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The knock at the door feels like it’s booming in his ears as Kuroo blinks awake.

“Hey bro, you good? It’s after noon and it doesn’t look like you’ve come out of your room. It also...smells kinda...different…do you have company in there?”

Bokuto’s voice grated against his nerves. His best friend and roommate of the last three years was usually a source of joy and comedy in equal measure, but as Kuroo’s head swam and the sweat dripped from his forehead, he was not feeling the over-exuberant alpha right at the moment.

“Bo, I’m sick. Leave me alone.” He was sure he had a fever and there was a burning in his gut that didn’t feel right. It had been awhile since he had the flu, but he supposed that living in the college dorms packed together like sardines made it a high likelihood at any given time.

Bokuto made a little whining sound and there was a thump like he’d hit his forehead against the door. He’d acted weird that morning too, asking Kuroo about nine times if he was okay and wanted Bo to stay. They were close, but Kuroo was not needy. In fact, he was the grounded one, a calm and level-headed beta, perfect to room with an excitable alpha who needed the support.

The school required the lower population of alphas and omegas to room only with betas, unless they were a bonded pair. It just made everything simpler, a good protective barrier for omegas, especially during heat cycles, though usually they went home during those times. For alphas, it kept them from fighting with one another or being too pushy with an omega during ruts. Kuroo had witnessed Bokuto go through enough of them, huffy and red-faced, either locked in his room for the several days or inviting over someone to help him relieve the tension.

Kuroo was very good at hiding his jealousy. He was just a beta, after all. Betas weren’t really supposed to feel that way, especially about alphas. But it was fine. He brushed it off without much trouble.

Jeez, why the hell was he thinking about that now?

He threw off the covers, sticky from sweat, and sat up slowly. He felt a little dizzy and weak, but no nausea or any other symptoms, other than that slight hot feeling in his stomach. He was probably fine to get up and prove his survival to Bokuto firsthand.

“It smells like honey and apples out here. Did you make something? Kuroo, just let me in, please?”

“Honey and…” Kuroo whispered to himself. Now that he stopped and paid attention, he could detect the sweet smell as well, but it wasn’t exactly right, there was something else to it. He sniffed his armpit, wondering if it was just his own body odor he was picking up with the smell, but he’d just taken a shower last night. He scooted to the edge of the bed and stood up, scrubbing his face and heading over to the door.

“Yeah, hang on a sec. Ugh, I feel like-” He nearly choked on his words as he suddenly felt wet in all the wrong places. He sat down on the floor immediately. What the hell had just happened? He peeked down into his boxers, only to see what looked like a viscous, clear fluid had coated the inside of his shorts. What the-

No. No, no, no, no. He was almost twenty-three years old. While that was technically still within the timeframe of expression (15-22 years of age, according to the middle school text books that still haunted his nightmares), the overwhelming majority of alphas and omegas expressed by age twenty. Kuroo was a beta. He had always been a beta. He didn’t produce strong scents from his scent glands, he didn’t have strong emotional responses, he was the quintessential beta.

Who apparently, based on all of these symptoms, was going into omega heat. Bokuto jiggled the door handle again.

“Are you okay? Did you fall? Kuroo!” Fuck. That would definitely explain the sudden protective instinct that was obviously spurring on Bokuto.

An alpha. Kuroo’s mind flashed back through the years, distilling a memory of a passage about how alphas could be dangerous around omegas in heat. That depending on the temperament, they could be forceful. Kuroo swallowed hard. He didn’t want to believe that Bokuto could be like that, but the bright hot fear that was blooming in his belly was making his breath quicken. What was he going to do? He only knew the very basics about omegas and he had no supplies. He looked around frantically for his phone, only to remember that he’d left it in his jacket pocket in the living room. He needed help. And right now, Bokuto was the best and only person to help him.

“Um, hey Bo, could you, uh, do me a really big favor?”

“Yeah, of course! What do you need, Tetsu? I’ll do whatever, just say the word.” He sounded a bit frantic, desperate to please, as he always was.

“Can you, uh,” he sorted through his friends, considering the few he knew that were omegas as well, “can you call Sugawara-san? Please. Tell him to come over?”

“Kuroo Tetsurou, what the hell is going on? I’m really worried, bro. Please.”

Fuck. He was not going to get through this smoothly. It wasn’t like Bokuto wasn’t gonna find out. And technically, he did know how to handle an omega. He’d dated one his last year of high school. So...this was...fine. Kuroo shut his eyes tight and pulled his knees close to his chest, fear fluttering in his throat.

“Ah, well, this is gonna sound real crazy, but...I think I...might be, uh, in...heat.” There were several seconds of complete silence and now Kuroo did feel like he needed to throw up.

“Tetsu, you can’t be in heat, you’re a beta.”

“Signs point to yes, Bokuto!” He raised his voice in irritation, something he almost never did, and he scrubbed at his face again.

“I’m gonna call Akaashi. He’ll know what to do.”

“No! Do not call Akaashi! Call Sugawara!” Kuroo felt panicky. The last thing he wanted was for Bokuto’s omega ex-boyfriend, who distinctly didn’t really like him, to be the one he had to talk to about this. Bokuto always called Akaashi about everything. Even though they hadn’t dated in three years and Akaashi had been happily mate bonded to an alpha for the last year, Bokuto still fucking called him about every little thing like Akaashi knew him better than Kuroo did and it was so fucking infuriating-

Whoa. Kuroo took a deep breath and wiped the moisture away from his eyes. Well, this was new. And he hated it.

He heard Bokuto talking on the other side of the door and almost growled in frustration when he heard Akaashi’s name. He stood up again, peeling off his boxers and grabbing the towel from last night’s shower to wrap around his waist. By the time he sat back on the bed, Bokuto’s voice was angled back at him.

“Akaashi is on his way, he’s coming right over. you want me to leave?” Bokuto’s voice was so hesitant and it made Kuroo’s head jerk up toward the door. He was blasted with that rich scent of honey and apple, now recognizing that it was coming from him. He’d never smelled like this before. He wasn’t sure he could let Bokuto in, but he knew that he would fall apart if he left. The thought of it was raking at his insides.

“Fucking please, don’t leave me with Akaashi!” He hated the way his voice sounded, all thin and pleading, but he had no control over it. He could do this though, this would be fine. It was probably just a mistake, yeah? That could totally happen...

“Ahhh, no, no, it’s okay! I won’t leave! I’ll be right here and I’ll keep anything from happening to you! Don’t worry, Tetsu!”

The next several long minutes were spent with only the sound of Bokuto’s heavy footfalls as he paced outside of Kuroo’s room. When he heard the knock at the front door it felt like pins and needles across his skin. He put his hands over his ears to muffle whatever they were saying to each other, but the soft knock at his bedroom door couldn’t be ignored.

