baby, you need to sleep.” His voice strained. 


“Daddy was crying again,” Jisung rubbed his eyes, yawning as he spoke. “I don’t like hearing daddy cry…” 


The omega couldn’t help but cry, seeing his son look so worried for him broke his heart. That was the last thing he wanted, Jisung being worried at a young age.


Going through college while being a single parent wasn’t easy, having to work extra shifts after his classes were over then coming back home late with only an hour to interact with his baby before he stays up all night to study. 


It was hard. 


That night, Jaemin was up studying for his final exam to get his certification to become a teacher, his last year of college was coming to an end therefore he studied like there’s no tomorrow when suddenly, a faint memory from high school had him slumped in his chair.


“Hey, you dropped your pencil.” 


Jeno picked his pencil up from the floor despite the hallway being crowded. 


“Thank you…” 


“Good luck on your exam, Jaemin.”


Jeno smiled at the young omega even though he had his messy hair all over the place, crust in his eyes from waking up late, and his pants were wrinkled. That simple good luck helped Jaemin throughout exam week in high school, helping him pass his classes. 


Jaemin could still hear Jeno’s voice vividly. 


It’s been a few years, but the thoughts of Jeno fill his mind every day, hurting him more each time he breaks down wishing to be next to him. Maybe it was the fact that he’s the father of his child that Jaemin gets emotional and wants to be near him, but maybe it was because deep down he had created this fairytale in his head that one day Jeno will find his way to them. 


That night, Jisung was the one that comforted a sobbing Jaemin. 






July 17th, 2007. 


Jaemin held Jisung’s hand as they walked to a big playground near the gated community homes. The omega was invited by Renjun the week before to meet his older brother who had just moved in from China, explaining to Jaemin that his older brother had a five year old son as well. 


“Jaemin! You made it!” Renjun shouted from the bench where he sat with two other males. 


Jisung hid from behind, walking closely to Jaemin as he was nervous to meet new people. 


“Hey Renjun!” Jaemin greeted the older beta. 


“Jaem, this is my older brother Kun, he's insanely rich.” Renjun introduced. 


Kun was tall, polite and very handsome, he looked exactly how Renjun described before. 


“I’ve noticed,” Jaemin said as he looked around the huge playground. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Na Jaemin.” 


“I’ve heard a lot from you, thank you for being so kind and patient with my little brother, I know he can be a handful.” He laughed, ruffling Renjun’s hair. “And this is Ten, my husband.” 


Ten was shorter, but was very attractive, he carried himself so well that it was intimidating. 


“Hello, nice to meet you.” He said quickly. Jaemin was sure there was tension between Kun and Ten, but it wasn’t his place to judge. 


“Chenle! Get over here!” Kun shouted towards the playground. 


A smaller boy came running down with a stick in his hand, he had mulch stains all over his nice blue denim jeans and sweat dripping from his hair. 


“My goodness, Lele! Didn’t I tell you to not get your jeans dirty!” Kun crouched down and patted him down to remove the dirt from him, the little boy smiling while panting from all the running he was doing. 


“Stop yelling at him, he’s just a kid.” Ten said, pinching Chenle’s cheeks. 


Jaemin looked down at his son who was still hugging him from the side. “Jisung look, another kid your age!” He whispered. 


Jisung hugged him closer, shaking his head. 


“You must be Jisung, right?” Kun approached carefully, holding Chenle’s hand. 


The little boy nodded timidly. 


“Well Jisung, this is my son Chenle,” He shook his son’s hand. “Say hello Chenle.” 


Chenle’s smile grew even bigger. “Hi! I’m Chenle, do you like Star Wars ?!” 


Jisung shook his head quietly. 


“I can tell you more about it next time, but right now I have to fight some bad guys, let’s go!” He grabbed Jisung’s hand and started to run with him, Jisung kept turning his head back at Jaemin as if asking for approval and when he got a thumbs up, he started to shout and scream along with Chenle.  






August 21st, 2007. 


It was Jisung’s first day of school, so Jaemin made sure his son came to school with the cutest outfit and haircut, afterall he was Jaemin’s son. 


Jaemin remembers Jisung crying up a storm in the classroom, upset that his daddy wasn’t going to be in there with him. 


“Sungie, I’m right next door sweetie! You’ll get to see me every day baby!” Jaemin tried to calm his sobbing kid. “Look, Chenle is in your class!” He points out, but it was no use for the kid, he clung to his daddy’s cardigan begging him to stay. 


“Daddy I don’t want to be here!” Jisung pleaded through his runny nose and watery eyes, he didn’t care if other students were there. 


“You have to, honey.” Jaemin wiped his tears away with his cardigan, “Daddy wants his son to be smart!” He smiles, hugging the little boy who started to control his weeps. 


Jisung nodded slowly, sniffling and wiping his snot away. “Okay…” 


Jaemin then softly patted his back and watched him walk to his cubby with the big blue backpack that made him look even tinier. The omega’s eyes began to tear up as he saw other kids introduce themselves to his son, it was hard having Jisung open up so watching him interact with other students his age made Jaemin feel happy. 







February 14th, 2008. 


Nothing beats more than a heartfelt letter from someone you love dearly, so when Jaemin received a cute drawing and letter from his son for Valentine’s Day, he almost bawled into tears right there and then. 


Jaemin had been looking forward to the night since he had been invited to go on a fancy date with an alpha he met through Renjun, but that morning he received a text stating that his Valentine’s date was no longer interested in the date. 


It hurt the omega, he was ready to meet and mingle with different people to settle down with but each time it was a disappointment. 


He tried his best to not show his emotions to his son, but when Jisung came running to him right after school with a huge smile on his face and a pink letter with a drawing of him and his daddy holding hands, it made everything come crashing down. 


The omega read his letter carefully, tears of joy as he read each word carefully. 


Daddy happy valentines day! I love you because daddy is pretty and strong! Daddy has Sungie forever.

Chapter Text

“Jisung looked very happy when you bought him those Converse.” 


“He deserves it.” 


Jaemin and Renjun were taking a small lunch break at the mall’s food court while Chenle and Jisung sat close by with their milkshakes. 


“All this school shopping is making my wallet hurt.” Jaemin laughs half-heartedly. 


“Jisung is only getting older, which means he’s going to want more things,” Renjun adds on. 


Jaemin sighs, resting his cheek on his palm as he watches Jisung sip the remaining bits of his small vanilla milkshake. 


“I’m not worried about that, I’ve taught him how to appreciate the things he’s got.” 


“Wish I could say the same thing about this kid.” Renjun whispers, using his eyebrows to point at Chenle who was drinking a large cookie and cream milkshake. 


Jaemin snorts at the statement, “Don’t be mean Renjun, he’s only a child.” 


“I guess,” He answers, twirling the pasta around with his fork. “I’m just glad he’s got me as an uncle to teach him things.” 


Jaemin nods, taking a sip of his Sprite. 


“Speaking of teaching,” Renjun starts. “Have you heard about the new transferred teachers?” 


“The ones that are coming from that high-ranking private school?” Jaemin questions.


“That’s right, I heard the teachers are really good, the students all seem to have nice scores on the state exams.”  


Jaemin’s eyebrow shot up in interest, he was aware that the school district he works for was undergoing some changes but he didn’t think it would be serious enough to transfer teachers to teach there. 


“Wow, the school district is serious about this,” Jaemin says shockingly. “Do you know how many?” 


“I heard there were about five of them.” Renjun answers. “Also heard one of them was really handsome.” He winks.


“Oh no, we are not doing this again.” Jaemin shakes his head, but that didn’t stop Renjun from whining. 


“Come on! It’s been so long since we’ve had a cute teacher work there, we have to meet him.”


Jaemin jokingly puffs out his cheeks, “Well, we are going to meet him either way, he’s going to be working with us.”  





“What’s wrong Lele?” 


Jisung has been noticing Chenle’s sad expressions since they got to the mall, his usual laugh and energetic mood was replaced with a frown. 


Chenle looks down at his lap, playing with the buttons of his jean jacket. 


“My daddy…” The little boy whispers. 


Jisung tilts his head questioningly, leaning closer to his friend to hear him better. 


“What about your daddy?” 


“I met his boyfriend…” He looks up at Jisung with a sad expression. “I really like him, Jisung.” 


Jisung knew about Chenle’s parents getting divorced two years ago, he didn’t understand why Ten wasn’t there making pancakes in the morning for the both of them every time he spent the night. 


Jisung thought it was because he was gone for a vacation until his daddy Jaemin explained what was going on. 


“Then why are you sad?” 


“What if I like him more than my dad?” Chenle chokes on his own words, “What if daddy’s new boyfriend becomes my new dad? Won’t my dad be upset?” 


Jisung stayed quiet, biting his bottom lip nervously. 


“I don’t think uncle Kun will be sad..” 


The young boy tried his best to comfort his friend, but how was he supposed to comfort someone about a topic like that? He’s never met his second parent and every time he brought it up to his daddy, his daddy would avoid it like the plague. 


“I just wish daddy still loved my dad sometimes.” 


The silence between them became uncomfortable, so instead, they continued to drink their milkshake quietly, smiling at each other once in a while. 





It was the morning of Meet the Teachers and Jaemin was overly excited to start the new school year. The omega wore his fitted denim blue jeans, his baby blue vans, and a light white crew neck that he got as a gift from his mom. 


“Are you ready, Sungie?” 


“Yes!” Jisung shouts from upstairs that it echoes around their new two-story house. 


Jisung comes tumbling down as he tries putting on his socks, his hair messy from waking up late. 


“Sweetie, we can’t be late like this when school starts.” Jaemin puts a hand on his hip as he scolds his kid. 


“Yes, daddy..” Jisung looks down, walking towards Jaemin to give him a morning kiss on the cheek. 


“Alright, now let’s go.” 





The first session of Meet the Teachers went by quickly, the younger grade levels such as kinder through second grade were the first batch to meet their teacher while the second session was for the older kids such as third grade through fifth grade. 


Jaemin got to meet his kindergarten class, boys and girls with bright smiles and cute voices as they met their teacher. 


“Hi cupcake, I am Mr.Na, your teacher.” Jaemin would greet all his students with a sweet smile. 


“Wow, you’re so pretty…”


“I like Mr.Na!” 


“Mr.Na do you have a husband?” 


The omega laughs at their curiosity, kids are full of love and eagerness that it makes Jaemin’s heart swell. He loves his job, he’s been teaching kindergartners for three years now and he wouldn’t change it for the world. 


It takes a patient person to be able to play and teach a young child, to love and appreciate someone else’s kid and that’s what Jaemin was good at.


“Mr.Na, how are you?” The principal asks as she walks inside the colorfully decorated classroom. 


“I’m doing well, Ms. Bae, how are you?” Jaemin responds as he hangs the last poster on the wall. 


“That’s great to hear, I’m doing great as well.” She states, walking further inside the classroom, examining the posters. “I stopped by to talk to you about one of your students actually.” 


Jaemin turns to face his principal, giving her his full attention. “Which student?” 


“Jung Sungchan.” 


The omega goes down the list of his students and realizes that only one student didn’t show up to meet him yet. 


“Ah yes, he was the only one I didn’t get to meet.” 


Ms.Bae sits on the tiny purple chair, resting her legs from walking around the school to welcome the parents. 


“Well, he’s one of our students that’s under the foster care system and his foster parents couldn’t make it.” She sighs, “I got to meet him and he’s a very sweet child, he just went through a lot the past couple of months before entering the system.” 


Jaemin’s heart broke upon hearing Ms.Bae’s words, he couldn’t imagine how the young child must’ve felt during those times. The omega has been kind to every student he’s had, he wouldn’t dare neglect a child’s love. 


“Wow, that breaks my heart…” Jaemin responds sadly, “I’ll make sure to treat him with so much love.” He smiles. 


“I believe you, Mr.Na, that is why I chose you to be nominated as teacher of the year this year.” 


Jaemin gasps, “Me? Nominated? ” 


“Of course, you’re one of our best teachers here.” 


The principal stands, giving Jaemin a warm smile before leaving the classroom. 





Jaemin walks down the third-grade hallway, a faint scent of Mahogany Wood piques his interest, the smell was very familiar for the omega, but he brushes it off as he makes way to the art room to meet Renjun. 




Renjun exclaims loudly the moment Jaemin walks inside the big art room. 




“You wouldn’t believe the DILF I just saw!” 


Jaemin chokes on his own saliva, hitting his chest to control the eruption of coughs he was doing. “Renjun you can’t just say that!” 


“Yes I can, all the parents and students are outside having ice cream before the second session starts.” He reasons out, “Now listen to me!” 




“His name is Lucas, he’s an alpha, super tall and handsome, single, with a kid, and he’s a basketball coach at a university.” 


“Okay?...” Jaemin says quietly, looking at his small friend go insane. 


Okay? Is that all you can say? This guy could be my damn husband!” 


The omega sneers, rolling his eyes in disbelief. 


“You’re hanging out with Hyuck a little too much, when have you ever been this desperate for someone?” 


“Since today.” 


The announcement for the second session of Meet the Teachers had started, meaning it was time to pick up Jisung from the playground outside the school so he could meet his third grade homeroom teacher. 


Jaemin was excited to meet the new teacher, he’s heard lots of great things about the guy. 


From what he heard was that the guy was one of the few transfers and that he was teaching in order to move up and be a  principal one day. 


How ambitious. 


The omega thought. 




“Are you excited?” Jaemin asks, walking hand in hand with his son. 


“Yes! I’m just sad that Lele is with another teacher.” Jisung frowns. 


The omega giggles at his son’s cute pout, pinching his cheeks as they get closer to the classroom, room 210 with Mr.Lee. 


The oddly familiar smell was becoming stronger each step he took, and he kept thinking where he had smelled that nice scent before. It was an aroma that made him feel both warm and cold. 


When he walks inside the classroom, he sees many kids with parents greeting the teacher. Jaemin could only see the back side of the male, but he could tell that he was handsome and fit, just like he imagined. 


Jaemin then turns to his son who was hiding behind him.  


“What’s wrong, Sungie?” 


Jisung shakes his head, not wanting to go inside the classroom anymore and Jaemin wonders what had changed his mind. The omega crouches down to meet eye level with his son.


“I don’t like this class anymore, daddy…” Jisung says softly, looking across the classroom where three other kids talked loudly to each other. 


Right when Jaemin was going to turn his head to where Jisung was looking, a nice pair of dress shoes interrupted him from doing so. 


Jaemin slowly looks up, his eyes observing the long legs that stood in front. The tucked-in white button-up made his figure more noticeable, his eyes finally went all the way to the male’s chiseled jawline and cute eye smile. 




“Na Jaemin?”

Chapter Text

“Na Jaemin?”


Jaemin jumps at the voice, feeling a sudden rush of cold strike him as stands right back up. 


“Jaemin.” The male took a short pause. “It truly is you.” He ends with a whisper. 


“Jeno…” The omega blinks, frozen in his spot with Jisung peeking from behind him. 


The silence between them was thick and noticeable with Jeno scanning Jaemin from head to toe as he took in the omega’s beauty. Wow the alpha thought. 


Jeno’s smile grew wider that it reached his eyes, creating Jaemin’s favorite moon shape. “I didn’t think I’d see you again!” He pronounces happily, extending his arms out for a hug. 


