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Loosen you up and go for a ride

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Steve sucks in a deep breath through his nose when he wakes up, scrunching his eyes before blinking them open. There’s not much light, only a cold fluorescent bulb glaring down from the ceiling. It takes a few seconds but the dank and dirty floor finally comes into focus with each slow breath Steve takes. 

He shifts his tongue, wanting to lick his dry lips and ease the tightness at the corners, but his jaw is caught around a thick cloth tied at the back of his head. It takes a moment to acknowledge it for the gag that it is, but as soon as he does, Steve wakes up fully and jerks back with a sharp inhale. The movement is halted immediately with Steve left leaning back at a slight angle and he looks up. His wrists are strapped together with thick metal cuffs connected to a heavy chain secured to the ceiling. He has little range of motion with the chain pulled taut and he’s only able to adjust himself a few inches in any direction from his position on the floor. 

Looking down, it’s a small relief to find the rest of his body untethered as he sits on the cold floor with his legs tucked beneath him, although he’s not too comfortable with only being dressed in a pair of loose fitting sweatpants. Steve wonders where his uniform went and attempts to get a foot under him but the question is forgotten as a wave of dizziness suddenly hits, halting the movement and fogging his head. Steve is forced to close his eyes in an attempt to curb the rising nausea. 

It’s worrying how unfamiliar this feels, like he’s been filled up with wet sand and slowly turning into a heavy bag that molds itself into the cracks between the stone slabs beneath him. Steve’s whole body aches and he feels immensely tired, as if he was run ragged instead of just  being unconscious for God only knows how long. Steve tries shaking his head, but a resulting groan echoes off the walls. 

Trying to move at the moment might not be the best idea. 

A few seconds of steady breathing and pure will power allow for the groggy feeling to lessen and Steve is able to think more clearly. Scouring his brain, he remembers flashes of the events from before. A mission, one that only required four men and absolute stealth. Steve almost never caught wind of it, having just returned from his own mission with the team, but his remarkable hearing caught onto a single word that could shake his whole foundation.

Barnes .

He had hunted Fury down demanding answers and learned that there was a sighting of the elusive Winter Soldier at a small Hydra encampment. Fury was sending agents to survey the location and bring back any information they could gather and Steve needed to stay at the tower, offering no guarantees that his old friend turned weapon was there. Steve wasn’t going to though. No, Mr. Stars ‘n Stripes shouldered his way into the group of agents selected for the mission and led the team to Bucky’s suspected location. 

Somehow, sooner than anyone expected, they were detected by Hydra soldiers and attacked. Soldier after soldier after soldier came at Steve and his team with guns and knives and hard knuckles. Steve witnessed two of his men fall and their cries rang in his ears. Maybe that’s what distracted him because in the next few moments while Steve wrestled a soldier onto their back and swung his fist down to connect with their jaw, a blunt force slammed into the back of Steve’s head followed by a glint of silver before everything shifted to black.

So here he is, half naked and tied up in this dark room feeling weak in his super soldier body and admittedly worried for what’s to come. It’s then that the door in front of him creaks open and two men enter the room. Steve doesn’t even bother sparing the first man a glance because the man behind him sends Steve’s heart palpitating in his chest. His breathing picks up, moist breaths that dampen the cloth and he takes in every detail of the Winter Soldier.

Bucky .

His hair is long and messy, curtaining around his face, and his body is bigger than Steve remembers. His muscles pull against the black Kevlar of his tactical gear, vacuuming it to his body like a second skin. But what captures Steve the most are his eyes, blue yet so impersonal. He holds no emotion, at least not ones that Steve can read, and he quietly watches Steve, unblinkingly. Steve wants to call out to him, say his name, make him react to Steve’s presence- 

Bucky, it’s me, pal, Steve. Stevie, Remember?

The first man cuts in front of him, blocking Steve’s view of the Winter Soldier. Steve jerks his head up and glares at the man. He’s rugged, angled eyes staring unkindly back at him and his vicious smile curls his chapped lips into something better described as a sneer. 

Brock Rumlow. That fucking traitor.

Brock bends down until he’s nearly at eye level with Steve, but he keeps himself towering over him in what Steve assumes is a poor display of dominance. 

Steve watches as the man’s eyes dip below his face and down his body, wanting to recoil but refusing to flinch. Captain America does not show weakness, especially not to Hydra. Plus, Steve has faced off against worse. 

Brock takes his time, tongue playing at the corner of his lip as he scans Steve’s bare chest, pausing lower with a dark glint flashing through his pupils before moving up to meet Steve’s gaze. Whatever unamused look Steve is directing at him draws out a pleased chuckle.

“My, my, no need to look so angry. Can you honestly be surprised?” Brock waits a moment, giving Steve a chance to react, but Steve does nothing.

“I have to say, I wasn’t in the best of moods when the alarms rang earlier, but boy, was I delighted to hear that it was none other than our Captain America who stepped into camp. Perfect timing, if I’m being honest.”

Steve quirks an eyebrow.

“Do you not feel it, Cap? That weight holding you down?”

Steve furrows his brow, not liking where this was going. Brock smiles even wider.

“So you do. Wonderful. What you’re feeling is a lovely prototype developed in our labs that was made just for you,” He glances over his shoulder at Bucky, “We had the perfect subject to test all our trials on, play around with some of the effects,” he rakes his eyes once more over Steve’s body before looking up to meet the super soldiers eyes, “Never knew a man could scream that loud.”

