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Ashes fell into the tray as Jisung tapped his cigarette against the side of it, hissing at the ringtone he’d set specifically for one person. Cigarette forgotten inside of the tray, he hastily picked up the call.

“I have pizza.” That brings an instant smile on his face as he’s already grabbing his worn out faux leather jacket and fumbling around for his house keys. 

“Be there in 10.” They didn’t need any more words after that and the line was cut off, Jisung’s plan discarded to hit the local club and get himself buzzed enough to not care enough about who he was gonna be kissing and about how he wished it were someone else instead.

He knew the implications behind Minho’s words, it was Saturday night and he knew what Jisung was getting himself into. Knew that he didn’t really like the noisy and restless atmosphere of the club, that he didn’t really like how strangers would offer him drinks and he would never really know how to refuse until he’s wincing at the pounding pain of his head as he retched against the toilet bowl the next morning. Knew how he’d be in some other stranger’s bed by the end of it all. Maybe it’s jealousy , Jisung supplies in his head. He swallowed that thought down like harsh alcohol, burning his throat as it settled uncomfortably on the pit of his stomach. He couldn’t afford the emotional consequences of expecting something that he doesn’t even know of, yet already knows the bitter rejection coming after.

When Jisung opens the front door of Minho’s apartment, it's Soonie who greets him by pawing at his worn out jeans before disappearing into the kitchen. It's silent minus the faint sounds of some show playing further into the living room. After taking his chunky combat boots off, he made his way to Minho's living room. He finds Minho seated on his couch, with an untouched pizza box to his left. There's a random documentary playing on his TV that Jisung could tell that no one was paying attention to, as Minho's eyes were now on him.

"You're here." There's a smile tugging Minho's lips and he looked like he was almost surprised that Jisung had actually shown up.

"Of course, Can't leave my best friend alone on a Saturday, right?" A snort escaped from Minho as Jisung made himself comfortable on the sofa and reached for a slice of pizza. Minho switched the current show that was playing to a drama that Jisung has been asking Minho to watch with him. The older had grumbled about how he was too old to be watching high schoolers beat around the bush with crushes, and that made Jisung smile fondly as he stared at Minho's side profile for a few seconds before Minho caught him and arched a brow before Jisung had to hit his shoulder lightly and tell him to focus on the drama.

Jisung complained about the poor choices of the main characters of the drama the rest of the night while Minho listened and laughed, as he added his own imitation of the parents of the male lead. As the night progressed, they've both finished their pizza and now the box lays on the floor and Jisung has his head tucked against Minho's shoulder. His thoughts started drifting, focus slowly steering away from the drama and more about how this night would end.

It's become a routine for them. They hang out with their friends and with each other after class during weekdays, not getting closer than their shoulders brushing against each other as they walk through the streets or through the hallways of their school building. Then there are nights like these, when it feels like he can't get enough of Minho's scent and his warmth and his heart soars higher and it's harder than usual to keep his overbearing feelings down inside of him.

It usually goes like this, Whenever Minho wasn't too busy with dance and his rehearsals he would call Jisung to come over on weekend nights which coincidentally would collide with Jisung's plans to go out and let the buzz of alcohol take him to whichever stranger's bed he was going to warm for the night. And Jisung would halt all of his plans to get to Minho's apartment as fast as he could, and they'd end up all cuddled up. By the time Jisung notices he would be in Minho's bed whispering sweet nothings to him as their body becomes one, splotchy red marks blossoming onto each others' collar bones as they only focus on each other and how to make the other person feel good.

When had things started bleeding into each other like this? Jisung wonders idly as he recalled the very first time they've touched each other in a way childhood best friends would've never imagined especially after all these years of growing up together, the first memories of each other a blurry image of them fighting over the swing at the neighborhood park.

The first time was an accident, both of them drunk out of their own minds and frustrated nearing the end of their term. There was a party that was held at one of their mutual friend's house and despite both of their protests, they couldn't resist Hyunjin begging them to come out with the guys at least once in a while and that it'd be a great chance to loosen up. After too many drinks and the heat getting to Jisung, he had decided to step away and get to the roof to hit a smoke and maybe sober himself up before heading home and sleep the night away. His knees wobbled as he climbed the stairs and his sweat made his shirt cling onto his body, tiny breaths escaping from his chapped lips before he decided it was just not worth it anymore and he sat down onto one of the steps and leaned against the wall.

