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Dragon Tamer

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Zhongli was always in control.

Pacing the streets of Liyue, working in the funeral parlor, dealing with that particular Fatui harbinger – Zhongli kept an iron grip on himself. Thus it was that most of their … encounters played out with Zhongli bending Childe over a desk or bed and slamming into him from behind.

Most. But not all.

“I want to try it the other way,” Childe said.

He sat on Zhongli’s desk in the funeral parlor, knees spread so Zhongli could slot between them. Zhongli paused on his way down Childe’s neck, pulling back enough to look him in the eyes. Childe wore nudity with a complete lack of shame. Even now, bare and hard, he faced Zhongli calmly.

“Why?” Zhongli said.

Childe ran his hands over Zhongli’s bare chest, chewing on his lip as he looked Zhongli up and down. He shrugged. “Dunno. Just thought it might be interesting.”

“Is the way we do it now not satisfactory?” Zhongli said.

“Oh no,” Childe said. “It’s extremely satisfactory.”

“Then why?”

Childe placed a finger under Zhongli’s chin, drawing him close. “Just curious, I guess. What does Master Zhongli look like when he’s not the one in control, I wonder?”

Zhongli was always in control. Even in moments like that, he did not lose himself entirely.

“Are you scared?” Childe said. “Have you never … ya know?”

“No,” Zhongli said. “I have.”

“Not your thing, boss?”

“It was pleasurable.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Childe said. “Don’t think I’m up to the task?”

Quite the opposite, in fact. Childe had proven himself a skilled lover at every turn. There was nothing they’d tried, nothing they’d concocted, that Childe had not performed expertly.

Childe slipped off the table, so close their hard cocks rubbed together as he turned them both around so Zhongli was the one with his back against the furniture. Childe ran his hands down Zhongli’s body, smooth, slow motions that tingled on Zhongli’s skin. He leaned forward, nibbling at Zhongli’s lip as he kissed him.

“Baobei, I want you,” Childe said. “I want you so much. It’ll be so good you’ll cry. I swear it. You won’t even remember your own name when I’m done with you.”

An ironic promise, given how many names both of them answered to, but Zhongli didn’t bother pointing that out. The offer thrummed in his chest. He had no doubt Childe would make good on every word and hold true to this contract if Zhongli accepted. He could not deny how deliciously tempting it all sounded.

“We must be cautious,” Zhongli said. “If I were to...”

“I’m not scared of you, xiansheng. Don’t you worry.”

“Perhaps you ought to be.”

Childe giggled. “Let’s find out.”

He slid down, running his hands along Zhongli’s thighs as he lowered to his knees. Childe kissed his way back up Zhongli’s thighs, but stopped before reaching his cock. He smiled up, mouth curling, then spun Zhongli around.

Zhongli was too startled to do more than catch himself against the edge of the desk. Before he could recover, Childe gripped his ass and licked him, one sudden swipe of the tongue. Zhongli gasped, back straightening and hips pushing back at Childe.

Childe chuckled, soft and low, a devious murmur. Then he dove back in.

His tongue swirled around the tight ring of muscle at Zhongli’s rim. Zhongli grit his teeth and groaned, body flushing with heat. Instantly, something pulsed within him, something deep, deep down in his gut, something that awoke with a growl.

Zhongli clutched at the desk before him and ground his teeth harder. But Childe licked him fearlessly, tongue prodding and probing, shameless as it searched for a way inside.

That growl rumbled in Zhongli’s gut, louder with each press of Childe’s tongue. It churned and grumbled, boiling in his gut. Already, Zhongli wondered how long he could keep holding it down.

It was not that Childe never did these things for him. It was not that he’d never experienced this. Rather, it was knowing this was just a warm up, just a way to loosen him so that Childe could plunge inside him. When they did things the other way, even if Childe pleasured him with his mouth, Zhongli knew he’d soon be in charge again, throwing Childe onto his back, setting the pace. With this, Childe dictated every beat.

And it was already plucking at the threads that kept that beast inside Zhongli bound.

“Ch-Childe,” he gasped.

Childe pulled back and Zhongli sighed with relief, but then he rubbed over Zhongli’s hole with his fingers. “You’re so sensitive. Is this why you always want to top?”

“Th-that’s not the reason,” Zhongli said.

“Well, whatever it is, I don’t mind,” Childe said.

He surged up to his feet, turning Zhongli back around and hoisting him up onto the desk. Childe smirked, slotting between Zhongli’s legs, using his thighs to tug him close. Childe ground his cock against Zhongli, just teasing for the moment but Zhongli’s stomach twisted into knots all the same.

“You’re all flushed and bright,” Childe said. “Are you embarrassed to take a dick? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“No, Childe, you do not understand,” Zhongli said.