Jaemin flutters his eyes dumbly as he stares at Jeno’s inviting hug. “Y-yeah, it’s been long.” He awkwardly gives Jeno a one arm hug. 


The alpha closes his eyes delightfully as he engulfs the omega in a tight hug with both arms, taking his time to relish the omega’s sweet scent, afterall he missed his aroma after all those years. 


Jeno lets go, smiling softly at the younger male. “I am so happy to see you again, Na Jaemin.” 


A feeling of heat rushed through his cheeks, making them rosy pink. 


“I, uh-” Jaemin stammers through his words as his eyes keep him focused on Jeno’s mesmerizing face. 


Jeno could notice the younger’s uneasiness from his body language and scent so he drifts the conversation back to the young fellow that clinged on Jaemin. 


“This little fella must be your younger brother, I assume.” Jeno says heartily, stretching out his arm to give Jisung a fist bump. 


“Actually,” Jaemin swallows before interrupting the older male. “He’s my son, his name is Jisung.” He states firmly, holding Jisung closer. 


Jeno’s smile falls and Jaemin wonders why. The older males clears his throat, rubbing his nape sheepishly. “Oh, my apologies.” 


The alpha raises his eyes and looks at Jaemin then to Jisung, noticing their similarities. A tiny pang in his heart when he realized that Jaemin probably had an alpha waiting for them both at home. 


Why should I even care?


“Well, Jisung,” Jeno smiles again at the pair. “I am Mr.Lee, your homeroom teacher, and I am very excited to have you in my class this year.” 


Jeno couldn’t help but notice his long lashes that look quite similar to Jaemin's pretty lashes, his timid personality, and even the tiny gesture of puffing his cheeks out the same way when Jaemin does it out of nervousness. 


“Hello, Mr.Lee.” Jisung says softly, his eyes averting back and forth to Jeno and the young group of boys who snickered in the corner. “I hope to have a good year.” 


“I have a nice gift for all of my students in your assigned desk, if you’d like to go ahead and find it.” Jeno adds, pointing to all the neat desks that had a decorated baggie on top. 


Jisung was hesitant at first, but then began to walk slowly once he noticed the group of boys leaving the classroom with their parents. 


Jeno follows Jisung with his eyes before turning back around to the omega. “So Jaemin, how are you?” He beams. 


“You can call me Mr.Na, and I’m doing good.” He answers haughtily. “I’m actually in a rush right now, so…” 


He stared into Jaemin’s hard gaze, looking for something to read, but couldn’t. Jeno didn’t know Jaemin like he thought he did. 


“Of course, we’ll keep in contact.” Jeno fixes his posture, giving Jaemin a firm nod before greeting the other parents in the room, leaving the alpha embarrassed and confused. 




“Daddy, I have to use the restroom.” 


Jaemin is snapped out of his thoughts about Jeno, walking down the school building dazed. 


“Huh?” He shakes his head. “Oh yeah, go ahead I’ll wait for you here then.” 


The omega watches his son walk to the boys restroom before sitting down at one of the cushioned chairs near the school’s entrance. He rests his forehead on both of his palms, resisting the urge to cry in front of everyone. 


He quickly takes out his phone from his back pocket and texts the first person on his mind.


Dad .


“Hey dad, I am really sorry for bothering you at this time, but do you think Jisung can spend the night at y’alls place tonight? I am going through something right now, and-” Jaemin starts to choke on his words as he feels a huge lump on his throat. “I need some time alone.” 


“Nana…” His father coos, and hearing him coo made Jaemin sob softly. “Of course my son, but I want to know if my baby is okay?” 


Jaemin took a pause, sniffling and wiping away his tears as he saw Jisung come out of the restroom. “I saw Lee Jeno, dad…” 


His dad sighs from the other end of the call, understanding his son’s pain. “Bring Jisung over, and we will talk later. I love you Nana, always remember that.”


The omega whispers a faint I love you before ending the call. 


“Is everything okay daddy?” Jisung asks worriedly. 


“Y-yeah, everything is fine.” Jaemin smiles at his son to hide his sadness. “You’ll be spending the night at grandma’s tonight, daddy has to do something today.” 


Jisung looks down at his feet nodding sadly, the young boy loves his grandparents but tonight he wanted to spend the night cuddling with his daddy after what he encountered earlier. 


“Okay, daddy…” 




Jisung walks inside the boy’s bathroom, the yummy lemonade that was being served outside the playground was finally getting to him. 


Right when he opens the bathroom door, he bumps into a boy his size. 


“Hey Sungie~” The boy teases. “You better watch where you're going, we don’t want this to become a habit, right?” He smirks, ruffling Jisung’s hair. 


“Sorry, Yangyang…” Jisung mumbles, looking down at his feet as he fears what the other boy would do. 


Yangyang was a kid that lived in the same neighborhood as Chenle, his father being a successful coach at one of the greatest Universities in the city. Jisung despises Yangyang, always teasing and singling him out from the rest of the kids in the neighborhood for being “different.” and “weird.”


“Looks like your alpha boyfriend won’t be with you in our class to protect you.” Yangyang says referring to Chenle. 


None of the kids have presented, but the kids liked to tease Jisung for being more like an omega than an alpha. Jisung never thought being an omega was a bad thing until he met Yangyang and his group of friends, making fun of him for baking and doing other stereotypical omega things. 


Jisung remembers the day he tried to defend himself, yelling at the kids that there was no such thing as “acting like an omega.” which resulted in him being in Yangyang’s bad list. 


“He’s not my boyfriend.” He whispers, balling up his fists and clenching his teeth. 


Yangyang tilts his head as he notices Jisung balling up his fist, he chuckles before getting closer to Jisung’s face forcing the boy to look him in the eye. 


“Our Sungie wants to fight?” Yangyang smirks. “Then what are you waiting for, omega.


Yangyang waits for Jisung to do something but after a few seconds, Jisung releases his fists and exhales. 


“Just what I thought.” 


The boy ruffles Jisung’s hair once more before exiting the restroom, leaving Jisung to cry in one of the stalls. 




After “Meet the Teacher” was over, Jeno sat in his chair defeatedly, swallowing the silence in his empty classroom. 


Jeno ran his fingers through his hair, thoughts filling up his mind as it kept wandering back to Jaemin and his intoxicating scent. 


Jaemin has a son? Since when? He couldn’t be adopted because the similarities are easy to spot, he even has the same mannerisms as Jaemin when we were kids! This is frustrating. 


The ring on his phone interrupts him and his thoughts, he flips over his phone and sees the caller ID. Doyoung, Jeno smiles immediately upon seeing the name. 


“Jeno! How’s my little brother doing?” 


“I’m doing fine, how are you?”


“You don’t seem fine, what’s up?” 


Jeno chuckles, he obviously couldn’t hide his feelings well with his brother. 


“It’s about Jaemin…” 


“Jaemin? Again? Jeno you need to let him go you’re about to get--” 


“I know I know, it’s just that..” Jeno bites his bottom lip. “I saw him today.” 


There was a long pregnant pause. 




“Remember our last conversation? How I saw his last name under the staff roster and thought it was him?”




“Well it so happens that he does work there, but that’s not it…” 


“There’s more?”


“Jaemin has a son, and his son is in my class.” 






“You teach third grade, how old is that kid? And how long ago has it been since y’all slept? Do the math.” 


“Doyoung I did! That’s all I’ve been thinking about since I saw him! The kid looks just like him, but he also has the fucking eye smile as me and when I saw the two of them together something in me tingled, but then I brushed it off.” 


“Maybe it’s just a coincidence and he slept with someone right after you.” 


“No, this is Jaemin we are talking about, he’s not like that.”


Jeno pinches the bridge of his nose, leaning back in his chair before continuing. 


“And what are the odds that Jaemin left the school weeks after we slept together just because he felt sick and then blocks my number after we were supposed to meet up. Listen Doyoung, it’s only been a few hours, but I feel so sick already…” 


“Jeno, calm down! Sometimes I hate how smart and attentive you are to details. You just said it yourself, it’s only been a few hours and you still don’t know if it’s true or not, how about you casually ask Jaemin?” 


“Yeah, like I’m going to ask the guy I slept with if that kid is mine after years of not speaking. I can’t do that!” 


“First of all, you need to go home and relax! Second, figure out how you are going to ask him because you have the right to know why he blocked you.” 


Jeno lets out a sigh, putting his phone on speaker to rub his temples. 


“Alright, I’ll do that.” 


After saying goodbye, Jeno ends the call and slumps down to his desk, groaning. 


“When I asked to see Jaemin again, I didn’t ask to see a mini Jaemin too…” He whines, closing his eyes as he tries to remember the memories from the past. 


Jaemin, pretty Jaemin… Let’s be happy. 

Chapter Text

July of 1996, the hottest month of the year right before freshman year of high school and a month after Jeno’s mom had passed away. 


The scorching hot sun hit the quiet neighborhood that day, but despite the hot weather, Jeno took out his trustworthy bicycle from the garage and plugged in his headphones to his mom’s old cassette player. 


The fifteen-year-old hopped on his bike and rode on the clear sidewalk, pressing play on the cassette player to listen to his mom’s favorite group, Bee Gees.


His flawless skin took in the slight breeze as he rode towards his street’s stop sign, greeting his neighbors that were out front enjoying the sun. 


Jeno stopped at the stop sign as he waited for the big moving truck to drive by him and a small SUV following right behind. When it was clear for him to go, Jeno took a left and followed the vehicle. 


Must be a new family moving in.


One street over to where Jeno resides, the rental truck made their stop in front of a two-story house, the same house his old friend Mark Lee used to live in before moving back to Canada.


Jeno took the time to have his mini-water break, resting his bike a few houses away from the newcomers. While gulping down the icy water, Jeno heard a loud voice calling for someone. 


“Nana! Come on, we have to take our family picture!” 


As if on cue, his mom’s favorite song played in his eardrums the moment his eyes locked sight on one of the prettiest human beings. 


Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love


“Coming mom!” 


The new boy smiled brightly as he ran to his parents, slamming the car’s door before him. His fluffy dark brown hair bouncing through the air, the cute golden retriever puppy wagging its tail chasing after him, and his sweet giggles resounding the area. 


Jeno stared in awe at the family in front who were sharing a memory together while he stood back with his mouth ajar and his eyes wide open in a daze, he’s pretty Jeno thought. 


The song continued playing in the background, his feet stuck to the ground as he refused to leave not wanting to take his eyes away from such beauty. Jeno was only fourteen, but his mother always reminded him that love will hit at the most random times. 


He thinks that was the day. 




Summer went by quickly and before Jeno could process anything, the first day of school had approached. 


Jeno wore his black denim jeans with his black high-top chucks and his oversized light grey sweater for the first day. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and made his way out at 7:00 a.m, not bothered to say goodbye to his busy father. 


The walk is usually peaceful that early in the morning after the clock hits 7:45 that’s when most of the students come out of their houses and rush to school, but Jeno likes being early hence the reason why he gets ready in advance. 


Generally, Jeno would be the only student out during that time, but an unfamiliar figure was already ahead of Jeno, walking in the same direction as him. 


When Jeno got closer, the realization had struck when the unfamiliar figure was none other than the pretty boy that moved in a couple of weeks ago. Jeno stopped in his tracks, his breath hitched as he processed the sudden recognition. 


The dark brown-haired boy was wearing baggy blue denim jeans, white low-top chucks, and an oversized mint hoodie. It made him look adorable due to its long sleeves which gave the boy sweater paws as he held onto the straps of his backpack.


As much as he wanted to approach the new boy and become friends, Jeno was too nervous to introduce himself, let alone have a conversation with him. 


Therefore, Jeno decided to track behind the new boy that morning. 


Which led to many mornings and afternoons afterward, wanting to protect the boy from any danger before and after school. He would follow Jaemin (which he later learned from the first day once he built enough courage to ask him) from a safe distance making sure he made it to school and home safely under his care. 


Although, there were some days during their second year of high school where Jeno did not wait to trail behind Jaemin since the younger liked going to the nearest coffee shop to get himself his favorite iced coffee and sweets. 


Not that it was any of Jeno’s business, but he couldn’t help but ask the younger one morning during class what flavor of coffee it was since it always made the boy happy. 


“A vanilla iced coffee with almond milk! Regular milk makes my stomach hurt.” 


“I see, it looks really good. I should order it for myself the next time I get coffee.” 


And so he did later on after school, in the results of spending the whole afternoon on the toilet since he had forgotten to ask the nice barista to change his milk to almond milk. 




Jeno enjoyed having basketball practice at the same time as seventh-period gym because that’s when he would see Jaemin and his cute baggy workout clothes. 


Sometimes the older male wouldn’t focus during drills since he’s too busy taking quick glances towards the young male. He would watch him run the pacers with the rest of the students and also laugh in secrecy when he would catch Jaemin digging in his nose behind the matts thinking no one is watching. 


During Jeno’s basketball practice one day, a group of rebellious alphas had made their way inside the male omega’s changing rooms while they were outside playing soccer. 


Jeno despised those kinds of alphas, making sure to give them a dirty look. 


As the years went by in high school, the hornier the alphas were getting. 


Every year, a group of Alphas plans an event to prank on the omegas at their school and unfortunately, that year, seventh-period gym were the targets. 


Jeno wasn’t sure what they had planned for this year’s prank, but he knew it wasn’t going to be good, especially if it involved Jaemin. 


“Hey, Johnny.” Jeno walked towards the captain who was drinking his water away from the team. 




“I just saw those groups of alphas walk inside the omega’s changing room, do you have any idea what they are planning on doing?” 


Johnny looked behind him, wanting to make sure none of the alphas from the said group could hear. 


“From what I heard, they are stealing all of the omega’s clothes from their lockers,” Johnny said angrily, he was one of the few that Jeno respected since he wasn’t like the rest. 


“Why would they do that?” Jeno asked worriedly. 


“Because they are sick bastards, they did this to Ten last year while he was showering.” Johnny balled up his fists as he remembered the incident, his blood boiling in anger. After all, Johnny and Ten were high school sweethearts. 


When the doors to the changing rooms opened, the group of alphas ran out with bags full of clothes and from afar, Jeno could spot Jaemin’s mint hoodie inside those bags. 


“You better keep your mouth shut, you fucking jocks!” one of the alphas shouted at the basketball team who all looked at the group in disgust and disappointment. 


Once the last of the group of students ran out of the gym, Jeno quickly grabbed his duffel bag and ran inside the omega’s changing room, ignoring Johnny and the rest of the team calling for him. 


The moment Jeno stepped foot inside, he noticed the mess those alphas had left behind. Lockers were wide open with nothing inside, trash all over the floor, and spray paint on the walls that read, Alphas are superior!


Jeno had five minutes before the omegas walked inside, so he promptly went to search for Jaemin’s locker room. 


When he found the locker, he quickly left his matching grey hoodie and sweatpants folded nicely inside Jaemin’s locker. Jeno closed his locker and ran back inside the court, getting looks from his teammates. 


Jeno came to find out that the group of alphas got caught and were suspended for a long time, every omega that was involved received their clothes and without hesitation, they changed out of their sweaty gym clothes, except for Jaemin. 


The older male smiled when he realized that the younger male was still wearing his sweatpants and hoodie, his heart doing multiple flips when he saw Jaemin snuggling inside his clothes. 




There are days where Jeno went completely insane, one of those times was when the cafeteria was only serving strawberry milk for lunch. 


