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Maid in Love

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3rd's POV 


- Rival - 

"Are you sure you guys will be okay helping us?" Kuroko asked, unease with the idea of his classmates helping them in the court. "Yeah! It's just getting the balls and provide water and towels, right?" Sato asked while wearing her jacket, looking all ready to work making him sighed. "You guys know it's rest day for us, right?" 


They all nodded in unison "Yeah so?" Kuroko facepalmed himself, not realizing the confusion plastered on their faces. "Shouldn't you guys be resting for tomorrow?" Kuroko said with his worried face but he ended up getting smacked in the head by Watanabe. 


"We don't want to hear that from a guy who is legit training basketball on his rest day too," Kuroko blushed in embarrassment, realizing it's also his rest day. "B-But y-you don't ha-have to do—Shut yo mouth! We wanna help so zip it up, sistah! Let's get it!" Nakamura didn't make him finish as she pulled the teal boy by the arm, dragging him to the gym.


Nakamura kicked the entrance door with her foot "Ohayo!!!" She did a peace sign and Kuroko just sighed deeply in the arms of the female student who is smiling brightly. "Oh! Ohayo, Nakamura-san!" Riko smiled while holding her whistle with her hand while the other is at the back.


"Ohayo, Nakamura-san, please tell you and your classmates to prepare the towels and water bottles and can we possibly ask you to help with the retrievals of the balls when we do some drills?" Masako asked while flipping through some papers. 


"HAI!" They all nodded and started to work while Kuroko and the rest started to train. 




"Sugoi!" Sasaki awed at the intense training of the players in the gym. "I know right? I can even feel the ground shaking!" Sato said shockingly, sorting out the water while looking at the intense drills given to the players. "Gosh, being a basketball player looks tiring!" Watanabe yawned a bit, leaning down in the score board. 


“Demo, Kuroko looks really cool" Nakamura came into the scene with a set of towels on her arms. "Yeah! Now I can see why he is called the Phantom member!" Sasaki stretched her hands forward, cracking her bones a bit, trying to relax. "BOIII! I didn't even realize he was playing! This disappearing ability of his is so cool!" Watanabe watched with an awed plastered on his face.


"And also effective!" Sato pointed out. "Can you imagine! With that ability! You can sleep in class without the teacher knowing? I heard from Kagami-kun that Kuroko-kun sleeps in class sometimes and the teacher never notices him! I WANT THAT ABILITY!" The rest of the gang agreed since they would often sleep in class too. 


"That would honestly be so cool!" 


"TAKE A BREAK! We start in 10!" Riko whistled and the players nodded as they walked to their refreshments with their sweaty body. "There goes our cue! Leggo, guys!" Watanabe grabbed water bottles and towels then, ran towards the players and handed it to them. 


"Kuroko-kun! Here's your water and towel!" Nakamura handed Kuroko his refreshments making Kuroko smile and happily accepted it "Arigatō, Nakamura-san" Kuroko panted as he wiped his neck with the towel. She smiled and gave Kuroko a pat in the back before leaving him to hand out the water bottles and towels to the rest. 


"Kuroko!" Kuroko turned around to see Takao, Hayama, and Wakamatsu smiling at him and that made Kuroko confuse on why they are suddenly calling for him. "Ne, Kuroko! We've been curious about something!" Hayama came closer, obviously excited with what they were about to ask and it honestly made Kuroko scared. 


"Uhh? Okay? Ask away." Kuroko prayed that he won't regret his decision and there will be 99.9% he will. "Between Kagami and Aomine, who is the better light?" Hayama asked  so fucking loudly, it gained everyone's attention especially Kagami and Aomine. 


Aomine didn't turn around but his eyes are looking back while holding his water bottle and towel is slung at his shoulder while Kagami stared at Kuroko's back while wiping his sweaty head with a towel. Both are waiting for the answer from his teal boyfriend. Everyone suddenly went quiet even the coaches since they are curious with the answer. 


The rest of their boyfriends are also listening attentively and started to pray that if their phantom boyfriend answered, they hope that Kagami and Aomine won't beat each other to death in this very gym. 


Most started to bet on who will Kuroko pick since he is not yet answering. Some say, he will pick Kagami since he is his current light while some say that he will pick Aomine since he is the original light of the phantom but they shouldn't have expect the unexpected.