Steve jerks forward, an abrupt wave of anger, but his growl is muffled. Whatever the hell they did to Bucky, Steve would make sure they lived long enough to regret it. Brock lets out another cruel laugh at Steve’s reaction. He then moves over to Bucky’s side and smiles at him.

“The Asset was perfect for the trials. We were able to manipulate the prototype until it did exactly what we needed it to do. Do you feel weak, Cap? Drowsy? Do you feel like everything in your body has slowed down?” He doesn’t wait for a response, not that Steve can or wants to, “Because it has. We’ve mottled you back down to mortality, although you are still a few degrees above the average man. We keep you on a routine dose and well, no more super strength, no more rapid healing. Now, you are just as vulnerable as the rest of us.”

Brock comes forward again, moving closer to Steve but side steps around him until he’s situated directly behind him. Steve yanks his arms away when he feels rough fingers touch the skin just below the place where the cuffs dig into his wrists. Brock ignores him, sliding his fingers down Steve’s stretched arm and rests his palm flat against his shoulder. He hums appreciatively as he feels Steve’s body, kneeling down behind him so he can reach around to Steve’s chest. With his mouth at his ear, Brock speaks to the Asset who remains unmoving by the door. The Asset’s eyes never leave Steve.

“He’s quite amazing, isn’t he, солдат?” Steve weakly tries to move away but it’s not far enough to evade the man’s touch. “The stories say you used to be a...” he raises his hands slowly to form air quotes, “boney street rat, but this? This is something else.” His hands dip down, tracing Steve’s ribs and circle around his hip. Steve breathes quickly and loudly through his nose, hardening his gaze at the Winter Soldier and holding down another wave of nausea from Brock’s touch. 

Bucky, it’s me! I’m Steve!

Brock’s hot breath washes over Steve’s neck as fingers dip below the waistline of his sweatpants before quickly pulling back and sliding on top of the fabric. “We’ve got plenty of time, Captain, to have some fun. It’ll take time to secure our demands from Shield, but with their beloved national icon as leverage, we’ll get what we want soon enough.”

The man suddenly reaches down and cups Steve tightly in his palm, and Steve pulls taut like a live wire. He tries to jerk away and shake the hand off of him but Brock pushes his body forward, forcing Steve up fully onto his knees and plastering his chest to Steve’s back. His other hand snakes around his torso and slides up to curve over his chest with his nails dragging along his skin as his lower hand squeezes painfully tight, leaving Steve to grunt and freeze his movements altogether. 

Steve can’t look at the Soldier, feeling even more disgusted as Brock’s grip loosens and begins to rub him slowly through his sweats. Steve squeezes his eyes closed and desperately tries to ignore the physical sensation as his teeth dig into the gag, but even with his eyes closed Steve can still feel the piercing misty blue eyes watching him. At least his body doesn’t seem to be responding to Brock’s ministrations, feeling more disgusted than anything. It’s satisfying to know that Brock’s disappointed. He doesn’t hold that kind of power over Steve.

It’s the next moment that the man lets him go on another rough squeeze, pulling back to stand and move around him. Steve sucks in a breath and shuffles as far his strung up arms will allow to build the space between them. He glares at the man when he enters his field of vision, feeling his skin crawl as Brock looks back at him with his own frown. When Brock stands in front of Steve, he stares before lashing out and slamming his fist into the side of Steve’s face. Steve tastes the blood where his molar cuts the side of his cheek and grunts at the throbbing pain, but Brock pulls Steve’s face back up by his chin and shoves his own into his space. 

“We’ve got a long ride ahead of us and I have a lot of restless men who would love to get their hands on you. Be good, Captain, and don’t fight back. It’ll make it easier for both of us.” With a quick caress to Steve’s bottom lip followed by another harsh slap to his cheek, Brock steps back and moves to the door. He stops before opening it and turns to the Winter Soldier.

“Keep watch, солдат. I’ll be back to… check up on our little prize.” With that, he swings the door open and slams it closed behind him. Steve, with his head ducked, peeks up at the Asset. He is still staring at Steve, never once making any indication that he recognizes his old friend. Instead, those blank, cold eyes watch every part of him as his body stays planted to its spot like a marble statue. 

Steve drops back onto his legs and slumps forward in his sad attempt to curl up on himself. His first visible sign of vulnerability. The combination of the drug, fuzzy and draining, with Brock’s repulsive touch and the cold, dead eyes of his dear friend has wiped Steve of his remaining energy. He can stand being tortured, abused and harassed by the enemy in an empty cell, but to have it all be witnessed by someone who should be jumping in and fighting to get Steve out of here but instead stands back and watches like Steve’s nothing more than a speck of dust hurts . Steve came here looking for him, but he is honestly not quite sure what it is that he’s found.

The door suddenly swings open again and another agent enters the room with a glass of clear liquid, “Make him drink this. Should loosen him up.” The glass is shoved into the Winter Soldier’s chest and Asset’s hand springs up to grab it. The other soldier promptly spins and exits. Steve turns from the closed door to the Asset who is now looking down at the glass in his gloved hand. He then moves straight to Steve and he has to pull his head back to look up when the Asset stops directly in front of him. 

The Asset reaches his other hand out and tears the gag from Steve’s mouth. Steve jerks his head to the side as he does and the cloth falls around his neck. Hard fingers, harder than any human fingers Steve has ever felt, grab his chin and force his face up and center. The Asset’s thumb curls over his bottom lip and pushes down, forcing Steve to open his mouth and lower his jaw with a grunt, and the Asset presses the lip of the glass against his mouth. Steve can’t knock his head away, the Asset holding him in place with his iron grip, and before Steve begins to choke the almost tasteless liquid down, he hears a deep command grunted from the man above.


