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my hands, your bones

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Beau knows the drill by now.

Whenever Jester’s eyes light up, she knows it means one of two things: either she’s spotted a new pastry shop, or—

“A sex shop, Beau!” she cries, tugging on Beau’s vestiges, pulling her closer to the ominous looking shop with a sign that says Enter and hardly anything else.

“Wha— Why me?”

Fjord makes a hasty exit, saying something about needing his armor buffed, but Caleb blinks, taking in the building with a curious eye. It’s Yasha that Beau pays attention to the most, never one to outwardly blush at this kind of thing, and it’s Yasha who simply follows suit, raising an amused brow at Jester’s antics. As Jester drags Beau closer to the door, Yasha gives her a look — Good luck. You’re on your own.

It’s been surprisingly easy, this thing they have. Easier than Tori, easier than it’s ever been for Beau, and that’s huge, considering their history. Easy enough without the end of the world looming over their shoulders. They can finally relax, and Beau has plans to take advantage of that as best she can.

Sometimes she catches Yasha looking at her like she’s the goddamn sun. And when she asks, What? all she gets in return is a shrug, Yasha’s quiet voice replying, You’re pretty.

Sometimes Jester drags her into situations she’d rather die than be in and Yasha leaves her hanging, like now. Come on.

There’s a bell on the door, sorta like the Xhorhaus, that makes a clatter of several different, discordant clangs when Jester pushes through it, taking Beau with her. Caleb’s a step behind, while Yasha takes up the back. The rest of their party split off at some point, Veth heading into an apothecary and Caduceus into a flower shop.

A few people mill about, looking through the shelves and displays, but all Beau sees are dicks. Lots of dicks. 

“Oh. My. Gods.” Jester claps her hands against her cheeks, smooshing them, as she takes it all in.

“It’s like the Traveler threw up in here,” Beau points out, sliding out of Jester’s grip while she’s distracted. Sure enough, Jester doesn’t notice her slip away, too focused on nearing the closest display, taking in several dicks of different sizes, affixed to the wall. 

Yasha presses into Beau’s side for a brief moment, slipping a hand to the small of Beau’s back. She’s there and then she’s gone, just a reminder of Yasha’s presence, and Beau can’t remember what it was like not to have the looming, warm figure of Yasha periodically at her side like this. They’d slipped into these kinds of things almost too easily. Ass taps before a big fight, casual shoulder leans, kisses on the cheeks (and kissing when they had some free time). The kinds of things Beau wouldn’t have been caught dead doing with anyone else.

The thing is, when you’re always about to die, might as well make the most of your time.

“That one there,” a voice says to Beau’s left, as a withered, brown skinned elf appears at Jesters side, “that one’s tricky, but very nice, yes, very nice if you use it right.”

The dick in Jester’s hands is quite curved, a bit too curved for Beau’s taste, yet somehow pliable, moving in Jester’s fingers as she bends and prods at it. “How much?” Jester asks, holding it upside down.

“Hundred gold,” the elf replies. “Two for hundred fifty!”

“Half off,” Caleb murmurs, taking in a few of his own.

“Pret-ty decent,” Beau agrees, only half listening. Instead, she’s got her eyes on Yasha, who has moved away from them into the rest of the shop. Deeper in, actually, lost amongst some shelves.

“Excuse me,” Caleb says, giving the elf a kind smile — it’s his please give me a book smile. Beau swears he only uses it during times this one, or when they’re trying to con their way into some reserve. “Do you have any, ah, smut?”

“Of course we’ve got smut!” The elf puts his hands on his hips, almost offended, but eventually turns and points to the corner of the shop opposite Yasha where there is, of course, several shelves of books, just waiting to be read.

Jester puts the dick back on the shelf, taking Caleb’s hand and pulling him immediately into the corner, leaving Beau to stand alone with the creepy elf shopkeep.

He gives her a little eyebrow wiggle. Fucking gross. “You interested?” He gestures in the general direction of the dicks.

“Still looking,” she says, quickly dodging past him to meet up with Yasha. 

She arrives just as Yasha’s running her fingertips across some leather straps fashioned into some sort of contraption, glancing briefly at Beau as she shows up. “That guy’s fucking weird,” Beau murmurs, letting her arm brush Yasha’s. “You’re actually looking around?”

“Maybe,” Yasha says, giving Beau an appraising look. “Do you like this color?”

“The leather? Sure, it’s brown.”


“What are you—” Beau gives the leather a closer inspection. “What is that?”

“It goes around your hips, I think,” Yasha says, pulling it from the shelf. She holds it against her hips. “See, the leg holes are… here. Maybe.”

“It’s like something sexy, then?”

