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Conflicting Minds

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"Where are we going again?" Tubbo mumbled out sleepily as he curled into the comforters, his red eyes unfocused as he tiredly looked at Tommy, who was sitting by his bed, grinning.


"We're going to see a good friend of mine, Tubbo. He would probably take us touring around his mansion, and after that, we can take the next ticket out of this country" Tommy beamed with joy, practically buzzing with raw energy, unlike the other blonde, who was still wrapped in his comforters.


Today is the day.


Today is the day that they leave this cursed place and start a new life.


"Five more minutes, please" The vampire groaned, turning his back to Tommy as he pulled the comforters over his head, shifting to get into a more comfortable position.


"Tubbo, we can't delay this any further. I promise my friend that we will meet today!" Tommy chirped with an unnatural happiness, bouncing on the bed a little as Tubbo entire body began bobbing, much to the changeling disdain.


"And we will, Tommy. Just let me sleep for a little while longer" He pulled and secure the comforters over his head more, folding his body and making himself into a ball.


Tommy scoffed, staring at the sleepy lump that was his best friend before a mischievous grin made its way onto his lips.


If Tubbo won't wake up, then Tommy will annoy and complain until the blonde wakes up.


Biting his bottom lip to contain his laughter, Tommy stood up, turning his head to look at Tubbo, a toothy smirk made its way onto his lips, and Tommy jumped and pushing himself back, landing on the bed and causing everything on the bed to bounce violently, Tubbo included.


"Tommy!" The changeling roared, violently pulling the comforters off his face to sit up, glaring angrily at his best friend who only smiled innocently at him, and Tubbo narrowed his eyes more.


"I will keep doing that and more if you continue sleeping, and I will not stop"


Tubbo knows Tommy is serious.


"Honestly, fuck you" Tubbo spat, but there was no real bite in his words.


Tommy only grinned wider.




"Jesus fuck- Tommy! St- that's enough, are you insane?!"


Tommy doesn't listen to Tubbo, a tongue poking out as he try to protect his vampire friend by making sure no part of his skin was exposed, Tubbo was covered in fabric from head to toe, the poor boy couldn't even put his hand on his side with how much clothing Tommy was forcing onto him.


Tommy realized a little after Tubbo went to get ready that the changeling couldn't get exposed to sunlight, afraid that his friend will just turn to dust and simply perish, much to his friend protesting.


"Tommy, stop. Seriously, I'll be fine- hey! Stop giving me more clothes!" Tubbo dodged the other, taking off one the many clothing Tommy had forced onto him with much difficulty, his movements limited.


"But Tubbo, you'll burn under the sun!" Tubbo scoffed and rolled his eyes at Tommy reasoning, silently cheering as he managed to get another layer of clothing off of him, immediately trying to get the others off.


"I won't." The blonde said confidently, having a personal fight with the clothing as he grunted, tongue poking out in determination.


"But I heard-"


"Bullshit. What you probably had heard about vampires are bullshit- fuck, why is this so tight"


Tommy had cease his actions of wanting to stuff Tubbo into more clothing, but he doesn't look convince, though he couldn't hide the amusement in his eyes as the other struggled with taking out the clothes that clung onto him.


"You're really sure about that?"


Tubbo grunted, pausing his actions to take a little breather, before continuing, making noises that makes him sound constipated.


"Yes, I am sure" The changeling grunted out as he tried pulling the clothing off of him, gritting his teeth together "how did you even manage to put so much clothing on me that easily- I'm not a fully developed vampire yet, and while I'm not as strong as a regular vampire- fucking fabric pieces of shit-I assure you that I will not turn into dust and die upon contact with sunlight- fuck my life"


Tommy folded his lips in, trying not to laugh and regain his posture as he closed his eyes tightly, counting numbers in his head before opening them again.


"So sunlight doesn't have any effect on vampires?"


Tubbo let out a loud grunt as he managed to pull another clothing off of him, letting out a huge exhale before grabbing the next one, already looking like he hasn't slept in days, looking at Tommy as he decided to take a short break and answer his friend question instead. "It does have effect on vampires but it's not as bad as people paint them to be. It just irritates our eyes and make our vision a little worst, that's why you see most vampire wearing hats or something when they go out in the sun"


Tommy mouth shaped into an 'o' as he nodded in understanding, and Tubbo was back to trying to pull another clothing off of him, teeth gritting together and Tommy let out a snort, causing the changeling to stop his actions and glare at the other.