Cinching the towel tight around his waist, he crossed the room and raised a shaking hand to the lock. As it clicked he backed quickly away, to hide behind where it would open.

“I’m coming in, Kuroo-san,” came Akaashi’s smooth voice and Kuroo felt a wave of dread as the door opened and the beautiful omega stepped through. He’d always felt envious of Akaashi’s looks, so delicate and lovely, but now it made him feel almost sick. How could he possibly be an omega? Omega’s were supposed to look like Akaashi, but Kuroo looked like a lanky alley cat next to the elfin features of this man. Who would even believe that Kuroo could be something so sought after? Would anyone ever even want-

“Kuroo-san, I must interrupt whatever train of thought you are spiraling down. I assure you it is merely the hormones overloading your system.” Akaashi set a dark blue backpack down and held out his hand. A calming smell, vanilla and rose, swept over Kuroo and he couldn’t help but relax, letting his shoulders droop a bit. He frowned at Akaashi and his outstretched hand. Of course he would be able provide perfect support, fucking perfect Akaashi-

“Kuroo-san. Please take my hand and come sit down. I’ve brought you some supplies. You’re filling the air with fear and misery on top of your heat scent and Koutarou is nearly climbing the walls. For his sake, please come speak with me. It will be alright.”

He huffed and took Akaashi’s waiting hand, and goddamnit, he had to admit that having that little bit of contact was honestly so grounding he almost sobbed in relief. Akaashi pulled him over to the bedside and leveled his tired gaze at him. He didn’t look annoyed or frustrated and Kuroo was running out of good reasons to hate him.

“I’m going to do something that will make you feel better. It involves touching you, so please don’t overreact.” Kuroo tensed in response to his words, but Akaashi lifted a hand and ran it through his hair and down his spine to just below his shoulder blades. It was staggering, just how good it felt to be petted like that, and when Akaashi raised his hand to Kuroo’s hair again, he leaned into the touch.

“I can’t...believe this is happening.”

“It’s quite rare for an omega your age to not have a heat cycle or present in any way until now, but it’s not unheard of. And trust me, you are an omega. We learn to recognize our own. Now, we have to talk about some awkward things, but know that I’m here for you and if you feel afraid at any time, just take my hand, all right?”

Kuroo felt his face flush as he looked down at Akaashi’s open hand and damn it, he did really want to take it, but he held himself back. Akaashi began taking supplies out of the bag and explaining each one and how they work in his calm tone and Kuroo tried to listen carefully, but his whole body shivered when Akaashi pulled out a small pill pack and looked him dead in the eye.

“Do you believe you will have sex during this cycle? If so, you should take one of these now.”

The low throb in his gut caught him off guard. So far, this whole heat business had been nothing but dizziness, feverish feelings, and over emotionality. But as soon as Akaashi spoke those words, it was like the primary symptom of heat roared to life within him. He felt himself harden and he threw his hands over his crotch and leaned forward, embarrassment sizzling along the edges of the sudden bloom of arousal.

“What the fuck…”

“Apologies. The arousal comes in waves and if this is only the first, know that it will only grow in intensity and length of time. Have you had sex before, Kuroo-san?”

Visions of Bokuto were flashing before his eyes, the many fantasies he’d suppressed over the years brought to life like a ticker tape of his deepest secrets. He bit his lip hard trying to refocus through the aching need that rocketed through him.

“Ah, yeah, yes, a couple times…”

“Good. That will make things easier. Congratulations. You’ll no longer need lubricant and your prep time will be much shorter going forward. I suggest you take the pill. It is a contraceptive.”

“Fuck! Goddamnit, I don’t want to have to even think about that. Ah, shit, this fucking hurts…” His jaw was clenched tight and another blast of calming scent rolled off of Akaashi and his cool fingers brushed back through Kuroo’s hair.

“I’m going to make a suggestion. You will feel much calmer if you are scented by an alpha. You should consider letting Bokuto-san do it. He helped me through a couple heat cycles and knows what to do. He would also not take advantage of you.”

A whimper of fear combined with longing curled out of Kuroo and he failed to suppress his vulnerability for just a moment. He didn’t know what he wanted, what he needed. As uncomfortable as the other omega usually made him, he needed someone to tell him what to do right now. And to tell him it would be okay.

“Take the pill, just in case. Put in one of the plugs. Get dressed, and then come out to the living room. I’ll explain to Bokuto-san his job. You’ll be alright.” Akaashi pressed the pill pack into his hand along with one of the plugs and got up, leaving Kuroo in the room alone. Simple directions. He could do this.

He popped the pill pack and threw back the little green oval easily. The plug was more difficult and uncomfortable, but it was a relief to know he could put on his clothes without getting them dirty. Pulling on basketball shorts and a tank top (he was still terribly hot and sweating), he just had to wait for the last of his erection to subside before heading out into the living room.

Before he could even take in the scene before him, he was almost knocked back by the power of Bokuto’s scent. He’d lived with the guy for three years, through enough ruts, to recognize that lingering ocean breeze threaded with amber, but never had he noticed it so strong. It drowned out the crisp honey scent that had been emanating from Kuroo and filled him with a myriad of emotions he couldn’t quite untangle in the blur of his mind. He did know one thing though. He wanted more of it. He wanted it burning his nostrils and pressed into his skin. He wanted to taste it on Koutarou.

He shivered as he looked across the room to where Bokuto sat on the couch, looking like he was ready to launch off of it. Akaashi stood behind him, one hand firmly on Bokuto’s well defined shoulder to hold him in place. Bokuto’s face had flushed bright red as he laid eyes on Kuroo and his hands gripped the edge of the couch with white knuckles. It was like a magnetic pull in Kuroo’s chest that begged him to go to his friend, to nestle in his arms and let him take care of him. Kuroo shook his head to try to dispel the strange and sudden drive.

“Um, hey. S-sorry about all this.” He avoided Bokuto’s focused gaze and scratched at his itching scent glands just under his ear.

“Tetsu, buddy, it’s okay. I want to help however I can. There’s nothing to be sorry for. It’s been a long time since I’ve been around someone in heat, but I remember pretty well. Just know, please don’t be mad if certain things, uh, react.” Bokuto gestured to his crotch with a wide and sheepish grin and Kuroo couldn’t help but laugh. He was so lucky to have Bokuto, couldn’t imagine what this would be like without knowing he was here.

Akaashi gave an exasperated sigh and pulled Bokuto back against the cushion of the couch. He looked a bit annoyed now, and Kuroo felt his lip curl. He shouldn’t be touching Bokuto. He already had a mate. What would Matsukawa-san think if he knew that Akaashi was here, touching another alpha in such a state?

“Kuroo-san, Bokuto-san is happy to scent you if that’s what you want. It will make you feel more secure. But it means being very close to and touching him. If you would like that, please come sit in his lap.”

