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When pre-heat ends, the omega goes immediately into heat. Heat lasts from 4-7 days and begins with fever, mild cramping, increased slick, and increased pheromone production. It signals to any alphas that the omega is fertile.

On the first day of Jungwoo’s heat, his tits were supple, filled with milk to feed his alpha. It’s a natural reaction for an omega’s body to generate milk for their mate to keep them fed while they fuck the living daylights out of their omega.

Jaehyun has drunk Jungwoo’s pecs dry to induce his rut. Jungwoo’s chest aches, hell, his body aches. Jaehyun has come with all his strength and power to pound Jungwoo through the mattress.

Jaehyun is in awe every time he tastes Jungwoo, it is so sickly sweet he could practically live attached to his chest, tasting every last drop of him as he kneads his other breast, his thumb flicking over the bud making milk trail down his already milky white skin.

“You taste so good, baby.” Jaehyun pulls his mouth away, looking at Jungwoo’s swollen and red nipple, licking around it to catch all the milk he can, so much that it even drips down his chin.

Jungwoo dozes, sleepily clutching at his tears-stained pillow, wet from crying with pleasure. Jaehyun triggering his rut means they’ve both been at it for countless amounts of hours, fucking and knotting, then fucking and knotting some more.

Cum is leaking out of Jungwoo’s ruined hole, coating his thighs and adding to the mess of bodily fluids.

“Ungh, hyung!” Pain shoots through Jungwoo’s spine and his eyes bulge, opening so fast because of the sensation. Jungwoo screeches, feeling his swollen walls get forced apart by Jaehyun’s thick, hard cock.

“Take it, baby.” Jaehyun grunts. His fingers press harshly into the soft flesh of Jungwoo’s hips. The grip is bruising and Jaehyun uses his strength to pull Jungwoo’s hips down and fuck him onto Jaehyun’s cock.

“No more, please no more!” Jungwoo sobs, clutching his pillow. He needs this, needs to be fucked again and again until his heat breaks but it feels too good, so good that he’s constantly barrelled into oversensitivity.

More slick gushes out of Jungwoo’s hole, mixed with all the loads of cum Jaehyun has dumped in him. Jaehyun chuckles, getting complete confirmation that Jungwoo doesn’t mean a word he’s saying.

“You don’t want this, baby?” Jaehyun punctuates his words with hard thrusts, hips hitting against Jungwoo’s plump ass fervently. “Should I stop so you can just sleep?”

Jaehyun pulls out his cock and slaps it against Jungwoo’s sloppy hole. The sound it makes is completely obscene and Jungwoo’s stomach flips with heady humiliation. Jungwoo loves being reduced to Jaehyun’s cock sleeve, loves that Jaehyun needs Jungwoo’s body to break his rut, just as much as Jungwoo needs Jaehyun to break his heat. He finds no shame in begging, “No, no! Please, Jaehyun, please fuck me, please breed me!”

Any other time Jaehyun would tease Jungwoo more, would make him wait but with his rut taking over him, he fucks forward hard and fast. Each thrust makes filthy squelching noises as Jaehyun fucks his spit, cum and slick in and out of Jungwoo’s body.

Jaehyun snakes his hand around Jungwoo’s frame and takes hold of his cock. “Did I make you feel good?”

Jungwoo wails yes, as he bounces back onto Jaehyun’s cock as much as he can. He needs to squirt more, needs to cum from his ass, he needs Jaehyun to breed him.

“Tell me then. Tell me that I'm the one who makes you feel good.” Changing his angle, Jaehyun batters Jungwoo’s prostate with every snap of his hips, thick cockhead punching in so hard like it’s trying to leave an imprint in Jungwoo’s body. Jungwoo’s tongue is lolling out, drooling all over himself and his eyes are rolled back in pure bliss.

If Jaehyun keeps playing with Jungwoo’s sensitive cock he’s no doubt going to piss himself. That’s how fucked out Jungwoo is and in all honesty, he would gladly accept pissing himself for Jaehyun to show his complete submission to his mate.

“I said,” Jaehyun growls, “tell me that I'm the one who makes you feel good.” Jaehyun moves his hand up to Jungwoo’s nipples and twists.

Searing pain courses through Jungwoo’s body. His tits are so sore, Jaehyun didn’t go easy on them as he drank and drank Jungwoo’s milk, sucking ferociously on each nipple. Jungwoo’s eyes bulge again and he clenches down on the cock in his ass, sobbing at the mix of pain and pleasure.

“Jae—hyung,” Jungwoo manages to say between his sobs. Jaehyun is flicking Jungwoo’s nub back and forth, scraping it with his fingernails.

Despite feeling as though all of his milk has been guzzled away, pathetic drops form on Jungwoo’s nipple because of Jaehyun’s teasing. No matter how fucked out Jungwoo is, his body still gives Jaehyun everything he wants.