"None," Kuroko answered with his blank face. 


Aomine is already digging up his grave while Kagami is already off to find a place to hang. "OI!" Midormia scolded the two whose souls left their bodies, leaving them pale as fuck. "If you two would let me finish," Kuroko sighed, gaining the two's attention, curious on what will Kuroko add. 


"If your question was: Who is a better light? Aomine-kun and Kagami-kun or you? I would have picked Kagami-kun and Aomine-kun," Savage Kuroko is on, bitches but thanks to his savageness, the souls of both of the lights has returned to their owners as a bright smile plastered their faces. 


Hayama laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head, "Ma! Ma! Ma! Let's not get too seri—NEXT QUESTION!" Wakamatsu pushed Hayama to the side and thank the lord Takao was there to catch him if not, he couldn't have fell to the floor. 


"Which is a better tea—If you ask on who is a better team between the Generations of Miracles and Seirin. I will seriously ignite pass your fucking balls to the damn hoops of every basketball court there is in Japan." Everyone tried to held back their laughter especially Seirin and the Generations of Miracles. 


But honestly, it's really hard. 


Wakamatsu just stared at Kuroko with a shock expression with his mouth open and his soul has left his body leaving him pale. Kuroko just looked at him blankly and walked pass him, heading to the entrance door. 


"Kantoku, I need some air. I'll be right back," Kuroko waved his hand side to side as he slid the door to the side. "Pfft—It's f-fine! Pfft! Take y-your time!" Riko tried her best not to snort out to laughter but it was really hard since Kuroko has never been this savage until now so this is so new to them.


By the time, Kuroko left, all hell was broke loose. 


"PFFT—AHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA" Everyone as in everyone started to laugh their asses to the ground. Both Kagami and Aomine are rolling to the floor laughing while Kise is holding his stomach while laughing so loudly. Midormia is laughing under his hand while Murasakibara kept eating while laughing vigorously. 


Akashi seems to be the only boyfriend stable enough to laugh like an normal person but Akashi had to admit, this side of Kuroko is pretty hot as fuck and he bets the rest of his boyfriends are also thinking about it. 


Wakamatsu is indeed embarrassed but he can't help but laugh with the rest on how funny it is since they never seen Kuroko did savage before and it's really entertaining to see him go off just like that. They would love to see more of his savage side in the future! 


Oh, he will...


"BABY! Are you here?" A high pitched voice entered the room. 


Everyone looked at the entrance door to see a random girl with a tight shirt and short skirt and has a heavy make up, looking like the walmart version of Barbie. The rainbow boyfriends flinched when they recognized the person, eyes wide in shock. 


"You've got to be kidding me," Aomine's pupils shrunk in shock seeing her here. "Why is she here?" Murasakibara asked while looking at her with disgust, continuing to eat his chips in a disgust motion. "That's something I want to do and also don't want to know,"


This unknown girl who just disrespectfully barged into the gymnasium squealed in delight when she saw the certain people she wanted to meet. "Baby! I've missed you so much!" She ran towards Akashi with open arms and immediately kissed him in the spot.


Nakamura and the other classmates and also the basketball players flinched vigorously with their mouths wide open and their skin turned pale in shock. Akashi frowned in annoyance and pushed the girl harshly away from him and wiped his lips. "The fuck you're doing here?" Akashi growled in annoyance, making the girl blush in delight. 


"Akashi-sama! You look so hot when you're angry!" Akashi's hand turned into a fist in rage, feeling himself getting vexed at the situation. "What are you doing here, Hana?" Midormia let out a deep breathe of frustration while pushing his glasses up. 


Hana giggled like an idiot, coming closer to Midormia as if she owns him. "My, oh my, Shin Shin! Still acting tough?" Hana pressed her fake boobs towards his chest causing him to let our a snarl of irritation. Midormia pushed her away harshly, showing no positive emotions at all. 


"What the? Who is she?" Wakamatsu whispered to the side. "I don't fucking know," Hamaya whispered back with a gulp, obviously terrified with how the rainbow boyfriends look right now. It was the mix emotions of anger and annoyance. 