"Now, if we want to leave this place early. You better take these shirts off of me or we're going to be staying here for another night"




The duo finally headed out, Tommy was able to buy a wide brimmed Filipino straw hat for Tubbo, the hat covering the upper part of the blonde face.


"I look ridiculous, Tommy" The changeling had complained but had never made the attempt to take it off, the duo holding hands so Tubbo wouldn't slam into anything or anyone.


"You always look ridiculous, Tubbo. This is nothing new"


"I hope you slip and fall"


Tommy let out a little laugh, before wincing a little, his free palm going to gently place on his temple, rubbing circles onto it.


Tommy had asked Tubbo to drink some blood off of him seeing just how tired the other was after the whole shirt thing, the blonde couldn't stand without his feet wobbling a little.


Tubbo had heavily decline it at first, not wanting to drink off his best friend but Tommy had heavily persisted he did, rolling up his sleeve and baring his wrist for the other to feed on him, expression unreadable.


Tubbo winced, hesitating, but seeing as Tommy wouldn't change his mind, the changeling finally gave in and bared his teeth, before sinking them into the other wrist, feeding off of him.


Tommy winced and held back painful grunts, but he did not sway, allowing Tubbo to drink as much as he needs, only pulling back when Tubbo did. Silence engulfed them, and Tommy took the queue to go wash and bandage his arms, feeling a little lightheaded.


Perhaps Tubbo might have taken a little too much.


Tommy shook the dizziness off. Tubbo can't know that he was dizzy, the latter will only blame himself for it and Tommy does not want that to ever happen.


Washing his face, Tommy looked at himself in the mirror for a bit before exiting the bathroom, going back to the living room, Tubbo sitting the exact place Tommy last saw him.


"You alright there, Tubs?"


Tubbo snapped out of his thoughts, blinking as he looked at Tommy, before nodding. "Yeah, I- this is all a little weird"


Tommy raised a brow "how so?"


The changeling scrunched his nose, clearly trying to find a right way to word his sentence correctly. Tommy blinked, his vision slightly blurry and the blonde silently made his way to sit on the couch, hopefully Tubbo doesn't notice the sudden change.


Luckily, he didn't.


"It's like. The blood he fed me was different then when I drank from yours" Tubbo started, Tommy looked at him as a silent indication to continue. "Yours taste more... Weird? While the one he gave me tastes more better"


"Are you saying my blood taste bad, Tubbo?"


Tubbo quickly shook his head, hands waving quickly in a panicked manner. "No no no no no, that's not what I meant. Your blood doesn't taste bad, it's just" A beat passed "it tasted kind of stale? While his taste more fresh? Am I making sense? Probably not. You know what, let's just go"


Tommy snickered, slowly standing up to not give himself a headache, went unnoticed by Tubbo as the latter was busy with strapping the bag onto his back.


"Glad you have your energy is back though, Tubbo. Even though you said my blood taste bad"


"That's not what I meant- you know what, forget about it. Hope I didn't take too much though"


Tommy simply waved him off, strapping his own bag and out they go, leaving the shitty hotel for good.


"You okay there, big man?" Tubbo asked, peeking from the huge straw hat to look at Tommy, concern laced in his eyes and tone.


Tommy simply smiled, giving the other blonde a thumbs up. "I am Tubbo, don't worry about it"


Tubbo did not look convinced at all, but decided not to pry into it as they had came to their destination, where the two would meet up with Wilbur and the latter would bring them to his mansion, have a tour around said mansion and out the fuck they go from this place for eternity.


As usual, Wilbur was already there waiting for them, arms crossed as he leaned against the wall, not caring that it would make his expensive coat dirty, a leg propped up to the wall, head tilting up to rest on the wall.


Tommy held Tubbo hand tightly as they both approach the older, stopping when they were a few feet away from him. Wilbur didn't move from his position, simply sparing a glance their way from the corner of his eyes.


"Your friend?"