Few moments passed as he closed his eyes and tried to calm his frantically beating heart after drinking so much he was almost sorry for his liver until he heard footsteps coming from beneath him on top of the sounds of people talking and the 00' hits being played from the home speakers. He cracked open his eyes and saw Minho climbing the stairs with a familiar looking wobble to his steps, his hair plastered to his forehead and it should look stupid and gross but Jisung looked passed that and couldn't stop staring at the flush of his cheeks and the way his halfway closed eyes glinted with a hint of amusement.


"What are you doing here all alone? I was looking for you." 

"I.. I was- Too much alcohol, needed a smoke." Jisung gestured vaguely as he continued to stare at Minho who was already sitting next to Jisung as he patted his back soothingly.

Minho hummed but made no move to stand up as he started leaning against Jisung, the alcohol seemingly getting to him as well and Jisung's gaze shifted from him in general to the way Minho's eyelashes fluttered against the pink of his cheeks and wondered if his lips tasted as sweet and as soft as they looked. Sooner or later, in the middle of an alcohol daze both of them found each others' lips locked together and they just couldn't seem to stop, their undeniable want for each other fueling their makeout session. With a vice grip on each others' jackets, they separated with a breathy gasp. Minho grabbed his hand without any other words and Jisung let himself be dragged, both of them stumbling against the sea of sweaty bodies of mostly drunk people out of the apartment. The older then fumbled with his phone to call a cab for the both of them to his apartment.

After a hazy ride and Jisung trying to stick to Minho as much as he could, they finally made their way inside of Minho's apartment. Clothes were strewn across the floor as they found their lips onto each other and for every whimper and gentle whisper of each other's names, Jisung blamed it all on the alcohol. They end up on top of Minho's bed, both passed out next to each other with their hands wrapped around each others' naked body.

By the time Jisung woke up, the empty spot beside him only had hints of warmth as if it was a reminder of last night's events and Minho had already prepared breakfast for both of them. Jisung approached him with a nervous feeling in his gut as he remembered the events of last night but it was almost as if Minho could read his mind, since he just wordlessly slid his plate of bacon and eggs to him and muttered a quiet, "There's a spare towel in the bathroom drawer."

The whole incident was never to be mentioned again, and they went on with their lives.

If the first time was an accident or that's what Jisung decided it was, then the second time was a choice both of them made. Action one, Minho calls Jisung to his apartment after a cancelled dance class. Action two, Jisung pushes a stranger's shoulders back to take the call and slips away from the rowdy club to head to Minho's place. And the killing strike, Minho greets him with a kiss and reciprocates with a kiss on his jaw and another. It went on again, again, and now this .

Jisung closed his eyes for a moment, his cheeks pressing onto Minho's sturdy shoulders as he zoomed away from his thoughts and focusing on the faint sounds of Minho's breathing. When he opened his eyes to peek at Minho's face, he found that Minho was already looking at him but his eyes weren't quite meeting Jisung's until he realized that Oh . Minho was staring at his lips.

Driven by the force of the depth of Minho's irises, Jisung leaned in closer to shrink the distance between both of their lips and kissed him. Minho waited no longer to reciprocate the kiss, warm lips slodging against Jisung's. He pulled his body closer and Jisung pulled his lips away for a moment, moving to straddle Minho's lap and facing him before leaning in again to continue kissing him in a frivolous manner. Minho's hands instantly find themselves holding Jisung's ass tightly as he pulls away to trail kisses from his jawline to his neck, finding his neck mole and sucking a harsh red mark against it. That makes Jisung whimper, his hands finding his way to grab onto Minho's sweater as he squirmed on his lap.

"Hyung." Jisung breathes out a gasp as Minho tilts his head to suck yet another mark onto the conjunction of his jawline and neck. A reminder that would stay with him for the next few weeks. He hopes they never fade.

"Hm?" Minho hummed questioningly as he snaked a hand inside of Jisung's shirt, tracing his faint abs that he's earned after hours of tagging along to Changbin's gym sessions. He settled his hand onto his chest and flicked his nipple teasingly, just the way Jisung liked it and it struck him just how much they've repeated this routine. Same thing, over and over again every Saturday night he could remember. Enough for Minho to remember how he liked to be touched, just like he knew his very specific coffee order that the older never forgets to poke fun on.

