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eyes open.

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Music blares through the earbuds placed in his ears. His phone is in his pocket, the wire connected to them trailing from his sweatpants, across his abdomen and chest, and finally, framing either side of his face and nestling in his ears.

He’s not paying too much attention to the lyrics, only vaguely humming along as he stands in front of the bathroom counter, toothbrush held tightly in his hand as he cleans his teeth. Minty toothpaste rolls over and coats his tongue and he nods and shakes his head to the beat.

It’s late, probably one or two in the morning, and he just finished editing his video. It had taken all day; the program had crashed more than a few times - resulting in frustrated cries and slams of his fist against his desk - and he couldn’t figure out how to match the music with his Minecraft character jumping from the top of one birch tree to another. Then there’d been the nagging from Punz, bugging him to finish the video later and play Valorant with him, plus the added nuisance of George and Quackity teasing him relentlessly about not showing up to their stream.

And then there was Dream.

An entirely different type of distraction, completely and utterly tempting and annoying. His texts had sent Sapnap’s head spinning and mind racing and thoughts wandering. Periodically, Dream would message him something so completely lewd and arousing he would have to take a step back from what he was doing and sit at his desk, head in his hands, and take a few deep breaths to regather his concentration.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t the first time Dream had done this to him. When he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted, or when he wanted to rile Sapnap up, or when he was too horny to deal with himself, he would text Sapnap. He’d message him all the dirty things he wanted to do, all the places he’d kiss and bite and lick and all the places he’d touch. Dream would sit in his room downstairs and text Sapnap, who sat upstairs in the room with his PC, and tease him relentlessly.

Dream could always walk up the stairs and whisper these things into Sapnap’s ear, take matters into his own hands and pull Sapnap away from his desk and stay true to his word, touching and biting and licking and pulling at him in every way he described.

But it was a game to him.

To Dream, teasing Sapnap was the most fun thing in the world. So he’d sit downstairs, Sapnap just out of his reach, and push his buttons. He’d say things, send voice memos and photos, all in an attempt to bring Sapnap to the edge. His goal is to distract him so completely that he forgets what he’s doing and goes downstairs himself, begging Dream to fuck him senseless, pound into him until he can’t remember his name.

It didn’t work this time, though.

Sapnap is proud of himself, making eye contact with his reflection in the mirror attached to the wall in front of his bathroom counter. Dream’s texts had been dirty that day, and it had taken all of Sapnap’s willpower to remain in his seat. And, despite the day’s frustrations and his almost all-consuming desire to throw himself into Dream’s arms and let himself be taken care of, he’d finished his video.

So, here he is, bobbing his head along to his music, hand wrapped around his blue toothbrush, completely unaware of the sound of the door to his room creaking open.

He’s in his own world, eyes closed, leaning down and spitting toothpaste into the porcelain sink. Sapnap stands back up to his full height and feels arms snake around his waist. His eyes open and he makes eye contact with Dream in the mirror.

Green eyes stare into his, expression hungry and commanding, and Sapnap offers him a smile around his toothbrush.

He reaches up with his free hand and pulls both earbuds out of his ear. The wire is shoved in his pocket along with his phone. “Hi.”

Dream’s voice is low, a rumble in his throat as he presses a kiss to the exposed skin of Sapnap’s shoulder and utters, “hi.”

Sapnap continues to brush his teeth, ignoring the way Dream’s fingers curl around his hip bones. He’s still humming along to the song he was previously listening to when Dream pulls their hips flush together. He chokes on his toothpaste when Dream grinds his hips against the curves of his ass.

“Wh— Dream?”

“Hm?” he hums, chin resting on Sapnap’s shoulder and lips close to his ear. “Something bothering you?”

The tone of Dream’s voice, sultry and arousing, sends shivers down his spine and he leans forward once more to spit the toothpaste out of his mouth. He rinses the toothbrush in water from the tap and tries not to whine when Dream rolls his hips once more and grips Sapnap’s skin, fingers toying with the waistband of his sweatpants. Dream shifts one hand and grabs the wet toothbrush from Sapnap. It’s set down on the counter and Sapnap is pulled flush against Dream.

Back to chest, Sapnap’s eyes fall closed as Dream keeps one hand gripped, possessive, around his hip and lets the other roam freely across Sapnap’s clothed chest.

“You were so busy all day, Sapnap,” Dream says, lips ghosting across the soft skin behind Sapnap’s ear. His breath is hot and his words are spoken in a rumble that Sapnap can feel against his body.

“Was editing a video,” he murmurs in response, leaning back into Dream and taking a deep breath.

Dream ignores his excuse. “You left me all alone. I was so bored, Sapnap.” He brings his hand down across Sapnap’s chest and tugs on the hem of his shirt before bringing his touch lower, fingers gracing over the outline of his slowly hardening cock in his sweatpants.

“You didn’t sound bored,” he breathes out, stretching his neck to rest the back of his head against Dream’s shoulder. Sapnap recalls the messages Dream had sent him today, particularly the one voice memo that had him breathing deep and counting to ten to calm down.

In the audio, Dream’s voice was deep with lust and honey-like. It was smooth and soft and caused arousal to pool, hot and heavy, at the bottom of Sapnap’s stomach. His words were dirty, obscene and lewd, describing in great detail all the things Dream wanted to do once he got his hands on him. As the audio progressed, Dream’s words, his claims and requests, got dirtier and dirtier, starting off with how he would tangle his fingers in Sapnap’s hair and tug to how he would place a blindfold over his eyes and kiss all over his body to how he would push his face into the mattress with his hands bound behind his back as he fucked into him.