Kuroo took a sharp gasp of breath. goodness, he wanted that. His feet carried him across the floor, almost of their own accord, until he stood before Bokuto, looking down into his big golden eyes that were so wide and inviting.

He held out his hands and Bokuto took them in his big, warm ones, steadying him with his superior strength as Kuroo drew his long legs over Bokuto’s lap to straddle him. In all their years of being friends, they had never been like this, slotted together like lovers. Bokuto was warm, but in a comforting way that made Kuroo want to collapse against him, but he held back. Bokuto’s alpha scent was so strong here, it was grounding him, making him feel safe. Before he could fully stop himself, he had slipped forward to plant himself against Bokuto’s plush chest and buried his face in his friend’s neck, close to his scent gland.

Strong arms encircled him, pressing them tighter together, and Bokuto rested his chin on Kuroo’s shoulder. That deeper amber scent seemed to almost engulf him and they both sighed against each other. He could feel Bokuto’s heart pounding hard against his chest and looked up to sneak a glance at Akaashi.

The other omega stood a step back, looking down at both of them serenely. There was a war raging in Kuroo. On one side there was a need and a gratefulness for Akaashi’s help. On the other existed a feral thing, one that challenged the thought that Bokuto still might belong to Akaashi, one that was ready to fight for him and prove that he was a better omega. He curled his fingers into Bokuto’s hair, squeezing his thighs around the alpha’s hips possessively. He felt Bokuto suck in a breath. Akaashi narrowed his eyes.

“Hey, hey, I’ve got you, Tetsu. Don’t worry, buddy.” Bokuto’s voice was soothing in his ear as his arms tightened around Kuroo’s waist. A low growl rumbled in Kuroo’s chest that he couldn’t seem to control and Akaashi arched an eyebrow at him. He could feel the effect he was having on Bokuto as his heart sped up and the outline of his hardening member began to be noticeable.

“Um, T-Tets, I should probably...take a break. Will you be okay for a minute? Like f-five minutes?” Bokuto huffed a breath against his shoulder, his voice tense as he fought the instinct within him.

Kuroo shook his head to clear the growing tide of emotions. He released his iron grip on Bokuto and rolled off of him, collapsing back against the couch. He took a deep shuddering breath, trying to ignore the way Bokuto’s eyes raked over him.

“Yeah, yeah of course. Sorry.”

Bokuto bit his lip and looked back at Akaashi before standing, trying to adjust so his erection was less obvious.

“I’ll be right back. Sorry, sorry.” He shuffled into his room, latching the door behind him. Kuroo leaned his head back against the back of the couch. He felt his lip curl as Akaashi stepped into view over him, cool fingers drifting along the side of his face. The sensation was so stark against his feverish skin it made him gasp as Akaashi leaned over him, close to his face. There was a bite to his scent that hadn’t been there before, something he liked even as the war waged in his chest.

“Listen to me, Kuroo-san. I am not your adversary. Everything between Bokuto-san and me is in the past. But if you want him, and I mean want him, then there is something important for you to know.”

Akaashi brushed his bangs aside and slid his nose along the edge of Kuroo’s. His lips brushed against Kuroo’s cheek and Kuroo shivered as fingers slid down the line of his throat. He’d never been particularly attracted to Akaashi, but god, he was at his mercy as he leaned close to Kuroo’s ear.

“You are omega, powerful and rare, a god amongst mortals in this world. They think we are claimable trophies but really, we can have anyone and anything we want. You are the cradle of divinity. And if you want Bokuto-san, you can take him. Make him yours and yours alone, and I will revel in your conquest.”

His words were like searing honey, dripping down Kuroo’s neck and he was helpless and empowered all in the same frame.

“Ah-Akaashi,” he pleaded in whispered tones. He wasn’t sure what he was asking, but he felt like he wanted more of whatever the other omega was offering.

“Take him, if you want him, Kuroo-san. I promise you this: nothing will ease that burn beneath your skin like the feel of a knot buried deep inside you.”

Kuroo couldn’t stop the sound that squeezed from him as Akaashi’s words sunk straight to his bones. Akaashi then dragged his tongue along the shell of Kuroo’s ear and kissed his cheek before smiling down at him with the most powerful look he’d ever seen. He moved his hands slowly off of Kuroo, like he relished every inch of skin just as much as Kuroo did, before he turned and left the apartment.

His whole body buzzed but his mind raced with Akaashi’s message. He’d never thought about omegas being powerful, but it was true that they were the most desired, the most vied for and catered to…

He lifted his head and looked toward Bokuto’s bedroom door. He knew that he could have him now, if he wanted. He knew intrinsically that as an omega, he could manipulate an alpha. But he didn’t want that. The raging fire of his heat had burned away the many justifications that he had hidden behind for so long. He’d wanted Bokuto for a long time, wanted all of him, and he didn’t think he could be satisfied with just an alpha comforting an omega during a heat. He needed more than that.

He gasped as his body was wracked with want once again. His cock throbbed, tenting the front of his shorts and he ran a hand over the fabric covering it, shivering at how sensitive he suddenly was. Sweat dripped down his neck and he felt so alone all of a sudden, needed someone, needed Bokuto to be here and to touch him and speak to him. A high keening sound rolled out of him, taking all his breath in a rush and he heard a crash come from Bokuto’s room. The door slammed open and Bokuto stumbled out, flushed and covered with his own sheen of sweat. Even in his damn sweat pants and t-shirt he looked so fucking good Kuroo wanted to tackle him.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m here, it’s okay. Did Akaashi leave?”

Kuroo glowered at him. He hated how Akaashi’s name sounded in Bokuto’s mouth right now.

“Yeah. Don’t talk about him anymore!” His words were loud and harsh and Bokuto jolted from it. God, Kuroo had never been so sharp and angry with him, but the memory of Akaashi’s tongue against his ear burned bright and the knowledge that Bokuto had once been his was like a needle in his stomach.

“Right, okay, no problem. Is there anything I can get you? Anything to eat or drink? Sometimes Ak-ah, um, omegas like to suck on ice cubes. You look really warm…” He sat down gently next to Kuroo and reached out, not quite touching him. Kuroo moved one of the couch pillows over his lap before he leaned back into Bokuto’s shoulder and his comforting scent. Bokuto placed a hand at the back of his neck, petting just a little over the skin there and it was so very soothing.

“Man, you’re really sweaty. Do you want to take a shower? Might feel good?”

Oh, that did sound nice. Except…

“Will you come with me?” The petting at the back of his neck faltered.

“Oh-uh, in the bathroom?”

“In the shower. Will you come with me? We can...we can wear our shorts or whatever. Just, please…” He wrapped a hand tight in Bokuto’s shirt. If he had to be alone, he wouldn’t take one.