Steve’s momentarily distracted by that voice. It’s rough and deep but Steve can still pick up on the cool timbre belonging to his friend, but he can’t focus on it for long with the liquid being poured ruthlessly down his throat. He can barely keep up with how fast the liquid is being poured. Some of the cool drink slips past the corner of his lips and he feels the wet trails slide down his skin. He has to close his eyes to concentrate, but coughs and sends some of the liquid sputtering into the air. 

Steve cracks open one eye to look at the Asset but the man isn’t looking back. He’s looking down at Steve’s mouth, eyes following the rivulets of wetness sliding over his chin and down his neck, tracing along the taut muscle of his shoulders and curving over collarbones to flow down his chest. The Asset’s hold gradually lessens on his jaw and that’s when Steve begins to feel the effects.

His limbs immediately relax, pulling him down with gravity, yet a live current thrums under his skin. His chin slips from the Assets loosened grip and drops to his chest as he pants from exertion. It almost feels like he ran a marathon with how hard he’s breathing. He hasn’t felt like this since before the serum. The feeling gets heavier though, deeper, and Steve can feel his eyes start to droop but it would be wrong to say it’s because he was tired. No, he doesn’t know what he is. His body is too heavy to move but he’s skin is crawling with restlessness. He needs… he needs…

“Finish.” The command is sharp and it’s followed by the Asset’s hand curling hard fingers into Steve’s hair and wrenching his head back. The air in Steve’s lungs follows the movement and he pants up at the man. The Asset’s eyes drop back down to the drying trails of liquid on Steve’s body, which Steve can now feel crawling down his chest and abdomen. Steve tries to open his eyes fully and focus on the Asset, but whatever he drank is hindering him. He ends up letting out a whine, faint but clear to the two men, and pleads to his friend.

Bucky …”

The Asset’s eyes jump to meet Steve’s and he furrows his brow. That’s the first reaction Steve has gotten out of the Asset and he feels his heart skip. He does it again, Bucky’s name whispered into the room and the Asset’s eyes drop to follow the movement of his lips. His hand begins to pull back from Steve’s hair and slides around until it cupped his jaw. Steve feels himself sway and he’s unable to keep his head up without the Asset’s hold. He nuzzles into his hand, pressing his cheek into the hard surface of the Asset’s palm and lets his body lean forward until Steve’s got his face pressing against the Winter Soldier’s thigh. The Asset doesn’t stop Steve and he keeps his hand pressed to his face.

Steve’s head feels fuzzy, fuzzier than when he woke up, but he doesn’t care. Nothing can stop him from nuzzling his face further into the hard muscle of the Asset’s thigh, tracing his nose up before turning to press his cheek into the rough fabric of his pants. Steve’s acting off of instinct now, off of need, no longer thinking about what he’s doing. He wants more contact, he wants to feel more of the Asset, of Bucky , so he does his best to lift his body up by pulling on the chain above him and sliding his face and next, his chest, against the Asset’s leg. 

When Steve opens his eyes, he drags his gaze up. Before he can make it to the Asset’s face, his eyes get caught on the slight tenting in the front of the Asset’s pants. Steve’s breath quickens and a heat floods through every corner of his body. He’s… the Asset… Bucky is… yes

Whether it’s the drug or the forbidden yet familiar heat simmering through Steve that eggs him on, it doesn’t matter, because in that moment, nothing can stop Steve from moving closer and nestling his face where he can feel the Asset’s hardening cock inside his pants. He can’t stop himself once he’s there and soon Steve’s puffing out breaths and mouthing at the covered shaft. The Asset doesn’t make a sound but his fingers move to curl around the side of Steve’s neck and press firmly into his skin, neither pushing or pulling but all the more present. Encouraged, Steve pokes his tongue out and licks along the stretched fabric, shaping the muscle around the width of the Asset’s cock and pulling it back to suck along the edge. 

Steve’s not holding back and he’s messily diving in for another heavy lick when the Asset takes a half step back before kneeling down. Now eye level, Steve leans further into the Asset’s space and whispers Bucky’s name. The Asset pulls back and looks at him. His face is still blank, but there’s a heat in his eyes that Steve knows wasn’t there before, and that heat makes his own body temperature rise. 

Steve feels himself fidget, uncomfortable in his skin, let alone the lone pair of pants he’s wearing. He can’t explain what’s going on with him. The rational side of his brain is muted and he knows he should be freaking out because of his wanton behavior, but all he can focus on is his desire to get closer. Steve lets out another whine and peeks his tongue out to lick his bottom lip. He doesn’t get very far, though. The Asset’s eyes flash as they catch sight of Steve’s tongue and the Winter Soldier dives forward. 

Their lips collide harshly, Steve releasing a surprised gasp which opens his mouth to the Asset’s tongue. It’s aggressive, dominating, and Steve releases moan after moan as the soldier takes over his mouth. Together, their tongues slide along each other and their lips bruise from the pressure. The Asset nips at Steve’s bottom lip and Steve opens his mouth wider. His whole body shivers as two hands, gloves removed at some unknown point, slide down his naked chest and they slip around to his lower back. 

In unison, the Asset tucks a warm and cold thumb under the waistband of Steve’s pants and pulls, curving around his ass and sliding along the backs of his legs. It’s then that he grabs the meat of Steve’s thighs and pulls his legs forward, leaving Steve to desperately hold himself up by the chain as his legs are maneuvered to open and bracket the Asset’s hips. 