"Oh my fucking gosh, it's her" Takao rubbed his face with his fingers, causing the two to look at him with curiosity. "You know her?" Hayama asked and Takao nodded slowly, "She's the crazy ex girlfriend of those six," Takao pointed at the rainbow boyfriends. 


"HAHHHHH?!??" The two shouted in unison.


Aomine sighed and clicked his tongue in irritation, "We fucking told you to stop looking for us." Hana didn't seemed to take a hint and crossed her arms, trying to make her breast stand out. "Ne, Daiki-kun! Do you still wanna have fun~?" Aomine's eye twitch in annoyance at this bitch attempt of flirting with him. 


Kise growled and pushed her away and grabbed Aomine by the arm, pulling him backwards. "Listen, Hana." Hana smirked like a slut when she heard the dominant voice of Kise. "We already told you, we are over." Hana soon laughed with her high pitched voice and it was really painful to hear. 


"I didn't agree to that though?" Hana twirled her hair with her finger while looking at them with a flirty look which made them gag in disgust. 


"Who the fuck is she and where is my knife and gun?" Sato cracked her knuckles with her eye twitching causing her classmates to flinch in fear. "Now! Now! Now! Let's just calm do—SASAKI! PUT THAT SWISS ARMY KNIFE DOWN!" One female classmate shouted as they tried to stop her from charging in. 


"EEK! Nakamura-san! Help us calm them do—" A random student stopped talking when she saw Nakamura already looking at Hana with a sinister smile, "My Fujoshi killer side is activating and it's sensing that this bitch is ruining meh fucking ship," 


This student flinched in fear, "EVEN YOU NAKAMURA-SAN?" Watanabe magically summoned a baseball bat and started to charge into the bitch who us about to ruin the ship of gayness but was stopped by his classmates. 




"Listen here, you damn bitch. You better stop this attitude of yours or else—You'll fuck me to death? If so, then please fuck me hard and rough, daddy" Kagami was interrupted by this bitch who winked at him flirtatiously which caused almost caused him to puke in disgust. 


"We already have a boyfriend so fuck off," Murasakibara growled with an exasperated expression which caused her to flinched vigorously, her dreams crushed to the floor when she heard those words. Hana always had this insane obsessive crush with these guys and when they asked her to be their trial lover. She agreed with open arms and let them date her even though she knew that she is just a trial lover.


Everything was fine until she suddenly became more and more controlling. Whenever she saw someone talking to them, she would glare at them like crazy, this insane jealousy of hers caused them to distant from them even more and she hated it. 


When she heard that they will break up, it crushed her and the side she is always hiding already broke out so her insanity came out. She became more and more dangerous to the point she almost killed the person who talked to them and that person was actually Takao. Because of this, Akashi took advantage of his rich status and made Hana disappear. 


It's been 7 months since they last saw her yet she's here. 


"I don't see him," Hana arched her brow, flipping her hair to the side and placed her hands in her hips and placed all her weight in the left side of her leg. "Turn around," She suddenly heard a voice and turned her body around to meet a petite yet muscular looking boy with teal hair and BEAUTIFUL features. 


"Now you see him," Kuroko arched his brow while scanning from head to toe at this dumbass bitch. Hana scoffed and faced him completely as she crossed her arms, "I don't see much" She smirked proudly, arching her brow cockily. 


Kuroko scoffed playfully while looking at the side first then, he faced the bitch again with a sassy look plastered on his face. "It's funny on how you're complimenting yourself," Hana's smirking expression turned into a panicked face, "Hah?" She frowned in annoyance making Kuroko grin cockily. 


"All I'm saying is that, you should seriously check yourself out even more," Kuroko shrugged his shoulders once, "Even your non-existence boobs are beginning to fall off. Your doctors probably didn't give you the best silicone for your boobs," Hana's raged increased like crazy when she heard snorts from everyone but she suddenly started laughing like Joker but Walmart version.


"I'm sure you won't act cocky when you find out that I am your boyfriends' girlfriend," Kuroko's body flinched, he absolutely did not know that his boyfriends has a lover before him. It was Hana's turn to grin cockily at the teal boy so she slowly walked forward while twirling her hair with her index finger.


"I'm your boyfriends' first lover while you are second," She placed her other index finger at his chest and pushed him. "I am their first at everything, you damn slut. I was their first in fucking, dating, holding hands with, sleeping with." She kept pushing Kuroko with her index finger with a sinister smile plastered on her face.


