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A Good Place

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Diluc was already irritated when he walked into the tavern. His head was one large point of pain, a sharp stabbing pain behind his eyes and at his temples coming and going and when it was going replaced by a leaden feeling, as if his head was too heavy for his shoulders. His eyes were dry and gritty, his neck and back ached, every step felt like it was taking more effort than it should. Exhaustion hung around his neck like a cloak. 

He was tired and irritated and wanted to be anywhere but preparing himself to take over the bar, and that feeling only magnified when he stepped through the front door and was hit with a wall of noise and scent. He put a hand to his head, nose wrinkling at the wave of dense alpha scents, dozens of them weaved together into a noxious tapestry, assaulted him. Arousal and sweat were laid thickly in the air, worse than he could ever recall it being. A glance to the side found dozens of customers all crowded together in a tight knot around one of the dim corners on the first floor, a seething mass of loud, chattering humanity. 

He was just reigning in the urge to snap, he couldn’t lash out at customers just because something had them worked up on the same night he was feeling unwell, when something broke through the solid fog of turned on alpha. 

Omega, light and warm, but not just any omegas. One, with a green, grassy scent and the other cool mint and familiar floral notes, mingling together like they were meant to do so; it never failed to make him settle, muscles loosening and jaw clenching, a sense of peace triggered deep in him. 


Today all it did was put his teeth on edge as a wash of red colored his vision as the taste of heat, sweet arousal and musky, heady dampness that screamed to his hindbrain of ripeness, touched his tongue. 

From the corner of his eye he saw Charles, pale and sweating, flinch before ducking down behind the bar, out of tight. 

On another day Diluc would just roll his eyes then retreat to the bar to watch his mates convince alphas who knew better to buy them drinks all night. It was no secret that Kaeya and Venti were taken but they could still charm a room with little effort all on their and together...together they could stir up a riot of hormones and alpha stupidity, even as they wore their mating marks proudly. He would let them have their fun then, when the night was over, corral them into one of the rooms for rent on the top floor and make sure they hadn’t forgotten whose teeth had scared their skin. 

But this was different. This was his mates outside, flaunting themselves while dripping in heat, teasing other alphas with the smell of arousal and the unspoken promise of tasting it, and Diluc was...tired. Frustrated. 

Angry, and had been since the night before.  

He’d spent a long night chasing down signs of the Abyss Order to little pay off then came home to find his mates already asleep in each other’s arms and, not wanting to disturb them, opted to go right to his office and the small bedroom off to the side that he used far more often than he wanted to admit. It hadn’t seen any use that night: Diluc had gone right to his desk to look over winery numbers and orders and ended up falling asleep at his desk. 

He’d woken to the sun beaming obnoxiously bright in his face, an aching back and neck, and both mates long gone without a word. It wasn’t unusual for them to come and go as they pleased with little notice, he had attached himself to omegas who not just valued their own independence and freedom, but guarded it fiercely. Coming and going as they pleased was the least of things and, as a general rule, Diluc didn’t care much one way or the other. They were strong and capable, he trusted them to handle anything that came their way and, if they couldn’t, to seek his aid. They would always come back to him so there was no reason to be concerned if he didn’t see them every day, or even for days and weeks at a time. 

Venti especially liked to wander around, disappearing then reappearing weeks later with stories to tell as he shamelessly pilfered Diluc’s finest wines. Kaeya’s work for the Knights after took him away from the city for a night or two and his adventures with Aether even longer. Diluc went along on occasion, if it intersected with his own interests or he was asked to go, but for the most part he left Kaeya’s affairs to Kaeya. Not trying to manage Knight business out of distrust (and spite, perhaps) from the shadows had freed up a lot of Diluc’s time and energy, actually, and smoothed out some of the major bumps in his relationship with Kaeya. 

He was not the sort to fret overly much. He didn’t have a fear of them getting hurt when he wasn’t watching; he knew all too well that the worst things could happen right in front of his eyes, at his own hands. He didn’t need to know where they were, what they were doing, or who they were with. He didn’t let unfamiliar scents lingering on them bother him or feel threatened when he saw or heard about them talking to other alphas. He knew people talked, gossiping about how he’d taken two mates, about how one of them was the very boy he’d grown up beside and the other an odd wandering bard, about how he seemed to ‘allow’ them to run wild without a care to how it made him look. 

About how he didn’t seem to be a very good mate, in spite of his ‘thoroughbred, prime alpha’ status, showing none of the possessive or dominant traits that were expected of him.

Diluc cared little about gossip. His mates were happy so he was happy and, considering that he’d once given up on ever being anything but furious, that was all he could ask for. 