“Strawberry?? But I hate strawberries!” 


Jeno overheard the young omega complain to his friend Donghyuck in the lunch line, his heart shattering into pieces when he saw Jaemin pout and fold his arms across his chest. 


“Just bring water from your house,” Donghyuck said.


“But I wanted peach milk! I can’t believe they took it away!” 


Both Jaemin and Donghyuck walked past the alpha with the lunch trays in their hands, Donghyuck holding two strawberry milk cartons in his tray. 


Jeno shook his head, why would the school change the drink menu during the middle of the year!


That is why Jeno would go running out of class before lunch started to get to the nearest corner store, buying multiple cartons of peach milk. 


When he arrived at school, he ran down the hall and into the cafeteria receiving weird looks from everyone, but thankfully Jaemin and his friend were still in class. 


“Here.” Jeno was out of breath as he dropped the case of peach milk cartons down at the table where the cafeteria workers were standing.


The young worker looked at the alpha questioningly but then smiled when realizing that Jeno was the sweet and kind alpha in school who always greeted them nicely.  


“Hello, Jeno.” the worker greeted him. 


Jeno smiled weakly, wiping the sweat off his forehead. 


“I bought this case of a peach milk carton for you to give out.”


The worker tilted his head, eyeing the case. “For… everyone?”  


Jeno shook his head. “No, just for Na Jaemin.” 


“Ahh, I see.” the worker winked, understanding Jeno’s romantic gesture. 


“Could you please not tell him who it’s from?” Jeno begged. 


“Of course, now go on before he sees you!” 


Jeno smiled and left before anyone else could see. 


The alpha sat at one of the tables where he could see Jaemin’s reaction, getting nervous as the duo were close to the front. 


“Peach milk? Just for me?” 


Jeno chuckled when he heard Jaemin’s cute voice exclaim out loud, from the sound of it he sounded happy. The alpha got up and left the cafeteria, not before taking a glance at the smiling omega gulping down two cartons of peach milk. 




For the first time in four years, Jeno wanted to express his love for Jaemin during their senior year graduation. He felt confident, after all these years of hiding his feelings, he finally wanted to let it all out. 


Jeno planned it for weeks, he was excited and also nervous, not sure of the outcome, but it was worth the try. 


The alpha had left a meaningful letter in Jaemin’s locker on the last day, telling him that he wanted to confess to the young omega after school behind the building where the school’s garden was at. 


There was no way his plan wasn’t going to work, all he needed to do was to slip the letter inside the locker and wait to see if he gets it. 


When the older male had dropped the letter inside Jaemin’s locker, he waited behind the brick wall hoping the young male received the letter. 


The bell rang and students immediately filled up the halls, making Jeno even more nervous than he was. 


He spotted Jaemin walking alone in the black and white checkered cardigan that made him look so soft and warm. The young male stood in front of the locker, twisting the code knob to open it, while in the meantime, the person next to him was also twisting their own locker knob.


The note will just fall out… he’s definitely going to see it. 


Both Jaemin and his locker neighbor opened their lockers at the same time, a blue note falling out. 


Jeno’s heart dropped. 


Jaemin picked up the blue note that fell out of the girl omega’s locker, handing it to her with a smile. “It fell from your locker,” he said sweetly. 


Jeno banged his head on the wall, cursing softly under his breath. 


“Oh, thank you!” 


Jaemin smiled, grabbing his belongings from his locker and closing it softly. 




Later that day, Jeno went to the garden behind the school’s building at the time he told Jaemin in the letter, he wanted to explain to the girl it was a misunderstanding instead of leaving her alone wondering where her “admirer” was at. 


But of course, the moment he showed his face to the girl and before he could explain the misunderstanding, the girl stole his first kiss. 


The alpha went home crying that night, asking his mother to help him in some way.

Chapter Text

“Na Jisung!” Jaemin grimace as he slathers strawberry jam on Jisung’s toast. “We are late! Hurry up, you have to eat your breakfast!” 


“Wait daddy!” Jisung shouts from his room upstairs. “I can’t find my other yellow converse!” 


Jaemin rolls his eyes as he spots the flashy shoe in the living room, “Jisung it’s in the living room.” He says, pinching the bridge of his nose. 


Jisung runs down the stairs with his backpack half open and messy hair, “I knew that daddy..” He giggles nervously, rubbing the back of his neck as he looks at Jaemin’s disappointing frown. 


“Just hurry up Sungie,” Jaemin packs both of their lunches with healthy snacks, juice, water, and their meal. “You know I can’t afford being late.” 


“You are only in a rush because you want Starbucks.” Jisung mumbles under his breath as he laces both of his high top converse. 


“What did you say?” 


“Nothing daddy!” He stands immediately, flashing his pearly white teeth that he inherited from his daddy. 


Jaemin grabs his white denim jacket from the counter, putting it on quickly. “Remember Sungie,” Jaemin starts, getting a wet brush to comb Jisung’s hair. “It’s the first day of school, you need to give your teachers and classmates a good first impression.” 


“Why?” Jisung questions, chewing his toast quietly. 


“What do you mean, why ?” Jaemin halts from brushing his hair, looking at him in disbelief. “Because it’s a new school year and from what I heard you got one of the best teachers.” He continues brushing. 


Jisung hums, playing with the hem of his grey navy blue sweatshirt. 


“But what if people are mean when I’m nice to them?” 


Jaemin pats his back, signaling he was done with his hair. “Then you kill them with more kindness,” He smiles at his baby. “Don’t ever stoop to their level.” The omega winks. 


“Now let’s go!” Jaemin jingles his car keys. “It’s the first day!” 

The first day of school is usually chaotic, with many parents dropping their kids off, younger students crying, and older students hogging up the hallways to meet with their friends.


That is why Jaemin likes dropping Jisung off in his classroom earlier before the bell rings for school to begin. 


“Daddy, won’t you wait here a bit?” Jisung asks with his big brown eyes. 


Jaemin looks around the halls, making sure a certain someone wasn’t around. “I’d love to but daddy has to get to his classroom early for the little ones.” He pouts, thumbing Jisung’s chubby cheeks. 


Jisung’s smile fades into a frown, “Why can’t I go with you then?” 


The omega smiles weakly, it aches to see his son upset and maybe Jaemin was being selfish, but he just wasn’t ready to face Lee Jeno just yet. 


“Sungie, you can come with me later.” He hugs Jisung, “But for right now just wait in your classroom, Mr.Lee will be here at any moment.” 


Jisung nods, giving his daddy a small peck on his cheek. 


Jaemin starts heading towards the door after helping Jisung put his stuff away in his cubby. 


“Baby,” There’s a pause, “If Mr.Lee ever asks you about me, then don’t answer.” 


The little one nods in acknowledgement, waving a tiny goodbye to Jaemin. 


Jaemin quietly walks out the classroom with his head hung low, many thoughts keep flooding his brain as he walks away from the suffocating room.  


“Good morning, Jaemin.” A familiar voice greets him. 


The omega can already smell the scent he dearly missed but also despises. Jaemin slowly looks up and sees those beautiful crescent eyes look right at him. 


Fucking pathetic.


Jeno and his god damn black slacks that fits his perfectly long legs, his stupid black hair that’s always styled, and his ugly (handsome) sculpted face that never fails to make his weak heart pound crazily. 


“Morning Mr.Lee.” He greets back, not wanting to be rude. 


“I’ve been wanting to speak to you since the day I last saw you, but it seemed like you were in a rush.” Jeno says, stepping a bit closer to Jaemin’s space. 


Jaemin steps back. 


“Yeah, it gets pretty busy because of school shopping and stuff, you know?” He makes up an excuse, avoiding eye contact. 


Jeno’s deep laugh made Jaemin’s heart thump loudly in his chest. 


“I understand Jaemin.” Jeno sighs, “Listen, would you like to get coffee after school one day? I’d like to catch up.” 


Jaemin immediately shakes his head, “No.” He sputters out nervously, noticing Jeno’s hurt expression. “I mean, I can’t.” Jaemin plays with his fingers, “It’s just that I have Jisung and it’s hard.” 


“I see.” Jeno nods, looking down at his feet, feeling ashamed. “Well, is it possible to get your number for a better time?” He asks carefully. 


“There’s no need for that.” Jaemin states. 


Feeling dejected, Jeno looks up with a slight pout. “Jaemin,” He whispers, “I haven’t seen you in so long…” Jeno pauses to look at the omega in the eye, Jaemin can sense the hurt deep in those brown orbs. “I just want an answer.” The alpha murmurs.


Jaemin looks away for a few seconds as he tries to recollect his thoughts. He straightens his posture and holds his chin up high before giving his attention back to the alpha. 


“Mr.Lee you have my work e-mail, you can reach me there.” 


Once again Jeno’s shoulders deflate for the umpteenth time that morning. Feeling slightly annoyed, he bites down on his lip and lets out a scoff. “Alright Mr.Na, I’ll make sure to e-mail you if there’s anything I’d like to speak to you in regards of Jisung.” 


Jeno walks right past Jaemin, bumping shoulders while in the process. Jaemin lets out a soft gasp, he quickly looks past his shoulder and watches Jeno’s crushed spirit walk away, not once looking back. 



“I’ve seen that little Jisung got the hot transfer as his homeroom teacher.” Taeyong smirks, leaning against the classroom’s door frame. 


Taeyong was one of the few original teachers that have worked at the school since it was first built, his husband Doyoung was once the original fifth grade teacher before moving up to teach chemistry at a high school. 


Jaemin gives the older omega a fake laugh, shrugging at his comment. “I don’t care about his good looks,” He states, drawing a cute bunny picture on the board for the kids. “If he’s able to teach Jisung how to solve the multiplication chart without using his fingers then I'd be impressed.” Jaemin turns to face the other male, twisting the cap back on the marker. 


“I see that you still have high standards.” Taeyong snorts, “See, this is why it didn’t work out with Jaehyun, you’re too harsh.” 


The young omega rolls his eyes at the mention of the old alpha he was “slightly” intimate with. 


“First of all,” He dusts his pants. “I find it very unprofessional to have any serious relationships with the people I work with.” Jaemin opens the blinds to the window, letting the bright morning sun shine through his classroom. 


“Second,” The omega walks around inspecting his classroom. “Mr.Jung was not fond of the idea that I have a child.” He crouches down to feed Turtle, the classroom’s bunny. 


Jaemin stands up with a satisfied smile before facing Taeyong who was now sitting on top of the kid’s tiny desk. “And third of all,” He marches towards the older teacher. “We should be by our doors right now getting ready to greet our incoming students!” Jaemin smiles, shoo-ing Taeyong back to his classroom.  


“Alright, alright!” He says defeatedly, raising his arms above his head. “All I’m saying is that the new teacher is quite a gem.” The male winks, earning a slap on the back from a giggling Jaemin. 


It was now 7:45 a.m and staff began to greet the incoming students that walked inside the school’s building. A happy song starts playing all over the intercom to welcome the kids first day back. 


The kinder hallway is always the loudest hall in the school due to the small kids walking in crying and weeping as they part from their parents/guardians. Jaemin and the rest of the kindergarten teachers coo at the sobbing children, trying their best to cheer the little ones. 


“Oh no!” Jaemin gasps as he sees the principal walking hand in hand with a small weeping child. The omega gets on his knees to meet eye level with the kid, “What’s wrong sweetheart?” He pouts, putting both his hands on his lap. 


The child starts to cry uncontrollably, hiding his face on the principal’s clothes. 


“Mr.Na, this little baby is Sungchan,” She says, giving Jaemin the knowing look. “He’s a bit sad this morning, but we will have a great time today with Mr.Na.” The principal comments. 


“Sungchan, would you like to tell Mr.Na what’s gotten you upset?” He says, rubbing his palm against his tiny back. 


Sungchan turns to face Jaemin, his little nose red and eyes swollen. “I miss my mommy!” He begins to cry again. 


Jaemin gives the principal a look, letting her know that he could handle the situation on his own. The principal gives him a nod and proceeds to walk away to do her other duties in the school. 


“Sungchannie,” He says softly, the little one looks at him sniffling. “Can I call you that?” Jaemin asks carefully. Sungchan gives him a soft nod, wiping his tears away. 


“Do you like bunnies?” 


Sungchan nods again timidly. 


“I have a bunny in the classroom, his name is Turtle if you’d like to meet him.” 


Sungchan’s frown begins to curl up, his eyes brightening at the mention of the bunny's name. “Turtle? That’s a weird name.” He comments, giggling softly. 


“It is, isn't it?” He laughs with him. “Say, how about we get inside and meet the other kids in the class and we can all meet Turtle later?” Jaemin stands up, dusting his black pants before holding Sungchan’s tiny hand. 


“Okay..” Sungchan agrees, wiping his eyes once more. Jaemin leads Sungchan to his round table seat where he met Shotaro and Ningning playing with blocks. 


This is going to be a long year. 

As the first day of school was coming to an end, Jeno and his third grade classroom went outside for the last 30 minutes of school for extra recess. The weather was too beautiful for it to go to waste, Jeno thought. 


“Alright class, basketball court and the red section of the playground is available for you guys to play on.” Jeno instructs his class, who were lined up by the wall. “Make sure we play nice with each other,” He says, standing tall in front of the students. “And lastly…” 


“Have some fun!” Jeno shouts with a huge smile, urging the kids to run freely. 


“You’re the best, Mr.Lee!” 


“I’m glad you’re our teacher!”  


The kids chant, running towards the playground. 


Jisung stays behind, walking instead as he didn’t want to dirty his new shoes that his daddy had bought for him the weekend before. 


He looks to his right and sees the group of girls hogging up all of the swings, he then looks to his left and sees Yangyang and his friends playing basketball with Mr.Lee. Jisung sighs as he kicks the small rock from the pavement, huffing sadly at the fact that his only friend is in a different homeroom classroom this year. 


“Jisung!” Mr.Lee shouts from across the playground. Jisung turns and sees Mr.Lee smiling big and wide while signaling to come over. Jisung shakes his head no as he watches the way Yangyang scowls at him from behind Mr.Lee. 


“Jisung, come play with us!” Mr.Lee shouts again, “I’ll show you how to play!” 


At first he was hesitant, but the way Mr.Lee was kind enough to ask him to play and teach him, made Jisung feel special for some reason. 


The little third grader runs towards the basketball court, having a sudden boost of energy when he locks eyes with Mr.Lee who was waiting for him with the basketball. 


“Hey sport!” Mr.Lee greets, patting his back. “I was wondering where you were!” He hands Jisung the ball. 


“I don’t know how to shoot…” Jisung admits, looking down at big basketball and the high distance the net was from him. 


Yangyang and the other kids snickered from behind, which wasn’t hard to miss since Jisung has great hearing. 


Mr.Lee gives the group a boys a stern look upon hearing them laugh, making them all whimper under his scary gaze. 


He then turns to Jisung with a sweet smile, “It’s okay,” Jeno adds, “We all learn somewhere.” 


Jeno spends a moment teaching Jisung the proper way to aim when shooting the ball, he then lets Jisung have the court to himself as he steps back a bit with the rest of the kids, giving Jisung space to shoot. 


“You got this.” Jeno says encouragingly, giving him a thumbs up. 


Jisung inhales and exhales, looking at the ball then the net.


He steps back a few more. 


He dribbles the ball perfectly on the court. 


Jisung runs a bit towards the net as he dribbles the ball and shoots. 


