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Do Cyborgs even get Sick?

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Right Hand Man always hated waking up early in the morning, especially for meetings, but today he really didn't want to wake up, he was feeling quite sore and honestly a bit chilly. But being leader of the Toppats meant work, even if it meant leaving your comfortable bed and the warm arms that wrapped around you.


Henry slowly rose from his own slumber, while the heist he was helping with wasn't till later, he enjoyed spending the early mornings with his beloved Right. He turned to tell Right good morning, but saw Right didn't look good at all. "Righty, are you feeling unwell? You don't look so hot." Right let out a forced chuckle, the last thing he wanted was to be worrying Henry over what was probably a cold. "I'm fine Henry, probably just a small cold if anything." Before Right could say anything else, Henry had placed his hand on Right's forehead and spoke "Darling, you are burning up. I can't force you to stay in bed, but please think about not pushing yourself." Right gave a soft kiss to Henry's head "I won't dear, after this meeting I'll take it easy for the day."




Right was lying out of his cybernetic ass, but he wanted his love not to worry about him. He was still the Toppat leader despite Reginald Copperbottom being rescued from prison, and he had so much stuff to organize after the meeting. Reginald, Sven and Henry had all offered to help, but Right felt it was his clan duty to carry out these tasks and he felt that Reginald needed some time to relax.


Speaking of feeling, Right was starting to feel worse. He was sweaty, yet was even colder then before. Right was atleast able to get through the meeting that lasted much longer then he had wanted and soon he was all alone in the meeting room. Right was laying his head down a bit, dealing with a now throbbing headache. Maybe he should listen to Henry's advice. Right decided to go get lunch and head straight to their room.


Right stood up and the room started to spin. Right shut his eye tight and opened it , stopping the spinning momentarily. Right took a few steps and the room started spinning again. Before Right could do anything else, he felt himself falling, passing out on the floor.




Henry and the rest of the heist team got back early with their loot, the giant Belgium Beryl. Sure going on heists alone was fun back in the day for Henry, but now Henry enjoyed the teamwork and efficiency of being with others. Gremlin and Carol went to place the beryl in storage, while Henry went to grab lunch and get something extra for Right.


While getting lunch, Sven and Reginald had flagged Henry down. Apparently, Right never showed up in his office, and he wasn't in their room or at the large cafeteria and he wasn't answering his phone. It definitely wasn't like Right to just go silent on everybody he knew.


Henry bolted out of the cafeteria with Reginald and Sven following behind. Henry knew Right had a meeting this morning and that was the next place he could be at. Henry opened the door and saw his beloved Right passed out on the floor. "Righty!" Henry was swiftly by his side, lifting the cyborg into his arms as he started patting his face, trying to get Right to stir. After a few moments and Reginald and Sven finally catching up to Henry, Right let out a moan and spoke "Henry, can you make the fucking room stop spinning for me, that'll be great."




Right was soon tucked into his and Henry's bed, Reginald easily carrying his hard headed friend there, and was given some medicine to help fight what was most definitely the flu. Henry didn't leave Right's side for the next few days, making sure Right was staying hydrated and eating. Reginald and Sven took charge in Right's place, knowing that Right needed rest and not to worry about work.


Right woke up in middle of the night, feeling much better then before. He saw Henry sleeping in a chair he had pulled up next to their bed. Right just looked at Henry with adoration for the longest time, he was truly thankful for having someone as loving and caring as Henry in his life. Right scooted closer to Henry, gently grabbing Henry's hand and holding it as he fell back asleep.