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Holstein Dew


There were two things Weiss Schnee never understood about Jaune Arc. The first was why he was so content with his job. It was hard labour--mucking out the stalls, letting the cows out for the day, dragging them back in, making sure they were fed, clean and healthy. 


It was tedious work. Even though the Schnee Ranch, under her administration, had reduced the number of cows from dozens to two, these two needed a lot of attention. 


The other thing that Weiss never understood, was why Jaune would never look at her the way he did those two cows. 


She looked into the full length mirror. Was it because she was too short? Pyrrha and Yang both had several inches on her, even without the heels. 


Weiss ran a hand through her brilliant, long white hair. Was it because she had no colour? Pyrrha’s hair was thick, vibrant scarlett, almost crimson, while Yang’s lush blonde locks fell in a wave done past her waist.


She cupped her chest and sighed. No. The answer was mostly likely the most obvious. When it came to breast sizes, Weiss could not compete with either Pyrrha or Yang. Both massively outclassed her in the cup department, and neither were exactly shy about showing them off. 


Nor were they, despite Weiss being the one who owned the two cows, exactly shy about showing off their assets whenever Weiss walked into the barn.


She looked out towards the barn, just in time to see the blond head of the object of her affection disappear inside to begin his daily chores.


Well, Weiss grinned, as she slipped into something that was not only incredibly expensive, but also accented her long toned legs. Which were, after years of fencing and dancing, by far her best feature. If she couldn’t compete with her cows in bust, she could definitely compete with legs, affluence and wealth.




To say that Jaune Arc loved his job was like saying any number of possible combinations of: “mundane object is mundane descriptive” that one could dream up. Jaune woke up every morning excited to begin the day, excited to start his work as a hand on the Schnee Family Ranch. Every night as he went to bed, he was already thinking of the next day.


He was already thinking of Pyrrha, who was always rather shy and blushed adorably whenever she asked him to milk her. Then there was Yang-bold, outgoing Yang, who made no secret of what she wanted. Sometimes going as far as thrusting her well-endowed chest into his face when it was her turn on the machine. 


Or hands. Depending on their preference. 


Jaune paused as he gathered up the milking pails. Come to think of it, neither of the girls ever asked for the machine. Pyrrha always claimed it hurt too much and prefered Jaune’s gentle hands. 


Yang’s claim was that the machines chaffed her nipples. Which Jaune could see them doing; the machines were not exactly gentle. 


Oh, well. He didn’t mind either way, and he was only happy to help the two girls. 


Jaune smiled as he pushed open the door to the barn and was greeted by the two girls under his care. 


“Good morning Jaune!” Pyrrha waved shyly from her stall. She was tall, especially for a cowgirl, just an inch shorter than him, with her skin a beautiful shade of olive bronze and kind emerald eyes. Her horns were fairly short and she had a small yellow tag pierced to her ear. Her tail was clean and well brushed, the white fur at the end pulled together and oiled with a light sheen. 


“Jaune!” Yang shouted in greetings from her own stall, from where she had been working the punching bag. Yang was in some ways Pyrrha’s near opposite. Where Pyrrha was tall and graceful, Yang was shorter, rough and ready. Where Pyrrha kept her hair neatly brushed, Yang left it wild. Yang’s horns were longer and instead of the tag, Yang had opted for a tattoo of the Schnee snowflake on her upper thigh for proof of ownership.


“Morning, Pyrrha. Morning, Yang.” Jaune greeted, dropping the buckets off at each of their stalls. “So… who's first?”


“P-money won the wrestling match last night,” Yang smirked with a suggestive wink, as Pyrrha went red. “So she gets first. I need a shower anyways.”


Jaune shook his head. “You girls are far too competitive for your own good.”


“Yes… Competitive.” Pyrrha agreed as she walked over to the milking stall, unhooking her bra and allowing her large, heavy and milk-filled breast to hang free. Slowly, she bent over and gripped the bar just above her head. “I’m ready, Jaune.”


Slowly and gently Jaune grabbed Pyrrha’s soft, large breasts and began to squeeze while pushing down. Pyrrha bit her lip as the first sounds of fresh milk squirting into the bucket rang throughout the barn.


With every squeeze, a little more milk hit the bucket. With every squeeze, Pyrrha had to swallow a pant and a moan. Though some did get out, Jaune never really paid them much mind, most likely thinking they were moans of relief. 


Which was an idea Pyrrha tended to reinforce. 


If Jaune knew what she was really thinking, every time he squeezed her breast… how she wished that instead of his hands it was his lips wrapped around her nipple. How she wished that Jaune would drink her milk, while he thrust into her, claiming her as his own cow, as they lay in the barn…


Pyrrha would have died of embarrassment. 