“So good—too good, too much,” Jungwoo babbles. He’s exhausted but his frustration is bubbling below the surface, ready to boil over because his omega wants to be bred, needs to be bred again and again. 

“Wanna see you,” Jaehyun grunts, pulling his cock out of Jungwoo’s swollen hole. “Make your pussy show me how much it wants me.”

Jungwoo wails, not wanting to be empty. He is desperate for Jaehyun, desperate for everything Jaehyun will give him. Their bodies are in sync, moving together with succinct motions. 

Then, Jungwoo is straddling Jaehyun, back leaning against Jaehyun’s bent legs. Jaehyun plants his feet on the bed and grinds up into Jungwoo. Like this, they almost face to face with how Jaehyun is propped up against the headboard. It’s so intense to be this close, Jaehyun is directly in front of Jungwoo’s tits. 

Jungwoo tries to cover his chest from the greedy look in Jaehyun’s eyes. “D-don’t, there is nothing left, hyung.”

Sweat coats Jaehyun’s brow but that’s the only real indication of his exertion. “Jungwoo, you're trying to tell me you're empty? Look at how your tits are bouncing for me.” 

Jaehyun's hips lift up and nearly throw Jungwoo off balance. His cheek burns with humiliation as his small breasts do exactly as Jaehyun says. 

Jungwoo whimpers. In this position, Jaehyun barely has to fuck up into his body. Jaehyun’s length is buried so deeply inside Jungwoo he’s sure he would be able to see his stomach distending if Jaehyun was to thrust even slightly. It makes Jungwoo squirm even as Jaehyun’s hands bracket his chest, thumbing the underside of his breasts, stare never wavering. 

“I—I can’t! There’s no more,” Jungwoo cries, shaking his head hard. Every nerve in his body is like a burning fire, crackling away and spreading, becoming more and more intense by the second. Jaehyun leans forward and takes one of Jungwoo’s nipples into his mouth. He bites down, teeth sinking into Jungwoo’s nub. “Jaehyun!”

Lapping at Jungwoo’s nipples, Jaehyun works over each of them with his tongue, making them harden and wet. The pressure begins to build in Jungwoo’s chest and he’s absolutely dumbfucked that his body is even trying to create any more milk for Jaehyun. 

After a harsh bite, Jungwoo pushes Jaehyun away as he sobs in a mixture of pleasure and pain. 

Jaehyun growls, his eyes flickering as his inner alpha flashes through with fury. It’s instinctual how Jungwoo purrs, trying to appease his mate even though he just shoved him away abruptly. “No! Don’t cover them, baby. These are mine.” his chest rumbles, anger simmering at the pits of his stomach.

“I guess I’ll have to tie your arms down if you’re going to try and deny me, Jungwoo.” he murmurs softly nibbling on the lobe of Jungwoo’s ear. “Be a good omega for me, okay?”

Jaehyun reaches out and grabs his t-shirt from where it lays crumpled on the ground. Putting the clothing between his teeth, Jaehyun tears it in half, showing his sheer strength as he shreds the material. Jungwoo doesn’t know how it’s possible for Jaehyun to do that while his knot is forming under Jungwoo’s ass, still undulating his cock up into Jungwoo’s ruined body. 

“Jungwoo, my sweet omega.” Jaehyun winds the material around Jungwoo’s arms, pinning them to his sides. Then he fastens the material under Jungwoo’s tits, pushing them up slightly and making them look fuller. Jungwoo just mewls, feeling his omega hindbrain telling him to submit to Jaehyun in every sense of the word. “I’ll take care of you.”

“A—Alpha,” Jungwoo whimpers, wriggling his body on Jaehyun’s growing knot. 

“Stay still, Bambi,” Jaehyun orders, a deep voice thick with lust. His eyes flick to Jungwoo’s chest and there is nothing he can do to brace himself. 

Jaehyun is there straight away, hands-on both of Jungwoo’s tits, squeezing them and pressing his fingers into the flesh. Jungwoo cries out, back-arching, trying to escape Jaehyun’s tight grip. It's no use, Jaehyun is relentless. He uses his tongue to flick Jungwoo’s swollen nipples until he’s crying. 

The pressure in Jungwoo’s tits is an unbearably pleasurable sensation. He’s hyper-aware of the growing fullness inside him, waiting for Jaehyun to suck him. The need to release grows and Jungwoo squirms, mewling for  more . “Alpha,” Jungwoo moans repeatedly, all breathy and fucked out.

It’s like a switch goes off in Jaehyun’s head, hearing his mate call for his alpha. Jaehyun jackrabbits up into Jungwoo’s body, fucking upwards fervently. 

Jungwoo is helpless to take it, bouncing on Jaehyun’s cock like the knot slut he is. He resorts to babbling, begging, “Please, alpha, please Jaehyun, please suck on my tits, it hurts.” 

