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Conflicting Minds

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"Come back here, you little brat!"


Tommy quickly ducked down as objects came aiming for his head, stumbling a little as he continue running, a pouch held tightly in his arms, weaving through the bustling crowds easily.


Daring to spare a glance behind him, Tommy grinned when he saw that the distance between him and the shop owner was getting bigger, flipping the owner off before turning into a corner, and continued running.


He ran for quite a while, even when he could no longer hear the roaring voice of the voice owner shouting and cursing at him, Tommy continued running.


He took another turn, seeing that it was an alleyway, and stopped, walking a bit deeper into the alleyway before stopping, hands on his knees as he took deep breaths, trying to steady his breathing.


When his breathing calmed, the blonde sighed as he straightened himself back up, looking at the brim filled pouch and his lips broke into a smile.


He did it.


He actually did it.


He had successfully stole a good amount of money that could help him survive for a few couple of weeks before he had to go stealing again.


His grin deflated slightly when he remembered why he was doing this in the first place.




His best friend. His partner in crime. His other half, who was currently in the shitty shack that they had rent out using the money they had left, sleeping soundly.


Tubbo had been turned into a vampire by someone the blonde thought he could trust when Tommy was out hunting essential needs for the both of them, coming back to see that Tubbo was no where to be found in their apartment room.


Growing up, Tommy lost his family to a blood sucker who was on a rampage, he was only ten at the time of the incident and looking back, it was still a miracle to Tommy on how he managed to survive that.


After that incident though, he had grown to hate the vampires, viewing each of them negatively and not wanting anything to do with them, hoping that they would all just disappear one day and never exist again.


But Tommy knows that it will never happen.


None of his relatives wanted him, so the blonde had to live on the streets and learned how to survive on his own, being weary of both vampires and humans alike.


Tommy may view vampires in a negative light. But he knew that humans aren't the best either, some humans were even worst then vampires, and that was saying something.


And then he met Tubbo.


The other blonde was also living on the streets alone, Tommy had wanted to steal something from him to survive but the boy had fought back, yelling and screaming at Tommy to just leave him alone. It was then he realized that Tubbo was just like him, and Tommy felt bad.


He offered to work together with Tubbo, the boy had hesitated, obviously not really trusting Tommy, but had accepted the offer anyways.


And their journey began.


They worked well together and had each others back, despite not being close to each other, they bounce off each other well. And having only each other to rely on, they grew close, and started a brotherly relationship.


They were sitting in their rented apartment one day, the moon shining bright in the dark sky, it reminds Tommy of a rose. Beautiful, but dangerous.


Tommy enjoys the night, the way the stars littered the night sky with glowing dots, the cool night breeze and of course, the moon itself. Tommy wants to go out and sit on the ground, staring at the moon until it lowers and the sun comes out, but everyone knows that doing that would be the equivalent of having a death wish.


And so Tommy stares and appreciates the moon through his windows.


Tubbo had told Tommy about himself, how his family was also slaughtered by the blood suckers, and he had survived because his mother protected him until the very end. Tubbo had no other relatives other than his family, and he didn't want to be in foster care, so he ran away, and ended up in the streets.


"One day, Tubbo. We wouldn't have to live like this anymore" Tommy had told the blonde one night, tightly gripping the boy hands in his, blue eyes looking at each other. "This is my promise to you"


And it was a promise that Tommy intended to keep.


Until Tubbo met JSchlatt, that ram hybrid son of a bitch.


Tommy doesn't know how Tubbo met the man, he had just came home one day telling Tommy about it. And at first, he just shrugged it off, happy that Tubbo had found someone to spend time with.


Tommy was more adventurous then Tubbo, so he would often take trips out and bring stuffs back for the both of them. He understood that Tubbo could be lonely, so the former didn't question it.


He saw Schlatt a few times, and the man was honestly a very charming man, Tommy thinks Schlatt looks and sound unhinged when the latter laughs, but he was a good man.


Until he revealed himself to be a vampire and turned Tubbo, and all good impressions Tommy had about Schlatt had tumbled out the window, never to be picked up ever again.


He doesn't know vampires well, and he doesn't want to, but Tommy know vampires enough to know that stealing something from a vampire isn't really the smartest thing to do, be it objects, or other vampires as they are known to be highly possessive of things that they had considered to be theirs, and Tommy knows that he signed a death wish when he stole Tubbo away from Schlatt.


He knows that Schlatt will absolutely rip him to shreds if they ever crossed paths, which Tommy really, really hope they won't.


And so, Tommy came up with a plan to collect enough money for the both of them to be able to fly somewhere far away from here, hence why he was stealing large sums of money.


Because as long as they live in the same place where Schlatt is, no where is really considered safe, not until they leave this country. As much as he hates to admit it, Schlatt is one of the strongest vampire out there, he was even nicknamed as The Mad Goat, which suits the man, if Tommy was being honest.


Tommy has been successful in all his robbery so far anyways, and with the money he had stolen, they could leave in a couple of days, maybe even tomorrow.


And Tommy is determined to make it work.


"Had your fun, gremlin?"


