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An Important Question

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Some defendants shouldn’t be allowed to take their cases to trial. The trial was a no-brainer, it wouldn’t matter what the defendant did, there wasn’t a chance in hell the jury would let him walk. Any junior ADA could have won the case blindfolded, but someone somewhere decided it had to be taken by a senior, and Rafael was the lucky one.

It was made a little better by the fact that Sonny was shadowing him, it always helped to have his husband beside him, but it also felt like such a waste of Sonny’s time. There were so many other cases he could shadow on, cases where he could learn so much more. Or anything at all, really. But he was there, and Rafael couldn’t help but be grateful for it.

The defendant was on the witness stand, sinking his own case much to his attorney’s frustration - that poor woman, Rafael almost felt sorry for her while she desperately was trying to ask the right questions to make her client look at least a little sympathetic - and Sonny was scribbling something on his pad. Rafael watched the testimony, trying to at least look interested in what was happening, but he was far more curious about what Sonny was doing.

Then Sonny quietly slid his pad closer to Rafael, pointing at what he had written, and Rafael could finally read it.

I think you’re cute. Do you think I’m cute?

There were two boxes underneath, one marked Yes and one marked No, and there was a little heart drawn, as well as a smiley face, and it was signed Sonny.

Sonny was frowning seriously at him. Rafael gave him a small nod as he grabbed a pen to mark the Yes-box and sign next to it with his initials. Sonny nodded back, and they went back to watching the rest of the disastrous testimony.

It was a waste of both their time to sit through that trial, but at least Sonny was there to make it easier.

"Your witness," the defense attorney said.

Rafael didn’t bother to stand up. "Did you rape and kill Julia Lopez?"

"Well, yes, but-"

"Nothing further," Rafael interrupted. "The people rest."

Ten minutes later, they left the courtroom to wait for the jury to come back. Liv was waiting for them by the door.

"How did it go?" she asked.

Rafael nodded and looked at Sonny. "Well, I think, yeah?"

"Definitely," Sonny said, looking at Liv with that serious frown on his face. "Rafael thinks I’m cute, and I have it on paper."

Liv rolled her eyes so hard that Rafael was worried she’d hurt herself. "Good for you, Mr Barba," she said, and Sonny’s serious mask finally broke.

"Thanks," he said, beaming at Rafael as he took his hand.