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mornings are better with you

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Suna was never a daytime person, hated waking up early and it was extremely common during high school period he arrived late for the first classes when he slept at the Miyas' house usually woke up when they were already finishing breakfast, when adulthood came this did not change entirely, time or another Komori called him in the morning or even went to his apartment to make sure he would be awake for training, Suna hated waking up with several knocks on his door and finding Komori holding two coffees and with a huge smile on his face, Komori was too friendly in the morning and Suna didn't understand how he could but always accepted coffee and invited him to wait in the living room while he showered and wore a gym suit, what most outraged Suna was the fact that Komori had been awake since 7.m. doing several things, but he knew someone who annoyed him even more by his morning animation, Miya Atsumu.


During high school Suna did not have so much contact with Atsumu during the mornings, they were from different classes and when Suna slept in their house he was lucky not to be awake to witness the complete excitement of Atsumu at eight in the morning but no one told Rintarou that Atsumu had gotten even worse in adulthood and now Suna was dating his greatest enemy.


It was a huge surprise for everyone when they discovered this dating, Suna and Atsumu were not great friends during high school but when they became an adult things changed, had already approached a little in the third year when both were in search of a professional team and ended up doing it together from time to time, the v-league brought them an even greater proximity, Atsumu had a chance to see Rintarou drunk for the first time after an EJP victory, Suna had the chance to witness Atsumu almost crying as he signed his first autograph to a small girl possibly about 8 years old, they had a chance to kiss for the first time, it was in a bathroom of the ballad when they went to celebrate Akagi's birthday, Atsumu can help in the move when Suna bought a new apartment, were the first to find out that Osamu was dating Shinsuke after all Osamu was unlucky to call Atsumu at the time Rintarou was in Osaka

"What were you doing to take so long to answer?" Osamu complained as soon as Atsumu answered the video call


"I'm sorry if I'm a busy person Osamu, what do you want?" Atsumu grumbled by leaning his cell phone on the kitchen wall while preparing a sandwich


"It's nine at night, you stop being useful after five in the afternoon but ok that's not what i wanted to talk about" Osamu laughed down when he noticed Atsumu mumbling some cursing "Me and Kita started dating but we're going with calm" Said calmly with a simple smile on his face and soon can see Atsumu the look with wide eyes


"What the fuck do you mean?" A voice heard from the bottom of Atsumu's apartment and soon the twins looked at each other nervously


"Shit" Atsumu muttered down looking back looking for Suna


"Atsumu who is it?" Osamu asked seriously, but his feature soon changed when he saw Suna appear on camera "Why is Rin in your apartment?" He looked confused at the two of them trying to ignore the fact that Suna possibly had a hickey on his neck


"He has a game in town and asked to stay here, you knows how to save on hosting" Atsumu explained with his mania to move his hands frantically while explaining


"You're a terrible liar, I follow the social networks of the EJP and they have no game in Osaka out that I'm sure who pays for hosting is the team itself" Osamu said with a look of disappointment and noticed Suna laughing low


"Maybe I didn't think long before I said so the truth is that Suna just came to visit me" Atsumu shrugged and Suna smiled broadly but could notice that Osamu still didn't seem to believe them


"Are you telling me that Suna Rintarou traveled for almost four hours just to see you?" Osamu questioned with really confused as he knew very well that Suna hated long trips because he was easily bored during them


"Exactly just now tell me about your courtship with Kita-san" Suna spoke excitedly as he picked up Atsumu's cell phone and sat on the couch to continue his conversation with Osamu


That same night was when Suna realized that maybe he loved Atsumu, he really hated long trips but being on a subway for 4 hours just to see him seemed like a good thing now, he could travel as many hours as needed which would still be good. By coincidence it was the same night that Atsumu realized that he loved Suna, he could barely stop looking at Rintarou, enjoying how his lashes practically touched his pink cheeks, how his sleeping face was so delicate, the way that Suna, while sleeping, ran his fingers over Atsumu's chest and perhaps how Atsumu wanted to be able to wake up every day having that same vision.

