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Organically Grown Genetically Modified Organisms

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"Oh wow you truly are cucumber bro's son," he comments as the baby sends him a blank look, very similar to what Shen Qingqiu gives him. This baby is definitely a clone of Shen Qingqiu with only a few minor differences. "You even got his attitude exactly."

Baby Luo then decides he's no longer worthy of his attention and grabs the nearest thing to him. Which unfortunately ends up being Shang Qinghua's jade token. Which is the single thing he cannot lose or else he'll never be able to enter Mobei-Jun's palace by himself.

"Hey, hey, hey!" He yelps, trying to grab the token back before it could reach the baby's mouth. But alas, there's just something about babies being inhumanely quick with their hands. "This is not your chew toy! Oh my god. Are you teething? You're too young to teeth! Your parents are going to kill me if he knows I accidentally triggered your teething to happen earlier."

He makes sure to wipe his hands against his robes first--should it even matter? The kid drinks blood daily! Would a few bacteria on his hand even affect him?--before shoving his hand gently into the baby's mouth to grab his token back. He also gently feels around the mouth to see if there are any teeth growing and sighs in relief when he discovers there aren't any yet.

“Okay, you're not teething," he mutters and grimaces upon seeing his fingers coated in baby saliva. “Gah, that’s disgusting.”

The baby continues to gurgle and tries to grab the token back from him but Shang Qinghua immediately puts it away. Baby Luo then gives him the meanest glare a baby could possibly conjure. Sucks for Baby Luo but Shang Qinghua has seen scarier glares from other people, specifically from his fathers. 

“You’re way too young to be scary kiddo,” he tuts and sighs, bored out of his mind. “When’s your father gonna come back anyway? I can’t believe he left me to deal with you while he fixes his drama.”

A beat of silence. Then some of the spit bubbles Baby Luo made hits his face.

“You know what. Come to think of it, I think it’s better this way. I’m not sure if Liu-shidi would’ve spared me from a beating if he saw me…I already get enough from my king as it is,” He grumbles and shakes his finger from the baby. “You need the xianxia equivalent of a pacifier or something. Wait. Hm, I wonder if they’ve invented baby essentials here? I could make a business out of that.”

He feels Mobei-Jun arrive before he can even see him. No, he literally felt him because the room suddenly turned degrees colder than normal. And it was already cool enough as it is. That could only mean that Mobei-Jun is coming.

The moment the door opens, he ows. “My king. You’re back!”

Mobei-Jun icily stares at him and then the baby on the bed. Shang Qinghua straightens his posture nervously as Mobei-Jun and Baby Luo seem to have a staring contest. Baby Luo stares at him with wide eyes while Mobei-Jun’s expression is difficult to decipher even for Shang Qinghua.

Well, it’s not like Mobei-Jun hasn’t met or seen Baby Luo before. But all of the times Mobei-Jun has met Baby Luo, he always ends up in an intense staring contest with the baby. The baby blinks at him, unperturbed and then blows out spit bubbles, making Mobei-Jun grimace in disgust and break his stare.

Honestly, mood. He didn’t see a lot  of babies in his past life but he always assumed they were somewhat messy and disgusting but cute and he doesn’t know if he’s glad to be proven right. He wipes the baby’s mouth with his robes. Maybe he should’ve asked Shen Qingqiu for supplies before running back to Mobei-Jun’s palace…

“Are all halflings like that?”

He almost jumps out of his skin. “My king? A-Ah! Not really? I mean. I don't think so. It’s not really about him being a halfling but it’s more because of his human biology."

When Mobei-Jun doesn't reply and just stares at him, Shang Qinghua hastily explains. "Human infants that sometimes. They can't help it."

"Hm." is all Mobei-Jun says before he approaches Baby Luo. Everything happened so fast and the next thing he knew, Mobei-Jun was holding Baby Luo up in the air.

"M-My King!"

Should he scold Mobei-Jun?! Fuck that! Mobei-Jun will kill him! But if something happens to Baby Luo, Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe will kill him! He knows his king won't hurt Baby Luo on purpose but he knows how demons get with their ahem...rough housing. Despite being a half Heavenly Demon, Baby Luo is still! An infant human! The lowest in the food chain!

