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"You're late." He pointed out, more amused then upset. He'd already made himself comfortable at the large table, tucked away in the corner of the library. His potions textbook was open in front of him with a small stack of other tomes pushed to the side.


Hermione sat across from him, a frown evident on her face. She swung her bag into the empty seat and gathered her materials as he watched, amused by how frazzled she appeared.


"McGonagall needed to speak with me after class. I'm here now, so let's get this over with." She said hurriedly, opening her textbook to the same page as his.


"Hey, no need for all the hostility. You should be thankful you were paired with me for this project." Malfoy said, pushing his notes towards her while she did the same with her own.


"What makes you think that?" She asked, raising a perfectly arched brow in his direction.


"It was either me, or McLaggen." He shrugged, the simple sentence speaking volumes. She let out a breathy laugh in response.

"Alright, you've got a point. I'd pick you over that toad any day." She smirked, looking over his notes. She was impressed by how thorough he'd been, every detail they'd need for their essay neatly written across the parchment.


A small group of underclassmen spread out across the adjacent table, Hermione's back to them. Fixated on her studies, she easily blocked out their whispers and continued scratching lines into the parchment in front of her. Pushing a wayward curl away from her face, she opened her mouth to ask her Potions partner a question, shutting it before she could. The icy glare he shot over her shoulder made her turn at the waist, following his gaze to the group of young wizards behind her.


"What's the matter?" She asked, leaning across the table slightly. Before he could respond, she heard them. Her hair was tamed with a Sleekeazy's remedy, her usually unruly curls smoothed down into soft waves and pulled away from her face in a high ponytail. Hearing the whispering fourth years was enough for her to realize they didn't recognize her. Malfoy returned his attention to his textbook, sparing her a scene even as he was tempted to make one.


"I hear she takes them both at once." The dark haired Ravenclaw whispered, the words burning her ears as she tried to refocus on the text in front of her.


"She leaves the castle most weekends. The sex must be pretty great for a swot like her to put off studying for an entire Saturday." Another male voice snickered. Hermione felt tears prick the corners of her eyes, but she blinked them back fiercely, turning the page of her Potions manual and putting all of her effort into retaining the information written across the top.


"Not a bad body, that's for sure. I wouldn't mind taking a run at her." A new voice boasted, his friends calling him out immediately.


"Like you'd have a chance with someone like her. If she's taking The Chosen One's dick in her mouth with Weasley's in her cunt, she's not going to be interested in the mediocre fuck sessions you're offering." He laughed, punching the boasting man in the shoulder with a laugh. Madame Pince shushed them from her desk across the room, a stern warning in her eyes. They hushed their voices, but kept going.


"Come on, Granger. We've got the entire Head common area to study in, and I could use a drink." Malfoy suggested, reaching across the table and shutting the book she'd been pretending to read. His fingers skimmed her knuckles until she looked up, eyes glassy with unshed tears as she nodded. Packing up her bag, she stood to follow him. Her legs locked in place, however, when the first wizard said something crass enough to make her stomach drop, gripping the strap of her bag tightly across her chest.


"Maybe I'll slip a little incentive into her pumpkin juice one morning and I can have a turn. I bet she tastes like honey." Hermione could practically hear the smirk undoubtedly painted across his face. Her lips parted, speechless at their casual scheming of her drugged and at their disposal. Turning to lead the way out of the library, she stopped when she noticed Malfoy was still positioned at their table, his pewter eyes burning a hole into the back of the Ravenclaw wizards head.


Hermione jogged back to him quietly and gripped his arm, the muscles hard beneath her hands as he flexed his fingers with anger. "They're just a bunch of dumb kids." She whispered, wiping her own tears away swiftly, hoping he wouldn't see. When he turned his attention from the crude boy back to her, she held her breath as he took in her thinly veiled hurt expression. The tears may have been brushed away, but the stains they left down her cheeks made his fists clench at his sides.


"I'll kill em." He whispered angrily through gritted teeth, his jaw tight. Malfoy reached inside his cloak, fingers brushing the smooth handle of his wand but she pulled him back, clasping his large hand inside her two smaller ones.


"We only have a few more weeks of this place." She reasoned, doing her best to calm her own racing heart. She ran her fingers up his arm until they rested against the side of his neck. "Let's not kill anyone." She whispered with a small smile, bringing his eyes back to hers.


"Fine." He conceded, gripping her shoulders and spinning her around. He all but shoved her from the library before the boastful Ravenclaw condemned himself fully with a final remark.