"Name one thing and I can guarantee that we did it together! You useless bitch! Can't you see? I'm the fucking winner here! I was their first at everything and you were their first at what? Grabbing you at a dumpster place?" Hana laughed so loudly, almost like a maniac, her laugh dominated the gymnasium.


Nakamura and the rest almost pounced on her but their classmates are obviously blocking their way. Riko were already rolled up and was about to beat her ass for having the audacity to touch and talk to their phantom player like that but Masako and the rest of the coaches stopped her from doing so. 


The rainbow boyfriends had mixed emotions plastered on their faces but the feeling that overlaps the rest is, guiltiness. They feel so fucking guilty the fact that they did this and they didn't even tell their boyfriend about Hana. They also feel angry at themselves because of this stupid decision of theirs, even feeling disgusted by it. 


"So?" The room's mode lighten up with Kuroko's response.


Hana gritted her teeth in annoyance when she saw that Kuroko isn't bothered with what she just said. She crossed her arms and keep her cocky posture up, not wanting to butt down. "So what?" Hana asked with frustration blazing through her eyes. 


"Regardless of what you said, I have received something worth more than what you received," Hana was surprised at this, she knew that she has taken their first at everything so what else did Kuroko have that she doesn't? "Which is?" Hana looked at him with an annoyed scowl. 


"Love," Kuroko smiled with affectionate eyes. 


His boyfriends' hearts skipped a beat when they heard his response and they can't help but blush vigorously with what he just said but for Hana? It was a different story. She reacted violently and clenched her fist so hard, her knuckles turned white. She looked at Kuroko with crazy eyes almost like a serial killer.


"You insolent bitch! What did they even see with you? You're so disrespectful unlike me! I am a respect—Your mouth says respect but your dress," Kuroko ached his brow while looking at her slutty outfit. "Says 5am stripper on a Friday," Kuroko grinned cockily when he saw the disbelief on her on her face.


(A/N: Yes, I did use the line from Netflix show, Dynasty except! I changed some of words in the line^^^) 


Hana started to panic aggressively as she started to bite her thumb nail in frustration, she glared up at Kuroko who is smirking at her with such cockiness which caused her rage to increase even more. "I suggest you leave, whatever your name is." Kuroko released a breathe, continuing to glare down at her.


"You're already making a fool out of yourself as it is, so leave," Hana gritted her teeth and still stood tall and proud, not wanting to back down from this fight which angered Kuroko since he is getting tired of this bullshit. "And if I don't want to?" She challenged cockily, crossing her arms. 


"Ahhh, you don't want to?" Kuroko arched his brow while looking at the ground as he slowly walked towards to her with his hands behind his back. "Jaa.." Kuroko slowly lifted his head, "Come the fuck here then," Kuroko roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her to the floor and her screams brought satisfaction to his ears. 


"THAT'S MY BABY!" Sasaki yelled from the sidelines. 


Kuroko started to get frustrated when this bitch is clawing his hands, wanting to him to release her. Bitch, who the fuck said he is letting her go? The show is just starting, you know? 


Kuroko didn't hesitate to drag her body to the floor, walking towards the entrance door. "NAKAMURA-SAN?" One female classmate shouted when she saw Nakamura filming this whole time. "Shush, my child! I am a proud gay parent who is capturing my child's badass moments," 


The female classmate looked at her with an shock expression and her eyes slowly looked at Watanabe who is doing the exact same thing. She looked at the two with a so-done face plastered at her face. She didn't had the energy to stop them because she ain't paid for this shit.


The principal saw that one of his student is ferociously dragging a girl he never seen before out of the gymnasium. He knew that this girl looks like a slut (based on what she is wearing) but he is a principal so it's his job to stop them but he was stopped by the coaches.


"I figured it's best if you don't stop him," Katsunori said, placing his hand in front to stop them. The principal looks confused and was about to question but Riko spoke, "He has every right to do that since she was an uninvited guest and rudely interrupted our training session." 


"But—Don't worry about a thing, Sir. Kuroko-kun is simply" Masako stopped for a while to see the situation behind, "Taking out the trash," She said as she watched the rest going outside to see what's gonna happen next and they were about to follow them. Just because they are adults, doesn't mean they ain't allowed to have fun. 