For a baby who doesn't see anyone except his two fathers, Baby Luo is well-adjusted to strangers. Shang Qinghua doesn't know if that's good or bad. Baby Luo didn't cry when he was held by him and he's not crying either when Mobei-Jun lifts him. He immediately runs to Mobei-Jun's side when he sees how the ice demon is holding him.

"M-My King, you have to support his head," he tells him, adjusting the ice demon's hands and then immediately wincing when he realizes what he did. Does Mobei even want his advice? But babies are soft! And they can't control their head right? "Human infants cannot support the weight of their head just yet."

That's correct right? He remembers that in his past life. It's like the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell of caring for babies 101. Every adult knows that babies can't hold their heads up. 

"He is weak," he pauses. "Weaker than humans."

Naturally he's weak! He wants to cry out. But instead he nods. "Yes my king. Human infants are perhaps the weakest among humans. That's why they need a lot of care and support."

"And mothers do that?"

He blinks. "Yes. Mothers care for their babies until the baby is older. For humans, caring for their child is a life-long duty. They raise their kid together for as long as they can or until their child can leave the house and marry someone else or marry into another family."


He recognizes that grunt. It's the grunt Mobei-Jun makes when he sees something as pathetic. This servant apologizes that humans are weak and codependent on each other! It's just the way they are. 

He knows that demons are ruthless. Some demons already gain powers even at infancy. A lot of demons do not really understand the term familial bond. A lot has killed their own parents for leadership in their kingdom. Sha Hualing is doing exactly that. Or rather planning to at least until Binghe gives her his full support to ransack his father's kingdom so she can be the ruler. Hell even Mobei-Jun's uncle regularly antagonizes him and tries to kill him to no avail. 

It's all about strength and power in the demon realm. He's not surprised that Mobei-Jun would find the concept of a person having to depend on their parents for as long as they can as something pathetic. 

He continues to explain. "But that doesn't apply to all humans. Some humans are more independent and stronger than others. Some cultivators like us do not really have much ties to our biological family as we have chosen this path to reaching immortality. Many cultivators still choose to start their own family instead. It differs on what humans hold as important for them."

"And you?"


"What do you hold as important?"

Oh shit. Oh shit. Is this a test? Is his king testing him? Focus Shang Qinghua! Why is his king testing him now? Did he say something wrong? His mind is running at full speed but somehow the words don't come out. It's not until Mobei-Jun glares at him that he squeaks out an answer.

"My king is what I hold important!" He was totally going to add the word "serving" at the start but somehow his mind blanked out. It’s fine. It’s fine, right?

It’s totally fine, he pats himself on the back as he puts the baby down and leaves the room in a seemingly good mood. 

“Weird huh?” He says to the baby, who makes spit bubbles again. “You know, I’m kind of surprised Cucumber bro didn’t name you something like Shasha at first. That bro, he’s pretty ruthless. You’re also sort of a hot commodity in the rumor mill in the demon realm right now so I’m surprised he’s going by a cute name that directly correlates to Luo Binghe.”


“That’s right, your baba,” he nods, sagely. “Your very scary baba who would probably turn me into a human stick if anything happens to you. I guess he really can’t help himself, especially with a child of Binghe. He’s very soft and biased towards him. He always did like the protagonist even in our past life.”

He really didn’t think that Shen Qingqiu would directly name their son after one of the rising lords in the demon realm and also the man who is infamous in the cultivation world for taking over Huan Hua and being accused of killing Shen Qingqiu. He supposes that no matter how much cucumber bro denies, he knows how much he loves and cares for Binghe to the point that he can’t even deny his existence through his child’s name. Even if it means people would immediately be able to connect the relation of the two.

So far the two parents had been able to hide Baby Luo’s identity but Liu Qingge’s knowledge about him just proves that there are still many loose lips in Huan Hua so it’s highly possible that demons know about his existence already too. A milk name would’ve only worked for so long.

Then again Luo Binghe is the protagonist with a golden halo. It’s not like anyone can stop him from rescuing his baby. 

“Pabaa,” Xiao Bing continues to babble and then shoves his entire fist in his mouth. “Mppa?”

“Wait no! Take it out!”


The familiar sound of a portal opening wakes Shang Qinghua up from his nap and almost makes him drop the bag of melon seeds he’s holding. He immediately wipes the drool on his wrist and checks if Baby Luo is still okay. So far the infant is still asleep so that’s good. A few seconds later, two people step out of the portal.