That day had been spent in a cloud of irritation, starting from the moment he woke and shuffled down to the master bedroom and found it empty. It had started as something like disappointment and annoyance buzzing under his skin, and grown with every passing moment. He got little done, mind constantly straying to his mates and where they were, what they were doing, when they’d return to him. Winery business had been impossible to focus on, ordering requests gone unsigned and pitches for new wines laid out in front of him but unread. A meeting with an orchard owner to discuss a collaboration effort was stilted and awkward, his attention drifting and skin itching everytime the petite omega woman smiled or touched him. The entire tour of her orchard was spent grinding his teeth. He struggled with the urge to slap away the hand she’d set into the crook of his arm and move away from her thick, cloying sweet scent. 

It didn’t mean anything, she was just friendly (and happily mated). None of the other meetings had left him as restless and on edge as this one did or sent him storming to shower away the memory of her scent from his crawling skin. 

The house staff was avoiding him, he’d realized shortly after that but it was for the better he decided the second time he caught a maid scurrying in the other direction. He wasn’t in the mood for them today and much preferred to spend his last hours at home in the dim, quiet of his office, stewing with anger in his belly. 

He hadn’t wanted to go to the tavern at all, if he was being strictly honest, but he wasn’t one to shirk his duties so he rode out as the sun began to set, prepared for a long night of watching over drunkards and listening to ridiculous, bawdy tales. He hadn’t considered that his mates might be there and certainly not like this. 

The crowd parted for him easily though Diluc was sure he saw a few disappointed and resentful looks tossed his way as he stalked past. He bared his teeth, silently daring any of the more bold alphas to act; he didn’t approve of fighting over omegas, they were people not objects, but violence simmered under his skin nonetheless. 

They were sitting at a table together, side by side on a bench though it was more like Venti was in Kaeya’s lap for how close they were, no small number of wine glasses arranged around them. Venti’s face was pink and his eyes dark and hazy in testament to how much he must have had, and a wide vacant smile was curling his lips. Kaeya looked more solid, one hand on Venti’s back to keep the wildly gesturing bard upright, laughing loudly at whatever story was being told. He saw Diluc first, gaze lifting from the omega at his side suddenly, lips parting into an O of surprise. Then spreading into a pleased grin. 

“Master Diluc!” Kaeya waved, seemingly oblivious to the hush that had fallen over the tavern. Venti’s head whipped around, eyes brightening when he saw Diluc. They both stood, in perfect sync. “Have you come to join us? These fine customers have been keeping a seat warm for you.” 

They were teasing him. Diluc saw it all very clearly: coming outside even though they smelled as if they were deep in their heats, gathering alpha’s around them like nobles holding court, allowing them close enough to touch if any had been so bold. Letting other alphas provide for them in their heat, a task that should only be permitted for their mate, even if what was being provided was entirely too much wine. Dressing like they were, not casually but baring more skin than anyone but Diluc should be seeing. 

Venti, in all white and gold, in nothing but a scandalously small pair of shorts that left nothing unknown and a shirt that was more like a triangle of gauzy white that tied around his neck and behind his back with golden ribbon. His back was otherwise exposed and the shirt covered his chest, and barely that, leaving the creamy white of his stomach exposed for all to see. White knee high stockings hugged his calves and if he’d been wearing shoes they were gone now. His hair was loose, falling in messy waves around his face; it reminded Diluc of how Venti looked upon first waking, mused and entirely too pretty. 

Diluc realized, in that moment, that he didn’t want anyone else to see Venti like that. 

Kaeya was wearing more, but that was hardly of note considering. His shirt was dark blue and fit so tightly that Diluc could make out the outline of his nipples, stiff and raised, with long billowing sleeves and round neckline that was almost demure by Kaeya’s standards. He too had opted for shorts, small body hugging things that barely qualified as shorts, in black. The sides were split at the waistband, forming deep Vs, with blue laces criss crossing over the patches of exposed  skin and keeping the shorts together. His vision was dangling from a belt that was looped around his waist.  

It was no small wonder that they’d attracted a crowd. 

Diluc had his hands on Kaeya, gripping his shoulder harder than he would normally dare, before he even registered crossing the space between them. A hard push and the omega was hitting the top of the table with a thud and a woof of air being exhaled forcefully. He shifted his grip, hand wrapping around the back of Kaeya’s neck, over where the half moon scars in the shape of Diluc’s teeth laid, and squeezed. Kaeya’s hands, braced on the table as if to give himself leverage to push him, flattened.

“Oh,” Keaya huffed out a laugh. Venti pressed against Diluc’s side with a giggle, batting his lashes up at him coyly. “Are we in trouble?” 