No, it was better to pine for him. Plus it would keep him from getting into trouble with Miss Schnee. If she found out her cows were also harbouring desires for the blond headed stable hand, it wouldn’t end well for any of them.


Miss Schnee might fire Jaune and then Pyrrha would never get to see him again. Never get to feel his hands on her breast again. Never get to laugh at some joke, or smile at his earnest attempts at making sure she and Yang were happy and comfortable. 




Better to suffer in silence and take her frustrations out on Yang, her fellow cowgirl, then risk losing one of the best things to have happened to the Schnee Ranch. 


Pyrrha’s sensitive ears picked up a small gasp. She turned to look to find Yang watching from her stall. Yang’s face was flushed, her mouth hung open, only closing when Yang saw Pyrrha look over at her. Yang’s arms were moving, her hands below her waist line. 


It was so obvious what Yang was doing. 


Pyrrha smiled at Yang, before letting out a small moan as Jaune squeezed and then slowly winked. 


Yang will get her own turn soon enough . Pyrrha thought as she looked back down, just as Jaune slid another bucket under her tits. It would be her second one, and Pyrrha had yet to fill more than a bucket and a half. 


Pyrrha sighed in disappointment. She was almost done. Soon, Yang would be taking her place and Pyrrha would be forced to watch from the sidelines. Probably fingering herself as she watched her cow sister being milked. 


Much like Yang was doing. 


Suddenly, the door opened as Miss Schnee herself walked in.


Pyrrha heard the shuffle and gasp as Yang quickly pulled her fingers from her warm sex and quickly hid her hands behind her back.




Weiss couldn’t help but frown as a spike of annoyance, which she quickly quashed, flashed through her, watching Jaune as he finished milking the cow Pyrrha. She wasn’t angry; Jaune took very good care of her two cows. He was kind, caring--maybe a little dense at times, but that added to his unwitting charm.


Jaune hadn’t noticed the frown; he hadn’t even looked up from where he was gently squeezing the last little bit of milk from Pyrrha. “Good morning, Miss Schnee. It’s rare to see you come down to the barn.” 


“It is, but I wanted to see you work today,” Weiss said as she took a seat on an upturned bucket, slowly crossing her long, pale, toned legs. Sliding the left seductively up the right, before stretching it out, rubbing it slowly across the top of her silky smooth skin of her thigh.  


She growled softly as Jaune didn’t even look up, but was more focused on squeezing out the last little bit of Pyrrha’s milk from the cows overly large breasts. 


“There you go, Pyrrha. All done.” Jaune grinned as he helped her stand back up. “Yang, it’s your turn.” 


Pyrrha quickly covered herself and hurried back to her stall, barely looking at Weiss as she gave Jaune a faint thank you. 


Weiss frowned again. The cows were ignoring her. That wasn’t right. She was their owner. She owned them; she deserved some respect. 


“Pyrrha,” she called, “your owner is here.”


Pyrrha froze, then turned, keeping her head bowed. “Sorry, Miss Schnee. Good morning.”


Weiss gave a small nod of her head, as Pyrrha disappeared back into her stall as Yang rushed out, tossing aside her bra in eagerness,barely acknowledging the high society professional singer with a quick and rushed “Hi, Miss Schnee.”         




Yang came to a skidding to a halt and knelt down to more easily allow Jaune to begin to milk her sore breast with gentle, massaging squeezes. 


Where Pyrrha was quiet and reserved, Yang had no reservations. She moaned loudly, as Jaune squeezed and pulled. As her milk sprayed from her tits into the bucket,Yang opened her eyes, and she could see Miss Schnee going red with embarrassment and…




Surely Yang wasn’t seeing what she thought she saw…


Could she…


She was!


Yang smiled as Miss Schnee slowly rubbed her legs together, shifting ever so slightly to get comfortable. 


Miss Schnee’s eyes widened as her cold ice blue met Yang’s lively, yet knowing, lilac. Yang grinned as she ran her tongue over her upper lip, giving the rich singer a lazy wink as Yang moaned a bit louder than usual as Jaune squeezed both of her soft, heavy and sore breasts. 


“R...rather vulgar isn’t she...” Miss Schnee stuttered, her pale face slowly turning beet red. 


“It’s just relief, Miss Schnee.” Jaune replied as he squeezed again. “They tend to get sore and in pain if not milked.”


“Hmph. They are my property, they should be acting with at least a little bit of decorum.” Miss Schnee scoffed, but refused to look away from Jaune’s strong, but gentle, hands as he fondled Yang’s breasts. 


“You can try and be a bit nicer to them, Miss Schnee.” Jaune said, not looking up. Yang let out a heavy sigh of relief as more milk was squeezed into the bucket. “They have feelings and referring to them as property is only going to make them resentful.”