The Asset tears the pants off Steve’s legs and shifts to seat himself beneath his bare body. His legs are forced wider as the Asset moves and once settled, he lowers himself down to fully straddle the man’s lap. The Asset keeps kissing him, mapping every spot of Steve’s mouth, before pulling back and lifting Steve back up onto his knees. Steve lets out a loud moan when the Asset curls his cold hand around his hip and the warm one is shoved deep between his thighs. He throws his head back when a finger prods at his hole, pressing in slightly before pulling dryly at the rim and repeating. 

The other hand keeps him still and Steve takes whatever the Asset gives him, but then the pressure is gone, only for the fingers to be pressed against his lips and shoved inside his mouth. Steve moans around the digits, licking the skin and curling around the knuckles, tasting the salt of the Asset’s skin. The Asset starts a slow rhythm of thrusting them into Steve’s mouth, pressing along his tongue as he pulls out until, when satisfied, he slides them slowly out of Steve’s mouth as he sucks, popping them free, and returns them to his sensitive hole. This time the Asset pushes one in, not stopping until the last knuckle and Steve cries out. 

His trembling fingers hold tighter onto the chain and the Asset holds Steve and his finger still. Seconds pass and the Asset still doesn’t move. Steve feels himself panting and growing desperate, and a thin sheen of sweat building on his skin. He tries to rotate his hips, feel the stretch of the finger inside of him, but the Asset digs in his grip on Steve’s hip. Steve fumbles for an idea, whimpering in the back of his throat, and looks at the Asset. 


The Asset’s lips are parted slightly, steady but heavy breathes sliding out to mix with Steve’s own riled ones. Steve bites his lip when he feels the Asset lift his body slightly, feels the way his finger pulls out the smallest amount, before pulling Steve back down. Steve catches on quickly, nodding at the Asset enthusiastically and uses whatever strength he has to pull himself up with the chain. Bucky’s finger slides almost all the way out, painfully slow, and Steve groans. He then lowers himself back down at the same pace and nearly screams at the sensation of the finger entering him again. Steve does it again and again until he’s bouncing on the slick finger inside him. 

Now that he has a steady rhythm, the Asset slides two more fingers into his hole without hesitation. With three fully seated inside, Steve cries out Bucky’s name like it’s the only word he knows, “Bucky, oh Bucky, Buck-Buck- ahh - Bucky ,” and the Asset just stares at him like he can’t quite discern what he’s seeing but he never wants it to stop. 

Me either, me either- Don’t stop.

As the hunger grows, the Asset pulls his fingers free. Steve fumbles and lets out a hoarse whine as he rolls his hips over air. His foggy mind, filled with BuckyBuckyBucky, short circuits suddenly and Steve let’s out a scream. Steve hadn’t followed the Asset’s movements as the man pulled out his cock, lined it up, and shoved himself inside of Steve’s awaiting hole. Steve feels the whole thing invade his body, every inch until his ass is seated against the Asset’s hips. His cock throbs inside of Steve, pressing hard against his prostate and Steve can’t see straight. He can hear the man beneath him, his panting breaths filling his ears and it distracts Steve from the Asset’s next move.

He doesn’t give Steve time to adjust, the Asset craving to hear more of the blonde’s cries, and draws almost all the way out before slamming back inside. Steve chokes on his gasp and lets out another raw scream. Bucky’s name falls stuttered and broken from his lips as the Asset keeps going, building his rhythm and increasing the strength behind his thrusts. After one particular thrust, the Winter Soldier pulls back and yanks Steve hips down on top of him. As he bottoms out, Steve’s grip slips on the chain and his full weight lands on the Asset. The soldier lets out a grunt and Steve throws his head back on a silent cry. Within seconds, he’s being lifted up by powerful hands and dropped back down. Steve whimpers and cries and can do nothing but look down at the Asset through his arms. The man is watching him like a hawk and lets loose a commanding growl, clearly wanting Steve to start doing the work.

Steve, trembling, reasserts his grip on the chain and uses it to pull his body up off of the Asset’s cock and then drops himself down. It’s slower than the soldier’s primal pace, but it’s deeper and the Asset continues to growl as Steve bounces on his solid cock. Steve is losing his mind, over stimulated by whatever is coursing through his body and the Asset’s noises and cock. It’s too much yet everything he’s ever needed. 

God , Buck, you feel so good. Better than I imagined.

As he bounces harder on the Asset’s lap, he feels a deep pooling of heat in his gut. Each drop causes the Asset to hit Steve’s prostate and it fires electricity through his core. His own cock, untouched, bounces with each hard movement of his body. The two men are watching each other, each unable to look away from the incredible sight before them. 

Steve wants to tell the Asset he’s close, that he’s so full and he’s going to explode on his cock, but his mouth won’t work. His sounds are hitched gasps, broken cries, and stuttered calls of Bu-ucky . On one lift of Steve hips, the Asset digs the nails of his warm hand into Steve’s skin, near breaking the skin, and throws his head back which catches Steve completely off guard, but it’s the next growled sound that sends him reeling.


Steve’s grip slips on the chain again, dropping his body onto Bucky’s cock and his spine arches impossibly far back. With an exploding white light blurring his vision, Steve feels his body quiver as strings of cum spurt out from his cock and onto his chest. His throat is raw from the bellowing cry torn from his lungs, rattling his ears until the sound muffles itself beneath the ringing of his ear drum. When he comes back, he slouches forward and drops his chin to his chest. Steve shivers as a powerful growl rumbles into his body and his legs jolt as they try to tighten on a soft whine. 