Needless to say, it didn’t seem as if Dream were bored at all that day.

Dream’s hand slipping under his shirt brings him back to reality, back to the present, and he sighs as he feels fingers dance across the bare skin of his abdomen.

“Y-you didn’t seem bored,” he repeats, breath hitching when Dream’s thumb rubs over his nipple.

His boyfriend hums in his ear again and rubs the pad of his finger back and forth across the sensitive bud. “I have a very active imagination.”

“Oh, really?”

“Mhm.” The hand on his hip rubs soothing circles into his skin while the other rubs and tweaks his nipple, sending shivers down his spine. “But you were so rude, ignoring me all day.”

“I was busy.”

“Is that so?” Dream presses a feather-light kiss to the side of Sapnap’s neck before moving his head, resting his chin on Sapnap’s other shoulder. A twin kiss is pressed to the side of his neck and Dream slowly slides his hand down his chest and out from under his shirt. “You don’t seem busy now, though.”

Both of Dream’s hands are gripping his hips, fingers digging into the skin and Sapnap secretly hopes that they’ll leave bruises. He opens his eyes and raises his head, locking eyes with Dream in the mirror.

The man standing behind him has a smirk on his lips and a hungry expression. Sapnap admires the faint blush high on Dream’s cheekbones and follows his arm with his gaze, watching as Dream raises his right hand and cups Sapnap’s left cheek. His fingers are long and slender, cupping under his jaw and splaying up and around his ear. Dream’s thumb rests on Sapnap’s mouth and he wipes away a glob of white toothpaste that is sitting on his bottom lip.

“Sapnap,” Dream chastises, brows furrowing and lips pulled into a tight frown. His thumb stays on Sapnap’s bottom lip, applying pressure until he opens his mouth. Dream’s thumb is pushed past his lips and into his mouth, resting heavily on his tongue. “You always make such a mess.”

“Nuh-uh,” Sapnap says around Dream’s thumb. The toothpaste is minty and he unconsciously begins to lick and suck on the thumb. He tries to shake his head in Dream’s grasp.

Dream pulls his thumb from Sapnap’s mouth and wipes the spit off on his cheek. Both hands are back on his hips and he’s spun around, the back of his thighs pressed against the cool edge of the counter. A thigh is pushed between his legs and Dream applies pressure to his crotch, grinding his leg into Sapnap’s cock while also rocking his own into Sapnap’s hip.

“Oh, come on now, baby,” Dream whispers, cheek resting against Sapnap’s as he speaks in his ear. The stubble on his face rubs against Sapnap’s skin and he shudders at the feeling. “We both know that’s not true.”

Sapnap sputters and starts to rebuttal, but Dream’s hands are on the counter on either side of his body, caging him in, and he feels lightheaded from the friction of Dream’s thigh rubbing against him. Dream leans forward, forcing him to lean back, and he feels Dream’s hands dip down to grab at the backs of his thighs. He lets out a breathy gasp as he’s shifted onto the counter, legs spread with Dream standing in between them, hands balled into fists in the soft fabric of Dream’s t-shirt.

“Dream?” he asks, confused as to what exactly Dream has in mind.

The man is one step ahead of him, it seems, as he’s immediately shushed and told to keep quiet. “Let me take care of you,” Dream utters, words barely above a whisper yet so, so loud in Sapnap’s ears.

He nods weakly and loosens his grip on Dream’s shirt. His breath hitches when Dream’s mouth connects with the soft skin of his neck, lips placed strategically on the space where his shoulder curves upwards into his throat. Dream kisses the spot and then, without warning, takes the skin in between his teeth and bites down. Sapnap cries out, a tiny “ah!” escaping his lips as Dream licks over the indents his teeth made.

Dream’s hands find their place on Sapnap’s thighs and he rubs up and down them, going from his knees to his hips and back down again, taking the time to squeeze his fingers into the soft flesh as he goes along. His touch is so gentle yet so deliberate, so calming and soft and arousing that Sapnap’s head spins; his eyes fall closed and he rests his forehead against Dream’s shoulder while his boyfriend moves to another spot on his throat, biting and kissing and licking over the skin in a way that is nothing but possessive.

His cock is straining in his sweatpants, by now, and he lets out a low groan whenever Dream’s thumb accidentally rubs against it as he continues to stroke his thighs. Dream’s hands are magic and Sapnap thinks he’ll never get used to his touch, thinks he never wants to. Moments like this with Dream are some of his favourite times.

Although he can’t see it, he can tell the skin of his neck is blotchy, purple and blue bruises and hickeys littering the expanse of his throat, interspersed with bite marks and wet patches from Dream’s tongue. It’s a feeling he’s always loved, being marked-up and, in a sense, claimed. It made him feel fuzzy. For Sapnap, it’s even better knowing that Dream loves it too, as he gets possessive and protective and loves laying claim to Sapnap.

Sapnap’s forehead is still pressed against Dream’s shoulder and he tries - and fails - to suppress the full-body shudder that courses through him when Dream pulls away slightly and blows cool air over the fresh bite mark just under his jaw. Dream’s laugh is low in his throat and rumbly, incredibly hot and it settles in the pit of Sapnap’s stomach.

Dream stops rubbing Sapnap’s thighs, palms stilling, and pulls his head back. Sapnap has to catch himself as Dream’s shoulder is dropped from under his forehead and he looks up at Dream with wide eyes. His lips are parted, slightly, and his breathing is heavy.

The look Dream is giving him is predatory, dangerous and hungry. His pupils are blown and there’s a mischievous glint in his eyes. Sapnap’s about to question it, spit out some snide and brattish remark but his words die in his throat as one of Dream’s hands moves from his thigh and grips his face.