Kuroko roughly threw the bitch outside of the school's entrance. Thankfully, no one passes here at this hour so no one is witnessing what's happening. Hana looked up to see Kuroko staring at her with an icily expression. 


"Just to let you know," Kuroko grabbed the basketball that was in Sato's arms. "Between you and me?" Kuroko scoffed playfully and did his famous Ignite Pass Kai, aiming the ball at the side of her face. "I'm more dangerous than you," Hana shivered in fear because the force of the ball was so strong, she even heard the wall cracked behind her. 


"Scram bitch," Kuroko growled in rage.


Hana didn't waste no time and started to run away with her shaking legs. Damn, even her running looks disgusting. Kuroko suddenly heard claps from behind which left him confuse. He slowly turned around to see Nakamura and his classmates clapping at him with proud smiles. 


"MY LITTLE BABY HAS ALL GROWN UP!" Nakmura cried dramatically while wiping her tears with her handkerchief. "It's a fucking good thing I brought the basketball!" Sato exclaimed while punching the air with her fist in victory. "I'm so fucking glad I forced myself to come to this school!" Sasaki said with a grin of satisfaction. 


Kuroko smiled softly at their reactions until he heard a voice, "Tetsuya" His head shot to the side to see his boyfriends with guilt plastered at their faces and the tension suddenly darken. They were about to touch him but Kuroko backed away with his palm in front of him. 


"Who the fuck said you can touch me?" They flinched when they heard the angry tone coming from Kuroko so they started to assume that he wants a break up. Kuroko knew them for so long so he can tell on what they are thinking, he's not thinking of breaking up with them, he would fucking die if he did so. He backed away from them for another reason.


"We are not breaking up, if that's what you're thinking" Kuroko sighed while rubbing the back of his neck and his boyfriends head shot up when they heard him, their eyes started to shimmer in happiness. "BUT!" Kuroko placed his index finger out which made his boyfriends frown at the but. 


"You damn dickheads better wash the fucking slutty germs you got from that hoe because I don't want to get infected by her STDs, got it?" Kuroko growled with anger and jealousy colliding at his face. The rainbow boyfriends gulped in fear and nodded swiftly. 


“Who wants to get the basketball that Kuroko-kun just threw?” Watanabe asked while pointing at the basketball at the other side, which is stuck in the wall. 



Kuroko is beyond angry. 


He is boiling in all synonyms of anger, he even ignite pass the basketball so hard, it made a huge crack at the gymnasium wall. That basketball is actually still stuck at the wall so they are trying to get it out but it was so hard, like really fucking hard. 


Junpei, who was about to catch that pass, pointed vigorously at the ball in the wall while looking at Kagami and the rest of Kuroko's boyfriends with tears on his eyes. "KAGAMI! YOU SEE THAT!" Junpei pointed at the ball in the wall with teary eyes.


"I WAS ABOUT TO CATCH THAT! YOU'VE GOT TO TALK TO KUROKO RIGHT NOW!" Junpei tried his best to encouraged the rainbow boyfriends to talk to Kuroko right now. Kagami gulped with the suggestion since seeing Kuroko right now is basically walking to their deaths. 


"But Senpai—He's right, Kagami," They turned around to see Teppei, smiling at them awkwardly with his hand placed on the back of his head. "As much as I am shocked that you all are together kedo, you've got to talk to him now! Even my hands are starting to hurt from the passes he did" Teppei pointed at his red and possibly bruised hand with an painful smile. 


"PLEASE! TALK TO HIM! SHIN-CHAN! ONEGAY!" Takao suddenly joined the conversation but he is kneeling at the floor with his eye tearing up and his hands are placed together. "Takao?" Midormia was shocked to see his team mate at this state since Takao doesn't cry (well except at that time Seirin defeated them) 


"DBIWBWKSBWIDSJ YES! PLEASE!" Hayama magically appeared with him kneeling down, hands together, and teary eyes. "Aomine," Shoichi, the captain of Tōō Academy, placed his hands on top of his team mate shoulders. "The others at the back," Aomine looked behind to see most of the  basketball players are trembling in fright. 


