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Maid in Love

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3rd's POV  


- EH?! - 

"Wait, so you're telling me..." Riko stared at their blushing phantom with dumbfounded eyes. "You're gonna be a maid for your class during this festival week?" Kuroko just nodded while blushing, looking away from Riko's shock face. 


"EHHHHH?!?" Riko screamed loudly making Kuroko flinch and covered his coach's mouth with his hands. "Kantoku, please be quiet," Kuroko said softly, trying hide his blushing face by looking away. 


"Demo nande?" Riko asked softly, trying not to embarrass their blue phantom any longer. "Apparently, we lack maids so I got the most votes" Kuroko rubbed the middle of his nose as he sighed deeply. "Im surprised that you're chosen to be a maid but what's more surprising is that, they noticed that you're there!" 


Kuroko sighed once more and looked at Riko with his blushing face which made Riko shock. This is the first time Riko has seen Kuroko like this, he is always putting up with that blank face of his all the time. She hardly—wait no, she NEVER sees Kuroko's face like this so it's pretty new to her. 


"Our class representative looked at the attendance sheet and saw my name so she asked who Kuroko Tetsuya is and I raised my hand and of course, they got scared because of my weak presence, they hardly notice me." Riko laughed a bit, remembering how she first met Kuroko at the court. 


"Our class representative examine me from top to bottom and then she came with the conclusion of making me part of the people that can be a maid. I even asked why and she gave me a long and informative comment about my looks and it creeped me out." Kuroko started to shiver in fear when he remembered how the class representative described his features and looks. 


"The whole class were amused with her explanation so they all voted for me to be the maid," Riko was still trying to process with situation with Kuroko and not to mention, the week of their festival is the week, some schools will be going to Seirin for a training session. 


"So Kagami-kun knows about this?" Kuroko shook his head vigorously making Riko's eyes widen in shock. "Eh? Dōeshite?" Kuroko played with his uniform as he stared at the ground. 


"Kagami-kun wasn't present when they voted me as maid and I also told them to not spread the fact that a guy will crossdress as a maid especially to the basketball team because I don't want to get teased" Kuroko nibbled his lower lip in embarrassment, wanting to sink to the ground already. 


"Chotto! Why was Kagami-kun not in the classroom?" Riko asked, looking angry a bit after she heard her baka of a student is not participating in class. "Well," Kuroko started to look up as he pictured the scenario from a while ago. 


"Kagami-kun was caught sleeping in one of the class's lectures so he was told to go to the teacher's office," Riko nodded understandingly as she sighed deeply. She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall "Demo, why did you tell me this?" 


Kuroko sighed as he looked straight to his coach with his blushing face. "One, to ask permission if I could excuse myself from both the training sessions from school and practice today and so on." Riko's body stopped moving as her eye twitched in anger. She angrily grabbed Kuroko's head and placed her fist in the air, ready to punch.


"YOU FRESHMENS ARE SERIOUSLY ASKING FOR IT, EH?" Riko's eyes were radiating the word 'annoyance' and 'anger' when she heard the first reason. "Itai, Kantoku" Kuroko kept his blank face in the line but his voice was screaming in pain. 


"Wait, let me explain! The girls wants me to do dress fitting for the maid outfits! They will also teach me the ways of being a waitress also!" Riko's eyes harden as she gripped Kuroko's head even tighter as she glared down. 




"Kantoku! Itai! My head!" Riko's eyes soften when she heard the voice of pain from the phantom. She immediately let go of his head and looked at him with her worried eyes. She didn't hesitate to bend down to check her player's head. 


"D-Daijōbu?" Riko stuttered, showing her worry to the blue phantom. "Hai," Kuroko softly said as she let out a sigh of relief. Kuroko coughed for a while to clear out his throat before continuing to speak. 


"For my second reason, I need you to make sure that the team and the other teams doesn't know about my situation." Kuroko begged pleadingly, not wanting to suffer from the teasings of his team mates and ex team mates. 


"Hmm, now that you mentioned it! Tōō, Kaijō, Shūtoku, Yōsen, and Rakuzan will be participating in our training session. It's actually surprising that they agreed in the same date our festival week will be held! It was hard convincing the principal to let the basketball players not participate with this festival this year because of this training session." Kuroko wanted to sank down in embarrassment. 


Kuroko knew that the coach had a hard time convincing the principal to let the training session be here and surprisingly, he agreed but when Riko told them that they agreed that the practice session will be during our festival week, that angered the principal and almost postponed it. 


But thanks to Riko's determination and Hyūga Senpai's persuasion skills, the principal finally gave in and told them to let them continue. Kuroko was so embarrassed by the fact his coach had to go through that trouble for the training session to happen yet he is here, telling his coach he can't make it. 


"Gomen'nasai" Kuroko bowed down apologetically making Riko sighed and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Don't apologize! I promise to not let the team and others know about this because I can honestly feel your embarrassment." Kuroko smiled softly at his understanding coach. 


"Arigatō, Kantoku!" Riko smiled at the phantom and scratched the back of her head. "Well, is that all of your reasons why you wanted to tell me?" Riko was taken back when she saw the phantom blushing. 


"If you don't mind," Riko was confused but curious enough to hear the other reason from the Phantom. "I wish to rant this bullshit with you. It's annoying to see the whole class into this when Im being dragged to their stupidity" Riko's eyes widen but soon, she immediately emitted a laughter. 


Kuroko blushed at his third reason but was surprised when he felt a heavy weight from his side and an arm around his shoulders. "I don't mind but!!!!" Kuroko gulped when he saw the teasing grin on his coach's face.


"While you're ranting! I might as well do some teasing!" Kuroko blushed as he pushed his laughing coach to the side. "Kantoku!" Kuroko blushed heavily as he started to walk away from the laughing Riko. 


"CHOTTOMATTE!!!" Riko laughed as she gripped the strap of her bag as she caught up with the shy Kuroko. "Ne! Ne! Ne! I wonder how cute you will be when you wear the maid uniform! OH! What about the make up! The hair? OMG! Im actually dying to see the reaction of our team and others!" 


"KANTOKU!" Kuroko yelled in embarrassment. 



"Aree? Kuroko's not here again?" Kagami asked, looking for his shadow. "Maybe he is here? We just don't sense him! He does have a weak presence!" Koganei said while practicing some shootings with Mitobe, who is collecting the balls that Koganei is shooting. 


"Now that you have mentioned it, Kuroko didn't attend the practice last 2 days ago. "Izuki said as he wiped the sweat from his body. "It is weird! For someone who loves basketball! Kuroko never skips practice no matter how brutal the training can be." Kiyoshi drank all of his water in one gulp. 


"Don't let Kantoku hear you! Or you will be scolded!" Izuki laughed as he threw a towel to Kiyoshi to wipe the sweat. "Arigatō, Izuki!" Kiyoshi let out a smile as he wiped the sweat dripping from his forehead. 


"But it's so weird! He's been missing practice for the last 2 days! Heck! I don't even see him in the classroom! I only see him during breaks but he would usually say that he is busy!" Izuki and Kiyoshi looked at Kagami with a teasing grin.


"Oh? Oh? Oh? Are you missing your shadow, Kagami?" Izuki let out a teasing smirk as he elbowed Kagami at his side. "EH?" Kagami let out a surprised gasp from his senpai's words. 


"Ne! Ne! Ne! Kagami! I don't mind you having a relationship with Kuroko but! No PDA during practice! I don't want to feel single!" Kiyoshi ended his words with a sad tone and puppy eyes.


"YOU TOO, SENPAI?" Kagami blushed heavily. 


"OI! Help Mitobe with the balls!" Their club's captain, Hyūga, shouted from across the court. "Eh? Captain! You're not even helping Mitobe yourself!" Kawahara suddenly said and that's when the atmosphere suddenly changed when they saw the black aura around Hyūga. 


"You—" Hyūga didn't even finish his sentence when he was suddenly hit by Riko with a board, they use in games to help with positioning. "Eh? Riko?" Hyūga rubbed the back of his head specifically where Riko hit his head. 


Riko sighed deeply as she crossed her arms. "Kuroko won't be participating this training session." The whole team went silent when they heard the sudden news from their coach. 


"EHHHHHH?" The whole team exclaimed loudly.


"EH? Kantoku! Nande?" Tsuchidna asked loudly making Riko sigh, she already expected the reaction. "AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN TELL US?" Kagami rushed forward, not believing his coach's words. 


"Well—Kuroko skipping practice? That's something new! But like, that's so weird! He never skips practice!" Riko was interrupted by Furihata who is still confuse with the weird act of their phantom.


"Let me—Yeah! I don't get it! Kagami! You tell me that he is participating in class! Why can't he participate here?" Koganei asked and Riko's patient is gonna be out soon if they keep interrupting her.


"Liste—IF THAT BRAT ACTUALLY STARTS BEING LAZY TO ATTEND PRACTICE! IMMA GONNA DISCIPLINE THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!" Hyūga cracked his fist, ready to discipline their phantom if that is the reason of his absence. 


"Hyūga! Calm down—OI! INTERRUPT ME ONE MORE TIME AND IM GONNA MAKE YOU RUN 50 LAPS AROUND THE DAMN SCHOOL!" Everyone's body stiffened as they straighten their body and sweat started to form in their foreheads when they saw their glaring coach. 


Riko took a deep breathe before speaking "I've been trying to tell you that you that he is not gonna participate but you guys keep interrupting me and leaving as soon as we end practice! So how could I tell you!" 


"YOU COULDN'T HAVE TEXTED US IN OUR BASKETBALL GC!" Hyūga pointed out making Riko's eyes widen. "Righttttt!!! We have a basketball gc!!!" Everyone looked at Riko with dumbfounded eyes.


"ARE YOU BEING DORY FROM FINDING NEMO RIGHT NOW?" All of them were thinking of the same thing as their coach punched her own head lightly. "Teehee!" She said, looking all cute. "DON'T JUST TEEHEE US!" Kagami shouted making Riko roll her eyes. 


"Minna!" She called out as she dropped her bag to the ground. "As you all know, schools will be staying here in Seirin for a training session! You will meet them in the school entrance and bring them here so we can check attendance! Next, you will show them to the place where they will be staying then they may start changing! After! You go straight here, am I clear?" 


"HAI, MA'AM!" They all exclaimed as they all ran to the school entrance. Riko slowly walked to the exit of the gym to see of they are really gone. She sighed in relief as she ran back to her bag and texted Kuroko a message. 


Demon Coach  

Kuroko! I left my attendance sheet on my desk! Can you get it for me? Don't worry about the team and whatsoever! I told them to meet the others in the school entrance and I highly doubt they are not here! It's still pretty early!


Vanilla Phantom 

Kantoku, you should seriously stop forgetting things but okay, I'll get your attendance sheet and that's because your classmate actually handed it over to me while I was changing. Are you positive that they are gone?


Riko grinned at her phone when she read that Kuroko is done changing to his maid outfit for the school's festival. This is gonna be fun, at least to her since she is the one teasing. 


Demon Coach 

OOOOO! You're in your maid outfit? Hurry up! I wanna see my phantom baby in his maid outfit! 


Vanilla Phantom

Kantoku! Stop teasing!!! As soon as I gave the attendance sheet, Im leaving immediately! I don't want them to see me in this state! 


Demon Coach

Hai! Hai! Now get your disappearing ass over here before they come back! 


Riko laughed at her phone when she could imagine the blushing and shy Kuroko. It's been days since Kuroko told her about his situation for being a maid and she's been teasing him all the time about it so she was able to see Kuroko's blushing face and it amused her so much. 


Riko sighed as she brought her phone closer to her lips and let out a small laugh. "Gomen'nasai, Minna! You weren't really suppose to pick up everyone from the entrance. I just said that so you will all leave and Kuroko can come here and give me the attendance sheet." 


Riko let out a small chuckle, trying to imagine how the phantom will look like in a maid outfit. Kuroko is honestly mysterious, we can't even tell what he is thinking even Seijūrō Akashi, captain of Rakuzan, can't even tell what Kuroko is thinking even with his famous emperor eye. 


So seeing Kuroko like this excites the inner fangirl in her and it's honestly amusing seeing Kuroko like this. All he has ever shown is his blank and straightforward face. He sure sometimes gets mad and is often smiling now but shy Kuroko? That's fucking new.


Its a good thing they are coming late! Riko grinned teasingly as she thought of ways on how to tease Kuroko with his maid outfit! "Hehehehe! This is gonna be so fun! Im so glad I send them out! Heck! Im gonna be happy if they are late!" Riko grinned happily like a fangirl as she can feel the flowers falling at her back. 

















"OI AOMINE! You fucking cheated, jackass!" 


Riko's body stiffen when she heard the voice of the loud Kagami not far away from the gymnasium. "EH? Why the fuck are they so early?" Riko panicked when she can hear the more voices coming closer to the gym. 


"I didn't fucking cheat! Im just faster than you, Bakagami!" 


Riko's body started to sweat when she saw the 2 aces from Seirin and Tōō fighting at the entrance of the gym. "Kuso! They are here!" Riko bit her lower lip in the sudden tension she is feeling when she keeps seeing the teams coming inside the gymnasium. 


"The gym is pretty big!" Aomine said, impressed with the gym making Kagami look at him with a annoyed face. "The fuck is that suppose to mean!" Kagami growled in annoyance as Aomine just grinned evilly which annoyed Kagami even more. 


"WHY YOU—" Kagami didn't even finish talking when he was suddenly hit in the head by Hyūga while Aomine was hit in the head by Wakamatsu. "URUSAI!" Both Hyūga and Wakamatsu said in unison, scolding their aces. Kagami being Kagami, just listened to his senpai while Aomine didn't care of the angry Wakamatsu. 


"Ehhh? It's so loud in here, Muro-chin" Murasakibara whined as he continued to eat his chips. "Atsushi, we already agreed into coming here!" Tatsuya smiled at the big baby who continued to sulk while eating his chips. 


"Murasakibara! Give me some of your chips!" Okamura, Yosen's basketball captain, asked the Yosen's center for food, getting hungry already. "Shine," Was all Murasakibara has to say to his captain while holding the food closely to him as if it's the last thing he is gonna hold. 


"Eh?" Okamura looked at him confusingly but it's obvious he is scared at the purple center especially since he is producing a scary aura when he just asked for food from Murasakibara.


Tatsuya smiled and placed his hand on his partner's arm and looked at the Captain. "He gets angry when someone asks for food, remember Captain?" Tatsuya tried his best to calm down their center, who is now scaring the shit out of their captain. 


"So this is Seirin," Midormia pushed his glasses back to his eyes. "Ehhh? Shin-chan, you said you weren't interested with Seirin! Look at you now!" Takao grinned teasingly at his tsundere team mate. "Urusai, Takao. Don't make up such stories," 


"You're such a tsundere, Shin-chan! Although, it makes it even more fun to tease you!" Takao cockily said as he placed his hands behind his head, annoying the green tsundere. "Urusai, Takao" Midormia pushed his glasses back to his eyes. 


Meanwhile with Riko....

"DVIEBEKWBWKS KUROKO! WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING?!?" Riko is panicking inside but on the outside she remained calm, not wanting to receive weird stares from both her team and the visitor teams. 


"Kuroko! At least see the message, damn it!" Riko said quietly, not wanting to let the others here so she decided to send another text message to Kuroko. This is actually the 50th message she send to Kuroko, trying to warn him not to come here. 


Demon Coach 



"Riko-san?" Riko let out a loud squeak when she suddenly heard her name from a deep husky voice of a familiar person. She turned to her side to meet the captain of Rakuzan High, Seijūrō Akashi, in the flesh. 


"A-Akashi-kun!" Riko stuttered a bit when she finally gets to be close with THE Seijūrō Akashi in the flesh but thankfully, this is not his second personality. Through out the months, Akashi has been handling his other personality really well! Even doctors are surprised to see that he isn't breaking or anything. 


"May I ask if you're okay? You've been pretty occupied, Riko-san" Riko knew that she needs to calm down because Akashi is known to be good at reading people so if she lets her guard down then they will know about Kuroko. 


"Well—EHHH? WHERE'S KUROKOCCHI?" Riko was interrupted by the loud voice of the one and only copycat of Kaijō High, Kise Ryōta. "URUSAI, BOKE!" Yukio kicked his team mate at the back. 


"Itai, senpai!" Kise whined as he rubbed his back. 


Yukio sighed as he placed his hands on his hips, gazing his eyes to the crowd searching for a certain phantom. "Kagami!" Yukio yelled for Seirin's ace. "What's up?" Yukio looked around once more and crossed his arms. 


"Where is that shadow of yours? He does have a weak presence but then, I don't see him anywhere." Yukio asked, not believing that the phantom is not here. "SEE! KAGAMICCHI! Where is Kurokocchi!!! I wanna see him!!!" 


"Urusai, Kise! You could see he is not here!" Aomine rubbed the back of his head, getting annoyed at the loud blondie. "Hmph! How do you even know that?" Kise sulked at Tōō's Ace who just grinned at the blondie evilly.


"Duh, Im his light so it's obvious I would know if he's here or not." Kagami glared at his rival ace and walked towards to him. "You're his EX light! Im his light now!" Aomine growled at this, obviously jealous by the fact that Tetsu is not his shadow anymore. 


"Shut the fuck up, Bakagami" Aomine growled as he grabbed Kagami by the collar, wresting him down to the ground. "O-Oi! S-Stop fighting you two!" Kise tried to stop the fight but it was no use, it's the battle between the lights. 


"What utterly nonsense" Midormia sighed deeply as he crossed his arms while watching both acee tackle each other in the ground. "Demo, Kuro-chin skipping practice? I can't see" Murasakibara opened a pack of Maiubo.


"Hmm, I suppose you are right. It's hard to believe to think of Kuroko skipping practice especially in basketball." Midormia pushed his glasses back to his eyes as he hears the loud crunching noises from the food lover. 


"Riko-san, do you mind if I ask where indeed is Kuroko?" Riko started to sweat badly when she stares deeply into Akashi's eyes. It's not his second personality that Riko is meeting, it's just that even with out his emperor eye, Akashi is still very intimidating. 


Meanwhile with Kuroko....

Kuroko sighed when he felt his phone vibrating again "Im coming, Kantoku! You don't have to send me another message!" Kuroko sighed as he continued to walk tp the gymnasium with the Attendance sheet on his hand. 


It's pretty embarrassing for him to wear the maid outfit out in the open but he was really thankful that there's is not that many people in this area since they are focusing more in the interior part of the school. The outside activities are gonna be later at night. 


Kuroko then felt another vibrate from his phone which got him irritated and clutched the attendance sheet in annoyance. "I think this is the first time Im getting mad at Kantoku," Kuroko's eye started to twitch in annoyance as he continued to keep walking to the gymnasium. 


Kuroko soon remembered his appearance when he tried the maid outfit, his classmates were kind enough to bring a mirror for him when he was changing. Kuroko refused to change in the restroom so his classmates created a vacant space for him to dress up.

Kuroko has to admit but he doesn't look as bad as he thought he would be. His white porcelain skin goes well with the black and white cloth of the outfit and his white headband goes well with his blue hair. His arms may show muscles due to the workouts in basketball but the sleeves is making his arms look small. 


Kuroko never noticed but he never knew that he had hips and a small waist. Not to mention, his thighs were big making his hips stand out even more. Kuroko sighed knowing he probably got his body figure and looks from his mother. He even inherited the low presence from his mother!


Speaking of looks, Kuroko also noticed how fragile-looking his face is. Despite his muscle figure, his face is basically such a baby face. He will admit, his face lowkey screams submissive bottom especially at this point. 


Let's not forget his ass! Kuroko didn't notice on how his ass looks really plump and big. Kuroko doesn't pay attention to his body too much so this was a surprising discovery for him. Kuroko shivered a bit when he felt the cold air hit his legs. 


"Gosh, are maid outfits suppose to be this short? Kuroko shivered as he held his skirt down and started to walk even more to the gymnasium. "I really hope they won't see me! I don't want to get teased" Kuroko sighed as he gripped the door to the gymnasium. 


"Kantoku, here's your—" As soon as he slid the door to the side, he immediately froze when he noticed the gymnasium pack full of basketball players. Kagami and Aomine were the first people that noticed the mysterious person that entered the gymnasium. 


Followed by Kise, who was stunned by her beauty. He never seen such a fellow maiden like this beauty. Aomine and Kagami were thinking of the same thing. Although Kagami is trying to think whether or not has he seen this maiden before. 


"Holy shit, she's flat but damn, what a hottie" Aomine thought as his pervert side begun to activate as he examine from top to bottom. "Why does she look familiar?" Kagami thought, trying to use every brain cell he has to remember.


"W-Woah! This is the prettiest maiden I have ever seen! Even prettier than my ex girlfriends'!" Kise thought as he eyed the beautiful girl infront of his eyes. 


Midormia won't lie but he was stunned by the maiden's beauty, he blushed lightly as he looked away. Akashi was the same, he was wondering why he is stunned by this girl. Akashi is never really fond of girls, he has met prettier girls in parties and more but this girl just caught his attention. 


"In certain angles, she does have the looks" Midormia thought shyly, still putting up with his Tsundere attitude. Akashi's heart skipped a beat when he saw the fair maiden "Eh? Why does this feel different yet so familiar? Do I know her?" 


"Eh? Kuro-chin?" Kuroko was surprised when Murasakibara noticed him. Everyone looked at Murasakibara with a shocked face and Murasakibara didn't careless about the stares around him, all he care is his Maiubo and Kuroko who is still so shocked with the situation. 