“Yeah, okay, sure, buddy. No worries. Um...listen, I took care of things, but...well, I just...I need to know how far it’s gonna be okay to go. You’re my best friend. I don’t want to fuck up and lose you because our hormones take over our brains.”

“Bokuto, please. Just don’t do anything you don’t wanna do and we’ll be fine.” He felt tears prickle at the edges of his eyes. They were best friends and he was totally fucking it up with his omega-ness. If anything did happen, it would be his fault, not Bokuto’s. He could just apologize, smooth it over however he needed to, and force his feelings back into place once he was no longer controlled by this heat bullshit. He felt Bokuto swallow hard and tried not to think about what that meant.

“Okay. Right. Let’s...let’s get you in the shower. And I know you have a boner and I’m not taking it personally, so just don’t worry about that. Heats just be like that. Come on.” He pulled Kuroo up off the couch and helped steer him toward their cramped bathroom.

It would be a tight fit for both of them in the little standing room only shower, and Kuroo felt a bit of shame by how that thrilled him. As Bokuto turned on the water, Kuroo peeled out of his sweat-soaked tank top, hissing as the fabric scraped along his suddenly incredibly sensitive nipples. He brushed a hand over one taut bud, never in his life remembering them being so very at attention. He looked up just in time to see Bokuto staring at him with big eyes, which dropped immediately to the floor as he turned away, red blooming once again at his ears and the back of his neck.

As Kuroo pushed his shorts down, leaving just his boxers, he could feel the uncomfortable plug pressing into him. He looked up at Bokuto. Would it be okay to just take it out? Would he need to ask? He probably should, but the idea of Bokuto seeing him pull it free made his stomach churn. As the muscular alpha lifted his shirt over his head, all while facing away, Kuroo quickly pulled the plug free and dropped it in the trash.

Bokuto pushed down his sweat pants and stepped out of them, finally turning back to Kuroo. He’d seen Bokuto in nothing but his skivvies plenty of times, but somehow it was totally different now. Smooth, tan skin went on for miles, every dip of his muscles a plane that Kuroo wanted to explore with fingers, lips, and tongue. His tiny black boxer-briefs hugged his...everything in all the right ways.

“Hey, don’t stare at the goods so much! Jeez, you’re making me blush…”

Kuroo jerked his gaze back up to Bokuto’s grinning, red face, and oh my god, who even allowed someone to be that cute? Crimes. Crimes against humanity. He was definitely going to make a mess if he didn’t get into that shower right now. So without another word, he ducked through the curtain and grabbed Bokuto by the arm, hauling him in after him.

Which...was perhaps a mistake, Kuroo realized as they came nose to nose under the steamy water. Bokuto’s gaze dropped to Kuroo’s mouth and for the life of him, Kuroo could not remember a time when he didn’t want to kiss his best friend so hard he forgot how to breathe. Bokuto cleared his throat and very carefully, with minimal contact, spun Kuroo around so that the water fell mostly over him.

“Oh boy. Okay. I’m just gonna, um, wash your hair, okay?” Kuroo heard the shampoo bottle open and the squish of Bokuto emptying some of it into his hands. He braced for the contact. It wasn’t like his dick could get any harder.

As Bokuto’s thick fingers wove through his hair and against his scalp, he groaned. It was so stupid that something as mundane as hair washing could make him feel so fucking good, but goddamnit. He braced his hands against the shower walls and tipped his head back so Bokuto had easier access. The alpha made slow, firm circles against his scalp, absolutely perfect for what he needed.

Except, it wasn’t, his dick reminded him. Not even the water could cut through the heavy sweet scent he was releasing into the small area and he felt Bokuto’s hands still in his hair.

“You okay?” Bokuto’s voice was deeper than usual, he thought. He liked it.

“I’m gonna be real honest with you, man. I’m so hard right now, I feel like my dick is gonna fall off.” Bokuto’s hands trailed down his neck to rest on his shoulders. The tension hung so heavy in the misty, fluorescent-lit little room that he could barely breathe. Dark amber scent filled his nostrils and his cock throbbed in response.

“Do you...I could, uh...If...If you want…”

“Please touch me. God, just, please.” Kuroo felt his face and neck burn with embarrassment, but he couldn’t hold back the roaring desire any longer. Bokuto’s hands moved down his back and he made a little whimper as they reached his hips.

“Okay, Tetsu, I got you. Come here.” He pulled Kuroo back against him and Kuroo made a high pitched sound in his throat as he felt Bokuto’s erection press against his ass, knowing only the thin fabric of their underwear stood between them. Bokuto’s hands slipped around his middle, one moving up to cup his pectoral, the other down to the waistband of his boxers. As Bokuto breached that barrier and the first graze of his fingertips shook through Kuroo, a deep rumbling groan spilled out of the alpha that reverberated in Kuroo’s chest as well.

“You’re so pretty, you know that? I always thought so.” Bokuto’s whispered confession combined with the feeling of his hands, finally a firm grip around Kuroo’s cock and a smooth stroke had him panting and shaking already. No one had ever called him that before. A slippery thumb moved over his nipple and he thrust into Bokuto’s hand with a whine.

The electric friction of Bokuto’s strokes, caged in by his muscled arms and surrounded with his heady scent had Kuroo rushing toward climax far faster than he ever had before. He was rubbing against Bokuto’s hard cock, pressed firmly against his ass, arching his back and hoping that it was more than just the heat scent that was spurring the alpha’s arousal. Bokuto had pressed his nose close to Kuroo’s scent gland as his thumb worked faster and faster circles over his nipple.

“Oh god, Bo, I’m gonna…”

“Yeah, Tetsu, cum for me.”

His words were all it took, harshly whispered against the skin of Kuroo’s neck, and he was spilling over Bokuto’s fist with a cry. It was such a fucking relief that he was thankful the water hid the tears that gathered at the corners of his eyes. Not to mention he was grateful it hid just how much he was probably lubricating, still terribly aware of the hard heat pressed against him from behind.

Bokuto ground into him once more before stepping back with a groan. His hands stopped at Kuroo’s waist though, thumbs pressing to either side of his spine.

“F-fuck, your waist is so...small. Ah, fuck, I’m gonna...gonna need another break to take care of things…”

Kuroo whirled on him, shoving him back against the wall of the shower. Akaashi’s words were echoing through his mind. He wasn’t some delicate thing to be handled with care. He could take care of his alpha! And good god, did he want to. Bokuto’s surprised gasp, his cute, flushed cheeks, his wet hair that now fell in his face, Kuroo was gone for it. He wanted to kiss him so bad he felt like his heart might explode if he didn’t, so he leaned in, their noses brushing as he parted his lips.

