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Intimacy in all the wrong places

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Dull touches and muted kisses are all Osamu has ever known. He’s heard about the euphoric feeling that should happen during intimacy. Only he fears he’s never truly been intimate.

Now he watched the thin pale fingers dance up his stomach, twisting in the dark curls on his chest.

“Was that any better?” Suna’s voice was always so low around Osamu, he turned and looked into the dark eyes.

Unable to be honest, “Yeah s’great,” he mumbles, pulling Suna up for a cheap kiss. Suna’s lips parted and a low sigh washed over the wet lips,

“You’re a terrible liar.” Suna’s clear exhaustion pushes him away from Osamu, “I’ll just go back to the apartment.”

Osamu sat up, annoyed not only with Suna for leaving, but himself.

“Ya can stay here, I don’t like sleeping alone.” He did hate the feeling of being alone in the bed, hearing his brother have a not so dull experience with his flavor of the week on the other side of the wall.

“I can’t,” A caught voice, Osamu’s hand reached for the arm that pulled to wipe his cheeks. Suna avoided the touch, “I can’t keep doing this to myself,”

“Please,” Osamu was aware of his intimacy issues, but he was also aware that Suna was his best friend outside of his twin and he couldn’t lose it over bad sex.

“I’ll still be here,” Suna teared to reveal his teary eyes, Osamu’s stomach sank at the red ting on usually bright eyes, “but we can’t do this anymore.”

“I didn’t want to hurt ya,” Osamu scrambled awkwardly to sit behind Suna, pulling his back to his chest. Suna sank into his skin,

“I know, I think I hurt myself this time around.” Suna’s head turned into the heat of his chest, kissing the skin, “I let myself get really attached to you before you were attached to me.”

“I am attached to ya,” Osamu mumbled into the sweet smelling hair, always a new fragrance on the silken strands, “I can’t lose ya.”

“You won’t, but I need space for a little while,” Suna moved away and looked at him with wet cheeks, “Just have to convince myself this wasn’t my fault.”

“s’not, I swear it’s not.” Osamu couldn’t help pulling him back, it may not have lit up every nerve in his body, but it calmed him to have the familiar skin against his.

Suna finally left after another hour, Osamu convincing him over and over that he didn’t do anything wrong. It sucked shutting the door behind him, Osamu leaning against the doorway in his sweatpants, setting his head against the cool wood of the frame.

“That was sad to watch.”

“How long have ya been there?” Osamu snapped to look at his brother sitting on the couch. Atsumu’s physique caught the moonlight and reminded Osamu of the differences in their bodies. Atsumu’s trim waist and hard abdomen contrasted with Osamu’s thick chest and wider hips. Ever since stopping volleyball he’d kept up at the gym, but Atsumus’ pro-circuit body put him to shame.

“Long enough, I heard the cryin when I got out of the shower.” His twin stretched before getting off the couch and standing to continue stretching,

“There wasn’t any sobbin for ya to hear so,” Osamu rolled his eyes.

“Well maybe I got out a bit before the sad part,” Atsumu’s grin spread, “I heard a different kind of cryin.”

“Yer disgusting.” Osamu’s eyes narrowed, his brother chuckling and walking towards him,

“Maybe i am,” Atsumu’s hand stretched out to touch Osamu’s stomach, “but Suna-chan likes being a bit dusgustin’ too.” The finger made contact with the fresh hickey sucked on his waist. Osamu’s eyes widened as his skin lit up,

“Don’t touch me,” He smacked the hand away aggressively. Atsumu hissed, frowning at him,

“We used to share a bath Samu,” Atsumu shook his hand, “I think I should be able to touch yer belly.”

“Well ya can’t.” Osamu turned away, his cheeks going red.

“Hey!” Atsumu’s voice was met with his hand wrapping around Osamu’s arm and yanking him back, “Don’t leave without telling me what happened.”

Osamu frowned at the hand on his bicep, the way it softened the longer he frowned.

“I said don’t touch me Tsum.” Hearing his voice be so harsh with his twin was new. The way Atsumu’s eyes glistened in response was also new,

“Samu, don’t talk to me like that.” His voice was much softer than Osamu had heard for years, this time he was the louder of the two.

“If ya can’t listen, neither can I.” It was childish, but watching his twin squirm for once was amusing.

“I can listen Samu,” Atsumu’s eyes rolled, “I don’t think yer bedroom voice is appropriate.”

“Bedroom voice?” Osamu asked. His eyes take an unfortunate journey down Atsumu’s chest.