"EH? REPEAT THAT, MURASAKIBARA?" Aomine vigorously asked, pushing Kagami to the side first. "Eh? You can't see? It's Kuro-chin" Murasakibara took a bite of his Maiubo and his gaze continued to examine Kuroko's body. 


"EEEEEHHHH? KUROKOCCHI?!?" Kise's loud voice dominated the entire gymnasium. Even Midormia was lost at words when he realized that it is Kuroko infront of them. Kuroko was too stunned with the situation, many eyes were staring at him! HIM IN A MAID COSTUME! Fuck! This is so fucking embarrassing.


"M-Minna..." Kuroko stuttered making everyone's eyes went wide especially the Generations of Miracles plus Kagami. Kuroko turned his gaze to his coach who is beside Akashi who is staring at his soul deeply and that made Kuroko so fucking weak. 


"I texted you several times" Riko mouthed at Kuroko and boy, he wanted to go back to time and check Riko's messages so badly. Fuck! Now they know! HEIEBWOHWKDBWKS! Here Kuroko thought, he will pass the festival with flying colors without them knowing! Oh my kamisama, Kuroko is so getting teased.


"Woah, that's the Kuroko Tetsuya?"


"Damm, I never thought I would see the Phantom in a maid outfit" 


"Holy shit, for a second I thought he was a girl!" 


"Even he has better firgures than the girls in school!" 


Kuroko blushed heavily when he hears comments about how good he looks in the maid costume! Even from his team mates! Not gonna lie, Kuroko feels relief that they didn't see this disgusting but he was shocked on how they are all complimenting him and it made him so shy. 


"Kuroko?" Akashi was dumbfounded with the situation but all he knew is that, he is seeing his ex team mate in a maid costume and from this angle, his ass looks so fucking juicy. Akashi could feel himself hardening at the delicious sight of his vulnerable body and not to mention, his fucking plump ass. 


Kuroko was too pressured with the situation so he moved the attendance sheet further away from him, using his misdirection, he did his famous Vanishing Drive to disappear from their sight.


"EH? DID HE JUST USE HIS VANISHING DRIVE TO ESCAPE?" Aomine was able to snap back to reality when he noticed that his ex light is gone but the attendance sheet is at the floor. 


"Fuck, I never knew how kawaii boys can be in a maid outfit," Kise cursed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "I think it's only Kuroko that looks cute," Kagami blushed and covered the bottom part of his face, still can't believe he gets to see his light in that state. 


"I refuse to believe that was Kuroko," Midormia blushed lightly and Takao being Takao didn't waste such an opportunity to tease his team mate. "Ehh? Shin-chan! You're blushing! This is so new! Holy shit! I need my camera!" 


Midormia's eye twitched in annoyance "Urusai, Takao" 


"OH! OH! OH! Kuroko in a maid outfit! I GOTTA SEE THIS! IM SO LUCKY TO KNOW HIS CLASS! Ne! Kagami! You're in the same class as him, right? Did you know?" Koganei asked and Kagami shook his head, surprising everyone in the court but not Riko since she knew and she knew she fucked up real bad.


"All I know, my class is doing a maid cafe! Thats all I know!" Kagami explained, trying to get everyone believe him since he didn't really know. "Maid cafe, Taiga?" Everyone shivered at that tone, they already knew that it's Akashi's other personality. 


"Our festival week happens to be held in the same week of our training session! The basketball players are fine not participating but I never knew about Kuroko's situation," Izuki explained as he stared at the door where Kuroko both entered exited.


"I am never interested with these kind of stuffs but after seeing Kuroko! Its getting me curious!" Kiyoshi said, being the honest center he is. "Exactly! Let's go check it out!" Koganei dragged Mitobe outside who is now panicking, knowing what Riko may do. 


"I agree with Mr. Cat here! Wanna go, Shin-Chan?" Takao asked his Tsundere friend who is looking away with a blush on his face. "Why would I even go?" Midormia is seriously the definition of Tsundere here. 


"Ja! Let's—" Koganei didn't even finished when he was suddenly hit by Riko with her paper fan. "Itai!" Koganei said in pain as Mitobe stared at the demon coach above them. "Oi, Gaki," Riko's eye twitch in anger when she witnessed her own team leaving the gymnasium. 


"K-Kantoku" Koganei stuttered in fear. 


"You damn swines had the audacity to leave the gymnasium in the first day, eh?" Riko's slapped her paper fan at the palm of her hand as the dark aura soon to form around her.


The Seirin members begun to panic when they saw their coach in her demon mode while the others watched in amusement. Who would have thought that they would witness Seirin's coach in her demon form and it honestly scared them even Akashi feels intimidated.


"50 laps for everyone" Riko smiled evilly as she slapped her paper fan down to her palm hard as a sign to get started. "E-Eh? Even us, Riko-san?" Kise stuttered a bit in fear, witnessing the demon coach of Seirin. 


"Hai! Do you have a problem, copycat?" Kaijō didn't know if they should feel intimidated or laugh at that comeback. Kise was too scared to even answer the question. This intimidation is almost like Akashi's but Riko. 


"Who are you tell us what to do?" Wei Liu, the small forward of Yōsen High, asked the demon coach. "EEEK!!!" All of Seirin said in unison as they stared at Liu with pleading eyes to listen to the coach which left him confuse but him being the apathetic he is, he didn't care. 


Boi, he actually wished he cared from that moment. 


"Ah, you question my methods? Well then," Riko slammed her paper fan at the wall, making the wall shake a bit and it left a huge mark but it's a good thing it didn't break the wall. 


"Would you like me to show you my other methods?" Riko smiled, that smile can kill anyone at this moment. Liu is obviously intimidated and is fucking scared already so he backed up, scared with Seirin's coach. 


"Now, does anyone want to question my methods?" 


Everyone shook their heads even the Generations of Miracles were petrified while the coaches of each team stared at Seirin's coach with such amusement. Handling their teams were hard since they have players that has some different kind of aura that scared them a bit but Seirin's coach was different. 


"What about our dorms? Are you gonna show us first?" Aomine asked and everyone looked at Aomine with pleading eyes to shut up so they won't go anymore trouble. Murasakibara even stopped eating due to the scary tension while Midormia didn't even want to be part of this scary tension. Akashi was amused with Seirin's coach, she indeed is in another level. 


"I think Im changing 50 laps to 100 laps" 


"YOSH! LETS GO EVERYONE!" Hyūga gathered up his team so they could start running 50 laps so they won't anger their coach even more. Actually wait, everyone started to follow Riko's orders and it even made the coaches in each team watched in amusement. 


"So, are we just gonna ignore the fact Kuroko's in a maid outfit?" Aomine just had to ruin the atmosphere, am I right? Riko's eye twitched in annoyance not because of the talking but the fact that they are bringing Kuroko back to the conversation. She feels bad for Kuroko because after this, she thinks everything will not be the same as before especially since they all witnessed him in that state. 


"I changed my mind. Make this 100 laps" Riko blowed her whistle for them to start and it made everyone glare at Aomine with so much anger. He even made the coach even more angrier. 



Chapter Text


Kuroko's POV  


- Shy - 

"I wanna die," I kept my head below the sink, letting the water flow down to my teal hair, gripping the sink hard as I remembered the memories from before. "First day started and they already found out," My face blushed in embarrassment. 


I straightened up my posture as I turned off the water so the sink won't overflow. I wiped myself with my towel that's slung over my shoulder and I stared at the night sky, thinking on how I should avoid them. 


"Kuroko-kun!!!" I heard a familiar voice from behind. I turned around to meet Sato Akari, one of my classmates who helped design my outfit. "Kon'nichiwa, Sato-san" I greeted my classmate, wiping myself with a towel. 


"You weren't there in the meeting so I'll tell you so you won't forget!" This made me very curious, I thought it's all under control? Why do we need a meeting again? "Im honestly surprised you've notice me, Sato-san" Kuroko looked at her with his surprised look. 


It's not like everyday someone notices him. I mean he gets noticed but it's usually by his team and other basketball players and never an ordinary person. "Your weak presence is seriously scary demo, you were so preoccupied. I think you forgot to turn on your weak presence button?" 


I sighed in defeat, placing my towel over my shoulder. "It doesn't work that way," Sato was obviously confused with my statement so her eyes screamed curiosity. "Eh? So why?" I was about to answer when our other classmates called for her. 


"Akari! We will be leaving you if you don't come here this instant!"  One of our classmates yelled from the entrance of the school. "HAI! HAI! I'll be there!" Sato yelled back and she turned her head back to me, grabbing my both of my hands, leaving me confuse. 


"Kuroko-kun! The day after tomorrow! We will be cross-dressing other than maids! So we will dress up as a neko, bunny, other animals, or even wear the outfits of the basketball players that are here as a token of Seirin's appreciation for being here for your training session!" 


My whole body froze "Eh?" Sato looked back to see her friends waiting for her. She let go of my hand as she ran towards them. "See you tomorrow, Kuroko-kun! Don't forget to practice your greetings! You keep forgetting to say Goshujinsama!" Sato waved at the dumbfounded Kuroko. 


"Chotto! Sato-san!" I placed my hand out to call for her but it was too late because she was gone, leaving me in the pits of despair. "Kuso..." I cursed, learning how my life went from the Sixth Phantom member to a cross-dressing maiden. 


"How did my life turn into this?!?" I rubbed my face with my hands, limping my way to get my school bag so I can go home. Originally, I was suppose to stay here in the dorms where all basketball players will be because I was confident that they won't find out and I'll make up an excuse for skipping this training session. 


That's why I already placed my stuff in the dorms because I won't be skipping the entire training session. The class representative said that we won't always go with the same time so I could go to my training session. It's heartwarming to see your classmates adjusting the schedule for me. 


By the time we end with our maid cafe, training already ends unless Kantoku will add extra hours but she rarely does that because she knew that rest is also important when it comes to basketball. 


I was positive to know that I'll get through this smoothly that's why I left my stuff already in the dorms but NOPE! It went downhill when I entered the gym! Fuck! Its so embarrassing! Aomine-kun, Kagami-kun and Kise-kun will definitely tease the shit out of me. 


Murasakibara-kun will still be the food lover so I don't think he will care same goes for Midormia-kun but for Akashi-kun? I can't exactly tell what his reaction will be but I don't want to find out because he really is intimidating. 


My team will surely not waste this opportunity! They will all definitely tease me! Maybe with some other teams! VDKEBAKABSOB Im so scared to even face them when I have time to train with them! 


While I was complaining about how my life went downhill, I looked up to see the principal of the school. I looked at him confusingly, this is the first time I see him leave the school this late. My eyes gazed at the amount of papers he is holding so Im guessing he stayed up late for those. 


"Ano, Sensei?" I called out. 


He flinched at the sudden voice, he even almost let go of the papers he was holding. "What the? Who is there?" He called out, my weak presence is still here! I sighed in defeat as I tapped him by the shoulder, he stiffen a bit as he slowly turned around to meet me. 


"GAH!" He screamed in fear when he met my eyes. "Gomen'nasai, Sensei" I bowed down as he straighten his posture, obviously not used with my weak presence. "It's fine! So you must be the famous phantom member of our basketball team, eh?" 


"Hai!" I nodded making him let out a breath, calming himself down. "Are you going to your dorm? You want me to come with you? It's pretty dark out here already." I shook my head, declining his offer, not wanting to go to the dorm because of reasons. 


"Īe!" I shook my head, not wanting to face them right now. "Eh? Dōshite?" I flinched at the question, I don't want my own principal to know about my problem! If he finds out, it's fucking game over for me! C'mon Kuroko! You've got this. 


"Because I simply wanna go home," I said with my usual blank face, trying to stay calm as possible so I won't be obvious. "Demo, Kuroko-san, it's really dark. As a principal, I refuse to let my students walk in the dark besides I think your Kantoku will be worried if one of her players are not in the dorms, so off you go!" 


"Chotto! Sensei—" I didn't finish my sentence when I was being pushed by the principal to the direction of the dorms. I turned around so I could consult with my principal "Demo! Sensei—" I was stopped by an index finger on my lips. 


"I won't leave this place until I see you in the dorms, now off you go!" I stared at the principal who is mow determine for me to stay. Im flattered that he is worried about me since it's already dark outside but like! He became worried at me at the worst time!  


I looked at him with pleading eyes for me to go home but he crossed his arms, looking down at me, telling me to go to the dorms. "Hai, Sensei" I sighed in defeat making him smile and patted me on the back. "There you go! Now off you go! Im not leaving until I see you in the building!" 


I sighed as I nodded "Oyasumi, Sensei" I bowed down and he returned the bow. I walked to the direction of the dorms as I kept looking back to see that he is waiting for me to enter the building. 


Fuck, I am not so prepared! Knowing them, they are probably still awake! Especially Aomine! He loves staying up late to watch those dirty stuff! Homaygad, I don't want to bump into any of them. 


"Oh Kamisama, please don't make them there," I prayed as I gripped the door to the building of the dorms. Shit, my heart is beating so fast, can I actually do this? Fuck, heart, please calm down! Im so scared! VEKWBWKABWKS! I actually wanna go home! 


I looked back to see the principal still there. Fuck, I was hoping that he isn't there! He is actually waiting for me to enter! This is so hard! Why does life hate me today? Is bad luck coming to my side right now? 


I've noticed the lights are open and fuck, I can even hear voices inside the entrance. I started to sweat as I can hear Takao-kun's loud voice. Shit, okay Kuroko here's the plan! I've got a weak presence so I have an advantage but the problem is Takao! His eye is seriously annoying! He can see me despite my weak presence besides if Takao is there! That means, Midormia-kun is also there! 


My last resort is my Vanishing Drive. Now Im hoping, it will fool Takao so I could run to my room. Thank the kamisama, I asked Kantoku for a room by myself! I didn't know why but I had a feeling on why I should have a room for my own a few days ago! Im happy I followed my instincts. 


Yosh! Let's do this!


I opened the door to see some Shūtoku and Tōō players and as expected, they didn't notice him going in because of his weak presence! He sighed in relief that no one didn't notice him yet and he was praying that they won't notice him especially Takao—"Oh? Kuroko?" 


I flinched when I heard my name from a familiar voice, I already knew it was Takao. Curse his stupid eye for noticing me! I slowly turned my head to the side to see everyone in the room staring at me, gripping the strap of my bag tightly as they continue to stare at me with shock eyes. 


Fuck, I can see Aomine-kun here! Eh? Didn't he notice that he popsicle is melting? It's about to drop at the floor? My eyes changed to Midormia who is fixing his glasses and is looking away from me with a blush. Eh? Why is he blushing?


"Tetsu?" I flinched at the familiar husky voice of my ex light.  I slightly moved back when I heard his voice, scared of being teased embarrassingly by him. Knowing him, he will say hurtful things but to him it's like a joke! So nope not today! 


I looked up to see Aomine-kun's gaze, and it looks hungry? Eh? Why does he look like an hungry animal who is waiting for his prey? Wait, did his eyes just darken? Wait? What's happening? Why is he suddenly coming closer to me? Why does he look like he is about to pounce on me? What's with his eyes also!! 


I turned my eyes to see Midormia-kun, he was suddenly also walking closer to me and his eyes are the same as Aomine-kun's gaze. Wait, why is Midormia-kun suddenly hungry? And why is walking towards me? WHY IS ANYBODY NOT STOPPING THEM?


Fuck, I can't do this! Yup! Vanishing Drive it is!


I slowly moved my bag away from me, almost like a basketball to direct their eyes somewhere else so I could work my misdirection. Then, I used my famous Vanishing Drive so I could leave the scene. 


"O-Oi! Tetsu!" I didn't hesitate to run towards my room so I could just stay under my futon and hide in their forever. Oh kamisama, please don't make me bump into anybody else! Please! Im done dealing with this embarrassment for one day! 


I found my room from a far, I didn't care if I was being too loud, all I care about is me being in that room, where I am safe from everyone! I immediately slid my door and dropped my bag to the side, not forgetting to close the door. I basically collapsed on the futon, wrapping my entire body inside the futon, shutting myself from the outside world. 


"This is definitely not what I plan for today" 



3rd's POV 


"Kuro-chin definitely looks yummy in that maid outfit," Murasakibara was the first person who woke up in his team because he wanted food so he went to the kitchen for some snacks. He opened his favorite Maiubo and immediately chewed on it, tasting the savory flavor. 


Murasakibara suddenly remembered his milky thighs wrapped around the black stockings. Yōsen's Center suddenly felt hot when he remembered the blushing face of the phantom.


Murasakibara looked down at his pack of white vanilla candy, he suddenly remembered Kuroko's petite waist with the maid outfit. Murasakibara knew what he is feeling, he knew he feels horny because of the blue shadow. Thanks to hanging out with Mine-chin, his innocence was corrupted. 


"I wanna eat Kuro-chin," Murasakibara growled, staring at the milky white candy on his large hands. "I want him" Murasakibara growled as he harshly took a bite of his maiubo, feeling sexually frustrated already because of a certain phantom. 


Murasakibara was so occupied with his sexual thoughts, he didn't notice someone exiting through the washroom from his side. "M-Murasakibara-kun?" The purple center couldn't have sworn that his dick twitched when he heard the voice he is craving to hear. 


He slowly turned around to see it's Kuroko exiting from the washroom. His eyes darken when he met the blushing Kuroko, he subconsciously licked his lips seeing how delicious the shadow looks especially with his vulnerable state. 


Kuroko is a human being so obviously he needed to take a piss but what he didn't expect to meet his ex team mate the moment he stepped out of the washroom. Kuroko was even much of a baka when he called out his name. The latter wanted to slap himself for being such a brainless idiot. 


"Kuro-chin," Kuroko flinched on how deep his voice is. He looked up to see Murasakibara completely caging him with his large body and fuck, it made Kuroko even more small than he already is. Kuroko didn't know why but he wasn't feeling scared but he wanted more.


He loves the feeling that Murasakibara is giving him and he is not even complaining on how close he is. Kuroko gasped lightly when he felt a large hand cupping his right cheek, making him look straight into his eyes. 


Kuroko was getting kinda scared because Murasakibara hasn't said a word yet. Kuroko flinched a bit when he felt Murasakibara's thumb caressing his cheek. Kuroko loved the feeling, it made him feel loved. "M-Murasakibara-kun" 


Murasakibara traveled his thumb to his lips, tracing his rough thumb at Kuroko's soft lips. Kuroko gripped the wall behind him as he felt the pleasure rising up through his body. He is only being touched in the lips! Why is he feeling like this? 


Kuroko opened his mouth a little and Murasakibara inserted his thumb inside his mouth. Murasakibara's cock harden feeling his thumb being toyed around with Kuroko's tongue. "I never knew you're such a tease, Kuro-chin" Murasakibara smirked when he saw Kuroko shaking in pleasure already. 


"Ne, Kuro-chin? Is the pleasure too much?" Kuroko's eyes went wide, he never knew that Murasakibara can be dirty as Aomine. "You're such a slut, Kuro-chin. Im only touching you in the lips." Kuroko's cock was suddenly standing up when he heard his dirty words. 


"M-Murasakibara!" Kuroko gasped when he felt his body being pushed to the wall. "Eh? Gomen ne, Kuro-chin. Did I hurt you?" Kuroko's  heart fluttered when he can feel the concern with Murasakibara, despite being horny, he actually cares. 


"G-Genkidesu, M-Murasakibara-kun" Kuroko blushed as he stared at the purple center with teary eyes and blushing face. Murasakibara growled lowly, feeling himself hardening at the delicious sight. "Jaa, Kuro-chin, may I—" Kuroko let out a yelped when Murasakibara was hit by a basketball, pushing him to the side. 


"E-Eh?!? Murasakibara-kun?" Kuroko yelped when he saw the poor purple center rubbing his head out of pain. Kuroko suddenly felt a strong and intimidating aura from behind, it screams dominance and it triggered the inner submissive in him. 


He slowly turned around to meet the only and only Kise Ryouta, radiating the strong dominance in the hallway. Kuroko gulped when he witness the once bubbly and cheerful player turn into a dominant daddy. 


"K-Kise-kun" Kuroko stuttered loudly. 


"Ne, Murasakibaracchi, what were you going with Kurokocchi?" Kise's eyes started to glow yellow as he glared at the purple center. "Kise-chin, isn't it obvious? I'm about to eat my snack" Murasakibara whined, being the big baby he is. 


Kuroko blushed heavily at Murasakibara's statement, turning his head to meet the smirking Murasakibara. Kise sighed deeply, trying his best to control himself with Murasakibara's childish actions. 


"Kurokocchi, I think you need to go. Your classmates are looking for their maid" Kise's voice made Kuroko's body shiver, it was so deep especially with how Kise looks like right now. It made Kise even extra sexy than he is. 


"H-Hai, K-Kise-kun," Kuroko bowed down to the great copycat of Kaijō. Kuroko turned to Murasakibara and waved at him "Jaa ne, Murasakibara-kun" Kuroko blushed when he saw the big baby waved at him back and smiled at him. 


Kuroko wanted to faint when he passed by Kise, his dominance was too strong for a submissive creature like Kuroko. Kise could sense that his beloved Kurokocchi is gone, he didn't want him to be involved with this. 


"Murasakibaracchi, mind telling me what were you doing with Kurokocchi?" Kise tried his best to stay calm but it was obviously hard for the blondie. "I already told you, Kise-chin" Murasakibara grabbed a Mauibo from the ground and opened it. 