“Kuroo! W-wait!” Bokuto’s panicked response stopped his advance, a hair’s breadth from the alpha’s lips. “Please. I don’t want you to do this just because of the drive of your heat. If you’re gonna kiss me, it has to be…”

There was a terrible, ugly thing twisting in Kuroo’s gut and he met Bokuto’s fearful eyes with a sharp and hungry look.

“Has to be what, Bokuto?”

“It has to you mean it. Like you mean it for me. Not just because you’re in heat and I’m here and I’m helping you out. I want you, Kuroo Tetsurou, to kiss me, Bokuto Koutarou, and if it can’t be like that, then we can’t do this. I’m sorry. It will hurt my heart otherwise.”

Kuroo’s eyes widened. It took a moment for him to untangle Bokuto’s words, for his defense brain to drop its shields and realize this...actually, this was a confession. Here before him stood an alpha who was terrified of cheapening something that really meant something to him. And good, pure-hearted Bokuto, he was trapped between wanting to help his friend in need but also not drag him into something that Bokuto wasn’t sure Kuroo wanted. Because what Bokuto wanted was more than just a physical release for them both in a crisis.

He raised a hand to Bokuto’s face, and the alpha flinched and Kuroo felt like his own heart cracked a bit. He smoothed over Bokuto’s brow with his fingertips, down across his cheek bone, until those big golden eyes dared to peek at him again.

“How could you think I could kiss you any other way? I’ve just been waiting...for you to see me. For so long. But I was just a fucking beta…” Inadequacy tightened his throat and cut off his words, bitterness that he had loved Bokuto all this time and it took this for him to finally have any interest in him. How dare he say this now. How dare he make it like this.

Warm hands cupped his face, the water gone cold as it pounded on both of them and ran down their heated skin. He looked up at Bokuto’s strong features, cut now in an almost admonishing but terribly fond expression.

“If you think that a single moment went by when I didn’t see you, you’re crazy, Tetsu. You just never seemed that interested and I didn’t want to lose you as a friend. My best friend. The only person I could spend everyday with and still want to spend even more with. Truth is, I’m going nuts because I’ve fantasized about this for forever and now it’s happening but you’re kind of...under an influence so that makes it...well I…” His brow clenched in frustration as the words escaped him but he’d gotten his meaning across. He looked so lost and so hopeful.

Kuroo shivered and reached back to shut off the water. Suddenly, it was just them, just the heat of their breaths in the cool, misty air and all their skin exposed and goosebumped, just like so much else about them right now. Kuroo swallowed, nodded, and looked Bokuto in the eye.

“All right. Can I kiss you now, then?”

Bokuto smiled and barked out a laugh. Then he pulled Kuroo’s face gently toward him, pressing their lips together sweetly. It was such a tender thing, so different from what Kuroo had anticipated, but he almost melted into it, pressing his chest against Bokuto’s. The alpha was so warm, so comforting and the chill from the water was still making him shiver.

“You’re cold. We need to dry you off!” Bokuto cried as he pulled back, red with embarrassment and frantic with the need to take care of Kuroo. Kuroo’s mouth curved up into a smirk.

“Dude, it’s fine. Just calm down. I’m a little cold, but I feel...nice.” He felt a little dazed as Bokuto pulled him out of the shower, but it was good, it was at peace, and even he could smell the flowery notes that layered in with his honey and apple scent, calming and serene. It seemed to immediately pacify Bokuto as well, whose tense shoulders relaxed as he leaned Kuroo against the sink and grabbed the nearest fluffy towel. Heedless of his own dripping, Bokuto dried Kuroo, ruffling his ever messy hair and making them both laugh, sneaking little kisses in whenever Kuroo leaned forward.

“Wow, how did you do that? You just...immediately made me feel better.” Bokuto smiled and rubbed his nose against Kuroo’s.

“Must be an omega thing. Good thing I’m a fast learner, you hopeless spaz. Now, I better get out of these boxers before I chafe, and same goes for you. I feel okay for the moment.”

He kissed Bokuto once more before slipping out of the bathroom and back toward his room. He was smiling so hard his cheeks were hurting. He couldn’t believe all this was happening. They’d been so stupid, avoiding having this just because of how they were born. Now, his life was going to change entirely, but maybe it was all worth it for them to finally break down these walls.

He slid out of his sopping wet boxers and hung them over his mirror. He couldn’t entirely chase away the echo of Bokuto’s hands on him. He wanted him, wanted him even in this moment of clarity. That had to mean something. He looked down at the supplies that Akaashi had left him. If he used the plug then, if they did decide to do something, that was an extra uncomfortable step. But if he didn’t, he might make a mess.

A smile curved on his lips as he heard Bokuto’s heavy footfalls through the living room and the click of his bedroom door shutting.

Bokuto had never minded a mess.

He put on a pair of tight, red boxer-briefs that made even his smaller hips and ass look good. He was starting to feel that coil of want begin to tighten and flicker in his belly once again. He hadn’t taken care of Bokuto yet, and he would be damned if the alpha had to alleviate his own frustrations again.

He didn’t bother putting on anything else, merely charged out of his room and over to Bokuto’s, throwing the door open without warning. He grinned lasciviously as he took in Bokuto’s nude frame as the alpha jumped and turned away from him, hands cupped over his genitals in embarrassment.

“K-Kuroo! Hey, man! Give me a sec!”

“Why are you so shy now? You just gave me a hand job in the shower…”

Bokuto opened his mouth to respond, but then halted and made a little pouty face toward the wall. Kuroo made an over dramatic sigh and turned around so he couldn’t see him.

“There, sorry. I just...I was cold and I wanted to be close to you again. This heat thing is making me all crazy.”

“You wanted to catch me naked, don’t lie, you perv.”

Kuroo whipped around just as Bokuto hoisted up a pair of dark blue underwear and stuck his tongue out at him. Kuroo couldn’t help but snort an unflattering laugh. Still, man, he could not stop looking at that tantalizing trail of silver hair that started just below Bo’s navel and ran down to his waistband.

“All right, if I admit my pervy intentions, will you scent me again? I feel like it all washed off and I’m not a fan.” His request yielded a lovely look of pleasure on Bokuto’s face as he closed the distance between them and pulled Kuroo back against him. Kuroo hadn’t quite realized how manic he was starting to feel without being touched, but as soon as Bokuto’s hands were back on him, he felt his muscles relax. He rested his chin on Bokuto’s shoulder as that lovely ocean breeze scent filled his senses. He didn’t know what to do with his hands so he just rested them lightly on Bokuto’s biceps.

“You know, if you were cold, you could have put on some more clothes.” There was a smile in Bokuto’s voice and Kuroo huffed.