"Please," Jisung whimpered out but he didn't know exactly what he meant. He just knew that Minho was there right near him, but he wanted him closer. There was nothing he could excuse why he was on top of Minho now, there hasn't been for a while. The truth is ringing loudly inside of his head. You want him, and It's not just the alcohol, his mind speaks for him and he ignores it all and tries to engrave the taste of Minho and the feeling of his slightly rough calloused hands wrapped around his body. 


It seemed like Minho knew exactly what Jisung wanted, because he slid both of his hands behind Jisung's thighs and lifted him up with an ease that he'd just realized was possible because of course Minho was strong enough to support his entire weight, and Jisung responded by wrapping his legs around Minho's torso instantly.

Jisung rested his head against Minho's chest and tightened his hold around his neck, cheeks burning up at the sound of Minho's heartbeat. Something about hearing exactly how he made Minho feel made the insides of his stomach churn, something akin to hope blossoming deep inside but those thoughts are set aside as Minho gently places him onto his bed.

Minho instantly made moves to remove both of their shirts and pants, knowing how Jisung easily got hot when he was all worked up. Jisung just closed his eyes, body loose as he let Minho gently maneuver his body into a more comfortable position and let out a sigh as Minho continued on to leave kisses against his neck and leaving small trails of red marks for Jisung to trace with his hands in the next following days and the memories of the night replaying in his head.

"Sung, look at me." Minho whispered gently as he coaxed Jisung to open his eyes and he did, and realized that Minho was barely an inch away from his face. Jisung wasn't sure if he was thankful for Minho interrupting his train of thoughts or if it made him want to look away so that Minho wouldn't notice the way Jisung looked at him. Minho always told him about how expressful his eyes were and that it was the reason why Jisung's eyes were his favorite feature of his entire face, after all.

 His gaze burned through Jisung and he looked flush, lips shining with spit and so pretty, that Jisung just couldn't help but let out a small shiver. He let out a hum as Minho took one of his hands to gently rub it against his crotch that had already turned rock solid hard and that made Jisung let out yet another desperate cry which Minho kissed his forehead for.

"So pretty, baby." Minho cooed as he slid Jisung's boxers down to grab onto his cock firmly, pressing his thumb against his slit teasingly as his cock oozed out precum that Minho spread down his cock to make the glide even smoother for him.

"Fuck, hyung. Want you, please." Jisung keened at Minho's touch and grabbed his arm desperately to pull him closer to kiss him. His words felt like they were ripped out from every subconscious thought he's had about Minho, thoughts that wouldn't have been traditionally counted as the kinds of thoughts you should be having about your own best friend. It sounds awfully a lot like admittance, and Jisung's throat burns at the feeling of betrayal his own feelings had caused him.

"Shh," Minho kissed his forehead and the tip of his nose before trailing kisses down to his chest again. "You'll have me soon, baby." He continued to stroke on Jisung's cock languishly as if he's proving a point before sucking harshly below his collarbone, making Jisung's hips twitch. 

"Just wanted to appreciate how beautiful you are, Sung." Minho's voice softer than usual, and it drips with even more sincerity than he's used to hearing from him. Minho is dry sarcastic remarks, playful banter and small actions to show that he cares even when his words show the contrary. Not like this, with Minho looking at Jisung like he might disappear any second like a fleeting memory. Something feels very different about tonight.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?"

Jisung avoided his eyes with a permanent blush on his face, unable to take any sort of compliment when it's coming from Minho, who looks like he's staring at a flower that's finally managed to bloom after the harsh cold and leaves dying and everything weighing heavier like how snow covered every single tree with thick snow.

"You might not know, but I do." Minho says against his stomach, trailing kisses from his abdomen to his left hip and proceeding to kiss the scar that's been there since the early years of their childhood due to Jisung's sloppy young self riding a bicycle for the first time, falling off mere moments after pedalling off.

He can't remember the last time everyone's ever called him beautiful, not like that. If Minho were a stranger and they'd met beneath shining lights under the influence of too much alcohol then maybe that would've made him interested enough to stay around even after one night. But his scar burns at the reminder of the years Minho and Jisung have spent with each other and he's still here, kissing Jisung's insecurities away and making his heart tremble with every touch and whisper of his name.

Left with no words to respond to Minho if he didn't want to spill too much of his thoughts and expose him, Jisung instead then gently squeezed Minho with his thighs and canted his hips forward for some friction. Minho chuckles and mutters a quiet "So eager, baby." and that let out a whine from Jisung's throat, the younger adding a quiet plea for measure.