"I wanted to eat Kuro-chin" Those words made Kise grabbed Murasakibara by the collar and slammed him in the wall, creating a loud vibration. "Don't fucking touch him," Murasakibara was obviously stunned with Kise's attitude, he is often bubbly and carefree so it was new to see Kise's angry side. 


"Ne, Kise-chin. Why are you getting all worked up? Kuro-chin is not even yours" Kise's eyes soften a bit when Murasakibara helped him go back to reality. Kise wanted to slam his head to the wall at his stupidity. Kurokocchi is not his so why is he getting worked up. 


"There, There" Murasakibara patted Kise's blonde hair with his large hands, comforting the blondie. Kise was surprised with the sudden action so he pushed Murasakibara's hand away from his head. "You're not the only one jealous, Kise-chin." Murasakibara finished his maiubo and took his pack chips in the floor. 


"Remember that," Murasakibara walked at the opposite direction while opening his chips, leaving Kise and his blank state. 


Leaving the dorms, dumbfounded, Kuroko managed to escaped the gazes of his team mates and other basketball players when he went to the entrance. Kuroko was still pretty shocked with the incident that just happened with Murasakibara and Kise. 


His middle part started to twitch when he remembered how Murasakibara held him. Kuroko bit his lip when he saw the hungry eyes of the Yōsen Center and yet, he didn't push away him away. His body twitched remembering the sensation coming from Kise. 


It was so dominant. 


And he loved the feeling. Kuroko's eyes went wide and slapped his cheeks with both of his hands, trying to snap out of it. “Gosh, I feel such a whore,” Kuroko blushed once more, he can’t forget what happened back there! 


“I can’t believe my crush touched me and my other crush witnessed me being touched,” Kuroko slapped his cheeks again with both of his hands so he can wake the fuck up from his daydreaming. 


“KUROKO-KUN!” Kuroko already knew who it was but he didn’t expect to be pulled harshly by the wrist. “Itai, Nakamura-san” Kuroko winced in pain when he felt himself being pulled from no where by his classmate. 


“Forgive me, Kuroko-kun! Demo! We are opening in 20 minutes and you are not yet on your maid outfit! Why didn’t you just bring your maid cafe and change in the dorms and use your misdisappearing to get out of the dorms?” Nakamura panted as they ran to their classroom. 


“Misdirection, Nakamura-san and you already know why I don’t want to bring the maid outfit” Kuroko now is being pushed inside the classroom. Everyone is already done preparing themselves and it was only Kuroko who didn’t prepare just yet. 


“Well whatever! Here! Get changing! WHERES SATA AND SASAKI?” Nakamura asked as she threw the maid outfit at Kuroko and pushed him to his personal changing room “They are getting something! They will be back soon!” One male classmate yelled making Nakamura nod understandingly. 


“Kuroko-kun! Hurry up! We have a lot of customers” Kuroko is definitely not excited for their perverted stares “YOSH! Let’s get it!” Nakamura yelled while punching her arm to the air, showing her determination. 


“YES!” The classmates yelled. 




“OI! Im telling you! Kuroko looks better as a bunny!” Sato yelled at her bestfriend, Sasaki Sakura. “NO! He looked better as a neko!” Sasaki yelled back at her bestfriend, trying to convince her that a neko is better. 










Meanwhile, people in the gymnasium can hear the loud screams of the 2 girls. Normally, they won’t care but once they heard Kuroko’s name, their ears perked up especially the Generations of Miracles and Kagami. They were curious with what’s happening with Kuroko especially they found out he is a maid. 


Akashi was the first person who opened the door, sliding the door to the side to reveal the 2 girls arguing about which is better for Kuroko. Sato was the first person who noticed the great Seijūrō Akashi of Rakuzan. 


“EEK!” She yelped when she saw the strong aura of dominance around Akashi. Sasaki looked at her bestfriend confusingly but she felt shivers up her spine, turning around slowly, she finally met the entire Generation of Miracles and Kagami by the door. 


“I-Its the G-Generation of M-Miracles o-of T-Teiko! K-Kagami-san i-is also h-here! H-His aura i-is so d-different! I-Its so s-scary!” Sato thought when she hugged her bestfriend tightly, intimidated by the strong aura around them. 


“You mentioned about Kuroko, what about him?” Akashi spoke first, with his arms crossed, showing his strong muscles making the girls drool a bit on how sexy that pose looks. “A-Ano, we are debating whether if it’s Neko or Bunny,” Sasaki answered quickly, wanting to leave. 


“What about it?” Kagami asked, leaning at the door with his arms crossed. “Our maid cafe is planning to make them wear animal costumes so for Kuroko, we are thinking of Bunny/Neko” Both Sasaki and Sato said different answers at the end. 


Both girls glared at each other. 


“I think you’re mistaken, we agreed Neko, am I right?” Sasaki smiled, wanting her to agree with her suggestion. “Who said I agreed to that, we agreed to bunny, right?” Sato gritted her teeth in annoyance while the boys stared at the girl fight with amusement.










“Okay, girls, stop. You’ll end up hurting each other” Kise stepped forward to stop the girls from fighting. Both girls wanted to faint because they are being held by the famous model in Japan and one of the best basketball players too! 


“What about we help you guys pick ok which is better!” Kagami smirked against the door making the girls blush a bit and nodded vigorously. “PLEASE DO!” They both said in unison while bowing vigorously at them. 


Ima! Ima! Now it’s bunny or neko, am I right?” Kise asked with a smile as the girls nodded vigorously. “Kuro-chin looks cute as a bunny” Murasakibara chewed on his cookies, crumbs started to fall down to the floor. 


“Oh Asa did mention it’s Aquarius’s bad luck today but if we must pick, I say neko” Midormia pushed his glasses back to his eyes, his typical tsundere attitude. “This is the first time I’ll agree with Midormia,” Aomine walked beside Kise and slung his arm on Kise’s shoulder. 


“Tetsu, will look good in a neko outfit” Kise rolled his eyes on how dirty Aomine can be. “Its hurtful for me to say this but I like the neko idea” Kise said with a smile but the girls looked at him with confusion. 


“Eh? Why is it hurtful?” Sasaki asked, tilting her head. 


“Because I’m agreeing to the idea with this guy,” Kise pointed at Aomine with an annoyed look. Aomine’s eye twitch in anger as he held Kise by the collar. “You’re asking for a beating, Kise?” Aomine’s eye didn’t stop twitching in anger while Kise let his tongue out. 


“WHY YOU—” Aomine growled in annoyance. 


“OI! OI! OI! You two! Stop!” Kagami walked to the 2 and pulled them apart. The girls have no idea what’s happening but all they want is to leave and to do that, they must get their answers. “Ano? Kagami-san? What about you?” Sato asked her classmate. 


“I’ll go with the bunny idea” Kagami didn’t hesitate to answer and it made Kise and Aomine glare at the Seirin’s ace. “EH? Kagamicchi! Why did you go with the bunny idea?” Kise whined, shaking his body vigorously. 


“As much as I hate agreeing with Kise! Why did you choose the bunny idea!” It was Aomine’s turn to shake the hell out of Kagami. Kagami wanted to answer but how the fuck can he answered when he is being shake like this by them?!? 


“Yamero,” The angry voice of Rakuzan’s captain echoed outside, frightening the girls since it’s their first time witnessing the angry Akashi. Akashi noticed the fear in the girls eyes, his eyes soften a bit and took a deep breathe. 


“Forgive me, girls for my unpleasant action” Akashi bowed down, apologizing to the young girls. “I-Its okay” Sasaki stuttered, obviously still scared with the sudden scary aura of the captain. 


“I’ll go with the bunny idea,” Akashi smiled making Kise and Aomine look at him with confused eyes. “DEMOYou dare defy me, Ryouta?” Kise was indeed scared but what surprised him is that, it wasn’t Akashi’s other side that’s speaking but the original Akashi. I guess, Akashi’s been training his other self really well. 


“There you have it, you can make Tetsuya a bunny. You can dress him up as a neko another time, all right, girls?” Akashi smiled down at the girls, making them blush and nodded at them with a smile. “HAI!” They smiled and walked back to the opposite side. 


“Arigatō, minna!!!!” Sato and Sasaki said in unison with a wave. 



Chapter Text


3rd's POV 


- Feelings - 

"EEEEEHHHHHHH?!?" The loud voice of the one and only manager of Tōō Academy, Momoi Satsuki. "Shizukani, Satsuki," Aomine yawned as he stretched his arms up. "Momocchi! Where were you? I was surprised that you weren't with Aominecchi!" 


Momoi scratched her head in embarrassment "Hehehe, I was needed at my house so I had to go home!!" Kise let out a nod, understanding Momoi's situation. "DEMO?!??" Momoi suddenly screamed, hurting Aomine's ears. 


"SINCE WHEN DID TETSU-KUN BECAME A MAID?!?" Aomine couldn't take it anymore so he grabbed Murasakibara's maiubo and shoved it in Momoi's mouth so she'll stay quiet. 


Murasakibara was dumbfounded when he felt his own food being stolen by Tōō's ace, his eye twitched vigorously at the ace. "Chotto, Mine-chin." Aomine flinched on how deep his voice is. "Shit, he's angry! Why did I steal his food!" Aomine thought, feeling the strong angry aura from behind.


"CHOTTOMATTE! Murasakibara!" Aomine begun to panic. 


"Ugh, this is annoying" Midormia pushed his glasses up as he watched the annoying scene infront of him. "Its better than them being quiet," Akashi smiled, witnessing the big purple center taking down the blue ace. 


"ATSUSHI! Put him down!" Tatsuya yelled, holding his arm, trying to calm their center down. "HOW STRONG IS YOUR CENTER?" Wakamatsu screamed at him while helping Tatsuya put down Aomine. 


"Muk-kun! Put him down!" Momoi's voice echoed through the gym. "Should we stop them?" Kise asked, wiping his sweat with his towel. Akashi laughed loudly "Nah, this is pretty amusing. You don't see Murasakibara beating up Aomine all the time," 


"BREAK TIME IS UP!" Everyone knew it was the demon coach of Seirin. "HAI! Kantoku!" Seirin shouted as they went to the court to start training and the other teams followed them to train. 


"OI! BAKAGAMI! Do one-on-one with me!" Aomine smirked cockily as he twirled the basketball with his index finger. "YOSH!" Kagami smirked proudly as he stretched his arms while walking to Aomine with a cocky posture. 


Masako, the coach of Yōsen noticed the sudden change of Seirin's coach. She was still amused on how this coach was able to handle all the times in one ago. Masako had a hard time coaching the team since there are some (specifically the purple center) keeps going on their own pace without her permission. 


"Oi, Gaki" Aomine and Kagami flinched at that intimidating voice. "Shit" They both said in unison, shivering in fear as they slowly turned around to meet Riko with her fan paper, glaring down at the two aces. 


"I don't remember saying that we will be doing a one-on-one, do I?" Aomine and Kagami shook their heads immediately, already scared at the demon coach of Seirin. 


"Jaa," Riko slammed her paper fan to her opposite palm. "Now, go and do your training" Aomine and Kagami were so scared to answer so they nodded and ran to their respective team but they ended up bumping each other, gaining muffled laughters from everyone. 


"These two are gonna give me a headache" Riko sighed deeply with her eyes close. "Honestly, Im surprised on how they actually listen to you," Riko let out a yelped when she suddenly heard a voice from behind. She turned around to meet the coach of Yōsen, Masako Araki. 


"M-Masako-san" Riko stuttered, not used with having another female talking to her in the court but Momoi was an exception. "Demo, the last time I felt like this is with Kuroko" Riko thought but she suddenly flinched when she mentioned Kuroko's name, her eyes begun to radiate sadness, missing the phantom.


"Speaking of Kuroko, I wonder how he is," Riko thought with worry and Masako seemed to noticed it so she took a step closer to observe her. "Daijōbū?" Masako asked making Riko yelped and nod vigorously "HAI" Masako arched her brow in confusion. 


"A while ago, she was a strict coach now she's actually acting like a student. This is actually pretty amusing," Masako thought with a small smile plastered on her face. "Ano? Do you need anything, Masako-san?" Riko was curious on why she is suddenly talking to her. 


"Oh? Im just amused with you," Masako gestured to all of her making Riko tilt her head in confusion. "Eh? In what why?" Riko asked, curious enough to know the answer from the Yōsen coach. 


"Araki finds you amusing because of your strictness," Eiji Shirogane, coach of Rakuzan, chuckled which made Riko yelped again after hearing an unknown voice. Masako clicked her tongue in annoyance "Who said that you can call me by my name?" 


"Araki is right. It's really amusing to see Aomine obeying" Riko was so done with people scaring her everywhere! She looked at her side to meet the coach of Tōō, Katsunori Harasawa. "Chotto, who said that you can also call me by my name?" Masako's gaze turn to Katsunori with a glare. 


The coach of Shūtoku, Masaaki Nakatani sighed loudly as he went closer to Masako. "Cut it out. She doesn't want you guys to call her by her name," Masaaki yawned a bit, getting tired from all of this. 


"Demo, Im really surprised that a highschool girl is supervising them," Genta Takeuchi, coach of Kaijō, is still not believing this fact. "Urusai, Genta. You can see that she's supervising them pretty well" Katsunori said, intimidating the Kaijō coach a bit with his strong appearance. 


"I still can't believe I lost to a highschool girl like her!" Genta clicked his tongue and Riko's expression changed with his words. "O-Oi!" Eiji called out. Its not like she's hurt because she got shouted by him but by his words. She really hates it when adults underestimate the younger ones just because they are older. 


Masako noticed her change of mood, she closed her eyes and hit his head with her attendance sheet. "Urusai, boke" Riko's eyes wandered at Masako who is protecting her from the mean Kaijō coach. "OI! Why did you hit me!" Masako glared at this stupid coach and hit him again with the attendance sheet, shocking the players in the court. 


"For an adult, isn't it too childish to act like this? You're acting as if your dear mother didn't buy your favorite toy car. Guess what, Im not your mommy so drop that act and be a fucking man, will you?" Riko was stunned with the Yōsen coach's strong attitude and she isn't the only one that is surprised.


"Aree? I've never seen Kantoku this angry before" Tatsuya wiped his sweat with his arms, panting heavily. "Did something even happen? It's looks tense" Kensuke looked at the group of coaches. "Demo, it's really rare to see coaches in one place! This is so cool! But terrifying!" Okamura said with shivers coming up from his spine. 


"Ano! Masako-san! It's okay!" Riko was brave enough to step in between them so it won't get even more intense. "Hah? Why are you butting in—YOSH! Let's go!" Genta didn't even finish his sentence when he was being dragged away by Katsunori with the rest of the male coaches. 


Riko watched as they pulled Genta away from them who is struggling to be released from their strong grip. "Mattaku" Masako cursed softly with her eyes closed. "A-Ano," Riko stuttered, still shy with the coach of Yōsen. 


"Hmm? Need something?" Masako pulled out a pen from her suit while looking at Riko. "A-Arigatōgozaimashita, Masako-san" Riko bowed down making Masako's heart flatter a bit at the respect. "Īe, it's nothing. Really!" Masako smiled as she wrote something on a paper. 


"Demo, still! Thank you very much!" Riko bowed down again.


Masako smiled at the Seirin coach as she placed her pen back to her suit. "I told you it's fine kedo," Riko can hear the sounds of paper ripping and that intimidated her a little. It's like an officer giving her a check. 


"In return," Riko's head snapped as she faced the coach with curious eyes. "Tell me your ways on how to handle a noisy team" Masako handed her the paper which made Riko even more curious "E-Eh?" Masako chuckled on how cute this confusing coach can be. 


"That's my number. Call me when you can so you can teach me your ways to handle a bratty team" Masako patted Riko's head as she walked forward with one hand on her pocket. This made Riko blush heavily because no one praised her before like this! So this is pretty knew to her! So new that it made her heart beat so fast.


"This is too much! Someone complimented me about my work? Especially in basketball? I mean my father does but no other adult has! They even think Im being too harsh! YET YŌSEN'S COACH WANTS ME TO TEACH HER MY WAYS? Aree? Is it just me or is the world spinning around?" Riko was so lost in her thought, she didn't even realize that she fainted. 


"KANTOKU!" All of Seirin shouted in unison. 




"Ne! Ne! Ne! Kuroko-kun!" Nakamura smirked teasingly, calling out their favorite maid. "Hai, Nakamura-san?" Kuroko looked at her while wiping his sweat, tired from sweeping the floor. 


"Who do you like between the Generations of Miracles? Or do you like Kagami-kun?" Kuroko's body froze when he heard those words, never in a million years that someone would ask this type of question so obviously, he wasn't prepared and his Vanishing Drive won't save him. 


"EH?!?" Kuroko blushed vigorously. 


"I bet on my bento box that it's Akashi-sama!" Sasaki suddenly yelled from the opposite side of the classroom. Now, Kuroko is wondering on how she heard the question from there to where they are standing. 


"NO! It's Midormia-san!" A male classmate, Watanabe Kaito, protested violently making the others look at him. "Heh? Since when were you a Fundashi?" Sato asked while she slung the towel to her shoulder and placed her hands on her hips. 


"Since birth, bitch!" Watanabe let out his tongue making Sato twitch in anger. "Why you little—Besides, you didn't notice that half of us are Fundashi or Fujoshis and we all accept LGBTQ!" Watanabe playfully said, completely interrupting Sato, making the class laugh. 


"Okay, now Im wishing we did a LGBTQ cafe instead!" Harada Mizu, one of Kuroko's male classmate, laughed while the others agree with him. "CHOTTO!" Sasaki yelled, trying to get everyone's attention. 


"Eh? Nande? You okay, Sasaki-san?" Nakamura asked with her worried tone. "Ne, Watanabe-kun," Watanabe flinched when his name was being called, slowly turning around to meet the glaring eyes of the Fujoshi. 


"What do you mean that Midormia-san will be a perfect match for Kuroko-kun?" Watanabe started to shiver when he was grabbed by the collar by the angry Fujoshi. Watanbe looked straight into her eyes with determination and took the courage to slap her hands away from him, angering the female even more. 


"Midormia-san always is known to be a tsundere kedo! Tsunderes always have a soft side for people and Midormia's soft side is kuroko! I don't know with you guys but I find it really cute when someone acts cold on the outside but in the inside, you're really important to that person," Everyone went quiet with his explanation even Kuroko can't even speak on how powerful those words are.


Sasaki fell down to the ground with her head facing down. "EH? SASAKI? ARE YOU OKAY?" Watanabe crouched down to see if his classmate is okay but then, he heard cries and that made his body froze. "Eh?" He stopped when Sasaki lifted her head with tears forming on her eyes.. 


"WAHHHHH!! THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CHANGING MY SHIP!!!!" Sasaki yelled loudly, gaining more attentions from outside of their classroom. "O-Oi! Don't be so loud! Sasaki! Shut your mouth!" Harada tried to calm down the crying female but it was no use. 


"SOMEONE GET TAPE FOR THIS LOUD BITCH!" Harada commanded loudly. 


Nakamura sighed loudly with her eyes closed, crossing her arms, she turned her head to see the blushing Kuroko and her teasing side activated again. "Ne! Ne! Kuroko! Who do you actually li—All of them," Nakamura's body froze when she heard the sudden answer from her classmate. 


"Eh?" Nakamura's eyes went wide while everyone either dropped their broom stick, towels, or mouths are wide open. "I don't care what you say. I have feelings for all of them including Kagami-kun. If you say it's wrong because it would make me look like whore then I don't care. I've fallen for all six of them." 


Kuroko didn't know on how he suddenly got confident but all he knew is that, he is honest with his feelings and there is no way he would deny it. He expected that he would get disgust glances from his classmates, they would start insulting him, call him names but the exact opposite came. 


"HONTONI?!?" Everyone screamed in excitement leaving Kuroko in confusion and it scared him a bit when he noticed that scary excitement plastered in everyone's faces. "Uhh? You guys okay?" Kuroko asked and his ear drums burst when the whole class screamed. 


"BITCH! WE ARE MORE THAN OKAY!" Kuroko took a step back from fear on how wild they look right now. "Eh?" Kuroko's eyes went wide in shock when he was suddenly surrounded by everyone, making his pupils spin around in embarrassment. 


"EEEK?" Kuroko squealed as he was being bombarded by their questions. It was either kinky, dirty, soft, fluffy questions but Kuroko was too shy to even look at everyone and is hiding his porcelain face with his hands, he even felt how hot his face is!


"Oi! Oi! Oi!" Nakamura noticed the discomfort of her classmate and called out their classmate to stop. "Make the bottom breathe! Besides!" Kuroko blushed when he heard the word bottom from Nakamura and clothes were suddenly shoved to him by Nakamura. 


"He needs to change into his bunny outfit" Nakamura smirked teasingly, making Kuroko hid behind his close with a heavy blush, melting the hearts of his classmates. "Wakatta! I'll go to my changing room." Kuroko sighed, gripping his bunny outfit tightly as he walked to the place where he usually changed but he was stopped by Nakamura. 


"Eh? Nakamura-san?" Kuroko question his classmate's actions. "Im sorry, Kuroko-kun kedo, you can't change there anymore. At least for today!" Kuroko's body shattered to pieces as his soul left his body. 


"HEH?" Kuroko's mind has stopped working. 