The court stays silent. 


Jisung looks at the ball falling back down, dribbling away from the court. 


A natural.


Jeno looks at Jisung with his eyes wide open as realization hits. A sudden tingle in his body occurs to him the more he looks at Jisung run towards the ball to fetch it. 


No, it can’t be.


When Jisung returns with the ball, Jeno stares at his awkward figure with hard eyes as he examines his every movement. 


Why does he remind me of me when I was younger?


“Mr.Lee?” A voice interrupts his conflicting thoughts. “Did I do good?” 


Jisung appears with a worried expression. 


“N-no! You were amazing, Jisung!” Jeno compliments the little one, ruffling his hair. “Are you sure it was your first time?” He asks. 


The little one rubs the back of his neck, his eyes casted on the cement. “Yeah, my daddy never lets me play because he’s afraid I'm going to get hurt.” 


Jeno feels bad for wanting to intrude, but since Jaemin isn’t willing to speak to him, then he’s going to use this chance to ask.


“Well, what about your other parents?” Jeno asks slowly, but instantly feels regret as he notices Jisung’s eyes grow wide. 


“Uh, I only know daddy…” He replies, “I’ve never met my other dad.” Jisung gasps dramatically as he realizes what he had said, slapping a hand over his mouth. 


Jeno tilts his head in confusion. “What’s wrong?”


“I’ve said too much, daddy told me not to tell you anything!” He frantically admits, then slapping his head repeatedly as he slips up again. “Please don’t tell my daddy I told you!” Jisung begs, rubbing his hands together as he pleads. 


“Don’t worry Jisung.” He smiles weakly, “Go ahead and play! You’ll be fine.” 


Jisung’s smile reappears making the older male soften. 

After dropping the kids to their buses and cars, Jaemin went to his class to look through all the drawings the little kids in his class drew. Pictures of them as firefighters, teachers, singers, and his favorite, strong alphas with their omega partner. 


He laughs to himself as he flips through them all when suddenly he hears a knock on the door. 


“Come in-” 




“We need to talk.” 


Jeno strides inside the classroom with a disappointing look. 


Jaemin stands up from where he was sitting and furiously walks towards Jeno. “Excuse me? Who do you think you are to walk in my classroom with that tone?” He pushes Jeno slightly to see if Jisung was behind him. 


“Where’s Jisung?” He asks with a serious expression, hands on his hips. 


Jeno crosses his arms against his chest, “I dropped him off at the front office because you and I need to talk.” 


Jaemin looks at Jeno like he had lost his mind, “What?! You can’t do that! You’re to drop him in my classroom at all times!” He half shouts, wanting to be mindful that he was still in school. 


The omega was about to walk off when a strong grip on his wrist stops him from moving any further. Jaemin looks down at his wrist then to Jeno, “Let me go!” 


“No, Jaemin we need to talk!” He pulls him inside the class and shuts the door. “This is ridiculous, you know that right? I’m not going to let you avoid me!” Jeno says, his eyebrows furrowed.


Jaemin turns his head to the side, scoffing in annoyance. “What do you want Jeno?” 


Jeno lets go of Jaemin, silence takes over them as they both look into each other’s eyes. 


“I’m not stupid Jaemin,” Jeno starts off slowly, his bottom lip quivering. “Tell me the truth Jaemin.” His eyes begin to shake as he stares into those pretty brown eyes he loves so much. 


Jaemin shakes his head, this isn’t how he wanted to tell Jeno. He didn’t even plan on telling him at all. 


“Tell you what?” Jaemin replies softly, his eyes too begin to shake. 


“Jisung,” He pauses, scanning Jaemin’s face, his beautiful nose, soft lips, and long pretty lashes. “He’s m-mine, yeah?” 


Just tell him Jaemin, rip it like a band-aid.


Jaemin takes a deep breath. 


Right when Jaemin was about to speak, a ringtone blares out. 


Jeno pauses and looks at his watch, “Shit.” He mumbles under his breath. “Excuse me.” Jeno pulls out his ringing phone from his back pocket, answering the call.


Jaemin listens carefully. 


A woman’s voice. 


“Yes, work is over.” 


Jaemin stares blankly at Jeno’s hand.


His hand.


His heart drops. 


Since when has he had that ring? 


“Okay, yeah… I’ll be there… Okay bye.” Jeno ends the call, pinching the bridge of his nose, exhaling deeply.


“I’m sorr-”




Jeno tilts his head. Did I hear that right? 


“Excuse me?” 


“No, Jisung isn’t yours.” Jaemin sighs. “His father is someone else.”

Chapter Text

“I know that you’re lying.” 


“Then why ask?”


“Because I want to hear it from you.”


“But why?! So you can go home and knock up whichever omega is waiting on you right now as if you and I never happened?!”


“That’s not the reason wh-”


“How about this, you can talk to Jisung but you’re never going to claim him as your own.” 

“So let me get this straight.” 


Renjun is rubbing both sides of his temples as he tries to process everything his friend had just spilled.


“The really hot transfer is not only the guy you fucked but he’s also Jisung’s d-?!” 


Both Jaemin and Donghyuck cover Renjun’s mouth with their hands to keep him quiet since they were at a public park with Jisung and Chenle around. 


“Well damn, might as well tell Jisung right now since you’re being this loud.” Donghyuck says, resting his back against the wooden bench after releasing his hand off of Renjun. 


The oldest male sends him a death glare, flipping him off in front of all the kids at the playground.


“Can you guys stop fighting, I’m going through something right now.” Jaemin sighs deeply as he deflates on the bench. 


It had been a long week since Jaemin’s last encounter with the alpha, he knew he was wrong for blowing Jeno off the way he did, but everything kept boiling inside that eventually he blew up. Jaemin wishes things didn’t go the way it did, but seeing that Jeno was happily in love with someone while he suffered with the responsibilities upset him. 


How was Jaemin supposed to move on when the father of his kid works with him and is living their life with another omega? 


“Listen Jaemin, I know you still have feelings for the guy,” 


“I don’t like him.” 


Donghyuck freezes, staring at Jaemin with a blank expression. “Excuse me, where the hell is my flask I need my fucking vodka.” The honey haired omega exclaims as he goes through his backpack to locate his stainless steel flask. 


The male chugs the alcohol down his throat while the other two males stare at him blankly. 


“Sorry, I needed a drink for this one.” His friend apologizes. 


“Okay, Nana.” Donghyuck points at his friend. “You say you don’t like him but if you really didn’t you would’ve told him the truth, set up that child support and kept it moving.” He calls out. Renjun nodded in agreement at his friends statement. 


“Obviously I’m going to be upset if the father of my son shows up out of the blue and interrogates me from the start!” 


Donghyuck shakes his head as he stands up. “You told us you were going to tell him the truth, but then you saw the ring. Why did a simple ring change your mind that quickly if you didn’t like him?” 


The younger omega was on the brink of crying, but the sight of Jisung chasing his best friend stops him from doing so. Jaemin had to be strong for him. 


He looks down at his feet, kicking the pebbles from the sidewalk. “I just, I just thought that maybe if I…” Jaemin looks up at his concerned friend, who was patiently waiting for him to answer.  “Ugh! I don’t know what I thought!” He yells, receiving a few looks from strangers. 


Donghyuck sits on the other side of Jaemin, rubbing a soothing hand over his back. 


“What if you didn’t see him with that ring? Then what?” Renjun asks softly. 


“I don’t know? Rekindle and start something? But then I saw that ring and reality sunk in.” Jaemin sighs, resting his head on Renjun’s shoulder. “Maybe I don’t deserve to have my happy ending with my family.” 


“Nope! We are not doing this again.” Donghyuck interrupts. “It took you so long to get where you are at and i’ll be fucking damned if that alpha brings you back to day 1.” 


“That’s right.” Renjun chimes in. “I have never met this guy but seeing you grow into such a strong independent person is so amazing, Jaemin.” 


“Exactly, and I will not allow Mr. Hit it and Quit it ruin that for you.” 


Jaemin laughs, if there was anyone who can make him laugh during a serious moment, it would be his best friend.


“Well what am I supposed to do now? I’ve been avoiding him all week.” 


“Flip that shit around!” 




“Who even needs a man? You’re going to show him what the fuck he is missing and move the fuck on.” Donghyuck says firmly, staring right into Jaemin’s eyes. 


“Uncle Junnie!!” 


Renjun groans when he hears his nephew Chenle yell for him, interrupting their gossip.


“Yes, Lele?” 


Both Chenle and Jisung are in front of the three males, panting for air. “Can we go watch the guys play basketball at the court? Please Uncle Junnie?” Chenle begs. 


Jaemin and his two friends look over towards the court and see a group of shirtless alphas passing a basketball to each other. 


“I don’t know Lele, they are all adults, I don’t want you guys to get hurt.” Renjuns says slowly, eyeing the sweaty alphas run. 


Donghyuck stands immediately, his lips quirk upwards. “Well, if Uncle Junnie won’t take you then I will, Uncle Hyuckie needs a man.” 


“What happened to who needs a man ” Renjun says sarcastically. 


Jaemin giggles, standing up to hold Jisung’s hand. 


Donghyuck raises a hand sassily. “I don’t need you to be quoting me right now, Renjun.” He takes Chenle’s hand. “Now will you excuse me, my son and I got business to do. Let’s go Chenle.” Donghyuck starts walking away boldy with Chenle. 


“I guess we will go too.” Jaemin shrugs, smiling at his son. Renjun follows the four with a scowl. 


Once Jaemin arrives with Jisung to the court, he lets his son run to Chenle who was sitting on the risers with Donghyuck beside him. His friend batted his lashes at all the handsome alphas. 


“See any you like?” Jaemin teases, sitting next to his friend. 


“All of them.” 


“Uncle Junnie! Look! That’s Mr.Wong!” 


Donghyuck and Jaemin look at their small friend questiongly. 


“What are you talking about kid.” Renjun asks, not knowing what Chenle was speaking of. 


“Mr. Wong is Yangyang’s dad!” Chenle answers like it was the most obvious thing. “Mr.Wong!!” The little boy shouts, catching the attention of a tall sweaty alpha. 


Renjun sits up straight once his eyes finally see the man Chenle was speaking of. “Lele be quiet.” He whispers shouts, smiling awkwardly at the male. 


“Who is he?” Jaemin asks carefully. 


“He’s the hot dilf I told you about…” 


Chenle waves at the alpha who started to sprint towards them. 


“What’s up Chenle!” The man smiles, making Renjun blush. 


“Mr.Wong this is the uncle I was telling you about!” 


Renjun raises a brow at Chenle then looks at Mr.Wong nervously. 


“This is your uncle?” He asks, smiling sweetly at the beta. 


Both Donghyuck and Jaemin laugh to themselves, seeing their oldest friend get nervous around another man. 


“Yes! He’s a teacher at my school!” 


“Hi.” The beta lets out quietly. 


“The art teacher right?” Mr.Wong extends his index finger for Renjun to shake. “I would give you my hand but I wouldn’t want you shaking my sweaty palms.” He laughs. 


Renjun takes the finger hesitantly and smiles awkwardly. 


“Nice to meet you again.” He says, looking down at his feet. 


“Nice to see you again.” 


There’s a long pause before Chenle blurts out again. “Mr.Wong, my uncle isn’t dating anyone. You should date him!” 


Donghyuck laughs loudly, walking away to catch his breath. Renjun glares at both Donghyuck and Chenle. 


“I’ll keep that in mind.” The alpha replies, making eye contact with the blushing beta. “I’ll see you guys around.” He winks at Renjun before sprinting back to the court. 


“Lele. You’re going to hear it from me in the car.” 

It was the morning of their first faculty staff meeting and Jeno made sure he woke up extra early to get his cup of coffee at his favorite shop. 


When he arrived at the school, many teachers were starting to come. He walks in with a smile, greeting all the staff he saw in the library, but his eyes kept lingering towards the door to see if a certain teacher would enter. 


Jeno sits a little further in the back at the library where they held their meeting, drinking his coffee without a rush since there was still a little bit of time left. 


“Woah! Mr.Na looking great!” 


The alpha hears someone whistle from behind, his nose tingling when the scent he loves the most gets closer. Before he could turn around and see who was behind, a figure sits next to him.


“No coffee for me this time?” 


Jeno almost chokes on his drink when he sees Jaemin’s blonde hair tucked behind his ears, a satin purple blouse that shows a bit of his flawless collarbones, and a super tight black pants. 


“W-what?” Jeno mutters out nervously, because damn, he looks good. 


Jaemin giggles, crossing his legs prettily with his hands on his knees. “Good morning to you too.” He smiles, his perfectly white teeth flashing.


“Good m-morning, Jaemin… Uh? How are you?” 


“What’s wrong?” Jaemin fake pouts. “Why are you acting like this?” 


The alpha tilts his head confusingly, scratching his nape. “I just thought we were having some sort of silent treatment because of last week?” 


The omega laughs and Jeno swears he almost cried because he missed it so much. 


“That was so long ago, I decided to let it go.” 


“Why? You have every right to be upset.” 


Jaemin shakes his head, putting a hand over Jeno’s shoulder. “Trust me, I’m not upset anymore. Besides, we aren’t together!” He beams happily. Jeno frowns, why was he acting like this?


Jeno was speechless, was this even the same Jaemin he talked to a couple of days ago? The alpha kept looking at Jaemin’s side profile, his pretty long lashes curled up, hitting his lids, his pink lips were glossy, and his high cheeks were lightly dusted in glitter. 


“Where’s Jisung?” 


Jaemin turns to look at Jeno and frowns cutely, “He’s in my room, but enough about him, let’s talk about you.” He smirks, leaning a bit closer to Jeno. 


“W-what about me?” 


The omega bats his lashes at Jeno then looks at his fingers, the ring was gone. 


“I’ve heard you were trying to become a principal?” He makes small circles on the table they were sitting at. 


Jeno smiles proudly, he took pride in his studies. “You’re heard right! I’m still working on my last few degrees to move up.” He informs, failing to notice how close Jaemin’s fingers were getting. 


“You’re sooo smart, Jeno…” He stares at Jeno, his eyes twinkling. “You’ve always been smart.”


Jeno’s heart starts to beat faster upon seeing Jaemin’s big bambi eyes, his fingers brushing against his. He was going insane. 


The meeting began shortly and throughout the presentation, all Jeno could think about was Jaemin and his beautiful looks that when the principal asked him a question, Jeno was caught looking at Jaemin. 


How embarrassing. 


After it was over, Jaemin was getting ready to leave, but Jeno mustered up the courage and called out for him.


“Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with me today?” Jeno asks. 


Jaemin smiles then shrugs, “Mmm, I don’t know. I’ll let you know.” He winks before walking away arm to arm with the art teacher. 


This is going to be a long year.

Chapter Text



Jeno hums in response, grading a few papers before the rest of his students came in. 


Jisung timidly walks to his desk, standing across from him with his head hung low. 


The alpha looks at Jisung with a smile, putting his pen and papers down to give the small boy his full attention. “What’s up bud?” 


The little boy was hesitant at first, but gave in. 


“What’s it like having two parents?” He says softly, his lips forming a tiny pout just like Jaemin. “Everyone around me seems to have two parents and I'm the only one that doesn’t.” 


