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Having sex when it’s raining hits different somehow. 

Maybe it’s the dichotomy of it; scorching hot between the sheets, cold and dreary out, yet equally wet in both places. It’s the way the world fades to nothing beyond the confines of the bedroom — blurry washed out images barely visible past rain-slicked window panes. 

Color and the lack thereof.  

The pat pat patter of the water against the glass. A soft sound of rapping knuckles, as though the storm is saying; please let me in . Perhaps it’s the delicious knowledge that there’s nowhere else to be, but under the fleece blanket, cuddling the morning away. 

These aren’t Kara’s exact thoughts as she slowly comes awake, blinking against the pale, watery light of a grey Saturday morning, but close enough. 

Sex is definitely on her mind anyway. 

It’s not so strange, since that’s how they’d fallen asleep the night before. Exhausted, after taking one another over the edge multiple times. And Kara’s dreams have been full of it too. Of Lena’s mouth slanted to hers, of the sharp sting of teeth scraping her pulse. The fullness of her breasts under Kara’s loving hands, and how her need had dripped all over Kara’s strap. 

She’s gone to sleep still wearing it, too tired to shimmy out of the RodeoH briefs that were part of their most recent purchase alongside the strap. They’re comfortable anyhow, and there’s something affirming about the weight of the silicone cock between her legs. 

Kara takes a few moments to cup herself, eyes grainy with sleep and thoughts aimlessly drifting. They did take time to clean up a bit, so the cock is warm under her fingers, but not sticky with residue. Still, it’s easy to recall Lena’s arousal sheening it, mixed with the lube, and Kara pumps her fist lazily, grinding the base of it into her core on the way down. They chose a realistic model, and the tips of her fingers trace the web of veins running along the entire length of the shaft, tease the lifelike divot at the tip. Not for the first time, Kara wishes the simplest stimulation made it leak. That she could feel it.  

Turns out her thoughts on the matter are more than enough — a tank of gasoline poured over an open flame. The dull, pulsing sensation that startled her awake ripples through her and heat licks up her spine, curls tight in her belly.

Okay. She’s really awake now. 

Like a moon orbiting its planet her body shifts, seeking Lena’s gravity.

Kara remembers falling asleep with Lena tucked against her chest, but as it happens when they get too warm overnight, their bodies have drifted apart. She’s lying on her back now, and when she turns her head to check on Lena, Kara finds her snoozing on her stomach, face half-buried in a sea of fluffy pillows.   

Part of Kara wants to wake her, to see if maybe Lena feels the same molten heat tightening her belly. See if they can do something about it, so that the fire is reduced to manageable embers before it burns them both alive. 

But as she stares, Kara’s breath catches. 

The downpour tapered off to a light drizzle, and weak sunlight peeks through the clouds, timid and unsure. It filters into the bedroom from a gap in the curtains, not pouring in as it would in fairer weather but seeping underneath the window. As intangible as morning fog it curls around the furniture. Around them until everything is sheened in pearly-white. Ethereal, weightless liight.

Lena kicked the covers partly off in her sleep, and her back is left exposed, the wane sun playing over her spine the way Kara’s hands are itching to do. She wants to map every freckle with her lips, wants to show Lena how deeply she loves each and every one. Wants to feel her stir under her mouth, grumbly at first, before what Kara is doing to her eventually registers, causing her to sink into the bed, into Kara’s waiting arms, with a happy sigh. 

Lena’s sun-kissed skin is luminous and perfect. Glowing from within like alabaster. Her hair, spilling like raven wings across the pillow seem even darker by contrast. Unable to resist another instant Kara reaches out, one finger drawing lazy patterns atop the cap of her shoulder and goosebumps spring up in the wake of her touch. Lena doesn’t wake, but makes a tiny sound deep in her throat. A content note, her senses instinctually recognizing who it is that’s touching her. 

Suddenly afraid that her morning wood may ruin the moment, Kara tucks the strap back into her briefs. It’s a hard cock, so the bulge is still obvious, the cotton stretched taut around the sheer size of it, but at least she won’t come off as too horny on main in case Lena’s not in the mood. Makes things harder for her, though — no pun intended. The fit is tight and the base sits directly on her oversensitive clit. Kara involuntarily bucks into the friction, and has to bite the inside of her cheek to muffle a whimper. 