Dream’s hand is big, and his thumb rests against one of Sapnap’s cheeks while the rest of his fingers hold the other. The curve between his thumb and pointer finger fits perfectly against Sapnap’s chin, right under his bottom lip, and Dream tilts his head to the side and raises an eyebrow at Sapnap. His lips push out in a fake pout and Sapnap’s eyes are drawn to the curve of his mouth, to his pink lips, still wet with his saliva from earlier.

In one sudden yet surprisingly soft movement, Dream tightens his hold on Sapnap and attempts to bring his fingers together. Sapnap’s cheeks squish out and around the fingers and his lips push out in a pout, not unlike the one Dream sports on his own face. Dream coos at him and shifts his other hand, the one still on Sapnap’s thigh, and traces the pads of his fingers along the inseam of his sweatpants, going up, up, up to his crotch.

Sapnap’s breath catches as Dream presses down on his cock with his palm and he squirms in Dream’s grasp, attempting to free himself and hide his face back in Dream’s shoulder. He’s never been one for direct eye contact during intimate moments like this, and he tries to frown as Dream laughs at him.

“Poor baby,” he teases, squishing his cheeks more and continuing to grind his palm into Sapnap’s dick. “Scared of a little eye contact? Too shy to let me see you get all red, all flustered, hm?”

His words are fuel to the fire that’s been growing in the pit of his stomach since Dream had first walked into the bathroom and ground against him. He can feel his cheeks heat up under Dream’s intense gaze and he swallows any responses that try to fall past his lips.

Dream continues, “it’s a bit rude, now that I think about it.” The expression on his face shifts, morphs from teasing to torturous, eyebrows carefully drawn together in a perfectly planned out fashion. Dream’s like that during moments like this - every move is calculated and well-thought-out, planned and executed perfectly to reduce Sapnap to a blubbering mess underneath his hands. It works every time.

“Why?” he manages to get out.

His boyfriend hums and considers him. “Well, for starters,” the heel of his palm pushes hard into Sapnap’s crotch and he smirks as a whine escapes his mouth, “you make pretty noises like that. I want you to look at me when you cry out and moan around my cock. I think I deserve that, yeah?”

It’s a trap, Sapnap knows, but he falls into it anyway. “Don't like it,” he utters and tries to shake his head.

“No?” Dream’s voice is low, no trace of humour to be found. One hand still palming him through his sweatpants and the other still squeezing his cheeks, he leans forward and takes Sapnap’s earlobe between his teeth, giving it a gentle tug before releasing it. “Not even if I ask nicely?”

Sapnap squirms and shudders at the close proximity, at the raspy words whispered directly into his ear. He shakes his head again.

“Fine,” Dream says, taking both his hands off of Sapnap and stepping back. He goes to exit the bathroom and says, nonchalantly, “suit yourself. Guess you’ll have to get off by yourself, and we both know you’re too much of a slut to enjoy that as much as you want to.”

He sits on the counter in stunned silence for a few beats, blinking slowly and trying to let Dream’s words soak into his sex-addled mind. It takes him a moment and he fights with himself internally, half of him wanting to reach out and grab Dream’s wrist, tug him back and apologize, while the other half wants to shrug off his comment and play it cool, tease and taunt him. The latter wins.

“I- I can just call George.” He fumbles over his words, not entirely sure what he’s saying. All he knows is that he wants Dream to take control and this is the only way he can think of to get what he wants. He’s toeing the line of dangerous territory but he can’t stop himself from saying, “I’m sure he’d help me.”

Dream stops.

In an instant, his face is squished, once more, by Dream’s large palm and his hip is held tight. He’s rooted to the spot, couldn’t move if he wanted to, and his eyes widen as he finally processes the words he said.

Dream’s voice is dangerous and his words are sharp. “You’re mine,” he states, clear as day. “You’re mine.”

Sapnap does nothing, just sits in Dream’s hold and swallows the spit that had built up in his mouth.

“Say it.”

He makes eye contact with Dream. His lips are forced into a pout and his words are quiet, “‘m yours.”

Dream shifts his thumb and pushes it straight past Sapnap’s lips and into his mouth. He scrapes his blunt nail along his tongue before moving his thumb to the side of his mouth and stretching his cheek out. The thumb is dropped to his lip and he brings it back to the center of his mouth while simultaneously pulling down his bottom lip. He lets go and Sapnap’s lip goes back into its place.

His thumb rests on his chin and Dream curls his fingers to hook under his jaw. Sapnap’s face is pulled close to Dream’s, close enough to feel his hot breaths against his skin. Dream tugs his chin and tilts Sapnap’s face upwards until his mouth falls open.

“Say it again. Whose are you?” His voice is a whisper, breathed out quietly in the small space between their lips.

“Yours,” he manages to get out.

Dream looks down at him and smirks. He leans in and brushes their lips together, a touch that drives Sapnap crazy.

Sapnap wants to push forward, connect their lips and kiss Dream until he’s out of breath and gasping for air. He doesn’t move, though, just sits and whimpers as Dream’s grip on his hip tightens. Before he can process what’s going on, Dream gives his chin a final tug and spits into his mouth.

“You better not fucking forget it.”

Drops of saliva cling to his lips and drip down the sides of his mouth. His eyes are wide and his thoughts are jumbled and he doesn’t have time to attempt to unscramble them before his lips are locked in a kiss with Dream’s.