"Gomen ne, Kuroko-kun! We needed more space for the trees! We wanted to tell you but we couldn't fine the right time!" Sasaki put his hands together as she kept apologizing at their soon-to-be bunny cosplayer. 


Kuroko sighed deeply "It's all right. I'll just find a place where I can change quietly and secretively" Everyone said their sorries again, feeling guilty of what they just did but Kuroko didn't mind so he understood the situation. 


"Jaa, I'll be going then," Kuroko waved at his classmates as he slid the door, shutting the door completely. Kuroko collapsed his head at the door as he tries to think on where he could change.


He couldn't possibly change at the washrooms here because there's a high chance that he might bump into perverts. He heard that, there are a lot of perverts in the higher batches so he wouldn't want to go at that risky place. 


Kuroko sighed as he thought of the possibly safe place he could change. "Kuso, it just has to be there" Kuroko cursed softly, facepalming himself. "Let's just get this over with," Kuroko sighed in defeat as he started to walk to his destination. 


And that destination? 


It's their basketball locker rooms. 


Kuroko was attentive with his surroundings as he continued to walk closer at the basketball court. He can hear the sounds of feet running inside the court, screams and pants from everyone. Kuroko lowered his head a little, missing the feeling of the ball on his hands. 


He missed basketball already. It's been a lot of days since he had even touched the ball. He missed everyone in the court especially his light, Kagami Taiga. Of course, now that the Generation of Miracles are here, he also misses them and it fucking annoyed him by the fact that he had to missed this training session for this maid cafe. 


Kuroko sighed, knowing he couldn't be mad at his classmates. It's not their fault that they lack females to cosplay maids so he can't blame them for picking him besides, he actually does have a feminine face despite his arm muscles. His thick yet soft thighs makes his hips even bigger, making his waist stand out more. 


"I should probably get changing," Kuroko rubbed his face as he ran towards the locker rooms so he could change there quietly. He was so happy to see no one was in their locker rooms and that fucking made him wanna dance but there is no time because he actually needed to change. 


Kuroko didn't hesitate to remove his uniform and replace it with the bunny outfit quickly. Kuroko was curious with what he looks like so he took out his phone and used his camera as a mirror and his eyes went wide on how cute he actually looks. 


"Woah, is this actually me?" Kuroko continued to admire himself, examining his features with the bunny ears. What he is wearing is actually pretty simple, he was wearing a cute pastel blue oversize sweater that has small decorations around it like the stars and moon. 


For the bottoms, he is wearing shorts but since the sweater is too big, it looks like he doesn't have. He covered up his legs with pastel blue stocking with stripes of white designing it and is wearing white Addidas. 


He wore a bunny tail, it's attached to his shorts and Kuroko is now wondering how his classmates made this. His bunny ears looks like actual bunny ears, it's not the one that stands up! 


"I look cute but the bunny ears keeps hitting my eyes" Kuroko pouted, fixing himself once more before fixing his uniform so he could leave! He wouldn't want to bump into anyone especially his crushes so he better do this quickly!


"Jaa, I can finally lea—" Kuroko opened the door to meet his crushes, passing by the door while sweating and panting heavily. "Kuroko?!" Kagami yelled in surprise making Kuroko gulp in fear. 


Kuroko already knew that he is embarrassed and he didn't want his own crushes to witness him in this state. They all probably all think that its weird for a guy to wear something like this. "Fuck, I gotta run" Kuroko thought, taking a deep breathe before he can work his Vanishing Drive. 


Kuroko successfully did his famous drive but his eyes widen when he saw Midormia in front of him, blocking his path. Kuroko was too shock to process but his basketball instincts has taken over and tried to move to the other side but this time Kagami was the one that stopped him. 


He bumped into Kagami's rock hard chest which caused him to fall at the floor. "I-Itai" Kuroko winced in pain. "Tetsuya," Kuroko was snapped back to reality when he heard Akashi's husky voice and fuck, it made him shiver violently. 


Akashi's eyes soften when he saw the trembling boy, he crouched down and placed his hand out making Kuroko flinch. Akashi was taken back by his action, his heart begun to hurt a bit to see his own crush afraid of him but what he couldn't interpret is why he keeps avoiding them.


The others felt the exact same thing that Akashi is feeling. They just wanna know why the phantom is avoiding them, it's not like they will hurt him for wearing such cute clothes to the point, their nose starts to bleed violently. 


Akashi cupped Kuroko's cheek making his eyes widen and looked at Akashi's soft eyes. He was taken back on how soft his eyes look at this moment, it melted his heart on how soft this feeling is "Let's go inside the locker room, shall we? We can talk there." Akashi stood up and placed his hand out. 


Kuroko's eyes widen and lowered his head, blushing heavily "H-Hai," Kuroko accepted Akashi's hand and stood up. They all entered the locker room and Kagami locked it so no one can disturb them. Kuroko sat on the farthest place and brought his knees to his chest, hugging it as if it's the last thing he will hold. 


It made Kuroko extra small and cute and everyone's heart melted on the cute scene but they couldn't help but feel sad by the fact Kuroko is avoiding them. "G-Gomen'nasai," Kuroko stuttered quietly but it's obvious they heard him and this caused everyone to frown in confusion. 


"Kurokocchi, why are you saying sorry?" Kise sighed deeply making Kuroko whimper a bit. "Eeto, you must be embarrassed seeing me like this and you must feel disgusted seeing me li—What are you talking about?" Kuroko was cut off by someone who he wouldn't expect to hear from.


Kuroko looked up to see Shūtoku's number one shooter standing right infront of him. "M-Midormia-kun?" Kuroko stuttered, whimpering quietly at the dominance so he sank more into the floor, clutching his entire body tightly. 


Midormia seemed to notice this so his tense body soften as he bend down to Kuroko's level. "Kuroko, I have always despise you because I don't know what you're thinking." Aomine cracked his knuckles in anger and was about to pounce to the green haired but was stopped by Murasakibara. 


"Mine-chin, let him finish" Murasakibara chewed on his cookies as he held Aomine's head with his other hand, preventing him from pouncing in Midormia. "Murasakibara! Hanashite!" Murasakibara didn't care and just continue eating his cookies. 


Kuroko admits that his heart was shattered into a million pieces when he heard that his crush dislikes him. He already knew that Midormia and he doesn't get along but he didn't have to remind him because his heart won't take the pain. 


"Kedo," Midormia protested making Aomine stop struggling first and Kuroko's ears lit up. "This is the first time I've heard you said your thoughts and feelings," Kuroko's heart skipped a beat when he saw Midormia smiling, it shocked the people in the room. "E-Eh?" Kuroko was dumbfounded with what he just said, his heart won't stop beating so fast. 


"M-Midormiacchi is smiling!" Kise squealed in happiness, dancing around, annoying a certain tiger. "Urusaiya, Kise!" Kagami scolded the blondie making the copycat pout as Kagami continued to scold the poor boy. 


"I don't know why you assume that you are embarrassing us or you think we will be disgusted by you. You look—no wait, you ARE cute, Kuroko. Please remember that because," Kuroko arched his brow a bit when he saw Midormia blushing like an idiot. 


"Akashi is gonna kill me for this," Midormia thought as he sighed deeply before saying his true feelings.


"I like you, Kuroko." Kuroko's world stopped when he heard Midormia's confession. "Me...? Like me..? DHOWBEKSBWOSBWI HE LIKES ME?" Kuroko was screaming internally inside his mind, he can feel his subconscious fainting on his behalf in happiness.


Kuroko squealed when he saw scissors flying to Midormia's direction. Midormia already knew this was gonna happen so he took a deep breathe as he slowly turned around to see Kagami holding Akashi by the waist. Aomine and Kise holding his legs and Murasakibara holding him by the shoulders. 


"Shintaro, how bold of you to say your feelings to Tetsuya when we all agreed that we will say our feelings in the right time" Akashi kept snipping his scissors as everyone tried their best to hold him back. 


"BEKWBWKABWKSB MIDORMIA! RUN!" Kagami said as he can feel Akashi's free hand gripping his shirt tightly. "YES! AND NEVER RETURN! IF YOU WANNA LIVE!" Kise started to cry a bit on how tired he is already from preventing Akashi to pounce on Midormia. 


"YES! RUN LIKE THE WIND BUTTEYE" Aomine panted heavily and everyone looked at Aomine with a weird and disgusted look making Aomine frown in confusion. "It's bullseye, Mine-chin" Murasakibara corrected him with a deep sigh on how perverted this boy can be. 


"REALLY? I THOUGHT IT WAS BUTTEYE?" Aomine looked at everyone with a amused look. "Nah, it's just you. Its all because you're a pervert, ganguro" Kagami looked at him with his 'so-done' expression which made Aomine annoyed. 


"HAH?" Aomine growled violently. 


Kuroko can't believe what he was witnessing. First, the atmosphere was tense and awkward and then Midormia made the atmosphere calmer until he confessed his feelings to Kuroko and then Aomine and his pervert habits. This is actually funny for him and he misses this feeling. 


"Pfft," Kuroko snorted before he started to laugh loudly which caught everyone's attention in the room, heart started to flutter like butterflies when they hear the angelic voice of their phantom. 


"I've never seen Kuroko laugh at all" Kagami thought as he blushed a little. "This is the first time I've heard Tetsu laughing," Aomine thought as he looked away so Kuroko won't see his blushing face. 


"GSJSHWOHDISBSKS KUROKOCCHI LOOKS SO CUTEEEEE!! I WANNA KEEP HIMMM!!" Kise was screaming internally inside, wanted to kidnap the phantom so badly. "Eh? I can almost taste Kuro-chin's sweetness. It almost taste like my favorite candies. Ne, I wanna eat Kuro-chin" Murasakibara blushed while slowly eating his remaining cookies. 


"Seeing him laugh like this really does make my heart go crazy. Shit, I can't stop blushing" Midormia cursed on his mind, fixing his glasses. "He looks really cute. I'll be so fucking happy if he accepts m—no wait, I'll be happy if he accepts all of us" Akashi smiled brightly, lowering down his scissors. 


"I-Im so sorry for laughing! W-Wait l-let me catch m-my br-breath!" Kuroko laughed loudly, his stomach begun to hurt a little as he continued to keep laughing loudly. Everyone blushed at his words and looked away "I-Its okay. T-Take your t-time" Akashi stuttered, looking away because he can't handle the cuteness of the teal haired. 


Kuroko stopped laughing as he cleared his throat before facing forward with a bright smile which made a huge arrow pierced through everyone's heart. "Minna!" Kuroko smiled brightly, radiating even more shiny shit than Kise. 


"I like you too!" Everyone's body froze when they heard Kuroko's sudden confession. "W-What?" Everyone stuttered in unison making Kuroko pout a little since he is too embarrassed to say it again but he knew he had to be clear so there won't be an misunderstanding. 


"I like Kise-kun," Kuroko placed his index finger up. 


"I like Aomine-kun," Kuroko placed his middle finger up.


"I like Akashi-kun," Kuroko placed his ring finger up. 


"I like Midormia-kun," Kuroko placed his pinky finger up. 


"I like Kagami-kun," Kuroko placed his thumb up. 


"I like Murasakibara-kun," Kuroko placed his opposite index finger up.


"I've fallen for all of you!" Everyone was taken back by this confession. They were all squealing in happiness knowing their crush likes them back and they wanted nothing more but to tackle Kuroko with their love but they are also aware that Kuroko has fallen for the others in the room but they didn't care because they've talked about this and they honestly don't mind if Kuroko likes all of them. 


They may see each other as rivals and may fight all the time but that whats brought them together and it really made them bond to each other besides, it's boring if they are all so quiet, am I right?


"That's why," Everyone stopped squealing in happiness mentally as they hear the broken and sad tone from the phantom and that scared them. "P-Please d-don't make m-me choose. I w-wanna d-date a-all o-of you! K-Kedo, t-that wo-would ma-make me l-like a w-whore, r-right? EEK! I-Im s-sorry I a-asked su-such n-nonsen—"


Kuroko stopped talking as he suddenly saw a hand infront of him. He lifted his head to see Akashi smiling at him making Kuroko’s eyes lit up “On their behalf, if you take this hand right now. You will be ours.” Kuroko’s eyes went wide and he looked around to see everyone smiling at him. 


“That’s right! This is even a great improvement for me! I am even sharing with the Bakagami here!” Aomine smiled, pointing at Kagami who rolled his eyes. “I don’t want to hit you because we are experiencing the day we’ve all been expecting,” 


Aomine blushed a bit and slung his arm around Kagami’s shoulder. “Hehhh? Is Kagami growing soft for me?” Kagami’s eye twitch in annoyance as he placed his hand infront of Aomine’s face and pushed him to Kise. 


“OI! THAT FUCKING HURTS!” Kise managed to held back the angry blue ace. “Aominecchi! Calm down!” Kise tried his best to calm the blue ace but it was no use since Kagami kept giving him a cocky look which annoyed him to death. 


Midormia sighed as he fixed his glasses “These 2 won’t stop bickering,” Murasakibara just continued eating his chips since he finished the last of his cookies. “Its always noisy when we are with them,” Murasakibara pouted, taking a bite of his chips. 


Akashi chuckled at the scene behind them then, he turned his head back to Kuroko “So, your answer, Tetsuya?” Everyone looked at Kuroko with hope that he will accept Akashi’s hand. They want Kuroko to be theirs and only theirs, that will be the best present they received.


“Are you willing to be our boyfriend? Become ours?” Akashi send out a soft smile. 


Kuroko already knew what to do and he knew he won’t regret it because he always wanted this. He is dying in happiness to see that they also like him back and he isn’t the only one that feels like this! He is too happy that he wants to faint but before that, he needs to do this first. 


Akashi’s heart went flying around the room when Kuroko accepted his hand. Akashi looked at Kuroko to find him smiling so happily. “I would love to,” That’s all Kuroko had to say and Akashi couldn’t contain his happiness and pulled Kuroko closer to him. 


Kuroko was shocked at the sudden action but the next thing he knew, he was being hugged by Akashi. Both Kuroko’s and Akashi’s heart won’t stop beating so fast and it made them blush heavily. 


“Ne, Aka-chin, you’re being awfully greedy! We wanna hug our boyfriend too,” Kuroko blushed at the particular word that Murasakibara said so he hid his face on Akashi’s neck making everyone chuckle on how Kuroko is extremely shy right now. 


“If you want to hug them then, join the hug” Akashi smiled softly and Kuroko looked at them, pleading them to join the hug so who are they to resist their cute boyfriend so they joined the hug making Kuroko smile brightly, knowing that they are his and he belongs to them. 


He finally gets to feel the love he always wanted from his crushes. He never expected that they will like him back especially a peculiar guy like him that has a weak presence. This is the happiest day of his life! He wouldn’t want to forget it all! 




















“Oi, Kuroko. You look hot in this bunny outfit, by the way.” Kuroko’s happy face was replaced with a blushing face and faced Kagami to see his mouth forming a seductive smirk. “S-Shut u-up” Kuroko hated the fact that he loved the compliment, I mean who wouldn’t love a compliment from your boyfriend? 


Aomine smirked at the situation and held Kuroko’s tail, tugging it a bit. “I almost thought that this was a real tail,” Aomine tugged his tail making Kuroko whimper a bit and gripped Akashi’s shirt, holding it very dearly. “How cute, your ass keeps shaking when I tug into your tail,” Aomine chuckled deeply making Kuroko bit his lower lip to prevent a moan from escaping.


“Ne, Kuro-chin, you wouldn’t mind if we eat you, right?” Kuroko gasped quietly when he felt someone fondling his ass, he turned around to see Midormia groping his ass, his eyes widen to see Midormia doing such an action, he honestly expected to see Kise but it was the green haired. 


“I didn’t know you had such a plump ass, Kuroko,” Kuroko’s eyes widen at the dirty talk he is receiving from Midormia, he suddenly felt hot like really hot. “Kurokocchi, you really do look like a bunny. Our cute and small fucking bunny” Kuroko’s neck turned red when he heard Kise’s husky voice whispering to his ear. 


“M-Minna” Kuroko stuttered as they continue to worship his body, fondling his body, caressing it carefully, showering it with love. They keep touching his legs, his waist, his chest, his arms, everywhere and the only thing that’s separating them are Kuroko’s clothing.


Kuroko whimpered loudly, wanting to feel his boyfriend touching his bare skin. He wanted to feel their rough hands as they play with his body. He wanted it so badly! He didn’t even know that he was arching his back, displaying his juicy ass even more to his boyfriends. 


Everyone gulped at the sight of his plump and juicy ass and wanted nothing more but to fuck him up with their cocks, to see Kuroko’s on his cute state as he takes up their cocks, to see Kuroko cumming to his high. They wanted nothing more but to fuck the teal boy right now. 


Kuroko’s face lit up as he saw the hungry stares of his boyfriends, wanting to pounce on him. Akashi held his hips tighter as his hands cupped on of Kuroko’s ass cheeks. “A-Akashi-kun” Kuroko stuttered as he felt his ass being spread, making him flinch violently. 


“Tetsuya, stop testing our self-control here. We can barely control ourselves especially with what your wearing,” Kuroko looked up to see Akashi’s predatory eyes, ready for hunting and he is the prey. 


“Damn, you maybe wearing shorts but I can feel your hole clenching and unclenching, Tetsu” Aomine smirked teasingly as Kuroko started to pant in pleasure.

“We can practically hear your hole making noises. Tell me, do you crave for our touches?” Kuroko was shocked to see this dominant side of Midormia. He is such a tsundere so he can’t really tell what secret Midormia is hiding and right now, he is witnessing it. 


“Ne, Kuro-chin. You better answer him. Mido-chin hates it when someone doesn’t answer him. You wouldn’t want a punishment right?” Kuroko didn’t even have time to think when he felt Akashi spreading his ass even more, his back arched as the soul of his legs left his body. 


“Kurokocchi, answer Midormiacchi’s question. Do you crave for us?” Kise smirked, loving to tease their phantom since this is a rare sight of them. Kuroko nodded shyly, hiding his face on Akashi’s neck but he received a slap in the ass making him yelp forward on how strong that slap was.


“Answer him, Tetsuya. We need words, baby” Akashi’s growling voice brought shivers up to his spine but Kuroko didn’t answer that made Akashi’s dominant side switched on.


“Answer him, baby if you don’t want me to bend you the fuck down and slap your ass until it’s bright as red while the rest of our boyfriends are watching. Although, I guess they won’t mind because they get to see your sexy state, am I right? So what will you choose, Tetsuya?” 


“Get your ass slapped or answer him?” Akashi licked his lips, thinking of ways on how to messed up their teal phantom. 


“Y-Yes, I-I c-crave f-for a-all o-of y-your t-touches.” Kuroko finally spoke up but his stuttering won’t stop at all because the dominance is really so much for him. His inner submissive may come out at this point. “Fuck, your ass fucking jiggled with Akashi slapped your ass. Mind doing it again, Akashi?” Kagami licked his lips at the wonderful and delicious sight. 


“Call me Seijūrō now that we are all officially dating, Taiga and for your request, fuck yeah” Kagami blushed a little, obviously feeling flattered that he gets to call Rakuzan’s captain by his name. 


“A-Akashi—” Kuroko yelped forward once more when Akashi slapped his ass and his ass indeed jiggled. “Shit, that was hot and yummy” Murasakibara licked his lips at the sight of his teal boyfriend being spanked by his crimson red haired boyfriend. 


“A-Ah! O-Oh g-god!” Kuroko moaned when Akashi slapped his ass again, pleasing the rest of their boyfriends at the sinful sight. Kuroko won’t admit but he loved the fact that he is being watched. He loved the fact that they are watching him especially at this sexual state. 


“Shit, do you have a Exhibitionism kink, Tetsuya?” Kise bit his lip at the sight. Kuroko shivered once more when Kise called him by his name and he fucking loved it. “Damn, that will be so hot” Midormia agreed with him, making Kise smirk at the green haired. 


“Kuro-chin, do you love being watched?” Akashi licked his lips as Kuroko gripped Akashi’s shirt, gripping it dearly, probably almost ripping it and it made Akashi even more turned on. “Y-Yes,” Kuroko managed to answer despite his weak state. 


“Fuck, thats so fucking hot” Kagami smirked cockily, feeling himself hardening at the sight. “I know right, fuck, his ass! I can build a fucking new religion based on that plump ass.” Aomine agreed with Kagami for the first time, examining his ass even more. 


“Hmm, I would love to hear more of your kinks soon, baby” Akashi smirked, fondling with his ass even more, toying with his cheeks, making them jiggle, giving a great show with the rest of their boyfriends. 


“We will make your dirtiest dreams come true, Kuroko” Midormia smirked as he suddenly squeezed his ass a little tighter making Kuroko’s back arch even more and threw his head back, letting out a loud moan “A-Ah! Midormia-kun! P-Please d-don’t squeeze i-it t-to h-hard.” Everyone could feel themselves hardening hearing that sweet voice of their boyfriend. 


Kuroko noticed the sudden change of atmosphere in the room and he cursed knowing this is probably the last line of their self-control. “CHOTTO! BEFORE YOU CAN POUNCE INTO ME! I have work! Let me go!” Kuroko protested immediately before they could pounce into him. 


O-Onegay....P-Please l-let m-me go! I really have to go back!” Kuroko pleaded making his boyfriends sigh in defeat. “Wakatta, kedo,” Kuroko’s face was suddenly lifted, making him face upwards to see Kagami’s cocky yet sexy smirk. “You will reward us for holding back, right?” 


