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don't make a sound

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"We're really gonna -- here? What if someone hears?"

"Guess you better be quiet then, eh, pretty boy?"

James gasps as the palm of Ed's hand grinds into his clothed cock, thighs pressing together in a feeble attempt to stay grounded. They're at a mate's housewarming party, stashed away in a bathroom and James can already feel the shame creeping upon him. It's definitely not a new feeling, but fuck if it doesn't still affect him in so many ways. His cock twitches.

"So hard so quickly," Ed chuckles, mocking, and he has to hold his breath momentarily so he doesn't moan. "One would think you're getting off on the fact we're in our mate's bathroom, where anyone here could walk in. But you wouldn't be, would you, James? You wouldn't be so perverted."

Ed muffles his whine midway by kissing him, a substitute as he moves his free hand up to rest on his jaw. James sort of slumps against the wall when Ed pulls away, head tilted back as his fly is unzipped. He feels a bit dizzy.

When Ed takes his cock out properly James moans, which is then muffled by Ed's hand pressed against his mouth and the rhythm he'd been building up halting. It earns Ed an irritated huff, one the brunette simply laughs at.

"You're not trying to get caught, are you? Because it sure seems like it," he whispers, teasing, accusing. "Seems like you want all our mates to come in here, see you all worked up just from my hand on your cock."

He makes an undignified noise against his boyfriend's palm, hips bucking desperately as he tries to chase his orgasm. It's quick, but he's spurred on by the fact their friends could actually walk in. It'd do wonders for his whole humiliation thing, but he doesn't think he'd ever actually be able to look any of them in the eye ever again after it.

He's teetering on the edge when Ed's hand slows, tightening on the downstrokes as he clicks his tongue.

"Ah, ah, ah," he's smug, James notes, opening his eyes and giving his most pleading yet what-the-fuck-man face. Ed chuckles and he swears he feels the vibrations of it.

"Not so fast, pretty boy. You really thought you could get out of this so easily?"

He's expecting to be teased endlessly now, edged until he's whispering pleas. What he's not expecting is for the hand on him to be removed completely, hand falling from his mouth to tuck him back into his jeans. James is dumbfounded.

"Don't look so betrayed," Ed laughs -- he's always laughing at James, and instead of being put off by it, his cock twitches where it's tucked neatly back in his trousers. "You wanna cum quickly? You can wait instead."

"You're evil, I swear," he mumbles, trying to catch his breath, struggling to compose himself. He's not sure if he can wait until they get home, because he doesn't even know how long they'll be there. And, knowing Ed, he'll be ruthless with teasing before they even leave, let alone what he's going to do with James when they get home.

Ed is evil, but James would be lying if he said he didn't absolutely love it.