Shen Qingqiu looks a bit haggard but overall, fine. Luo Binghe surprisingly has Xin Mo in his hands again. 

“Gods, finally you’re back,” He sighs in relief as Shen Qingqiu moves towards him. He’s so tired from babysitting the halfling that he forgot to kowtow or greet Luo Binghe. “What took you so long?” 

“You know how Liu-shidi is. Always so stubborn,” Shen Qingqiu replies with a grimace and then flutters to Baby Luo’s side immediately like a mother hen. “It took a while to convince him that I really am Shen Qingqiu but it worked out. How is Xiao Bing?”

“He didn’t cry at first but he did get his spit on me. You should really invest in a pacifier bro,” Shang Qinghua says. “Eventually, he decided he wanted to cry and throw a tantrum so he did. We didn’t exactly know what he wanted. He didn’t want to feed even if we tried to feed him blood. He didn't stop crying even when we tried to carry him. He just sort of...exhausted himself and took a nap.”

Shen Qingqiu nods, knowing exactly what he means from experience. “He does that. He’s a bit...spoiled.”

Spoiled, Shen Qingqiu would like to admit, doesn’t even begin to cover it. He slept in a crib just this night with Xiao Bing because he refused to not cry if he wasn’t anywhere near his father. He does try to set boundaries every now and then like sleeping separately when possible, but this is an infant who depends on him. He’s not an expert on parenting but he’s like 50% sure that when babies cry, they have a reason. 

Binghe is even worse than him. If he so much as hears a single whimper, he goes to the baby and carries him immediately. If he could, he would be bringing Xiao Bing with him everywhere. Shen Qingqiu had to put his foot down so Binghe could do his work as a demon lord and lord of Huan Hua. Boundaries and independence Binghe! 

He could only imagine how much worse Binghe would get with spoiling his son once Xiao Bing grows older. Where did Binghe learn that spoiling is the best thing to do anyway?

“You did well bro, we’ll take him now.”

Shang Qinghua freezes. “Excuse me?”

“Don’t make me repeat it,” Shen Qingqiu says blithely. “That’s your quota of compliments from me this week. Oh and thank you for babysitting Xiao Bing here. I’ll be taking him back since I’ll be going to Cang Qiong tomorrow.”

“Wait, wait, you’re going to Cang Qiong?” Did Shang Qinghua just hear that correctly? “But you’re! You know!” He waves his hands around him to emphasize what he wants to say.

Shen Qingqiu snorts. “You heard it correctly. It’s very...complicated and it has something to do with Liu-shidi’s stubbornness. It won’t be easy, that I’m sure of. But if we’re going to raise Xiao Bing here, I’d have to confront them. We can’t have Liu Qingge barging in to fight everyday for the entire time Xiao Bing grows up.”

“That makes sense. Did uhm, did,” he hesitates for a bit before speaking English this time. “ Did the lord allow you?

He didn’t want to at first but I managed to convince him, ” Shen Qingqiu answers back in English. Binghe's brows furrow upon hearing the foreign language. “ It’ll just be for a day or two after all. We’ll be quick.”

“That's understandable I suppose," he hums. "Good luck Shen bro, I think you'll be needing a lot of it. Fatherhood really matured you. I think Baby Luo here needs a pacifier. Seriously. "

Shen Qingqiu hits his arm with a fan. Shang Qinghua lets out a whimper. When did Shen Qingqiu even get that fan? " Shut up. I’ll see what we can do about it. We shall be taking our leave then. There's still much to prepare for our journey tomorrow."

Shen Qingqiu gingerly carries Xiao Bing so as to not wake him up. Xiao Bing whimpers for a bit before the feeling of Shen Qingqiu’s qi calms him down again. Binghe immediately walks to their side and places a hand on Shen Qingqiu’s waist to guide him through the portal.

But right before Binghe and Shen Qingqiu completely disappear into the portal, Binghe pauses and then addresses Shang Qinghua. “This lord will remember the favor Shang-shishu did, rest assured.”

Shen Qingqiu internally rolls his eyes at Shang Qinghua’s scared look. Well, he doesn’t blame him for still being scared. It took him like years, dying, and then actively talking and learning about each other to get over the idea that Binghe would want to kill him. Shang Qinghua doesn’t have the time to do that considering his job as the somewhat personal assistant of Mobei-Jun.