Kuroko blushed and looked away “I’ll think about it,” Kuroko’s legs didn’t stop shaking at the pleasure he just received not to mention, the dominance aura was so strong, he almost gave in to them. 


Akashi chuckled and brought Kuroko’s hips closer to his “You better keep your promise, baby” Akashi smirked teasingly, giving his ass a soft squeezed making his legs shake even more in pleasure. “Because once we are all alone,” Aomine kissed Kuroko’s back, licking the sweater down but Kuroko can feel his hot breathe even with his clothes. 


“We will eat you up,” Murasakibara growled lowly, making him bite his lower lip at the thought of them eating his ass with their hot tongue. “Until you can’t cum anymore,” Midormia’s hot breathe made Kuroko’s body shiver violently. 


“So be prepared, Tetsuya” Kise growled as he slowly bit into Kuroko’s neck, completely claiming the teal phantom. 

Chapter Text


Kuroko's POV 


- Acceptance - 

I rolled around my futon with the pillow on my chest, remembering the events that happened yesterday. Oh my fucking god, they fucking like me back and I am their boyfriend! Holy shit! I must be dreaming! I can't believe they like me back! 


I smiled like an idiot, remembering their sudden confession yesterday. They were all so cute blushing like that! Also Kagami and Aomine fighting! They look like kids despite them being annoying most of the time. My body stopped moving as my eyes went wide when I remembered the dirty scene from yesterday. 


"DBKWBEKWBSKWBAKBWOA" I panicked violently, recalling everything that happened in the locker room. "Kuso! I don't think I'll look at the locker rooms the same ever again! Shit!" I cursed to myself as I facepalm myself, my hands feeling the hot sensation of my cheeks. 


"It's embarrassing but it felt so good..." My fingers played with my lower lip, remembering how their hands feel around me. The way their rough and huge hands gropes my milky flesh, caressing it gently, putting their love makes my stomach feel butterflies. 


My clothes are the only ones separating my flesh to theirs but fuck, it drove me crazy even if it's just their presence. "I couldn't have gone crazy if I didn't have any clothes on," I mumbled to myself, sitting down, bringing my knees to my chest, hugging it with my arms. 


For some reason, my ass feels sensitive even more. Just a slight brush to my ass is enough for me to squeak loudly! That's why I slept sideways last night because my ass feels so sensitive. I leaned my head to the wall, tilting my head to the side and my gaze turned to the side too as I started to daydream. 


"Is my ass sensitive because of yesterday's events?" I remember the look in Akashi-kun's face when he played with my ass. He slapped my ass so hard, I even had the urge to cum right in the spot but his and everyone's dominance stopped me from doing so. 


"The pain...the humiliation," I spoke suddenly. "Felt so pleasurable," I bit my lower lip, feeling myself getting horny when I recall the dirty talk they have given me. "I feel such a slut," I thought as I brought my knees closer to me, hugging myself with my embarrassment.


I started to think of lewd things which made me blush even more and fuck! Im gonna cry in embarrassment! "BDKEBEKAHWOWBWOW!" I panicked, rolling around the floor, completely ruining my futon. I stopped rolling at faced the ceiling with my fingers covering some parts of my eyes. 


"I should wash my face," I sighed deeply, standing up from my futon. I slid the door to the side and closed it when I stepped outside, my eyes squinted when the light of the sun hit my face. 


It's actually pretty early in the morning! I woke up early since I slept early last night since I kept overthinking the scenarios that happened yesterday and Im doing the same thing also today! "LDLAHAOEBDHEOW! Kuroko! Stop thinking about them first!" I panicked, rubbing my the sides of my hair with my fingers. 


"Although," I stopped rubbing my hair. "Thanks to what happened yesterday, I was in a good mood making yesterday's work a successful." I slowly moved my finger to my face. "I even remember to say Goshujinsama during work." I touched my burning cheeks, blushing vigorously. 


"I really need to wash my fac—" I didn't even finish my sentence when I was suddenly pulled to the side by the arm. I was too shocked to process but all I knew is that I am already inside the room and was pushed at the wall, really hard. 


"Itai," I whined in pain. "Yah! What are you—" I was about to curse at this asshole but my heart suddenly stopped when I saw Aomine-kun, smirking down at me. Oh fuck. "A-Aomine-kun?" I stuttered a bit, feeling myself being trapped even more. 


"OI! Ganguro! You're being awfully greedy! I wanna touch our boyfriend too!" My head snapped to the side, seeing Kagami smirking at me with his back at the wall and his hands on his pockets and his foot is in the wall making his knee go up. 


"K-Kagami-kun" I blushed heavily, seeing the sexy pose of my boyfriend and fuck! He even called me his boyfriend! I mean it's fine since we are all dating BUT STILL DKEBSKAJ I STILL CAN'T PROCESS THE FACT THAT WE ARE TOGETHER. 


"Oi, Tetsu" My body flinched at the husky voice of my other boyfriend. "H-Hai?" I answered him shyly, not wanting to see his face or rather, I don't want him to see my blushing face. I suddenly felt fingers wrapping my cheeks and my head was suddenly pushed forward. 


Not gonna lie, I was expecting Aomine-kun to be the one that's grabbing my cheeks but to my surprise, it was actually Kagami-kun and shit, his sexy smirk is gonna make me faint soon! I fucking can't! 


"E-Eeto, w-what d-do y-you w-want?" I stuttered but my eyes are looking somewhere else because Im still too shy to face my handsome boyfriends. "It's not nice for you to talk when you're looking somewhere else, Tetsuya" 


My whole fucking body shivered vigorously when I fucking heard Kagami-kun called me by my name! Fuck! My name! "I-I...well...ummmm" I didn't know what to say so I started saying random words and fuck, this is so embarrassing. I can't handle myself with two of my boyfriends! What more if I am with them all!


"Ne, Tetsu" Aomine-kun smirked teasingly at me as I felt his rough hand wrapped around my waist and he pulled me closer to his hips. "EH? AOMINE-KUN?!?" I panicked as my face begun to redden even more than ever. Aomine-kun suddenly chuckled as he suddenly rolled his hips, making his anaconda hit my hatdog.


My whole body froze when I felt how hard and huge he is. I caused this? "Tetsu, we held back yesterday" Sir, if you want me to live, please keep that sexy smirk of to yourself. "I think we deserve a reward for holding back," Aomine-kun bit my shirt, bringing it up, exposing my stomach a bit. 


"Don't you think?" He looked up at me with his famous smirk making me shiver in pleasure BUT! I fucking need to go! I have fucking work, damn it! So I had pushed my boyfriend away from me so I won't lose my self-control. 


I gripped the middle of my shirt as I blush heavily. "Gomen, Aomine-kun demo, I have work" I hid my face from them by lowering my head as I started to walk towards the door but before I can even reach the door knob, I was suddenly pulled backwards by the arm. 


I closed my eyes, thinking I will get pushed at the wall again but instead, I hit a muscular body and fuck, he has a nice body. "I-Itai..." I winced in pain as my eyes squinted a bit but my body suddenly shivered when I felt the familiar sudden dominant aura from behind. 


"Who said that you can leave, hmm?" Kagami growled deeply at my ear, making my whole body shiver at the strong dominance. "E-Eeto...umm..." My body started to shake, looking at the ground, I could see my legs shivering vigorously and the only thing thats holding me up is Kagami-kun's strong grip. 


"You little slut," My eyes went wide as I put my head up and saw Aomine-kun glaring down at me. Eh? What is this feeling? Why did I like it when he calls me that? Especially his glaring gaze! Fuck! Is this my secret kink? My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when my face was harshly grabbed by Aomine-kun.


"I don't mind you pushing me demo," I gulped vigorously when Aomine-kun brought his hips closer to mine. "You had the audacity to leave us when we are hard, eh? Who would have thought a little slut like you has the balls to do it" Aomine licked his lips, glaring down at me as he gripped my hips, keeping me in place. 


"A-Aomine-kun" I stuttered as I bit my lower lip, feeling the sudden pleasure rise at my body. "Don't bite that lip," A hand suddenly traced my neck as the hand suddenly lifted my head up, seeing Kagami-kun's flushed face making me blush at the sight. 


"It's our job to bite that lip," Kagami rolled his hips, his huge cock rubbed between my asscheeks, making my eyes went wide as I gasped quietly. "It's our job" Kagami-kun trusted his cock slowly on my ass cheeks. "To do you, Tetsuya" Kagami smirked as he rolled his hips too strong, making my head fall down to Aomine-kun's chest.


Kagami-kun thrusted his hips upwards once more but in an harsh manner making me bite my lower lip so I won't let out an embarrassing sound. Endure it! Endure it! Endure your voic—A hand was suddenly grabbing a handful of my hair, pulling it harshly. 


"Moan, you damn bitch" Kagami-kun's voice was enough to make me cum like a cum fountain I am but I can't! Not just yet! I don't want them to get mad at me for cumming without their permission! 


I was suddenly pulled back by the hair to Kagami-kun's chest. Kagami suddenly sat down at the floor as he pulled me to his lap. This position makes me feel his huge and fat cock even more! His cock is rubbing on my ass! Fuck! "K-Kagami-kun?" I asked with curiosity with what's he gonna do and fuck, I didn't know Kagami-kun is this kinky. 


My legs were suddenly spread apart, with the help of Kagami-kun's strength and hands, I was kinda flying in the air. My face went flushed as I panicked, not knowing what's he doing "EH? Kagami-kun? W-What a-are y-yo—Shut up, you bitch" I was speechless, this is so new to me! This side of Kagami is so fucking sexy and only I get to witness it with the rest of my boyfriends. 


"Oi, Aomine. Wanna join?" Kagami smirked teasingly as he poked the tip of his cloth cock with my went hole, making me tense up at the sensitive! We are wearing clothes yet! Im feeling sensitive! Fuck! What's wrong with my body?!? 


"Nah, seeing Tetsu like this," Aomine-kun wiped his sweat at his forehead and smirked down at us. "Fucking excites me" Aomine-kun licked his lips seductively making Kagami-kun smirked at his words. Kagami-kun licked my ear, making me shiver even more as my mouth started to form an O. 


"You heard our boyfriend," Kagami-kun suddenly gripped my thighs tighter. "We should give him a show, am I right?" Aomine-kun suddenly smirked as he leaned at a wall with his hands on his pockets. "Show me what you've got," Kagami smirked, loving the challenge while me! IM FRICKIN OUT! WHAT'S HE GONNA DO? 


"Gladly," Kagami licked his lips as he shifted my body a bit. Damn, papi, chock me with your hands—WAIT FUCK! KUROKO! GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! "C-Chotto! W-What a-are y—AH!" I let out a loud moan when he suddenly place me down making my cock rubbed against his anaconda. 


I blushed heavily when I heard myself with that embarrassing tone "W-Wait—AH!" I moaned loudly once more when Kagami-kun repeated the action. "AHH! Kagami-kun!" I moaned loudly when he suddenly increase his speed, feeling his hot one with mine. 


"Damn, Tetsu. Who would have thought that you're a screamer. I bet you’ll lose your voice in just a second when we have our cocks up your tight little ass," Aomine-kun smirked down at me as Kagami kept bouncing me on his fat cock, rubbing each other. "Holy shit, this is so hot," Kagami-kun and I blushed a bit when he removed his shorts and boxers in one go, revealing his anaconda. 


My eyes went wide at the sight, he is fucking huge and fat! Especially his tip! Fuck! Can that even fit inside me? Holy shit, it's so hard! I wanna suck it until he fucks my mouth but will he allow? I licked my lips at the delicious sight of his fat and huge cock, it’s so veiny and hard.


I really wanna suck it...


My hands found it's way to Kagami-kun's hair, gripping onto it as if it's the last thing I'll hold. "You're such a little whore, Tetsuya" Kagami-kun suddenly whispered at my ear, continuing bouncing me on his fat cock. "Our boyfriend is already masturbating infront of us because you're too hot for our own good" 


My eyes went wide when I saw Aomine-kun is indeed masturbating right infront of us and that made me feel even more hot, hotter than ever and I fucking love the feeling. "Aomine's cock looks so big. Tell me, do you want his cock in your tight little hole of yours?" I blushed heavily and the fact that I didn't decline made Kagami-kun smirk even more. 


"Look on how enormous it is," Kagami brought his face closer to mine, whispering those very words on my ear. "Look on how fat that is," I can’t help but bit my lower lip at the sight of Aomine-kun masturbating. “Look on how veiny that is,” Aomine-kun blushed a bit on how Kagami-kun started praising about his cock. 


"That cock can rearrange your walls in just a split second. With that size, it can make you go insane and slutty. I bet his cock can even find your prostate in no time. You just love this, don't you? You're being touched by me and your other boyfriend is masturbating and you're fucking loving it. You're such a slut, Tetsuya" 


"Kagami-kun! Im cumming! Can I cum?" I don't fucking care if Im embarrassing! The momemt Kagami-kun started to say those dirty words, I knew I was already close, close to my orgasm but I need his permission first! I don’t want to disappoint them! 

His eyes, it darken in lust and desire, he continued to bounce me up and down harshly, rubbing our cocks together, satisfying one another. His hot breathe keeps hitting my neck, adding the pleasure Im receiving.


"Hmm? Do you deserve it?" I nodded vigorously, wanting to cum so badly, causing him to smirk. "You did ask so," Kagami licked my sweaty neck, toying with my neck. "Cum from my cock, slut" He did one more thrust, making my eyes went wide as I came hard from my clothes.


Kagami-kun also came from his pants while Aomine-kun held the tip of his cock as he came hard. We panted heavily, the hearing of our breathing echoed through the room while my body still continued to shake in pleasure. I suddenly felt soft lips on his sweaty cheeks. 


"You did good, princess" Kagami smiled, showering my cheek with his butterfly kisses. "K-Kagami-kun" I stuttered in embarrassment and looked away, shy with what just happened. 


"Heh? Why you acting all shy now, Tetsu?" Aomine smirked teasingly as he panted heavily. "AOMINE-KUN!" I screamed in embarrassment and covered my face with my hands, bringing my knees closer to my chest. 


"Finally, you're done!" My eyes went wide when I heard a familiar voice outside the room. The door slid to the side to see Kise-kun, sweating heavily and seems to be panting too. "Kise?" Both of my boyfriends said in unison making Kise chuckle awkwardly and scratched the back of his hair.


"You're lucky it was me that caught you! If it was Akashicchi then, you're probably dead or maybe he might join in," I wanna die right now because of the amount of embarrassment I am receiving! 


"You're such a pervert, Kise" Aomine-kun smirked, standing up from the ground and Kise-kun rolled his eyes "I don't want to hear that from you, baka!" Aomine-kun's eye twitched in annoyance. "The fuck you said, blondie?" Kise-kun just pulled his tongue out to annoy him even more. 


"Aish! You two! Stop! Tetsuya is still shivering and he has to be in the maid cafe soon!" I looked at Kagami with an are-you-fucking-serious look. I took the initiative to hit his arm making him flinch in pain so he looked at me with a questionable look.


"YOU KNEW I HAD WORK! YET HERE YOU ARE!" Kagami laughed loudly, standing up from the ground, picking me up in a bridal style position. "EH? KAGAMI-KUN! PUT ME DOWN!!" I yelled in embarrassment as I shake my legs, front to back, wanting to go down.


"I don't think you can walk with your condition, Tetsuya" Kise-kun placed his hand on his hip as he smirked at me, teasingly making my face lit up and looked away. "Urusai" I softly said and crossed my arms making Kiss-kun laugh loudly, combing his hair backwards. 


"Be thankful that Im holding back, Tetsuya. That's why," Kise-kun turned around so he can leave the room. "Next time, let me do you" Kise-kun turned his head and looked at me with a seductive smirk making me gulp at the dominance aura around him. 


"Jaa ne!" Kise waved as he left the room with his other hand on his pocket. "By the way! Aominecchi! Wear your shorts!" Kise-kun suddenly screamed making Kagami-kun and I held back a laughter while Aomine-kun's eye twitched once more as his hands turn into a fist.





3rd's POV 


Kuroko did go to work but his legs didn't stop shaking from the pleasure he received from his boyfriends. Right now, they are still preparing for the opening of their cafe so Kuroko is helping setting the table and chairs but it was hard since his legs didn't stop shaking.


Right after their sexual moment, Kagami and Aomine brought their teal boyfriend to the washroom and wanted to help him but was ignite pass by Kuroko so they ended up knocked out infront of the washroom door and was found by Midormia with Takao. 


"Yare Yare..." Kuroko sighed as he held the the table for support, feeling that he will fall to the ground soon because of his shaking legs. "Kuroko-kun?" Kuroko flinched as he turned around swiftly, only to meet Nakamura and Watanabe, who is looking at Kuroko with an concern look.


"Daijōbu?" Watanabe asked with his arms crossed making Kuroko gulp vigorously. He isn't ready to tell them that he is dating the guys he likes. "Hai! Im perfectly fine! Why do you ask?" Kuroko tried to keep up his pride so they won't notice. 


"You keep shaking? You okay?" Nakamura asked, scanning the teal boy from head to toe. Kuroko started to panic as he tried to think of an excuse and a light bulb suddenly popped up. "Oh! Im shaking because I haven't played basketball for a long time now! I am in itching to play, you know what I mean?" 


Kuroko tried his best to sound convincing so they could leave him alone and hopefully, they won't know the real reason why he is shaking. "OH! WELL THEN! Today is your lucky day!" Kuroko froze because this is not what he expected "Heh?" He looked at the two with an questionable look. 


"We forgot to say yesterday that today! You may go back to training! Only for today! Think of this as an reward for all the things you've done for us! ANDDDD! We felt bad because we forced you to leave your training session because of this!!!" NO! Don't feel bad! WHY YOU GOTTA FEEL BAD FOR ME! IM PERFECTLY FINE! Those are the thoughts that Kuroko is thinking right now. 


"N-Nakamura—OH AND! By the way! As a token of appreciation for having the powerful schools in Japan to visit Seirin! We will serve the basketball teams tomorrow at the gym! We haven't told the coaches yet but we will now since you're going to the gym!!" Kuroko wanted to faint so badly at the sudden news he received from them. 


"C-Chotto—SASAKI!! SATO!!! Can you accompany Kuroko-kun to the gym? So he can practice! And while you're at it! Inform the basketball team that we will serve them tomorrow!!" Kuroko was about to protest when he was suddenly pulled by the arm by Sasaki. 


"YOU GOT IT!" Sasaki yelled happily as he pulled Kuroko to the door. "Chotto—LET'S GOOOOO!!!" Sato pointed forward while her other hand is pulling Kuroko's arm, running to the gymnasium. 


"CHOTTOMATTE!!!" Kuroko screamed while being pulled by these two chaotic students. 


Meanwhile with the basketball team, they were already stretching so the could prepare for training until they heard some faint screams from outside but they didn't mind at first but it became very distracting when it gets louder and it started to annoy the coaches. 


"Tsk, why are they so loud?" Riko clicked her tongue in annoyance as she glared at the door. "Should we tell them off?" Masako looked at the door then back to the annoyed Riko. "I think we should," Katsunori said with his arms crossed. 


"Yeah, let me just—IKA SETE! IKA SETEEEE!" Riko stopped her tracks when she heard the familiar voice of this person. "Eh? Why does that voice sound so—" She didn't finish her sentence when the doors of the gyms were slung open to reveal Kuroko being pushed by the two students.


"HAI! Here's your phantom member!" Sasaki yelled with a smile plastered on her face. "Eh? Kuroko-kun?" Riko arched her brow in confusion and Kuroko's boyfriends' ears perked up when they heard Kuroko's name so they stood up from the ground and walked front to confirm if their boyfriend is here. 

“Tetsuya?” The rainbow boyfriends thought in unison. 


"Eeto? Why is Kuroko-kun here? Isn't he suppose to be in the cafe already?" Riko asked while scratching the back of her head in confusion. "OH! About that! Kuroko-kun is having a day off so here he is!" Sato slapped Kuroko's back making him winced in pain "Itai, Sato-san" Sato apologized immediately for hitting the teal boy. 


"AH! AND—" Sasaki was cut off when Kuroko covered her mouth since he knew what she was gonna say next and he ain't ready for whats gonna happen after she announces it. "Eh? Kuroko-kun? Let go of Sasaki!" Sato tried her best to let Kuroko let go of Sasaki. 


His rainbow boyfriends can't help but feel the jealousy build up inside of them when they saw their submissive teal boyfriend tackling someone else which is not them. "Fine! I'll tell them instead!" Kuroko's head snapped to Sato and was about to pounce into her next but since he lets go of Sasaki, she took the initiative to hold Kuroko on his place so Sato can announce the news. 


Kuroko muffled at Sasaki's mouth as she smiled brightly, letting Sato announce the news to the basketball team. "May we serve you tomorrow?" Kuroko's soul has left his body. Everyone looked at Sato with an confused look making Sato sigh so she has to explain. 


"As a token of our appreciation for the powerful schools to visit Seirin! We wanna serve you tomorrow!" Sato smiled brightly as Sasaki grinned, knowing that she has to dress up Kuroko tomorrow because his “crushes” will be there. Oh boy, she has a lot in store! 


“Oh? Really? Well, I don’t mind” Riko smiled as the rest of the coaches agreed with the offer. Kuroko’s eyes went wide and moved his head around so his mouth would be free from Sasaki’s grasp “EH? KANTOKU?!?” Kuroko screamed in embarrassment making Riko giggle.