The dating request turned out not to be a amazing request, Atsumu was at Suna's apartment where he would spend the weekend, took advantage of the excuse that Sakusa wanted to visit her cousin and did not have a driver's license so Atsumu could take him in his car and still see Suna.


They were having dinner when Miya decided to see what he had received in the box of questions he had posted in his instagram stories but honestly he ended up spending too much time looking at a single question until he realized he didn't know how to answer it


"Are you single Miya-san?"


He looked at Suna hoping to find out what to say, but everything just got more confusing, he wanted to be able to answer yes and maybe post about how cute Suna was wearing inarizaki's old sweatshirt, eating a cup noodles while looking for something to watch on netflix however he didn’t know if Rintarou wanted the same, probably not the part about Atsumu posting something about him in a sweatshirt as he would certainly say he was too ugly for a photo on instagram but maybe Suna wanted to have a real date too.


"Are we dating Rin?" Atsumu asked slightly nervous causing Suna to stop looking at the television and now look at Miya


"If you want I would love to" Rintarou replied calmly opening a sincere smile


That night, Atsumu had only one storie on his Instagram, answering the question if he was single with only a picture of Suna sleeping in his bed wearing the MSBY alternative uniform.

Rintarou was pretty with the gold of the shirt and with Miya written on his back, maybe one day the EJP uniform will also have a Miya written on it.

The call for the national team arrived shortly afterwards, the feeling of hearing their names being called is possibly something they will never forget, the video call with their parents crying with happiness, half of the Inarizaki team gathering at Onigiri Miya to celebrate and Suna temporarily living with Atsumu in central Tokyo to practice. It was common for them to spend a night or two together in each other's apartment, but now it would be weeks living together practically all day and mainly Suna having to learn to live with someone who at five-thirty in the morning was already awake doing thousands of things.

The first night together at the hotel was practically paradise, they asked for dinner at a great restaurant since they had not yet been to the market, Suna can wash Atsumu's hair with the passion fruit shampoo he liked, Atsumu lay on Rintarou's chest while they were in the bathtub and almost dozed off right there, slept in a huge comfortable bed embracing each other enjoying the warmth of each other but then paradise ended with the sound of an alarm ringing, Atsumu's side of the bed becoming empty, doors opening and movements across the room that Suna could barely identify what it was because her eyes could barely open, a kiss on his forehead, Atsumu's voice saying he would go for a walk and bring breakfast in an hour and the worst part, Suna looking at the clock on the wall and seeing that it was five-thirty in the morning.

Why the hell was Atsumu awake at this hour?


Luckily, Suna managed to fall asleep again, totally refusing the chance to wake up before nine in the morning. He doesn't know how long he was able to sleep but he woke up again because of some noise in the room, Atsumu already wore a different outfit that Suna remembered, he had some bags in his hand that were left on the kitchen counter, the clock still said seven fifteen in the morning.


"Where were you?" He spoke sleepily barely lifting his head out of the pillow


"I came back from the walk and the market was already open, I bought some things that I thought was important and a breakfast for you too. Do you want me to warm it up for you to eat?" Atsumu sat on the bed next to Suna as he spoke and could barely notice the look of disgust that Rintarou possessed

"Oh my god Miya I thank you for everything but now shut up and come and lie with me so I can sleep" Suna murmured angrily trying to pull Atsumu to lie on the bed


“Baby, I have other things to do yet” Atsumu laughed weakly when he heard Suna snorting annoyed at not being able to pull Miya to bed


"It's seven in the morning, you have nothing to do" Rintarou said almost indignantly, mainly when he heard Atsumu laughing at him


"Okay I lie with you dear, after you fall asleep I will do what I need" Atsumu lay under the duvet and hugged Suna already being able to see him smile weakly and snuggle up


"Just don't make a noise after I sleep or I'm going to leave" He laid his head on Atsumu's chest with his eyes already closed, luckily not noticing the laughter that Atsumu gave


"I will be so quiet that you will think you are alone here" He kissed the tip of Suna's nose and started stroking his hair to help him fall asleep faster


