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Day 18

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Bakugou found himself in a classroom on a sunny afternoon, trying his best to listen to what the teacher at the front was droning on about. It was definitely a UA classroom and he guessed he must have failed an exam because the teacher, who he'd just noticed was Aizawa, was going over some math concepts he’d already learned and it was just the two of them in the classroom.

Bakugou couldn’t remember ever failing a math exam and was also confused about why he was wearing his workout clothes in class, but before he could think about it too much, Aizawa started scolding him.

“Hey! Focus up! Neither of us is leaving here until you get this. And stop squirming like that. Don’t tell me you have to pee already?” Aizawa was emoting a bit more than usual, but now that he’d said that, all Bakugou could focus on was that he did, in fact, really need to pee. He hadn’t noticed before and he was annoyed with his teacher for making him suddenly aware. And now he was torn. He really didn’t want to show weakness in front of someone so strong. But if he didn’t speak up about his problem then he’d never be able to get relief. 

Bakugou chose to be stubborn.

“I’m fine. Let’s just get this over with.” He crossed his legs tightly and fixed his eyes on the board. But his eyeballs were swimming and so were the equations. All he could think about now is how good it would feel to finally get relief and how much of an idiot he was for not going before this weird class started.

After only about a minute he started rocking his hips back and forth into the chair, determined to not so much as leak in front of his teacher. Unfortunately, this level of movement was very obvious and Aizawa noticed right away.

“Bakubrat! Since you’re so anxious to move around, why don’t you come up to the board and solve this,” he said, looking annoyed and gesturing emphatically at the math problem he had written out.

Bakugou gritted his teeth and clenched his bladder muscles as best he could and hobbled up to the white board. Before he could even take a marker, he felt a spasm and reacted instinctively by grabbing his dick through his gray leggings.

“What’s the matter with you? Don’t fondle your dick in my classroom.” Aizawa was clearly annoyed with him, but even if he stopped grabbing himself, he still wouldn’t be able to solve the math problem. He knew his options now were lose a little face by asking for the bathroom or lose a lot of face by wetting himself right in front of one of his heroes.

“Sensei…” he started, cautiously moving his hand off of his dick and gripping his leggings instead. “I need to use the bathroom.”

“The bathroom, huh?” Aizawa did not look sympathetic. “Let me tell you something. When you’re on patrol as a pro hero, you don’t get to have many bathroom breaks. What would you do if a villain was attacking, hm? Would you let him rampage while you went potty? Do you think All Might asked All-For-One for a timeout so he could go pee-pee? Sometimes our duties stretch on for hours. You’re not even halfway through a one hour supplementary lesson and you’re already about to tinkle in your trousers,” he said with a condescending tone.

Every sentence was a blow to Bakugou’s ego and every euphemism for piss was a blow to his already sore bladder. And to make matters worse, all that time with Deku gave his dick a pavlovian response to humiliation. He didn’t get hard enough to stop any of the leaks he could feel pressing hot at the tip of his dick, but rather his cock fattened just enough to be fully outlined through his skin tight pants, mushroom head and all.

“We’re gonna switch tasks now. You’re gonna stand here next to my desk for the rest of the hour. If you can make it without getting any piss on my floor, then I’ll mark up your math grade and we’ll never speak of this again. But if you can’t hold it, then you’ll owe me three more special sessions. And I’m gonna ride your ass hard.

That last statement sounded intentionally sexual and when Bakugou looked at Aizawa’s slightly tented crotch at the apex of his wide open legs, he couldn’t help but think of his boyfriend and how, even though he couldn’t say he wasn’t interested in the older man, he had to hold it for the sake of his relationship. There’s no way Deku would be okay with Aizawa doing anything to his ass.

Another wave of desperation had Bakugou’s hand back on his cock as he bent slightly at the waist. He was trying his best, but at this rate he’d better kiss his loving boyfriend goodbye.

“Hey, no hands! Do you think Midnight walks around with her hand buried between her legs?” Aizawa was not giving even an inch.

“But--” Bakugou took a shaky breath. “But if I take my hand off I’ll--”

“You’ll what? You’ll pee? Just like that, without even putting up a fight? Move your hand. If you really need help that badly, I’ll help you.” Aizawa had a sadistic look in his eyes, the exact same one Deku gets. It made him want to listen, so he moved his hands away once more and clenched his fists at his thighs.

Aizawa’s index finger trailed lightly up Bakugou’s dick, so lightly it tickled. And because of that, a small wet patch appeared around his tip, the first small leak somehow making him feel even more desperate. 

“Uh-oh, is little Bakubrat ticklish?” he smirked, before repeating the same action. The feather light sensation made it impossible to hold his pee and he leaked again, letting out a bit more this time, the stain now grapefruit sized.