“See this?” Yasha holds up the straps, motioning to a small plate in the middle of it, affixed with a shiny metal ring right in the middle of it. “It holds one of these.” She points at a dick on the wall, and everything immediately clicks into place within Beau’s mind. Fucking duh.

“Oh,” she says, tugging her lip between her teeth. “You wanna…”


“Yeah, sure. Guy said it was buy one get one half off, so…”

“That harness is fifty!” The elf says, popping up out of fucking nowhere.

Shit,” Beau says, heart skipping a beat. “What the fuck, man?”

“Hundred forty-five if you want both the harness and a dildo,” he replies, ignoring her comment. His eyes flash, flicking to Beau, then up to Yasha, taking her in. “Five gold off for the two.”

Yasha straightens, eyes flitting to half lidded. “Hundred twenty-five.”

The elf chuckles, shaking his head. “Hundred forty-five, and I’ll throw in some of my special lubrication. First time customer bonus.”

“Deal,” Yasha agrees, not hesitating. She pays for the harness before Beau has even a moment to think about it, placing it carefully into her bag. She meanders back to Beau, giving a cursory look at Caleb and Jester, currently in animated conversation about one of the books they’re hovering over. Yasha nods at the shelves. “See anything you like?”

“You, definitely.”

Yasha shakes her head, fighting a smile. “Something we can use.”

“I think you’re pretty useable, actually, but I know you mean one of the dicks.” Beau takes a look, finally settling on one that’s dark-colored, almost an unnatural magenta. The color reminds her of that tint in Yasha’s hair, back when it was darker. It had looked almost violent in the sun, black in the shadows. The color of the dildo matches something close to it, and she plucks it off the wall, holding it up to Yasha’s face. “Yup. This is it.”

“Noted,” Yasha says, putting it in her bag.

Somehow, Caleb and Jester manage to completely miss the fact that they even purchased anything, and Beau’s kinda grateful they aren’t subjected to three million questions about it. Not like she’s a prude or anything, but it kind of makes her hot that she and Yasha are the only two who know about what’s in Yasha’s bag, what they’re going to do later, that kind of thing. Like having a really, really juicy secret.

Veth is pissed she missed the sex shop, and Beau catches the look of pure relief on Cad’s face. Fjord, at least, lets Jester tell him every single plot point of the book that she’d picked up with Caleb, having somehow absorbed the entire story within the twenty minutes they’d been inside.

When Beau questions her about it, Jester shrugs and says, “These stories are all pretty similar.”

“Then why do you still read them?”

“It’s sort of nice, right? I like to read about all these people who are so different, but all of their stories end up the same! It’s hopeful.”

Beau thinks about that later, when she and Yasha are stepping into their room at the inn, and says, “Do you think we would’ve met, if, like, you hadn’t been part of the circus? Or I’d never joined the Cobalt Soul, or… literally anything was different? You think we’d still make it to this?” She gestures between herself and Yasha on the this

“Maybe,” Yasha replies, sitting on the bed and beginning to untie her boots. “Do you?”

Beau flops onto the bed next to her, staring at the ceiling. “I don’t know. Kind of a nice thought, though, right? Destiny, or something.”

“Sometimes I wonder about the bad things,” Yasha tells her, shrugging out of her coat and setting it on the chair in the edge of the room. “Would things still be like this, if I hadn’t…” She doesn’t say the rest, doesn’t have to. They both know what she means.

“I think they would,” Beau says, lying on her side. “Probably would’ve happened quicker, you know?”

Yasha nods, going quiet. After a long moment, she says, “I’m sorry. That’s my fault.”

“Nope,” Beau says. “I was an asshole, too, so I probably would’ve told you to take a hike or something. I would’ve found some way to fuck it up, so maybe it’s good it took this long.”

“Do you ever feel stupid? Like you could’ve had something this good so much earlier?” 

“Once again, I was an asshole. We definitely couldn’t have had this earlier. Besides, there’s no point in wondering about the what ifs.

Yasha shrugs, smiling again. “You asked first.”

“And I regret it wholeheartedly. But now, I’m interested in the what if you put that sexy leather thing on and fuck me into the astral plane?” She gives Yasha a wide, toothy grin, letting out a laugh as Yasha’s cheeks go pink, a flush creeping up her neck.

“I suppose, ah, that could be arranged,” she says slowly, like she’s hyping herself up. Yasha’s not shy in bed, but it’s the lead up that renders her so fucking cute . It’s easy to tease her when she’s like this, and Beau likes doing it, likes getting a rise out of her otherwise stoic girlfriend. Girlfriend. Wow.

Yasha fidgets in the middle of the room for a beat, like she’s suddenly unsure of how to act, so Beau glides to her feet and says, “How about this? I’ll go get some drinks from downstairs, and you can figure it all out while I’m out. Sound good?”

