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all of me

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“chat we gotta talk.” ladybug said, the knots in her stomach tying themselves together even tighter. “what’s up, m’lady?” her chaton asked, his usual flirtatious smile gracing his lips.

though the young lady didn’t show it often, not to the holder of the cat miraculous anyway, she was nervous.


feeling your own heartbeat in your ears nervous.


‘you can do it marinette! you’ve known chat noir for almost three years now, there’s no reason for you to be this awkward about it’ she thought as she gave the young man a shy smile. “let’s sit on the rooftop over there, that way we’ll have it more comfortable, no?”.

either ignoring or not recognising the trembling of her voice, chat noir followed his lady to said rooftop. the sun was setting, casting an astonishingly beautiful pinkish light across the sky. the rooftop they were now sitting on was quite high, he might’ve been scared if it wasn’t for the years of him practically living on them whenever he stepped into the role of paris’ protector.

stunned by the pretty sunset he almost forgot ladybug sitting next to him, though she didn’t seem to mind as she was fidgeting with her fingers. chat turned his head to look at his buginette, the woman he’s been in love with for years. ‘not the only one’ he thought, seeing marinette dupain-cheng’s face in front of his inner eye. he quickly shook his head, dismissing the thought. his lady wanted to talk to him and he was going to listen.

“as much as i enjoy watching this very romantic sunset with you bugaboo, i sense that whatever you want to tell me is important to you. so why don’t you just tell me and we can snuggle up to watch the sun go down, hmm?”. she hated how his casual flirting made her heart beat faster now, she used to despise it.

‘but a lot has changed since that, hasn’t it?’. slowly she looked up into the intensity of her minou’s green eyes, surprised to see how soft they were to his usual piercing gaze.

“please, this is important to me kitty. i thought about this a lot...”. not daring to look into his eyes, she instead turned her head to look at her hands. she could sense chat’s interest increase but he thankfully didn’t interrupt, giving her the time and space she needed.

“do you remember when i told you about this boy i’m... i’m in love with?”, this time deciding to look at his face. he was frowning, perhaps even looking a bit sad but he nodded nonetheless. the girl took a deep breath and closed her sea blue eyes for a few seconds.


finish this. now.


she opened her eyes once again, a sad smile appearing on her lips. “well.... i’ve been thinking about this for a long time now and came to the conclusion that because of my... love for this boy that kept rejecting me, i refused to see what really was in front of me this entire time.”.

she stopped for a short time, not looking at him but up at the sky, the pink colour now fading into a deep shade of red, the blue of the night slightly noticeable.

“what exactly do you mean?”, she heard chat’s hopeful voice from beside her. at that, she smiled. he had been confessing his love for her countless of times now, it was almost ironic how long it had taken her to realise her feelings for her chaton.

ladybug felt him shift closer. ‘do it now, you won’t get another chance!’. once again she turned her head to look at those stunning eyes of his, eyeing him. “it means i’m in love with you, mon minou.”, her whisper almost too quiet to understand.




did his lady really just confess her love to him? and why did it feel so right but so wrong at the same time? the black cat’s thoughts drifted over to his classmate marinette. it took him some time to understand the growing affection for the beautiful blue haired girl but he was certain that he fell head over heels for her. sure, he’d always love his lady, his buginette, he simply wasn’t sure what this meant for his feelings for both of them.

shaking his head to snap out of his thoughts, he turned his head to look into the face of the girl he’s loved for so long. the smile she wore on her face easily battled the sun itself, it was so genuine, so full of love. the butterflies in chat’s stomach went crazy by just looking at her.

“wow m’lady, i’m- i’m speechless. all those years i’ve told you how much you mean to me, that i loved you for who you are, that i’d give my life for you...” he stopped, looking at the remaining now purple ish colour of the sky, the sun almost down. “this is very unexpected to be completely honest with you.”. he felt her shift, her posture slightly bent over, her fingers fidgeting with her yoyo.


she’s expecting an answer, c’mon!


chat took ladybug’s hand and intertwined it with his. he suddenly felt her eyes on his face, a silent question in them. sighing, he looked up and said “i love you, bugaboo. i adore you. but... all this time you told me to move on and find someone else-“, her hands twitched at that, “- and there’s this girl... you know her as well! she’s so beautiful and creative, always goes out of her way to help others, she’s so loving and  intelligent and i... i think - no i know - i’m in love with her.”.

for a long time no one dared to move. ladybug was staring at their intertwined hands, seemingly thinking about a response to what the boy she just confessed her love to told her. ‘you idiot! the girl you’ve been head over heels in love with for years tells you she loves you and you say you’re in love with another woman?’ chat thought, slowly starting to panic at ladybug’s lack of response.


but he couldn’t have lied to her, right? that would be unfair.