Cracking his eyes open, Steve whines again at the look on the Asset’s face. The man is possessive, heat burning like a live fire within his crystal blue eyes, and full of recognition. It’s Bucky that stares at him, expression more open and desperate than it was moments earlier, releasing his own lip from between his teeth to growl again.

“Steve, move ,” and he grinds his hips into the heavy body above him. Steve moans and shivers from overstimulation at the hard cock still inside him, and he gasps at the familiar Brooklyn accent filling the room.


Stevie , gonna cum inside you. Move .”

That nickname, it hits something solid in Steve and shatters it. Steve tries to move closer to Bucky, fill his sight with only Bucky’s face, and confirm that what he heard was real.  

Is that really you Buck?  

And, as if he said it out loud, the man beneath him responds by lifting a hand to cup Steve’s cheek and stare him in the eye.

“It’s me, Stevie. It’s me. Let me feel you, baby. Fuck, you’re so tight.”

Steve could cry, a well of happiness bursting through the dam that Steve never thought he’d let himself break down. And so he does, tears flowing down his cheeks as he struggles to lift his sensitive and exhausted body back up and let Bucky’s hard cock slide along his abused passage. He drops back down with a choked sob and rolls his hips. Bucky groans as Steve’s walls surround him, pressing against the electric bundle inside and shooting stars behind Steve’s eyes. The tears continue to fall as Steve uses his body to pleasure the man beneath him. His own cock twitches and aches at the stimulation as it tries in vain to get hard again. 

“That’s it, Stevie. Just like that. S’good sugar.” 

With Bucky’s heavy, gruff voice in the mix, Steve might think it’s possible. So he keeps bouncing and rolling, feeling Bucky twitch inside. His own cock miraculously begins to harden again and he almost screams when Bucky wraps his cool metal hand around it while whispering his encouragement. He strokes Steve in time with his movements, twisting his wrist and thumbing the slit in quick succession. Steve gasps and moans and wishes he could reach down and touch Bucky. 

Bucky lets out a deep moan of his own, warning Steve that he’s close, and it encourages Steve to move faster. Bucky’s name falls from Steve’s lips and he uses his whole body to roll against the cock inside him. Bucky bruises the skin at Steve’s hip as he grinds up and releases a choked out groan. Steve moans brokenly as he feels Bucky cum inside him, filling him up even more until Steve is afraid he’ll burst. With one last grind of Bucky’s hips, his cock presses hard into Steve’s prostate and the blonde sobs out his second release. Cum paints his abdomen and Bucky’s hand and his hole flutters around Bucky’s cock. The two men groan as their orgasms wash over their bodies until there’s nothing left to process. 

Steve hangs there, gasping from the sensations, and feels his muscle flex around the cock still filling him. Hard fingers twitch tightly at his hip, and Bucky sits up to nudge his forehead against Steve’s. Steve rolls his head and as soon as Bucky can, he angles up and captures Steve’s lips in a wet and measured kiss. 

Bucky’s thorough with how he kisses, different from how the Asset kissed him earlier, and his lips press fully to Steve’s mouth as his tongue slides forward when they part to breath, tracing along Steve’s to then slide behind his teeth. Steve quietly moans into the kiss and subconsciously rolls his hips forward to press closer. Both men grunt when Bucky’s cock pushes against his oversensitive walls. 

Aching to touch, Steve tugs at his bound arms and buries his face into the muscle of his bicep, trying to lull the residual shivers coursing through him, and looks when he feels Bucky’s upper body shifted. Bucky reached above Steve, a long stretch of metal moving to where Steve’s wrists are cuffed. Metallic fingers curl around the cuff and pull. There’s a deep groan as the metal stretches and starts to tear away from his wrist and Steve watches on and smiles when his weak arms can finally drop. 

With a heavy sigh, he relaxes and a warm hand rubs at one of his biceps.

“Stevie? You alright?”

Steve looks up, rubbing a sore wrist between their chests and sees Bucky watching him carefully.

“…Bucky, you're here.” He’s still astonished.

“Yeah,” One of Bucky’s hands lifts up to curl around his jaw and Steve is hyper aware of the thumb that came to rest beneath the right side of his lower lip after swiping across it, “Yeah, Steve. You brought me back.”

Steve blushes under Bucky’s heavy look and feels a teasing twinge in his gut, another reminder that whatever he was forced to drink was not completely out of his system. He can’t hold back a desperate whine when Bucky speaks. Bucky, in return, swipes his thumb up to trace his plump bottom lip again and licks his own as he watches Steve’s tongue poke out to lick the tip.

“That’s right, Stevie. You sure do make a pretty picture.”

“Bucky… I can’t-” but Bucky shushes him quietly and brings his face real close to Steve’s.

“Hey, it’s okay, Steve. I got ya.” Bucky keeps leaning forward, slowly tilting Steve back with a hand pressed to the center of his back, and guides Steve to lie flat on the cold stone. He shifts and maneuvers them both until he’s nestled between Steve’s open legs, knees at Steve’s hips, and slowly re-guides his semi-hard cock back into Steve’s dripping hole. Steve arches with it, anchoring his heels around Bucky’s lower back and pulling him in on a heady groan. Bucky leisurely grinds his hips into Steve while his cock hardens into a rigid line and Steve rolls his head back as he accepts the full body rush. 

“You really need it, don’t you? Jesus, look at you.” Skin warmed metal glides up over the ridges of muscle on Steve’s abdomen and stops to mold over his pec and roll it. Steve tilts his head back down to look at Bucky and raises a hand to wrap around Bucky’s metal forearm, just holding it as Bucky continues massaging. 