By the time he and Binghe returned to his room, Xiao Bing had woken up like the fussy baby he became ever since he began to live in Huan Hua. Binghe immediately shuffles to arrange the crib for Xiao Bing to lie on while Shen Qingqiu sits on the bed and places the now babbling baby on the bed.

“We’re back Xiao Bing,” he definitely does not coos to the baby. “Did you like it there in the ice palace?”

“Paabaa!” Xiao Bing coos back and tries to grab his robes. Shen Qingqiu gently tuts and tries to remove it but Xiao Bing merely pulls it and tries to use it to haul himself up.

“Aiyah, you’re seriously obsessed with wanting to sit up,” He comments but helps Xiao Bing sit up. Xiao Bing shrieks and immediately locks his terror grip on his hair. Shen Qingqiu, knowing what he’ll do already, sits him a bit farther so he won’t eat hair. “We have talked about this already. No eating hair.”

Xiao Bing only giggles and then falls on his chest. Xiao Bing had been trying to crawl ever since they got to Huan Hua. It’s a sight to see but usually it ends up with him flat on his ass or his chest. Binghe hadn’t talked to him about it yet but he’s assuming that he would like to see all the milestones of their kid so he encourages Xiao Bing practice crawling in secret so that Binghe would be able to see it. It won’t be difficult he supposes since Binghe always makes sure to go back to them for dinner no matter how long his work in Huan Hua and the demon realm may take.

“Shizun, Xiao Bing’s crib is ready now.” Binghe calls out.

Shen Qingqiu carries Xiao Bing again and places him on the now more presentable crib. Xiao Bing immediately whimpers the moment he’s let down, prompting Binghe to panic. Shen Qingqiu, already knowing what the little one wants, merely sighs and takes him back out.

“Is he hungry shizun?” Binghe asks, worried.

He shakes his head and ignores the wet patch on his shoulder as a result of Xiao Bing’s drool. He has half a mind to wipe it off but he knows that the baby will just produce more drool. “No, no. His feeding isn’t until two hours from now. It’s just how he is. He’s recently been disliking sleeping in his crib. He cries really hard when he’s alone there.”

“Is that so?” The demon lord murmurs. “Then would it be fine if Xiao Bing doesn’t sleep in the crib but with one of us?”

“Too dangerous. He might accidentally roll over the bed or one of us might accidentally roll on top of him,” he replies, wincing a bit when Xiao Bing’s mouth directly lands on his chin, coating it in baby drool. “Stop trying to eat me alive you little monster. I don’t think it’d be good to spoil him this much when it comes to sleeping too.”

Binghe deflates. Shen Qingqiu swears that if Binghe had dog ears, they would droop. “This disciple understands. But I really don’t mind spoiling him a bit. Xiao Bing and shizun should know that whatever they ask for, this disciple will always provide.”

Shen Qingqiu snorts and then places the baby on his lap. “Oh I have absolutely no doubt that you will provide and spoil Xiao Bing over here.”

Ever since day one, Binghe had gone above and beyond what was expected of him as a father. He had given him and Xiao Bing everything they could possibly need and more. Xiao Bing and him never grow hungry too. Binghe makes sure that Xiao Bing would have all the blood and qi he would need and makes sure that Shen Qingqiu eats his personally cooked meals everyday. How he does it while juggling his responsibilities as a ruler.

He once asked Binghe if he’s sure he should be doing this considering that he might be distracting him from his duties. But all Binghe said was, “Compared to what I had to do for the five years shizun was gone, this is very easy. I would never trade anything in the world for this. Besides, Xiao Bing and shizun are and will always be my first priorities.”

Binghe’s eyes soften upon seeing Xiao Bing reach for his hair. Unlike Shen Qingqiu, Binghe doesn’t automatically tug it away. The baby does have favorites, he thinks, as Xiao Bing merely plays with the hair as opposed to shoving it inside his mouth like what he usually does to his hair. It’s probably due to Binghe’s hair being soft. How does he do it really?

“Binghe,” he says, breaking the comfortable silence. “This master was thinking. Have you thought of a name you wanted to give to Xiao Bing over here? I know it hasn’t been that long since we had him but he’s very grown already. We have talked before how he is probably older than 100 days already.”

“But is shizun really sure he wants me to name him?”

Shen Qingqiu lightly hits his thigh. “Why would this master not want that? Are you not the father too?”

“But shizun probably has a name in his mind already.”