Yasha nods, already reaching into her bag.

Beau spends a few extra moments downstairs chatting up the barkeep, trying very hard not to think about how Yasha might look when she arrives back upstairs. Eventually, though, a few more patrons come up and steal the barkeep away — the two glasses of liquor sitting in front of her leave Beau no choice but to grab them and head upstairs.

She’s not expecting Yasha to still be clothed when she comes back, giving Beau a nervous look as she enters, immediately putting the glasses on the nearest table.

She opens her mouth to ask something, but Yasha advances on her and her words die in her throat. Instead, Yasha crowds her against the door, lips hovering over Beau’s as she looks down, eyes lidded. Yasha inhales sharply before kissing Beau, rendering them both breathless for an instant. Fuck, when did just kissing feel like this? Beau almost forgets what they were going to do as she sinks into it, letting her arms rest across Yasha’s shoulders and pull her down, closer and closer, fingertips scratching at the base of Yasha’s scalp.

A low vibration makes its way through Yasha’s chest and out of her mouth, a hum that shakes Beau straight down her spine before settling between her legs. She’s remembering the whole harness dealio a beat later, but as Yasha grabs her hips and tugs her closer, pressing their pelvises together, she doesn’t have to remember. There’s a hard pressure against her center down, very obviously perched between Yasha’s legs in her pants, and Beau lets out a moan at the feel of it. 

“Bed,” she pants. “Now, Yash, fuck.”

Perks of a really fucking strong girlfriend? She picks you up like you’re nothing . Beau wraps her legs around Yasha’s waist, not even breaking the kiss, and Yasha carries her across the room before throwing her onto the bed. 

Beau scrambles out of her clothes, watching as Yasha does the same, tearing out of her shirt and unbuttoning her pants, sliding them down her legs, and oh fuck

Yasha pauses, suddenly self-conscious. “Is it— Does it look okay? It feels a little…”

“It looks fucking fantastic,” Beau whispers, before jolting into movement, reaching forward and hooking her fingers around the leather of it, tugging Yasha closer. 

She pulls Yasha into another kiss, tugging her down into the bed, and they fall into a steady rhythm of hard, panting kisses and the grinding of Yasha’s thigh against Beau, the slick of her getting Yasha’s thigh stickier by the moment. A hand creeps down between them, finding Beau’s clit and rubbing circles around her, warming her up.

Hands fisted in Yasha’s hair, Beau lets her head fall back as Yasha moves her lips to Beau’s jaw, then her neck, then her teeth, digging into the skin around Beau’s pulse point. Pain shoots through her and settles right in her gut; she swears she gushes around Yasha’s single, tentative finger pressing into her. “Fuck,” Beau gasps, hips moving as she attempts to catch some kind of rhythm against Yasha’s finger. “Fuck, yes, keep doing that, fuck—”

Yasha bites harder, sliding another finger in, and soon enough, she’s thrusting into Beau, tearing friction against her entrance, leaving Beau shaking as she swipes the pad of her thumb against her clit. Beau crests relatively early, and it’s probably due to the hardness of the dildo pressed against her leg; the mere thought of it makes her clench in anticipation.

“Can I—” Yasha asks as Beau comes down, eyes closed in bliss. “Or should I—” She starts to move down Beau’s body, lips pressing against her nipples, then her stomach. 

Beau catches her as she moves further down. “No, no, just— Do the thing, I wanna…” feel you. Feels fucking stupid to say, but Yasha listens anyway, positioning herself above Beau as she readies her positioning. She reaches for the small jar of clear jelly the shopkeep had given them, sliding her hand across the length of the dildo Beau had picked out. She’s fucking gorgeous like this — the soft light of the room leaves her face in mostly shadow, backlight in a warm orange glow. Her muscles look fucking sick, all hard edges. And finally her dick, slick and glistening. 

Yasha catches her looking, as Beau props herself up on her elbows. Beau says, “You’re fucking hot,” and Yasha doesn’t blush this time. Her eyes darken and she leans down, pressing the tip of the dildo against Beau’s entrance, eliciting a gasp as a bit of sharp pain rockets through Beau. Yasha pauses, waiting until Beau’s nodding, urging her further.

There’s a heavy sense of just pressure, once the pain subsides, but Beau’s wet enough and there’s enough slick on the dildo that once the head slides in, the rest follows relatively easily. The length of it pushes into Beau until she and Yasha are hip to hip. Beau adjusts, lifting her leg and sighs as she accommodates more of it. 

She’s rethinking the hype just as Yasha adjusts, sliding out and back in and out, and holy shit. Yasha watches her with measured eyes, taking in her every reaction, slowing when she needs, but soon enough, she develops an easy rhythm, thrusting into Beau and pulling sounds from her throat she hasn’t made in years. It’s too much and not enough at the same time, the ache of it burning in her gut like a low flame, relentless and always reaching for more, more, more. 