“I…” Miss Schnee cut herself off and seemed to deflate slightly. “I know. I try to… It is just…” 


She left it hanging in the air. Yang knew a hook when it was dropped. She knew that Miss. Schnee hoped that Jaune was observant enough to take that hook. To ask her why. 


Sadly, Jaune was Jaune. 


For almost a year, both Pyrrha and Yang had thrown themselves at the man. They had swung their hips, pushed their breasts into his face, had done everything but strip his pants off, suck him dry and then ride him into the night and well into the next morning.


They knew how frustratingly dense Mr. Jaune Arc could be 


Yang let out a little pleased gasp as Jaune pulled a little harder than normal, dragging her thoughts from her day dreams of tonight’s business. Of seeing Miss Schnee finally admitting to her not so secret desire... and back to the reality of her milking. 


“It’s alright, Miss Schnee. I am sure Pyrrha and Yang both understand.”


Yang let her head hang, and she almost laughed. She loved Jaune. She really did. So did Pyrrha. But they had learned long ago there was no such thing as an obvious hint with Jaune.


The way that Miss Schnee huffed standing up quickly and agitatedly, it seemed she had just learned that about him as well. 


“Thank you, Jaune.” Miss Schnee’s voice had returned to that cold, imperious tone she used whenever she spoke to her underlings. “I will see you tomorrow morning. Good day.”  


Before Jaune could even react, Miss Schnee had stormed out of the barn, slamming the door behind her.


“Was it something I said?” Jaune asked Yang warily. 


Yang merely shrugged, but was inwardly shaking her head and planting a boot to his bum. How...How could one be this unobservant? 


“Oh man… I’m going to have to make this up to her somehow.”


Yang looked over her shoulder, catching her cow sister’s eye. A thin red eyebrow was raised over a perfect emerald eye. To which Yang nodded a yes to the unasked question. 


Both of them knew why Miss Schnee was so cold and imperious with them, and both of them did feel a little bit of sympathy for the socialite. They knew her father. Both had been bought by him. Both had suffered from humiliation as Mr. Schnee had stripped them both down in public to see if they met his exacting standards. 


Both Pyrrha and Yang had run-ins with her brother, and both knew of the strained relationship that was slowly pulling the family apart; essentially giving Mr. Schnee an ungodly amount of influence over his children. 


But that was going to change. It was going to change tonight.




Night fell as it always did on the Schnee Ranch. 


Jaune had left for his boarding house several hours earlier. The rest of the staff, namely the cook and the maid, had gone home for the night. Weiss was now alone.


Well, not really alone. The two cows were secured in their stall. But in terms of human company, yes, she was alone. 


Just in time to work off some steam.

Some frustrations.


All caused by that sweet, adorable but incredibly dense Jaune Arc.


Slowly, Weiss pushed the vibe in, panting, moaning, writhing on the bed. Her breath coming in short gasps as she bit her bottom lip, as her free hand grasped at the bed sheets. Her eyes squeezed shut as she imagined something… someone pressing down on her body, sharing his warmth with her. 


Someone tall, blond, kind, with a goofy smile.


“Jaune… Jaune…” Weiss moaned  as she cupped one of her small breasts, thumb running over the hardened nub, spasming as the vibrator sent shockwaves of pleasure down into her very core. 


So engrossed with her own pleasure, trapped in her own imagination of a strong, tall blond man thrusting vigorously into her, Weiss never heard the door to her room open. Or the footsteps across the hardwood floor.


It wasn’t until the bed sagged with the weight of another body that Weiss’s eyes snapped open, only to find her mouth covered by a strong hand, while another pair pinned hers above her head.


“Shhh… shhh...shush.” Pyrrha grinned, slowly bringing her hand away from Weiss’s mouth. “It's just us, Miss Schnee. We’re here to help.” 


Above her, Yang smiled as she lowered her own head to Weiss’s breast. Catching the nipple between her teeth with a sucking kiss. 


Weiss couldn’t stop the hiss of pleasure that escaped from her mouth. She wanted this. Needed this.


“Miss… Weiss. We know what you want. You want Jaune.” Pyrrha whispered into her ear, before she dragged her tongue up Weiss’s neck. 


Yang nodded as she let go of Weiss’s nipple with a soft plop . “Yeah, Weiss-cream. We can help. You hate the way that Jaune looks at us. You want him to look at you like he does us.” 


Yang let go of her hands and sat up on her knees, squeezing her soft, heavy breasts. Weiss couldn’t help but watch, almost hypnotized, as a bead of milk formed on the nipple, then slowly dripped down. 


“You want him to look at you like a big-titted cowgirl. With your breasts so full of milk that you need him to milk you. Isn’t that what you want? Want so much you get jealous and angry?”


