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Conflicting Minds

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When Tommy came into conscious again, he found himself still in the arms of Phil, the latter humming quietly, causing his chest to rumble as the older gently ran his fingers through Tommy hair, only succeeded in pulling Tommy back to sleep.


"You're sleeping well, mate. Just a little while longer and we can begin" The soft voice of Phil rung through his ears, and Tommy eyes felt heavy again, lids threatening to close shut once again before suddenly snapping open, the words processing in his head and his sleepiness was gone in a snap.




Begin what?


He snapped his head to the older blonde, who was looking down at him with a fond smile, red eyes glinting with something that made Tommy shivered. He wanted to get away from Phil, to run, punch, kick, scream, anything to escape the grasp of person that he thought was family.


But Tommy couldn't. He was still weak and tired, he doubt he could even stand properly at this point, needing someone to help steady him and he'll be damned if he let the three of them lay a single finger on him.


But here he is now, currently curled up like a toddler in the arms of one of them. Tommy hates that Phil touch was so warm and welcoming, hate that it reminds Tommy of a loving and warm home every single time he was in the arm of the older blonde. Hates the fact that the wish to be in Phil arm and not let go was still strong in his mind.


"Wh... What?" Tommy cursed himself for sounding small and scared, voice barely above a whisper, throat hoarse.


Phil simply tilted his head a little, an eyebrow raised as the permanent smile on his lips seem to widen in the slightest.


"Your turning, mate. If I turned you without you resting, you'll feel even more terrible than before. I know you lost quite a lot of blood feeding Schlatt's changeling, yeah?" Phil said it so casually, like debating with Tommy where they should head out to eat later, the latter looking at the vampire with wide, terrified eyes.


"No... No!" Tommy panic rose as he began thrashing in the vampire's hold, blindly kicking and punching in random directions, hoping that it would land a hit on Phil enough that the older will let go and Tommy would have a chance to escape.


It doesn't happen though.


Phil's hold on him was strong no matter how many times Tommy blind punches landed on the man, not even looking angry in the slightest, as if the vampire was dealing with a five year old that was throwing a temper tantrum at not getting the sweets they wanted from their parents.


Phil only seem to shush him gently the entire time, tightening his hold on Tommy as his hand made its way back the blonde nest that gathers on his head, fingers gently running through his hair.


No matter how hard or how much Tommy struggle, it doesn't seem to affect Phil in the slightest, the older blonde doesn't even look frustrated or annoyed in the slightest, as if Tommy had never done anything to begin with.


Realising that struggling was futile, Tommy very hesitantly began to cease his struggles, chest heaving from his attempted escape as his eyes started dating around the room, hoping to distract himself even if it was just for half a second.


Tommy does not want to accept reality.


His eyes landed on Techno and Wilbur, the two sitting opposite of each other, at the curve of the huge couch, both of them looking at him intently, blood red eyes boring into his very soul.


Even if his mind was slightly hazy from the tiredness seeping up to him after the struggle he had against Phil, to no avail, he could see how both their posture are tense, and the way they positioned themselves to sit are just weird in general.


He realized a little later that it was so they can be prepared if Tommy ever tried to escape.


He's starting to realize that whatever plans they have for him, he isn't getting out scot free until they are done with him.


A hand came to Tommy view, said hand placed itself onto his forehead to gently pushed him back to a familiar, warm and comforting chest, and Tommy hates the fact that he turns his head to bury his face into the expensive suit, craving the affection from someone that has ruined his life.


In a way, Tommy feels like a hypocrite.


He felt his face heat up and his eyes stinging, vision slowly became blurry and Tommy didn't care to wipe it away, letting it fall on its own to stain Phil suit, his entire body shaking to try and hide the fact that he was breaking down in a room with three powerful vampires.




Why does it have to be him, out of all people?


Why do they want him?


What's so special about him that they wanted him for?


As much as the blonde loves to brag about how he was the best human to ever grace this Earth and everyone should feel blessed that they were even talking to someone as awesome and amazing as he is, Tommy knows, for a fact, that the self praise he gave himself is all just for show.


Tommy knows that he is just some random teenager who survives by stealing money from people that had worked hard to get it to get him closer to his goal to live a life with Tubbo without any dangers.


He knows it's selfish, to be doing this to other people who were probably having as much of a shit life as he does, and maybe they could have it much worse than Tommy, and the bag of money that they had worked so hard for to get, countless of hours spend slaving away at their job, just to get it stolen by some scrawny teenager off the street, leaving them with nothing else once again.


He knows it's bad, to be doing these kinds of things, stealing money and pickpocketing as many people as he can, all so he can go and live a happy life with his best friend, pretending to be ignorant to the things he had done.


He was just as bad as the people that he claimed was worst than vampires. He was no different from them.