Tommy yelped a little and jumped, because he was very sure that he was the only one in the alleyway the last he checked, his blue eyes going to the source of the voice as he kept his pouch closer to him, posture stiff.


A figure casually leaned on the walls of the alleyway, wearing a black turtleneck and pants, black boots that can last Tommy and Tubbo years, one of the boots resting on the wall, a brown coat that ended up to the figure hind legs, a dark red beanie and round rimmed glasses to top off the look. Brown curly hair covered one of their chocolate eyes as it looked at Tommy intently.


Tommy relaxed slightly, though he was still slightly on guard, a small but genuine smile on the blonde lips.




Wilbur simply tilted his head slightly in response, before returning the small smile.




Tommy had met Wilbur through one of his robbery, the blonde had stolen a good amount of cash from a store owner and was hiding out in the alleyway, too soaked in into his adrenaline to realized that someone else was there with him.


Tommy wouldn't admit but he almost pissed his fucking pants when he first saw Wilbur, the man casually leaning on the wall like he always did every time Tommy has saw him, a leg propped up onto the wall and his hands in the pockets of his brown coat, staring at Tommy with that look of his.


Wilbur had made no attempt to approach him, but even so, Tommy was still frightened out of his mind, simply cowering in front of the brunette, making himself as small as possible.


He thought Wilbur was going to kill him that day with how intently the brunette was staring at him, chocolate eyes staring right into his soul. Tommy knew that Wilbur was no vampire, because vampires have blood red eyes, and Wilbur eyes are chocolate, but the man acted like one.


Tommy had told Wilbur that during one of their interaction, hoping to piss the older off but Wilbur had laughed so hard at it that it became some sort of inside joke for the both of them to enjoy.


Wilbur seem to appear and disappear out of sight, and when the blonde asked about it Wilbur simply shrugged, and so the topic ended at there.


"You know stealing is not good right, Tommy?" Wilbur raised a brow, his tone one that a parent would use at a child.


Tommy scoffed at that, looking to the side as he placed the pouch into his pocket, folding his arms as he rested on a leg. "You know not everyone lives a good life like you. Besides," Tommy grinned "this isn't your first time seeing me do these kind of things"


Wilbur stared at Tommy for what seems like hours, not moving from his spot as he stared down at the younger, and Tommy felt uncomfortable under the other intense gaze, a hand gripping his other bicep as Tommy shrunk a little.


Wilbur had never looked at him this intensely before, Tommy wonders what the other was thinking right now.


"You're always welcome to come and live with us"


Tommy snapped out of his thoughts, looking at the brunette wide eyed as he processed what the other just said, his mind a mess. Tommy stared at Wilbur, waiting for the other to burst out laughing and make fun of Tommy, saying that it was just a joke and all, but it never came and Wilbur is still looking at him with that strange glint in his eyes.


Tommy is started to feel intimidated under that unnerving gaze.


".... What?" Tommy said slowly, not believing his ears. This all feels like a dream that Tommy is somehow not waking up from.


Wilbur simply shrugged, eyes closed as he did so before opening them again to look at Tommy, his gaze seem to soften but it did little to ease the blonde nerves. "Our mansion is big, you coming along does no changes to it. Plus, it gets a little lonely sometimes"


Wilbur locked eyes with the blonde, his face somehow conveying a strangely fond expression "I'm sure you'll fit right in perfectly"


Tommy could only look at Wilbur with a confused but worried expression, not really liking where this conversation is going. Tommy has the urge to stop it before it goes any further.


If you'd asked Tommy, he could consider himself somewhat close to Wilbur. They never really talked for hours or share each other deepest secrets, but in a way, Tommy does view Wilbur as some sort of older brother, the brunette does radiate older brother energy.


There were also times where Wilbur protected Tommy from the people he stole from, the brunette moving at lightning speed and they all fell to the floor within a couple of seconds, and Tommy reminded himself to never judge Wilbur ability to fight ever again.


He remembers jokingly telling Wilbur how they were like brothers, the other simply smiled and replied with "don't say that. I will cry" Which had cause Tommy to laugh.


He was pretty sure Wilbur views him like a little brother. Sometimes, the brunette would ruffle the blonde locks or pat it, and other times, Wilbur would even run his fingers through Tommy hair and even bring the blonde into a hug, which Tommy would always melt into.


He always failed to notice the overly fond and possessive look in those chocolate eyes every time Wilbur does one of those actions.


"Well, I really appreciate the offer, Wilbur" Tommy started awkwardly, a hand going to rub the back of his neck as he looked at the older "but I'll have to decline it"


Right after he said it, Tommy could feel the atmosphere change in the alleyway, and he suddenly felt cold, palms gripping his elbows as Tommy warily looked at Wilbur, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip.


"Why?" Wilbur asked, his tone was strangely defensive, a spark in those usual calm eyes "you're lonely, aren't you? And I'm sure you're sick of living off the streets, stealing money from people and always on the run" Wilbur voice soften "Wouldn't you like to stop living like that? To actually be able to live without having to worry about being attacked? We can protect you from any dangers in the world, Toms"


Tommy almost melted at the nickname Wilbur used on him, but he held his ground, his fingers digging into his elbows, creating red little crescents as Tommy stared at the ground, no longer being able to look at the other.


