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All is Well

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The parents of the Afton and Kennedy families had been close since high school. The Kennedys didn’t keep touch with many of their classmates, but the Aftons were an exception. Della Afton and Blanche Kennedy had met in their freshman year of high school, both of them ending up with their high school sweethearts William Afton Sr. and Joseph Kennedy. The Kennedys got married when they were still in college, while the Aftons waited a bit longer.

Between the two couples, they ended up having four children; Peter Kennedy, William ‘Dave’ Afton Jr., Jack Kennedy, and Dee Kennedy, in that birth order. Dave was born just a few months before Jack, so the families had planned to have the two grow up as friends.

Originally, they hoped to accomplish this with Peter and Dave, but the former had no interest in ‘being friends with a baby’. This meant Dave and Jack were always much closer, eventually becoming inseparable. This didn’t mean every Afton and every Kennedy got along. When little Dee was learning to speak, she showed a dislike towards Dave for a reason she refused to disclose. Dave took this personally, and so a rivalry of sorts between the two was formed.

The families had seen each other grow throughout the years, like several months ago when Peter went off to college. It was a historic but emotional moment for the Kennedys, whose other children didn’t really get why their brother left.

Today, however, Jack and Dee were seeing Peter again for the first time since he left. Today was Dee’s sixth birthday party and he didn’t want to miss it for the world. As distant as he could often be from his siblings, they still meant everything to him. Dee had been looking forward to this day for so long. Not only was she seeing Peter again, but her party was being held at her favorite place in the world: Fredbear’s Family Diner.

The party was of average size, the guests consisting of family members and some of Dee’s friends from school. She was watching Fredbear and Spring Bonnie perform when Peter walked into the restaurant. Jack was the one to announce his arrival, and it caused Dee to stop in her tracks and face him.

Peter was carrying a big, colorful bag, obviously holding a present meant for Dee. “Happy birthday, Dee Dee!”

The girl dropped everything and ran towards her older brother, jumping into his arms and giving him a hug. “Petey!”

”Sorry I didn’t get here sooner, traffic was terrible.” He set down the bag and hugged his sister back.

”Who cares? You’re here!” Dee said.

Jack crossed his arms. “You should’ve taken longer. Dee was gonna have everyone go back home if you didn’t show up in time.”

”Jack, just because Dave says you’re too old and too ‘cool’ to be seen here, does not mean you should hate being at your sister’s birthday party,” Mrs. Kennedy said before looking back at her oldest child. “What am I going to do with that boy? Just put the bag on that table over there with all the other presents.”

Peter nodded, making his way to said table.

Jack felt a tap on his shoulder. “Hey, Jack.” Whispered an all too familiar voice from behind him.

The boy jumped at the sound, not needing to turn around to know who was speaking. “Dave! You gotta stop scaring people like that.”

Dave laughed. “But it’s funny! Speaking of which, you should see what I got Dee. My parents bought her a gift but I switched it out for a gift of my own.”

Jack sighed. “Do I even want to know?”

He shrugged. “Probably not. It’s best to be a surprise.”

”I really don’t like where you’re going with this, Dave.”

Dave elbowed him in the arm. “Chill out, dude! No need to be such a stick in the mud. Come on, you’re gonna think it’s funny.”

”Time to open presents!” Mrs. Kennedy called out from across the room.

He snickered as everyone made their way to the other side of the room where Dee was. “Just watch, Jack. Hey, Dee, would you mind opening mine first?”

Dee glared at him. Her stare was... surprisingly intimidating, for a six year old. “If you’ll shut up.”

”I’ll keep my mouth shut, I promise.” He said with a wink to Jack.

Mrs. Kennedy searched the table for the gift that was labelled with the last name Afton. “Here you go, Dee! First gift.”

She sighed as she unwrapped the gift. Coming from Dave, she wasn’t expecting anything good. And she was right to not expect that, because as soon as Dee opened her gift, she screamed.

Jack slapped his friend. “Dude! Why did you get my sister a fake spider?”

”Come on, Jackie! Isn’t it funny?”

He crossed his arms. “It would be, if she wasn’t six! What’s your problem?”

“William David Afton! Get over here right now!” Mrs. Afton called out.

Dave rolled his eyes at the sound of his full name, but giggled right after. “Worth it.”

”Dave, you’re messed up.”

Dee hugged her mom as she started sobbing.

”It’s okay, honey, it’s fake. Just one of Dave’s bad ideas of a joke.” The woman assured her youngest.

”I hate you, Dave!” She stomped her foot on the ground.

Mrs. Kennedy sighed deeply. She loved the Aftons dearly, but Dave was a mess sometimes. She worried about the influence he had on Jack. “Let’s just open Peter’s present next.” She handed Dee the colorful bag.

Upon seeing her next gift, Dee gasped. “A Barbie doll! I’m going to put it in the microwave.”

”I’m not sure that’s a great idea, Dee Dee.” Her mother said.

”Are you kidding? It’s the best idea!” Her eyes lit up as she stared at the doll she was planning to melt.

Dee opened a few more gifts, including a new set of bows & headbands and a stuffed Spring Bonnie.

”Alright, time for your big gift.” Mrs. Kennedy told Dee.

Her eyes widened. “Big gift?”

And then, in came Mr. Kennedy, holding a small bike with training wheels.

Dee screamed in joy, causing her parents to cover their ears. “A bike! Now I can ride bikes with Jack! And Dave.” She said the other’s name with no excitement whatsoever.

”Jack, you’re not gonna let a six year old ride around your neighborhood with us, are you?” Dave asked.

Jack rolled his eyes. “I won’t, if I want her to throw a tantrum. Why don’t you just deal with her like a normal person, Dave?”

The other boy threw up his arms in exasperation. “How am I supposed to do that when she hates me? Don’t adults always say, treat others how you want to be treated?”

”That’s not at all what they mean and you know it.”

Dave scoffed. “No, I don’t.”

Dee was happily humming as she looked at her bike, playing with her stuffed Spring Bonnie.

”You better be glad that Dee’s too happy about her bike to care about the spider, otherwise my parents would be so mad.” Jack said to his friend.

He huffed. “You’re no fun, Jack.”

”Next year, you’re not getting her anything without showing me before she opens it.”

Dave sighed. “Fine. I’ll try to figure out what a seven year old girl would want.”

The rest of the party went on a positive note, the worst thing happening being Dee eating too much cake. Dave got a stern talking to from his mom that he hated every second of. The second he was spared the lecture, he went back to hanging out with Jack.

Then Dee appeared out of nowhere and pulled Jack’s arm. “Jack! Fredbear and Spring Bonnie are about to perform again!” She pointed over the characters on the stage. “Forget loser over here, let’s go watch.” Dee stuck her tongue out at Dave, getting the same reaction back.

Well, Jack thought. I guess things could be worse.