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A Bug in my Heart

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A Bug in My Heart


“REGINA HELP MEE” Emma screeched in the bathroom at the mansion as Regina barged in with fireballs already present in her hands.

“Alright what’s happening” Regina exclaimed expecting to see something wrong

“Gina get rid of that” Ema whined pointing at the sink Regina at first didn't understand what emma was gesturing to looking closer she could see a bug on the sink

“A bug you want me to get rid of a bug” Regina added calming herself


“And here I was thinking that you were in actual danger”

“Gina” Emma pouted at her girlfriend.

“But you're the savior that's scared of bugs” Regina asked in concussion a smirl slowly taking over her face

“Regina make fun of mde later but please”

“Ok alright” Regina shrugged as she tried to touch the bug without actually touching it but the second the bug touched her she screeched

“NOOO” Regina screeched clinging onto Emma as both ladies sat in the corner practically clinging onto each other for life the bug crawled under a crack

“AAH where did the bug go” Emma shouted.

“Miss swan did you bring bugs into my house” Regina snapped shaking.

“Well I didn't it just appeared” Emma shouted as she said that the bug started to crawl towards them causing the ladies to shriek again as the bathroom door flung open and Henry entered

“Oh I thought you two were having sex or something but hat happened?” Henry askred looking at his mothers

“Henry, there's a bug, get rid of it,” Enmma asked.

“Butr Ma your bug is at the repair shop” Henry smirked knowing that his moms had the bug at the shop.

“No More smartass not that bug that bug: regina pointed at the tiny little bug at Henry’s feet as he gently picked up the bug.

“Hey there little bug ye did my moms scare you I’m sure they didn’t mean to” Henry gently petted the bug.

“Henry Daneil Mills” Regina Started as Henry rolled his eyes and took the bug outside and came back in.

“I can't believe you’re scared of a bug” Emma commented

“And so are you apparently Savior” Regina spat at Emma as Henry walked back inside.

“Alright children so mom tell me you have conquered realms correct?” Henry started.

“Yes many realms”

“You’ve conquered realms but couldn’t conquer a bug”

“Yea Giny you conquered realms but a buggy no no” Emma mocked Regina in baby voice.

“Miss Swan” Regina started firmly.

“As for you ma you’re the savior but you couldn’t protect the house” Henry added crossing his arms at his mothers.

“Some kind of savior you are my love” Regina giggled.

“And also mom isn’t scared of bugs” Henry drawled as Emma gasped in shock at Regina.

“WHAT BUT SHE JUST” Emma screamed.

“I mean she lived in the Enchanted forest where there are bugs practically crawling all over us and also how did either of you survive in the Enchanted forest or Camelot?”

“Well I am not afraid of bugs, it's just when they touch me” Regina explained.

“So how will we get rid of the bug army?” Henry asked the 3 knowing if there was one bug that meant that there were more bugs waiting to be found.
“Let’s send our great and glorious savior Emma Swan” Regina replied jokily with a hint of sarcasm.

“Har har Gina but Henry you’re the author just write the army away” Emma started turning on her son.

“I got rid of it unlike you two and also I could try” Henry commented as he walked out of the bathroom.

“That’s YOUR son for sure” Both ladies simatausely replied turning to each other.

“He’s a smartass just like you after all you taught him this colorful language”

“You know you’re a bug in my heart” Emma suggested to Regina who only looked at her in confusion.

“Say what now?” Regina asked, confused.

“You’re the bug in my heart” Emma slowly replied as if that would make absolute any sense.

“Dear i’m afraid that’s not english”

“Nooo but like you are the bug of my heart” Emma explained.

“Please elaborate”

“We’re gonna be together forever and ever”

“You’re insufferable my dear”

“You love me for this,” Emma added, kissing her.

‘Well you are the bug of ,my heart too” Regina added softly as they went on about their day.