"I'd like to grab those curls while she sucks me off." He laughed proudly. Hermione cursed softly under her breath, shaking her head sadly at the younger wizards poor timing. He was almost in the clear, the pair of them only inches away from the door when he had to run his mouth just one last time. The Slytherin beside her drew his wand and pulled his arm back like a baseball player preparing a pitch. Shooting his wand over his head, a long, coiled snake unraveled itself from the tip and landed with a heavy thud in the center of the arrogant boy's table.


Hermione covered her mouth, feigning a cough to hide her laugh. "Of course you would produce a fully grown snake instead of a simple Tickling Jinx." She teased harmlessly, rolling her eyes. She pulled him further out of the library before Madam Pince could spot the source of the spell, knowing the room was otherwise empty of snitching suspects. The muffled sound of the Ravenclaw's scream brought another feminine laugh from Hermione's lips. They barely made it through the portrait and into their shared common room before Malfoy shoved her against the wall, her bag dropping to the floor in surprise.


Before she got the chance to scold him, Malfoy covered her body with his own. His height made it easy to tower over her, pressing a hard knee between her legs. Hermione flinched back when his hand collided with the wall beside her head.


"Calm down, Malfoy. It's just a couple misogynistic fourth years. It's nothing." She rationalized, turning his head gently in her soft hands. He looked down, his spine curved over her small form.


"It's not nothing." He seethed, dipping down and capturing her lips angrily. "You're mine, Granger." He breathed, kissing her harder as her arms wound their way around his neck. Without warning, he gripped the back of her thighs and hoisted her up against his chest. The gasp she let out got lost in his mouth as he pushed his tongue inside. Hooking her ankles around his waist, Malfoy bit her full bottom lip and pulled it into his mouth with a loud suck. He slammed her against the wall again, harder this time, dropping his mouth to her neck and breathing her scent in with a long, deep inhale. "You've been mine for months, and I'll sick a snake on anyone who disrespects you like that." He threatened, trailing hot, open mouth kisses down her collarbone, shoving her robes away until they fell off her shoulders. Left only in her crisp, white blouse with her skirt pushed up around her waist, she worked her hands over his shoulders to rid him of the dark cloak. She tackled his black, button up next, her skilled fingers loosening the buttons easily as she moaned into his neck, his teeth sinking into her shoulder. He sucked hard on the skin there, his hands moving from her thighs down to her ass. He held her securely against his body as his shirt joined the pile of clothing, hers coming off soon after. His breath caught in his throat as he tore his mouth away from her pulsing throat.


Heat crept up Hermione's neck as his eyes roamed over her exposed chest, her breast barely hidden under lace, emerald green cups. Malfoy groaned as if in pain and slid her down his body until her feet touched the floor. "Let me see." He growled.


"See what?" She asked innocently, her eyes bright as she blinked up at him with feigned confusion. She stood confidently in her rumpled gray skirt and crossed her arms over her exposed stomach, his eyes never leaving the dark lace that left very little to the imagination.


Raking his hand through platinum colored strands in frustration, he shot one index finger through the air, pointing with authority towards his bedroom to the right of the splitting staircase."Get in my bed now." He ordered harshly, his steel eyes daring her to deny him.


"Why?" She asked sweetly, running her fingers over the waistband of her skirt. Finding the zipper, she slowly slid it down just enough to reveal a strip of emerald fabric. His eyes followed her every move, leaving a trail of heat across her skin as he savored the view she'd gifted him with. "Did you want to see this?" She asked, arching her back against the wall and sticking her hips out subtly, showing him the lace beneath her skirt for just a moment longer before zipping it back up again.


"I wont ask again." His voice exuded strength and raw, dominant power even in the quiet whisper. He trapped her between his arms, palms flat against the wall on either side of her head. She ducked beneath one with a teasing smile, trailing her finger down the side of his hard abdomen until it hit the top of his pants.


Heading up the steps with Malfoy right at her heels, she felt his warm breath on the side of her neck. A strong arm wrapped around her exposed waist, pulling her backside flush against his chest on the landing right outside his room. "That's my good girl." He whispered against the shell of her ear. Walking her through the thresh hold, he slammed the door shut behind them and eyed her slowly from head to toe.


"Take it off." He ordered, his tall frame leaning against the closed door as she made her way slowly over to the bed. Laying down over the side of the mattress, feet still on the floor, she unzipped her skirt and pulled it slowly down her hips until it pooled around her ankles. Kicking it to the side of the room, she pushed up on her elbows and met his hungry stare.


"Do you like it?" She asked shyly, dropping his gaze to look down her bare body.


"Do I like it." He huffed quietly to himself in frustration, rolling his eyes at the ridiculous question. He stalked over to the bed in two long strides, unbuttoning his pants as he moved. Once they joined her skirt on the floor, he climbed over her body with ease and used his knee to push between her legs until she was in the center of his dark, silken sheets. Running a full hand over her cheek, he bent down to kiss her softly. "Did you really think I could listen to that and do nothing?" He asked against her lips, kissing her again.


