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A series of Intimate Events

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Fontaine was beautiful. Zhongli had not stepped foot in the Hydro Archon's lands since the death of the previous one, an old friend who he had fallen out of touch with. To be here, with his newly wedded husband on their honeymoon, there were bittersweet feelings though they were short lived. The former God wasn't given much time to dwell as he was swept from the boat and into a carriage that followed a elegantly set cobblestone road to a sprawling, Grand Hotel. It was said to have grandiose views of the canals and waterways that connected the Capital together, a truly lovely gift from one who had shown nothing but spite to his husband. 

The elder couldn't help the excitable fire in his belly, hand intertwined with his beloved, coy looks cast his way as they checked in and were escorted to the penthouse suite; Signora would be getting a wonderful 'Thank you' gift for the lavish honeymoon package she'd reserved for them even if Ajax continued to think of her as a 'smug bitch'.

There was a charcuterie spread of decadent meats and cheeses from around Teyvat, luscious chocolates, and succulent fruits. Ajax set their bags aside and latched onto his husband's figure, hands tangling in his hair and cupping the globes of his ass; finally they would have some much needed time to themselves (though a part of him felt guilty). His core ached, muscles fluttering under Ajax's ministrations, he could feel slick already beginning to wet his genitalia. 

Heavens above, when had he become so needy? A haze settled over him, thoughts focused solely on pleasure and his mate settling him on a plush, chaise lounge before situating himself between the former God's legs. Yes. They could make love here. They could make love in the bed, the tiny kitchenette, the bathroom, the balcony, the floor, anywhere as long as Ajax was willing.

"Mmm...hah~ Ajax…" he moaned, breaking from the kiss to roll his hips to meet his mate's in delicious friction. It was going to be difficult this trip to desire anything more than letting Ajax fill him over and over until his stomach was swollen. Zhongli shuddered at that, surely copious amounts of coupling and ejaculate churning around in his womb would guarantee he was gestating before the week was out? The older mate couldn't wait to find out, reaching to shimmy out of his slacks and reveal his surprise he'd been working on since their wedding night when there was a knock on the door. 

"Master Childe, Master Zhongli. May I have a word?" A woman's voice called from the otherside of the varnished cedar door. Childe grumbled under his breath, reluctantly pulling away from his mate and drawing out a soft whine that almost sounded childish even to Zhongli's own ears. Childe and the mystery women spoke; Zhongli tried to listen in but ultimately gave up, gloved hand pressing over his groin and squeezing, soft sparks of pleasure fanning the flames growing in his belly, he needed Ajax. He needed him now. 

"...a gondola tour of the city? That sounds incredible." Zhongli growled inwardly, unrational, hungry thoughts telling him to slam the door in the woman's face and fuck his mate til sunrise, his entrance fluttered, clenching around nothing and it was an awful feeling. 

"Let me consult my husband, we're awfully weary from travel." Childe offered, closing the door and returning to where he'd left Zhongli sprawled asunder on the chaise lounge. The elder was ready to snap, snarl, and claim; to have the younger inside him as quickly as he could physically have him...or that would have been the case had Ajax's face not been so wondrously endearing.

"I haven't seen the city since it began to sink! Whole portions are missing but we can still see them under the water at this time of day!" His interest was piqued, even when Zhongli was clearly drenched through his slacks and panting like a dog in heat. For his beloved, he would delay in his carnal desire to get fucked out and filled to bursting; Venti's crude vocabulary was rubbing off on him it seemed. What was a few more hours before they fell into the sheets made love like there was no tomorrow? 

"That sounds... interesting." It did sound interesting and it would be a nice outing they could share in and learn more about Fontaine, the less... distracted parts of his mind and body would find this quite enjoyable, he thought weakly. 

Zhongli should have known better than to think they would return back to the hotel to finish what they started after the gondola tour. Oh, heaven forbid this feel like an actual honeymoon and not some glorified tourism venture; he could still feel his slick cooling unpleasantly between his legs as they were led around the artisan crafts district. A wonderful selection of handcrafted decor and items packed the streets while their ever so helpful attendant, Ms. Audry, guided them through it. 

