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Took You Long Enough

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Soft music flowed from the bathroom accompanied by Jimin’s quiet voice as he hummed along to the song, slowly stripping himself of his clothes. Once completely bare, he pushed the glass door open to reach the knobs to turn the water on, letting it run for a minute before deciding it was hot enough. He stepped in and pulled the door to, letting himself relax under the water. His muscles were sore from the ball game tonight. It had run a lot longer than anyone would’ve liked, but their team won so it was worth it. Jimin was so sore, now, though. Cheering was hard work.

Meanwhile, his father was stood at the bathroom door, peeking in and watching his son’s every movement. Namjoon had been doing this for little over a year. Maybe longer? Ever since Jimin’s breasts had started to really show, Namjoon had been peeping on him while he showered. At first, it was maybe once a week, but as the guilt faded away and lust replaced it, Namjoon would find himself outside the bathroom, cock in hand and eyes practically popping out as he watched.

He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but he just couldn’t help it. He never intended for it to go anything further than just watching. Just watching Jimin slowly undress himself until he could feast on his beautiful, tight body. Just watching as Jimin stretched to loosen his sore muscles, accidentally giving his father a full display of his cunt. Just watching as Jimin relaxed under the warmth of the water, letting his head fall back and letting the water run down his perfectly perky breasts. Just watching as the teenager lathered himself in soap, rubbing over his most intimate parts with care for maybe a little too long sometimes. Just watching as Jimin rinsed off and stepped out, hair and body dripping deliciously with water as he dried off. Just watching as he slipped into the tiny satin pajama set he begged his father to buy in every color they offered.

Namjoon, of course, yearned for more. The poor man hadn’t had sex since his wife left years ago. He had needs, but he couldn’t satisfy his needs with his son. Could he? It wasn’t until tonight that he just couldn’t hold himself back anymore. Game nights were always so hard for him. Watching his son prance around in that stupidly tight mini skirt and crop top, practically flaunting his cunt and tits around for all those lousy teenage boys to see, made him so angry. He was so protective of his babyboy, and the thought of any of those dumb boys laying a finger on his precious son made him want to lock the boy away forever. He wanted Jimin to be his, only his, forever.

In his opinion, Jimin should only be wearing clothes that small for him. Not for the crowds at the football games. Only his father should see him in short mini skirts. Only his father should see his tight, little panties. Only his father should see him in thin crop tops that clung to the shape of his natural breasts, and only his father should see him peel all of those items off at night. Namjoon /made/ Jimin. The boy was /his./ He tried to hold himself back. He really did. He didn’t want to cross that line, but his body was screaming at him.

“Fuck,” Namjoon huffed under his breath as he slowly stroked his cock while he watched his son lather his body scrub over his breasts. His gorgeous, seductive, intoxicating tits that made Namjoon want to violate him. He wanted to bury his face in them or at least, get to squeeze them in his hands. He bet he could fit all the fat in his palms. His son was so small even for a sixteen year old. He hoped he’d stay small forever.

Jimin turned back towards the water flow and let his hands find his bottom, lathering his taut ass with the foaming soap. Namjoon pumped his dick faster as he watched his son grope his own ass and even bounce it a little. That’s what pushed Namjoon over the edge. Over the moral line he’d drawn in his head. Seeing that beautiful, bubble butt bounce while covered in soap. He wanted it. He /needed/ it. As quietly as he could, he striped himself of his clothes and tip-toed into the steamy room towards the shower where his unsuspecting son was finishing his washing.

Namjoon held his breath as he stepped into the shower. Thanks to Jimin leaving the door open a little, he didn’t have to worry about being caught pushing it open. He stepped in one foot at a time, hawk-eyeing Jimin to make sure he hadn’t been caught. He stilled completely as he stood behind his son, baffled and frankly, quite impressed he’d made it this far without Jimin catching him and screaming for him to get out. He watched with greedy eyes as his son continued to grope at his own body, cleaning himself without a clue in the world that his father was right there behind him. Completely naked and close enough to reach out and touch him at any moment he wanted.

