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Misled Heart

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"Woah, these leeks are 80% off!"

The man in the yellow suit inspected the leeks on display, picking out the ones with the least damage and put them into his red shopping basket. With the coupons in his pocket, he was sure he would be getting a sweet deal for all luxurious items in his basket. It was rare for him to eat quality foods since he lived on a tight budget but he knew he could always rely on his trusty coupons. Saitama decided that his wallet could not take anymore for this month and headed for the cash register. While waiting in line, he pondered on what to make for dinner. He hadn't had seaweed soup in a while, suddenly craving for it. Thankfully he still had a majority of the ingredients in his shopping basket while the rest were at home. 

When Saitama snapped out of his thoughts, he saw the cashier lady gesturing for him to unload his basket. He took his sweet time, making sure to be gentle with his carton of eggs. He fumbled with his wallet of change after the lady announced the price for everything, his red gloves making it difficult to grab onto the exact amount he needed. The cashier bagged up his items while he continued to struggle with his coin purse. Saitama eventually grabbed the bags after handing the lady the exact amount of cash his groceries required and headed to the automatic store doors. 

As Saitama felt the difference of air from the chilly supermarket in contrast to the humid outside, he spotted two figures from a distance, clearly having an animated talk as he turned his head towards home. Maybe there's a fight going on, he thought. He should probably check it out before someone gets hurt. Saitama nonchalantly approached the noise makers and as he got closer, he could feel the heat emanating from the robotic unit. The day was already hot as it was, being near summer and all, so he found himself mentally groaning at the extra heat. The metal-looking person held up a scrawny guy by the collar, irises glowing red with fury centered on his black eyeballs. The other mechanical arm was raised threateningly towards the petrified guy off the ground, his hands out defensively. 

Saitama tapped the metallic person on the shoulder and the furious man turned his head suddenly in surprise, but his expression quickly turned back to anger in a split second, peeved that he got caught off guard and interrupted. 

"There's no need to be violent to another person," Saitama said with a tiny smile. He took a step back and noted in his mind that the robot's head looked very humanlike with his obsidian black hair almost covering his eyes. His face looked like a generic male model you'd see in advertisements, except a lot angrier. The fuming unit loosened his grip of the trembling man he was grasping onto and turned his attention to Saitama. The other guy scrambled off in a haste at the opportunity, almost tripping over his own two feet. 

"This is none of your business!" The angered individual spat out venomously, closing the distance between them as he bore his eyes into Saitama's, leaving their faces mere inches apart. This man would be very intimidating to an average person but luckily Saitama wasn't one so he stood there with a bored look. The bald man could feel the other's breath on him and he shuddered, putting some space between them by pushing the torso of the machine from himself. 

"You distracted me from my target so now I'll eliminate you!" The raging bot declared and prepared his arm canons for a heated shot. Saitama hopped around effortlessly, dodging all of his attacks but he started to worry about the buildings around him, and his groceries! The livid android seemed to be a living being in a mechanical body so punching him to pieces wasn't an option, so Saitama had to think of another way to calm the droid down. He swiftly sneaked beside the heated man and tried to grab onto both his metal arms to restrict his movements. 

"Ah. Sorry," Saitama winced as he realized the arms were accidentally ripped off by him. At least this guy won't bleed out. Both stopped in place to gawk at the sparking wires coming from the shoulder joints of the mechanical arms. "Are you going to need these back?"

The cyborg stood there, shell-shocked. He seemed to come out of his stupor quickly and jumped back away from Saitama. For a second, Saitama wondered why the cyborg's eyes seemed to glow even brighter before realizing he should get out of his line of sight if he still wanted to be dressed. A scorching crimson beam of light narrowly grazed Saitama's side as he sped up to the backside of the angry man.

"Hey, stop that or I'll have to decapitate you," Saitama hoped that the warning was enough to make the inconsiderate droid that decimated his surroundings reconsider his actions. The last thing the hero wanted was to be responsible for the damages all around and to have to pay up. The startled bot stumbled a little at the unexpected whisper and backed away yet again, facing Saitama with his legs in a protective stance. 

"Who are you and how are you so strong?!" The cyborg shouted, his voice overpowering his struggling core noises. Saitama stared at the glowing orange vents from the bewildered bot and then crossed his arms. 

"The name is Saitama and I'm just a hero for fun." 

"How come I've never heard of you when you're so strong? What kind of upgrades do you have? I can't imagine you having cyborg upgrades but there is no way your reflexes are human. You don't seem to be sweating either though I also see no heat vents on you. Are you some sort of being from another world? Did you ingest a potion of endless power?" For an armless boy, he sure did a lot of questioning. Saitama was getting impatient as the other kept hounding him with endless rambling inquiries. "What is that skin-coloured armour on your head?"

That question struck a nerve in Saitama and he found himself answering immediately. 

"That's just my skin."

"How are you bald at such a young age? Is it your genetics-"

"Leave me alone! I'm just bald!" The hero shouted, feeling harassed suddenly. It's not like he had any say in his hair loss. He was not expecting baldness to be a side effect of being super strong. What is with this pretty boy being so insensitive? The other flinched at Saitama's sudden outburst, taken aback. His eyes appeared to zoom into the annoyed man, analyzing him, then turned the other way.

The cyborg stepped away and fled the scene quickly. Saitama watched the energetic unit practically bounce off the buildings around the area, leaving scuff marks on some towering structures. Once the other was no where to be seen, the caped hero's vexation dissipated. That guy just left without his arms. What a weird guy. Saitama stared off into the distance until he remembered the frozen items in his plastic bags. With his groceries still in hand, he strolled back home.

When Saitama entered his apartment, he slipped his boots off and shut the door with his foot. He was home at last and could finally put away his groceries before some of it could thaw out completely. Now that he thought about it, he hoped the heated boy didn't end up scorching or cooking some of his ingredients. Upon entering his hallway, he stepped in some cold liquid with his socks. With a heart full of despair, he looked down and confirmed that his eggs were dripping onto his wooden floorboards.