But, life wasn't meant to be fair in the first place, was it? It wasn't all sunshine, rainbows and flowers, it's not all smiles and laughter. And if there was one thing that Tommy had learned growing up in the streets, is that kindness gets you nowhere in this world.


People are quick to take advantage of things they think they can benefit from easily, whether it be objects or humans, and toss them aside when it's no longer deemed useful. People are also willing to go down the darkest path to be at the top, even down right playing dirty to get it.


It's not the right thing to do. Technically, it's a fucked up thing to do. But people need to survive, and if kindness is not the answer, then there's no choice but to turn to a darker route, even if it meant hurting someone else to do it.


It's every men for himself.


And Tommy learned it the hard way.


He remembers when he started living on the streets, trying to get money by being a beggar, hopefully people will pity him enough to give him some dollars or coins. He was proven wrong when people would just walk past him without even sparing a glance, some even scoffing and pull disgusted face at him.


And one time, he got some money. It wasn't a lot, but it was better than nothing and he was about to collect the money and retract back into his little cardboard box he found and made for himself when some older boys came, taunted and mocked him before beating him up and taking his money, leaving him to curl pathetically on the ground as he shook violently, tears and snot running down his face.


An old lady saw how awful he looked and decided to patch him up, which he would be eternally grateful for the old lady, giving him food and shelter.


But Tommy knew he couldn't stay.


He knew the old lady relatives weren't happy with how she brought back a kid off the streets, often arguing with her to put Tommy back where she found him, but the old lady would always refuse, arguing and quarrelling with her relatives everyday.


Tommy couldn't stand it. He didn't want to be the reason why this family fall apart.


And so, when he felt better, he thanked the old lady and walked out of the house, a determined look on his face.


Tommy knew better now.


And so he began stealing and pickpocketing ever since. He was obviously sloppy at first, but he quickly got the hang of it and started getting better and better, his stealing gotten more successful and the loot he stole gotten bigger.


Fast forward a few years where he met Tubbo, and the two worked together to help out one another, being each other support system, their friendship and bond growing stronger and stronger.


Until today.


Tubbo is now turned and in the hands of one of the strongest vampire there is known to mankind , who also happened to be his sire. And Tommy is now in the hands of three of the most powerful vampires known to the world, not knowing what they want with him.


Well, Tommy do know, but it's better to pretend to be blissfully unaware to whatever is going on.


Face still buried in the pristine suit with his tear stains on it, Tommy hand slowly moved to grab the suit to weakly bundle it in his hand, tighten it slightly, which only cause Phil to let out a soft laugh that sound like both a curse and a blessing to Tommy.


" ... Why" He softly choked out the words after a while or silent crying, gritting his teeth and shutting his eyes in a miserable attempt to stop the tears from flowing down his face. "Why are you guys doing this?" His voice cracked but Tommy couldn't find it in himself to be embarrassed, too busy drowning in his own misery.


The hand continue to gently card it's way through Tommy's hair, chest rumbling slightly as Phil softly hum. "Have been wanting to do this since we first met, mate. I was hoping to wait until you were older, since there's no rush at all" A pause. "But then you decided to run away with Schlatt's child, so I decided to speed things up"


He knew it was useless to argue, to fight back. He knew damn well that he will not win against any of them. Tommy couldn't even escape Phil grasp no matter how much effort he had put in, he definitely wouldn't be able to beat three of them.


With the hand still on his head and an arm wrapped around him in a possessive but protective hold, Tommy knew that his movements were extremely limited. Still though, the blonde tried shaking his head as best he could, a little whine escaping his lips.


"I don't want to be turned" He spoke the words softly, and it would be hard to hear unless if the person squinted their ears hard enough. But Phil is no human, same goes for everyone in the room except for Tommy, and they all heard what the blonde said loud and clear.


The hand on his head seem to stiffen in the slightest, but it was gone as fast it came and Tommy wondered if it even happened at all. Phil running his bejeweled fingers through Tommy hair gently as he hummed softly.


"Not really much you can do to prevent it" The older voice was still speaking in that usual calm and collected voice of his, but there was a dangerous edge to his tone, silently warning Tommy to drop the rebel act or he will soon come to heavily regret it.


Tommy stiffened before quietly sighing to himself as he slumped into the older hold, feeling bejeweled fingers running repeatedly through his hair in a gentle and loving manner, hating that he relaxed further under the touch, poisoning his thoughts that maybe what they had planned for him wouldn't be so bad after all.


The thought came as quickly as it went, the blonde pushing that insane and ridiculous thought out of his head. There was no way, no way, that what these vampires have planned for him is good. No fucking way.


But the way Phil is holding him so gently and lovingly, carding his fingers through his hair expertly, as if he had done this many times before, humming a soft tune to himself makes Tommy so confused.