Weiss gulped, part of her not wishing to go that far, wanting the old familiar boundaries of owner and property. The other, the more primal, wanted to leave it all. All the responsibility, her family, her problems. All she wanted was to be happy. 


Finally, after several seconds, the primal won out.


 “Yesss…” Weiss hissed. 


Pyrrha smiled as she leaned in to capture Weiss’s lips as Yang parted her legs, kissing at the wetness, the dampness, her eagerness that pooled there. Pushing her tongue deep into Weiss’ folds, licking deep into her core. 


Pyrrha broke the kiss, bringing her heavy bust to Weiss’s pale lips. 


“All you have to do to be one of us, to be our new cow sister is drink us.” Pyrrha whispered. “Drink us and you will become a happy cowgirl wanting only to please your owner. Wanting to please Jaune. Then you will get to feel his hands on your breasts as he milks you. You will get that sweet smile he gives us when we do a good job.”


Weiss hesitated, if she did, she wouldn’t be Weiss Schnee anymore. The singer, the socialite. She would become Weiss the cowgirl, who would need to be milked every day. No more fans, no more wealth. Just her, her sisters…


 And Jaune…


Weiss latched onto Pyrrha's breast, drinking deeply. The milk was sweet and warm. Filling her with such a delight like she had never before experienced. Yang, for her part, pushed her tongue deeper into Weiss’s needy, aching sex. Drinking the nectar of her excitement. Above them Pyrrha moaned with need, thrusting her large tits further into Weiss’s face, running her hands through her long white hair, whispering encouragingly to drink deeper and faster. 


Weiss had never felt this before. She felt so alive, so warm, so in need. She squeezed Pyrrha’s breast, as she had seen Jaune do, draining Pyrrha more and more of her milk. 


Her legs wrapped around Yang’s head, seemingly on their own accord. Trying to push the blonde woman deeper into her sex, if such a thing was at all possible. 


Pyrrha’s first breast was soon dry and Weiss hungrily latched herself on to the second. Drinking, if at all possible, even deeper from this one. She was addicted; she needed this. The milk from Pyrrha was like divinity distilled into a liquid for mortal consumption. 


Above her Pyrrha writhed and gasped. Whispering a name as her own hips bucked with Weiss’s every swallow. “Jaune...Jaune...Jaune…” 


Soon Pyrrha couldn’t hold back anymore and as Weiss suckled the last few drops, she screamed out in pleasure, collapsing on her back, gasping for breath. 


Weiss looked down at her sister-cow. She was still hungry. She was still thirsty. From her place buried in Weiss’s lap, Yang smiled before she stood up. Offering her own giant, milk-heavy breasts to Weiss’s questing lips.


“You need more. Don’t you Weiss-Queen?” She teased, drawing her bust back as Weiss sought to latch on. 


“Yes…” Weiss pleaded as she sought to catch Yang’s nipple in her mouth. 


Yang smiled sadly, “This will turn you into one of us. Into a cow-sister. There is no going back.” 


Weiss didn’t care. She didn’t care. She wanted this, more than anything. To be free of her family, to be free of responsibility. She just wanted to be a happy cow, with her cow-sisters and Jaune. 


Weiss lunged forward, and latched onto Yang’s nipple and drank. She drank deep. 


And as she drank, she could feel the changes as they came over her. She could feel her chest expanding, growing larger and larger. Little beads of her own milk dripping from her sensitive nipples. She could feel a tail, growing from just above her perfectly shaped bottom. Her ears became floppy and spotted with white and black, and on top of her head, she could feel the horns growing and curling. With every change, with every growth spurt came waves of pleasure cascading throughout her body, driving her more and more into a sweet unthinking bliss. 


Still latched onto Yang’s nipple. Still drinking in that warm, silky sweet milk, Weiss smiled. She was a cow. 


A happy cow. 




Jaune sighed as he walked towards the barn. He needed to see Weiss, er, Miss Schnee today. There was little doubt she was still pissed with him and that was never a good thing. 


He shuddered.


Small as she was, she was terrifying when she was angry. And he did not want that anger directed at him. 


Jaune sighed as he pushed open the door to the barn. If he didn’t see her during the milking, he would pay her a visit after lunch. 


Happy to have settled on a plan of action Jaune stepped into the barn, then stopped. The buckets under his arms fell to the ground in surprise, as standing there was Weiss Schnee.

Her long hair was left loose and free, a pair of horns poking out from beneath the white hair. Her floppy ears had been tagged and her tail was swishing with anticipation. Her breasts were now several cups larger and heavy with milk.


Behind Weiss, with their arms wrapped around her waist and holding up her new, large and heavy breasts were Pyrrha and Yang. Both had wide mischievous smiles.  


“Good morning Jaune,” chorused all three cow-sisters. “We are ready for milking!”