It’s their first proper kiss of the night and, despite the previous events from seconds ago, Sapnap lets himself melt into it. Dream’s lips are somehow always soft, always plush and pink and perfect, and they fit against his like the final piece in a puzzle. The kiss is anything but sweet, though, as Dream takes control in an instant and bites down on Sapnap’s lip. His tongue pushes in and Sapnap lets out a warbled moan.

Sparks shoot out under his skin as Dream pulls him closer so he’s sitting on the edge of the counter. His knees are on either side of Dream’s hips and Sapnap wraps his legs around Dream, locking his ankles together and holding him close. The hand on his hip travels up and under his shirt, warm against his skin as it rests on his ribs.

His eyes are closed as they kiss, cheeks impossibly hot and red and lips parted to let Dream do whatever he wants. Dream takes and takes and takes, licking into his mouth and tugging on his lip with his teeth and stealing all the air straight from his lungs.

Sapnap’s chin is released and, instead, Dream’s fingers curl into his hair, weaving themselves between the black strands and tugging. He practically mewls into the kiss, relishing the painful pleasure that floods his entire body.

Dream pulls back and laughs. A string of spit connects their lips and breaks, falling against Sapnap’s chin. Sapnap stares up at him and tries to reconnect their lips.

“So needy,” Dream whispers, pulling on his hair again and ghosting his fingers over his ribs, applying the slightest bit of pressure between them, just enough to have Sapnap squirming in his grasp.

“Please,” he says, not entirely sure what he’s asking for. All he knows is that he wants more. Dream’s touch, his hands and his lips and his entire being, is addicting and he feels like he’s going to die without him.

Dream’s eyes flit up, presumably to look at them in the mirror, and he tugs on Sapnap’s hair again before letting go. His now-free hand joins the other one under his shirt, fingers splayed across his ribs. He slowly moves his hands upwards, inch by inch, bringing Sapnap’s shirt along with him. When he reaches his chest, he rubs his thumbs over his nipples and lets out another low laugh at Sapnap’s reaction.

Sapnap whines, “Dream.”

“What is it, doll?” His voice is sugary sweet and smooth, sticky like honey and Sapnap falls into it, letting it cover him and cling to his skin, to his mind and his thoughts.

He does his best to glare at him, although it’s hard to do with his lip between his teeth and Dream’s constant stimulation to his chest. “Please.

Dream stills his thumbs and continues moving his hands up Sapnap’s chest. Sapnap raises his arms and Dream pulls his shirt over his head. “Please what?” he asks, dropping the shirt onto the floor and kicking it towards the door with his foot.

Sapnap shakes his head and tries to formulate words but Dream’s palming his cock through his sweatpants again and he can’t think straight. All that leaves his mouth is a broken gasp, a sharp inhale of breath as Dream’s hand touches him just right and teases him.

“Look at me,” he whispers, voice uncharacteristically soft as he places his finger under his chin and tilts his head up. Sapnap opens his eyes and finds himself falling into Dream’s gaze, losing himself in his green eyes and his controlled expression. Dream continues, “use your words, doll.”

Sapnap can feel his mind growing fuzzy, can feel himself falling into the submissive position Dream has carefully crafted for him, carefully pushed him towards with calculated touches and words. Dream encompasses his head, rules over his thoughts and controls the burning fire in the pit of his stomach. His hand continues working along the outside of his sweatpants and it’s maddening. He cries out, “touch me!”

Dream laughs and removes both hands from Sapnap. He takes a step back and Sapnap’s legs fall from around his waist. His heels hit the counter and he sits and watches as Dream crosses the room and pulls back the shower curtain. He reaches into the shower and pulls out the small, clear bottle they keep on the shelf for… specific situations.

Sapnap’s eyebrows shoot up as Dream places the bottle of lube on the counter and repositions himself between Sapnap’s legs. His hands are back on his hips.

“Here?” Sapnap asks.

Dream leans forward and kisses under his jaw. He trails his lips down Sapnap’s throat and attaches them to his collarbone, biting and sucking hickeys into the skin before moving further down his chest. He takes his time, littering Sapnap’s bare chest with marks similar to the ones he’d placed on his throat. Sapnap asks his question again through a breathy moan when Dream’s lips close around his nipple.

He hums, the vibrations reverberating from his mouth through Sapnap’s chest, and stands back up, bringing his lips close to Sapnap’s ear. “We both know,” he starts, voice low, “that you’re too much of a cockslut to wait until we get to the bedroom.”

Sapnap lets himself be pulled off the counter onto wobbly feet, pliant in Dream’s hold. His words bounce around in his skull and he feels his face warm at the degradation. Hands are still on his hips as he’s turned around so he faces the mirror. Dream’s chest is against his back, hard cock pressed to his ass.

“Plus,” Dream continues. One of his hands lets go of his hip and grabs his face. Sapnap’s head is tilted up so he’s making eye contact with himself in the mirror. “We both get to see you make those pretty sounds.”

All words die in his throat as he takes in his appearance. His hair is tousled and mussed from Dream’s hand and his cheeks are bright red. His throat and neck, along with his collarbone and chest, are covered in bruises and hickeys, bite marks claiming him as Dream’s. The outline of his dick is painfully visible in his sweatpants and he eyes the waistband and the light purple marks on his skin left from Dream’s bruising grip.

“Colour?” His voice is low, soft compared to the entire situation, and whispered right into his ear. Dream’s cheek is pressed to the side of his head and he rubs circles into his hip with his thumb.

Sapnap looks up at himself in the mirror, takes in his parted and kiss-swollen lips, the dried spit on his face, his lust-blown pupils. He looks to Dream, sees the considerate smile tugging at the corners of his lips and sees the desire in his expression. He wants this. He nods slowly and whispers out a quiet, “green.”