It wasn't long before Suna was sleeping peacefully, Atsumu stayed there for a while until he was sure that Rintarou wouldn't wake up if he got up but luckily Atsumu can get up and do everything he needs without waking him up. The purchases were already saved, he told his parents that everything was fine there, did some exercises that he likes to do in the morning, as approached nine in the morning he was getting breakfast, Rintarou woke up around nine twenty, he left mumbling from the bedroom almost as if he had been woken up with punches and punches but his morning moodiness subsided when he received kisses on the neck while brushing his teeth


"Good morning my love or are you still mad at having to wake up so early?" Atsumu laughed leaning against Suna's neck causing him to shiver.


"I hate you" Suna said irritably, removing the brush from his mouth so he could say "Do you wake up five hours every day?" He looked at Atsumu in the mirror watching him lie on his shoulder


"On weekends I wake up a little later" He said slyly smiling at Rintarou in the mirror


"How happy are you?" He looked at Atsumu extremely indignant and ignored the laughter he gave.


"I have you Rin for that" He smiled roguishly when he saw Suna blushing and turning quickly to brush his teeth again "I love you, do not delay or the coffee will get cold" He kissed Rintarou's cheek before leaving the bathroom


“I love you too, Miya, I'm on my way” Suna smiled silly looking at Atsumu and brushed his teeth again

Atsumu cooked well, not like Osamu obviously, but he knew how to do some things that pleased Suna’s stomach, he liked pancakes and donuts especially when they had chocolate icing or strawberry sauce, he liked the drinks that Atsumu made either alcoholic drinks or coffees, especially those that were sweet, champagne with fruits or coffees with caramel, he liked when they made cakes together and Suna could eat the leftovers of the dough while Atsumu washed the dishes.


“There are cinnamon muffins for you, we have training soon so don't be slow eating ”Atsumu kissed Suna's head as soon as he entered the kitchen and saw him sitting at the table


"Don't rush me to eat" Rintarou said angrily looking at Miya with disgust


"I love your good morning mood dear" Atsumu laughed as he grabbed a cup of coffee to drink, felt Suna's angry gaze almost penetrating his skin "I'm going to put the alarm clock on silent ok?" Miya smiled kindly and put her hand over Suna's, caressing it lightly


"I really hope Atsumu" Rintarou stuck half of his muffin in his mouth looking angry at Atsumu


"You look like an angry squirrel" Miya laughed when she saw Suna with her full cheeks and a look that should have been angry but ended up being adorable


"I hate you" Suna said with disgust ignoring the loud laugh that Atsumu gave

Atsumu didn’t understand how Suna could be so moody in the morning mainly because it was barely eight at night and Suna was already almost asleep on the couch, Atsumu had only gone into the kitchen to prepare two plates of ramen and it had been long enough for Rintarou to curl up in his sweatshirt and almost doze while watching the newspaper.

Suna was not a night or day person, Suna just liked to be asleep.


"Let's have dinner first and then you sleep" Atsumu stroked Suna's face as he slowly opened his eyes "I asked for a boyfriend and I got a big baby"


"Hm ok" He got up still sleepy and Atsumu hugged him around the waist to walk together to the kotatsu where dinner was already set


It was delicate and simple, their feet brushed under the table, the food was as warm and pleasant as each other's presence.


"You looked beautiful in the national team uniform" Suna commented as he finished drinking his water


"I'm number eleven because it's your favorite number" Atsumu smirked and approached Suna with a delicate kiss on his shoulder


"It wasn't you who chose the number" Suna laughed weakly and hugged Atsumu by the neck


“I'm trying to be romantic, rin” Atsumu pouted and laid his head between the curve of Suna's neck


"Ok Ok, my uniform is number 21 because it was the age when I fell in love with you” He smiled weakly and kissed Atsumu's cheek making him blush slightly


"You didn't fall in love with me at 21, we started dating when you were 24" Atsumu wrinkled his eyebrows down and saw a sadistic smile appear on Rintarou's face