Jisung's hips twitch uncontrollably when Minho finally tongued his slit teasingly before taking the tip of his cock inside his mouth and sucked harshly and that makes Minho grip onto his hips to keep him still as he slowly took every inch of Jisung in, Minho's breathing tickling his skin and it feels so much at once and Jisung loves it.

After taking all of Jisung in, Minho stayed like that for a moment and closed his eyes, slowly exhaling through his nose looking like he's the one getting the life sucked out of him and opened his eyes and pulled Jisung's cock out of his mouth with a small pop. Jisung lets out an embarrassingly loud moan and that makes Minho smile teasingly, a hand back on his cock and his thumb gently rubbing onto his slit.

Minho looks so pretty like this. With his lips red and plump, glistening with spit and his cheeks flushed and eyes sparkly with tears. So he tells Minho exactly that and Jisung sees his blush visibly darken as he gently grabs Jisung's hand and places it on his head with a challenging look on his face. Jisung gets it instantly and tangles his fingers with Minho's hair, his hold instantly tightening when Minho opens his mouth to take him inside again while fighting his gag reflex. Jisung's heart swells also just as much as his cock was enjoying the warmth of his mouth. 

As Minho licked a stripe across the tip of his cock to the base and onto his balls, Jisung felt the knot in his stomach slowly coming undone and as much as he wanted to come like this he wanted Minho inside of him so he tugged on Minho's hair and groaned weakly at the moan Minho released, feeling the vibrations to his cock. 

"Fuck, hyung. I'm gonna come like this if you don't stop." The older takes his cock out of his mouth and raises a brow at him as if he's asking why that would be a problem.

"Want you, hyung. Inside." Jisung mumbles out, shy at the way Minho looked at him hungrily while he was significantly more dressed compared to Jisung who was fully naked and all splayed out for Minho.

"Okay." Minho smiled knowingly as he took Jisung's cock in his mouth again and Jisung whined, his thighs pressing together slightly.

"No. I meant," Jisung huffs out and Minho licks on his tip. "I want you inside of me. Your dick. In me," he whined out frustratingly and looked directly at Minho when he added, "Please."

Minho hovers above him to kiss him on his forehead with a teasing smile on his face yet again. "Mm, baby. Since you asked so nicely for me." Minho leaves the bed to hastily remove his pants and underwear, cock hardened all tall and proud and that makes the blush on Jisung's face darken even more knowing that he was the one to make the older all riled up like this. 

Jisung closed his eyes, unable to bear the intensity of Minho's eyes and he felt the bed dipping again with Minho's weight and his hands gently grabbing Jisung's knees.

"Open up, Sung." He hears Minho whisper gently and instantly parts his legs for him, eager with his own cock leaking with precum onto his stomach. Minho instantly kneels between his thighs and grabs the bottom of Jisung's thighs and lifts them up slightly, making Jisung put his ass on full display for Minho. 

"Ah, hyung.." Jisung whined out, covering his eyes with his arm as he heard Minho let out a small noise of surprise at the sight of Jisung's hole all swollen and slightly wet with lube.

"Oh? I didn't even need to open you up. You already did all the work for me." Minho said amusingly, holding up a lubed finger against Jisung's hole and slipping in easily. He plunged in deep, hitting his prostate spot on and it made Jisung let out a pitiful cry as Minho slipped in another finger and scissored him open.

"Did you think of me while fucking yourself?"

Jisung had, while also having expectations that he might end up like this with Minho on top of him again but admitting it felt like it made things too real so he let the question hang in the air. Minho had let it go, probably thinking it was just to make things easier for when he came home with his chosen stranger for the night. He wonders if he still thinks that way when Jisung has stopped showing up to his apartment with marks on his neck and has been away from alcohol for quite a while now, enough to be noticeable if you paid close attention.

Minho has three fingers in him now, plunging and Jisung keens at the burning feeling of overstimulation of his prostate getting rammed against mercilessly as his body writhes and he releases a mewl and broken sobs of Minho's name, his cock leaking profusely and trailing down the faint lines of muscle on his stomach. 

"Please," he breathed.

"Please what, baby? Words."

"Please, fuck me." Jisung chokes out, eyes shining with unshed tears. "Want hyung in me, please."

Jisung wriggles his ass, fucking himself on Minho's fingers as he stared at Minho's eyes, a coyish smile appearing on his face as he says,

 "Make me yours. Won't you fuck your little Hannie?"