Dream hums and his mask is back on, the cool and calculated facade slipping back into place as he utters, “good.”

Sapnap’s arms rest, limp, by his sides as he lets Dream trail his hand back down his chest and hook his fingers into the waistband of his sweatpants. In one quick, fluid motion, they’re pulled down to his thighs, boxers going with them, and Sapnap groans at the cool air hitting his now-bare skin. He leans into Dream’s hold and rests his head back against his shoulder.

“No, baby,” Dream chastises, “eyes up here.” He takes one hand and guides Sapnap’s head back upright and he looks directly into the mirror.

He’s about to whine, about to pout, but Dream’s one hand rubs up and down his side while he spits into the other and wraps his slender fingers around Sapnap’s cock. The pleasure is immediate and gratifying, setting his nerve endings alight with the same fire that burns hot in the pit of his stomach. His moan is high and drawn out and he finds his eyes fluttering closed at the sensations.

“Eyes open, baby,” Dream repeats, commanding, as he thumbs over Sapnap’s slit and then rubs his palm over his head. “Keep ‘em open for me.”

Sapnap opens his eyes and looks at Dream’s hand in the mirror, at the way his wrist twists on the upstroke and the way his thumb gathers the precum from his tip and smears it down his shaft on the downstroke. It’s intoxicating, arousing and mesmerizing, and it feels so, so good. He can feel the tension in the pit of his stomach tighten and coil, burning white-hot with promised pleasure and release and he moans. His breaths get heavier and more frequent and he reaches behind him with one hand to hold on to Dream’s shirt.

The tension, the pleasure, builds and builds and builds and, finally— Dream’s hand squeezes the base of his shaft and stalls his orgasm. His whines and pleas are cut off by Dream’s laugh.

“Oh, come on, now.” He removes his hand from Sapnap’s dick and trails it up his stomach and chest, tweaking his nipple as he passes, and resting it on his shoulder. Dream gives his shoulder a squeeze and leans into Sapnap’s ear to continue, “did you really think I’d go easy on you? Baby, I’ve been waiting for this all day.”

He groans at Dream’s words and leans his body back into him. Dream’s hold on him is secure, tight, and the hand that was in his shoulder reaches down to grab the bottle of lube on the counter. Dream pats Sapnap’s hip with his other hand.

“Spread your legs for me, doll.”

Sapnap does as he’s told, does what Dream wants, and shuffles his feet until they’re shoulder-width apart. He’s rewarded with a gentle hand carding through his hair and the click of the bottle opening. He hears the wet sounds of Dream squeezing the lube onto his fingers and rubbing them together to warm it up.

“Ready?” he asks, one hand palming the plush skin of Sapnap’s ass.


Dream laughs and trails a lube-slicked finger down from the small of his back and over his tailbone, moving down and teasing his hole. “Hands on the counter, baby.”

Once again he does as he’s told and places his hands, palm down, on the cool counter in front of him. He looks up and sees himself in the mirror; the look on his face is full of nothing but desire, full of lust and pure want and he pushes his hips back when the tip of Dream’s finger pushes inside.


That’s always how it is with Dream; he takes and takes and takes and makes Sapnap wait for his reward. It’s infuriating and frustrating and sometimes demeaning but Sapnap wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dream moves methodically, pushing his finger in slowly and stopping once it’s inserted all the way. He lets it rest there, unmoving, until Sapnap whines high in his throat and pushes his hips back again. Sapnap arches his back and pushes his ass out towards Dream in an unspoken attempt to get him to move his finger.

After a few more seconds, Dream gives in and slowly begins to thrust his finger in and out, careful to not inflict more pain than he knows Sapnap can handle. Instantly, their bathroom fills with Sapnap’s breathy moans and pleas, asking Dream to go faster, asking for more. All Dream does is roll his eyes and continue to tease, stretch Sapnap out as best he can with one finger and massage his ass with his other hand.

Sapnap’s breath hitches when Dream adds his second finger without warning, going straight to scissoring them open and closed, stretching him so, so nicely. He curls his fingers on the counter and lets out a loud groan when the pads of Dream’s fingers brush over his prostate. White-hot pleasure blinds him for a few beats and he drops his head to let it wash over him.

Dream stops his movement and moves the hand that’s on his ass and tangles it in his hair. Sapnap bites his lip against the whoreish moan that threatens to leave his mouth at the tingling pain on his scalp. His head is pulled up so he’s making eye contact with himself in the mirror again.

“Eyes open,” Dream says. His voice is rough and he gives one final tug to Sapnap’s hair before releasing it, ghosting his fingers down Sapnap’s spine. They find their place back around his hip and he resumes stretching Sapnap open.

Sapnap’s losing his mind with the way Dream’s fingers twist and curl and thrust inside him, and punched out moans fall past his lips every time he rubs against his prostate. It’s both arousing and humiliating, watching himself in the mirror, but he finds himself loving it; the way Dream stands behind him with a closed-off expression, hair carefully pulled away from his face, focusing on prepping Sapnap, makes his cheeks flush a deep shade of red.

Dream notices him staring at himself and laughs quietly, low in his throat. He slips a third finger inside Sapnap the same time he coos, “don’t you look so pretty like this, doll, all flushed and red?”

Whimpers and whines sound in his ears as Dream’s fingers crook inside him and repeatedly brush against the bundle of nerves, bringing him closer and closer to the orgasm he so desperately craves. His head is fuzzy and full and his fingers curl against the counter when Dream lets go of his hip and wraps his hand around his cock again.