Touching Lena becomes a distraction. A way to keep her mind off of her own arousal. Kara scoots closer, body molding to Lena’s sleep-warmed side like they’re two halves of the same whole and noses into the soft mass of her dark curls. Lena smells of sleep too, and sex and the floral notes of her shampoo. Kara inhales deeply, mouth hanging open; she can’t get enough of her scent. Here, with her nose brushing Lena’s scalp, it’s the undiluted musk of her. Salt and sweat and all the things they do to one another — not only in bed, but in Lena’s office, on elevator rides, in the back seat of Kara’s car. 

Kara needs more, and so she noses lower, cards strands of Lena’s hair aside to bare the back of her neck. There, she kisses, open-mouthed and wet and urgent, and her reward is Lena’s breath hitching in her chest.     

“Mmm…” A green eye opens, focuses on Kara through the curtain of Lena’s hair. Her gaze is cloudy with sleep, but when Kara kisses her neck again, hips rolling forward on their own, Lena gasps awake. 

“Baby.” Something always turns to goo in Kara’s chest when Lena calls her that (her heart probably), and today is no exception. “Hey.” Lena’s voice is gravel, a good octave lower than normal. Kara shudders and buries her face into the back of her shoulder, feeling herself blush. Even the tips of her ears tingle red. 

“Hey yourself.” She says, hoarse as if she swallowed a fistful of sand, and then because the expanse of Lena’s back is right there , she drops lower to kiss it.

Back kisses are underrated anyway, in her opinion, and the encouraging noises Lena makes when she throws a leg over her bottom to straddle her, are a sign that she agrees. 

Kara sets herself to her self-assigned task with a will. Her mouth drags over Lena’s back, tongue flicking out to taste her skin, hands squeezing firmly around her sides. She switches from featherlike caresses to firmer touches, nails tracing the ridges of Lena’s bowed spine, breath washing across her shoulder blades. It doesn’t take long for Lena’s hands to start twisting in the sheets, grabbing at the pillows, scrabbling for purchase at Kara’s thighs. 

When she arches back, chest heaving, her ass pushes up as well, right into Kara’s bulge.

Fuck .” The pressure sears through her like lightning, and Kara has to lock her muscles to not crumble atop Lena. To keep from rutting against the curve of her ass until she comes undone. 

“Baby, you’re so hard .” Lena pushes her rear up again, tone thick with amusement. “Is there something you want?” 

“I—” The question should be an easy one to answer. Kara wants Lena, and knows deep down that Lena knows it too. But the words won’t come: just a choked whimper. She can’t think past the steady beat between her thighs. Can’t think of anything, but the liquid heat of Lena’s center. The slight resistance as she sinks in to the base. 

“I want you to say it.” Underneath her, Lena twists so that they are face to face. Her pupils are so blown that her eyes seem to be swallowing the light, and her lips are parted. Swollen, even though Kara hasn’t kissed her yet. “Tell me what you need, baby.” 

“You.” Kara grits out, panting hard. Cool, elegant fingers cup her through her boxers, gently kneading at her balls. Kara’s gaze falls down between their bodies, chasing the motion, and the visual drives her mad with need. Without thinking, she cants her hips forward, jerking against Lena’s palm. If her cock worked the way a real one does, she’d be already spurting all over her hand. “I need… inside?” 

“I think I’m still a bit too tired from last night to be fucked.” Lena’s cheeks are flushed, and her eyes have that telltale gleam in them Kara knows all too well; she’s considering something, and wondering how Kara will react. “But maybe… I think it would be nice to feel you inside of me until I’m rested.” The heel of her hand grinds down, and Kara whines, completely helpless. Whatever Lena wants, she’ll give it to her. 

“Your cock all nice and tight inside me.” Leaning up, Lena whispers her proposal in Kara’s ear, tongue slicking the soft flesh of her earlobe. “I’ll keep you warm, baby. Promise.” Her hand finds the opening at the front of Kara’s boxer briefs, and she pauses, eyes carefully scanning Kara’s face. 

“Please.” The timbre of her own voice is so rough it’s as if she’s hearing somebody else speak. Nearly a growl, it spills visible like smoke from her chest. An apt comparison, since Kara feels that her lungs may have caught fire. “Please, pull it out. I can’t—” The pressure to her clit eases so abruptly she blanks out on the spot. 

She doesn’t come, but it’s a close thing, her vision whiting out as she collapses on top of Lena with a deflated oof .

When she regains her bearings, she’s been flipped on her back, and Lena is carefully dribbling a dollop of water-based lube over the strap. 

“Are you going to help me get nice and wet, too?” Lena beams down at her, hand pumping up and down her shaft in even strokes until the strap is glistening and ready. “So it’s easy to take all of you inside?” 