Gomen ne, Kuroko-kun! I’m quite curious on how will you look like as a maid!” Riko winked playfully at Kuroko making him turn red as a tomato. “EHHHHH?!?!” To be honest, this is the first time everyone say Kuroko with a different expression.


Kuroko always has his blank face whenever they go, he never really shows his emotions like being shy and others. There are time where he will be happy and sad but those are really rare so this is actually surprising for them. 


“Thank you for accepting our offer!” Both of the female students bowed down as a token of appreciation. “No worries! I’ll talk to your class representative about the details of this after training.” Riko exclaimed with a nod. 


HAI! We will let Nakamura-san know about this!” Sasaki nodded her head vigorously with a smile plastered at her face making the coaches smile at the student’s enthusiasm. “DHKSBWKAAN WE WILL BE LATE!” Sato screamed when she checked her phone for the time.


“HEH? Shit! Uhhh! Okay!” Sasaki panicked when she heard that they will be late. She turned back to the coaches “Thank you for accepting our offer! We will be off now!” Both of the female students bowed down as a sign of respect. 


Ne! Kuroko-kun! Have fun with practice!” Sasaki slapped Kuroko’s back playfully. “Chotto—” Kuroko didn’t finish when they already started to do their naruto run towards the classroom already, leaving Kuroko standing in the entrance awkwardly.


“Kusooooooo, it’s so awkward! It’s been a while since I’ve been here! The last time I was here! They saw me in a maid outfit! AND! They will see me in a maid outfit tomorrow! Fuck! Can this day get any wor—Kuroko” Kuroko’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted when he heard someone call out for his name. 


Kuroko slowly turned his head around with his arms wrapped around his chest “H-Hai?” He turned to see his senpai, Teppei Kiyoshi smiling at him. “I don’t know why you’re feeling shy and embarrassed demo! We are happy to have you!” Kuroko’s eyes lit up in shock when he heard his words. 


Eeto, Kuroko,” Kuroko faced Shun Izuki, another senpai of his in basketball. “Just to let you know, we don’t see you differently!” Everyone not only Seirin agreed with pun guy of Seirin. “Yeah, bro! Besides! I know some of my sister’s guy friends that crossdresses! So it ain’t a surprise for me anymore!” Koganei slung his arm around Mitobe’s shoulders. 


“The point is Kuroko,” Kuroko was confused when he saw his captain getting something from his pocket. “We are happy to have you,” Junpei threw something to Kuroko and he caught it. “Welcome back, sixth phantom” Kuroko’s eyes watered a bit when he saw that everyone’s faces. 


They don’t see him differently and that what makes him happy! He doesn’t have to fear about his anymore! He can finally go to sleep with no worries! “OI! Tets—Kuroko!” Kuroko’s body flinched when he heard the voice of his current light. 


“Wear your wristband already! Don’t you always have this habit to adjust your wristband before a match?” Kagami grinned, pointing at Kuroko’s hands. He tilted his head in confusion as he opened his hands to reveal the wristband he wears in games. “So this is what captain threw. How does he have this though?” Kuroko thought as he examined his wristband 


“If you’re wondering how I have that,” Junpei sighed loudly with his hands on his hips. “I saw it on the ground in our dorms and I immediately knew it was yours so I picked it up and I wanted to give it to you but you keep running away” Kuroko was taken back by his words so he bowed down as an apology. 


“Gomen’nasai, minna” Kuroko was feeling guilty that he assumed that his teammates will see him differently. “It’s okay! I understand your intentions kedo,” Junpei pushed his glasses upwards. “SINCE YOU’VE SKIP TRAINING! WE AIN’T GOING EASY ON YOU! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH WE’VE LOST BECAUSE WE DIDN’T HAVE OUR PASSING SPECIALIST?!?” 


Kuroko was taken back by his captain’s sudden shout as he pouted since he felt like he was being scolded by his father. “Now! Now! Now! Let’s practice now, shall we? We wouldn’t want to waste anymore time!” Teppei clapped his hands, signaling them on we should start. 


“Thank you so much Teppei for reminding these lunatics!” Riko gritted her teeth in annoyance to see that they are wasting time of training. “GO AND START TRAINING!” Riko yelled in frustration, pointing at the court. “HAI!” Everyone shouted except for one person. 


“OI! Kuroko!” Kagami yelled at his boyfriend with a smile. “LETS GO! I MISS RECEIVING YOUR PASSES!” Kuroko smiled softly as he wore his wristband and started to run to the court, where everyone is waiting for him. 


“HAI!” He smiled while adjusting his wristband. 

Chapter Text


3rd's POV 


- Serving - 

"-kun! Kuroko-kun! Kurooookoooo-kunnnn!!!" Kuroko is sleeping peacefully, dreaming on his dreamlands with his boyfriends until he suddenly heard faint voices in the room. He opened his eyes slowly, groaning as his fluttered his eyes. 


"OOOOOHAYO! Sleeping Beauty!" Kuroko's vision became clearer and saw Sato and Nakamura smiling down at him while shaking him to wake up. "EEK!" Kuroko's eyes went wide and flinched on his futon, startling the two girls. 


"Aish!" Nakamura slapped Kuroko's chest, making him chock at the sudden action from the female. "What's with yah! Are our faces that scary?" Kuroko slowly sat down on his futon while scratching his chest. "You didn't scare me. I was simply startled," 


"AREN'T THEY THE SAME THING?!?" Both of the girls shouted in unison with their annoyed tone. "AND WHATS UP WITH YOUR BED HAIR?!?"  Kuroko just looked at them with a sleepy look, waiting for their answer on why he woke them up so early. "OI! Don't sleep now! We texted you yesterday that we will set up the gym early so we can watch soccer team's practice match!" 


Kuroko yawned loudly as he leaned at the wall "I collapsed on my futon after taking a shower," Kuroko was about to collapse at the floor but was caught by Sato "Homaygadddd, you're so sleepy! We want to make you sleep more but the teacher wants everyone present for attendance checking!" 


"Hai...Hai...Hai..." Kuroko kept yawning and started to snore on Sato's arms, sleeping deeply already making the two panic. "Shit! Wake up, Kuroko-kun!!!!" Nakamura cursed as she stood up from the futon and grabbed their stuff. 


"We ain't strong motherfuckers, Kuroko! We might drop you if we carry you! You can sleep in the gym! Sensei just needs to check attendance!" Kuroko groaned in annoyance, feeling himself getting more grumpy. He knew that he needs to get up to get this over with besides, it's not only him that feels sleepy at fucking 6am in the damn morning. 


Kuroko sat up as he reached out for his husky stuff toy, bring it to his chest to hug it and he stood up from the ground. "Let's goooooo," Kuroko yawned loudly as he walked to the door, hugging his stuff toy to his chest tightly. 


"Kawaii," Nakamura and Sato thought in unison. 


The three of them walked through the halls of the rooms as the two girls can't stop fangirling mentally on how cute Kuroko looks with his stuff toy. The three of them went down the stairs to get through the exit. 


"Eh? Tetsuya?" Kise said with his surprise tone, to see his boyfriend awake at this time. It's a surprise that Kise is awake, am I right? Well, since he is an model, he tends to wake up early for his photoshoots so he got used to it. Kagami was leaning at the counter with his hands on his pockets when he saw his teal boyfriend still sleepy. 


"He's still sleepy," Kagami looked at him with his worried face. "Training was indeed tiring yesterday," Akashi said while drinking his morning tea with the rest of his boyfriends in the table. "Ywour coach ish rweally aw mwonster," Aomine said with his mouth full with apples. 


"Don't talk with your mouth full, bakayaro" Midormia pushed his glasses back while scolding the blue haired ace of Tōō. "Yeahhhhh, Mine-chinnnnn!! You're making me lose my appetite with your disgusting noises," Murasakibara whined loudly as Aomine's fist clenched, crushing the apple on his hand. 


"Then don't listen to me!" Aomine slammed his hands on the table, making the glasses in the table to shift. "How can I when you're this close to me." Murasakibara took a bite of his chips. "Just because I'm close doesn't mean you have to lis—Be quiet, both of you!" Midormia is already like a mom scolding two of his naughty children. 


Murasakibara looked at the greened haired shooter with a blank look and a pocky stick on his mouth but his eyes shifted to the empty seat of their former captain. "Eh? Where's Aka-chin?" 


"Over there" Kagami pointed to the crimson captain who is walking to their teal sleepy boyfriend who is currently sleeping against the wall while holding his husky stuff toy. "Oh boy, what's he gonna do?" Midormia mumbled against his breathe, worried for his teal boyfriend.


"Kuroko-kun! Wake up!" Sato shook his body, attempting to wake him up but it was no used. "Kurokoooo!!!" Nakamura begun to panic when she saw the teal boy sleeping once more. They need to be in the gym right now or else they will be mark as late and because of that, their points will decrease. They need points to win the festival competition and the price is, you may not go to school for 2 weeks! 


"Need some help?" The girls snapped their heads to the side to see Akashi smiling at them with his arms crossed. Sato blush a bit at the amazing aura of the Rakuzan captain "Yes, please! We can't afford to be late or else our points will decrease!" Akashi suddenly became interested with the conversation.


"What are the points for if you don't mind me asking?" Akashi smiled at them, the girls couldn't have sworn they saw a bright shining light behind him, blinding them a bit "Well, if we have more points! The price is not attending school for 2 weeks and that's what we want! So please help Kuroko-kun wake up!" Nakamura bowed down, hoping Akashi will help and its obvious he will.


"No problem! You two can go to the gym! Let me take care of,"Akashi stopped for a while as he changed his gaze to the sleeping Kuroko. "Tetsuya," He stared at the cute phantom with his lustful eyes. 


The girls smiled in happiness and thanked the crimson red boy. The two left the dorm with a large wave of thankfulness as they ran towards the gymnasium leaving the sleeping Kuroko and Akashi inside. 


Akashi's smiling face turned to a smirk and faced his Tetsuya and walked towards him. "Tetsuya?" He whispered lowly, examining the vulnerable state of the teal boy. Kuroko groaned and hugged his stuff animal closer to his chest, shifting a bit but what's surprising is that, he didn't know he was being cornered by his crimson red boyfriend. 


Akashi frowned a bit, not hearing words from his boyfriend and Akashi hates being ignored especially when it comes to his phantom boyfriend. "Ignoring someone is really bad, you know?" Akashi attached his lips to Kuroko's neck, his lips were barely touching his skin but he still slid his lips up and down, giving it a tease as he licked his milky neck with the tip of his tongue. 


Kuroko groaned quietly at the wet feeling and it caused him to wake up a bit, fluttering his eyes and rubbing them, he looked to his side to see his boyfriend kissing his neck. "EH? AKASHI-KUN?" Kuroko screamed with his face beginning to heat up in embarrassment. 


Akashi smirked against his skin. He gave his neck one more peck and backed up to stare at his cute boyfriend who is now blushing like a tomato. "Good morning, my love" Akashi gave him a bright smile and Kuroko blushed even more when he heard the pet name, looking away out of embarrassment. "W-What a-are y-you d-doing h-here? W-Where a-are N-Nakamura- san and S-Sato-san?" 


Akashi chuckled a bit as he used his fingers to lift his chin and made him face forward, "Where's my good morning, baby?" Kuroko stared upwards to his boyfriend with shy eyes, wanting to look away but Akashi's fierce gaze is not letting him. 


"G-Good M-Morning, A-Akashi-kun," Akashi frowned a bit, wanting to hear his first name from the phantom but he needs Kuroko to be in the gym so their points won't decrease. "Tetsuya, you need to be in the gym right now," Kuroko nodded shyly, gripping his stuff toy tighter. 


Akashi grinned a bit as he bend down to Kuroko's level and whispered deeply "Unless, you want me to fuck you right now with other of our boyfriends behind and our friends sleeping. I heard from Daiki and Taiga that you're a screamer and I would love to hear your lewd noises from that mouth of yours so what do you say? You want me to fuck that tight hole of yours right now, baby?" 


Kuroko's eyes shot open, his pupils shrank in shock and didn't hesitate to run outside in a swiftly motion and deep red face. Akashi chuckled softly, watching the door where Kuroko exited. "Do you really have to go that far?" Midormia pushed his glasses up as a faint blush begun to appear from his cheek. Akashi just shrugged his shoulders and walked back to the rest of his boyfriends. 


"Fuck you, Akashi. Now, Im hard," Aomine clicked his tongue in annoyance, feeling the painful tent beneath his basketball shorts. "Ew, Mine-chin is actually hard!" Murasakibara moved away from him, while stuffing his chips to his mouth. 


"TEME!" Aomine growled in frustration. "Aominecchi, you're really an animal in heat," Kise looked at his former team mate with an disgusted look. Aomine's eye twitch in annoyance "AS IF YOU'RE NOT HARD!" Aomine walked closer to Kise and pulled him up from his seat "SEE! YOU'RE HARD TOO, MOTHERFUCKER!" Kise's eyes twitched in anger as he pushed his face and spread his mouth while Aomine is tugging on his hair and kicked his face. 


"Wow, so peaceful," Kagami sipped his drink. 




"HEHHHHHH?!?" The whole class screamed in unison when they heard the sudden news from Kuroko who is now fiddling with his fingers while looking down, to cover his blushing face. Watanabe grabbed Kuroko by the shoulders "SO YOU'RE TELLING ME! YOU'RE DATING THE ENTIRE GENERATIONS OF MIRACLES PLUS KAGAMI?!?" Watanabe kept shaking the poor boy. 


Sasaki pushed Watanabe to the side causing him to collide at the floor "AND THIS STARTED WHEN YOU CHANGED INTO YOUR BUNNY OUTFIT?" This time Sato pushed Sasaki to the floor "AND YOU JUST TOLD US NOW?" Kuroko squealed loudly as he was being bombarded by questions. 


"Ma! Ma! Ma!" Nakamura clapped her hands, hoping to gain the attention of everyone. "Kuroko needs to change! We are opening soon!" Everyone pouted since they had more questions to be asked but Nakamura is right, they are opening soon and half of everyone hasn't changed to their uniform. 


"Kuroko-kun! I was wondering why you asked for all of the cheerleader outfits but now I know the reason! It's all because of your boyfriends, ehhhh?? You sneaky little fox!" Nakamura elbowed the embarrassed Kuroko, teasing him greatly. "Hai! Here's your outfits! You can change already! But we might start soon because we going behind schedule already! Don't worry! Take your time! Especially since your dear boyfriends will be here~" Nakamura winked at Kuroko teasingly, making him nod with a blushing face. 


Kuroko left the gymnasium so he can change into his outfit in the basketball lockers. He asked for the whole set of cheerleading uniforms so he can try to brain storm on what to wear. He decided to wear a Seirin shirt, Tōō's black and red shorts, Yōsen's and Rakuzan's arm socks in each arm (purple arm socks that says the school's name and light blue with the school's name carved), Kaijō's and Shútoku's long socks (right is blue with yellow socks and left is white with orange socks) and lastly, for the shoes, he brought white Addidas. 

(Here’s the link of the outfits!!! Just press this link: Cheerleading Outfits)


Kuroko stared at his reflection from the window, examining on how he looks, trying to look good since his boyfriends will be there. "Is it too much?" Kuroko asked himself, touching his outfit. "NAH! YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, HOE!" Kuroko flinched when he heard a loud voice from behind. He turned around to see Nakamura with a thumbs up, Sasaki and Sato behind, fangirling on how he looks and all are in their cheerleading outfit.


Nakamura is in a Seirin cheerleading outfit. Sasaki chose Kaijō's cheerleading outfit while Sato chose the Shūtoku's cheerleading outfit. "By the way! We came to tell you that the basketball teams are already in the gymnasium! They are just picking their orders! Almost everyone specifically your boyfriends are already asking for you! They are also making bets on which cheerleading outfit you will be wearing!" Kuroko blushed when he heard that his boyfriends are looking for him AND THEY ARE DOING BETS ABOUT HIM! 


"OMG!!! YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!" Sato grabbed Kuroko's hands, gripping it as she looked at him with an excited face. Kuroko blushed and nodded "T-Thanks," He shyly said but he was still insecure about how he looks. He really did want to please his boyfriends! That's why he was careful with what he is choosing. What he picked is okay but his negative thoughts begun to invade. 


"Kuroko-kun," His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a soothing voice. He looked up to see Nakamura, smiling down at him, "Your boyfriends will love it. They love you in a maid outfit what more for this?" Kuroko's negative thoughts begun to vanish when Nakamura snapped him back to reality. 


Kuroko let out a breathe, calming himself down. "You're right. Thanks, Nakamura-san." Kuroko smiled at his female classmate who blushed at the cute sight of the teal boy. "No problem! YAH! You two! Why aren't you cheering Kuroko-kun up—Eh?" Nakamura stopped talking when she noticed the two of them are missing. 


"WE ARE TELLING EVERYONE THAT KUROKO IS DONEEEEE!!!" The two of them shouted in unison while running towards the gymnasium, punching the air with their poms poms in happiness. "OI! TEME! GET BACK HERE! DAMN IT" Nakamura's flared in annoyance and ran after the chaotic duo. 


Kuroko giggled when he heard the loud scolding from Nakamura. He took a deep breathe once more before exiting the locker rooms with a big and proud smile, excited to see the reactions of his boyfriends. 


"Showing my sexy side won't be a bad thing, right?" 




"KUROKO IS DONE CHANGING!" The loud voice of Sasaki echoed through the gymnasium making everyone snapped their heads to the entrance door. "He's wearing the Seirin's cheerleading outfit." Kagami said, proud of his answer but of course the rest decline. 


"Tetsu is wearing our cheerleading uniform!" Aomine proudly said, leaning back at his chair with his hands on his pockets. "I beg to differ, he will be wearing our school's uniform," Midormia pushed his glasses back. "Kuro-chin will look delicious in our cheerleading uniform!" Murasakibara whined, pouting a bit. 


"Kurokocchi will obviously look cute in our school uniform!" Kise joined in the conversation, wanted nothing more but to see Kuroko in his cheerleading outfit. "Regardless of what you all say, I personally think our boyfriend will look good in any cheerleading outfit." Akashi sipped the tea that the maids gave him. 


"Im surprised that you're even taking this so calmly," Aomine yawned a bit making Akashi laugh a bit "Īe, Im already on my limit. I just know how to control myself but deep down, I wanna pound my cock into his as—YOU STOP RIGHT THERE! DON'T MAKE ME LOSE MY APPETITE!" Kise slammed his hand on the table while the other pointed at Akashi vigorously. 




The rainbow boyfriends snapped their heads to the entrance door as whispers started to dominate the entire gymnasium, curious on what kind of cheerleading outfit that Kuroko chose. They flinched when they saw a hand on the door, they all stared at the entrance door so intensely. 


It was all slow motion for the rainbow boyfriends, first they saw Kuroko's hair then, they were shocked with what Kuroko is wearing, his cheerleading outfit is being revealed one by one. Kuroko finally entered the gymnasium and smiled brightly at everyone. 


"Tadaima, Goshujinsama!" Kuroko's smile made everyone blind at the brightness but how the rainbow boyfriends reacted is really different. 


Akashi gripped the tea cup so hard, it shattered to pieces. 


Kagami spat his drink out. 


Aomine collapsed at the ground. 


Murasakibara opened the bag of chips so hard, it scattered all over the ground. 


Midormia's glasses cracked. 


Kise's nose bled. 


"Fuck," The rainbow boyfriends thought in unison. 




It's not like they hate Kuroko's outfit in fact, they fucking love it so much and that's the problem. Kuroko's outfit is too pretty on him even their teammates begun to sneak glances at their boyfriend. They would glare at the people who stares at their teal boyfriend and they don't care if who they're glaring at is their teammate. 


Not to mention, a certain pink haired kept clinging on the teal boy. "TETSU-KUN! YOU'RE SO CUTE!" The boys doesn't have a problem with Momoi but they can't help but get really jealous. "You're crushing me, Momoi-san," Kuroko said with his blank face, feeling Momoi pressing her body towards him even more. 


"Momoi-san, please let go. I have to serve them," Kuroko sighed, hoping the pink girl with let go. "Fineeeee!!! By the way! You're rocking in that outfit!" Kuroko smiled at the compliment, waving at the pink haired "Arigatō, Momoi-san." Kuroko smiled and he heard his classmate called him. 


"Kuroko-kun! Serve this at table 10!" One classmate yelled, giving the tray of food to the teal boy "Hai!" He smiled as he walked to the table 10 to serve the food. Everyone was shocked to see the new side of Kuroko. Like what we said before, he's usually puts up a blank face but right now, he is an radiating sunshine. 


This caused his boyfriends to get annoyed a lot because they don't want anyone else to see Kuroko in this state. That expression is specifically made for them and only them and what's annoying is that, Kuroko hasn't serve them yet. Everytime they ask for Kuroko, the maids will answer that he is busy and others have asked for him. 


Of course, they didn't fucking love it and almost had the urge to kidnapped him in the spot. "Oi, Oi, Oi, isn't he just teasing us at this point?" Aomine growled in frustration. "As much as I hate agreeing with this douche bag, he's right," Kagami crossed his arms, watching his boyfriend serve another table. 