“Bedroom eyes too,” Atsumu’s step closer wasn’t interrupted, neither was the arm that wrapped around Osamu’s neck, “if I didn’t know any better I’d think ya liked me.”

A ridiculous notion, but Osamu’s body was reacting for what felt like the first time. His breathing getting deeper and a heat spreading over his chest from the skin slipping over his, the fingers scratching up into his hair.

“I can’t like ya Tsumu, yer my brother.” Osamu mumbled, nothing in him told him to stop the second step that nearly brought their stomachs together.

“Tell that to yer body,”

“Ats-” Osamu’s protest was caught in his throat, the blood that rushed to his waist was caught in a hand that wasn’t his own.

“Suna-chan forgot to take care of sum, didn’t he?” Atsumu’s breath was a warm wind on Osamu’s cheek, “I can help ya.” A whispered offer.

Osamu’s body jerked into the hand that had slipped into his sweats, nothing Suna had ever done felt like that or made him react so easily. He needed to say no, to stop him, but his words were stolen.

“Yer so hard Samu, feels s’good in my hand yeah?”

He frowned at his twin, hating that any of this was happening.

“Yeah,” He breathed instead, “Needs s-spit.” Osamu wasn’t too concerned about the friction, but he knew why he said it. Atsumu’s blond blur fell to his waist,

“Fuck my pretty mouth Samu?” Atsumu’s desperate tongue waiting just under the tip was the best thing he’d seen.

“Is that what ya want?” Osamu asked, already knotting his fingers in the hair.

“Please, want ya to use me.” As if it wasn’t his twin, his lifelong best friend, he yanked the mouth over his cock and hissed at the new sensation. The low vibration of a moan around him only tightened his thighs further.

“Fuck,” he cursed, feeling the things that had been talked about in the locker rooms for once. His body had allowed Suna to bring him to completion, but it took a lot of work and always felt forced.

Atsumu’s tongue was like a taser on him, the warm cheeks that suctioned to press against the sensitive head. His whimper must’ve given away how good he felt, Atsumu was merciless.

“N-No,” Osamu’s grip tightened around the head that pushed his tip past his tongue, “Tight, fuck.” Osamu’s eyes dared rolling back, his toes curling into the floor of their hallway.

The lips pulled away from his shaft, letting the sound of Osamu slipping into his throat echo into the apartment. Atsumu looked up, his eyes teary and fluttering.

“I’m gonna cum,” Osamu had rarely meant those words, but now they felt rushed. Pulled from his chest by the feeling of Atsumu’s mouth and the slosh of a good blow job.

“Tsu- Ah!” His body tensed, pulling to hold the lips against his waist and spasming against the tightness of his brother’s throat.

The orgasm started in his waist, webbing out in an electric crawl to his toes and fingertip. His knuckles turned white as he doubled over Atsumu’s head, dropping his hands to hold his shoulders.

“Samu,” Atsumu mumbled, “Come here.”

Osamu fell to his knees as his brother tugged on his hips, he saw the mess leaking down Atsumu’s chin. His fingers lifted and wiped the line before it fell down his throat,

“Thank you,” Osamu breathed, slipping the finger into his own mouth. He focused on Atsumu’s eyes as he tasted himself,

“Anytime,” Atsumu licked his lips clean, a new look between them. Deeper than before,

“Why?” He couldn’t help the question, he needed to know what just happened. It was wrong, he knew that much, but the way it didn’t feel wrong at all was concerning.

“Well, do ya really wanna know?” Atsumu looked away, shying from Osamu’s gaze.

“I’d like to.” He shifted back, pushing himself up from the floor, fixing his sweatpants. He felt a good kind of tired wash over him, his skin a little bit warmer than he remembered. An unfamiliar weight on his gut made him want to crawl into bed, sleeping restfully for once.

“I thought I liked watching and listening to Meian, then Suna, but I think it was Samu, I think yer the one I was getting off to.” Osamu helped Atsumu back to his feet,

“Watching?” Osamu was skeptical that he’d ever been watched, his performances suddenly being scrutinized.

“Well, the captain used to leave the door open and… sometimes I’d open it if I heard somethin’ good.” Atsumu’s blatant honesty about watching his brother have sex was making Osamu a mixture of irritated and intrigued.

“So with Meian…” Osamu was worried about some of the positions he’d been put in,

“I can’t say I wasn’t a bit envious of ya, but the way ya treat Suna is… hot.” Atsumu’s cheeks were bright red now, even in the dim lighting it was obvious to Osamu that his brother was getting turned on.

“I’m glad to get yer approval.” He joked, needing to sleep from the overexertion today. He headed towards his room, leaving Atsumu in the hall and with a stiff impression on his lap.