“Anything you want.” Kara blinks up stupidly. She’s lightheaded, weightless and dizzy. High on the images that are unspooling in her mind. Her eyes stay glued to Lena’s hand, wrapped around her cock, but when she tries to thrust again, one of her hips is pinned almost casually to the bed. 

“Can you hold on for me a little longer?” Lena kisses her, tongue slipping into her mouth to steal the whimper forming there. “We can come together in a bit.” 

And while Kara needs to come, like, yesterday, the idea of coming with Lena is a hundred times better.

“Yeah.” She nods, sitting up when Lena releases her. “C'mere,” she opens her arms. “Didn’t you say something about me getting you ready?”

Lena crawls to her, her cheeks a pretty shade of pink.


The best position for this is spooning, they figure out rather quickly. 

With Lena leaning into her, back to front, it’s easy for Kara to rest an arm on the dip of her waist. Even easier to reach down between her legs, knuckles brushing the dusting of hair at the top of Lena’s inner thighs. She’s wet already, but that doesn’t stop Kara from rubbing slow circles around her swollen clit, grinning when it throbs, when Lena’s body jolts hard against her own. 

“So wet.” She mouths at Lena’s pulse, and sucks a purple hickey against the hollow of her throat. Traps Lena’s heart between her teeth and it race, race, races on her tongue. “Can I be inside you, yet?” 

“God, yeah.” Kara isn’t sure how they’re supposed to not fuck once she’s buried deep in Lena’s depths. She’s barely lined up, and already the heat of her cunt is is sawing through her self-control. 

The idea is one they’ve been toying for some time. A thing they discovered during an internet deep-dive. Kara had heard of the concept before, but it seemed somewhat silly. Why would anyone want to bury themselves inside their partner and do nothing about it? 

When they’d looked it up, Kara had seen pictures. Mostly men, sheathed inside a partner while engrossed in other tasks, with the receiver treated as little more than an object. It didn’t feel wrong, exactly, and she supposes it could be arousing to be used like that, but Lena’s not an object to her. She just… can’t reconcile her feelings with that mindset.

She understands a little better now, as Lena lifts her upper leg up and hooks it back around Kara’s buttock, leaving herself wide open. Dripping. Wanting. She wasn’t shy with the lubricant and one thrust later, Kara is buried to the hilt. They gasp, almost in unison, and it takes all of her willpower to not continue what they started. The intimacy of it hits in ways Kara hadn’t foreseen. They’ve involved themselves in a war; on one side is the mutual agreement to wait, bask in one another’s closeness. On the other is the desire to give in to their basest instincts. 

The balancing act required leaves her in exquisite agony, and Lena shudders in her arms, blunt nails digging into Kara’s forearm. 

Big .” The word explodes from Lena in a breathy rasp that has Kara preening, her hips tilting forward on reflex. “Shit.” When Lena’s hiccupped breaths devolve into a moan she stills. “Sorry. I didn’t—” Concerned, she flattens her palm against Lena’s belly. It’s only her imagination, she knows, but it feels fuller under her fingers, somehow. “Did I hurt you?” Lena had mentioned being tired still, but maybe she also meant sore . “I can pull out if—”

“Don’t you dare move.” Lena’s fingers twine with hers, and she gives an affectionate squeeze, robbing her words of any heat. “I like being so stretched around you. Makes me feel—”

“Complete.” Kara hadn’t meant to cut her off, but before she can apologize for it, Lena offers a shaky nod. 

“Yeah.” She echoes. “Complete.” 

Silence drapes on top of them softly. It’s peaceful with her hips a perfect cradle to Lena’s rear, and a hand curled protectively around her ribcage. Kara listens to her breathe, feels Lena’s chest rhythmically expand against her fingers. Nuzzles into her hair, and fills her lungs with Lena’s essence, wondering whether it’d be possible to bottle it so she can have it close to her at all times. Watches the sun grow stronger, dust the room in gold. The rain finally stops and her ears become attuned to the rush and gurgle of the water in the gutter.

As noon approaches the room grows hot enough they can throw the blankets to the floor, sun pooling on the bed. It should feel stifling but it doesn’t. It’s the pleasant, humid heat of a greenhouse in blooming season, except that it’s their musk spicing up the air, and not the smell of flowers. 

Kara is admiring the sparks of copper-gold sunlight scattered in Lena’s hair when sleep claims her, subtle like a thief in the middle of the night. She doesn’t register falling asleep; simply, her eyes droop shut, her breathing evens out, and all that she’s aware of, albeit dimly, is the reassuring weight of Lena resting in her arms. 