They have yet to hurt him, yet to lay a finger on him that hurts and feel like he is dying. But the finger that had laid on him is gentle, loving, promising Tommy that he would be safe in their arms and the boy wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore.


A small traitorous part of him practically preens at the thought.


But luckily, the rest of his brain shoves the thought away, knowing that he was like a fawn walking straight into a trap made by wolves, just waiting for the right time to strike and pounce on him, catching him off guard.


Tommy knows that he can't trust the gentle fingers that are running through his hands now, or the person that owns the hand. Or anyone in the room.


But Tommy is forced to trust them.


He feels himself dozing off at the repeated gesture and just the way Phil is just really comfortable to sleep on, like some kind of huge pillow, and Tommy blinked owlishly when a pair of arms came to hook under his armpit, lifting him up and away from the older blonde hold, cracking his neck to see the Blood God.


Brows furrowed with confusion, Tommy doesn't resist when Techno sat and placed the blonde on his lap, hooking an arm around Tommy as he was forced to lay his back on the other chest, his grip more restraining than loving.


Tommy mind started whirling with panic when Techno other hand came to grab both his wrist at once, pushing them to his chest, and the blonde realized too late that the Blood God was trapping him, restraining him from going anywhere.


Eyes widen, Tommy started struggling, kicking and blabbering nonsense, his mind and body now fully awake as the whole room felt suffocating even with how big and spacious it was. Techno responded by tightening his grip on him a little, not too tight to hurt but tight enough to further limit his movements.


"Let me go, you fucking bastard!" Tommy spat out, panic rising to his chest rather quickly as Techno only grunted lowly in response, having an iron grip on him.


He was so lost into trying to escape and mindlessly hurling insults and threats that the Blood God sees as mere childs play to notice two set of footsteps approaching his way, suddenly going still and pausing everything he had been doing when a pair of calloused hands gently placed itself on either side of his cheeks, warmth radiating off of it even though it was cold to the touch.


"Everything will be alright, mate" The ancient being hummed out softly, and Tommy almost leaned into the calm voice for a second, almost believing his words.


Scared blue eyes dart to held contact with calm red ones, pulling a satisfied hum from Phil as the being smiled softly, as if calming down a toddler.


Phil leaned down to be eye level with Tommy, placing a gentle kiss to the blonde nose and another one on his forehead before looking back down to held eye contact with him, the former eyes glinting with something that Tommy couldn't quite decipher.


"Just relax, my son. Everything seems confusing and complicated now, but I'm sure it'll make sense soon" His thumb began to caress his cheek, Tommy cursed at himself for leaning into it, desperate for any warm and gentle touches, even if comes from a being who Tommy swore to hate with every cell he has in his body.


Phil had called Tommy his son, and the latter knows that the vampires have claimed him as theirs. And everyone knows that vampires are possessive creatures, what they claimed as theirs, they will protect it fiercely and will absolutely tear whoever even dares to lay a finger on it to pieces, literally.


Tommy knows he doesn't stand a chance. It was quite literally in front of him that he doesn't stand a chance. Techno has him in an iron like grip and doesn't plan on letting him go anytime soon while the other two are in front of him. Even if some miracle happened and Tommy could escape Techno grasp, both Phil or Wilbur could catch him even before he takes the first running step out the door.


Struggling and back talking is just delaying the inevitable at this point.


And so, Tommy resorts to begging.


"Please don't, Phil. Please don't" He miserably whimpered out, trying to make himself smaller with his extremely limited movements, giving the ancient being his big and watery doe eyes.


It's a punch to his dignity, to be showing so much vulnerability to such a powerful creature, but desperate situations like this calls for desperate measures.


Phil expression visibly soften while Wilbur cooed, the older blonde gently wiping and flicking the tears falling from Tommy cheeks with his thumb, leaning forward to press a kiss to his forehead, this kiss lasted longer than the others before Phil pulled away, and Tommy realizes that they won't be changing their minds any time soon.


"I know you're scared right now. And it's okay, my son, it's okay to be scared" A thumb gently flicked off the tear that fell from his eye. "You don't need to worry though, we will be with you every step of the way" Phil smile widen. "That is our promise to you. To never neglect you and be there with you. To always cherish and love you unconditionally. To always protect you from any harm that dare come in your way. And it's a promise that we don't intent to ever break"


Tommy hiccuped, chest heaving as he looked at Phil with his glassy and watery blue eyes. It's not the touching promise that had brought Tommy more tears. It's the fact that he is about to lose his humanity and become the one thing he swore to never become, to never surrender to.


The three vampires wouldn't understand, why would they? The three are ancient beings, they've lived way longer than any existing human that are walking the Earth right now, and maybe even some vampires too. They have seen countless of deaths, caused multiple deaths themselves, and have been walking the Earth to watch humanity peaked.