Osamu had little time to think about his actions once he hit the bed, falling into a deep sleep almost immediately.

His alarm was incorporated into his dream, pulling him out of a hazy sleep and into a too hot pool of sweat between him and the sheets.

Something shuffled beside him, another source of heat in the bed. A blonde source of heat.

“What are ya doin?” Osamu grumbled, tapping his brother’s shoulder,

“Sleepin.” Atsumu answered, a giggle just under his breath.

“I see,” Osamu hesitated before tugging the sheet down, “Yer room no good?” He finally tugged it down and saw the curve of Atsumu’s body move elegantly from his shoulder down to his waist before the slight incline of this ass. The briefs wrapped around them did nothing to hide the shape of his flesh,

“Not s’good as yers,” Atsumu’s body twisted so he was on his stomach, “I always slept better when we shared a room ya know?”

“Me too.” Osamu admitted, the sweat was rolling down Atsumu’s back and distracting Osamu from too many facts of life.

“Feels like- i don’t know, maybe everything is better when we do it together?”

“Maybe,” Osamu mumbled, his hand lifted to reach for his brother’s skin, but instead he pushed himself out of the bed.

“Wait, Samu where ya going?” Atsumu’s whine tugged at Osamu’s will to walk away, looking back to see the puppy dog eyes.

“Bathroom,” he gave a weak smile, “I’ll be back, you can go back to sleep.” Osamu watched relief push his twin back into the sheets, curling into the bed as if it were his own.

He waited until he got to the bathroom to panic, to realize that his own brother had given him a blow job the night before. Not just any one either, the best one he’d ever had. What were they doing?

Atsumu had slipped into his bed last night too, no matter how bad he wanted to fight it, he knew Atsumu was right about things just being better between the two of them. It didn’t sit right in his head how the thought didn’t make him sick, nor how the slight question in the golden eyes had intrigued him.

He wouldn’t go any further with Atsumu.

Back in the room Atsumu had rolled to his back, one arm across his waist and the other bent over his head. The sheet was thin enough to outline what looked to be a painful erection, but he seemed to be sound asleep. Osamu’s eyes lingered a bit too long on the outline pressed on the sheet.

Quietly he tucked back into the bed, allowing his arm to brush Atsumu’s side softly before he turned his back to him.

He tried to will himself back to sleep, he needed the rest on his only day off. He just couldn’t fight back the thoughts of Atsumu’s mouth, reliving the desperate noises he’d made during their hallway run in.

Osamu grumbled, looking back to see that Atsumu was even drooling in his state of sleep. Fine, he’d just get rid of the issue. His briefs gave way too easily as his thumb pushed them over his sweat slicked waist. He took a moment to look at himself, the engorged member looked enticing for once.

Once his hands were around it he let his mind wander, his hips rocking ever so shallow into his fist. The new subject of his fantasies making quick work of the knot in his stomach.

“Ah,” his gasp wasn’t meant to be out loud, he froze and waited to hear Atsumu wake. Nothing. He continued the assault on himself, his chest heaving with an unbearable heat, he was sure that even masturbation hadn’t felt this good before.

Then his mind imagined a set of thin fingers wrapping over his, he could even feel them changing the rhythm to something a bit more teasing. His eyes were pinched shut as a whispered curse left his lips, his hips rocking harder in the bed.

A tongue traced up the back of his shoulder, a vivid imagination left the wet trail on his warm skin. He could feel the breath on his neck as his hips tightened,

“Are ya thinkin’ bout me, Samu?”

“Yes,” he was still sure it was his brain doing the talking, maybe he hadn’t said anything out loud and was worried for nothing.

“What about me?” Even in his head Atsumu was the most annoying person,

“Everything, feels s’good.” He heard a beg behind his voice,

“Bout my ass too? Wanna wreck me like ya wreck Suna-chan?” Another trailed tongue slipped up his neck, a nibble on his earlobe.

His eyes shot wide, looking down to see there was another hand wrapped over his, even a muscled thigh wrapped over his own. Shit,

“Tsum-mu, gotta stop.” He panted, no blood rushed to help his body move away from the touch though.

“Let’s try it Samu, please?” His head whipped over to see Atsumu’s face, a wicked grin disappeared and a soft plea painted on his face instead.

“We can’t,” Osamu fought the tightening in his thighs, his toes curling until they burned.

“We can, please Samu, I need yer cock.” He hated that, but his body didn’t. He jerked against the interlaced fingers and watched with speckled vision as he shot his orgasm off the edge of the bed.