“It feels-” Steve swallows against the words, hoping his mind catches up soon, “ Please .”

Not needing anything more, Bucky obliges and turns his grinding rolls into slow and deep thrusts. Steve holds harder to Bucky’s metal arm and reaches his other hand down to grab onto his outer thigh. Bucky meets his fingers with his own and intertwines them over the thick muscle. He then uses their duel grip to push Steve’s leg further up and out, giving himself more room to angle deeper and speed up his thrusts. Steve bounces on the floor, body moving with Bucky’s thrusts, and Steve’s jaw drops.

With each roll into him, Bucky aims with deadly precision and coos softly into Steve’s ear as the blonde whines and chokes on his own gasps. The sensations are delicious and hot, licking into his core and shooting off like fireworks. There isn’t much Steve can do to reciprocate. His mind is a heavy whirlwind of pleasure that weighs him to his spot, which Bucky seems to have no problem with. His hands are everywhere, sliding over taut muscles and tickling along his sides, and Bucky leans over occasionally to press his body flush to Steve and just make him feel.  

Steve cries out at the heat of Bucky, the man’s still clothed body rubbing and scratching at Steve’s skin, and he tosses his lead weighted arms over Bucky’s broad shoulders and digs his fingers into the fabric of his suit in a desperate need to hold on. 

Bucky has his face pressed into the crook of Steve’s neck, licking along the exposed column and teething at the stretched tendons. Steve squirms and tilts his head to the side to give him more room and Bucky dives in even more, sucking harshly at his pulse and grinding his hips which forces high pitched moans from Steve’s mouth. He tries to spread his legs out further, craving to feel Bucky even deeper, and Bucky rumbles in a pleased sort of way.

“That’s it,” he whispers into Steve’s skin, licking up to the shell of Steve’s ear and nipping gently on the lobe, “that’s it.”

Bucky’s thrusts start to pick up, pulling out only the slightest bit before slamming back in, and Steve quakes beneath him. He can’t control his body's reactions, how his abs clench and his back arches, or how his legs tighten around Bucky’s hips and then spread farther apart to let him further inside his body. Steve presses his face into the side of Bucky’s, his scruff scratching at his cheek, and mewls in his ear, and then curves back and presses his chest up as he sucks in breath after desperate breath.

Bucky pulls back to watch, memorizing Steve in his primal pleasure, and groans as Steve dirties himself with the never ending flow of pre-cum from his reddened cock, but he won’t touch. The only feeling Steve’s cock will receive are the flashes of heat from bouncing off of his own body. But Bucky can’t resist for long, lured further in by Steve’s moans raising in octave with each thrust and grind, so he bends down and latches onto Steve’s chest. He licks and sucks at Steve’s nipple until the man beneath him cries out and presses his chest closer into Bucky’s touch. His other hand shifts up to massage and squeeze at the other pec and damn- 

Fuck , you make the prettiest sounds, Stevie.” He sucks again, hard on Steve’s nipple, and Steve cries out.

“I- uh -” Steve can’t work his mouth, can’t get any of the words out. Bucky doesn’t pause in his assault on Steve’s chest and Steve whines as the heat in his gut boiled hotter. Bucky’s grinding deep into Steve again, his cock rubbing non-stop directly into his prostate and Steve’s vision blurs at the edges.

“I don’t-, Buck-” it rushes out of him, his muscles tightening and jumping underneath Bucky, but Bucky doesn’t stop. In fact, his grinding gets rough, occasionally mixing it up by pulling out and ramming back in, and Steve thinks he is going to explode. 

“Show me, Stevie, show me what I’m doing to you. Show me how good it feels.”

“I can’t- I can’t-” Steve shakes his head, feeling like his head is swelling and about to burst, amongst other things. Bucky nips hard on his nipple then licks it in a soft apology as he thrusts deeply again.

“Yes, you can. Show me . Cum on my cock, Steve. Cum and I’ll fill you up again.” Bucky pulls back fully, back straight as he holds Steve’s hips off the ground and picks up his thrusts for the final time, drilling into Steve and watching his cock bury deep into Steve’s reddened hole over and over.

“Wanna see you drippin’, sugar. Wanna fill you up. Don’t you want that?”

Steve has his own hands on his chest, just holding and squeezing in a vain attempt to ground himself, but Bucky’s words ring in his ears. He does want that, wants it so badly, but all he can respond with are punched out uh huh ’s and nods his head. His eyes are starting to close, too overwhelmed to keep them open, but on an especially hard thrust, he pops them open.

“Look at me, Steve. C’mon, be good for me. Do it, sugar. Cum,” Steve stares at him, biting his lip over his moans and squeezing his chest harder, inadvertently pushing his pecs together. Bucky leans forward a little, thrusts never quitting, and stares dead into Steve’s eyes.

“Steve,” Steve gasps at the deep, authoritative tone of Bucky’s voice, “ Cum .”

The world whites out, Steve’s hoarse whine the only thing he can hear, and he feels weightless. His vision takes a while to clear and Bucky is still watching him with a heavy intensity when it finally does. Steve’s body is on fire, muscles twitching and sparks bursting from his nerves, and he looks down to watch as cum spurt from his cock onto his chest. He whines again, now feeling his hole fluttering and squeezing Bucky’s cock as he keeps hitting Steve’s oversensitive spot and he can’t stop cumming. 