“Hey, stop! Please! You’re not playing fair,” Bakugou whined, far past the point of still trying to look mature and manly. The stakes were pretty high for him.

“Okay, fine. I’ll squeeze the tip of your little prick for you. Try not to pee on my hand.” Aizawa was clearly enjoying watching Bakugou suffer, but he still kept his word. Although his version of holding it was just to pinch the very end with his thumb and middle finger and press down on the opening with his index. The sensation was very pleasurable but it did basically nothing to help him, as evidenced by the leak that abruptly followed. The flow was weak but long, wetting the fabric from the top of his now fully erect cock to the crux of his inner thighs. “Wow, you’re already losing control? Can’t believe this is all it takes to make you piss yourself.”

Aizawa’s fingers kept pressing into his sensitive spot and with every small wave of pleasure came a small spurt of piss until his dick felt so warm and good, he wasn’t sure if he was pissing or cumming, but the sensation felt amazing and went on for so long.

“Oh my. Ground Zero-kun is really peeing in his pants! That’s not very heroic… ” As he was talking, Aizawa’s face morphed into Deku’s face, but it was his chubby face from middle school and his soothing voice started to get drowned out by the sound of laughter from a crowd. He turned around and suddenly all of 1A was there pointing and watching the puddle grow larger on the floor, getting so big it was about to cover the whole classroom. He tried to stop peeing, but it felt too good and his muscles had long given out and his dick was so hard it was pushing obviously against the front of his pants, piss shooting through the fabric like a fountain. He could hear everyone laughing and whispering about his erection and as the stream trickled to stop, everything faded to black.


“Kacchan, it’s time to wake up.” Bakugou’s eyes slowly blinked open. “You had a little sleepy accident.” The first thing he noticed was that his lower half felt very wet. The second was his strange, sterile surroundings. Bakugou could see he wasn’t at home and while he was relieved he wasn’t in Aizawa’s classroom, knowing he’d wet the bed in the nurse's office, a public place where anyone could have seen, made him feel so embarrassed he could cry. He wouldn’t, but his eyes felt hot and ready nonetheless. Wetting in a controlled environment was one thing, but this wasn’t something he’d planned for.

Unfortunately, Deku could read him like a book. “Aww sweetie, it’s okay if you want to cry. It’s embarrassing to still wet the bed, I know. But we both know sometimes you just can’t hold it,” he said while stroking his hair, his characteristic sweet/shaming tone of voice doing nothing to help him hold back any tears. “You got whacked pretty hard in the head during training, so maybe we should count ourselves lucky you didn’t start peeing as soon as you passed out,” Deku said with his sunshine smile, looking like that should reassure him when all he could think about was how close he’d come to even further humiliation, images of the last part of his dream flashing through his mind.

Deku kissed him on the top of the head before standing up and saying, “Let’s get you out of those wet gym pants, hm? I’ll clean you up and then you can change into your uniform.” Bakugou nodded sullenly and started to peel off his dirty pants. When Deku started with the sponge bath, Bakugou really couldn’t take the humiliation anymore and let a few tears slip out of the corners of his eyes. ‘ I can’t believe I peed myself so easily. I haven’t been serious enough with my training. What if that dream becomes a reality? Future pro heroes aren’t supposed to have accidents.’

“Mmm sweetheart, you look so beautiful when you cry. That shameful face is just so loveable,” Deku husked as he pulled down the zipper on his own pants, fishing out his thick erection and squeezing the tip. “It’s okay if you’re not in the mood to suck it, I just need a minute.”

Deku was always so considerate, even when he was being mean and dominant. And it honestly made him feel much better every time to know that no matter how badly Bakugou embarrassed himself, he could count on Deku to make him feel good about it and to know how he was feeling and what he needed without having to say it out loud. This particular event hadn’t left him feeling very horny himself, but he just couldn’t be so close to his boyfriend’s fat cock and not want to suck it. Call it an oral fixation but he needed to comfort and closeness that only a throat fucking would provide.

“Wait--” Bakugou stilled Deku’s hand with his own “--I wanna suck it,” he whispered. Bakugou gently tugged Deku closer by the dick until Deku was straddling his chest and sucked him as hard and fast as he could, still aware that they were in public and that he wasn’t wearing any pants and was sitting in his own pee spot.

Deku wasn’t lying when he said he only needed a minute and Bakugou quickly got dressed after while Deku stripped the bed and wiped down the mattress cover. He folded the wet sheets and put them in a plastic bag he found, vowing to wash them and return them later. The two then returned to the dorms for an afternoon of soft cuddles and even softer sex.