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Fantasy High Reunion

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It was far too early in the morning, but Fabian was awake and aware thanks to trauma that just Refused to go away. Regardless of the reason for his wakefulness, he was somehow managing to lounge on a barstool in his kitchen while scrolling through the Bastion City Times on his crystal. “Eccentric wizard, former headmaster, and now hermit, Arthur Aguefort found living high in the Mountains of Chaos, fending off reporters by casting Power Word Stun multiple times.”

“What a crazy old man.” Fabian muttered under his breath, beginning to make Riz’s coffee just as he stumbled out of their bedroom, curly green hair ruffled, and dark bags so deeply ingrained under his eyes Fabian wondered if they even could go away.

“Good morning, The Ball.” Fabian greeted, holding Riz’s oversized ceramic mug out to him

“Fabian, dude. I love you.” Riz replied, eyes fluttering to stay open

“Love you too, Riz. Have you seen this nonsense about Principal Aguefort?”

“No? Ayda or her dad?”

“Her dad, apparently he’s living in the Mountains of Chaos.”

Fabian handed his partner the crystal, and the article seemed to wake him more than the coffee he had already half drunk.

“Should we... do something? Like help him or something?” Riz asked

“Nah dude, he’s living his best life. Do you want a ride to work, or is it another walking day?”

“I would love a ride, babe.”

Half an hour later, Fabian and Riz stepped down into a sleek and sexy four door sedan, low to the ground, painted black with orange metallic flakes throughout, and a small skull and crossbones as a hood ornament. The Hangman, having been transferred into this car once the rest of the bad kids started having kids and needing babysitters, pulled out of the garage of the new, stately Seacaster Manor and started on the way to Ballaster and to Riz’s office