"Can we kidnap him? I don't like people staring at our Kuro-chin," Murasakibara completely forgot he has chips on his hands, he is completely preoccupied with Kuroko. "Trust me, Atsushi" Akashi growled deeply and lifted his head, glaring forward with his heterochromia eyes "I would do anything to kidnap him and tie him in the bed," 


Everyone went silent a bit since they are intimidated with Akashi's great dominance. "Sumimasen kedo," Midormia suddenly spoke, causing everyone to look at him. "This time," He placed his fingers at the middle of his glasses. "Let me teach him a lesson," He glared in jealousy, increasing his dominance aura, shocking everyone in the table. 


"I'll join him," Kise growled in frustration. "Im getting really impatient," Kise's eyes started to darken in lust, feeling his tent rising up from his shorts. Akashi chuckled deeply at the two horny players, leaning back at his chair as he let out a sigh "The spotlight is yours," 


"Mite! Mite! Mite! Kuro-chin is already leaving the gymnasium," Murasakibara pointed at entrance door where Kuroko just left. "This is your chance, go and get him," Kagami grinned proudly at the two. "Make him scream and take pictures," Aomine smirked, loving at what he suggested. 


"Wakatta, we will send them to all of you afterwards," Kise stood up with his phone by his side. "Let's go, Kise," Midormia announced, standing up from his seat with his phone. Both of them left the gymnasium and suspected that Kuroko is in that place right now.


Meanwhile with Kuroko...

"I. Wanted. To. Serve. My. Boyfriends." Kuroko punched his bag at every word he stated. "Kuso! They keep asking for me! Don't get me wrong! I don't have a problem with any of them but I was looking forward to serve my boyfriends!" Kuroko pouted as he kept punching his bag out of anger. 


"It's nice to hear that you wanted to serve your boyfriends, Tetsuya," Kuroko flinched vigorously at that familiar dominant voice. He turned around with his shaking body to see Midormia and Kise glaring down at him and to Kuroko, that was hot as fuck. 


"K-Kise-kun....Mi-Midormia-kun..." Kuroko stuttered, sinking himself at the floor because of the great dominance aura they're producing. Without a word, Kuroko was suddenly lifted up from the floor and was bend down over Midormia's thighs. It all happened so fast, Kuroko didn't even have time to process. 


The next thing he knew, he felt a loud smack on his ass, making him gasp loudly "What a bad maid." Midormia whispered lowly as he slapped both of his ass cheeks in one go. "Calling your masters by their name? You need to be punished," Kuroko almost let out a small scream when Midormia slapped his ass again. 


Kuroko's face was suddenly grabbed by Kise. He made Kuroko face him, glaring down at the teal boy causing him to shiver "What is the right term to call us, Tetsuya?" Kise continued to glare down at the the submissive shaking boy, gripping into his face tighter, awaiting for an answer. 


"M-Masters.." Kuroko said softly but he was slapped in the ass once more making him bounce forward on how that slap was. "Louder, slut." Midormia ordered sternly, slapping his ass once more making Kuroko whimper in pleasure. 


"MASTERS!" Kuroko screamed loudly. 

“Hmm? Are we really your masters ? You keep ignoring us.”  Midormia growled loudly, slapping his ass once more. “Did you see how everyone looked at you? They fucking saw you as if you are their last food. We almost had the urge to punish you in front of everyone, you damn bitch,” Kuroko jerked forward when his ass received a harsh slap. 

“A-Ah! M-Master!” Kuroko moaned when he felt Midormia’s huge hands made contact with his ass again. “Your ass jiggles everytime I spank it,” Midormia chuckled and licked his lips seeing how his ass keeps jiggling at every spank. 


Kise smirked as he brushed up the baby hair out of Kuroko's face. "That's right, slut. We are your masters and you don’t belong to those assholes but us. You are ours, Tetsuya." Kise didn't hesitate to close the gap between them, taking Kuroko's first kiss, shocking the teal boy. 


Kuroko muffled at the kiss but Kise kept kissing him, toying with his lips completely. Midormia smirked at the hot scene and allowed Kuroko to go to Kise's lap so they can kiss comfortably. 


Kuroko slowly brought his arms around Kise's neck, gripping into his blonde hair, feeling the pleasure increasing when Kise suddenly licked his bottom lip, asking for permission to enter his tongue and Kuroko happily granted his wish. 


The moment Kise's tongue entered his mouth, sparks of pleasure just exploded on his stomach. Kuroko is already panting heavily as Kise's tongue danced around his mouth. Kise didn't forget to also worship his body so he gripped Kuroko's hips and brought him closer to him, colliding their cocks together. 


Midormia licked his lips at the sexy sight and of course, he didn't forget to take pictures. He suddenly became a photographer and started taking pictures in any angle, capturing every sexy sight of his boyfriends kissing, completely wrecking their submissive. 


Kuroko unknowingly started rolling his hips, rubbing their cocks together making Kise let out a deep groan of pleasure. He had to pull out from the kiss from the pleasure "Getting impatient, are we?" Kise did butterfly kisses down Kuroko's neck, gripping his hips to make them stay in place. 


Kuroko threw his head back while gripping into the blonde's hair, feeling the pleasure overthrow his body. Kuroko looked  to his side to see Midormia watching them so intensely, he almost looked like a predator, waiting for his prey. Kuroko let out a small whimper, seeing how his dominant look so intimidating but in a sexy way. 


Kuroko thought of an idea, a really dirty idea. "Mi-Midormia-kun" Kuroko couldn't help but stutter because of the dominant boy. Midormia turned his gaze to his whimpering boyfriend who is being sucked to death by his other boyfriend. 


"D-Do y-you w-want m-me t-to su-suck y-you o-off?" Kuroko opened his mouth slightly, putting his tongue out a little as he pointed at his open mouth. Both dominants flinched in shock, didn't expect their submissive to know such knowledge. Midormia smirked at the suggestion as he roughly grabbed Kuroko off Kise's lap and dragged him to the floor while he sat on the bench. 


Midormia wasted no time and placed his basketball shorts down, revealing his fat anaconda. Kuroko's eyes darken a bit, seeing the delicious meal in front of him. The green haired is getting impatient so he clicked his tongue as he pushed Kuroko's head towards his hot cock. 


"You asked for it so suck me hard, slut" Kuroko shivered at that deep voice as he grabbed his huge cock with his shaking fingers. Kuroko gave it a few pumps before circling his fat tip with his tongue. Midormia groaned a bit, shivering a bit when he felt his wet and hot tongue.


"Kise, I hope you're taking pictures," Midormia's cheeks begun to heat up a bit when he felt Kuroko's tongue teasing his cock. Kise chuckled as he took another picture of their submissive "Trust me," Kise smirked, walking closer to them to take another picture. "I've been taking pictures since then," 


Kuroko whimpered, hearing the camera make noises as he continued to suck Midormia’s cock. The teal boy focused on the tip first, he circled his tongue around it as he pumped his fat cock, not wanting to leave the rest unattended. Midormia’s threw his head back as he gripped Kuroko’s hair in pleasure. 


“Fuck, Kuroko, just like that” Midormia pushed the phantom’s head forward, causing him to get more of his veiny cock. Kuroko’s arched his brow a bit, feeling himself not gagging. “Do I not have a gag reflex?” He thought to himself as he deepthroat Midormia’s cock once more to test the theory and it confirmed that he doesn’t have a gag reflex. 


“I should deep throat my master!” Kuroko happily thought as he shoved Midormia’s entire cock into his mouth causing the latter to jerk forward at the sudden action. Kise was shocked at the new skill that they unlocked so he didn’t hesitate to take a picture of Kuroko taking Midormia’s entire cock. 


“Holy shit, Kuroko? You don’t have a gag reflex?” Kise asked the teal boy who nodded immediately. Midormia’s eyes widen as he felt himself getting bigger in his mouth, causing his jaw to hurt even more but his hole kept dripping and clenching. 


Midormia pulled out from Kuroko’s mouth making the latter whine, not feeling his cock in his mouth. Midormia stood up from the bench and dragged Kuroko (not to roughly since he didn’t want to hurt him.)  Midormia leaned at a nearby wall and gestured Kise to come over. 


Kise arched his brow in confusion but wasted no time and walked to his boyfriends. “Tetsuya, I think you need to also please your other master,” Midormia smirked, pointing at the huge tent in Kise’s shorts. Kise blushed a bit, pulling his shorts down, revealing the blonde anaconda. 


Kuroko’s eyes widen at the sight, it was also so big and veiny. His hole begun to drip even more at the delicious sight, legs started to shiver when Kise walked closer to them, making Kuroko take a good look at his veiny cock. “Love, if it’s possible,” 


Kuroko faced upwards, awaiting for the request of his blonde boyfriend. “Do you think you can take both of us?” Kise asked, tracing his lower lip with his thumb. Kuroko nodded shyly but the dominants weren’t too sure of it “We need words, baby,” Kuroko blushed at the petname Midormia has given him. It was his first time hearing Midormia give a petname. 


“Y-Yes...” Kuroko answered shyly. 


Both dominants smiled at the obedience of their teal submissive. The two dominants moved closer to each other as Kuroko didn’t hesitate to grab both of their cocks. “Both cocks are so huge. I can’t even reach my fingers.” Kuroko blushed at his thought and gave their cocks a few pumps before bringing their tips together causing them to flinch a bit. 


Kuroko didn’t hesitate to open his mouth and sucked the tip of their cocks, twirling his tongue around it, giving it a tease as he pumped their cocks with his hands. Kise and Midormia groaned in pleasure as they watched their submissive hungrily taking their cocks. 


“Fuck, baby, your mouth is so hot,” Kise growled loudly, gripping into Kuroko’s hair. “Shit, this image is too fucking dangerous,” Midormia growled, examining the lewd state of the phantom. Kise took the initiative to capture this moment with his camera, wanting to tease their other boyfriends with the photos. 


“Twirl your tongue more, baby.” Midormia ordered sternly and Kuroko didn’t even bother to protest as he begun to twirl his tongue more at the tip, giving it a suck causing the dominants to jerk forward and both of their cocks rubbed inside Kuroko’s mouth, increasing the pleasure. 


“Keep going, baby. You’re doing great,” Kuroko blushed at the sudden praise and it urged him to deep throat them. “I want them to praise me more,” Kuroko thought so he forced his mouth down, taking both of them halfway already. Both doms threw their head at the wall, grunting heavily in pleasure. 


Kuroko has no problem deep throating them but the problem is, his jaws begun to hurt already. One cock alone made his jaw hurt like hell, what more of two huge cocks? “I-It h-hurts but I w-want t-them to p-praise m-me,” Kuroko thought, already feeling his jaw about to break on how wide it is already. 


Both doms noticed the painful expression in their submissive’s face. “Shit! Tetsuya!” Kise panicked, pulling out from Kuroko’s mouth and Midormia did the same. Kuroko whined when he felt their cocks out of his mouth, he wants them back in his mouth! Despite the pain he is receiving. 


Midormia bent down, cupping his boyfriends cheeks softly, examining if he has any injuries “Baby, why didn’t you tell us that you’re hurting?” Kuroko pouted as he fiddled with his fingers “Masters look like they are having fun so I wanted to please them more...” Kuroko shyly said as he looked down to the floor, not ready to see the disgust in their faces. 


To his surprise, Kuroko felt a warm sensation on his forehead, he touched the place where Kise pecked and looked up to see both of his doms looking at him with a concern look. “Doll, don’t do this again. We can’t bear to see you in pain. We don’t want you to get hurt because if you pleasing us, okay? So next time when it hurts, pinch our thighs, do I make myself clear?” Kise caressed his cheeks with his worried expression plastered on his face. 


Kuroko nodded slowly but both doms weren’t satisfied with the answer “We need words, baby,” Midormia pecked the side of Kuroko’s cheek which heated up in just a second. “H-Hai, M-Masters,” The blonde and green haired smiled down as they walked forward to get their basketball shorts. 


Kuroko was confused on why they are leaving when they are still hard. He knew he will sound like a slut but he really wanted to suck the life out of their cocks right now. He’s afraid that he already grown an addiction with their cocks. “Y-You d-don’t want t-to finish?” Kuroko stared at them with his big pleading eyes. 


Kise and Midormia won’t lie but seeing Kuroko in that state made their cocks harden even more. They can feel themselves growing bigger at the lewd sight but they had to hold back because their baby’s jaws is hurting because of them. “Not today, baby. You’re jaws is in pain right now. We don’t want to increase the pain” Midormia tried everything in his power to hold his horny side back. 


“B-But...” Kuroko blushed heavily. “I-I w-want y-you two t-to c-cum,” Kise and Midormia flinched vigorously when they heard such lewd words from their boyfriend and Kuroko’s position isn’t helping either because he is sitting in a ‘W’ formation and his outfit is wrecked with his lips all puffy and teary eyes, his hands are pressed down at the middle of his body. 


“Just the tip,” Kise shut his eyes closed, clenching his fist because he hates hurting his baby. “O-Oi!” Midormia wanted to protest but Kuroko spoke first “Wakatta, I’ll only suck the tips” Kuroko stated at Midormia with his puppy eyes since he wants his cock on his mouth already. 


Midormia sighed in defeat, hoping he won’t regret his decision. Kuroko’s eyes beamed in happiness seeing both of his boyfriends removing their basketball shorts again and walked up to him with their veiny cocks standing up. Kuroko licked his lips at the sight as he placed his fingers around their cocks. 


Both doms flinched with Kuroko’s cold hands but soon they begun to groan in pleasure when they felt their teal boyfriend pump their cocks up and down. Kuroko gave their tips a peck making them jerk a bit with the sudden action. Kuroko teased the tip with the tip of his tongue first before sinking his mouth down. 


Both doms moaned in delight, feeling the warm sensation inside Kuroko’s mouth. Kuroko sucked the tip first before twirling his tongue once more, increasing the pleasure over their sensitive tip. He didn’t hesitate to toy with their tips, sucking them, licking them, playing with them. 


Midormia and Kise grunted in pleasure since both of their tips would rub together inside Kuroko’s mouth, increasing the pleasure more between them. “Fuck, just like that,” Kuroko’s body flinched when he heard the praise again. He didn’t know how he got the courage to take them deeper but he did anyways. 


Both doms’s eyes went wide when they felt Kuroko taking them deeper and attempted to pull out but Kuroko stopped them, wanting to please his masters correctly this time. It hurts but it wasn’t as painful as before. He guess that his mouth has gotten used to the size of their cocks already. 


Midormia licked his lips at the sight of Kuroko taking their cocks like a hungry animal, he couldn’t help but tease the teal boy “You look like an animal in heat, baby. Do you really want our cocks that badly?” Kuroko whimpered loudly when he heard the dirty talk coming from the green haired. 


Kuroko nodded vigorously as he sucked more their cocks, giving them what they want. Kise smirked as he took out his phone and took pictures of Kuroko sucking them hungrily. “You couldn’t just help but disobey my words, huh Tetsuya?” Kuroko’s body begun to shake like hell as his hole clenched and unclench a lot. 


“You wanted nothing more but our cocks in your mouth, am I right?” Kise licked his lips seeing how responsive Kuroko is when he kept nodding. “You damn slut, you had the audacity to disobey us? If this doesn’t feel so fucking good. I couldn’t have pulled out and bend you over and slap your ass until it’s all bruised up” Midormia growled dominantly causing Kuroko’s body to shake more. 


“You seem eager, Tetsuya. Are you after our cum?” Kuroko’s eyes widen at the thought of him eating their cum and he couldn’t help but nod immediately making the two doms smirk. “Do you deserve it? Do you deserve our semen down your throat?” Kuroko nodded vigorously, wanted nothing more but to taste their cum right now. 


He needed it so bad. 


Midormia pushed his hair back as he licked his lips while looking down at the lewd sight. “Since you look hungry then, we will give it to you” Kuroko doesn’t know why but this side of him really surprised him since he is not slutty at all but now that he’s dating his crushes, his slutty side has activated and who’s complaining? 


Kuroko wasted no time but to toy around their cocks, pumping them, licking them, sucking them. He did all sorts of things that will bring pleasure to his boyfriends but all he wanted is their cum and nothing more. “Fucking hell, you’re so good at this! Shit!” Kise threw his head back, wanting to just shove his cock inside your mouth but he held himself back. 


“Fuck! I’m close!” Kise screamed as he rolled his hips a bit, causing Kuroko to whimper a bit since he didn’t expect Kise to roll his hips since it’s Kuroko thats been taking control of his speed. “Im close too. Make sure to not drop a single cum down the floor, you damn whore. If you do, I’ll fuck your mouth in my own pace, you got it?” Midormia growled loudly, feeling his balls getting heavy already. 


Kuroko doesn’t mind Midormia fucking his mouth so roughly but he didn’t want to drop their cum in the floor! Kuroko whimpered so loudly when he suddenly felt two hot liquids just shot out from their cocks. Kuroko tried his best to not drop a single cum in the floor. 


Kuroko’s eyes teared up even more when he tasted their cum. “I-It t-taste s-so g-good...I-I w-want m-more...” Kuroko moaned at his thought when he shallowed more of their cum. Kise and Midormia panted heavily as they slowly pulled out from his mouth, leaving a string of saliva and cum between them. 


Kise noticed the wet floor in front of Kuroko and that’s when he realized that Kuroko came untouched. “You came untouched?” Kuroko looked confused as his tired eyes wandered down and saw that he actually did came untouched! Kuroko was so embarrassed he wanted to hide under a rock but he couldn’t move his body at all. 


“Holy fuck, that’s so hot” Midormia pushed his hair backwards, feeling the sweat on his forehead. Kuroko couldn’t really fucking move due to the pleasure that he was given. He may only did suck them but seeing their faces groaning in pleasure, panting heavily, growing hard each time, is enough to bring pleasure to Kuroko. 


“Baby, lift your head up and open your mouth with your tongue slightly out.” Midormia ordered softly, taking his phone out. Kuroko did exactly what he did and opened his mouth to see the load of cum inside his mouth, some are even dripping down his mouth already. 


Kise and Midormia smirked at the sexy lewd sight of their boyfriend drinking their cum. It really fucking satisfied them and they can’t wait to fuck him properly this time. Midormia opened his camera as he tried to find a good angle  to make their boyfriends see everything. 


“Look pretty in the camera, Tetsuya” Midormia took the shot. 

Chapter Text


3rd's POV 


- Rival - 

"Are you sure you guys will be okay helping us?" Kuroko asked, unease with the idea of his classmates helping them in the court. "Yeah! It's just getting the balls and provide water and towels, right?" Sato asked while wearing her jacket, looking all ready to work making him sighed. "You guys know it's rest day for us, right?" 


They all nodded in unison "Yeah so?" Kuroko facepalmed himself, not realizing the confusion plastered on their faces. "Shouldn't you guys be resting for tomorrow?" Kuroko said with his worried face but he ended up getting smacked in the head by Watanabe. 


"We don't want to hear that from a guy who is legit training basketball on his rest day too," Kuroko blushed in embarrassment, realizing it's also his rest day. "B-But y-you don't ha-have to do—Shut yo mouth! We wanna help so zip it up, sistah! Let's get it!" Nakamura didn't make him finish as she pulled the teal boy by the arm, dragging him to the gym.


Nakamura kicked the entrance door with her foot "Ohayo!!!" She did a peace sign and Kuroko just sighed deeply in the arms of the female student who is smiling brightly. "Oh! Ohayo, Nakamura-san!" Riko smiled while holding her whistle with her hand while the other is at the back.


"Ohayo, Nakamura-san, please tell you and your classmates to prepare the towels and water bottles and can we possibly ask you to help with the retrievals of the balls when we do some drills?" Masako asked while flipping through some papers. 


"HAI!" They all nodded and started to work while Kuroko and the rest started to train. 




"Sugoi!" Sasaki awed at the intense training of the players in the gym. "I know right? I can even feel the ground shaking!" Sato said shockingly, sorting out the water while looking at the intense drills given to the players. "Gosh, being a basketball player looks tiring!" Watanabe yawned a bit, leaning down in the score board. 


“Demo, Kuroko looks really cool" Nakamura came into the scene with a set of towels on her arms. "Yeah! Now I can see why he is called the Phantom member!" Sasaki stretched her hands forward, cracking her bones a bit, trying to relax. "BOIII! I didn't even realize he was playing! This disappearing ability of his is so cool!" Watanabe watched with an awed plastered on his face.


"And also effective!" Sato pointed out. "Can you imagine! With that ability! You can sleep in class without the teacher knowing? I heard from Kagami-kun that Kuroko-kun sleeps in class sometimes and the teacher never notices him! I WANT THAT ABILITY!" The rest of the gang agreed since they would often sleep in class too. 


"That would honestly be so cool!" 


"TAKE A BREAK! We start in 10!" Riko whistled and the players nodded as they walked to their refreshments with their sweaty body. "There goes our cue! Leggo, guys!" Watanabe grabbed water bottles and towels then, ran towards the players and handed it to them. 


"Kuroko-kun! Here's your water and towel!" Nakamura handed Kuroko his refreshments making Kuroko smile and happily accepted it "Arigatō, Nakamura-san" Kuroko panted as he wiped his neck with the towel. She smiled and gave Kuroko a pat in the back before leaving him to hand out the water bottles and towels to the rest. 


"Kuroko!" Kuroko turned around to see Takao, Hayama, and Wakamatsu smiling at him and that made Kuroko confuse on why they are suddenly calling for him. "Ne, Kuroko! We've been curious about something!" Hayama came closer, obviously excited with what they were about to ask and it honestly made Kuroko scared. 