An hour goes by, maybe two, but when she jolts awake again the blinding gold of noon has cooled to copper. Lena is awake too, and rocking back against her pelvis. 

“Baby, I think—” Another roll of her hips is followed by a gasp. “Can you fuck me now?” 

“Thought you’d never ask.” Kara has no intention of pulling out, but as her eyes land on the mirror hung atop Lena’s vanity she gets an idea. Around Lena’s waist, her arm tightens, and she asks. “Trust me?” 

“Always.” Lena’s barely done speaking that Kara is rolling them around, elbows digging into the mattress until she’s sat with her back to the headboard, Lena in her lap. Facing away from her, and staring round-eyed in the mirror. 

“You’re going to watch yourself get fucked.” Kara grates, hips lifting experimentally while her hands pull Lena down by her hips. “I can fuck you so deep like this.” She pushes Lena up, tugs her down again. “Can you feel it?” Her hips piston upward, hard and messy, and a whimper rattles out of Lena’s slack mouth in lieu of a reply.

Kara takes it as a yes.

It’s so hot to watch Lena’s reflection as she comes undone that Kara makes a mental note of fucking her this way more often. Her breasts bounce with each powerful thrust, and her eyes are glazed over, staring but not seeing. She looks beyond herself with bliss. Kara takes her in with greed; from pebbled dusky nipples that are begging to be sucked to the fuzz that starts below her belly button and merges with the dark tangle crowning her mound, but her eyes are inevitably drawn back to Lena’s puffy slit, to how her cock works itself inside, how Lena stops breathing whenever Kara pauses at the height of a thrust to grind the silicone base into Lena’s engorged clit.  

The front of her boxers is soaked, but Kara doesn’t mind. If anything, feeling Lena’s slick drip through the thin fabric and onto her skin fans the flames of her desire. 

“Close.” Lena pants, hair falling across her face in a dark waterfall, when a particularly hard thrust has her keel forward. “Please, baby! I need—” 

Kara thumbing her clit once is all it takes to make Lena come, whimpering and trembling in her lap. She’s close behind, hips jumping haphazardly as convulsions wreck her frame from head to toe, one after another, and ruin her completely. 

Time stops, or maybe Kara’s just come so hard that she loses the ability to process what’s around her. She feels, more than sees Lena dismount her, squinting uncomprehendingly when her girlfriend’s fingers curl around the elastic band of her boxers. 

“No.” Thinking Lena wants to clean her up with her mouth, the way she sometimes does, Kara tries to swat her hands away. She doesn’t think she bruised, but right now her hip bones feel too tender, her clit too roughened to bear even the barest pressure. “Can’t.” 

“You’ve been wearing this all night and most of the day, baby.” Lena’s voice is soft the way it gets when Kara’s sick or hurt and trying to mask it. “I just want to clean you up, and let your skin breathe, okay?” 

Kara wants to be whiny about it, but it feels good to be taken care of this way. When Lena tugs on her underwear again, she lifts her hips obediently, helping as much as she can. 

Ouch .” She’d been so consumed by lust she’d not noticed that the boxers, as comfy as they are, were partly cutting off her circulation. Blood flows back in now, and the pain of it has her hiss and try to twist away from Lena. But, of course, she’s not allowed to go very far. 

And there is a bruise, darkening the skin over her mound. A few more hours and it’ll be one hell of a looker. 

“I’ll get some wipes.” Lena stills her protests with one pointed look. “And then we’re going to run you a bath.”

“And get lo mein from the chinese on 5th?” Since Lena insists on fussing over her, Kara might as well shoot her shot.

Baozi too, if you promise me you’ll look into getting some more padding so you don’t bruise like this again.” 


Lena leaves her side for a short trip to the adjoining bathroom, and returns with wipes and a damp cloth. From the open door, Kara can hear water cascading in the bathtub. 

“I liked it.” She says, averting her gaze, not because she’s embarassed by the tender way Lena’s hand works between her legs, but because she’s about to ask something she doesn’t know the answer to, and it’s easier if she’s not looking Lena in the eye. “Falling asleep while I was inside you. Do you think...Could we…?” She wants to make it a regular thing, but did Lena enjoy it just as much? 

It felt so fucking validating , but Kara doesn’t want Lena to say yes to it only for her sake. 

“I loved it, Kara.” Pushing two fingers under her chin, Lena forces her head up. Her eyes are bottomless and gentle. “I love all of you.” Lena’s gaze drops to the strap they set aside for cleaning, and her fingers climb along the line of Kara’s flexing jaw, hand shaping around it. “And I want to fall asleep like that again. As often as you’d like.”