It’s overwhelming and intense and he feels himself creeping closer and closer to the edge, ready and willing to lose himself in Dream’s touch. Sapnap’s moans get louder and he can’t decide between thrusting his hips forward into Dream’s hand or thrusting back onto his fingers. He knows it’s coming but he lets himself fall right back into Dream’s trap.

“Please, please, pl—lease!”

Dream’s fingers pull out of him and he takes his hand off his cock.

Sapnap doesn’t know if he sees the tears pooling in the corners of his eyes before he feels them, but he knows they’re there. They threaten to spill over, pour down his face and leave wet tracks in their wake, but he blinks rapidly to keep them at bay. He sniffles.

There’s a hand in his hair, tangling in the strands, softer than before. It takes him a few seconds, a few deep breaths and fast heartbeats, to realize it’s Dream’s hand. He breathes deep and slowly feels the fog in his brain clear.

“You still good?” Dream asks, voice quiet yet powerful. He pets his hair, calming him; Sapnap’s never been the best at edging and overstimulation.

Nonetheless, he nods and says, “yes, please, keep going. Please, feel like I’m gonna die without you.”

Dream’s chuckle is soothing and he leans forward to press a tender kiss to Sapnap’s shoulder blade. He stands back up and rubs both hands up and down his sides. “Tell me if it gets to be too much.”

Sapnap nods again and sniffles. It’s less overwhelming, now, as he falls back into a more comfortable subspace. His hands are still on the counter and he watches in the mirror as Dream undresses behind him.

He’s mesmerized, always is, by Dream’s body. Tall and lean, faint muscles on his abdomen and defined biceps. To Sapnap, Dream is gorgeous and he thinks if he stares for any longer he’s going to start drooling and whining just from the sight of his now-naked body.

Dream catches him staring.

The facade falls back into place, Dream falling back into his dominating character as he sneers at Sapnap. “Look at you, practically drooling over me, begging for my cock with just your eyes. Who knew you were such a whore?”

Sapnap outright moans at the degrading words. He bites his lip to quiet the sound but Dream’s hand falls, hard, on his ass. He yelps at the slap and pushes his hips back.

“If you’re making noises,” his voice is low, dangerous, punctuated with a twin slap on the opposite cheek, “I better be hearing them.”

He whines at the second slap, doesn’t muffle it, and is rewarded with Dream petting his hair again.

“You sound so pretty, don’t hide your noises, baby.”

Sapnap nods and hears the bottle of lube open once more with another click. His eyes travel up to the mirror and lock onto Dream’s face as he squirts lube into his palm. Sapnap watches as Dream wraps his hand around his own cock and spreads the lube all along his shaft.

Dream’s cheekbones are dusted pink, freckles slightly more visible against the barely-there blush. His eyebrows furrow as he strokes himself and his eyes fall closed. His lip is worried between his teeth as he lets his head fall back, ever so slightly. It’s truly a sight to behold, Dream like this, and Sapnap drinks it in, revels in it. It fuels the fire that’s slowly starting to reignite in the pit of his stomach.

Almost as if he can sense Sapnap’s staring, Dream’s eyes flutter open and he smirks at Sapnap in the mirror. “Enjoying the show?”

He flushes, eyes wide, and nods. There’s no point in hiding it, as Dream caught him in the act and denying it would only end in punishment.

All Dream does is huff out a laugh and place his lube-slicked hand on Sapnap’s hip. He’s pulled back, hands still on the counter, as Dream lines himself up.

Dream moves teasingly slow, not unlike him when they’re in situations like this. He pushes in at a maddening pace, gripping Sapnap’s hip tight with one hand while the other wraps around his wrist when Dream leans forward.

Sapnap whimpers at the teasing, whines at Dream’s intoxicatingly slow movements and resists the urge to push his hips back, force Dream’s cock into him with one swift movement. He’s desperate and noisy and harder than he thinks he’s ever been. Dream notices, of course, he does, and takes pity on him, snaps his hips forward and bottoms out.

The moan that falls past his lips is sluttish and loud, echoing in the bathroom. It’s paired with Dream’s low groan as he stays still, holding Sapnap close but not giving any indication that he’s going to move any time soon.

There’s a hand around his wrist and he watches in the mirror as Dream leans back, until he’s standing upright again, Sapnap’s wrist still in his hold. He lets Dream maneuver his arm so it’s behind his back, in between him and Dream, and held there by Dream’s strong hand. Instinctually, he lifts his other hand off the counter and places it behind his back with the other one. Dream holds that one, too.

“Move, please.” His voice is a whisper, desperate and needy and fuck he’s so turned on and he wants this so badly but Dream’s not doing anything.

He feels a kiss on the side of his neck, on his jaw, behind his ear. Dream sucks at the skin and creates more purple and blue marks, more claims. The hand on his hip shifts and rests, fingers splayed, on Sapnap’s stomach.

Dream pulls out almost all the way and thrusts back in with one movement, snapping his hips forward and drawing a long, loud moan from Sapnap. He rubs up and down on Sapnap’s stomach and leans into his ear, whispering, “can you feel me filling you up? All the way up to here?” He traces over Sapnap’s stomach with his fingertips. “Look at you, such a little cockslut. You love being stuffed full like this.”

Sapnap can’t fight back if he wants to. He keens under the words, under Dream’s touch and his voice directly in his ear. They both know he’s right, and Sapnap whines.

Dream’s laugh is deep and rumbles through his chest, cruel. His hips begin moving as he starts up a steady pace of thrusting in and out of Sapnap, keeping his hand on his stomach and his wrists held behind his back. He shifts, thrusts in at a different angle, and Sapnap sees stars.