Fuck , that’s it, Stevie. S’good for me, fuck , gonna fill you up. You gonna take it, sugar? Yeah?” Bucky’s wrecked, hair swaying with his movements and his fingers digging harshly into Steve’s skin. Steve cries out but does his best to nod. 

“Bucky- please . Want it - need to be full-” Bucky tosses his head back on a deep groan, grinding his hips deeply into Steve as he bursts. Steve sucks in a breath as he feels the heat of Bucky’s cum fill him up with the last load and he weakly grinds up on Bucky. Bucky looks back down, releasing his bitten lip. 

They stay like that, Bucky keeping them connected and grinding out every last bit of himself to fill Steve up. Steve watches from where he lay, unable to move as Bucky makes him take everything. His hole continues to flutter weakly around Bucky’s softening cock, making the man groan and whisper out Steve’s name into the now quiet room. Steve pants and releases airy moans until Bucky finally shifts his hips and slowly pulls himself free. 

Steve, on instinct, tries to clench his legs together, not liking the sensation of being empty, and Bucky reaches down to fill him with a metal finger.

“Shh, it’s ok. You’re so good, Stevie. Took me so well. Breathe, just breathe.”

Steve focuses on Bucky’s voice as he lets himself slowly come down. Bucky gently thrusts the finger into him, pushing the cum slipping out back inside, and it grounds him. It isn’t enough to spark that deep seated pleasure from before, but it is enough to not rip away the sensations cold turkey.

“You with me, Steve?”

Steve takes in a deep breath and then nods his head. “Y-yeah, I’m here,” Steve turns his head and looks at Bucky, catching the man giving him a soft smile. His suit is rumpled and there are clear spots of sweat seeping through. Steve wishes he could see Bucky’s body on full display, take in the naked skin that he could reach for and slide his fingers along it. He reaches forward anyway, weakly grasping the fabric and pulling, “Bucky-”

“I’m here, Steve. It’s me.” Bucky moves forward, reaching his other hand up to cup Steve’s jaw and leads him in a soft kiss. Steve sighs as Bucky slowly removes his thrusting finger and moans softly as the man lifts it up to lick it clean. Bucky then dives back in for another kiss and Steve can taste everything off his tongue. Both men come down together and the kisses turned from teasing tongue to soft presses of their lips. 

Bucky finally pulls back, looking over Steve’s body as he sits up, and pushes his hair back from his face. 

“Steve,” His voice is different, soft but serious, “we can’t stay here. We need to go. You ok to move?” Steve takes a deep breath, mind clearing a little from before, and gives a soft nod. 

“Y-yeah, yeah. I think so.” Bucky watches him and lets out a soft hum. Steve isn’t lying, he does think he can move, but they both know that that will be all he was good for. He is still weak, the drug’s effects fading out at a grueling pace, and he’s not in any position to fight.

Before they move, Bucky tears the sleeve off his left arm, revealing a sleek and silver arm that whirs faintly, and uses the torn fabric to haphazardly clean Steve up as best he can. Steve reaches for the arm, the tips of his fingers grazing the metal.

“Bucky…” He doesn’t know how to ask it, but Bucky hears the question loud and clear. The brunette gently grabs Steve’s raised hand and squeezes it softly.

“It happened a long time ago.”

Bucky leans forward again and presses a soft and reassuring kiss to Steve’s lips, cutting off any other questions aimed his way about his arm, before he reaches to the side and grabs Steve’s sweatpants. Bucky helps him slide his shaky legs into them and together, they slowly stand while Steve leans heavily into Bucky with his arms wrapping over his shoulders in a loose hug. Once standing, Steve wavers in his balance, lightheaded from both their previous activities and the remaining effects from the drug. Bucky hums again in his ear as he holds on tighter to Steve.

“Fuck- Buck, I don’t know if I can do this…” Steve hates to admit it, he never enjoys feeling his vulnerabilities, but he is more than weak at the moment. If they are going to go out there and fend off the mass of Hydra soldiers that are waiting for them, then he is doomed to fail. He needs to rest, but of course, that was something they didn’t have the luxury of. 

“I’ve got you, Steve. We can do this.” Bucky speaks surely, but Steve knows both of them know what their odds are. Bucky may be able to get out of this place alive, but not with Steve hanging off of his back. Things aren’t that easy.

Steve raises his head, meeting the hard stare coming from Bucky, and opens his mouth to tell him as much, but the second he does there is a sudden, violent commotion beyond the door. In a rush, Bucky pushes Steve until his naked back is pressed into the cold wall, then whips himself around and yanks a gun out from somewhere hidden on his person. He aims at the door, using his body to physically shield Steve from view, and Steve holds onto him as best he can to keep his shaking legs under him. 

There’s gunfire with heavy footfalls echoing off the walls as soldiers run up and down the hall outside, but most were suddenly followed by an aborted shout and a heavy thunk on the ground. Bucky doesn’t move from his position, completely focused on their one exit, and Steve wraps a heavy arm around his waist in a desperate attempt to keep from sinking further and further down the wall to the floor. Bucky takes another step back and presses his body fully to Steve, sandwiching the blonde between him and the wall, but he refuses to shift his aim.

The two men hold their breath as the hallway falls silent, minus the single set of methodical footsteps. If it wasn’t for their enhanced hearing, they wouldn’t have heard anything at all. 

The steps stop outside the door. Steve struggles to keep the air frozen in his lungs, but they burn for the next wave of oxygen. With his body’s growing panic, the held air pushes back out between his lips and the quiet noise sounds like a storm next to the silence. As if queued, the door is kicked open and Bucky fires. The bullets fly and gouge into the walls. They never had a chance to hit their intended target because whoever they are is smart enough not to step inside. As the resonance from the gunfire quiets, the swarming silence is cut in by a voice.