“So good for me, pretty,” He murmurs sweet praises. Jaehyun gives Jungwoo a little reprieve, just thumbing and pulling on Jungwoo’s nipples. 

The onslaught of sensations has Jungwoo unfocused, he doesn’t realize how close he is until Jaehyun’s knot pushes past his gaping rim, slipping inside Jungwoo’s body and locking Jaehyun’s cock inside. 

Jaehyun’s knot takes the space inside Jungwoo like it’s his due, pressing against his battered prostate brutally. Jungwoo sobs, overwhelmed by the pain from his tortured nipples and the unbearable pleasure of Jaehyun’s knot on his sweet spot. Pleasure wins out as Jaehyun grinds into Jungwoo’s body, knot rubbing over him relentlessly until Jungwoo can’t take it anymore. 

With a silent scream, Jungwoo squirts. His slick floods out of his ass, pouring onto Jaehyun’s knot with such force that some manages to drip out onto Jaehyun’s groin. 

Jaehyun twists Jungwoo’s nipples and that’s when it happens. As Jungwoo’s ass is squirting, his milk sprays freely from his tits. “That’s it, baby, give it all to me. I want to ruin you, Jungwoo. I want your tits to be leaking every second I’m around. Mine .”

Jungwoo can barely hear Jaehyun but he understands the possessive tone nonetheless. The high of his climax only climbs higher as his nipples spurt milk over Jaehyun’s hands, each contraction like its own mini orgasm. Tongue lolled out and panting, Jungwoo can’t even think to mutter a protest as Jaehyun, eyes locked with Jungwoo’s hazy ones, leans forward and wraps his swollen lips around Jungwoo’s nipple. 

Throwing his head back, Jungwoo thrashes as much as he can while his arms are pinned to his sides and his back is pressed against Jaehyun’s legs. He’s pinned entirely by Jaehyun, by his legs, his cock, his mouth.

Jaehyun sucks on Jungwoo’s nipple with force, teasing the nub with his tongue. Jungwoo dares to glance down, seeing Jaehyun’s cheeks entirely hollowed out as he sucks. 

Pleasure erupts from within as Jaehyun drinks Jungwoo’s milk with every heady gulp. The pressure on Jungwoo’s chest alleviates slowly and is replaced with a throbbing release. Jaehyun’s cock is kicking inside Jungwoo, pumping him full of cum while Jungwoo’s body floods Jaehyun’s mouth with milk.

Oh! ”  Jungwoo moans. He can’t even say anything with coherence, just babbles a mixture of his mate’s name, alpha and unabashed mewls. 

Searing pain shoots through Jungwoo’s body as Jaehyun bites down over his areola, teeth piercing the skin. Jaehyun always claims Jungwoo’s tits, is obsessed with them and wants everyone to know that Jungwoo is his

Jungwoo loses consciousness for moments, head lolling and mouth hanging open. The pleasure is too much but finally, finally he feels his heat break in a rush of powerful pleasure. He cums from his cock pathetically, even his ass barely squirts. His tits are freely pouring their milk, Jaehyun is teasing Jungwoo’s other nipple and just letting the milk coat over Jungwoo’s abs. 

When Jungwoo comes around, Jaehyun pulls off with one last cruel drag, biting down on Jungwoo’s nipple. His mouth is covered in a mixture of milk and blood, wetness glossing his lips under the soft light. He tugs Jungwoo’s neck down and kisses him breathless, making sure Jungwoo can taste himself as Jaehyun dominates his mouth, tongue forcing its way into the back of Jungwoo’s throat. 

“You taste so good, baby,” Jaehyun compliments, eyes lidded staring at Jungwoo’s tits as if they’re the best thing in the world. He tongues around his claim mark, lapping over Jungwoo’s oversensitive nipples and cleaning up the blood-milk mixture. 

“Ah—ah, hyung! Sensitive now, my heat’s broken,” Jungwoo sobs, trying to move but Jaehyun’s knot is still locked inside him, his arms are still pinned and he’s just left there to Jaehyun’s mercy. 

Jaehyun’s hips move experimentally, jostling the knot inside his omega. The rut was still burning hot under his skin, bound to keep its levels high for another day or two before it died down. He couldn’t wait to fuck the omega again, make him feel all the cum sloshing inside him.

“Baby, we haven’t done yet. My ruts not over yet,” Jaehyun growls, all-encompassing power drawing Jungwoo back in and making him feel like submitting all over again, giving his hole, his tits, everything he has back over to Jaehyun to use and use and  use. 

Jaehyun flips them over easily, fucking into Jungwoo while he cries out. He licks at Jungwoo’s abs, drinking down the milk there. 

Jungwoo moans at the slight movements in his sensitive holes. He doesn’t know how long Jaehyun’s rut will last, but he’ll be there as a vessel for Jaehyun’s pleasure. To be fucked and knotted, bred until he's full of his pups.