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Just A Typical Day

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Classical music echoed throughout the trees as their leaves shifted gently in the breeze. Keys of a piano chimed graciously, overlapping the sound of punches being thrown and casual conversation.

… Wait, punches are being thrown?-

Sunny tumbles back before landing flat on the ground with a thud. He lets out a wheeze, chest rising and falling raggedly as he struggles to catch his breath. He thinks of at least sitting up, but finds himself too tired to muster up the energy to do so. His eyes squint against the bright sky as he takes a deep breath, attempting to even out his breathing as he decides to lie there.

"Shoot, you okay Sunny?" Aubrey's voice calls out, the sound of her shoes grinding the dirt fills the rogue's ears as she soon towers over him. He fully shuts his eyes as her pink hair seems to strain his eyes more under the sun, but nonetheless he gives her a nod. Letting out a sigh of relief, she then extends a hand out to Sunny. "I think that's enough training for today. Now c'mon, I'm sure you'd rather relax in the shade rather than out here."

With that, Sunny reopens his eyes and takes the barbarian's hand. He's hoisted up and supported by Aubrey as the two walk towards a cozy-looking cottage nestled in the forest's edge. Sitting just outside the cottage on a blanket were Basil and Mari, both seemingly preoccupied with something. Aubrey set Sunny down by his sister, who wore gentle smile while her fingers continued to dance on her magic keyboard. Basil on the other hand pouted with worry, sighing a little himself as he paused his work on a flower crown.

"You should really go easier on Sunny.." The druid was cut off by a huff from the person in question, which causes his shoulders to slump a little.

"I would, but Sunny really wants to go all out. And I'm not one to deny a request to get stronger." Aubrey takes a seat beside the flower boy, looking around before turning her attention back to him. "Lemme guess, Kel and Hero are still practicing their magic?"

She received a nod, Basil opening his mouth to respond before being cut off once more but by a loud explosion. Following suit, Hero came rolling down before the cottage as black smoke fumed off him.

"Hero!" Mari was the first to respond as her music playing stopped. The bard stood and rushed over to help him set up, and was soon accompanied by Kel who also ran in. His face was filled with guilt and fear.

"Bro! Hero, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for that outburst to happen- My magic, it just- Oh jeez I'm sorry-" Kel frantically spoke as he got his brother to stand up. Mari assisted him to set him down on the blanket beside Sunny.

"Kel, it's fine. I know you can't help it." Hero's voice was a bit raspy as he winced, his body aching at even the slightest of movements. "That's why we're training. To help you practice and get better."

The sorcerer looked down, eyes glistening with a look that didn't feel comforted. Taking a seat beside his brother on the blanket's edge, another sigh was let out that day while he looked troubled. "I just wish I could better faster, and not have as dangerous outbursts." He rubbed his hands together while Mari took a seat back down. Conjuring up her instrument of choice, she began to play a relaxing melody. A faint, light green glow appeared around everyone; It felt like it was slowly rejuvenating them and replenishing their energy. Meanwhile, Basil had set aside his flower crown to fetch something from inside the cottage.

"Haven't you tried practicing by yourself? That way you won't have the risk of harming anyone." Aubrey chimed in, to which the other shook his head.

"Yeah, I have. However I also have the risk of hurting myself, so I need someone to watch out for me. Who better than Hero though, a wizard who also needs to practice?" The barbarian raises a brow at Kel's response, looking like she was going to reply with 'But isn't there a chance both of you will get hurt then?' She doesn't however, just letting it slide as she shrugged it off.

Basil was soon to come back, rejoining the group on the blanket with a small wooden cup in his hands. He kneels beside Hero, which prompted him to sit up with a slight wince. "Here, some herbal tea. It's a little hot, and will probably taste bitter- But it'll help you feel better right away. You guys are lucky I have this ready when you all come and visit." After handing it over with a tiny grin, he looked to Sunny. He would've offered some to the rouge too considering earlier but: 1) Sunny's not a huge fan of bitter things and 2) It appears he's fallen asleep. Basil's grin grows to a gentle smile as he sits back down, picking up his work-in-progress flower crown.

Taking a sip of the tea, Hero's face immediately scrunches up in disgust. Sure he's been warned it was bitter, but man was it strong. Nonetheless, he's glad to see his brother lighten up with amusement at his reaction. The wizard knew Kel was constantly troubled by his lack of control on his abilities, so it was good to see him smile.

The rest of the day went fairly well; Everyone relaxing and staying by for lunch. They chatted casually, the air sometimes bubbling with laughter at something funny. Despite this being just a typical day, everyone always found themselves having fun and looking forward to their next hang out.