“You’re really complaining, huh? If you want me to wear more, then give me some of your clothes. I like how they smell. Or just...can I just come lay with you?’re worried about a mess or anything…” Nervousness unfurled in him. What if Bokuto would find it disgusting? He didn’t mind a mess, but this was different. He could almost taste the sour spike to his own scent as worry set it again.

Bokuto made a ‘huh’ sound before picking him up, bridal style, and carrying him over to his bed. It was unmade, as always, but Kuroo preferred it that way. Made it easier for him to snuggle into the nest of blankets. Bokuto bounced in after him, pulling the covers up around them and then pulling Kuroo close with an arm around his middle. They lay nose to nose, legs tangled together. Bokuto’s beautiful golden eyes flickered over Kuroo’s face, and he couldn’t understand how any of this had happened. Or if it really should be happening.

“Bo, how come you and Akaashi didn’t work out?” Bokuto’s eyebrows pinched together at the question and his grip tightened around Kuroo just a bit.

“I thought you didn’t want to talk about him?”

“Well now I do. Now I need to know. This is really scary and intense and I have a lot of feelings and I just...I need to know why you let the omega you had before go.”

Bokuto sighed deeply, his gaze drifting toward the ceiling.

“It was just too rigid between us after a while. Things were great when we were figuring everything out. But Akaashi...well, he knows exactly what he wants. He thought he knew exactly what I wanted too. I grew dependent on his direction, but the problem was, I was always so nervous of doing something wrong or making him unhappy. Because he was unhappy. He needed someone who would challenge him and I just couldn’t be that in our relationship. It’s funny, now that I think about it. I remember that first week we started hanging out, you and me, and I remember just feeling like I could actually breathe. You’ve always been so easy to be around, Tetsu. You just let me be myself and the time runs away under our laughter. That’s why I’m so scared to fuck this up. I don’t want to lose that.”

Kuroo felt stunned. It all made sense. He remembered their breakup, how it had hurt Bokuto but how he’d also seemed so relieved afterward. He and Akaashi had been more at ease around each other after that, especially after Akaashi started seeing Matsukawa. But the words that had just tumbled from his friend’s mouth were somehow so effortlessly romantic that Kuroo’s heart caught in his throat. The way Bokuto was looking at him now, with eyes full of worry, his bottom lip tugged between his teeth in trepidation...Kuroo couldn’t even imagine wanting someone more.

“Oh,” was all that escaped his lips before they found Bokuto’s once again. This time though, Kuroo let his tongue tease at the seam of Bokuto’s lips, nudging at him to part them and grant him entry. Under the blankets he dragged his hands down Bokuto’s body and felt the alpha’s cock stir between them. Bokuto made a little gasp at the sudden assault and Kuroo took advantage of his parted lips to get a much needed taste of him.

But, Bokuto pulled back. Kuroo made a little pouty face at him as Bo scooched to put a few inches between their hips.

“Tetsu, you gotta know I’m so into this, but, I don’t know that we should cross this line while you’re in heat. I’m really nervous you wouldn’t want this if you weren’t…”

Kuroo scowled. He appreciated how careful Bo was being, but at the same time, he’d waited long enough for this. He pushed Bokuto down into the mattress in a swift motion as he rolled on top of him with a growl. Hands pressing hard on Bokuto’s shoulder’s, he rolled his hips to grind against the alpha’s erection. Bokuto grabbed his hips hard, groaning low from the contact and clenching his teeth as he frowned up at Kuroo.

“I already told you that I’ve wanted this for a long time. And I can feel how much you want it too. Are you going to help me? Or shall I find someone else to give me what I need?”

He watched with satisfaction as Bokuto’s eyes widened and then narrowed, a low growl rumbling in his chest. Bruising fingertips took hold of his hips. In the back of his lust-addled mind, Kuroo knew it was cruel to challenge him like this, to play upon his alpha instinct with such brutal precision. But he could not help himself. The need had risen within him once again like a viper. And hadn’t they just both confessed their true feelings? This situation shouldn’t matter. While there was no chance he would seek fulfillment elsewhere, he felt a deep-seated triumph as Bokuto rolled them over, changing their position to hover over him.

“That’s very mean of you to threaten, Tetsu. I don’t think I could let that happen. I think,” and Kuroo’s whole body arched up into Bokuto’s touch as he ground their hips together hard and dragged his lips across Kuroo’s throat, “that you’re mine now.”

There was a new, commanding quality to his voice that Kuroo had never heard before, or if he had, he hadn’t picked up on it. But it activated something sharp and primal within him now, making his hips roll and a little whimper of submission pour from his mouth. Bokuto’s teeth grazed over his scent gland and he honestly wondered if he could cum just from that, but he needed more, needed it all.

Bokuto’s fingers hooked in the top of Kuroo’s underwear as his mouth traveled down the plains of his slim body. Kuroo wiggled his hips in encouragement, gasping at the warm glide of Bokuto’s tongue across his skin.

“Please, Koutarou, don’t make us wait anymore. I, I…” His words cutoff as Bokuto peeled off his wet boxer briefs. He pushed Kuroo’s legs together and up against his chest, his big hands bunching the fabric at Kuroo’s knees. It left him exposed, dick pressed between his stomach and thighs, and a chill on his ass from the amount of slick he’d produced.

Bokuto grabbed his thighs suddenly and yanked him to the edge of the bed, a surprised squeak coming out of him. Bokuto situated Kuroo’s thighs on his broad shoulders, kissing high on his inner thigh and making him shudder at the suddenly intimate position. Their eyes met for a moment and the playful, hungry look in Bokuto’s took Kuroo’s breath away.

The first slow drag of Bokuto’s tongue over his hole almost shook him apart. The pleasure was incredible but his embarrassment nearly drowned it out. He had to be dripping, and yet, he could feel Bokuto’s tongue pressing and licking into him like he couldn’t get enough. As if to punctuate his enjoyment, Bokuto moaned right against Kuroo’s rim, making him struggle to move his dangling legs and gain some sort of leverage.

“Holy fuck, you taste so good. God, Tetsurou…” Kuroo’s whole body hummed from the praise and he panted hard into the heat of the room, his hands fisting in the sheets. He watched as Bokuto’s grip moved from both hands holding his thighs tight to one wrapped around his underwear, still caught at his knees behind Bokuto’s head, which held him in place. Bokuto leaned forward, pressing Kuroo’s thighs up, far enough for Kuroo to clearly see his flushed and glistening face, eyes nearly black with want. His other palm pressed against one cheek of Kuroo’s ass and drifted inward until his thumb gently circled Kuroo’s entrance.

“P-please…” he whined, and Bokuto’s eyes flickered back up to meet his, an arrogant grin spreading across his face.

“Don’t worry, Tetsu baby, I’m gonna fuck you, but we have to do a little prep still first.”