But Childe did not listen, he did not stop. He sized up Zhongli’s naked body, licked his lips and scrambled for the oil set on the desk. Childe stroked it onto both of them, slicking up his cock before pushing Zhongli onto his back and rubbing the rest around his hole. Those deft fingers of his dipped inside occasionally, teasing little touches, and each time Zhongli knocked his head back and groaned, chest heaving with ragged breaths.

“Wow, you already look so good like this,” Childe said.

Zhongli yearned to respond, but what boiled in his gut had surged up into his chest and throat, clogging him with heat.

Childe’s fingers dove into him in earnest, massaging him open, as swift and reckless as everything else about the man. All hope of speech was lost then. Zhongli rocked on Childe’s fingers, body submitting to the motion of Childe’s hand.

Then the fingers withdrew.

Zhongli sucked in a breath and forced his eyes open. Childe lined up against him, cock pushing against Zhongli’s hole. It wouldn’t take much to get him inside. Zhongli knew it even before Childe stretched him.

“Childe...” he tried, one last, feeble attempt.

“Shh, boss, you have nothing to worry about,” Childe said. “I’m gonna make you feel...” And he pushed harder, stretching Zhongli more, insisting on getting inside. “ good.”

He squeezed in and both of them groaned. For all his bravado, Childe hesitated there, just barely within Zhongli. When he resumed, the heat he pushed into Zhongli flooded up into his gut, his chest, his throat, a potent mixture burning him from the inside out.

Something within Zhongli snarled.

Zhongli’s eyes rolled back. His mouth opened around gasps, but not merely because Childe was gripping his thighs and moving within him. Each pump did more than grind against his walls; it jolted the thing inside him, the thing snarling and snapping to be free.

Zhongli held it down with an effort. He still had control. He still had control over this. He could keep it down, even as Childe slid into him, cock so hot and sweet as it ground over his prostate.

Archons,” Zhongli rasped.

He might have scoffed at the irony of his own exhalation, but the thing within him heard the summons – and it leapt to respond.

He did not see so much as feel it emerge, rippling over his skin. Cracks spread over his body, seams of white hot golden light that blackened the skin around it to pitch. And still Childe pounded into him, so enthralled in his pleasure that he did not notice as horns curled from Zhongli’s head and his fingers elongated into jagged claws.

And then Zhongli snarled, not the sound of a man in lust, but the heat of a beast. Finally, Childe paused in his throes to take notice of the shift in his lover’s body. Enough of Zhongli remained for him to feel ashamed. He threw one golden-black arm over a face seamed with light and crowned with horns, but he could only cover his eyes and not the fangs or the pointed ears or the scales on the sides of his neck.

Despite it all, he clenched around Childe as Childe shifted to stand up a bit straighter. Zhongli knew his own cock was larger now, ridged and absurd compared to a man’s, but it twitched all the same when Childe dragged a finger along its length.

“Is this what you were so scared of?” Childe said. That finger kept moving, tracing the ridges and bumps.

Zhongli struggled not to whimper like some pathetic animal, but the heat grew to a pulsing wave. He panted with need, thighs pressing against Childe as though to keep him there.

Something grew within him.

At first, Zhongli thought it was just Childe shifting, perhaps to withdraw and escape the partly draconic form Zhongli now wore. But the pressure did not leave, it merely increased. Childe’s cock within Zhongli swelled, first filling him, then stretching him.

Zhongli uncovered his eyes when it began to burn and pinch, this new intrusion that was so much larger than the original.

It was not simply Childe’s cock that had grown.

Childe himself towered over Zhongli now. His unruly orange hair flowed around him like a fiery mane. His eyes pulsed with unnatural light. The hands clutching Zhongli’s thighs curled into claws. A mouth full of jagged teeth smiled down at Zhongli, long tongue swiping over Childe’s lips.

The voice that emerged from behind Childe’s red mask was deep and rough, bestial. “Don’t worry, xiansheng. Your little horns don’t scare me.”

For the first time that evening, Zhongli believed him.

His lips fell softly open as he gaped at Childe’s Foul Legacy form. He’d seen it once before, but that had been in battle. This … well, perhaps this was still a battle, of sorts. A battle for control.

Zhongli let go.

Childe slammed into him, a brutal thrust, but Zhongli’s shout was not one of pain but rather exuberant release. Scales rippled over his chest. His vision shifted as his eyes turned to slits. The heat of his breath puffed out in a steamy cloud.

The next time Childe thrust, Zhongli did not merely take it. He bucked, snarling and fighting. He could not help it. As deliriously good as Childe’s cock felt inside him, whatever had overtaken him needed to fight, it needed to struggle, it needed to claw and rend and tear. And so he did, locking his legs around Childe and grabbing his arms to try to pull him down.

Childe fought back. He shoved Zhongli down, thrusting into him when he could. It cost him, those indulgent jerks of his hips, those greedy beats into Zhongli’s ass. Zhongli managed to flip them and they both tumbled off the desk and to the floor.