“I wanna make ya feel good,” Atsumu continued, his hand leaving Osamu’s to dance up his stomach, “Deserve to feel good yeah?

Who was he to turn down those eyes and the hands that felt so right on his skin. His subtle nod was understood in silence.

Atsumu’s thigh slid around his, pulling him back until he watched the blonde completely straddle him. His mouth opened to speak, but Osamu shook his head,

“Just be quiet for once.” Osamu was afraid if he talked too much then he’d say something to ruin whatever made this feel okay. Atsumu nodded, biting his lip before a slow rhythm set in against Osamu’s crotch.

He let his hands slide up the smooth skin on the thighs, he could feel the power beneath his fingers. Knowing it was focused on grinding against him was even better, it helped ease the recent orgasm off his body.

There was a soft whimper from Atsumu, when he looked he saw the reason. That painful erection was rubbing against his waist, he reached down and freed it from the briefs. He’d heard the rumors about his brother’s cock, he was relieved that they didn’t appear to be true. He wasn’t really in the mood to bottom right now.

“P-Pl…” Atsumu remembered he wasn’t supposed to speak, but as the blood rushed down and lifted Osamu’s cock against the ass he didn’t care.

“Now ya can talk.” His wrist twisted around the member and pulled a shaky moan from the lips. All those nights of listening to Atsumu and his many callers had prepared him for the phrases that were about to be muttered.

“Yer hard again, s’fast.” Atsumu braced one hand on Osamu’s chest, scratching into the flesh to hold his place. Osamu’s hips lifted and pressed into the fabric that separated them,

“Take these off.” He instructed, Atsumu was quick to roll onto his back, wiggling off the last of his clothes while Osamu shed his own. He moved between the bent legs, looking down at the body that craned up to his.

His fingers flattened against the chest, pushing him down to the bed, if they were doing this then it was going to be his way.

“Roll over Tsum,” He moved back enough, sitting back on his heels to watch the blond flip to his stomach before bending at the knees and lowering his hips towards him. Perfect form that made Osamu’s skin crawl, it should’ve deterred him seeing that Atsumu had been trained so well and knowing by whom, but it only made the ache in his waist hit deeper.

“Like this Samu?” His voice was higher, almost a squeak. It burned into Osamu’s waist,

“Just like that.” Osamu leaned up, his hand sliding over the curve of his ass, pulling his ass apart and peering at the entrance, “Fuck..”

“In here?” Atsumu’s body pulled away, his arm reaching into the nightstand.

“Yeah,” Osamu had nearly forgotten about what he’d need, but the bottle and wrapper were handed to him as a quick reminder. Atsumu took the lube and smeared it over his fingers, Osamu having rolled only half of the condom on when he froze to watch the strong fingers slip inside of his hole.

A soft sigh as Atsumu worked himself, Osamu’s brows knitted together as something pooled in his hips. This was hot, and when a second finger stretched him and a not so soft gasp left his twin’s mouth he discarded the condom and pulled Atsumu’s hand to the center of his back.

“Teasin is for whore’s Tsum,” He slipped his cock against the well slicked cheeks, “Are ya a whore then?”

“Ah,” Atsumu’s body pressed back and rocked, Osamu’s length sliding over his entrance.

“Answer me,” Osamu growled, his hand pushing Atsumu’s arm to curl harder behind his back.

“Yes!” Atsumu whined, “I’m a whore, I need ya…”

Osamu would have liked to draw this out longer, but seeing as he’d had two shattering orgasms in the last twelve hours, he had little patience for a third. He leaned back, pressing his thumb against the head and watching the gland slide into his brother.

“Oh fuck!” Atsumu shouted, there was a breath caught in Osamu’s chest. He waited for the tension to ease around his tip, but before it could Atsumu tossed his hips back.

“Atsumu!” He cried as he was thrown deeper. His eyes tried to squeeze out the light that washed over the room, but behind them it was only brighter,

“S’good,” Atsumu was rocking in a desperate pace against Osamu, “S’deep Samu.”

“God damn it,” Osamu blinked open his eyes, gripping the hips below him and pushing them down, Atsumu arched down as he cried,

“Too much like this,” he looked over his shoulder, Osamu didn’t see sadness in the teary eyes. He dropped his hip against the ass and watched the expression change on Atsumu’s face. His brows shot together as his eyes fluttered back, his lips parted in a silent gasp.

“Do ya want to stop?” Osamu’s voice was laced with a chuckle, he didn’t stop dropping deep into Atsumu even though he could hear the panting get more desperate, even though he could see the knuckles going white against the pillows.