Childe was enamored, he informed Zhongli prior to the trip that he had visited Fontaine before, though it had been for business matters and he'd been far too tired to do much of anything. Much like Zhongli being far too...distracted to truly enjoy the excursion without inappropriate thoughts tempting him to mount the ginger on an expensive looking, handwoven carpet.

He hoped they would be back in the late afternoon but it stretched on into dinner service and rather than taking it in their room, Ajax insisted they eat in the dining room with a beautiful waterfront view. It was romantic and Zhongli was eating up the atmosphere, blessedly distracted by his mate's warm smiles and charming eyes. 

He'd recommended mussels, Zhongli hesitant to risk ordering seafood but his mate insisted they at least order them as an appetizer, that way if Zhongli was off put Ajax would finish them. They had been delicious...sort of, while the taste and smell were superb the texture made his stomach churn dangerously. Ajax was quick to move the plate to his side of the table but his mate was clever and ever attentintive; cutting the mussels into small bites that didn't feel so firm or slimy just for him. 

The attention made his head spin just a little and the ach returned, thinking the chocolates in their room and how oh so good they would taste sucked from the ginger's fingers. Damn, he was slick again. Once again, Zhongli found it difficult to focus on anything other than his mate; a wave of shame coursed through him and dampened the mood. Ajax had been so wonderful and patient with him, enjoying sights and places they might not see again for some time.

His attention had been on Zhongli and their time together as a whole, the elder had been too busy thinking of seeking his pleasure. He squirmed in his seat to keep some pressure off and buckled down, focusing hard on Ajax and what he was saying about the sunken parts of the city. The young ginger had taken great interest in that, wondering aloud if a creature was behind it and if Zhongli thought they could best it. 

Their entrees arrived, Coq Au Vin and a beautiful looking Ratatouille paired with a dry red wine. Zhongli moaned happily, Ajax had not steered him wrong in his recommendation for dinner as this dish was flavorful, Fontaine's style of cooking was truly something. They would have to pick up a recipe book before departing back to Liyue, Zhongli had to be able to make this again. 

"Will you be having dessert this evening, gentlemen?" Zhongli froze thinking of the need still unanswered within him and how long it would take for dessert to finish, he made to tell Ajax he'd like to forgo the sweets when his mate answered with a bubbly, bright smile,

"Yes, two orders of the molten chocolate cake please." 

"Of course, I will have them out momentarily." He wilted, rubbing his thighs together and cringed slightly at his own fluids still wetting his slacks, the chair he was seated in would probably need to be cleaned if it had soaked through the cushion. Heavens above, he can't keep this up, the ache was terrible; it felt hunger, an unsatisfied desire that had been stoked briefly and then left to consume what it could.

"Zhongli, are you alright?" Ajax questioned softly, finally noticing his discomfort as he cupped the taller man's cheek. Zhongli encircled the other's wrist gently before unceremoniously yanking it to the space between his legs and grinding upon the younger's fingers. It was crude and highly shameful, barely repressing a moan as he did so; Ajax flushed a dark shade, eyes flying wide at the other's emboldened actions. 

"Z-zhongli!?" The elder continued to shift his hips, little aborted movements hidden by the tablecloth while his breath escaped him in pathetic little pants that tampered off into soft keens. 

"I can't take it anymore- hn!?" Zhongli squeezed around the hand still trapped between plush thighs and dribbling entrance, a failed orgasm settling bitterly in his already aching body. He couldn't release himself like that here, he wouldn't be able to control himself if he let go of his remaining tatter of self control. Ajax licked his lips, finally aware of his mate's ongoing struggle before waving a waiter over with his free hand, requesting their dessert be delivered to their room. 

Zhongli could have wept when they finally departed the restaurant, Ajax hurrying them back to their penthouse suite; Zhongli had only just entered the room before he was tossed back onto the chaise lounge, hard cock pressed to his still clothed, soaked crotch causing him to moan wantonly. 

"Ajax~" he gasped, feeling the younger rut helplessly against him, finally, he'd get what he'd craved all day. 

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" The ginger hissed, licking a stripe up the column of his throat before nipping at his ear, growling lowly into it.

"You could have told me." 

"I wasn't- hah! Aware you- mmn, you would be so w-willing- to hnn~" Zhongli squirmed under the sudden attention of his person, eager to move past foreplay and get to the main event when he'd been on edge all day. 