It dislodged Childe with painful abruptness, but Zhongli did not get far. Childe leapt atop him, pushing Zhongli face first into the carpet. As Zhongli snarled and bucked and hissed, Childe used those large, clawed hands of his to hold Zhongli’s head down and twist one arm behind his back.

It left Zhongli’s legs free to kick and thrash, but the moment Zhongli tried that Childe wrenched his arm hard enough to elicit a hiss.

Childe forced Zhongli’s knees apart and scooted between them. He released Zhongli’s head and for an instant Zhongli thought he might be able to fight again, but Childe used his free hand to angle his cock right back at Zhongli’s hole. He shoved his way inside in one punishing thrust, driving deep all at once.

Zhongli wailed, cock straining where it was trapped beneath him. Childe gave him no reprieve, keeping that arm twisted behind Zhongli’s back as he slammed into him. He pinned Zhongli’s hip down with his other hand, leveraging weight and motion and pleasure against Zhongli to keep him restrained.

Not that Zhongli could fight anymore anyway.

Every thrust of Childe’s hips made Zhongli’s eyes roll to the back of his head. He slobbered on the carpet, tongue lolling out as his body jolted from the furious pounding. His breath formed a cloud of heat around him, puffed out so raggedly and so rapidly.

“That’s it,” Childe rasped in that deep, inhuman voice. “You look so good, my teacher. You look so good split open on my cock. And you love it so much. You can’t even speak, can you?”

Zhongli tried to growl, to snarl, but all that emerged was a pitiful moan as Childe’s cock ground inside him.

“I’m going to let you come soon,” Childe said, “for being so very good, but forgive me if I want to enjoy this just a little longer.”

Zhongli could grant no forgiveness, not in the pathetic state he was in just then. He whined, hitching his hips, grinding his cock against the carpet like an animal desperate for relief.

Childe understood. At least, he seemed to. He stopped talking, beating into Zhongli with deep, hard thrusts that left him drooling and senseless, each one impossibly better than the one before. All the fight drained from Zhongli as he went limp under Childe, moaning and quivering and incoherent.

One final adjustment. Seeing him docile, Childe drew Zhongli up by the hips, just a little so he could squirm his hand under them and grip Zhongli’s cock. His hand was rougher now, but no less clever, and from the moment Childe stroked him Zhongli knew it was over.

He tried to issue some kind of warning, but all that emerged was a somewhat higher moan than the others. If Childe understood, he did not indicate it. He just kept on ramming Zhongli into that carpet, hand working along his spiny cock.

Then he bit Zhongli on the shoulder, latching on in those final, desperate seconds.

Zhongli wailed, his entire body arching, ass pressing back against Childe as though he could take him even deeper somehow. Warmth poured into Zhongli, Childe’s warmth, warmth unlike any human’s. It was so hot Zhongli could actually feel it filling him.

Still Childe stroked, teeth digging into Zhongli’s shoulder, refusing to let go until Zhongli did. Zhongli burst over Childe’s hand, his whole body shaking when it finally released all that heat pent up so tight inside it. Zhongli cried out as he came, man and monster both shaken and reeling.

Childe stroked him through all of it, patient and persistent, pumping until every drop trembled out of Zhongli and onto his carpet. Only then did he relent, sliding out of Zhongli and easing away.

Zhongli did not notice the shift as much in this direction. He knew his body cooled, but the exhaustion that settled over him weighed down his very bones. He finally realized he was a mere man again when Childe returned to his side, petting his back with soft human hands.

Childe brushed Zhongli’s hair off his sweaty neck, kissing down his spine between his shoulder blades. A rag cooled by fresh water followed the brush of Childe’s mouth and Childe meticulously, slowly wiped the sweat from Zhongli’s back and the mess from between his legs.

“Turn over,” Childe said, quiet and human once more.

Zhongli hesitated to comply. What had happened here today never should have occurred. Zhongli should have maintained control, but he hadn’t. He’d broken right at the moment when his will should have been ironclad.

“Come on, boss,” Childe chided. “Onto your back so I can clean you up.”

He tugged at Zhongli’s shoulder and Zhongli finally rolled over. He lay on his back looking up at Childe, who sat there smiling, cheeks still faintly flushed. He was a wonder to behold, this strange man who showed no fear, not even when Zhongli lost control and something of the Archon within him emerged.

He raised a hand, brushing a finger against Childe’s cheek. So soft. So fragile. Childe giggled at the touch, catching Zhongli’s hand.

“Aw, boss, there’s no need to be all sentimental about it,” Childe said. “You had fun, right?”

Fun. Fun. As though what had just transpired was a mere roll in the hay and not two beasts capable of rending the very stone of Teyvat.

A chuckle slipped out of Zhongli, one wry burst of breath.

“What’s wrong?” Childe said.

“It is nothing,” Zhongli said. “And,” he added, “yes, it was … quite enjoyable.”

Childe beamed, quickly wiping the muck off of Zhongli’s chest so he could settle there atop him. He murmured with contentment as he snuggled in, hugging Zhongli against him. “Told ya.”