Namjoon didn’t know what he though process was behind his next move, but how rational could you really be when you’re one step away from violating your own son? He wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and stepped forward, allowing his it to slip right between his son’s slick thighs easily thanks to the running water. To his surprise, Jimin didn’t react. He didn’t jump. He didn’t scream or yell. He didn’t move away. Instead, his son did the complete opposite.

“Took you long enough, dad,” He heard the boy mutter, his voice soft and sultry, right before he pushed his hips back so his ass would be flush against his father’s crotch, his big dick nestled snugly between his thighs. “I thought you’d never come shower with me.”

Unbeknownst to Namjoon, Jimin knew the entire time. He knew what a pervert his father was. He caught the desperate thing peeping on him months ago and chose to tease him until he finally broke. Jimin was just as horny for his father as Namjoon was for him, so he was quite impressed (and quite annoyed) that they both lasted as long as they did. To be honest, it had been so long that Jimin was nearly ready to pounce on his father himself.

“J-Jimin, I-I,” Namjoon stammered.

“Don’t be shy now, dad.” Jimin laughed, leaning so his back was against Namjoon’s chest, “You’re already here.”

Namjoon whimpered deep in his chest as the teenager began to roll his hips, massaging his father’s cock between the fat of his thighs but keeping him from touching where he wanted to most. Despite being a virgin, Jimin knew exactly how to wrap men right around his finger. He played with the boys at school all the time, but his virginity was saved for someone special. He’d even been secretly practicing with the dildo he got from his friend for this very moment. The moment he’d convince his father to take his virginity.

“Jimin, I-I’m sorry,” Namjoon stuttered out, keeping his hands from touching his son, “I shouldn’t be,”

“Mmm~” Jimin hummed, interrupting Namjoon by grabbing his hands and placing them directly on his breasts.

“Jimin!” Namjoon squeaked in surprise, now awkwardly holding his son’s perfect, natural breasts in his large palms.

“Shh, dad,” Jimin shushed him. He leaned his head back onto his father’s shoulder, his eyes shut in bliss as he rolled his hips, and one of his hands curled around to run his fingers through Namjoon’s hair while the other snaked around to hold onto the man’s upper thigh for leverage, “It feels nice, doesn’t it?”

Namjoon couldn’t lie to his baby. It felt like fucking heaven. The warm water pulled him under, “So good, honey,”

He let his inhibitions go and started to squeeze his child’s chest, kneading the fat gently and earning soft sighs from the boy. His fingers glided swiftly to the teen’s nipples, rolling the sensitive buds with caution. Jimin whimpered as he melted under his father’s sinful touch. He stopped his movements, scaring Namjoon half to death because he thought he did something wrong, but he merely spread his legs a little to let Namjoon’s raging erection to slap up against his sopping cunt before closing around it again. Namjoon’s knees almost buckled when his cock made contact with his son’s pussy. Jimin was crossing line after line, and he was letting it happen. What kind of a father is he?

“Oh, dad, that feels so much better~” Jimin breathed out, now able to rub his clit directly on Namjoon’s shaft.

“Honey~” Namjoon groaned, squeezing Jimin’s tits tighter, as he tried to hold himself back from taking his innocence right then.

“You’re such a pervert,” Jimin giggled to his father, making the man blush as he let the young boy grind their naked bodies together, “Watching me shower. I’m your daughter, you know~”

“I know, baby, fuck~” Namjoon’s eyes squeezed shut as he let the pleasure envelope him.

“Oh? Does that turn you on?” Jimin teased, twisting his head to nip at Namjoon’s ear and whisper, “You wanna put it in?”


“Yeah? Wanna put your cock in your daughter?”

“Please, honey~let me~”

Namjoon felt the boy push at his head, and before he knew it, his son was /kissing/ him. Fully kissing him as if he was a lover instead of his father, and it made Namjoon see stars behind his eyelids. He kissed back, allowing the boy to lick into his mouth as they held each other under the running water. They pulled away breathless, and everything fell still as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Jimin stole another kiss from his father before mumbling against his lips, “Put it in me, dad.”