Tubbo posture stiffened slightly and Tommy squeezed his hand to hopefully calm the other down, before nodding, his curls bouncing along with him.


It was silent for a few beats before Wilbur moved, leaning away from the wall and turned to face the two, hands now in his coat pocket. Wilbur wore the same outfit that Tommy saw him yesterday in, the only difference was that Wilbur round rimmed glasses now had shades to them, making him look more fashionable and kind of shady, if Tommy was being honest.


The brunette turned his attention towards Tubbo, extending a hand out for the other to shake. "Nice to meet you, I'm Wilbur"


Tubbo looked at the extended hand before grabbing it and shaking it, the blonde shocked by the firmness Wilbur had when their hands shook, letting go after a few seconds.


"I'm Tubbo. It's nice to meet you too"


Something in Wilbur posture changed, the brunette looking more stiff then ever but it was gone just as fast as it came, and it made Tommy wonder if it even happened at all.


Wilbur brought his hands together, startling the younger two at the loud sound as his hands rubbed together and paused, making him look like he was praying.


"Well, now that we got our introductions out of the way. Let me take you two to the mansion, yeah? Don't want to delay your departure any further"


Wilbur spun on his heels, back facing them as his hands made their way into his coat pockets, turning to look at them at the corner of his eyes. Tommy swore he saw something in Wilbur eyes, but quickly brushed it off.


"Follow me, kiddos"




Wilbur had led them through so many places, with twist and turns that Tommy felt like he was in a maze and was about to pass out any time soon.


Literally and figuratively.


The bags they had to carry and the long distance walk was not helping the dull headache that was beginning to creep up on Tommy, who was trying to ignore it.


He knows that he should have rest or take a breather, but he didn't want to make Wilbur suspicious or upset Tubbo, who would most likely blame himself even when it wasn't his fault.


Now, come to think of it. Tommy realized that it might not be a good idea to bring Tubbo along because, well, vampire. And Tubbo was still basically a fetus in the vampire world as far as Tommy knowledge goes, his body was still undergoing the process and getting use to the changes.


Tommy had never asked Wilbur about what he feels about vampires, it just never crossed his mind whenever the two converse. If something bad happens and Tubbo identity is revealed, Tommy would just have to pray that Wilbur would understand and just leave them to their merry way.


Wilbur would probably hate him after that, even downright despise him and cut all ties with him
But hey, like Tommy had said plenty times before, it would be the last time he will ever see Wilbur, so it probably doesn't really matter if the brunette knows about Tubbo being a vampire.


Maybe it's alright to let Tubbo out this once. The mansion would probably look super fucking cool and he would love to experience it with Tubbo. Plus, he already brought the other along and he can't just tell Wilbur that the changeling can't come, not after they have traveled so far.


There was no going back from this one.


"We're here" Wilbur voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and the duo found themselves standing in front of one of the biggest fucking mansion they had ever lay their eyes on.


Wilbur did a mock bow, lips twitching upwards at the expression on the duo face, amusement dancing in his eyes behind those shaded glasses.


"Welcome to the mansion, kiddos"


Tommy is and will absolutely start stealing shit.



If Tommy thought the exterior of the mansion was something to gape about, the interior is going to leave him needing a new jaw when Wilbur was done with his tour.


Tommy knows it's going to take a few hours for Wilbur to finish the whole tour of his mansion with how fucking humongous it was, and he knows by the time the brunette was done, it would be around in the evening, which means Tubbo and Tommy can catch the train and ride off into the night like some cheesy happy ending.


It's a win win situation in Tommy book anyways.


Wilbur started explaining rooms after rooms, never needing to catch a breath as the brunette seem to ramble on and on and on, Tommy only staring at him in awe.


This guy is fucking insane.


"How do you remember all these rooms? The mansion is huge!" Tubbo had asked, spreading his arms wide when he said 'huge'


Wilbur simply shrugged, a smile on his lips as he continued to ramble on and on about the mansion.


Tommy tuned the brunette out for a moment, looking around himself. As much as he appreciates Wilbur efforts to explain to them, the guy never fucking stops to breathe and he was going too fast, sounding like he was rapping to them more than he was explaining.