Minho groaned and slipped his fingers out of Jisung's hole, making a lewd wet sound before hooking his arms onto Jisung's thighs and pulling him closer roughly. Jisung's cock snapped against Minho's stomach in response.

"Oh baby, I will."

The older boy leaned down and kissed the stray tears away with a soft look in his eyes, a stark difference from the burn Jisung felt the way Minho left bruises on his thighs shaped into his hands.

He felt Minho reach for the condom wrapper that he's prepared earlier and open it before rolling onto his length, flushed and wet at the tip. Jisung feels his mouth water, the urge to lick the precum off and feel the length in his mouth but he doesn't act out on it. He wants to feel Minho inside of him, to feel like he was his even just for this one night.

Minho lined his cock up Jisung's ass and prodded at it and Jisung moaned loudly, his hole quivering with pleasure.

"Ah- Hyung.. slowly, please."

Minho hummed as he kissed him and slowly let himself inside inch by inch, just like Jisung asked him to and stopped his hips when he bottomed out and scattered kisses along Jisung's collarbones and the slope of his jaw.

"Fuck," Minho gasped out before resting his head gently onto Jisung's shoulders, their chests touching and Jisung was sure that his cock was a mess between the mass of their bodies but it didn't seem like the older cared by the way he sounded.

"You feel so good, baby." Jisung shivered by the way Minho sounded almost primal by the way he growled those words out, right beside his ear and it made him clench around the older which made him release another shaky breath. Seeing Minho's usual calm resolve crumble down made Jisung feel like he wasn't too much of a fool for being so affected by everything Minho does, and he would've spent hours thinking about what that meant if Jisung weren't about to get the dicked down of his life.

"Move, hyung." Jisung whispers out and Minho instantly responds by gently snapping his hips forward, making Jisung let out a string of curses. He instantly wrapped his legs around Minho's hips, chasing any kind of friction he could get.

Minho is kissing him again, swallowing his sounds and only separated from the kiss to mark all over Jisung's chest as he slowly thrust into his warm heat. It makes Jisung tremble. It almost felt like Minho was kissing him with purpose, and maybe if Jisung closed his eyes and ignored all circumstances this could've been the closest thing he'd ever get to Minho reciprocating his feelings.

His heart stutters. This felt too intimate.

Something must've provoked Minho this particular night. He didn't usually leave these much marks on Jisung's body, to ignore the pointed looks they'd get when they hung out with their friend group. He preferred to leave bruises on Jisung's hips, seeming to like how they look on Jisung and only smirked when Jisung strutted around his apartment naked after sex and laughed at Jisung's attempt to cover himself up while blushing at the way Minho looked at him.

"Come on, hyung. Is that all you can do?" Jisung gritted out, voice cocky as he taunted the older. "I'm not some doll, I won't break."

"Fuck me properly." Minho growls as he lifts Jisung's hips, bringing his body up to slowly pull out almost all the way back before slamming inside again. He tilted his hips each thrust, imprinting the shape of his own cock into Jisung's walls and Jisung moaned shamelessly in response, claws grabbing onto Minho's back as he scratched mindlessly and left crescent marks.

"Feel good, baby? Is hyung fucking his little Hannie good now?" Minho's voice is teasing, but it's slightly breathy and you could tell that he was falling apart, just as much.

"So, so good hyung," Jisung sobs. "You feel so good, love your cock in me." Minho shifts his hips again and hits Jisung's prostate with his next sharp thrust.

" Fuck , hyung. Ohhh ," There's actual tears falling on Jisung's cheeks now. "You always make me feel so good." Jisung babbles out, his cock weeping out another stream of precum and staining Minho's sheets.

Minho leaned forward again, the pace of his thrusts faltering as he kissed Jisung's neck and hummed, 

"How about that guy? From your class. Does he make you feel as good as I do?"

Jisung clenches on his cock, shaking his head furiously as his words have seemed to fail him. 

"No," he chokes out. "No one touches me as good as you, hyung."


Minho groaned as he buried his cock into Jisung, filling him into a hilt and stayed there while catching his breath. 

"Fuck, Sung. You can't just say things like that." 

Jisung shivered and took one Minho's hands and placed them on his stomach. "Love your hands, love how they touch me so gently." 

He dragged Minho's hand, leading them to his lips and pressed a chaste kiss onto one of his knuckles as he stared at Minho's dumbfounded expression on his face. "Love your fingers, love how they open me up. So pretty, hyung.." Jisung whispered before interlocking his hand with Minho's hand.