Jeno’s heart breaks. He knows that Jisung is his, he knows it too well that those eyes and his mannerism was a mixture of his and Jaemins, that each time he locks eyes with Jisung, he senses something inside. It aches to see Jisung like this knowing it's the fault of his irresponsible parents. 


“Having two parents is amazing, but I also grew up most of my life with only a dad.” Jeno says. “Besides, having one parent is also amazing! There’s nothing wrong with that.” 


Jisung smiles weakly, he begins to play with Jeno’s mini action figures on his desk. “I think dad hates me and that's why he left daddy and me.” 


“What? No Jisung! Why would you say such a thing?” 


“I don't know,” He shrugs, Jisung begins to sniffle. “No one likes me anymore.” He starts to cry a bit. 


Jeno immediately gets up from his seat and hugs the tiny boy, hugging him tightly as if he was going to escape. Jisung sobs on his shoulder, muttering how he only has one friend and that his other dad hates him. 


The alpha tries his best not to cry, he has to be there for Jisung, it's what he promised Jaemin and to himself. 


“Look at me Jisung.” Jeno says, wiping the hot tears that spilled from the little boy. “People like you, no they love you Jisung! I don’t know who told you that having two parents is better than one, but they are wrong.” The alpha shakes the boy slightly. “You’re special even if it's five or less people.”


“I just don’t know why my dad left me then…” 


Jeno sighs, looking up at the ceiling as he blinks away his tears. “Life is weird you know that? Not everything will be perfect and maybe things don’t go as planned for many parents, but that doesn’t mean your dad hates you, okay?” 


The bell rings, indicating the start of the school. 


“Okay Mr.Lee, thank you.”


“You’re awesome Jisung, don’t ever forget that!” He smiles as he stands up, ruffling the boy’s longish hair. 


Jisung giggles, hugging the teacher again. “I wish my dad was you, Mr.Lee.” He whispers before heading back to his seat. 


Jeno freezes. 

It was time for third grade to have their music class with Mr.Moon, which also meant kindergarten’s lunch & recess (aka Mr.Na’s lunch period). Jeno leaned casually on the brick wall near the kinder hallway, making sure he wasn’t being too obvious. 


Jeno caught sight of the figure he wasn’t (was) waiting on walking his kinder class out to the hall. He smiles unconconsciously as he watches Mr.Na gesture his kids to have a bubble in their mouths and an outstretched arm to show a peace sign. 


What a cute way to keep the kids quiet in the hall.


The alpha turns into a shade of pink when he is seen by the young omega, quickly turning to the wall beside him as he pretends to read the school’s hallway rules. There’s a reason why Jeno never auditioned for the school plays, his acting was not one to believe. 


“I highly doubt you’re able to read that.” 


A soft whisper in his ear interrupts the alpha from his intense fake reading. Jeno startles in his place as he turns to witness Jaemin’s glossy lips inches away from him, making him a stumbling mess as he backs away from the giggling omega. 


“You’re reading the posters as if you could understand the kids' handwriting.” is the first thing Jaemin says after Jeno was able to straighten himself. 


“Excuse me?” 


Jaemin points at the white poster written in paint. 


Mr.Na’s classroom hallway rules! :) 




No wonder Jeno wasn’t able to read the sloppy writing, it was handwritten by the little kids. 


“So,” Jeno turns to look at Jaemin again. “Where’s your class?” He looks out in the empty hallway where he saw the kids walk in a line not so long ago. 


“My student teacher took them to their lunch, which means it's my lunch break.” Jaemin answers smugly. “Which tells me that third grade has theirs much later on.” The omega leans against the wall, batting his long lashes at Jeno.


Jeno blinks. His body tenses as he’s under Jaemin’s cocky smirk. 


“Mr. Lee, do you perhaps have my schedule memorized?” Jaemin gasps sarcastically, putting a hand over his heart. 


Jaemin has always been the playful one, it was a side that not much were able to see. Jeno loves this cute teasing side of his, makes him reminisce the times he had that dumb puppy crush on the younger. 


“I could say the same thing for you, Mr.Na.” Jeno quirks an eyebrow, matching the same sarcastic energy as the younger. “How would you know my lunch schedule?” 


Instantly Jeno regrets the words that came out of his mouth once he heard Jaemin chuckle. 


“How ironic that you forgot I had a son in your class.” 


The air in the hall shifts noticeably, the lame attempt to joke about their unspoken child was not the greatest idea. 


The omega’s sweet aroma was turning sour, probably from the embarrassment. He clears his throat to avoid any other awkwardness. 


Jeno looks down at their feet, noticing Jaemin’s baby blue crocs. He chuckles. 


Jaemin fidgets with his fingers before speaking up. “Sorry, that was uhh…” He bites down at his bottom lip, sucking the flesh dry. “A little too much.” The omega scratches the side of his neck, where his scent gland is located. 


“It’s okay,” Jeno smiles, instinctively letting out a calming pheromone for the younger to relax. “I was actually waiting on you, I was hoping you’d get lunch with me?” 


Jaemin looks around, noticing a few teachers looking their way as they walk past them. 


He lets out a sigh and nods. “Fine, but I already ate in my classroom.” 


Jeno beams. “That’s okay! I only want your company.” 


If anyone notices the pink cheeks on Jaemin and his scent going sweeter, that was his business only. 

The omega waited nervously at one of the lounge tables, waiting on Jeno to arrive with his meal that he was heating up. Occasionally, Jaemin would catch the alpha taking quick glimpses of him as he waited on his meal, smiling when he got caught. 


“I’m back.” Jeno announces, sitting across from a cross legged Jaemin. “Thank you for having lunch with me.” He smiles as he opens up his heated meal. 


Fettuccine alfredo. 


Jaemin quietly watches Jeno eat with a soft smile, finding it amusing to see such a handsome man devour his food like it was his last meal. 


“Geez, slow down.” Jaemin giggles, handing him a napkin. “They don’t feed you at home or what?” 


Jeno looks up at Jaemin, sauce on both sides of his mouth. “My aunt came over to visit and she knows how much I loved my mom’s fettuccine,” He explains, taking the napkin from the omega’s hand to wipe his mouth. “So she made us dinner and packed some for lunch.” 




Before Jaemin could speak, Taeyong walks inside with a smile so wide. Jaemin knows that smile well. 


“Well if it isn’t Mr.Na and Mr.Lee from the third grade transfers.” 


Jeno watches Jaemin shake his head disapprovingly before turning to face the unfamiliar voice behind him. He smiles at the incoming male walking towards them, Jeno had remembered him as one of the other kindergarten teachers. 


“Hello.” Jeno greets sweetly. 


Taeyong winks at Jaemin, making the younger omega groan. He then turns to Jeno with a coyish smile, patting the alpha’s back. “Looks like you guys are having a wonderful date!” 


“We are just having lunch, Taeyong.” Jaemin corrects, sending him glares. 


Jeno on the other hand, chokes on his water. 


“Mr.Na is just nice enough to accompany me during my break.” Jeno adds, showing Jaemin an apologetic smile. 


Taeyong sighs deeply, shrugging as he turns away to the vending machines. “I’m sorry, it’s just been a while since I've seen our baby Jaemin go out with anyone as handsome as you.” 


“Oh my god.” Jaemin mumbles, rolling his eyes at the older omega. 


Although the older omega interrupted them, the alpha finds it amusing witnessing an annoyed Jaemin huffing and puffing as he rolls his eyes sassily. 


“Thank you, but I’m sure Jaemin is able to find someone with how stunning he is.” He glances at Jaemin shyly, noticing his cheeks turning bright red. 


Taeyong grabs the bag of hot cheetos from the vending machine and slams it on their table, startling the two males. “That’s perfect!” He exclaims, taking Jeno and Jaemin hands to touch. “Which is why you two should start going out!” 


Jaemin looks down at their hands on the table, noticing how Jeno’s calloused hands were softly placed on top of his slim fingers. For a split second, Jaemin felt the touch burn and quickly retracted his hand, placing them on his lap. 


Jeno’s sullen expression goes unnoticed. 


“Sorry to burst your bubble Taeyong, but Mr.Lee is engaged.” Jaemin stares at Jeno. 


The alpha’s eyes go wide, he wasn’t expecting Jaemin to drop the bomb like that, nonetheless know about his engagement. 


“Right, Mr.Lee?” Jaemin says again after impatiently waiting on Jeno’s response. 


Jeno’s mouth goes dry as he tries to form a sentence in his head. The intense stares coming from both omegas were making him nervous. 


“Right.” He confesses, his head hung low, too ashamed to face Jaemin. Jeno looks up when he hears one of the omegas scoff. He’s hoping it isn’t Jaemin. 


“Well then,” Taeyong says awkwardly, noticing the weird tension in the air. “Let’s hope there’s more single hot alphas next school year Jaemin.” 


And with that, the older omega leaves the two male alone. 


Jaemin was the first to speak, inching closer to the table as he props both elbows on top of it so he could rest his chin on his palm. 


“How long have you guys been together?” 


Jeno can sense the venom in that sentence, especially with the way Jaemin is sofly tapping his fingernails against the table.


He clears his throat, fixing his collar shirt. “A few years.” 


“Before or after we had sex?” 


The alpha becomes small under Jaemin’s scary gaze, no matter how pretty he looks as he tilts his head cutely, that look was nothing to play around with. 




There’s no point in lying, he and Ara weren’t “official” until a year after Jaemin’s disappearance. 


Something in Jaemin’s raised eyebrow and unimpressed expression after his response told him that the omega didn’t buy a word he said. 


“Not surprised,” Jaemin says as he stands up, patting down his tight slacks. “I mean, who wouldn’t want an alpha like you?” 


Jeno tenses, watching Jaemin take two slow strides towards him. The alpha gulps as he looks up from where he’s sitting, the omega up close was looking down at him with fire in his eyes. 


The omega stroking feathery touches to his arms. 


“You’re strong.” He feels his biceps. 


“Smart.” Jaemin presses a chaste kiss on his temple before walking behind him. 


“Kind.” The omega slides a hand across his back. 


He then leans down to the alpha’s ear. “And you’re sexy.” 


Jeno’s breath hitches, the warm sensation of Jaemin’s breath was going straight to his pants that Jeno was starting to get uncomfortable. 


Jaemin stands up with a smile, acting casual. 


“I’ll see you later, Mr.Lee.” He waves, heading towards the door. 


The omega stops with a loud gasp, making Jeno turn back around. “I almost forgot.” 


He skips towards Jeno once again, a smirk painted on his face. 


Jaemin caresses Jeno’s face with a soft grin. 

“Congratulations on your engagement.”

Chapter Text

There was not a single thing that could’ve helped Jeno and his frustration throughout the day. The way he had to act as if Jaemin wasn’t sending him flirtatious stares by batting his lashes at the alpha during dismissal, or the fact that Jeno almost sent a kid flying by being distracted by Jaemin’s swaying hips which resulted in bumping into a child. 


Jeno groans in his car the moment he’s inside, rubbing his eyes in circular motions with the palm of his hands. 


“Why are you being such a tease Na Jaemin?” Jeno says to himself as he hits his forehead on the steering wheel. 


He stays like that for a few seconds when suddenly a soft knock on his window startles him to sit up. 




Jeno rolls the window down without hesitation when he sees Jaemin with a worried expression. 


“Hey Jaemin? What’s wrong?” 


Jaemin bites down on his lip, looking around the parking lot nervously before speaking. “I’m sorry to bother you Jeno, but you see, my car won’t turn on...” he trails off, looking back at his car which has Jisung’s head sticking out waving at Jeno with a huge smile. Jeno waves back at the little boy with an equal bigger smile before giving Jaemin his attention again. 


“And you need my help?” Jeno asks, a small smile on his face making the omega blush.


Jaemin nods slowly, Jeno was the last person he wanted to ask for help, but unfortunately the alpha was the only one available in the parking lot. 


“You don’t even have to do the labor, I just need a jumper cable and I’ll do the rest.” Jaemin suggests. 


Jeno looks at the clock on the radio, he had promised Ara that he would be home early after work. 


“If you can’t that’s fine, I’ll just call my dad or someone else.” Jaemin’s shoulders deflate, he really didn’t want to disturb his dad on his day off. 


The alpha shakes his head defeatedly and sighs out loud, Jeno can already hear the argument waiting for him at home. “No it’s fine,” he smiles weakly. “I can help, but I don’t have a jumper cable with me right now though.” Jeno opens the car door and steps out. 


“Then it’s okay Jeno! Really, I'll just call my dad. It's not a big deal.” Jaemin insists his hands mid air to stop Jeno from moving further. 


But it’s not okay, Jeno is worried for the omega and the child, he didn’t want to drive back home knowing the two are out alone. 


“Jaemin, it’s fine.” Jeno frowns. “I’ll check your car and take you home right after, both of you guys need to rest.” and the alpha is right. Jaemin had a long day scrubbing the tables and floor from all the paint the kids used, and he’s sure Jisung wants to nap. 


“Fine. I’ll give you gas money tomorrow morning.” 


“Don’t be ridiculous Jaemin, you don’t owe me anything.” Jeno protests immediately, both males walking side to side to Jaemin’s car where Jisung waited with a smile. 


The omega stops walking, a hand on his hip. “Lee Jeno I am not letting you take me home without receiving gas money.” 


Jeno snickers, he thinks Jaemin was the cutest like this. Playful yet sassy. 


“That’s fine with me, I’ll just take Jisung with me.” Jeno smiles, he then turns to Jisung who nods furiously with excitement. “Jisung and I can play video games and eat all the junk food we can get.” he winks at the little boy. 


“Can I daddy? You can wait for grandpa while I go with Mr.Lee!” Jisung says as if it was the best plan ever. 


“No.” Jaemin says, his voice is stern as he points to Jisung to sit properly. Jisung sits down with a frown, growling softly at Jaemin to let him know he was upset. 


Jaemin rolls his eyes then looks at Jeno. “You know that’s illegal, right? Taking my son. It’s called kidnapping.” he huffs, crossing his arms against his chest. 


“You’re adorable, Na Jaemin.” Jeno chuckles, walking around the omega to open the hood of his car. 


“Aren’t I always?” 

“Take a left here and it’s the last house down the street.” Jaemin says after taking a sip of his mango smoothie that he managed to persuade Jeno to get it for him. 


Jeno nods, taking a left on the upcoming street. The alpha tried his best not to show his distress to the omega, his phone vibrating in his slacks for the umpteenth time knowing it’s Ara his fiance calling him about his whereabouts. 


“You can pull up by the mailbox.” Jaemin says, unbuckling his seat. 


The alpha looks at the marvelous house, a two story brick home for only two people. He was impressed to know Jaemin worked his ass off to maintain his family. 


“Here Jisung, take the keys. I’m going to speak to Mr.Lee about the car.” Jaemin hands his house keys to Jisung. The little boy struggling to carry his lunch kit, the chocolate ice cream he got from Jeno, and the countless keys he got from his daddy. 


Jisung jumps off Jeno’s car and slams the car shut, making both males jump from their seats. 


“Sorry Mr.Lee!” Jisung apologizes, ice cream all over his face. The little boy runs to his house when he sees Jaemin giving him those ‘ You better run.’ eyes. 


“He listens to you well.” Jeno hums, as they both stop to look at Jisung, opening the front door with sticky hands. 


Jaemin sighs deeply, turning to look at his lap right after he sees Jisung drop his ice cream on the concrete, picking it up to clean it with his tongue. 