Kuroo gasped and made a strangled cry as two fingers sunk easily into him. It was nothing like it had been the couple of times he’d tried bottoming before. It had been his least favorite part, discomfort and a burning stretch, leaving his eyes watering. But now, as Bokuto’s thick digits worked in and out of him, he found himself already panting and moaning, trying desperately to sink down lower. Bokuto was biting his lower lip as he watched his fingers sink in, looking up to Kuroo’s face when he scissored them inside. The stretch felt so good this time and Kuroo made little sounds of encouragement as the pressure increased with another finger.

“Oh fuck, you were already almost ready for me, weren’t you? Just a little more. You’ve never had an alpha before, and I want it to be so good for you. But you have to be good and let me finish this.”

So that became Kuroo’s singular goal. In the seconds or minutes or hours, he wasn’t sure how long he waited, he just focused on being good for his alpha, letting him pet his soft insides for as long as he wanted, writhing as little as he could stand from the incredible stimulation. Finally, Bokuto slipped his fingers out of him, which left him feeling empty and abandoned and a mournful keen tore from him. Bokuto released his knees, pulling his underwear the rest of the way off and letting his legs fall open from Bo’s shoulders.

Bokuto’s hands were all over him and he leaned down over Kuroo to press kisses against his throat, face, and ears. He whispered how good he was, how handsome and sweet, how much his little sounds made him crazy. If Kuroo had had the ability to purr he would have been, but instead he just buried his face in Bokuto’s neck and pleaded with him, squeezing his knees around the alpha’s waist.

“You want to see what I’ve got for you, baby?” Fuck, he’d never been a fan of terms of endearment, and that one had always set his teeth on edge, but when Bokuto said was like velvet against him. He nodded fervently as Bokuto stood between his legs and pushed down the fabric of his underwear, allowing his huge cock to spring free, flushed and red and fully hard.

There was a tiny thread of logic left in Kuroo’s brain that wondered, momentarily, if it would even fit. But the rest of Kuroo’s heat saturated brain decided that if it was his fate to be impaled to death on that incredibly fine member, that he’d lived a good life and this was a preferable way to die in the scheme of things. And the effect of him looking ricocheted between them as Bokuto puffed and preened under his gaze, making him all the more gorgeous for this visual feast. Kuroo’s mouth dropped open as Bokuto placed his fist around the head of his cock and rolled his hips into a long, slow thrust, sliding his hand down with it in an even stroke. Kuroo could almost feel the suggestion and his empty hole flinched in need.

“Oh my god, just- come on, man!” Kuroo’s frustration peaked and Bokuto grinned down at him, biting at his lower lip. Bokuto stepped back to remove his last shred of clothing entirely, but he arched an eyebrow at Kuroo.

“Why don’t you roll over and present for me then, if you want it so bad?”

Kuroo’s mouth fell open in stunned silence. The gall, the absolute nerve of him. He was lucky enough to have an omega begging for him and he wanted Kuroo to present! Kuroo growled and scowled at him as he sat up, but Bokuto just gave that huge cock of his another stroke, biting his lip harder and tipping his head back in pleasure.

“And if I won’t?” Kuroo had already moved back fully on the bed and on to his side, pulling Bokuto’s sheet up to cover his erection. Bokuto’s eyes fell back to him, lustful and sure, and he yanked the blanket away from Kuroo, making him yelp.

“After you were so mean to me? I think it’s the least you can do. Come on, Tetsu, show me that beautiful ass of yours lifted high in the air just for me. Show me that sweet place for my cock to sink into.”

There was a warring in Kuroo between pride and desire. He very much wanted to tell Bokuto to get wrecked, that he should be the one begging, but at the same time, there was such a raw need to comply and give his alpha everything he wanted. They stared each other down for a moment, the air heavy with their mingled scents as the battle for dominance waged in the heated space between them.

Kuroo felt his own need give way in thick tension. Never breaking eye contact or letting his ferocious scowl slip, he rolled the rest of the way onto his belly. Gripping the sheets above his head, he felt his body respond and he chose to make it as pronounced as possible. He still wasn’t angled toward Bokuto, but the alpha still got a view of the defined curved of Kuroo’s spine as he lifted his ass in the air. Bokuto broke their stare first, to follow the line of his body as Kuroo spread his knees as wide as they could go, and he felt his face flush as the chill from his exposed and wet areas prickled at his skin.

Bokuto swallowed hard, his lips parting as he panted, just staring at Kuroo’s arched frame. He thrust into his own fist once as he stared, and Kuroo had the satisfaction of knowing he had unraveled him with a single movement.

“What the are you so…”

“Is this good enough for you, Alpha?” The cheekiness behind Kuroo’s words snapped like a whip and Bokuto broke free of his paralyzed state with the shock of it. He growled deep and fierce as he climbed onto the bed and moved behind Kuroo, heavy breaths following him. With the heat from his body suddenly noticeable at Kuroo’s back, his need to be filled became almost overwhelming. He gasped and whimpered as big hands fell upon his back, moving slowly from the bottom of his shoulder blades to his hips.

“’re so pretty, so perfect, my perfect omega…”

“Please, please, Bo, I need you…” Tears were gathering at the corners of Kuroo’s eyes as he almost burned with want. His whole body shook and he let out a little cry as Bokuto’s hot, smooth cock slid between his cheeks. He’d never wanted anything so badly as he wanted that planted firmly within him. He wriggled as Bokuto dragged it against him twice more before lining up properly and beginning to push into him.

“Oh, Tetsu, fuck, you’re so slick and, hah, tight…” Bokuto’s words fell from clenched teeth, but Kuroo could hardly focus on him with the way he was being split open. As much as he had thought he was ready with four of Bo’s thick fingers working in and out of him easily, it had not prepared him for the girth of the alpha’s fully erect cock. But the stretch was so good, and he was thankful that Bokuto had the ability to enter him slowly, as each new centimeter pushed more air from his lungs. He was absolutely quivering with the stimulation by the time Bokuto bottomed out and their hips met.

He felt Bo rest his head between his shoulder blades and huff a hot breath against his back. He wanted both more and less, every movement making him gasp short breaths. He felt like he was dissociating, letting his body be taken and do as it was intended, beyond his control, and it made some part of him panic. He took short, hurried breaths against the sheets. He didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, Tetsu, I’m right here. This is me, your best friend Bokuto, don’t forget it’s me. It’s me and you, Kuroo and Bokuto. I know things can get a little hazy during heat, but you’re okay. Will you give me your hand?” Bokuto’s voice, so familiar and comforting, helped to ground him. He reached one hand back over his shoulder and Bokuto took it, squeezing reassuringly. Soft kisses peppered across his back, and with his free hand, Bokuto petted his side, easy and gentle. The tenderness and care drew him back and his breathing eased as his senses started responding again in a positive way to all the sensual stimuli Bokuto was giving him.