Pure pleasure clouds his brain as Dream begins to hit his prostate with every thrust, groaning and breathing heavily in his ear as he does so. His hand travels down from his stomach and wraps around his dick once more, pumping his wrist in time with the thrusts of his hips.

Sapnap’s a moaning mess, tears freely falling from his face as he utters out, “please, please, pl—lease, please, please, please!” He doesn’t know what he’s asking for, what he’s pleading for, all he knows is that he wants to chase that high, the burning, white-hot pleasure that clouds his vision and fills his brain.

The bathroom fills with the sound of skin slapping skin and slick noises, alongside their own moans and whines and groans, and Sapnap’s head falls back against Dream’s shoulder and his eyes slip shut.

Dream lets go of his wrists and brings his hand to his face, squishing and holding his cheeks the same way he did before. Sapnap lets Dream maneuver his head, tilt his face until he’s looking in the mirror again.

“Eyes open, slut.”

It’s too much. It’s not enough. The name-calling, the hand on his cock, the thrusts into his prostate, Dream moaning low in his ear. Sapnap opens his eyes and looks at himself in the mirror.

His face is red, bright red, and his hair is a mess. His eyes are watery, pupils blown wide and tears pooling in the corners and dripping down his face. His lips are red from biting, swollen from kissing, and his neck is blotchy and covered with Dream’s hickeys. He looks like a mess, completely fucked out and pliant in Dream’s grasp, and he moans at just the sight of it.

Sapnap shifts his eyes to Dream, looks at the shiny, thin layer of sweat covering his forehead, the crease in his eyebrows and the flush on his cheeks as he thrusts into him. Dream loses himself, briefly, and buries his nose in Sapnap’s hair, speeding up his thrusts and the pumps of his wrist and squeezing his eyes shut.

It feels so good, Sapnap feels so good, and he begs and pleads and whines and whimpers. He can’t look away from the scene in the mirror, any embarrassment he would have felt being overruled by how utterly hot it is to watch himself be used however Dream wants.

Watching Dream lose himself in the pleasure adds fuel to the fire and, before he knows it, he cries out, “please, s-sir!

That’s… new. He’s never called Dream that before, doesn’t know where it came from, but it rolls off his tongue just right and makes his blush creep up to his ears and down his shoulders.

Dream’s movements still, for a brief moment, and he lifts his head. He leans in, bites down on a hickey he already sucked into the skin behind Sapnap’s ear and blows cool air over the wet patch when he pulls away. He practically growls, “say that again,” directly into Sapnap’s ear.



Dream thrusts, deep and hard and fills Sapnap so full. He cries, “Fuck! More, please, please, sir, more, please!

“Good boy.”

His moans become more frantic as Dream resumes his relentless pace, hitting his prostate with every thrust and thumbing over his slit with every pump of his wrist.

“God, you’re so pretty,” Dream praises, lips still next to his ear. “So good for me, doll, such a good boy. Take me so well, yeah?”

Tears roll down his face and he can’t look away from the mirror. The hand holding his face drops and goes to his chest, tweaking and toying with his nipples.

“It’s like you were made for this,” he continues, breathing hard, “made to take my cock, born to make such pretty noises, just for me. You drive me crazy.”

The praise mixed with the degradation from earlier, mixed with the stimulation and pleasure from Dream’s hand on his cock and fingers twisting his nipples and thrusts against his prostate, sends him over the edge. He’s crying out, strings of curse words and pleas leaving his lips freely, tears pouring down his face as he sobs.

“Please, sir, I’m so close,” he whines, watching Dream mouth at his shoulder in the mirror. “Can I cum?”

Dream’s movements never stop as he hums against Sapnap’s skin, sucks and bites down and rubs his tongue over the indents he made. “Cum for me, doll.”

It’s a command and Sapnap can’t keep his eyes open as he finally, finally gets the release he’s been craving since the beginning. His head lolls, falls back against Dream’s shoulders as he continues to thrust into him and milk his cock, work him through his orgasm. He moans, practically screams, and sobs.

Dream finishes a few seconds after he does, pushed over the edge by Sapnap’s hole tightening around him and his whoreish moans. He cums inside Sapnap, claims him in that way, as well, and groans, low and deep and rumbly. He continues thrusting, slower this time, riding himself through his orgasm.

The hand on his cock falls away, goes back to his side and rubs up and down in a soothing motion, and the fingers that were toying with his nipples reach up and card through his hair.

Dream pants in his ear, breathes heavily and whispers praises. “You did so good for me, doll. Such a good boy, so good. I love you.”

Sapnap slowly opens his eyes, lets the final waves of his orgasm wash over him and he turns his head, kisses weakly along the underside of Dream’s jaw. “Love you,” he mumbles against his skin, “thank you.”

He twitches at the overstimulation as Dream shifts, cock still inside him, and lets out a quiet whimper.

“Baby,” Dream coos, voice low and calculated, dangerous. He pulls out of Sapnap. “Remember what I said earlier?”

Sapnap can feel Dream’s cum leaking out of him, dripping down the backs of his thighs. His brain is fuzzy, sex-addled and slowly coming down from subspace. He hums, lips still pressed against the underside of Dream’s jaw.

“Eyes open, doll,” he says. He pats his cheek gently with his palm.

He does as he’s told, opening his eyes and looking in the mirror. Both their faces are red, Sapnap wearing a fucked-out expression while Dream boasts a cool and carefully crafted smirk.

“Remember what I told you? About how you always make messes?”