“He has to, I’m the only one he’s got.” 


“And you’re doing a fantastic job.” 


The omega looks up at the alpha with glossy, hopeful eyes. 


“I like to think so.”


They pause for a moment, taking in the quietness. Jeno stares at Jaemin playing with his fingers, pulling and twisting them out of nervousness. Both of their aromas mixing together in the air, keeping the atmosphere calm for them. 


“Why did you leave without telling me?” 


Jaemin’s legs begin to shake, his throat swelling up each time he tries to swallow whatever lump he has in there. 


“I was afraid.” He turns to look at Jeno, his eyes scanning the handsome face. 


The omega shifts in his seat to face Jeno better, his eyes glued on his lap as he takes a deep breath. “I was afraid you would hate me for ruining your life.” 


Jeno frowns and he immediately feels horrible. “What are you talking about? I could never hate you Jaemin..” he whispers, leaning closer to brush the omega’s hair away from his eyes. 


Jaemin laughs softly as he wipes away the tears that escaped. “I have always been selfless, even now I’m being selfless.” he smiles weakly, his bottom lip quivering. “That day we were supposed to meet up, I saw you with another omega.” Jaemin pauses to look at Jeno. 




Jeno looks down, the guilt eating him up. That was the same day Ara had gone to visit him at school. 


“I thought, why would I ruin Lee Jeno’s life who looks happy with another omega when I can just keep this secret to myself, it’s not like I had anyone else in my life.” he shrugs sadly. 




“Listen Jeno,” Jaemin starts off slowly, his hand on top of Jeno’s gently. “I know the way I acted was unreasonable, but I had to protect my heart and pride somehow.” he extends his arm to caress Jeno’s face, the alpha leaning into his touch. “Let this be our closure Jeno, go be happy with your family.” 


“B-but you and Jisung are my family.” 


Jaemin smiles, rubbing Jeno’s single tear away. “If we had never met again you wouldn’t even know we were your family.”


Jeno takes hold of Jaemin’s hands. “I’ll do whatever I can to make this work Jaemin, just give me some time to-” 


The omega slaps his arm gently. “Jeno, stop. We were fine then and we will be fine now. I’ll be supporting you from afar.” he smiles, leaning away. 


“What about Jisung? He deserves to know.” 


Jaemin stays quiet. 


“I’ll think about that later, but now I have to go.” he grabs his belongings before turning to Jeno. “And you should go to, your fiancee wouldn’t want you smelling like another omega.” he smirks, patting Jeno’s cheek. 


He would love to keep Jaemin’s scent on him forever. 


Jaemin waves goodbye at the alpha as he drives away, watching him take the turn before heading back inside, his heart filled with sadness. 


“Daddy! Did Mr.Lee leave?” Jisung says from the living room, peeking through the blinds. 


“Yes he did.” Jaemin laughs, taking his shoes off. 


“Daddy you should invite Mr.Lee over for dinner, I want to play video games with him.” 


Jaemin frowns, he doesn't think that it’s a good idea. 


“What’s wrong with Uncle Hyuck?” Jaemin asks, as he opens the fridge to make dinner.


Jisung shrugs, jumping on top of the bar stool. “Uncle Hyuckie always sleeps after the first round.” 


Jaemin blinks. So all this time he’s paid Donghyuck to babysit his child, he would just nap. 


“Well Mr.Lee is busy, so maybe not now Sungie.” 


“Aw.” he whines, putting his head down on the counter as he watches his daddy cut vegetables. 


“I like Mr.Lee, he’s really nice, like a dad.” 


The omega ignores his son, cutting the vegetables without saying another word. 


“But I like daddy more.” Jisung whispers, looking at Jaemin. 


“I know baby.” he pinches Jisung’s cheeks, earning a cute growl from his son. 

Jeno opens the door to his house with a small bag of takeout, Ara’s favorite restaurant. He walks in with the lights turned off, but he can hear the tv from their room upstairs. 


The alphas were about to drop the bag on the kitchen table when he heard a low voice from behind. 


“You smell like some cheap omega.” 


Jeno closes his eyes, inhaling and exhaling before turning to face the wrath of Ara. 


“I went to drop off a coworker, his car wasn’t working.” Jeno walks to his fiancee. 


“It took you three hours to drop off some fucking bitch?” 


It was an everyday thing at this point, Jeno just learned to get used to it. 


For the better. 


“I told you he’s a coworker and he had his child with him, there was also traffic coming over here when I went to get your favorite food.” Jeno presents his fiancee the bag with her favorite noodles. 


Ara takes the bag and throws it onto Jeno’s face, his outfit stained with sauce and the clean white tile floors were covered in noodles. 


“You think a fucking box of noodles will compensate the many times you ignored my phone calls?” she yells, shoving Jeno around. 


Jeno just stands there, taking all the shoving and yelling. 


“And there you go again, fucking quiet. What a fucking alpha you are.” Ara spats, her voice laced with venom. 


Ara goes upstairs and throws all his belongings down the stairs, his clothes, shoes, bags, everything. 


“Take your shit and fuck that omega you were just with, since that’s the only thing you are good at.” she shouts and slams their door. 


And once again, Jeno is there picking up the pieces of his broken heart, over and over. Jeno quietly sobs as he collects all of his things.


Once he was outside, he called his only friend, the only person who wouldn't judge him.



“Hey Mark, I know it’s late, but…”


“Is it her again?”




“I’m on my way.” 

“You need to break this off.” 


Jeno had his head resting on Mark’s thighs, quietly crying while the older alpha massaged his scalp. 


“I can’t, Mark.” Jeno hiccups. “No one knows but you.”


Mark frowns, seeing his best friend cry over the same issues makes him upset. 


“What about Doyoung? Maybe he can talk to your dad.” 


Jeno shakes his head. “My dad doesn’t care about my feelings, he basically sold me off to marry this girl because he’s a greedy old man.” 


The alpha thinks about the time his dad came to his room and told him that he needed to marry Ara, the youngest daughter from the wealthiest family in town. He remembers begging his father to not let him do this, but of course, his father was blinded by money and only cared for his own happiness. 


Now Jeno is stuck with a woman who abuses him mentally and emotionally. 


Ara was a sweet girl when he first met her, which Jeno thought wouldn't be a bad idea since Jaemin was no longer in his life. But as years went by, he started to notice the possessiveness and obsession the sweet girl grew up to be. 


“What am I supposed to do? I don’t want to be miserable my whole life. Mark, I want to have my own family one day too.” 


“We will find a way, you’ll have your family.”


Jeno sleeps peacefully that night, dreaming of his future family. 

“Jeno! Come here!” 


“Yes my love?” 


Jeno smiles as he sees Jaemin walking towards him with a pout, his hand holding his own growing belly. 


“I told you to clean the dishes.” 


The alpha smiles at Jaemin’s cute whines, kissing his nose gently as he holds his waist, making sure his belly isn’t squished. 


“I’m sorry baby, I was playing video games with Sungie.” 


Jaemin rolls his eyes, shoving Jeno away softly. 


He gasps when he feels a kick in his belly. “Jeno, I think she’s happy.” 


Jeno gets closer and feels the constant kicks, he smiles when he rubs Jaemin’s belly noticing how soft her kicks were getting. “I think she’s sleepy and she’s telling her daddy that he needs to rest.” 


“But who is going to clean if no one will?” 


“I’ll clean baby, just rest okay?”


“Fine. But you owe me a mango smoothie.” 




And right when Jeno was about to lean and kiss his omega, an alarm went off.

Jeno looks at the clock and sees it’s time for him to get ready, he groans and kicks the blankets off the bed, frustrated that he couldn’t get his kiss with Jaemin even in his dreams. 

Chapter Text

“Would you like anything from McDonald’s?” Renjun asks as he makes a stop at the red light.


“Nope, I think daddy said Johnny will take us out to eat.” Chenle replies without looking up, as he was too busy playing with his Nintendo Ds Lite. 


Renjun hums, driving once the light turns green. 


“Shit!” Chenle shouts, slamming his Nintendo shut. 


“Language Qian Chenle! Don’t you know better?” Renjun scolds from his rear view mirror. The beta was used to Chenle’s random outbursts when he played his games. 


“Sorry Uncle Junnie, it’s just this stupid game that is making me mad.” The young kid stuffs his game inside his backpack with a huff. 


Renjun was driving his nephew Chenle back home, it was more convenient for the beta to take Chenle home after school since he worked there. The beta didn’t mind taking his nephew home, but ever since his brother’s divorce with Ten, things got complicated. 


They had the poor beta driving on both ends of the city, Kun living in his nice spacious mansion on one side while Ten stayed at his boyfriend’s penthouse on the other side. 


Today he was taking Chenle to his daddy Ten and his boyfriend Johnny. 


“How do you like Johnny?” Renjun asks the little boy. 


Chenle shrugs as he stares out the window. “He’s pretty cool.” 


Renjun takes a glance at his nephew and notices the sad expression. “What’s wrong Lele? Is Johnny treating you okay?” 


The little boy looks down at his lap then to the window. “He treats me better than dad.” 


The beta frowns, how could Chenle possibly say that? His brother Kun loves his son more than he could put into words. “What are you talking about Lele? Your dad loves you.” 


Chenle scoffs, crossing his arms against his chest. “Yeah right, dad never makes time for me.” He rolls his eyes. “Every time it’s his weekend, I always spend it inside playing video games because he’s too busy in his office.” His face begins to crinkle in anger. “It’s always ‘Sorry son, I’m busy or Maybe ask your daddy when you go over next weekend. ” Chenle starts to sob angrily, all his pent up frustration finally erupting. 


Renjun bites his bottom lip, taking the longer route so he could listen to Chenle more. 


“At least Johnny takes the day off to take daddy and I out.” Chenle rubs his eyes to wipe away his tears. “I just want my dad to treat me like a son! Not just a kid who lives there.” He cries even more, hiding his face inside his hoodie. 


“Hey Chenle, I’m sorry you-” 


“I don’t want to hear it! I just want to go home already.” Chenle interrupts, facing himself deeper into the corner of his seat. 


“Okay.” Renjun whispers. He drives in complete silence as he hears the little boy cry and sob, it broke Renjun’s heart hearing him like this. 


When Renjun arrives, Chenle opens the door and jumps out, running off without saying anything to the beta. 


“Hey baby! How was school?” Ten says as he opens the door for him with open arms. 


“Horrible!” He shouts, walking past Ten. 


Renjun trails behind Chenle, watching Chenle with a surprised face. He’s never heard Chenle yell at Ten like that. 


He sees Johnny coming out of the kitchen to greet the little boy. “Hey son, are you okay? Did you want to talk?” The alphas ask worriedly. 


“You’re not my dad! Stop calling me son! You’ll never be my dad!” He shouts as he runs up to the stairs to his room, slamming the door behind him. 


“Chenle!” Ten gasps, he was about to chase after his son when Renjun stopped him.


“Hey hey, I think we should let him be for a little bit..” Renjun supplies. 


Ten looks at Renjun in disbelief. “No! He just yelled at us, I will not allow him to come inside and yell at all of us!” 


“I know, but he’s been upset about Kun.” Renjun informs the two males. “I’m sorry Johnny that he said that to you, he really likes you, but he thinks you’re being a better dad than Kun.” 


Ten shakes his head, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I fucking talked to Kun already and he’s still treating him like that.” Ten replies. “I’ve been telling him how moody Chenle has been after he comes back from his place, I can’t be the only one trying to piece everything together.” 


Johnny sighs, putting an arm over Ten’s shoulders. “It’s okay baby, don’t stress too much.” Renjun looks at the way Johnny signals towards Ten’s belly, but he decides it’s best to keep quiet in the moment. 


“I’ll talk to him.” Renjun adds, he knows his brother best. 


“No Junnie, it’s between us and I don’t want you to stress over this.” 


Renjun shakes his head, he holds Ten’s hand, squeezing it lightly to let him know that he’s aware. “It’s fine, really.” He smiles and Ten smiles back weakly, nodding slowly. 


“Thank you Junnie, you’re really the best uncle Lele could ever have.” 


The beta laughs. “I’m his only uncle.” 

The next morning, Jeno wakes up extra early to take a shower in Mark’s bathroom. Jeno wanted to surprise Jaemin and Jisung at their house with donuts and give them a lift to school since they left Jaemin’s car in the parking lot. 


Mark was barely waking when he saw Jeno grabbing his wallet and keys. 


“Woah woah man,” Mark rubs his sleepy eyes. “Where are you going? I thought school started at 8:30?” 


Jeno is fixing his outfit and hair before he turns to look at Mark. “I’m getting breakfast.” He smiles. 


“At 6:30 A.M?” 


“Yup! I have to go, bye Mark!” 


Jeno was about to leave when Mark stopped him. “Wait, are you coming back tonight?” 


The alpha stays quiet, shrugging quietly. “I’ll let you know.” He says before leaving.

Jeno was in front of Jaemin’s door, he could already hear Jaemin telling Jisung to wake up. The alpha laughs to himself. He rings on the doorbell nervously, he didn’t know how Jaemin would react to him being there. 


“What the fuck Hyuck, I told you to pick me up at 7:50!” 


Jaemin opens the door widely, his hair still messy with eye crust while wearing his baby blue pajama robe that was slightly untied. 


“Uh, good morning?” Jeno says wearily upon seeing Jaemin in that state. 


Jaemin shrieks and slams the door in front of his face. “What are you doing here Jeno?!” The omega says behind the door. 


“I came to pick you up, I bought donuts for you and Jisung.” Jeno holds up the bag against the peep hole. 


“I already have Donghyuck picking me up! You can go now.” 


Jeno sighs. “You’re still friends with him?” 


“Yes, now leave because he hates you.” 


“Tell him that I’m taking you.” 


Jaemin grunts, rolling his eyes. “No, I already told him that he’s taking me.”


“But I’m here already.” 


The omega stays quiet. Right when Jaemin was going to argue back, Jisung yelled from the top of the stairs. 


“Daddy!! Did you clog up the toilet?!” 


Jeno bites on his lip to hold in his laugh, he could already see Jaemin turning red. The alpha knocks on the door. “I know how to unclog the toilet if you need help.” He chuckles. 


“It’s not clogged!” 


“Yes it is daddy! It won’t flush properly!” 


“I’m not talking to you Jisung!” 


Jaemin opens the door slightly, only one eye showing. “Fine, you can take us to work, but you better not say a word about any of this.” 


Jeno raises his hand in defense. “Okay my lips are sealed.” He smiles. The omega grunts while opening the door, quickly running up the stairs to avoid Jeno. 


“Lock the door and just sit on the couch!” Jaemin yells. Jeno laughs when he hears Jaemin and Jisung talk about the clogged toilet from upstairs. 


The alpha looks around and sees lots of pictures of Jaemin and Jisung when he was a baby, he smiles to himself when he sees a family portrait of Jaemin, Donghyuck, and Renjun with three year old Jisung in the middle. 


He then looks at the portrait by the T.V, a frame of Jaemin’s parents smiling with Jaemin in the middle holding his huge belly bump. Jeno picks up the frame, smiling as he touches the picture. Jaemin was wearing a white sweater but he could see the bump clearly. 


“What are you looking at?”


Jeno jumps to his feet and hides the frame behind him. “Nothing.” He says quickly, but the omega was already walking towards him grabbing his arm. 