They are long overdue on humanity. They have accepted who they are and moved on. Sure, they might have fought it at first, not wanting to be blood suckers and resisting heavily. But eternity is a long time, that's a long enough time to change anyone minds.


Tommy is terrified that he will go through the same thing. And it's even worse for him because he will have not one, not two, but three of the world most and feared vampires constantly looming and watching over him, making sure he accepts who he is and move on.


But Tommy doesn't want to move on. He doesn't even want this to begin with, he wants to stay as a human and die as a human, living his limited life to his fullest with his best friend, Tubbo.




What will Tubbo do if Tommy pass though? His friend is now a blood sucker. And since the process is irreversible, the other blonde will now live forever, having to watch the people he care grow old and die, which would be Tommy.


If Tommy does turn into a vampire, does that mean he would he able to spend his entire life with Tubbo? Watch countless of sunsets together and cause countless of chaos. Everything they do together will be countless now because time has stopped for them. They'll age, but their body won't.


Come to think of it, its not that bad, is it?


But Tommy soon realized that this isn't what Tubbo would have wanted. The blonde doesn't want Tommy to be a vampire so they could spend time together. The Changeling would have hatefully glare at Phil, baring his teeth and not caring that Phil is one of the most oldest and respected vampire out there.


Tubbo wouldn't want Tommy to just give up like that.


"Phil" Tommy brokenly choked the words out, feeling more miserable than he already was. "Please, please don't do this. Please."


The being simply shushed him gently, pressing one last kiss to his forehead before Tommy head was tilted back to rest on Techno shoulder, his breath hitching as he felt more tears starting to form, forcing to stare at the ceiling, neck exposed to the vampires.


"You'll be fine, mate" Phil sounds way too close for comfort, his breath hitting the side of Tommy neck, causing him to shiver. "It'll be over before you know it"


He couldn't even register the words as fangs sunk into his neck, pulling a painful whine out of the blonde.


Tommy practically shuts down after that, staring at the ceiling blankly as his mind was nothing but static. He doesn't register the way Techno grip on him had loosen to the point where he could escape, doesn't register their way Wilbur was sitting beside him, cooing praises and encouragement into his ears. Doesn't register the foreign substance entering his body. He doesn't register anything.


He only came back to reality when he felt the fangs slowly left him, careful not to drop out any blood from him and Tommy felt a wave of tiredness crashed over him, finding himself tiredly curling into Techno's hold, the Blood God tightening his grip around him, the hold was more comforting than restricting this time.


"Go to sleep, mate. You did so well. We're so proud of you" Phil voice was nothing but quiet muffles, barely registering the hand coming back to gently run their way through his hair.


Tommy hands slowly went to grab the finger wrapped around him securely, not resisting when he Tommy wrapped his fingers around Techno huge ones, gripping it the entire time the blonde was asleep, face looking peaceful even with the tear streaks and signs of stress.


"Not fair." Wilbur tsked quietly, eyeing the way two of Techno fingers are being childishly gripped by Tommy while the latter slept, like how an infant would to their parent.


"I am simply the better sibling" Technoblade coolly states, a small smile tugging at his lips.


Wilbur scoffs, folding his arms to him chest as he flops onto the couch. "You only get to hold him because you're the strongest here"


"Correction, Phil is the strongest between the three of us"


"Shut the fuck up, smartass. You know what I meant"


"Boys." Phil spoke, silencing the two instantly, an amused smile on his lips. "Be quiet now, don't want to wake up your baby brother"


Wilbur huff a breath through his nose, head back turned to Techno, the latter only raising a brow in amusement.


"Let's get Tommy to bed" The older blonde said, eyeing his two children expectantly.


The two didn't argue, Techno carefully adjusting and carrying the blonde, somehow still managing to let Tommy grab ahold of his digits, much to Wilbur disdain as the three head to the bedroom.


Opening the door, Techno went ahead to gently lay Tommy down into the pillow nest that they had already prepared earlier for the blonde, Wilbur pulling the duvets over him and the Blood God sitting beside the pillow nest, lower half under the duvets, a hand still with Tommy, grinning smugly at Wilbur, who narrowed his eyes in return.


"You'll get your chance, Wilbur. Stop being so salty" Phil sighed out, clearly done with their shit, which only caused the brunette to huff a breath through his nose but listening to his Sire, backing out of the silent argument with him and Techno.


The two vampires left the room, Wilbur giving his brother one last stink eye before leaving, the Blood God only rolled his eyes at the immature action, though a small smile made it's way to his lips.


With his only remaining free hand, Techno reached out to the nightstand to grab his glasses, putting it on and grabbing one of his many Greek mythology book, opening it with practiced ease, continuing where he left off, all the while his other hand stayed with the young blonde.