“who’s... who’s that girl? y-you mentioned t-that i know her as well?”. ladybug voice was nothing above a whisper. she sounded heartbroken and hearing that didn’t make him feel better about the situation at all. “it’s marinette! the girl from collège françoise dupont. you know... blue hair, blue eyes, a little clumsy... we’ve been spending a lot of time together and i started to realise that i like her more than one should like his friends-”

“what?” ladybug interrupted him, a hint of amusement in her voice. perplexed, chat looked at his lady. “what do you mean ‘what’?”. he didn’t understand what suddenly changed her mood. “you’re- you’re in love with marinette?”, the blue eyed girl asked, looking into his eyes.

“ye-yes..? is that so surprising to yo-?” he didn’t get to finish his sentence, because all he could hear was ladybug saying “spots off” and all of a sudden the very girl he just talked about sat next to him, the very same smile on her face.

‘what the hell is going on?!’ chat jumped up and stumbled before catching himself on the railing of the roof. eyes wide and mouth open, he stared at marinette. “yo- wait wait wait you’re- you’re marinette? M’LADY IS MARINETTE??” he couldn’t comprehend what he just witnessed.

“so you’re telling me you’ve been in love with me twice? now that’s funny, mon chaton.” ladyb- marinette laughed.


he’d have to get used to that


a sudden realisation hit him. if this was marinette and she just told him that the boy she’s in love with rejected her countless times, wouldn’t that mean that... HE WAS THE BOY. she meant adrien! this is incredible!

now it was marinette’s time to be confused. “what do you mean this is incredible? how did you know that boy is adrien?”. there was a slight trembling in her voice once again.




“did i- did i just say all of this out loud?”, chat asked, a slight blush creeping up his cheeks. his lady nodded. ‘oh well, time to let the cat out of the sack’, he thought as he detransformed.

before adrien was able to say anything he could hear marinette shriek, shocked to see that adrien agreste, the boy she’s been in love with since the day they met, stood in front of her. though he wasn’t in his superhero form anymore, his typical chat noir smirk grazed his lips. there he stood, arms wide open, looking at the loves of his life that turned out to be just one person.

expectantly, adrien sat next to marinette again after she had recovered from the shock and allowed herself to breathe again. “so, we’ve rejected each other for each other then, m’lady?”, the boy said grinning at his lady. “uhuh seems like it... mon chaton”. marinette was sure her face matched the colour of a tomato.

“so what does this mean for us n-“, she wasn’t able to finish her question, adrien pulling her in for a kiss. she half gasped into the kiss, but soon relaxed and melted into it. they seemed to be kissing forever, only breaking contact to gasp for air.

the sun was completely gone now, though the tour eiffel had lit up and cast a beautiful warm light across the city.

after seemingly hours of kissing, the lady and her chaton stopped. “i love you, m’lady.” was all adrien said, not able to shrug off the lovestruck smile he had on his face. “so do i, minou”, marinette said with the same expression on her face.

they were about to lean in for another kiss as they heard a person gasping behind them. startled, the two of them turned around to see a young woman with long, red hair and a basket in her hand looking annoyed at them. behind her was a brown haired man, slightly taller than adrien himself, shrugging as if to apologise to the couple.

the woman started to walk towards them, a dangerous gleam in her eyes. “ME and MY BOYFRIEND had planned to have a date on this roof tonight, you two have NO right to be here!”, she almost yelled, causing marinette to grab adrien’s arm.

the man - her boyfriend - walked up behind her and whispered in her ear “tine honey, don’t you think you’re overexaggerate a bit? those two clearly have been here for a bit longer than we have now-“, he didn’t get to finish before tine snapped her eyes up to his and say “no henry, we planned this a week ago! we even have the food and blankets here!” she wildly gestured to the basket in her hands.

marinette - still perplexed by what just happened - didn’t dare to say a word. adrien on the other hand took the initiative. “we’re sorry to interrupt your date... tine and henry?” henry nodded.

“i’m sure me and marinette can go somewhere else. after all-“ he turned to look at his lady,


-we now have all the time in the world.