"Willing to what? Complete the thought, medovyy." Ajax purred in his ear, the button of his slacks came undone followed by the slow drag of his zipper. 

"Ahh~ so willing to ignore me in favor of exploration!" Zhongli snapped, a slightly bitter flavor on his tongue; his slacks and briefs were shucked to his thighs in one fluid motion bringing about a shudder at the sudden chill between his legs. 

"Never. Had I know you needed me this badly, I would have gladly told her to fuck off." Ajax said with a sultry lift to his voice; Zhongli moaned, grinding up against his mate with need, fingers slid from his navel to moistened lips before the younger stilled and pulled back to get a better look at his nethers. 

"...not to spoil the mood but where's uh... where's your dick?" Zhongli chittered lowly, shimming out of his pants to spread his legs wide, his own gloved hand coming to play with his newly regained slit.

"You've got to hn- play with me properly to coax it forth." Ajax blinked, ocean eyes becoming a swirl of turbulent hunger. The ginger's fingers dove in, sliding into his hole with no resistance and pistoning in and out at a frenzied, teeth chattering pace. Zhongli moaned, open mouthed and back arching off the chaise, he felt like the edge swiftly approaching having been pent up all day, hips canting in time with Ajax's fingers. The ginger grazed a spot that had him screaming silently, slick gushing as his inner walls clamped down hard around his lover's hand.

"Gods's like you're trying to suck me in...fuck you're so beautiful." Ajax teased the spot through his first blissful release, the elder unable to form words as more slick and cum coated his inner thighs. The fingers retreated, leaving his hole clenching and empty, a pitiful whine escaped him before a warm tongue dipped between his folds and he keened.

"Still no cock... guess I need to work harder, hm?" He could feel the smugness bleeding from his husband as his thighs jerked to clamp around his head, keeping the ginger nose deep in his slit while Zhongli gasped and whined through the ministrations.

Ajax sucked at what he thought to be a clitoris of some sort when the little bulb shifted and elongated slightly under his tongue; Zhongli yelped, grinding against his face as his cockhead was still entirely too sensitive. He could feel the smirk as the young man's attention became focused around coaxing more of his length from it's sheath, hole teased at with gentle prods of Ajax's fingers. It was satisfying yet unfulfilling without the ginger's dick inside him. He clamped helplessly against nothing, the ache deep in his core pulsed wildly, his womb contracting and cramping for fertile seeds.

Zhongli cried, "Fuck-!? Ajax I need you! I need you! IneedyouIneedyou!" Legs trembling around ginger fringe tusseled with sex. His dick was engorged, settled nearly in Ajax's sucking mouth as his husband tried to take him deep into his throat, a soft hum had him screaming out a guttural inhuman sound; he couldn't cum without something inside. 

"Ajax please!" He sobbed, thighs falling open while his hips rolled weakly against the lounge. The ginger watched, palming himself through his pants with a greedy look in his eyes. 

"You want me that badly, hn? You need me inside you?" Zhongli nodded, hands scrambling for purchase to brace himself for the fucking to come when a knock at the door cut through the atmosphere. Ajax's look was predatory, eyes gleaming dangerously as he stood to answer it. Zhongli snarled, too impatient to be denied again as he tore into the younger's pants, the button popped with a satisfactory sound and the grey fabric was around his knees in seconds. 

Now pressed against the floor, Ajax could only stare up in awe at his husband; the towering half-dragon was beginning to appear as budding horns glowed soft amber. 

"Oh, come here medovyy." Zhongli slammed into the space between them, curling around his mate with a soft whimper, swollen folds grinding again the ginger's length, the head catching the edge of his entrance teasingly. 

"Please...Ajax I need it." He begged, the more rational parts of his brain had fallen to the wayside ages ago, his only thoughts were to be satisfied and come undone under the weight of his lover; were he still of sound thought and mind, he'd be utterly embarrassed at such a shameless display. 

"Alright, I won't tease." There was another knock, Zhongli hissed at the sound, pupils narrowing dangerously until Ajax thrusted in, yanking Zhongli's hips down to sit flush against Ajax's groin. 