Yasha presses into the bed around her, as Beau’s fingers grab at her shoulders, her neck, definitely bruising, but it’s not until Yasha drops down close, pressing her face against Beau’s neck, hips moving frantically, that Beau sees stars. Yasha’s hips move at a fast pace, thrusting pure and hard as Beau just holds on, muttering a slew of fuck, Yasha, fuck, fuck, fuck into Yasha’s ear, and then she’s—

“Fuck, I’m— Fuck, Yash,” she sputters, hips jerking as she comes, tightening around the dildo inside of her, making it harder for Yasha to keep pace.

Yasha slides out of her, and Beau lets out a sigh that turns into a yelp as Yasha grabs her hips and roughly flips her over, pinning her into the mattress.

“Oh my gods,” Beau moans, voice half muffled by the sheets. Yasha’s hand is firm between her shoulder blades, pinning her there, and then there’s the tip of her pressing against her once again, hovering just outside, pausing for permission. “Yes, yeah,” Beau says. 

“What else?” There’s a hard edge to Yasha's tone. A hand tightens on Beau’s hip, tugging around to pull her legs wider apart. “What do you say?”

“Fucking please,” Beau whines.

She doesn’t have to wait very long.

This time, there’s no hesitation before Yasha thrusts into her, hard and fast. She doesn’t let up, pressing Beau deeper into the mattress as her hips hit Beau’s ass again and again. It’s fucking awesome , and Beau bites into the sheets to keep from crying out. Her hand slides underneath her body, finding her own clit, rubbing two fingers around it to try and match Yasha’s pace.

It’s impressive, Yasha doing something like this when they’re usually fighting people every other day, constantly on the road, and usually half starved. Her stamina is insane, Beau has to admit, rivalling her own, maybe rivalling Fjord’s. Almost on cue, Yasha grunts, collapsing forward, and Beau can’t help but say, into the sheets, “Did you just come?

From this? From fucking Beau into this mattress?

“Maybe,” is Yasha’s reply, and Beau glances back to find her grinning, readjusting. Two strong hands pull hard at Beau’s hips, slamming her back, and the dildo slides in at a new angle, a tantalizing one that slides into her just right.

“Fuck that’s good,” Beau mutters, now breathing into her own forearm. 

Still frantically rubbing her clit, Beau feels herself get closer and closer, rising to some imaginary edge as her muscles clench around Yasha, simultaneously slowing her down and pulling her in, just as Beau’s fingers start to go numb, she’s almost there, just close enough to… This time is less electric, longer. It ripples through her instead of tearing, but she collapses into the bed regardless, still very aware of Yasha inside of her.

She slips out a moment later, quickly undoing the straps of the harness and letting it drop to the floor.

Beau lays on her back, grinning. “Where has that been my entire life?”

“Zadash,” Yasha says, matter of fact, crawling up Beau’s body.

“Don’t get comfy,” Beau tells her, taking in the glorious image that is Yasha’s naked body. “Get up here.”

Yasha grins, climbing up even further to settle above Beau’s face, knees pressing into the mattress on either side of her head. She lowers herself onto Beau’s mouth, and Beau doesn’t so much as have to coordinate her own licking across Yasha’s cunt as Yasha sets her own rhythm, grinding herself against Beau’s lips and tongue and chin. She grips the headboard, rocking hard, and Beau lets her use her, just along for the ride.

She doesn’t last long. Beau sucks hard on her clit as she reaches the edge, pulling out a gasp from Yasha that you can’t hear anywhere else. She loves Yasha like this, so vulnerable and trusting. She loves Yasha when she comes back down, flopping onto the bed next to bed, chest heaving and glistening with sweat. She loves Yasha as they fit together like chainlink, Beau pressing her face into Yasha’s chest and Yasha’s arms wrapping around her shoulders.

“You have to admit,” Yasha says after a moment, her voice deep in her chest, humming against Beau’s ear, “We really should thank Jester for that.”

“Ugh,” Beau groans. “Please, don’t. It’ll just go to her head, she’ll never shut up.”

Yasha hums again, fingers drawing circles against Beau’s shoulder. It’s nice and all, but Beau’s worried that if they stay like this for too long, they’ll both pass out and probably be without a free moment for at least a few weeks. She can’t wait that long, not with their new purchase just sitting on the floor next to the bed, begging to be used. She thinks about the harness on her own hips, Yasha leaning over her with her lips wrapped around the tip, sucking off traces of Beau as she looks straight into Beau’s eyes. It’s enough to spur her to action. 

“Guess what,” Beau says once she’s gathered the courage.


“Now it’s my turn to fuck your brains out.”