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En had been spoiled. 


Every night since they'd made their partnership official, Chota had insisted on sucking En's dick.


Their routine was like clockwork. Each night, when En would drag himself to their suite of rooms, exhausted from a long day of managing the estate, Chota would be waiting, often done up in something unnecessarily scanty, or nothing at all. 


Chota would slide off the bed and onto his knees, with his eyes, hands, or both beckoning, and En would oblige.


It had gotten to the point where En expected it.




En tended to avoid spending time away from the estate when he could help it, but one particular business trip ended up taking more time than anticipated. 


En and his attache had traveled further than usual to meet with their potential clients, and said over-eager business partners had insisted that En's contingent stay the night since it would be such a long journey home.


In addition to providing lodging, their hosts offered to prepare a feast to celebrate their partnership. En had brought Shin, along with several of the architect foremen (since this business venture involved purchasing materials), and all of them were slaves to the delightful prospect of food. 


The business transaction had gone smoothly, so En was feeling generous; he decided he couldn't deny his men a chance to enjoy themselves.


It was on this night that En found himself in a rather unexpected predicament. 


As eleven o clock approached, En discovered that he was nursing a burgeoning hard-on, quite unprovoked. In an attempt to remain discreet, he excused himself, stating he'd decided to retire for the night.


Thankfully, their hosts had made an entire suite available to En (or he would not have accepted their offer to stay). He really did feel much more comfortable when there was space he could call his own. Claustrophobia may have been a problem he had chosen ignore in his daily life, but, it still haunted him in moments when he felt even the slightest insecurity; a ghost from his troubled youth. But there was something new troubling En now, an itch he couldn't seem to scratch on his own. 


Even up in his rooms he could hear the celebrations below, and En felt more alone for the sound of it. Chota would be having such a great time if he were here right now. En allowed himself to imagine how Chota would be joining in the merriment, loud and bubbly, clinging to him all night, devolving into silly drunkenness, and getting too handsy until En got fed up and took him up to their room...


En had his dick out, he'd been quite stiff before he even reached his room, but thinking about Chota like that had him fully flush and leaking.


Chota... That was right. This was about the time of night that they would be together. En could see Chota's smile from under his dick so clearly in his minds eye. Right now, Chota would be kneeling between En's legs, asking how his day went before mouthing at his base and smearing wet with his thumb. 


When En was with Chota, it was only hard for En to concentrate on controlling his orgasm if he stopped to think about what was happening. Relaying his daily experiences took his mind to a different place; helped him to hold out so much longer. But, that didn't help the fact that nearly every time, some noise or expression from Chota would take him out of his safe zone. En couldn't count the times he'd found himself suddenly cumming down Chota's throat, shocked by the sensations he'd been enduring passively only moments before.


This exact thing had happened so often, that En had effectively banned Chota from finger-fucking himself while he gave En head, as such action reliably brought their sessions to a close instantaneously.


With these guidelines in place, En would usually be able to talk about his day for a good twenty minutes before Chota's mouth got to be too much. A few times, En had been feeling particularly spry, and he'd taken Chota on the bed after, but most times, after Chota finished him off, they'd lay down, and Chota would ask if he could finish himself on En somehow.


En typically said yes. He was grateful that Chota was at least outwardly satisfied with such efforts, since En couldn't always find the energy to meet Chota's sexual demands. 


Just remembering Chota rubbing against him, or squatting on En's chest, dick in hand, with those soft erotic noises he made spilling from his open mouth...


En came. He hadn't even really been paying attention to the action of jacking off, but his climax hit like a freight train as soon as he pictured Chota's "too close" expression. 


Dammit, he hadn't even thought to use a towel or something convenient. He'd cum on the bedspread, standing beside the bed.


While he hurried to the bathroom to moisten a cloth and cleanup after himself, En couldn't push away the ache in his chest to see Chota.


He'd never been dependent, in fact, it was something of a creed of his not to get too attached to anyone who could break his trust. But here he was, pining. 


He'd just call Chota to check in. At least say goodnight. It was only the responsible thing to do as Chota's partner.


En picked up his phone and punched Chota's number. It rang.


This was ludicrous. 


En hung up halfway through the second ring.


Tossing the phone on the bed, En sat down on the edge and loosened his tie. He must be more tired than he'd realized, he wasn't thinking rationally. 


He was unbuttoning his shirt when he felt a telltale vibration through the mattress. Turning to his phone, he saw the glow of the screen as it rang, facedown in the covers. He didn't have to see the front to know it was Chota calling back.


En thought about leaving it, but the damage had been done. Chota would worry if he didn't talk to him now. He picked up the phone.


"En...?" Chota's voice was the slightest bit cracked, had he been asleep when En called?


"Mhm." En confirmed.


"Did you call? Is everything okay?"