Sapnap nods.

“Look what you did, baby,” he chastises, gesturing down at the counter in front of them. “You made a mess.”

He looks where Dream tells him. It takes him a few seconds to register what he’s talking about, but he sees it. His cum is spattered on the counter, white and sticky, and he blinks at it.

Dream leans forward and drags his pointer and middle fingers through it, scooping it up. Sapnap watches lazily as Dream taps his thumb against his chin and opens his mouth unconsciously. He takes Dream’s fingers into his mouth and sucks, licking over the digits and wincing at the salty taste of his own cum.

“There we go,” Dream coos, going back to petting his hair. “Such a good boy.”

Sapnap cleans Dream’s fingers and blinks slowly at him through the mirror.

“C’mon, baby, let's get you cleaned up, yeah?” His tone is soft, words softer.

He nods and Dream takes his fingers out of his mouth. Sapnap lets Dream guide him until he’s sitting on the edge of the bathtub and he watches as Dream reaches behind him and turns on the water, letting it warm up before stepping into the shower.

Dream rubs a soothing hand over Sapnap’s shoulder and pulls him to his feet and into the shower with him. They’re standing face to face, and Dream wraps his arms around Sapnap. He falls into the embrace, exhausted, and hums contentedly when Dream maneuvers the showerhead so the warm water washes over them both. A hand rubs up and down on his back for a minute or so.

“You good?” Dream asks, kissing the top of his head and reaching to the side to grab the bottle of shampoo off the shelf.

Sapnap nods, mumbles a quiet, “so good,” into Dream’s chest.

The small shower fills with the smells of the shampoo, earthy and comforting, and Dream pours some into his palm.

“Lean back for me, love?”

He lets go of Dream and stands up, looking up into his eyes and smiling. Dream smiles back - butterflies shoot through Sapnap’s stomach - and he lathers the shampoo into his hair. The motions are soothing, Dream’s fingers massaging his scalp in a manner so unlike before when he was tugging on his hair. Shampoo is worked into his hair, coats his entire head and Dream leans down to kiss Sapnap’s forehead when he’s done lathering.

Sapnap giggles and raises his head, sticking his lips out and pouting until Dream gives in and presses a kiss to his lips, gentle.

The shampoo is rinsed out of his hair and down his back, Dream making sure it doesn’t run into his eyes, and flows down the drain. Sapnap reaches for the bottle to wash Dream’s hair but is stopped, Dream telling him his hair is already clean. Sapnap pouts.

“Baby,” he laughs, “you’re the one who’s dirty.”

He grumbles, “whose fault is that?”

Dream laughs, the sound echoing off the walls of the shower and bouncing from their colourful shower curtain. “I guess. Still,” he reaches for the bar of soap, rubbing it between his palms to lather the suds, “let me take care of you.”

His hands rub over his skin, cleaning the day off his body, coating him in the sweet-smelling suds. Dream washes his body, his skin, cleans him thoroughly all while whispering and cooing praise to him, telling him how good he did, how pretty he is, how perfect he is. Sapnap melts, into the touch, into the words, into Dream, and feels his eyes grow tired, eyelids grow heavy. Dream rubs his shoulders and pats his cheek to keep him awake.

Water washes over his body and rinses all the soap off until he’s completely clean. The water is turned off and the shower curtain is pulled back. Dream steps out of the shower and quickly dries himself off, wrapping a towel around his waist and leaving the room, coming back quickly with new clothes for both of them in his arms. He slips into a fresh pair of boxers and sweatpants and holds out his hands to Sapnap, who takes them, and guides him out of the shower and onto the fluffy bath mat on the floor.

Dream grabs another towel from the rack on the wall and rubs it over Sapnap’s skin, gently drying him off and pressing kisses along his entire body. He kneels down when he dries his legs and he presses his lips to his knee, thigh, hip, as he stands back up. Sapnap smiles at him and pulls him in for a proper kiss.

He lifts his feet, one by one, when Dream asks him to, pulling a pair of boxers up and over his knees and thighs. His arms raise when Dream offers him one of his own hoodies, an obnoxious shade of green, and smiles when the fuzzy fabric is pulled over his head and rests against his chest. Another towel is on his head, Dream ruffling his hair through the cloth to dry it.

When he’s done, Sapnap takes Dream’s hand and follows him out of the bathroom, into his room, towards the bed.

“C’mere,” Dream opens his arms to Sapnap.

Sapnap gratefully falls into them, letting Dream wrap his arms around him and sit them both down on the bed. He frees himself from Dream’s hold and crawls under the duvet, burrowing himself in the blanket and laying back on the pillow.

Dream settles in beside him, laying on his back, and pulls Sapnap into him, one hand curled in his hair, the other rubbing soothing circles onto the exposed skin of his thigh. Sapnap curls into him, head resting on his chest and listening to his heartbeat.

It’s quiet, the room still and Dream’s breaths soft. Sapnap smiles and turns his head to press a kiss to Dream’s bare chest.

He mumbles, “so. ‘Sir’?”

Dream snorts. “You seemed just as into it as I was.”

“Hm, maybe. At least I wasn’t the one who wanted to watch in the mirror as we fucked.”

“Oh, yeah? ‘Cause, to me, it looked like you were enjoying that, too.”

“Fuck off.” His words hold no power, spoken with no malice and backed with love and adoration.

They bicker, joke and tease until the rhythmic motions of Dream’s hand on his thigh and the gentle massaging of his scalp lull him into sleep.

He hears Dream mumble a quiet, “I love you,” and lets sleep wash over him, safe and loved and cared for in Dream’s arms.