Namjoon felt a new fire start within him, his cock pumping out precum at the mere thought of pushing into his son’s cunt. Was he really about to fuck his own son? A boy that he made. They shared 50% of their DNA, and here they were. About to commit the ultimate sin because the feeling of rubbing against Jimin’s soaked pussy clouded Namjoon’s judgement far beyond repair.

“Take my virginity.” Jimin whimpered, wiggling his hips against his father in hopes to entice him.

“Shit, baby, okay,” Namjoon groaned as he pulled away from Jimin enough to snake a hand down to guide the tip of his cock to Jimin’s teenage cunt. “I can’t believe this is happening, oh my god,”

“Hurry,” Jimin whined impatiently and rutted his hips back desperately, causing Namjoon’s cockhead to push in past the tight muscle, “Ah~!”

“Fuck, Jimin!” Namjoon whimpered, not used to the tightness even just around the tip, “Oh my god,”

“You want more, dad?” Jimin smiled as he took his father’s hand to place it back on his chest. “Wanna go all the way?”

“Please, baby,” Namjoon mumbled into Jimin’s hair before letting out an embarrassing moan as Jimin pushed his hips back onto him, slowly enveloping his whole cock in his cunt.

“Fuuuuuck yes~” Jimin breathed when Namjoon’s cock was fully inside him, stretching him out far more than the dildo ever had, “Feels so good, dad~”

They stilled again as they both adjusted to the new feeling until Jimin couldn’t wait any more. He tilted his head again to beg, “Fuck me, dad~fuck your daughter~please~I want it so bad~”

With the boy writhing against him, massaging his cock with his cunt walls, Namjoon couldn’t handle it anymore. If his son wanted to be fucked like a whore, that’s what he’d do. He wasn’t going to deny his son of something like that. He loved him too much.

“Fucking hell,” Namjoon growled through gritted teeth, “Bend over, baby,”

Jimin immediately leaned forwards to rest against the shower wall, arching his back to give his father the best angle to fuck into him.

“Fuck my virginity away, dad,” Jimin moaned as he rolled his hips.

Namjoon’s watched in awe as his son fucked himself back on his cock. His hands immediately found the flesh of Jimin’s round ass, guiding his slightly inexperienced movements and groaning as he watching his thick cock disappeared into Jimin’s tiny cunt.

“Shit, baby, you’re so beautiful,” Namjoon muttered as he played with the fat of Jimin’s ass, “Gonna fuck you so good,”

Namjoon wrapped his fingers around the boy’s waist and began pounding into him, not bothering to start slowly, and the bathroom soon filled with the lewd sounds of their wet skin slapping together and the dirty, dirty things spilling from both of their mouths.

“Oh, dad~! Yeah~! You like that?”

“Fuck yeah, baby~” Namjoon growled, “I fucking love your pussy~sucking me in so well,”

“You fuck me so good, dad~!”

“Shit, baby,” Namjoon leaned over slightly to reach between Jimin’s legs. He quickly found the teen’s clit and began to rub, earning the boy’s praise.

“Yeah~! Yeah~! Yeah~!!” Jimin squeaked out in time with Namjoon’s thrust, “Right there~!”

“Are you close, honey?” Namjoon demanded, craving to feel his son tighten up so deliciously around him.

“Yeah~!” Jimin squealed, face pressed against the shower wall as moan after girlish moan escaped from him, “Make me cum, dad~! Please~! Harder~! Harder~!”

Fuck, his baby was more of a whore than he thought he was. He obeyed his son’s pleas and snapped his hips into him harder while he sped up the circles on the boy’s clit.

“Cum for me, please, baby,” Namjoon begged, “Please, I wanna feel it,”

“Dad~! Dad~!” Jimin squealed suddenly before his whole body was shaking, and his hand was tapping on the shower wall as if he was tapping out.

“Oh yeah, sweetheart~cum on my cock, squeeze it, fuck yeah~” Namjoon groaned in pure bliss as his son shook, his cunt spasming around his thick cock. He stilled his hips so he could revel in the heavenly feeling of Jimin’s pussy squeezing uncontrollably around him, but he kept rubbing his clit to milk his orgasm through the very last second.