The back of Kaeya’s shirt was opened into a deep V that showed off shoulder blades and strong muscle, the knobs of his spine, all the way down to the small of his back where it tucked into his shorts. Diluc pressed his free hand there, feeling the blazing heat his mate was throwing off as he traced his spine from neck to the waistband of his shorts. 

His mate shuddered; his cool scent spiked, spread honey thick and dripping through the air. It was joined swiftly by the green-floral of Venti’s scent, turned warm and damp, like summer rain. 

Diluc turned his head to look down at Venti; the bard’s eyes were blown wide and the blush on his cheeks was spread up to his ears and down the slim, milky column of his neck. His lips, wine stained and swollen, parted as his tongue darted out to wet them. Diluc followed the motion, first with his eyes then, lids dropping low, placed fingers against the swell of Venti’s lower lip, smearing spit as he traced it. 

His mouth was filling with spit, gums aching around his alpha fangs. 

The atmosphere changed, grew heavier as it vibrated with tension. Diluc glanced back, only remembering the crowd as his eyes swept over them and their hungry expressions. The clash of alpha scent, overlapping to become one nose burningly obnoxious wall of want and resentment, chafed at his senses. He wanted there to be nothing but his omegas, wanted to keep them from even being seen by others but at the same time another, darker need warred inside of him. 

Venti’s lips were soft and yielding beneath his touch, parting for the press of his middle and index finger eagerly. Diluc pressed down on his tongue, rubbing the slippery muscle then trusting his fingers deep into his mouth. Venti gagged around him, hand darting up to wrap around his wrist, throat tightening around the tips of Diluc’s fingers. He curled his fingers down, pressing into the spasming clench of Venti’s throat. Venti gripped his wrist tighter, staring up at him with wet eyes, but made no attempt to pull away or stop Diluc from curving his fingers down to press in further; soft, wet choking noises flowed from his mouth.  

“Luc.” Kaeya’s called, voice a husky whine. Diluc glanced at him, squeezing down harder on his neck, eyebrows lifting. Kaeya gasped, lifting up onto his knees and back arching invitingly. Diluc leaned down, bending over Kaeya’s body until his chest was pressed against the heated expanse of his back. Diluc pressed his nose against his neck, breathing in the syrupy sweetness of him deeper. Kayea chirped, a wordless needy noise that melted Diluc’s insides. 

He bit down at the nape of Kaeya’s neck, over the fading mating scar, not stopping until he tasted blood. Kaeya stiffened, another chirp melting into a gurgling moan, then went limp; bitter salt and musky dampness filled the air. 

Diluc slipped his fingers from Venti’s mouth in favor of gripping the smaller man by his hair. When he stood, blood on his tongue, it was easy to maneuver Venti back against the table then yank his head to the side for Diluc’s mouth to fit against his mark. It was still new, shiny and pink with its freshness, not quite a scar, and Venti’s skin gave to his teeth with little pressure. Venti gasped, high and shaking, and clutched at Diluc. 

Satisfaction burned in Diluc’s chest, showing itself as a rumbling purr. He didn’t bother wiping his mouth as he looked at the crowd once again, eyes narrowing. There was less annoyance in the air, but the oppressive smell of arousal had only grown, having a nearly physical weight in the air. 

Diluc had made his point, these omegas were his and only his, but that did nothing to dampen the need Kaeya and Venti had stoked in those around him. 

“Out.” The tavern emptied in record speed, a frantic looking Charles bringing up the rear. Diluc didn’t return his attention to his mates until he heard the metallic sound of the lock being engaged from outside; he leaned back down until his mouth was brushing the shell of Kaeya’s ear. His mate moaned, hips lifting to press back into the cradle of Diluc’s hips.

“Half the city is going to end up pupped tonight.” He hooked his fingers into the waistband of Kaeya’s shorts and tugged, peeling them down narrow hip to expose the swell of Kaeya’s ass and that his shirt was actually a bodysuit. The bottom half narrowed down to fit between the globes of his ass then widened to cover his cunt and cock. Diluc pulled the soaked fabric aside, exposing Kaeya’s wet, glistening hole to the air. “Starting with you.” 

Diluc knew, just knew, that it would take tonight, in both of them. He would fuck them full, like their bodies’ were begging for, and pup them both by the time their heats were through. 

Kaeya yelped, head lifting but a sharp bite to the ear froze him in place. “Luc, wait, I-” 

Diluc brought his hand down hard on Kaeya’s ass, the crack of skin on skin almost as loud as his mate’s yelp. “Quiet.” Another smack, hard enough to leave a red imprint against the brown of Kaeya’s skin. “Be still, until I’m done with you.”