Jisung isn't thinking straight right now, but it felt like words were being sucked out right from the deepest parts of his guts to the way Minho is now looking at him. His pupils are blown wide, a sheen of sweat on his face and his pretty lips bitten red. He could never get over how beautiful Minho was in every moment, but these moments where he was on top of him has gotta be one of his most favorite moments of his. He has to let him know, and so he does.

He reached a hand to Minho's face, cupping his cheek gently and he bit back a soft smile at Minho's gaze dropping to his lips. "Love your lips, love how soft they feel against mine and the taste of them." He pulled Minho's face closer and pressed a kiss as if to prove a point.

Minho responded to the kiss eagerly, still buried deep into Jisung and sucking on Jisung's bottom lip and releasing it to pepper kissing along his jawline and his forehead. Jisung releases a breath.

"Love you, hyung. No one could ever compare. I love you because you're you." Jisung's voice is quivering, and Minho looks like he's been struck with lightning and it would've scared Jisung if he didn't look like he was about to burst into tears.

"I.. I love you too, Jisung. So much." Minho's voice cracks slightly and he looks flustered as much, if not even more than Jisung whose heart was about to burst at the dooming realization that he just confessed his feelings to his lifelong best friend and the fact that Minho actually returned his feelings. 

"I- Hyung," Jisung is crying now, his grip on Minho's hand tightening. "Please move again." Minho is wiping his tears with his other hand and he looks like he's about to ask something until Jisung interrupts, "We can talk about this later, just. Please." 

Minho hummed and pressed a kiss onto the tip of Jisung's nose as he leaned back again, resuming his thrusts. He reached for Jisung's hands and Jisung instantly clasped their hands together and Minho pinned his hands onto the sides of Jisung's as he plunged in deeper and deeper, slowly regaining his previous pace as he whispered out endless words of praise and guttural moans of his name.

Jisung's cries get even louder as he starts feeling the knot in his stomach swell until Minho snaps his hips purposefully and, "Coming, hyung. I'm coming, fuck." He whined weakly as his hips started bucking into the air, Minho unclasping his right hand to grip on Jisung's cock as he started stroking it at the same time as his thrusts.

Jisung doesn't realize he's coming until he almost blacks out, spurts of his come hitting both of their stomachs. His body was about to relax, post-orgasm bliss waiting for him but instead he feels Minho's hand speeding up again and that makes Jisung's eyes go wide open as he whimpered out loudly.

"Let me know if this is okay," Minho whispered, his voice breathy with lust.

Jisung nodded eagerly, choking on his sobs as forced his body to go as lax as possible from all the trembling his body has been doing at the overstimulating feeling of his prostate getting rammed as the same time Minho jerked his cock like it was his own.

"Fuck, Sung. C-Coming." Minho grits out as his hips stutter to release into the condom and Jisung lets out an incoherent noise, throat too scratchy from moaning too much as he gets his cock milked out until there's none left to be released.

Minho drops on top of him, their bodies sweaty and both of them out of their breaths but they're both smiling as Minho slowly pulls out to roll over the side of Jisung and take off the condom to tie a knot and throw it to the trash bin next to Minho's bed.

Jisung is boneless, he felt like he was in another world. He lays there, snuggling against Minho's chest as he catches his breath and slowly feels his eyes droop. 

It's Minho who snaps him out of it when he shakes his shoulder. "Sung, we should shower."

Jisung grumbled out something incoherent and Minho giggled at that as he pressed a kiss onto his cheek. "C'mon, let's get you all cleaned up." 

Minho carried him to the shower without any complaints despite Jisung not being the most cooperating person, which was fair enough because he just got ripped out two fucking orgasms after confessing his love for his best friend.

He helped him wash his hair and body, scrubbing all the gunk off both of their bodies meanwhile Jisung obediently leaned against Minho, hands gripping onto Minho's body tightly due to his legs being too weak for him to stand still.

Few minutes later they're both dressed in Minho's clothes, Minho's shirt being too big on Jisung yet no one is complaining because Minho liked seeing him in his shirt and Jisung liked wearing Minho's clothes because of how big they all looked on him.

They curl against each other inside of Minho's bed, body spent and heart full with butterflies. Both of them have so many things to talk about the next morning, but for now they let themselves enjoy the warmth of each others' bodies.

"Nighty night, Jisung. Love you," Minho mumbled out sleepily.

Jisung gripped onto his waist tighter. "Love you too, hyung."