The alpha’s cheeks turned pink when he got caught staring at the picture of Jaemin and his belly. 


“This is such an old picture.” Jaemin says as he looks at it, he smiles before putting it back. 


“You look beautiful.” 


Jaemin scoffs. “It’s called the pregnancy glow.” 


“You still have it.” 


The omega looks at Jeno weirdly, crossing his arms. “I’m not pregnant though?” 


“I know, but you’re still glowing.” 


Jaemin laughs, rolling his eyes. “Whatever, just come and help me in the kitchen.” 

“And that’s how you pack a lunch!” Jaemin says once the both of them were done packing Jisung’s lunch box. 


“What about yours?” Jeno asks as he puts a bag of cheetos in Jisung’s lunch kit. 


Jaemin grabs the salad box in the fridge, shaking it to show Jeno. “A healthy caesar salad!” He beams, stuffing the box in his tote bag. “What about you Mr.Lee? What is an alpha like you having for lunch?” 


“Well…” He trails off, his fingers making small circles on the table. “I think a bag of chips and water?” Jeno chuckles. 


“What?!” Jaemin yells. “Are you out of your mind?” 


Jeno shakes his head no. 


“Lee Jeno, did your partner not make you any lunch?” Jaemin asks in disbelief. When Jaemin didn’t get a response, he shook his head disappointedly. “What do they usually make for you?” 


“Not really anything, I just eat whatever I can get my hands on.” 


“Oh my gosh Jeno, you’re driving me insane.” Jaemin takes a few plastic tupperware from the fridge and puts them on the table. “I guess I have to take my leftovers from last night to heat it up for you today.” The omega stuffs it inside his tote bag. “Can’t believe you’re eating unhealthy.” 


“Sorry, I guess we are too busy? You don’t have to do this, Jaemin.” 


“I’m doing this because you’re my friend, and I care about you.” 


The alpha smiles to himself when he sees Jaemin packing more utensils. “We are friends?” 


“Of course we are.” 

“Are you going to the staff dinner this weekend?” Jeno asks once they arrived at the school. Both males were walking side by side to the entrance, Jisung long gone once he saw his friend. 


Jaemin shrugs, his eyes glued on the floor as he kicks the tiny rocks on the ground. “I think so, Renjun and I usually go together since we don’t have anyone to take.” He laughs as he remembers the many years they went in together. 


“What about you?”


“I’ll go if you are going.” He smiles. “I don’t really know anyone else in this school.” 


“You know it’s a dinner where you could invite anyone, right? Bring your partner, I’m sure everyone would like to meet the person that you’re tied down with.” Jaemin smirks, tucking a strand behind his ear. 


Jaemin looked beautiful, Jeno thought, his soft oversized cardigan that gave him sweater paws and light peach makeup that made his eyes look brighter. 


“She doesn’t really like meeting new people, she’s very.. Inside her own circle.” 


“Sucks, wanted to see the omega that stole you from me.” He chuckles, but Jeno didn’t find any of it funny. “I was just kidding.” Jaemin states when he sees how quiet Jeno turned. 


The alpha smiles weakly. “If anything she should be more worried about you.” He whispers. 




“Nothing Jaemin, good luck today.” Jeno waves off before dropping Jaemin off in his classroom. The omega watches Jeno walk to his own classroom, he can sense Jeno’s sadness since he earlier in the morning, but now he can sense it ten times more. 


Are you okay, Jeno?

Chapter Text

“Mr. Na!” The kids shout for his attention, and Jaemin only smiles as he walks around the colorful classroom. 


Jaemin gasps enthusiastically as the students show him their completed work, giving them soft pats on their backs. “Such a smart kid!” He would praise the kids with honesty because Jaemin cherishes these precious moments with all his students. 


A gentle growl coming from the corner of the room catches Jaemin’s attention, and he sees little Sungchan poking Turtle, the class pet bunny with a crayon. 


“Hey, Channie.” Jaemin crouches down, smiling softly. “What’s gotten you upset, sweetie.” He says as he grabs the blue crayon from Sungchan. 


Sungchan looks at Jaemin with a scowl, then turns his back away from the teacher. “I don’t want to go back to that house.” He frowns, crossing his tiny arms across his chest. 


Jaemin nods, he guesses the house he’s speaking of is the foster home he stays in currently. “So why did Turtle get poked at instead?” He asks, rubbing a comforting hand on Sungchan’s back. 


“Turtle gets to stay here and I have to leave to that house.” He says sadly, throwing a little food pellet on the floor for the bunny to eat. 


“What’s wrong with that house?”


The kid shrugs, looking at the bunny hop around. “Mommy and daddy are not there.” He frowns again. “I hate it.”  


A sigh leaves Jaemin’s lips, it was usually the same conversation with Sungchan. Every time there was a few hours left of school, Sungchan would get upset knowing it was time to head back to the foster home. Jaemin feels sad each time he drops him off at his bus, the little boy always clutching onto his pants as he cries. 


“Come here.” Jaemin says, opening up his arms to welcome the little boy for a hug.


Sungchan crawls towards Jaemin and gets on his lap, hugging Jaemin as he cries on his shoulder. Jaemin holds the little boy, rocking him back and forth. “You know, I’ll always be here waiting for you every morning.” 

Around noon, the classroom fills up with silence as the kids laid on the carpet to watch a short film that Jaemin had put on right after recess. Jaemin sits on his seat, quietly watching the movie as he stamps stickers on the kid’s worksheets to grade, when suddenly a soft knock on his door grabs his attention. 


Oh, Jeno. 






Jaemin stands from his seat, telling the kids to pay attention to the movie when they all turned to look at the strange handsome teacher waiting by the door. He gently opens the door, pushing Jeno back with one hand before leaving the door slightly cracked where he would still be able to watch the kids.


“You miss me already?” Jaemin smirks, batting his long lashes as he leans on the door frame. 


Jeno blinks. “It’s my lunchtime..” He whispers. 


The omega smiles, rolling his eyes sassily. “Oh Jeno, we became friends for a day and you are already wanting to share your lunchtime with me.” He blinks cutely. 


Jeno rubs the back of his neck, looking at both sides of the hallway to make sure no one was there. “I’m here to get my lunch, you know… the one you packed for me this morning.” He smiles awkwardly. 


“Right!” Jaemin laughs with a wave as if he knew that. “Of course, I was totally joking.” And Jeno nods, chuckling along with him to make the awkward tension go away. “I’ll be right back.” Jaemin informs, pivoting on his heels to get the lunch box. 


God that was so awkward!


Jaemin slaps himself on the forehead as he cringes at the embarrassing attempt to act cute around the alpha, grabbing the tote bag from underneath his desk. He walks towards the student teacher Giselle who was also watching the movie with the kids. 


“Hey, I’ll be right back okay?” Jaemin says, receiving a look from Giselle. 


“Alrighty, Mr.Na.” She wiggles her eyebrows, teasing the omega. 


He playfully slaps her shoulder, rolling his eyes before he steps outside to meet Jeno. 


“Okay, let’s go!” Jaemin says excitedly, closing his classroom door behind him. “It’s nice having another friend to have lunch with other than Renjun.” He beams. 


“Wait.” Jeno stops. “You’re eating your lunch with me?” He stares at the omega questioningly. 


“You don’t want me to?” Jaemin pouts, and Jeno’s self control to not kiss those cute pouty lips was strong. 


Jeno shakes his head. “Yes, I do!” He exclaims. “It’s just that a few days ago you didn’t want to, and now you do?” 


“Ugh, that was such a long time ago Jeno.” He grabs Jeno’s wrist and it burns both of them. They look down at the touch then at each other. “You’re my friend now,” Jaemin whispers before tugging him. “So we should go before I get caught.” He smiles, making his eyes glow. 

When they arrived at the lounge, they were both overwhelmed at the many staff that were in there, heating up their meals and chatting with one another. They all stopped to stare at Jaemin and Jeno, staring attentively at how close Jeno stood behind Jaemin. 


“Hi.” Jaemin greets timidly, walking further inside with Jeno trailing behind nervously. 


The staff smiled then continued with what they were doing. 


Jeno watches as Jaemin takes all the tupperware out of his bag, opening the lids to each one. He smiles sweetly when the omega starts putting them inside the mini oven to heat up, he decides to buy a drink for each other from the vending machine, it’s the least he could do. 


The alpha waits for Jaemin in one of the empty tables, the same table as last time. As he waits patiently for the omega to arrive, Jeno feels a tap on his shoulder and he turns to witness a pretty smile coming from Jaemin. 


“Hope you like it.” Jaemins says, hopeful.


Jaemin places Jeno’s heated lunch in front of him and his utensils. “Enjoy.” He smiles sweetly, sitting next to the alpha this time. 


Jeno doesn’t need to say anything with the way he eats Jaemin’s delicious homemade meal in minutes, it was probably the best homemade meal he’s eaten after his aunt. Jaemin laughs softly, putting his hand on his arm. “Slow down, alpha.” He teases, puckering his lips playfully. 


But Jeno finds himself fleeting into Jaemin’s gaze when he speaks, his face flushed when he hears the word alpha coming from his mouth. “It’s delicious, Jaemin.” 


Jaemin hits his shoulders. “You’re only saying this because you want me to pack you lunch everyday.” 


“Maybe.” Jeno retorts. “It’ll give me more of a chance to compliment you.” 


This time Jaemin’s smile fades, biting on his lip anxiously. “You’re going to get the both of us in trouble.” 


And there’s an unreadable look in his eyes that Jeno can’t pinpoint but he’s hoping that deep down, Jaemin is able to understand his heart without having to be upfront. 


He clears his throat to change the subject, he swallows thickly. “So I thought about it, and I think I’m going to the staff dinner.” 


“Oh yay! Are you bringing your fiance?” 




“Oh? Well that’s fine, we can all meet her later, right?”


Jeno runs his hands through his hair nervously, avoiding Jaemin’s soft gaze. 



Jaemin is impatiently tapping his foot on the concrete floor after school, waiting for his friend to pick up the call with one hand on his hip. Jisung giving his daddy his best pleading and begging cute eyes. 


“The job is done, but there’s blood everywhere-” 




“Oh, hello my beautiful princess, how may I help you today?” 


“Hyuck, why did you tell Jisung he was going to get pizza with you without MY permission?!” Jaemin whispers shouts, walking further away from Jisung and Jeno who were obviously eavesdropping. 


“What’s so wrong with taking my favorite kid ever to get pizza at the finest pizzeria?” 


Jaemin sighs deeply, looking over his shoulder to see Jisung begging with his hands. “Tell me the real reason and I’ll let him go.” 


“Okay listen, I was originally going to ask Kun to let me borrow Chenle but something about him being in his emo phase right now...” 




“So, the reason why I want to take Jisung is because the guy I met has a niece the same age as Jisung and I told him I love kids!” 


Jaemin scowls. “So you’re using my son to impress a guy?” 


“Yes.” Donghyuck says proudly. “There’s no point in lying, besides, you made me wake up early for no reason.” 


“Fine. But I want him home before 7.” 


“Okay okay, I’ll go pick him up right now.” 


Jaemin makes his way back to his car, where Jeno is now fixing the car with Jisung helping him on the side. “I’m still at the school’s parking lot, go ahead and pick him up here.” Jaemin informs, fanning himself with his free hand. 


“Why are you still at the school?” 


“I have a coworker helping me fix the car, I can’t leave it here by itself again.” 


“That coworker, is it perhaps Lee Jeno?” 


The omega bites his bottom lip, already caught by his best friend. “No, it’s someone else.” He whispers, hoping Jeno wouldn’t hear Donghuck’s loud voice. 


“Liar! Renjun told me everything!” 


That little piece of sh-


“Just make sure that fucker doesn’t hurt you again.” 


“He won’t, I’ll make sure he doesn’t.”


“Alright then, I’ll be there in five.”



Donghyuck arrives shortly, his windows down and music blasting as he makes his entrance in the school’s parking lot. 


“Your friend is here.” Jeno says with a bored tone, wiping his sweat off with the towel Jaemin had given him.


Jaemin turns to look at his friend, a frown on his face when he sees Donghyuck park next to them with that shit eating grin spreading across his face. 


“Uncle Hyuckie is here!” He yells as he puts his head out the window. Jisung ran towards the back seat with a huge smile, he’s always liked Donghyuck. 


“Hey Hyuck..” Jaemin says lazily, giving Jisung a kiss on the cheek. 


“Sup! Hey Sungie, are you ready to have fun?” 


Jisung shrieks, he was very excited.


Donghyuck looks over, his eyes locked on Jeno’s figure who was trying to avoid Donghyuck. “We say hello around here, breeder!” Donghyuck shouts. 


Jaemin glares at his friend, slapping his head. “Hyuck?!” 


“What? He knows I'm joking, right Jeno?”


Jeno wipes his hands on the towel and walks towards Jaemin’s friend who was giving him a smirk. “Hey Donghyuck, it’s nice seeing you again.” He says, serious. 


“Uncle Hyuckie, you know Mr.Lee?” Jisung asks, surprised. 


“Of course, we go way, way back!”  


Jaemin could only scowl and growl at his friend, his scent surprising Jeno. He was pissed. 


“Just go Hyuck, don’t bring my baby late.” 


Donghyuck laughs. “Alrighty, you two love birds stay safe!” He winks, before driving off. 


The omega sighs, closing his eyes as he shakes his head. Jeno finds it amusing. “Hey it’s fine, I knew he would act like this.” 


“That’s the point, I don’t want him to act like this.” Jaemin says, turning around to face his car. “Are you almost done?” He asks, a little annoyed.


Jeno hums, going back to where he left off. “Almost, just need a few things and it should be good.” The alpha throws Jaemin his car keys. “Here, go sit in my car and listen to the radio while I'm finishing up.” 


Jaemin shrugs, taking the keys and jumping right inside the comfortable car. As he turned the car on, the radio started to play a song Jaemin recognized immediately. 


How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees


Jeno tenses up when he hears the song playing loudly in his car, he turns back to look at Jaemin, and sees the young omega humming to the song. 


“I didn’t know you liked Bee Gees!” Jaemin asks, moving his body to the slow beat. 


And Jeno just smiles. Smiling at how precious the omega looks, dancing and humming to the song he loves the most, inside his car while the sun was setting. 

It’s almost fall and maybe, just maybe this will be the greatest fall Jeno will experience. 

Chapter Text

It’s been a long eight hours and just like that, the weekend has begun.  


Jeno grows impatient as he looks at the clock in his classroom, tapping his foot anxiously on the floor. Geez, when are they dismissing the students to go home?


Of course Jeno isn’t usually in a rush to dismiss his students any other day, but tonight was the annual faculty staff dinner at the finest 5-star restaurant their principal had rented out for them and Jeno would be damned if showed up wearing his tackiest outfit. 


Because not only would tonight be the greatest opportunity to get to know his co-workers, but it’s also the perfect time to look his best in front of Na Jaemin, the one who radiates sunshine and pretty flowers. 


After suffering a whole lot of mental stress that came in the form of a young omega woman who controls his every movement and life, Jeno deserves to spend the end of his horrible week with the man that can make him smile just by their presence. 


Jeno has his class lined up ready to head outside and just like him they were also excited to spend their weekend at home. While he waited outside the hall, Jeno failed to notice the gloomy look on Jisung’s face at the end of his line. 