“I already gave him his nickname. Besides, this master knows well how much you wanted to celebrate his 100 days but Xiao Bing had been too old alread.” he replies. 

It had been something they had talked about. Their first conversation about the baby’s name had been...rather tense to say the least with Binghe back then still being suspicious of him claiming that he’s the father. But after they had calmed down and cleared up the misunderstandings, they decided to talk about naming Xiao Bing officially again. It had been put on hold due to the multiple responsibilities Binghe had to do. They decided that since Xiao Bing is still hidden in Huan Hua palace with the two of them on tight guard, it wouldn’t hurt to stick with the nickname for now. 

However, since the appearance of Liu Qingge and the sudden mission System gave him, he feels that this might be the right time to give Xiao Bing an official name. Xiao Bing had been something he thought of on the spot while he still didn’t know how exactly to react to a baby. With him going to Cang Qiong with the baby to fulfill the mission and hopefully, finally tie up loose ends, he will be introducing their baby to the world officially.

Xiao Bing, unknowing of what’s happening and entirely in his own world, looks up at Binghe with wide eyes. Binghe smiles at him and adjusts him in his lap. Xiao Bing notices the arm in front of him, holding him back from falling forward and then rests his head on it.

Shen Qingqiu coughs, his face red at the adorable situation. “As this master was saying, Binghe should get to name his son. He is within his right to.”

See, if Binghe really doesn’t want to, Shen Qingqiu is fine with that too. It’s just that. He doesn’t exactly have a good track record with creating names. His user ID Peerless Cucumber is still something he can’t believe he actually used and he’s actually mortified to hear it from other people. He’s pretty sure Binghe would be a lot better at this than he is.

“If shizun insists then. This disciple has to admit that he has thought of some names already,” Binghe replies bashfully. Shen Qingqiu wants to be surprised but he really is not. He can see how much Binghe adores Xiao Bing. It’s within his right and personality to want the best for him, even in name. “But it depends on whose name Xiao Bing will take on.”

“Bing’er here is your son. The mark on his forehead is something that one cannot deny and he has your lineage and blood too,” he says. “I suggest that he take on the name Luo as he would not have been born if not for Binghe. Without him, he would probably be just a husk of a body.”

And it is true. The Sun and Moon Dew Flower Seed only creates empty vessels, not souls. Even though they have fucked up with growing the body, the infant body that sprouted beside Shen Qingqiu’s body would still be empty if not for Binghe and Xin Mo. The body came from him but the beautiful soul of Xiao Bing is a result of Binghe and him.

“Besides,” he continues. “If this master is to go to Cang Qiong to cut loose threads so I can raise our son together with you, they would need to know who the other father is. They would need to know that Xiao Bing is not just a clone like what rumors say. He’s...He’s yours. No, he’s ours.”

The silence in the room is broken by Binghe speaking again, “For so long...For so long shizun never looked at me. He kept on smiling at everyone else but me. For Cang Qiong, he had smiles for them. And to know that shizun had given up so much for me and is willing to give up even more by going to Cang Qiong to let them know about his existence again and clear up everything for this disciple’s sake and our son. Shizun has no idea how happy this disciple is. But at the same time, I never thought I would feel sad too. I thought this was everything I wanted. To have shizun simply for myself.

Back then my only family was shizun. Now it’s bigger. I have only had Xiao Bing for a short time compared to other parents who have been raising their kid for years. But he has taught me what it’s like to be one. This disciple really, really wants shizun to just stay here. But shizun, I haven’t been a good parent have I?”

He wants to protest. What does he mean he hasn’t been a good parent? If anything, Binghe seems to be getting this whole parenting thing more smoothly. Xiao Bing has been nothing but good whenever he’s around, having memorized how to calm their son. Binghe has always made sure to go back to them for dinner. Even in his own time, not many fathers would be like him. 

“This disciple may be good with our son, but even now shizun teaches me what it’s like to be a parent. It’s not just being good at caring. It’s also about sacrifice and compromising. I know how much Qing Jing means to you. But shizun is willing to give it up? Just for us? That’s why...That’s why when shizun goes to Cang Qiong, I want him to remember that he’s free to do what he wants. This disciple has been selfish for so long. But now I know shizun is coming back to me. Shizun doesn’t have to give up anything if doesn’t want to.”

When did my Binghe grow up so well? Is his first thought. His next thought is to give Binghe a piece of his mind. 

