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Have you ever fallen in love?

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Cling! Cling! Cling!

Connor flipped his coin. Tossing it back and fourth. Up and catching it. Standing in his place for a couple minutes before he began walking into the Police Department. Walking to the back of the building. Searching around for Anderson. Not seeing the lieutenant anywhere and sat in the desk in front of him. Clicking his shoes impatiently, examining his surroundings. He knew Hanj would’ve been late. He always is.

It didn’t take long before he felt someone's hand touch his shoulder gently. Checking the area. His LED was yellow. Processing what was going on. He noticed hank in front of him. A smile appearing on the androids face. "Hello lieutenant. I hope you slept well." He greeted him calmly. Cupping his hands as he watched him sit down.

"I was sleeping just fine until I woke up and realized I had to come in today." Hank chuckled quietly. Smiling back at Connor. "I slept well Connor."

"Well I sure hope you did. We have a bunch more deviant cases to take care of. I thought people would stop selling actual androids since it's illegal now."

"People do anything for money Connor. Whether it be illegal or not. Money is money. Anybody will do anything for it." Hank stated. Looking through deviant files as he conversated with Connor.

"Hey, Hank. It's time you throw away your old toy. There's a way better, and new version. It’s time to give up this plastic bastard.” Gavin nudged the android's head with two fingers. Side eyeing him.

“Theres another fucking android? Theres already enough here. Connor’s stressful enough to fucking handle.” He gently hit his desk. Eyes rolling. Putting his attention back onto the computer.

“Maybe I can go talk to them?” Connor looked at Gavin then proceeded to look at Hank. Standing up slowly.

Gavin did nothing but break out into a laugh. Attempting to mock Connors words. Still laughing and stuttering.

“No Connor. Just sit down. It’s useless talking to yourself.” Hank stated as he looked up at Gavin. Rolling his eyes and expressing how annoyed Gavin was making him.

“I should.. Probably go.. It’s starting to stink of booze again.” Gavin side eyed Hank before walking off into the breakroom and making himself a coffee. Standing at the table with officer Chen.

“Fuckin’ look at it! He looks like he has on a fucking neckbrace!” The detective would state as he was joking with the officer. A wide smile on his face as he was still joking back and fourth with Chen.

Conan would turn around. Looking at Reed. “Hello detective Reed.” The android would greet him. “My name is Conan. Though I’m sure Fowler has already told you.”

“Why would Fowler tell me a useless androids name?” He got up and walked towards the android. Examining his outfit as too as his facial features. “Look, if you’re my fuckin’ partner. Tell Fowler that I don’t need a fuckin’ android to help me on a case!” He pushed the android out his way. Making himself another cup of coffee, then leaving the area. Nines(Conan) followed the detective to his desk. Standing next to him.

“Thank you for telling me that I look like I have on a neck brace. Maybe you should tell CyberLife that their android who’s smarter and better than you, needs a better fashion taste.” Conan snapped at him. “Or you could get over yourself and stop insulting things that are better than you.”

Gavin got up and pulled him by the collar. “I don’t fucking listen to plastic pricks like you. So get the fuck out my face!” He pushed him away, sitting back down and getting to work.

Conan tilted his head slightly. This may be tougher than he thought.

[Working on the fic right now. <3]