"That would be nice, Wilbur" The blonde agreed, which pulled a satisfied noise from the brunette "but I made a promise to someone that once I get enough money, we can move to a new town and live the life we always wanted." He shifted a foot awkwardly "and I am days away from achieving that goal"


It was quiet once again, and Tommy does not like any second of it. He could always make a run for it, but something tells him that it wouldn't be a good idea in the long run.


"You're leaving?"


Tommy resist the urge to flinch at the tone Wilbur was using. It sounded dark and dangerous, cold to the touch. But Tommy had already spew it out and it was too late to back out now. So, he nodded, eyes still trained on the ground. "Me and the other person are leaving in days, preferably tomorrow"


Once again, it was quiet, gulping when he heard footsteps approaching him, a pair of black boots filled his vision before a pair of hands appeared, going to gently cup Tommy cheeks as the blonde leaned into the gentle touch, the pair of hands gently tilting his head up to lock eyes with brown ones.


"Since you'll be leaving so soon," Thumbs gently started caressing his cheeks, and Tommy had to stop his knees from buckling "I won't stop you and you're free to do whatever you want, Toms" A small but fond smile grace the older lips, and Tommy found himself doing the same.


"But, please, do come and visit us tomorrow. And do also bring that friend of yours along, do you think you can do that for me, Toms?"


Tommy blinked slowly, before nodding. Wilbur voice was just so alluring, so nice to listen to that it fills Tommy's head with cotton, the words that the brunette had spoken now drilled inside the blondes brain.


Tommy found himself wanting to hear Wilbur voice more. The older voice had always been nice to listen to, but this tone that he was using was simply the cherry on top. Tommy could simply sit and listen to Wilbur with that voice and do nothing for weeks and Tommy doubt he would never get bored of the voice.


Wilbur looked down at Tommy, the younger was in a daze, looking like he just woke up from a nap and the older thinks that it looks absolutely adorable, leaning into Wilbur touch like an affectionate little puppy.


"Good boy, Toms. I know you would never disappoint" Wilbur cooed out, and Tommy, who was still out of it, simply giggled out which absolutely melted the brunette heart.


Wilbur leaned down, placing a gentle kiss to Tommy forehead, before pulling the blonde into a hug, arms wrapping around the boy as Wilbur buried his head into the fluffy blonde nest, placing another kiss.


Tommy in turn buried his face into Wilbur chest, wrapping his lanky arms around the older as he breathed in Wilbur scent, the other smelling like honey with a tint of vanilla.


The two stayed like that for a long time, Wilbur refusing to let go and Tommy being in too much of a daze to realized what was actually happening.


Wilbur broke the hug soon, gently pulling Tommy away from his chest and untangling himself from the lanky arms of Tommy. As much as Wilbur doesn't want to do that, as much as he wants to keep holding onto the blonde forever, he knows that he has to let Tommy go, for now.


Because he knows, Wilbur knows, that there will be a chance when he gets to hold his little baby brother forever and never let go.


"Remember what I said, Tommy" Tommy nodded, leaning into the hands that had returned to gently holding his face.


"Good boy. I'll see you and your little friend tomorrow, alright?" Once again, Tommy nodded, though his eyes seem quite out of it and Wilbur leaned down to press one final kiss to Tommy forehead, before stepping back, hands going back into his pockets.


"I'll see you soon, Tommy"


And Wilbur was gone.


Tommy stood in the alleyway for a while, not moving and simply standing still like some sort of mannequin, before suddenly jolting, looking around frantically, eyes wide and unfocused.


When he got a good grip of where he was, Tommy calmed down a little, blinking non stop, a hand settled on his chest as he tried to recalled what had happened.


He remembers stealing money from a store owner and running in here to hide and rest for a while, and then Wilbur appeared out of thin air, the both of them conversing a little, Wilbur coming up to him and it was a blur after that.


He does remember something really vividly though, Wilbur asking him to go to his mansion and bring Tubbo along. And honestly, who is he to deny such a request?


They would never see each other again anyways, so it wouldn't hurt to see Wilbur in his house one last time. Tommy was also curious about the other house. He knows it would be way better than what Tommy is used too, but he wants to know how much better.


And hey, if he was lucky enough, he could even steal a few things along the way. Tommy sees no harm in visiting Wilbur tomorrow before leaving the town for good.


He turned on his heels, a grin on his lips as he ran back to his apartment he shared with Tubbo, ready to break to his best friend about the good news, which only caused him to speed up just thinking about it.


They were leaving this place. Away from Schlatt, away from the danger that threatened to harm them. They both could start a new life. Of course, they need to figure out about Tubbo situation, it would be hard, considering there was no cure to turn a vampire back to human, but Tommy can live with the odds, he can study a little deeper about vampires to understand how their body works, so he doesn't underfeed and overfeed his friend.


As the blonde happily ran back to his apartment, he failed to notice a pair of chocolate eyes following his every move, a wide grin on their lips, showing off their abnormally long and sharp canines.


It was time to set their plan into action.