Namjoon could tell when Jimin was coming down. He had stopping shaking, and he was panting as he straightened up. Namjoon slowed his fingers on his clit as his son slumped away from him to lean into the wall, his cock slipping out.

“Holy shit~” Jimin laughed breathlessly, “I’ve never cum that hard before, dad.”

Namjoon’s cock bobbed with need at Jimin’s words, pride filling his entire body as he devoured the boy’s naked, blissed out form with his eyes.

“Felt good, baby?” Namjoon smiled, rubbing Jimin’s lower back softly.

“So good~” Jimin smiled back as he regained his strength and turned to face his father, “Your turn now,”

“Yeah?” Namjoon smirked before his son was kissing him again. During the kiss, Jimin guided Namjoon’s hand to hook under his knee. Fortunately, the father got the hint and lifted Jimin’s leg to his waist, allowing the teenager to guide his long cock to sink back into his cunt.

“Yeah~” Jimin smiled up as his father as he wrapped his arms around the man’s neck, “Fuck me until you cum, dad,”

Namjoon didn’t need to be told twice.

“Hold on, sweetheart,” Namjoon mumbled as he pulled Jimin as close to him as he possibly could, the boy’s perky tits getting squished up against his chest as the water flowed between them. Namjoon was soon pounding into his son again with no mercy. He was so close to cumming before, and with the new position bringing them even closer, he could barely hold on any longer. His son’s pussy just felt way too good.

Jimin broke their sloppy kiss for a moment to plead against his lips, “Cum inside me, dad~”

Namjoon nearly came right then. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard, but there was no way in hell he could cum inside Jimin. It was wrong. This whole thing was wrong, but the risk of pregnancy was worse.

“Fuck, baby, no, I can’t do that,” Namjoon grunted but didn’t stop his thrusts. He was confident he could hold on for a little longer.

“Please~! Do it~!” Jimin squeaked desperately.

Namjoon looked down at his son, almost considering it for a moment. Whores deserved to be came in, and his son was nothing more than his perfect, precious whore. But no. He couldn’t He /shouldn’t./

“Baby, I shouldn’t, you could get pr-“

“Daddy, please~!!” Jimin suddenly cried out the title for his father that he hadn’t used since he was a child, “Cum in my pussy~! I want it~!”

Jimin buried his head in Namjoon’s neck again, kissing and licking all over his father’s neck and chest hoping to convince him, while babbling about how badly he wanted his /daddy/ to cum in him, but there was no need. The title ‘Daddy’ was enough to convince Namjoon to do anything. Even cum inside the boy he helped create.

“Cum inside your daughter, daddy~!”

“Honey~!” Namjoon grunted, unable to stop himself. He slammed his hips into his son’s one last time before he was spilling all his hot cum inside him, “Fuck~!”

“Ah~!” Jimin almost screamed, the force his father used almost knocking the air from his lungs. “Daddy~!!”

“Yeah, baby, take it all~!” Namjoon groaned through clenched teeth as he milked his cock with his son’s teenage pussy until his orgasm finally started to fade away, “Shit, sweetheart~oh my god~”

“Dad,” Jimin whimpered into his neck, still holding on for dear life because he didn’t trust his legs any longer.

“You did so good, baby~” Namjoon praised, holding the boy close and rubbing over his back, “I’m gonna pull out now, okay,”

Namjoon carefully pulled away from his son, his cock sliding out and letting the cum leak out of his baby’s cunt. He held his leg up so he could watch, licking his lips, “Fuck, baby, you made me cum so much,”

“Was it as good as you imagined, dad?” Jimin giggled breathlessly as he looked up at his father, his eyes sparklingly as he fell in love with the man that made him.

“It was even better than I imagined, honey,” Namjoon smiled before letting Jimin’s leg down so he could pull the boy in for a kiss. He pulled away after a second and pressed their foreheads together, “If you start calling me daddy all the time, I’ll do this whenever you want.”

“Promise, daddy?” Jimin asked hopefully, tease laced in his voice. He heard his father growl in his chest before he was being pushed against the wall again, Namjoon’s lips going for his neck and his hands going for his breasts.

“I promise, baby.”

Jimin’s nightly shower soon became his favorite part of his day thanks to his loving father.