“I-I’m here. I’m here. Sorry, I don’t know what happened. Thank you. Thank you.” He whispered his thanks against the sheets and Bokuto nuzzled into his hair.

“It’s okay, it happens sometimes. I just want you here with me for this, all the way with me. I’ve wanted you for so long, Tetsurou, I need all of you here or it won’t be the same. Won’t be as good. I’m mad for you, Tetsu. You’re perfect.”

He loved the way Bokuto’s praise fell against him, and he flexed his hips, giving just a small amount of sweet drag from Bokuto’s cock against his insides. It was so good that his back curved even further as a new and strange sound fluttered within him, a desperate sound that was raw and uncontrolled. The press and slow movement of Bokuto’s hands felt nearly as good and he rolled his hips to reward his alpha for this spoiling.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m going to let you lead for a bit, just to make sure I don’t lose you again. Can you do that for me Tetsu, baby? Can you fuck yourself on my cock until I can’t hold back any longer?” Bokuto’s low tone was almost like another touch dragging up his spine. Kuroo couldn’t really respond with words, but he gave a little affirmative noise in the back of his throat and rolled his hips again.

He tried to tease, but there was no willpower to do anything but feed his own lust and do whatever it took to please his alpha. Kuroo raised up on his arms and knees and started moving back and forth over Bokuto’s cock, moaning at the delicious friction with each glide. Bokuto’s doting hands and sweet praise continued to work their magic over him, until he set a faster pace, and could hear the lewd slap of skin each time he sunk back fully onto the other man.

He’d been so lost in the sensation that he hadn’t realized Bokuto had gone quiet until he felt the alpha’s hips meet him halfway on the way back, plunging deeper than before and making him cry out as pleasure zinged through his whole body. He panted for a moment, reveling in the feeling as Bokuto trailed a hand slowly down his spine.

“Fuck, okay, I’ve made you do enough work. I’m gonna take care of you now, Tetsu. But I want to see your gorgeous face. So I’m gonna pull out, but just long enough to turn you over.”

As Bokuto pulled back, Kuroo made a strangled noise of disagreement and panic, trying to back up with him to keep him fully rooted. As Bo’s cock slid all the way out of him, he felt so empty, so alone, like he was being abandoned, and tears pricked at his eyes once again. Didn’t Bokuto want him? Didn’t he know how much he needed this? Needed his fat, beautiful cock buried deep inside him, stuck fast and proving how good he was?

Warm hands gently pushed him over onto his back and all of Bokuto’s warmth pressed against him. Kisses fell upon his throat and a hot drag of Bokuto’s tongue over his scent gland made him shiver. Bokuto pulled back, his big golden eyes dilated and his face flushed and shiny from sweat. He pushed Kuroo’s unruly bangs away from his face, fingertips gentle against his cheek and brow.

“Oh, Tetsurou. There’s nothing I want more than you. I can’t imagine any sight more heartstopping than your face.” And it was so funny because, while words weren’t really a thing he remembered how to use right now, it was exactly how he felt looking up at Bokuto’s golden glow. So instead of trying to respond, he just kissed him, joined their mouths and tongues and wrapped his arms tight around the alpha, wishing he could always keep him so close.

Without separating, Bokuto parted and lifted Kuroo’s thighs enough to slide back into him. After his brief emptiness, this felt even better, especially since he could watch the expression on Bokuto’s face as he bottomed out. Giving a solid thrust, Kuroo’s body sang with euphoria and finally he had to tip his head back, letting high pitched cries fall from his lips. Bokuto took him harder with each slide back in, until finally he twisted his hips in just a way to angle directly against Kuroo’s prostate.

He lost track of his senses, falling into each blissful pound like it was the only thing that mattered. His nails scratched hard into Bokuto’s back and his voice rose to near shouts of pleasure. He could feel the swell of the head of Bokuto’s cock inside of him the more he responded and he just let the alpha take all control, slamming into his body with revelrous grunts, no longer able to form words either.

The slide of his cock between their bodies and the hammering against his sweet spot drove him toward climax at an incredible speed. He was powerless to stop or even slow it as he pushed over the precipice, ecstasy exploding through him and whiting out his vision. His body clenched and Bokuto cried out, his hips stuttering to a stop as a heavy, hot feeling expanded deep in Kuroo’s body. It prolonged his orgasm, wave after wave swelling and receding like the tide, until all he could do was lay there and gasp for breath as he tried to unscramble his thoughts.

Bokuto’s head was buried in the crook of his shoulder, his panting breaths loud in his ear. He felt so warm, so full, so satisfied. No sex he’d ever had had left him feeling like this, boneless and floaty and oh so very content. He shifted a bit and Bokuto groaned.

“Ah, sorry. It’ll just take a few minutes for it know. Deflate.” Bokuto sounded breathless and embarrassed and Kuroo let out a shaky laugh.

“I’m pretty sure I could live with your knot buried in me. Akaashi was right. This is fucking amazing.”

Bokuto’s head snapped up, his red flush now one of mortification.

“ talked to Akaashi about my knot!”

“I mean...not specifically yours...well...I guess we were technically talking about you…” Kuroo was cracking up, trying desperately to keep still, as each movement sent an overstimulating jolt through him from where Bokuto was firmly planted. The alpha made an adorable frowny face.

“I honestly don’t know whether to be mad or grateful. Maybe both. Wait, did he tell you to…” Bokuto’s brows knit with concern and Kuroo was glad the heat haze had cleared from his mind. He petted his fingers through Bokuto’s silver and black hair, kissing along his jawline.

“He encouraged me. But I wasn’t lying when I told you I’d been crushing on you for a long time. And I needed the encouragement. But he’s definitely not the reason this happened. I’m really happy. Like, so fucking happy, my dude.”

The big sunny grin that broke out on Bokuto’s face was probably enough to keep him warm through several winters. He nuzzled against Kuroo’s chin and jaw, letting out a hum of contentment.

“Tetsu...can we keep doing all of this?” Bokuto’s tone was hesitant and hopeful and it made Kuroo’s heart soar.

“You mean like, be boyfriends?”

“Y-yeah. If you want to. You don’t have to-”

“Bokuto Koutarou, I am insisting you be my big strong alpha boyfriend starting two hours ago. Is that gonna be a problem?”

Bokuto snorted and then raised up on his elbows, sharing a look they had shared many times, one of mirth and joy and fondness. One that, Kuroo realized, really hadn’t changed that much.

“Nope. No problems here, sir.”

“Great. Now, once we can eject, you wanna watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and eat cookie dough?”

“Fuck yeah, I do, bro.”

It was funny, Kuroo thought, how his life had changed so dramatically with just this one shift and yet...everything that was most important, that kept him grounded and feeling safe, that stayed the same. Just the same, but better.