Now, Tommy was no architecture, he didn't know shit about building designs, but it doesn't take an architecture to know that the design in this mansion was old as fuck, maybe around in the 1600s or something.


Tommy thinks it looks dope as hell.


"How many floors does this mansion have?" He heard Tubbo ask Wilbur, now trailing along with the brunette since Tommy had slowed down to take the surroundings by himself.


"Three floors"


Tommy blinked as he quicken his pace, easily catching up to the two as he continued looking around, saying nothing.


Wilbur suddenly stopped, which cause the duo to halt their walking too, looking at the brunette with confused gaze. The older simply grinned, snapping his fingers.


"Oh yeah! Before I continue the tour though, there is something that I need you two to see" He started walking, motioning for the two to follow with a hand. The duo looked at each other, shrugged, and followed the brunette.


Once again, Wilbur led them through a maze, though it wasn't as bad as when they got here, but Tommy winced a little as his headache came back, a bit more painful than before, but the blonde stubbornly ignore it, pushing it away.


Wilbur led them through hallways after hallways, doors opening up to reveal another set of doors and more hallways, a look on his face that Tommy wasn't sure if he liked it or not.


Wilbur wouldn't answer any of their questions on what was it that he wants them to see or where were they going, simply ignoring them or hitting them with a "you'll see"


Tommy was starting to feel like something wrong is going to happen and it appears that Tubbo felt the same way, because the blonde came to tightly grabbed onto his hand, Tommy gripping back just as tightly.


They finally stopped in front of the double set of huge golden doors, both doors were decorated with detailed designs that would take well over months to complete it, the three of them standing outside the door awkwardly, causing Tommy to start looking around to take his mind off this heavy and tense atmosphere that were building around them.


Tommy is suddenly painfully aware on how every window is covered by heavy maroon curtains, the light source all coming from the lights inside the mansion.


Wilbur finally moved, a hand grabbing one of the beautifully carved golden door and swung it open, ushering the two inside before slamming the door shut, and Tommy swore he heard the click of the door locking.


What is Wilbur planning?


The room was big, just like the other rooms that they had seen before being carried into this room, but there was just something in the atmosphere in the room that made both Tommy and Tubbo feeling weirdly little, giving each other worried looks.


There was a huge dark velvet green couch that was facing away from the two of them,
shaping like the alphabet 'C', and Tommy now noticed, that someone was sitting on the couch, back turned to them.


There was a table in the middle of the huge room, five tea cups was on the table along with a tea kettle that matched the aesthetic of the cups, though Tommy noticed that one of the tea cups was larger than the other, but decided not to dwell on it, eyes darting around more.


From the back, Tommy could see a white and green striped bucket hat, along with blonde hair that grew a a little over their jawline, a hand casually thrown to the back of the seat, and Tommy could see the dark green velvet suit the person was wearing, with black button up shirt, rings decorating the man fingers.


Even with the relaxed position the man was displaying, Tommy felt the power radiating off of this man alone, and was basically the reason why he and Tubbo felt so tiny in this room.


Tommy knew that whoever he was, the man was dangerous.


Yet, in the corner of his mind, Tommy swore he saw that bucket hat and blonde hair before, he just couldn't place a finger where.


Wilbur ushered them to stand in front of the blonde haired man, and hesitantly, the both of them did, walking across one of the couch side to stand in front of the man.


Tommy could see just how relaxed that man truly was. One of his feet propped up, the ankle resting on his other thigh, the propped up leg shaking without a care in the world.


Tommy had to remind himself that it doesn't make him any less dangerous.


The blonde eyes trailed up to see the face of the man, and his breath hitched, eyes widen as he felt like he was going to faint right this instant, stumbling a little if not for Tubbo hold on him.


Exhaling a shaky breath, Tommy slowly looked up at the man again, doing a double take and he felt like throwing up when the face of the man didn't change. Wide, scared blue eyes bring into kind, wise red ones.


The vampire tilted his head a little, something similar to how a crow will, and smiled a fatherly smile, eyes disappearing into happy crescents, the shaking on his leg had stopped.


Even with the kind smile, Tommy does not feel any less comforted. In fact, the urge to faint or throw up right then and there was getting more tempting.


"Ello, mate"


There was no way, no fucking way, that Tommy can handle this right now.