"Uhh? Okay? Ask away." Kuroko prayed that he won't regret his decision and there will be 99.9% he will. "Between Kagami and Aomine, who is the better light?" Hayama asked  so fucking loudly, it gained everyone's attention especially Kagami and Aomine. 


Aomine didn't turn around but his eyes are looking back while holding his water bottle and towel is slung at his shoulder while Kagami stared at Kuroko's back while wiping his sweaty head with a towel. Both are waiting for the answer from his teal boyfriend. Everyone suddenly went quiet even the coaches since they are curious with the answer. 


The rest of their boyfriends are also listening attentively and started to pray that if their phantom boyfriend answered, they hope that Kagami and Aomine won't beat each other to death in this very gym. 


Most started to bet on who will Kuroko pick since he is not yet answering. Some say, he will pick Kagami since he is his current light while some say that he will pick Aomine since he is the original light of the phantom but they shouldn't have expect the unexpected.


"None," Kuroko answered with his blank face. 


Aomine is already digging up his grave while Kagami is already off to find a place to hang. "OI!" Midormia scolded the two whose souls left their bodies, leaving them pale as fuck. "If you two would let me finish," Kuroko sighed, gaining the two's attention, curious on what will Kuroko add. 


"If your question was: Who is a better light? Aomine-kun and Kagami-kun or you? I would have picked Kagami-kun and Aomine-kun," Savage Kuroko is on, bitches but thanks to his savageness, the souls of both of the lights has returned to their owners as a bright smile plastered their faces. 


Hayama laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head, "Ma! Ma! Ma! Let's not get too seri—NEXT QUESTION!" Wakamatsu pushed Hayama to the side and thank the lord Takao was there to catch him if not, he couldn't have fell to the floor. 


"Which is a better tea—If you ask on who is a better team between the Generations of Miracles and Seirin. I will seriously ignite pass your fucking balls to the damn hoops of every basketball court there is in Japan." Everyone tried to held back their laughter especially Seirin and the Generations of Miracles. 


But honestly, it's really hard. 


Wakamatsu just stared at Kuroko with a shock expression with his mouth open and his soul has left his body leaving him pale. Kuroko just looked at him blankly and walked pass him, heading to the entrance door. 


"Kantoku, I need some air. I'll be right back," Kuroko waved his hand side to side as he slid the door to the side. "Pfft—It's f-fine! Pfft! Take y-your time!" Riko tried her best not to snort out to laughter but it was really hard since Kuroko has never been this savage until now so this is so new to them.


By the time, Kuroko left, all hell was broke loose. 


"PFFT—AHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA" Everyone as in everyone started to laugh their asses to the ground. Both Kagami and Aomine are rolling to the floor laughing while Kise is holding his stomach while laughing so loudly. Midormia is laughing under his hand while Murasakibara kept eating while laughing vigorously. 


Akashi seems to be the only boyfriend stable enough to laugh like an normal person but Akashi had to admit, this side of Kuroko is pretty hot as fuck and he bets the rest of his boyfriends are also thinking about it. 


Wakamatsu is indeed embarrassed but he can't help but laugh with the rest on how funny it is since they never seen Kuroko did savage before and it's really entertaining to see him go off just like that. They would love to see more of his savage side in the future! 


Oh, he will...


"BABY! Are you here?" A high pitched voice entered the room. 


Everyone looked at the entrance door to see a random girl with a tight shirt and short skirt and has a heavy make up, looking like the walmart version of Barbie. The rainbow boyfriends flinched when they recognized the person, eyes wide in shock. 


"You've got to be kidding me," Aomine's pupils shrunk in shock seeing her here. "Why is she here?" Murasakibara asked while looking at her with disgust, continuing to eat his chips in a disgust motion. "That's something I want to do and also don't want to know,"


This unknown girl who just disrespectfully barged into the gymnasium squealed in delight when she saw the certain people she wanted to meet. "Baby! I've missed you so much!" She ran towards Akashi with open arms and immediately kissed him in the spot.


Nakamura and the other classmates and also the basketball players flinched vigorously with their mouths wide open and their skin turned pale in shock. Akashi frowned in annoyance and pushed the girl harshly away from him and wiped his lips. "The fuck you're doing here?" Akashi growled in annoyance, making the girl blush in delight. 


"Akashi-sama! You look so hot when you're angry!" Akashi's hand turned into a fist in rage, feeling himself getting vexed at the situation. "What are you doing here, Hana?" Midormia let out a deep breathe of frustration while pushing his glasses up. 


Hana giggled like an idiot, coming closer to Midormia as if she owns him. "My, oh my, Shin Shin! Still acting tough?" Hana pressed her fake boobs towards his chest causing him to let our a snarl of irritation. Midormia pushed her away harshly, showing no positive emotions at all. 


"What the? Who is she?" Wakamatsu whispered to the side. "I don't fucking know," Hamaya whispered back with a gulp, obviously terrified with how the rainbow boyfriends look right now. It was the mix emotions of anger and annoyance. 


"Oh my fucking gosh, it's her" Takao rubbed his face with his fingers, causing the two to look at him with curiosity. "You know her?" Hayama asked and Takao nodded slowly, "She's the crazy ex girlfriend of those six," Takao pointed at the rainbow boyfriends. 


"HAHHHHH?!??" The two shouted in unison.


Aomine sighed and clicked his tongue in irritation, "We fucking told you to stop looking for us." Hana didn't seemed to take a hint and crossed her arms, trying to make her breast stand out. "Ne, Daiki-kun! Do you still wanna have fun~?" Aomine's eye twitch in annoyance at this bitch attempt of flirting with him. 


Kise growled and pushed her away and grabbed Aomine by the arm, pulling him backwards. "Listen, Hana." Hana smirked like a slut when she heard the dominant voice of Kise. "We already told you, we are over." Hana soon laughed with her high pitched voice and it was really painful to hear. 


"I didn't agree to that though?" Hana twirled her hair with her finger while looking at them with a flirty look which made them gag in disgust. 


"Who the fuck is she and where is my knife and gun?" Sato cracked her knuckles with her eye twitching causing her classmates to flinch in fear. "Now! Now! Now! Let's just calm do—SASAKI! PUT THAT SWISS ARMY KNIFE DOWN!" One female classmate shouted as they tried to stop her from charging in. 


"EEK! Nakamura-san! Help us calm them do—" A random student stopped talking when she saw Nakamura already looking at Hana with a sinister smile, "My Fujoshi killer side is activating and it's sensing that this bitch is ruining meh fucking ship," 


This student flinched in fear, "EVEN YOU NAKAMURA-SAN?" Watanabe magically summoned a baseball bat and started to charge into the bitch who us about to ruin the ship of gayness but was stopped by his classmates. 




"Listen here, you damn bitch. You better stop this attitude of yours or else—You'll fuck me to death? If so, then please fuck me hard and rough, daddy" Kagami was interrupted by this bitch who winked at him flirtatiously which caused almost caused him to puke in disgust. 


"We already have a boyfriend so fuck off," Murasakibara growled with an exasperated expression which caused her to flinched vigorously, her dreams crushed to the floor when she heard those words. Hana always had this insane obsessive crush with these guys and when they asked her to be their trial lover. She agreed with open arms and let them date her even though she knew that she is just a trial lover.


Everything was fine until she suddenly became more and more controlling. Whenever she saw someone talking to them, she would glare at them like crazy, this insane jealousy of hers caused them to distant from them even more and she hated it. 


When she heard that they will break up, it crushed her and the side she is always hiding already broke out so her insanity came out. She became more and more dangerous to the point she almost killed the person who talked to them and that person was actually Takao. Because of this, Akashi took advantage of his rich status and made Hana disappear. 


It's been 7 months since they last saw her yet she's here. 


"I don't see him," Hana arched her brow, flipping her hair to the side and placed her hands in her hips and placed all her weight in the left side of her leg. "Turn around," She suddenly heard a voice and turned her body around to meet a petite yet muscular looking boy with teal hair and BEAUTIFUL features. 


"Now you see him," Kuroko arched his brow while scanning from head to toe at this dumbass bitch. Hana scoffed and faced him completely as she crossed her arms, "I don't see much" She smirked proudly, arching her brow cockily. 


Kuroko scoffed playfully while looking at the side first then, he faced the bitch again with a sassy look plastered on his face. "It's funny on how you're complimenting yourself," Hana's smirking expression turned into a panicked face, "Hah?" She frowned in annoyance making Kuroko grin cockily. 


"All I'm saying is that, you should seriously check yourself out even more," Kuroko shrugged his shoulders once, "Even your non-existence boobs are beginning to fall off. Your doctors probably didn't give you the best silicone for your boobs," Hana's raged increased like crazy when she heard snorts from everyone but she suddenly started laughing like Joker but Walmart version.


"I'm sure you won't act cocky when you find out that I am your boyfriends' girlfriend," Kuroko's body flinched, he absolutely did not know that his boyfriends has a lover before him. It was Hana's turn to grin cockily at the teal boy so she slowly walked forward while twirling her hair with her index finger.


"I'm your boyfriends' first lover while you are second," She placed her other index finger at his chest and pushed him. "I am their first at everything, you damn slut. I was their first in fucking, dating, holding hands with, sleeping with." She kept pushing Kuroko with her index finger with a sinister smile plastered on her face.


"Name one thing and I can guarantee that we did it together! You useless bitch! Can't you see? I'm the fucking winner here! I was their first at everything and you were their first at what? Grabbing you at a dumpster place?" Hana laughed so loudly, almost like a maniac, her laugh dominated the gymnasium.


Nakamura and the rest almost pounced on her but their classmates are obviously blocking their way. Riko were already rolled up and was about to beat her ass for having the audacity to touch and talk to their phantom player like that but Masako and the rest of the coaches stopped her from doing so. 


The rainbow boyfriends had mixed emotions plastered on their faces but the feeling that overlaps the rest is, guiltiness. They feel so fucking guilty the fact that they did this and they didn't even tell their boyfriend about Hana. They also feel angry at themselves because of this stupid decision of theirs, even feeling disgusted by it. 


"So?" The room's mode lighten up with Kuroko's response.


Hana gritted her teeth in annoyance when she saw that Kuroko isn't bothered with what she just said. She crossed her arms and keep her cocky posture up, not wanting to butt down. "So what?" Hana asked with frustration blazing through her eyes. 


"Regardless of what you said, I have received something worth more than what you received," Hana was surprised at this, she knew that she has taken their first at everything so what else did Kuroko have that she doesn't? "Which is?" Hana looked at him with an annoyed scowl. 


"Love," Kuroko smiled with affectionate eyes. 


His boyfriends' hearts skipped a beat when they heard his response and they can't help but blush vigorously with what he just said but for Hana? It was a different story. She reacted violently and clenched her fist so hard, her knuckles turned white. She looked at Kuroko with crazy eyes almost like a serial killer.


"You insolent bitch! What did they even see with you? You're so disrespectful unlike me! I am a respect—Your mouth says respect but your dress," Kuroko ached his brow while looking at her slutty outfit. "Says 5am stripper on a Friday," Kuroko grinned cockily when he saw the disbelief on her on her face.


(A/N: Yes, I did use the line from Netflix show, Dynasty except! I changed some of words in the line^^^) 


Hana started to panic aggressively as she started to bite her thumb nail in frustration, she glared up at Kuroko who is smirking at her with such cockiness which caused her rage to increase even more. "I suggest you leave, whatever your name is." Kuroko released a breathe, continuing to glare down at her.


"You're already making a fool out of yourself as it is, so leave," Hana gritted her teeth and still stood tall and proud, not wanting to back down from this fight which angered Kuroko since he is getting tired of this bullshit. "And if I don't want to?" She challenged cockily, crossing her arms. 


"Ahhh, you don't want to?" Kuroko arched his brow while looking at the ground as he slowly walked towards to her with his hands behind his back. "Jaa.." Kuroko slowly lifted his head, "Come the fuck here then," Kuroko roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her to the floor and her screams brought satisfaction to his ears. 


"THAT'S MY BABY!" Sasaki yelled from the sidelines. 


Kuroko started to get frustrated when this bitch is clawing his hands, wanting to him to release her. Bitch, who the fuck said he is letting her go? The show is just starting, you know? 


Kuroko didn't hesitate to drag her body to the floor, walking towards the entrance door. "NAKAMURA-SAN?" One female classmate shouted when she saw Nakamura filming this whole time. "Shush, my child! I am a proud gay parent who is capturing my child's badass moments," 


The female classmate looked at her with an shock expression and her eyes slowly looked at Watanabe who is doing the exact same thing. She looked at the two with a so-done face plastered at her face. She didn't had the energy to stop them because she ain't paid for this shit.


The principal saw that one of his student is ferociously dragging a girl he never seen before out of the gymnasium. He knew that this girl looks like a slut (based on what she is wearing) but he is a principal so it's his job to stop them but he was stopped by the coaches.


"I figured it's best if you don't stop him," Katsunori said, placing his hand in front to stop them. The principal looks confused and was about to question but Riko spoke, "He has every right to do that since she was an uninvited guest and rudely interrupted our training session." 


"But—Don't worry about a thing, Sir. Kuroko-kun is simply" Masako stopped for a while to see the situation behind, "Taking out the trash," She said as she watched the rest going outside to see what's gonna happen next and they were about to follow them. Just because they are adults, doesn't mean they ain't allowed to have fun. 


Kuroko roughly threw the bitch outside of the school's entrance. Thankfully, no one passes here at this hour so no one is witnessing what's happening. Hana looked up to see Kuroko staring at her with an icily expression. 


"Just to let you know," Kuroko grabbed the basketball that was in Sato's arms. "Between you and me?" Kuroko scoffed playfully and did his famous Ignite Pass Kai, aiming the ball at the side of her face. "I'm more dangerous than you," Hana shivered in fear because the force of the ball was so strong, she even heard the wall cracked behind her. 


"Scram bitch," Kuroko growled in rage.


Hana didn't waste no time and started to run away with her shaking legs. Damn, even her running looks disgusting. Kuroko suddenly heard claps from behind which left him confuse. He slowly turned around to see Nakamura and his classmates clapping at him with proud smiles. 


"MY LITTLE BABY HAS ALL GROWN UP!" Nakmura cried dramatically while wiping her tears with her handkerchief. "It's a fucking good thing I brought the basketball!" Sato exclaimed while punching the air with her fist in victory. "I'm so fucking glad I forced myself to come to this school!" Sasaki said with a grin of satisfaction. 


Kuroko smiled softly at their reactions until he heard a voice, "Tetsuya" His head shot to the side to see his boyfriends with guilt plastered at their faces and the tension suddenly darken. They were about to touch him but Kuroko backed away with his palm in front of him. 


"Who the fuck said you can touch me?" They flinched when they heard the angry tone coming from Kuroko so they started to assume that he wants a break up. Kuroko knew them for so long so he can tell on what they are thinking, he's not thinking of breaking up with them, he would fucking die if he did so. He backed away from them for another reason.


"We are not breaking up, if that's what you're thinking" Kuroko sighed while rubbing the back of his neck and his boyfriends head shot up when they heard him, their eyes started to shimmer in happiness. "BUT!" Kuroko placed his index finger out which made his boyfriends frown at the but. 


"You damn dickheads better wash the fucking slutty germs you got from that hoe because I don't want to get infected by her STDs, got it?" Kuroko growled with anger and jealousy colliding at his face. The rainbow boyfriends gulped in fear and nodded swiftly. 


“Who wants to get the basketball that Kuroko-kun just threw?” Watanabe asked while pointing at the basketball at the other side, which is stuck in the wall. 



Kuroko is beyond angry. 


He is boiling in all synonyms of anger, he even ignite pass the basketball so hard, it made a huge crack at the gymnasium wall. That basketball is actually still stuck at the wall so they are trying to get it out but it was so hard, like really fucking hard. 


Junpei, who was about to catch that pass, pointed vigorously at the ball in the wall while looking at Kagami and the rest of Kuroko's boyfriends with tears on his eyes. "KAGAMI! YOU SEE THAT!" Junpei pointed at the ball in the wall with teary eyes.


"I WAS ABOUT TO CATCH THAT! YOU'VE GOT TO TALK TO KUROKO RIGHT NOW!" Junpei tried his best to encouraged the rainbow boyfriends to talk to Kuroko right now. Kagami gulped with the suggestion since seeing Kuroko right now is basically walking to their deaths. 


"But Senpai—He's right, Kagami," They turned around to see Teppei, smiling at them awkwardly with his hand placed on the back of his head. "As much as I am shocked that you all are together kedo, you've got to talk to him now! Even my hands are starting to hurt from the passes he did" Teppei pointed at his red and possibly bruised hand with an painful smile. 


"PLEASE! TALK TO HIM! SHIN-CHAN! ONEGAY!" Takao suddenly joined the conversation but he is kneeling at the floor with his eye tearing up and his hands are placed together. "Takao?" Midormia was shocked to see his team mate at this state since Takao doesn't cry (well except at that time Seirin defeated them) 


"DBIWBWKSBWIDSJ YES! PLEASE!" Hayama magically appeared with him kneeling down, hands together, and teary eyes. "Aomine," Shoichi, the captain of Tōō Academy, placed his hands on top of his team mate shoulders. "The others at the back," Aomine looked behind to see most of the  basketball players are trembling in fright. 


"Are sweating like crazy because of terror so please talk to your boyfriend," Aomine was shocked to see what's happening infront of him. "Eeto, captain?" Aomind called out making Shoichi stay alert on what he is about go say. 


"You're also sweating like crazy," 




"Are we gonna stay here until we die or will one of you start speaking?" Kuroko's sharp eyes made them sweat in fear, feeling themselves getting pressured. Right now, they are back in the dorm while the rest are still at the gym practicing. 


Riko had enough of Kise's loud screaming when he tried to get Kuroko's attention so she decided to let them go back to the dorm and talk things out. At least that's what she thought because none are talking, their mouths are not opening due to the sharp eyes of their teal boyfriend. 


"Well?" Kuroko exclaimed, getting impatient. 


"Her name is Hana and—I didn't ask for that slut's name. I asked on what the fuck is your relationship with that damn hoe?" Kuroko interrupted Murasakibara's explanation with an menace expression plastered on his face. 


"This might take a while," Kagami scratched the back of his neck, feeling himself getting stabbed by the amount of daggers coming out from Kuroko’s eyes. “Try me,” Kuroko arched his brow and straighten his back as he crossed his arms and legs. 


Kise sighed and started speak with his soft tone, “It started 7 months ago when we all talked about our feelings for you,” Kuroko’s breathe hitched but he nodded once to let him continue. “Since we all have feelings for you, we were honestly sure that if you did like us back, you won’t choose and date all of us.” Kise explained with his head down at the table. 


“But the problem is, we don’t know how one person?” Aomine wasn’t sure on how to explain it but Kuroko gets the picture. “So we decided to pick a person we can at least have a trial lover with then when we got the hang of it, we will break the deal off,” He finished explaining.


“Hana knew that this was all fake but what we didn’t know is that, she is one of our obsessive fans like those sasaengs in Korea. She was too controlling and way too demanding,” Kagami added, trying his best not to stutter so he won’t look bad in front of his boyfriends. 


Kuroko sighed in defeat and rubbed the bride of his nose, “I don’t know whether if I should feel disappointed at the fact you guys thought of this stupid idea or the fact you guys actually agreed to do it,” Kuroko wasn’t joking, he knew that they are stupid at times but he didn’t expect for them to be this stupid! 


Moreover, he didn’t expect Akashi and Midormia to even agree to this! The two are named the brains of the team and they went through this plan? Kuroko threw his head back in disappointment as the rainbow boyfriends shrunk down in their chairs in guilt. 


Kuroko placed his head down and looked forward with his painful expression and sharp eyes, “Did you have sex with her?” Everyone in the table flinched and started to look at each other, waiting for someone from one of them to say it but of course, they are too scared to say the truth. 

But they knew they can’t lie because lying will make things worse and they don’t want to keep this from their boyfriend anymore. It’s better to say it now then never saying it. The truth hurts, you know?


“Yes,” Akashi took the bait and told the truth, looking all terrified with what the teal phantom is about to say. Kuroko flinched a bit as he gasped at his answer, looking down with a painful expression, feeling his own heart getting stab with millions of daggers non-stop as he clenched his basketball shorts with his hands. 


“Why?” Kuroko started shivering a bit but it was unnoticed by the boyfriends first. Their breathe hitched when he asked that question so again, they looked at each other, signaling that one of them should say it. 


“Because we thought she will stop if we gave her what she wants,” Murasakibara answered this time with a gulp. Their eyes went wide when they saw Kuroko shivering like crazy and panicked. They stood up from their chairs and started to slowly walk towards to Kuroko. “Tetsuya? Are you feeling co—” Midormia was about to touch him but Kuroko slapped his hand away, causing Midormia to look at him with a shock expression. 


“S-Sorry that I hit you b-but I n-need a moment t-to p-process a-all o-of this,” Kuroko stuttered with tears already forming on his eyes as he stood up from the chair with his shaking legs. The rainbow boyfriends wanted to help him go up but they figured they wouldn’t want that since this is too much for Kuroko. 


“T-Tell Kantoku that I-I can’t m-make i-it t-today,” Kuroko said softly and went up the stairs so he could go to his room, with his shaking legs. The rainbow boyfriends were silent and the atmosphere surrounding them grew heavier and heavier which caused them to collapse in the chair. 


“We fucked up,” They all thought as a tear dropped from their eye.