“Nat-” Steve’s voice croaks as he let his body sink further into Bucky, the brief wave of adrenaline no longer enough to hold him up anymore. Bucky uses his flesh hand to tighten around Steve’s arm clinging to his waist to try and help him.

“Nat, it’s me. It’s me.”

A flash of red hair twists into the door frame, and Steve locks onto her eyes over her raised gun. Natasha freezes as she aims at Bucky, and Steve can feel Bucky’s body tense further at their new visitor.

“Bucky,” Steve tries to soothe him, “Buck, it’s ok. She’s good. She can help.”

Natasha narrows her eyes at Bucky, assessing him and taking short, furtive glances at Steve to assess his wellbeing and Steve doesn’t want to think about the subsequent eyebrow raising when she takes him in. Steve drops his head to Bucky’s shoulder and raises his other arm to hug Bucky against him. He feels the man press back against him, but he remains as tense as before.

“Please, Buck, you can trust her. I trust her. Trust me .” It takes a moment but Bucky finally relaxes— minutely but enough to show that he is listening. Slowly and in tandem, the two assassins lower their weapons. 

“We need to get him out.” 

Natasha stares at Bucky, easily processing his words but keeping a careful watch until she nods her head in agreement.

“Steve, can you walk?” Bucky shifts forward, giving Steve a chance to get his own weight under himself, but Steve latches onto Bucky.

“No-” he gasped out, “No, I don’t think so.” God, this drug takes a hell of a long time to wear off and Steve honestly misses his super soldier enhancements. They would come really handy right about now.

“Carry him. I’ll cover you.” 

Bucky didn’t waste time in pulling Steve out from behind him. He raises Steve’s arms to wrap around his shoulders and neck and then bends to scoop his legs out from under him. Steve’s latches onto the straps over Bucky’s back and shoves his face into Bucky’s neck.

“Hold on to me as tight as you can. Do not let go.” 

The fingers on Bucky’s flesh hand squeeze the back of Steve’s leg as he cradles him, and his metal arm releases from behind Steve’s back to adjust his grip on his gun. Natasha nods when satisfied with their position and spins to stalk out the door. She lifts a hand to her ear before peeking out beyond the door frame, checking each end of the hallway to make sure all is clear.

“Found Steve. Winter Soldier is here too. We’re headed back with Steve now.” Steve and Bucky miss the smirk on her face when a baffled We?! screeches out from Sam on the other end of the comm.

Steve’s not sure how they made it out. He kept his face hidden in Bucky’s neck as gunfire sounded around them while they ran through the encampment. He knows Bucky was following Natasha, giving her directions from behind, and he lets her dive first into the fights before he slips around the corner to finish the last of them off, while keeping Steve safe. 

By the time they make it out into the open air and Steve is pulling his face from Bucky, he can see the two assassins are a little worse for wear. Natasha’s suit is torn where a bullet grazed her arm but she manages to still look completely unfazed. Bucky has beads of sweat blooming above his brow, but he matches Natasha with his deadly calm. They barely pause when they make it outside and soon enough they are racing over to an abandoned vehicle.

Natasha takes the wheel while Bucky chooses the back. He barely has the door closed by the time Natasha was hitting the gas and speeding out of there while a last few, errant bullets ricochet off the vehicle’s frame. No one says anything for the next couple of tense minutes, the two assassins keeping their wits about them in case anyone else decides to jump out from the tree line. 

Another five minutes and Natasha blows air out loudly from between her pursed lips. Bucky’s shoulder’s fall and he squeezes Steve’s still curled up body against him. Steve holds back, burying his face back into Bucky’s neck and breathing him in. Once he gains a semblance of calm, he peeks out to eye Natasha in the rearview mirror.

“Brock Rumlow is Hydra.”

“I heard.” 

“My shield?”

“Tony found it in their store room.”

“Thank you.”

Natasha winks at him in the reflection before turning her eyes back to the road, raising her hand back to her ear and informing the team of their positions. Steve shuffles his face back into Bucky’s neck, feeling his exhaustion hit him like a sack of bricks. Between being knocked out, drugged, fucked to an inch of his life - twice, and then shot at, Steve thinks he’s about ready to call it a day, but there’s one last thing he needs to hear.

He looks back up to Bucky, drawing the man’s eyes down to him and Steve gets stuck on them. Bucky looks over Steve’s face, frowning a little when it looks like Steve’s about to pass out any second.

“You ok?” He whispers quietly. Steve slowly nods but he keeps looking at Bucky until his eyes drop to his lips and then lower, avoiding Bucky’s look altogether.

“The team, Shield… I don’t know how they’ll react to you. I don’t want to lose you again, Buck, but if- if you need to leave, just... let me know.” A cold finger hooks under Steve’s chin and draws him back up. Bucky stares down at him and Steve can’t look away and longer. 

“I’m not going anywhere, Steve,” Bucky’s jaw clenches before he relaxes and leans further in, nose grazing the side of Steve’s and hovering his lips so close yet far enough to not touch. Steve breathes shakily into the space between them, waiting, “I remember. I remember everything, sugar. No way in hell I’m letting this go.”

Steve covers the last bit of distance and meets Bucky’s lips. He knows Natasha is probably watching through the mirror, but he trusts her enough to hold onto this little secret. Bucky seems to not care either, because he meets Steve half way and steals Steve’s breath like it’s the only thing he’s meant to do.