"Are sweating like crazy because of terror so please talk to your boyfriend," Aomine was shocked to see what's happening infront of him. "Eeto, captain?" Aomind called out making Shoichi stay alert on what he is about go say. 


"You're also sweating like crazy," 




"Are we gonna stay here until we die or will one of you start speaking?" Kuroko's sharp eyes made them sweat in fear, feeling themselves getting pressured. Right now, they are back in the dorm while the rest are still at the gym practicing. 


Riko had enough of Kise's loud screaming when he tried to get Kuroko's attention so she decided to let them go back to the dorm and talk things out. At least that's what she thought because none are talking, their mouths are not opening due to the sharp eyes of their teal boyfriend. 


"Well?" Kuroko exclaimed, getting impatient. 


"Her name is Hana and—I didn't ask for that slut's name. I asked on what the fuck is your relationship with that damn hoe?" Kuroko interrupted Murasakibara's explanation with an menace expression plastered on his face. 


"This might take a while," Kagami scratched the back of his neck, feeling himself getting stabbed by the amount of daggers coming out from Kuroko’s eyes. “Try me,” Kuroko arched his brow and straighten his back as he crossed his arms and legs. 


Kise sighed and started speak with his soft tone, “It started 7 months ago when we all talked about our feelings for you,” Kuroko’s breathe hitched but he nodded once to let him continue. “Since we all have feelings for you, we were honestly sure that if you did like us back, you won’t choose and date all of us.” Kise explained with his head down at the table. 


“But the problem is, we don’t know how one person?” Aomine wasn’t sure on how to explain it but Kuroko gets the picture. “So we decided to pick a person we can at least have a trial lover with then when we got the hang of it, we will break the deal off,” He finished explaining.


“Hana knew that this was all fake but what we didn’t know is that, she is one of our obsessive fans like those sasaengs in Korea. She was too controlling and way too demanding,” Kagami added, trying his best not to stutter so he won’t look bad in front of his boyfriends. 


Kuroko sighed in defeat and rubbed the bride of his nose, “I don’t know whether if I should feel disappointed at the fact you guys thought of this stupid idea or the fact you guys actually agreed to do it,” Kuroko wasn’t joking, he knew that they are stupid at times but he didn’t expect for them to be this stupid! 


Moreover, he didn’t expect Akashi and Midormia to even agree to this! The two are named the brains of the team and they went through this plan? Kuroko threw his head back in disappointment as the rainbow boyfriends shrunk down in their chairs in guilt. 


Kuroko placed his head down and looked forward with his painful expression and sharp eyes, “Did you have sex with her?” Everyone in the table flinched and started to look at each other, waiting for someone from one of them to say it but of course, they are too scared to say the truth. 

But they knew they can’t lie because lying will make things worse and they don’t want to keep this from their boyfriend anymore. It’s better to say it now then never saying it. The truth hurts, you know?


“Yes,” Akashi took the bait and told the truth, looking all terrified with what the teal phantom is about to say. Kuroko flinched a bit as he gasped at his answer, looking down with a painful expression, feeling his own heart getting stab with millions of daggers non-stop as he clenched his basketball shorts with his hands. 


“Why?” Kuroko started shivering a bit but it was unnoticed by the boyfriends first. Their breathe hitched when he asked that question so again, they looked at each other, signaling that one of them should say it. 


“Because we thought she will stop if we gave her what she wants,” Murasakibara answered this time with a gulp. Their eyes went wide when they saw Kuroko shivering like crazy and panicked. They stood up from their chairs and started to slowly walk towards to Kuroko. “Tetsuya? Are you feeling co—” Midormia was about to touch him but Kuroko slapped his hand away, causing Midormia to look at him with a shock expression. 


“S-Sorry that I hit you b-but I n-need a moment t-to p-process a-all o-of this,” Kuroko stuttered with tears already forming on his eyes as he stood up from the chair with his shaking legs. The rainbow boyfriends wanted to help him go up but they figured they wouldn’t want that since this is too much for Kuroko. 


“T-Tell Kantoku that I-I can’t m-make i-it t-today,” Kuroko said softly and went up the stairs so he could go to his room, with his shaking legs. The rainbow boyfriends were silent and the atmosphere surrounding them grew heavier and heavier which caused them to collapse in the chair. 


“We fucked up,” They all thought as a tear dropped from their eye.