"Aaahh~" the elder keened, inner walls vibrating around the length plugged inside. There was a quick series of footsteps padding away from their room, no doubt a room service attendant had gotten an ear full of the elder but neither man cared, too lost in the moment. Ajax rolled his hips, jabbing into the sweet spot inside Zhongli and triggering a full body shudder as scales freckled his husband's skin and fangs grazed his throat. 

"Easy medovyy, let's go somewhere more comfortable." Ajax made to pull out and Zhongli clamped down, amber eyes gleaming wickedly. 

"Ajax…" he whined, lifting his hips before sinking back down. The young man grappled at supple thighs and pushed them both up to a sitting position; Zhongli moaned brokenly, feeling his mate shift deeper inside, pushing into the tightening channel that led to his sputtering womb. 

"Oh!" Zhongli began to frenzy, bouncing in the other's lap as each motion caused the length of his husband to sink deeper and tease at oversensitized walls. 

"Shit- How deep am I?" Ajax wheezed, the breath punched from his lungs as a particularly tight squeeze of his mate around him. Zhongli grinned, hazy with bliss, a hand coming to rest just below his belly button.

"Here…" he said breathlessly only to gasp when Ajax stood still fully seated inside his entrance, giving short, little thrusts to tide him until they were once again flush against the soft cushion of the chaise lounge.

"That's incredible...let's see if I can hit new places even deeper." The ginger growled, setting a brutal pace while his hands busied themselves with slipping under Zhongli's shirt to pinch at his nipples and thumbing over the leaking head of his cock. 

"Yes! Stars, Ajax yes!" He screamed, the rapid approach of a proper climax made him dizzy. He tasted iron on his tongue, fangs having sank into the flesh of his lip before Ajax invaded the cavity of his mouth with his tongue, teasing the slight forked part of Zhongli's own. 

He moaned into the kiss, body heavy and sluggish compared to the vigorous thrusting of his lover pounding into his hole with reckless abandon. The pace faltered slightly with Ajax trying to time his thrusts in tandem with the long strokes to Zhongli's dick; the peak of his climax was there, he just needed one little push, something to tip the scales. 

Ajax broke the kiss with a snarl, hips slamming hard enough into Zhongli one could hear the slapping of flesh, teeth sank into the meat of the former-Archon's shoulder and he yowled, high pitched and breathy as he came. Spurts of thick cum stained their shirts while his entire system seized, inner walls contracting to clamp and milk every drop it could from his mate.

The pressure and deliciously tight, silky heat had Ajax tumbling over the edge only seconds after with a loud, tender moan. 

"Zhongli, Gods you feel so good…" he rolled his hips gently, the hot flood of cum within him drawing out a pleased purr; he could feel the channel filling and shifting, cum oozing in a lazy, warm crawl to his womb. 

"Ah...I can feel it…" he warbled, hands cupping Ajax's behind to rock the young man into his person, another weak dribble of cum escaped into his awaiting insides; more seeds for eggs. Zhongli shuddered excitedly through the haze of post-sex and desire. His mate was boneless in his hold, another round couldn't happen right away but his inner walls and naturally formed seal would keep Ajax snuggly inside until all of the frothy mixture reached its destination.

"Hnn...let me-" Ajax made to pull out but found his cock firmly trapped within a tight hold of not only his husband's inner walls but his slit as well. 


"I will relax is a natural occurrence in Exuvia biology to help the chances of gestation." Zhongli mewled, Ajax's eyes widened a fraction in disbelief before settling to something impossibly fond and adoring.

"Welcome back, my love." Zhongli blinked the haze away, snuggling into his husband's person as they adjusted their positions to something more comfortable. 

"Hnn…" his cheeks heated, recalling his shameless begging and the no doubt traumatized staff member who overheard them.

"I appear to have lost myself in the moment, forgive me."

"Pfffft. Zhongli, we're married...and I kind of liked it. You don't have to apologize for getting carried away, it felt really fucking good." Ajax murmured tiredly, giving an experimental jerk to see if he'd come loose only to find that Zhongli was still tightly sealed around his member. The half-dragon hummed, nuzzling gently to hide his face in Ajax's shoulder, cheeks flushed bright red with a combination of arousal and embarrassment. 

"Well...I suppose I am thankful for that." They snuggled contentedly, Ajax combing through his long hair and grazing over the tips of horns yet to vanish when the younger froze,

"The cakes!" He groaned softly, "Oh shit..."