"I'm trying to be romantic" He mimicked Atsumu's kansai dialect and started laughing as Miya looked at him angrily


"I hate you, I should have let you sleep and eat your dinner" Atsumu said angrily but made no move to even try to get out of Rintarou's arms


"Oh you hate me so much Atsumu I will even pretend we never talked about marriage" He said playfully leaving Atsumu with a red face "But now let's wash this dish to sleep" He kissed Atsumu's lips quickly and stood up taking his plate and glass to the sink


"It's eight twenty-eight at night and you already want to sleep, I think I'm dating an old man" Miya hugged Suna from behind, leaving her plate over the sink and giving some kisses on his neck


"I'm doing the dishes stop trying to seduce me" Rintarou laughed weakly feeling his whole body shiver with the kisses and bites that Atsumu gave


"I'm going to make the bed, don't forget to bring glasses of water" He kissed Suna's cheek before going to the bedroom

Sometimes, Suna thought that Atsumu could be hotter than the comforter that covered them, liked the way Miya hugged her waist and stroked so softly that her fingers almost felt like feathers. It was really too early to sleep so they decided to watch a movie on their cell phone, they used a pillow to support it and Suna hummed with happiness when Atsumu hugged him from behind leaving his head on Rintarou's shoulder to be able to see the cell phone screen, Suna could be the tallest of the two but in bed the thing he loved most was being the small spoon.


"You know it will be bad when all this is over and I have to go back to living without you" Atsumu murmured quietly looking at Suna almost asleep


"We could live together yet, we won't be in our teams forever" Suna turned her face so she could look at Miya


"What do you think about doing after you retire from volleyball?"


“Stay with you” Suna smiled weakly and started a slow and quick kiss “And I went to college so I'm going to look for a job”


“You can't be 100% romantic, right?” Atsumu laughed softly and began to distribute kisses around Suna's neck “Akagi already gave me the idea of being a coach at Inarizaki” He talked about Rintarou's skin causing him to shiver


"Do you want to move back to Hyogo?" Suna turned to face Atsumu


"Maybe for a while but you know Rin we have the whole world for us to discover" Atsumu put his hand on Suna's cheek, caressing it lightly


"I already have the whole world in front of me" He leaned his forehead next to Miya's watching him, watching his cheeks flush and a silly smile appear on his face


"Stop embarrassing me Rin" Atsumu hid in the crook of Suna's neck making him laugh softly "I will still introduce you to the whole world only to discover that nothing will ever be more pretty than you" He brushed his nose over Rintarou's collarbone humming excitedly when he noticed Suna shivering and hugging him


"I love you" He kissed the top of Atsumu's head and quickly Miya's body heat, already so well-known by Rintarou, brought him the calm he needed to sleep.


"I love you, sleep well dear" she hung up on Suna's cell phone before hugging him around the waist until she fell asleep with him

The night had been quiet and lovely, it was common to become sly at night and put all the romanticism at stake but it was already five-thirty in the morning again and Suna was annoyed by all the noise that Miya was making just for changing clothes for a simple walk, Atsumu just kissed Rintarou ignoring all the complaints he made about being too early to be awake.


"Go back to sleep, love, you will have to deal with it forever, get used to it" Atsumu fixed the blanket that Suna wore and gave her a cuddle


"Wow that's the best news I've ever heard" Atsumu laughed noting the tone of irony that Suna spoke as he ducked under the blanket "But I love you, don't take too long I want to stay in bed with you a little longer before we go to practice" Suna discovered only his eyes so that he could see a smile appear on Miya's face


"I will arrive so fast that you won't even notice that I left"

Atsumu came back every day to sleep with Suna, when they were in Tokyo training with the national team, when they were already in their apartments and were going to visit each other, when they returned to Hyogo but now Atsumu was a coach and Suna an architect, when they were in Brazil, Australia, Thailand, Greece or all the other corners of the world that passed, maybe Suna didn't hate the mornings so much anymore if they meant having Atsumu by his side hugging him.

Every morning was good next to him