“D-Don’t stop!” Atsumu managed, Osamu knew he couldn’t be jealous when it came to the other partners his brother had had in bed. He only knew that it was his mission to earn noises he hadn’t heard through the wall,

Osamu’s legs moved to the outside of Atsumu’s, he watched the body crane back and push on his waist,

“No, Samu please... “ He should listen when someone says no in bed, but he squeezed the legs together anyway.

“Hnn…” Atsumu’s body stiffened before dropping back to the bed, “Too tight, Samu!”

Osamu was grinding his teeth together, he knew he was right, he could feel the walls around him squeezing impossibly smaller. Hot spasms shook his thighs, his waist pulling back so he could watch himself pull Atsumu’s body back over him.

“Yer doing s’good Tsumu,” He wrapped an arm around his brothers’ chest, leaning him back slowly,

Sharp whimpers and whispered curses were a beautiful sound, Osamu’s mouth curling before pressing against the hot skin of Atsumu’s shoulder.

“Samu it…” Atsumu’s face turned, the tears streaking down his cheek as he looked to Osamu, “Wanna ride it, please.”

He let out a low groan, of course even overwhelmed Atsumu would want more. Osamu nodded, pushing Atsumu off of him to feel the air wrap around and cool off the hot skin.

Osamu moved up to the pillows, pulling Atsumu’s thighs around his waist,

“Yer okay?” Atsumu asked, his hand lining Osamu up beneath him.

“Better, come on.” Osamu breathed, the first time he was desperate to be inside of someone. Atsumu sank down on command, Osamu’s eyes shut to feel the muscles that flexed under his hands and around his cock,

“So… D-Damn thick.” Atsumu stuttered, his fingers dug into Osamu’s shoulders before his body moved.

Osamu felt like someone punched his stomach, then again. Each time Atsumu’s body tossed down on him he was experiencing a terrible mixture of pain and euphoria. He grabbed Atsumu’s ass, yanking him down,

“Fuck!” He shouted, “Sit still for a second.” His body curled up and held Atsumu down. A chuckle escaped Atsumu’s lips,

“Has no one ever fucked ya like this?” He asked, “Are ya gonna cum?”

“Shut up,” Osamu barked, “Suna has rode me before…”

“Not like this…” Atsumu moved defiantly, Osamu’s grip tightened as something ripped through his waist in response, “Suna can’t make ya cum like I can.”

“Shut up!” Osamu bit into Atsumu’s arm, half in punishment for talking so much and half to muffle his cry. His eyes stung with the onset of tears, Atsumu somehow defying the arms holding him down to continue the torture.

“Come on Samu, wanna feel ya fill me up.” Atsumu’s face dropped and his lips pressed into Osamu’s hair, “Make a mess in my tight ass, I need it.”

“Ha..Ah!” Osamu’s head tossed back and he let his fingers curl deeper into Atsumu’s flesh. His waist ripped open with molten heat as something tore from his stomach. He shook with the quakes of release, pain following the waves of pleasure in each muscle until he fell limp into the bed.

“Oh my god..” Atsumu’s voice was clear through the ringing in his ears, “I’ve never gone hands free before.”

Osamu blinked the fog in his vision away, sure enough across his stomach was a second mess, Atsumu’s mess.

“Get off of me.” He heard how weak his voice was, Atsumu’s body slid away and the lump in his stomach eased into the rest of his body.

“Samu I-” Atsumu was cut off by Osamu’s hand waving him off,

“Let’s just, not talk about it.” Osamu sat up, finally an unease sinking into his gut.

“Are we good?” Atsumu sounded like a kid again, Osamu had to turn around and make sure it wasn’t a chubby cheeked brunette on the bed. Sure enough it was a blonde, but his face was drawn in the same frown it always was when he worried he’d upset his brother.

Osamu sighed, for whatever reason he felt the guilt wasn’t related to them, but rather to everyone else. He let go of the knot in his stomach for now, when it was just them there was no need for it.

“We’re fine,” Osamu knelt on the bed, gathering Atsumu against his chest, “I just don’t want other people to try and understand what we mean to each other.”

Atsumu nodded as he sank into the hold, “I’m scared.” Atsumu mumbled, “I don’t wanna lose ya.”

It hadn’t occurred to Osamu that maybe his brother was worried about that, but it made sense after revisiting the events. The times of objection and dubious consent, it was on both sides and Osamu could only squeeze him tighter to reassure him.

“I’m sorry if i was too harsh,” he said, “I love ya Tsumu.” He turned into the skin of Atsumu’s neck,

“Not too harsh Samu,” Atsumu nuzzled into him too, “I love ya.”