"Yeah. Everything is okay." En paused, this was happening, and now he oddly felt like giving Chota a little more than the usual carte blanche reply. "Were staying here overnight, and I just wanted to say goodnight, but the call cut out." A white lie to salvage some pride.




"Chota?" En started remembering why he hated talking over the phone.


"Oh En... That's..." a breathy sigh traversed the phone lines.


En frowned. "Stop. You always make these things a big deal."


"But it IS a big deal! You thought of me tonight, I Love that, En!!" En could hear rustling over the phone and saw Chota in his minds eye, sitting up in bed to emphasize his sincerity, pulling his fist to his chest or chin...


"It wasn't really possible for me to avoid thinking about you." En scoffed.


Another pause. "What do you mean?" Chota sounded genuinely confused.


Pressing his fingers to his forehead, En sighed. "We always do it around now, so I guess my body just remembered." He couldn't help sounding irritated, though he'd rather enjoyed getting off to his memories of Chota, if he was honest.


Chota saw straight through him. "Oh! Ohhhh..... Oh, Ennn, you got horny tonight cause I usually suck you off at a certain time?" He didn't even wait for an affirmative. "Did you get off on your own?"


That was a loaded question, what exactly was Chota implying? "I did."


More rustling on the other end of the line. "Mnnnn... What did you think about?"




Chota's breathing was louder now, "Devils, En..." En thought he heard a wet noise. "What about me?"


He'd been in the middle of taking his clothes off anyway, so En finished the job while he answered. He had a feeling he'd be needing easier access to his dick in a few moments. "I thought about how you look when we do it. And the way your mouth feels. And... I remembered that you ask me about my day every time before you start." He wasn't sure why he added that, but it had been pretty significant to his orgasm.


"You like being preoccupied when I'm doing that to you." Chota stated, somehow making the fact sound dirty. "It makes you feel like you are in control." 


Chota sounded so happy about it, but En felt a little miffed. "In control of what?" He couldn't help it, maybe the mood was going to get thrown off, but he had to know what Chota meant by that.


A sultry little chuckle reached En's ear. "In control of everything. Me... the whole empire you're managing... your orgasm..." Chota grunted a little, and En felt a warmth race down his spine. Dammit, he needed to focus! Chota continued, "I'm not suggesting you aren't in control, I'm just saying that it's even more apparent when you're using me like that." Chota's voice was suddenly much more throaty and close, "And I Love it."


En sat heavily in the ornate armchair beside the bed, immediately spreading his legs and taking himself in hand. "Fucker." He growled into the speaker. He really couldn't think of anything else to say, because he'd known that Chota loved it, and he'd known how much better it was for him when he felt really in control, but to hear Chota say it all out loud in that fucked-out tone of voice was shutting down his brain.


A chuckle again, but this time, a little groan punctuated the end.


"What are you doing?" En didn't have to think to know he wanted to know that.


"Yknow that pretty little glass toy you got me that's the same size as you? Well, that's inside me right now." Chota sighed rather raggedly, and En gripped himself very tight. "Yknow, we never got around to doing what you wanted with this thing. If I *mnnh* remember correctly, you'd wanted to see exactly how stretched out I got when you're inside..."


En let slip a small moan. Fuck, he wanted to be with Chota so bad right now! "We're doing that immediately after I return, so don't get too rough tonight." He demanded, huffing and puffing as he tugged at his length, allowing the copious amounts of precum to lubricate his fist.


"The only one I want to get rough with me is you." Chota murmured, sounding like his mouth was on top of the phone. "I want you to push my face into the covers and jam it in me raw. I want you to bend me backwards and fuck up into me like I'm your toy. I want to be so full of you I can taste it."


"I can do that. I expect you to be completely naked when I arrive. If I'm not deep in your ass by tomorrow afternoon, I may have an aneurysm." 


"Fuck." Chota swore, his breath hitching in 'too close' hiccups. "I wish this fucking thing was you. I want you to fuck the breath out of me... All I want... Ohhhh... En!"


En groaned. He could hear Chota's labored breathing through the speaker, and he heatedly glared at the red tip of his cock, slipping between his fingers over and over, faster and faster until he, too was gasping, and grabbing, too late, at the cloth on his beside table.


He'd cum once already tonight, so this second time wasn't as messy, but, as En toweled off his stomach, he kept the phone hitched up on his shoulder by his ear. Chota was on the other end, gently swearing and catching his breath.


"I'll be there as early as I can." En said when he'd regained full use of his faculties. 


"You better be."


En smiled. "Get to bed, you're gonna need your rest for tomorrow."


There was a grin in Chota's voice when he answered. "I can't wait! Love you."


En grunted and hung up. He stared at the phone in his hand then the towel in the other for a moment. "Love you, too." He told the blank screen.