Hermione bit the inside of her cheek, considering his question. She hitched her leg up his waist until he grabbed her thigh and pulled her close. "I suppose knowing you, that was a bit unrealistic of me." She smirked, arching her back as he wrapped her up in his arms.


"Hearing someone say such vile things about you..." He trailed off, running his nose down the length of her neck as she pushed her hips into him. "I wanted to beat them to death with my bare hands." He growled, gripping her sides roughly. Malfoy kissed a trail down her tan stomach, smiling against her skin as she moaned softly at the attention. "You look so good underneath me," He started, kissing the top of her hip before pulling the lace fabric of her thong between his teeth. "In Slytherin green, no less." He whispered, tearing the inviting garment down her legs and burying his face between her thighs.


Hermione cried out at the sudden pulse of pleasure, her back curving away from the mattress as his tongue eagerly lapped up the juices from her folds. "Did you wear this for me?" He asked, his breath hot against her sensitive skin as he continued to lick her slowly, reaching his hand up her body to trail a finger along the lace detailing of the bra.


Words escaped her as the pleasure built, his fingers teasingly skimming across her back until he flicked the clasp open easily and ripped the material from her chest. Her breath caught as she bit back a gasp, Malfoy slowly pushing a long, single finger inside of her and curling it just so as he withdrew it. "Answer me." He demanded, flicking her clit expertly with his tongue and pushing two fingers into her. Hermione pulled the sheets between her fingers as he continued, trying to remember the simple act of forcing words from her mouth. "Come on," He coaxed, bringing his hands underneath her ass to grip her waist and bring her harder against his mouth. "Be a good girl." He whispered hotly against her skin. Burying his nose between her legs, he sucked slowly against her clit and smiled smugly to himself as he watched her grip on the sheets tighten.


"Yes." She breathed, pushing her hips against his mouth eagerly with every lick. "I only wear green for you." He groaned loudly, her answer fueling him. He ripped himself away from her soaking wet center and covered her body with his strong, powerful form.


"She speaks." He smirked, resting his weight on one elbow as he looked down at her. Dipping his head down, he captured her hard, pink nipple between his teeth and tugged roughly. "I've never seen you so quiet before, Granger."


Weaving her fingers through his silken hair at the base of his neck, she moaned against his mouth as he continued to suck. "You want me to talk?" She whispered, using her other hand to reach between their bodies and grip his hard length. Pumping him enthusiastically without warning, he stifled a groan and dropped his head to the crook of her neck and nodded. "Please do." He invited, looking down at her with hungry eyes as her hand moved skillfully up and down his shaft.


"Ok, I'll talk." She whispered, pulling his head down until her lips grazed his ear, her hand never slowing its strokes. "Give it to me, Daddy." She whispered sweetly, biting his ear gently before she felt his fingers sink into her hips.


"Oh, I plan to." He breathed, pushing his tongue into her warm mouth, lining up at her entrance. Hermione was dripping and he slid in so hard, she bit back a scream. "You want me to take it easy on you, baby?" He teased, drawing out of her slowly and earning a swift shake of the brunettes head.


"No?" He asked, pushing back in until she slammed her head against the mattress. Reaching up, Malfoy tore the band from her hair until soft waves fell around her shoulders. "You don't want me to be gentle?" He provoked, thrusting into her rougher this time, a gasp falling from her lips.


She shook her head again, raising her hand to push the stubborn, honey colored locks away from her face. "Harder." She begged, her voice strained as she locked her legs around him and urged him on.


He captured her mouth tenderly, moaning when her tongue shot out and pushed between his lips. "I'm the only one allowed to grab these." He breathed, his jaw tense as he fisted a handful of curls in his hand, yanking her closer. "If one of them even thinks about touching you..." He seethed, covering her mouth with his again before slamming into her forcefully. She met each thrust eagerly, lifting her hips and arching her spine at every touch.


“They won’t.” She breathed, dragging her nails down his back as he pumped faster.


"Damn right, they wont." He promised, pleasure coursing through his veins as she sunk her teeth into his shoulder, stifling a scream as she came. He followed right after, the sensation of her tight, pulsing center enough to send him crashing over the edge.


She let out a soft sigh of satisfaction as he collapsed on the pillow beside her, wrapping her up in his arms until she was comfortable against his bare chest. "Weren't we meant to be studying?" She chuckled, her eyes closed contently while Malfoy shushed her and dragged a sheet over their bodies.


"There's always tomorrow." He kissed the top of her head before following her lead and closing his own eyes even as sun streamed in through the stain glass window above his bed.