He snaps this time. “Of course this master is willing! Am I not Xiao Bing’s father too? Did this master not promise Binghe that he will be here to raise Xiao Bing with you? It’s not what this master expected that is true. But despite the cruelty I have shown you before, I am not so heartless to leave you with a child. Xiao Bing...He is ours. He literally needs us. If this master needs to cut ties with Cang Qiong for his safety, then so be it. 

How matters will proceed with Qing Jing, that’s still for the future to decide on. But first and foremost, this master understands that Binghe and our son needs me the most. That’s why if Binghe is afraid that this master is doing something outside of his will, he needs to snap out of it. Everything I do now, it’s out of my own free will. I want to be here Binghe. With you.”

By the time Shen Qingqiu is done with his rant, his entire face is red. He can’t believe he just said all that. Given any other circumstances, his thin face would have prevented him from saying all that. But he needs Binghe to understand that he’s not leaving them. Not now or ever. He doesn’t know how to be a father just yet. But he’s trying and doing what he thinks would be best. And he would need Binghe beside him for that.

“Abapaa!” Xiao Bing suddenly shrieks and tries to chomp on Binghe’s hand.

The two of them calm down upon remembering that there is still an infant with them. Shen Qingqiu throws Binghe an apologetic glance. He truly did not mean to burst out just like that.

“This disciple’s heart is overjoyed,” Binghe says, pulling his hand away. Xiao Bing gives up on trying to eat his hand and instead rests his head on it. Shen Qingqiu grimaces as some of the saliva stick to his head. He’ll need to clean him up later. “But shizun should still know that this disciple is sincere with what I said about returning to Cang Qiong. I know now that shizun smiles for us first and foremost.  

And I know now that shizun will always smile at us at the end of the day. Shizun doesn’t have to give up Qing Jing or Cang Qiong. After all, Qing Jing still has my home, the bamboo house I’ve shared with shizun for so many years. That’s why Xiao Bing...if shizun is fine with it.

I want Xiao Bing to have the name Luo Weifeng. Wei for rare jade and feng for peak. Should shizun still proceed with his plan, I want you to know that you will always have a part of Qing Jing here with us. Qing Jing is mine too just as it is yours. Qing Jing is ours. Like how Weifeng is ours.”

As if understanding what he said, Weifeng looks up with wide eyes from his position, still resting his head on Binghe’s hand, and gives him a wide gummy smile. Binghe returns the smile tenfold and tickles his stomach, leading to the baby giggling. 

Binghe is a great father, he thinks. It’s not something he has ever considered. PIDW didn’t exactly show Binghe as a righteous father who cared for all of his children. With the number of women in his harem and the constant papapa, drama and plotting among the wives for the throne became inevitable. It’s another difference of his Binghe from the novel. One that makes him feel all warm and tingly inside.

It must be the temperature in this room, he thinks as he begins to fan himself. 

“Weifeng,” he repeats and then smiles at the father and son in front of him. “It's a beautiful name, Binghe.”

The rare jade in the peak. He thought that Binghe and Cang Qiong had cut ties with each other for sure. The two haven’t exactly been friendly with each other to say the least. But for Binghe to name their son as a remembrance to the peak they used to live in, it means a lot to him. He knows he’s willing to give up the peak for the safety of his son. 

It’s not easy to suddenly prioritize a tiny being’s life over his but he’s trying. His peak had been something he had grown to love but Weifeng is someone he knows he loves and who needs him more than his peak. His peak is still running even if he has already been dead for half a decade. It’s no contest to see who needs him more.

Want though, is a different story altogether. In his ideal world, he can live in his peak as a peak lord while caring for his son. But as many events have told him already, this is his reality now. And reality involves making hard decisions.

Weifeng, he thinks as he sits beside Binghe and wipes the drool on Weifeng’s mouth. He’s not the best dad there is. But for Luo Weifeng, he will try. He has lived for himself the entire time he transmigrated, treating Binghe as a fictional character. He knows he tried to be kind but deep inside him, he also knows that kindness was conditional at some point. He knows he truly cared about Binghe but there is no denying that.

In his second life, he will definitely treat Binghe right and dedicate himself to his child. He knows the system is still there, just more eerily mute nowadays. He’ll roll with it should he need to go back to fixing the plot. But Wengfei and Binghe comes first now, he promises to himself.