“Why do you always spend the night at Chenle’s house? Are you guys dating?” Yangyang pokes Jisung’s cheek, making the rest of the other kids laugh. 


Jisung bites the inside of his cheeks, his hands clenching around the straps of his backpack as he tries to hold in his tears. 


Yangyang gets close to his face with a snarky smile. “What’s wrong? Is your alpha dad working?” The little boy stops, he gasps sarcastically as he looks around to his friends behind him. “Oh no, I forgot.” Yangyang flicks Jisung’s forehead. “You don’t have an alpha dad.” He snorts, causing the rest of his little groupie to snicker along. 


Jisung glances up for a second, noticing Mr.Lee in his own little world talking to the other kids who were in the front of the line. 


“Why do you always pick on me?” Jisung looks away, casting his gaze to the ground. 


“Because I hate useless people like you.” Yangyang pushes Jisung, but thankfully Jisung was able to balance himself. “Male omegas are so useless.” He pushes him once more causing Jisung to fall on the floor. Everyone laughs. 


Jeno stops to look over at the loud commotion at the end of his line, furrowing his brows when he sees Jisung struggling to get up. 


“Hey! What are you boys doing over there?” Jeno shouts, making the group of five boys turn to face a pair of piercing, intimidating eyes. 


“Nothing Mr.Lee! We were just playing and Sungie fell.” Yangyang explains in his small voice, everyone in that class knew Mr.Lee could get scary when he’s upset. 


Jisung stands up, his eyes still glued on the floor as he dusts himself off. Yangyang goes over and wraps an arm around Jisung’s shoulders, pulling him close to him as if they were best friends. Jisung trembles under his touch. 


Jeno stares at the two boys, he wasn’t fully convinced but seeing Yangyang pinch his cheeks making Jisung smile had Jeno feeling relieved. 


“I don’t want to see you guys horse playing in my classroom again.” Jeno says strictly. “Now get in line and face the front.” The boys quickly got in line, straightening themselves to face the front, all but one boy who slowly walked at the end of the line with a sad look. 


Maybe he was tired, Jeno thought. 


The school bell rings right after and the kids were all being dismissed to their designation. Jisung’s eyes beam the moment he sees his daddy, Jaemin outside his classroom after the students had left. “Daddy!” He runs to Jaemin with open arms to hug around his waist. 


“Hey baby! How was class?” Jaemin asks, ruffling Jisung’s hair. 


Jeno sees Jisung shrug, which had Jaemin pouting sadly. Jaemin then glances to look at Jeno who was waiting patiently, Jeno also shrugs. 


Jaemin rolls his eyes before giving Jisung a smooch on the cheek. “Well you are going to have a great weekend with Chenle, I heard Ten wants to take y’all to the movies tonight.” Jaemin gasps while Jisung’s eyes widen surprisingly. 


“Really? Are they picking me up right now?” Jisung jumps excitedly, he’s always loved going to Chenle’s place. 


Jaemin nods, patting Jisung’s butt. “Yes, which means we need to go home and pack your backpack so you can go!” And without a second thought, Jisung ran to the front office. 


Jeno was smiling fondly at the two boys, but was then quickly wiped off when he saw Jaemin’s cold eyes and crossed arms. 


“Something happened in the classroom with Jisung.” Jaemin says flatly and Jeno is taken back. 


“What? What do you mean?” 


Jaemin sighs, looking back at Jisung who was happily skipping in the hallway to get to the front. “Because a parent just knows, Jeno.” He gets closer to Jeno. “He usually tells me everything that goes on in the class, but when something happens he keeps it to himself.” Jaemin explains that Jeno felt like the shittiest person in the world. 


Jeno does nothing except give the omega a slow blink, how else was Jeno to explain that not only he failed to be a father but also failed as a teacher. 


“It’s fine…” Jaemin lets out a deep sigh. “I know you’re not allowed to give one student the special treatment, but Jisung is all that I have…” The omega stares into Jeno’s eyes, and if Jeno could, he would love to spend his day getting lost in them. “Just pay attention to him a little bit more for me.” He smiles, giving Jeno a soft pat on his bicep. 


“Of course, I’m sorry.” The older finally speaks, rubbing a soothing hand on Jaemin’s shoulder. 


Jaemin changes the subject rather quickly with a slap on Jeno’s bicep and a smile. “So, what time will you be there?” The omega asks, struggling to keep the straps of his tote bag stay on his shoulder. 


Jeno smoothly takes hold of the tote bag from Jaemin’s shoulder and carries it in his arms. A shy smile creeped on Jaemin’s face. “I was thinking if we went together.” Jeno suggests as he walks side by side with Jaemin. 


Jaemin tilts his head cutely. “Well…” Jaemin ponders for a bit before answering. “Remember how I mentioned I usually go with Renjun?” 


The alpha nods. “Yeah, the art teacher.” 


The omega beams brightly. “Yes! Well we are going together, I’m his ride.” He answers with a soft smile and fluttering lashes, Jeno wanted to just kiss him right there and then. 


“How about I take you guys?” 


They were now standing in front of the front office with Jisung staring at the both of them with bright eyes. 


Jaemin smirks at him playfully, reaching out to fix the collar on Jeno’s button up. “What am I going to do with alphas like you?” He teases, dusting off the small specks of lint on his shirt before letting go. “You guys always want to impress someone.” 


Jeno looks down chuckling, well he wasn’t lying. “What am I going to do with omegas like you then?” He answers back. “Especially the pretty ones with long lashes and cute smile.” The alpha whispers, his gaze on Jaemin was nothing but pure admiration. 


The omega blinks slowly at Jeno’s sudden flirty comment, his cheeks burning the longer he stares at the alpha. “Are you even allowed to say that?” He laughs nervously. 


“I’m not sure.” 


Jaemin rolls his eyes sassily, hitting Jeno’s chest before snatching his tote bag away from him. “Alright Mr.Lee, I’ll let you think about that one, in the meantime I’m going home to get ready.” He smiles, signaling Jisung to get ready. 


Jeno stays still as he watches Jaemin walk away with an overly excited Jisung next to him. He shakes his head as he remembers his question that was left unanswered. 


“Wait!” Jeno shouts, and both Jaemin and Jisung look at the alpha confusingly. “You didn’t answer my question.” 


The omega shakes his head with a smile. “Meet me at my place at 7, Mr.Lee.” He answers, taking hold of Jisung's small hand. “No later than that or else I’m leaving without you.” He threatens cutely. 


Jeno smiles triumphantly, watching Jaemin leave for his car. Once they were out of sight, Jeno does a fist in the air as celebration, smiling and giggling to himself not realizing there were still some staff members around, he quickly apologizes and walks away with a flushed face. 

“You’re on time.” 


“I can’t keep my majesty waiting.” 


Jaemin stifles in his giggle with the back of his hand while Renjun snorts loudly from behind. 


“I guess chivalry isn’t dead.” Renjun jokes, stepping out. “Hello Mr.Lee.” He greets before walking towards Jeno’s car. 


Jaemin closes the door behind him, making sure it’s locked before turning around to face Jeno. “Ready?” Jeno asks, receiving a simple nod from the omega. 


Jeno sprints to his car before Renjun could, brushing right past him to open the back seat door for him. “I got it.” Jeno smiles, opening the door wide enough for Renjun to get in. 


“Thank you, Mr.Lee.” Renjun says bemused, he turns to give his friend Jaemin a knowing look. 


Jaemin was right about to jump inside with Renjun when suddenly, Jeno closed the door on him softly. “Hey, what about me?” Jaemin's lips twist into a frown. 


“You don’t want to keep me company at the front?” Jeno pouts, giving Jaemin his cute puppy face. 


The omega shot him a scrutinizing look. “I am on to you, Mr.Lee.” He swiftly answers, receiving a satisfied smile on Jeno’s lips. 


Jaemin follows Jeno to the other side of his car, his lips quirk into a small smile when he feels Jeno’s hand on his lower back. “You look very nice tonight.” Jeno leans closely to whisper in his ear. Jaemin blinks rapidly as he is being caught off guard from Jeno’s compliment, and the next thing he knows, he’s sitting in the passenger seat with Jeno reaching across to unhook his seatbelt for him. 


“I’m not a kid, ya’know.” Jaemin says to Jeno, his cheeks burning from the sudden closeness and perhaps the embarrassment that his best friend was still in the back seat. 


Jeno shrugs, extending out his hand for Jaemin to hold and flashing him with a wide grin, one that reaches up to his eyes. 


Jaemin slaps his hand like a high-five and jumps out the car, playfully punching Jeno’s bicep right after. “Come on friend, we don’t want to keep them waiting!” Jaemin’s eyes crinkle with amusement, he then skips over to Renjun and hooks an arm around his arm. 


Get it together Jeno, you guys are just friends.

Throughout the night, Jeno and Jaemin exchanged shy glances and soft giggles across the table as they both listened to their drunk co-workers share funny (horror) stories that happened in their classrooms with the kids. At one point during Taeyong’s drunken talk; Jaemin cutely kicks Jeno underneath the table to get his attention, only for him to stick out his tongue at him. 


Jeno kicks him back softly, quickly prompting them to play footsies with each other. 


Everything was going great until a loud, screeching high-pitch voice from behind called out for him. 


“Jeno!! Baby!!” The stranger shouts. “Get off me! That’s my fiance!” The lady yells at one of the waiters. 


Jaemin (along with everyone else) stops to look at the woman who came bursting inside their dinner. She was clad in a long, skin tight dress that revealed her cleavage and heels that were high enough to tower everyone in the room. She looks expensive. 


Jeno rubs the temples on the side of his face before standing up, but right when he gets up, Ara wraps her arms around Jeno’s neck and kisses him deeply in front of everyone. Ara pulls Jeno close to him, refusing to let him go, even making unnecessary noises as she kisses him. 


Jaemin coughs awkwardly, turning around to face anywhere in the room just so he wouldn’t be able to see Jeno getting his tongue sucked by someone else. 


“Baby…” Ara pouts after detaching herself. “I’ve missed you.” She hugs around Jeno’s waist. 


The alpha sighs, irritated that Ara came into his job’s dinner unannounced and created a scene. He excuses himself from the table, Jeno didn’t even dare to spare Jaemin a glance, afraid of what his reaction would be. 


“What are you doing here Ara?” Jeno asks, away from everyone’s nosy stares. 


“Why haven’t you been answering my phone calls?” She questions, her “loving” gaze from before immediately shifts to a malicious look. “I had to hire someone to look for you, it’s been a week already Jeno!” 


“You hired someone to stalk me?!” 


This was unbelievable, Jeno felt bare and watched.


“I had to baby, I was getting worried.” She pouts once again, but it had no effect on Jeno. “Won’t you come back to the house? I really missed you.” She hugs around Jeno, snuggling on his chest. 


It was hard, Jeno didn’t love this woman, but he was forced to pretend all because he wanted to make his dad proud. 


“Ara please, you can’t keep doing this to me.” He whispers. 


Ara looks up as her hand reaches to caress Jeno’s cheek. Jeno felt a sudden chill at the touch. 


“I promise I’ll change, I’m sorry Jeno.” Ara kisses his jaw. “I just want you.” 


I know. 


“Okay.” He gives in reluctantly, like he always does. 


“Will you introduce me to your co-workers then?” She asks, her smile beaming. Jeno nods, letting her hook her arm around his bicep. He then leads the way back to the table, his eyes glued to the floor while Ara goes on about what she did while he was missing. 


She then stops Jeno. “Is that the smell of another omega?” Ara asks, her gaze on Jeno. 


“Yes, I gave my coworker a ride to dinner.” He informs her.


Ara scoffs, rolling her eyes annoyingly. “Let that be the last time.” She tightens her grip on Jeno, before smiling widely at the staff. 

Jaemin couldn’t help but look sadly towards Jeno and his partner, she was beautiful and the way she talked was soft and charming. No wonder Jeno chose her, but then again, he wonders why Jeno’s sudden mood changed the moment she joined. 


“Wait a minute!” Ara exclaims, causing the whole table to get quiet. She points at Jaemin unexpectedly with a wide smile. “I just realized who you are!” She says loudly. 


Jaemin tilts his head in confusion, he looks at Jeno for a second and realizes that he too has no idea what she’s talking about. 




“Yes! Oh my gosh, you’re Na Jaemin from high school!” 


Oh shit, that is who I thought it was.


“Do you remember me? Ara? I was your locker neighbor for two years!” She says happily, and Jeno wants to hide his face in humiliation. 


Jaemin smiles softly at her. “Ah, yes. I remember you now, it’s been a while.” 


He notices that her hold on Jeno gets tighter as if showing him off to Jaemin. 


“How are you? I didn’t know Jeno worked with you.” 


“I’ve been good.” Honestly speaking, Jaemin was quite tired of her. 


“What have you been up to?” She asks, leaning closely to the table. 


Renjun shoots her disgusted look, for some reason Renjun can always know who is bad news or not. 


“I've just been living life with my son.” He answers truthfully, sparing a small glance at Jeno who quickly looks away. 


Ara gasps dramatically, looking around the room as if it was such a taboo thing to say. “A child? Oh my gosh I would’ve never expected you to be married, nonetheless with a child?!” 


Renjun cracks his knuckles, sticking his tongue to the side of his cheek. “What does that supposed to mean?” His beta friend asks, anger in his tone. Jaemin shakes his head at Renjun, letting him know it was okay. 


“I’m just saying that Jaemin wasn’t known to be popular around the alphas back in high school, so it’s a shocker.” 


Jeno frowns, nudging Ara lightly. “Hey, stop it now.” He says to her. 


“It’s fine.” Jaemin says. “I’m not married, I just have my son with me.” 


Ara tsks, shaking her head in disbelief. “Not surprised, I mean no offense of course.” 


“What the fuck is your problem?” Renjun says loudly, at that point his best friend didn’t care who he was speaking to, no one messes with Jaemin. 


Jaemin looks down at his lap, fidgeting with his fingers nervously. 


“I don’t have a problem, I have an alpha who I’m happily getting married to and will be the father to all of my kids.” 


“Ara, stop.” Jeno seethes, squeezing her thigh underneath the table. 


Renjun stands up, pointing at the exit. “You need to fucking leave right now.” 


She laughs evilly. “All i’m saying is that if he wanted to keep an alpha then he shouldn’t be opening up his legs and bare their pups for the fun of it.” 


“You crossed it bitch.” Renjun shouts and is close to jumping across the table to drag her out but is immediately held back from everyone else. 


Jeno stands up rather quickly, grabbing Ara from the wrist. “I told you to stop.” He says loud enough for everyone to hear, causing them to jump from their place. “I am so sorry Jaemin.” Jeno apologizes to the omega who was staring up at him with sad eyes, the alpha then drags Ara out the restaurant and away from the screaming Renjun. 


No one seemed to notice Jaemin sneaking out of the restaurant since they were all busy trying to calm Renjun down. As Jaemin got closer to the front of the restaurant, he could hear the couple arguing outside. Jaemin wanted to intervene, but knew he shouldn't. It wasn’t his place to do so. 


Seconds later, a loud slap across Jeno’s cheek could be seen and Jaemin gasps, covering his mouth to hide any noises he may let out. Ara walks away from the scene, leaving Jeno standing there holding his red, stinging cheek. 


Jaemin was about to step outside, but Jeno had stormed off to his car, turning on the engine and making a hard turn. Jaemin knew he had to follow.